What is libido in men

Libido is usually called sexual desire, attraction of a person. For various reasons, during a lifetime it can decrease, it is worth knowing what is meant usually under the libido of men, what it is, what factors can influence a man's sexual activity.

  • Increased libido in men
  • Reduced libido in men
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  • How to raise people's funds
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Do not confuse the potency and libido of a person, these concepts are different, they are influenced by different factors. Potency refers to the physical possibility of sexual intercourse, it depends on various diseases of the genitourinary system of men. Libido is rather a psychological feature of a person, it means the very desire of a person to enter into sexual intercourse. Together, libido and potency are the desire and the very possibility of sexual intercourse.

Sexual libido of a man depends on many factors, it is much more complicated than the potency, which for the most part depends solely on the physical health of the man. Factors affecting men's desire include hormonal status, psychological, hereditary, age and many other characteristics.

It is worth noting that the power of sexual desire and sexual activity in general can vary greatly for every man. They can be very different, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the person. Therefore, when evaluating one's own libido, one should not focus on other people, it is advisable to listen only to one's mind and body.

With age and for a number of other reasons, a man's libido can decrease, in this case it is extremely important to pay attention to whether the loss of the previous sexual desire is perceived negatively. For some men, sexual activity is not so important, but if the decrease in libido brings discomfort, this problem should be addressed.

Important!Despite the psychological nature of the intensity of sexual desire, with a sharp decrease in libido, especially at a young age, it is advised to consult a urologist and check the health of the genitourinary system.

Increased libido in men

Increased libido in men is naturally found at the age of 16 - 30 years, when the human body is at its peak, the reproductive system usually works without any violations. At this age, men are usually the most sexually active, at a later age should pay more attention to their health, so that the potency and sexual desire remained at the proper level.

It is believed that the main hormone responsible for the high libido in men is testosterone. With his normal balance in the body, the level of sexual desire will always remain stable.

However, it should be noted that even if a young man has a constant sexual desire is not very large, do not take this as a significant problem. The main criterion is the presence of discomfort, if present, a reduced libido or its complete absence delivers psychological unpleasant sensations, this problem should be dealt with and look for the cause of the lack of sexual desire.

It is worth remembering that since libido depends on the psychological state, it often takes a long psychotherapeutic work on yourself, sometimes you need additional help from the therapist.

Reduced libido in men

Reduced sexual desire or its complete absence is a fairly common problem, often accompanied by impotence. Moreover, sometimes both states can influence each other and strengthen.

Important!It is worth remembering that a decrease in the level of sexual attraction may be temporary because of emotional and physical fatigue, during a single stressful situation.

Other reasons for the reduction of libido include the following, in most cases they affect precisely long periods of decrease in sexual desire:

  1. Constant stress, depressed state, various psychological problems. The mental state of a person directly affects the libido, it sharply decreases due to frequent stresses, fatigue, experiences. For most men, this is the leading cause.
  2. Diseases of the genitourinary system, various hormonal disorders. Diseases can indirectly affect the reduction of sexual desire, in some cases, the libido still remains at the same level, although due to violations, a man is not able to perform sexual intercourse.
  3. Senior age. Libido can naturally begin to decrease in men after 50 years, especially if the background of a variety of chronic diseases, disorders of the urogenital system.

The main and only symptom of decreased libido is the unwillingness of sexual activity, even if the possibility of sexual intercourse is preserved. To consider whether this condition is a disease, the man himself can decide, depending on whether he experiences discomfort due to lack of sexual desire.


Before you start taking any funds to increase libido, you should make sure that there are no diseases of the genitourinary system and other disorders in the body as a whole. It is worth noting that when choosing any treatment should not be confused with a reduced desire with impotence, which is considered a more difficult medical problem, requiring a different approach.

First of all, with a lowered inclination, it is necessary to normalize the regimen of the day, begin to fight with constant stresses and fatigue. It is also worthwhile to start eating right and giving up harmful habits that can provoke such violations. Usually, with a normalization of the general state of health, a reduced sexual desire departs.

It is worth remembering that various drugs like Viagra do not affect the level of sexual desire. These funds can be ancillary for impotence, the inability to perform sexual intercourse against the background of a normal libido.

How to raise people's funds

To increase the sexual desire, you can use some folk remedies. It is worth remembering that they will start to help only against the background of the normalization of the way of life and psychological work on oneself.

  1. Infusion of hawthorn flowers. To make it, you need to take 100 grams of flowers, pour 300 grams of water, insist for a day, then drain, boil. Take inside every day.
  2. Herb tea. Usually for its manufacture mix mint, nettle, St. John's wort, clover. Drink tea should be every day, insist to medium strength, if desired, the tea can be diluted.

It is worth remembering that the use of such drugs does not guarantee the restoration of normal sexual treatment.

Products that increase libido

First of all, it is believed that sexual attraction helps to raise foods containing a lot of protein, potassium, calcium zinc. A large number of these elements is found in seafood, red fatty fish, mussels. They should pay attention first.

Also in this case, dried fruits, prunes, dried apricots, walnuts are extremely useful. They are advised to eat every day. Pumpkin seeds, avocado, honey are also useful in this case. Many experts recommend taking various vitamin and mineral complexes, but they are advised to contact them after tests that will help to identify the probable deficit of certain elements.