Hair styling: how to make at home

When looking at a woman, the first thing that catches your eye is her hair, her hair. Every woman must know and be able to, as independently make a beautiful hair styling at home .

Let's consider ways how to beautifully lay the hair of different lengths. You no longer have to spend money on expensive styling in the beauty salon, and the quality of your styling will surpass all expectations.


Hair styling: options at home + video

How to make long hair styling

It seems thatLong hair is much harder to pack, but we'll convince you that it is not.

Curlers .For long hair, the best option. Depending on the desired type of styling and the density of hair, you can choose the ones that suit you personally. Large curlers form large curls, and the effect of a perm - small hair curlers.

Naches .A unique hairstyle created by own hands. Start with the back of the neck and thicken the hair from the roots. That at night hair did not get confused, in the evening, wash them with shampoo.

Hair dryer .The main instrument of the procedure. They can do different hairstyles. For example, curl your hair. For this, take a round hairbrush, wind a strand of hair on it and dry it. Further, you can fluff the hair or divide them into curly locks.

How to make medium-length hair styling

It is sometimes impossible to lay middle-length hair, they are especially recalcitrant and whimsical, but nonetheless. ..

Ponytail .The most simple hair style for medium length hair. To increase the volume, apply mousse to dry hair, divide it into 2 parts, starting from the forehead so that several strands frame the face. The rest of the hair is gathered in the tail on the back of the head, spray a little texturizer.

Curls .For medium length hair the most popular hair style. With straight hair, first, you need small curlers, then proceed as if your hair were curling in your nature. When washing hair, you need: mousse with conditioner and a special serum for shine. Complete the creation of the hairstyle by applying varnish.

The direct god .Angled asymmetrical quads are perfect for this hairstyle. A piece of this laying is that the hair needs to be straightened as much as possible. Wash your hair and pack it with a hairdryer.

How to pack short hair

Many people think that styling short hair is not needed, but it's not!

Variant "bean of wavy" for short hair. Apply the textureizer to wet hair and dry it with a rounded brush, with the twisting of the tips.

Volumetric laying of .Apply spray to hair and blow dry, use a brush to increase volume.

The strictness and elegance of .To straighten hair, apply gel. Scrunch one hair on one side and the elegant elegant hairstyle is ready.

Padding for sport .Apply the foam on the hair and pin them with your fingers, creating a creative mess on your head. For originality, smooth the front of the hair, and from the rear opposite - lift.

Your attitude to hair styling should be creative, it's not a routine procedure. Be happy!