How correctly to apply drops for eyes Brinzopt?

Today, many drugs can be purchased without a prescription, which further pushes people to self-treatment. But before you buy and apply this or that medicine, you should carefully read the instructions, indications and contraindications, side effects. And although this does not negate the fact that medicines should only be used for appointment and advice of a doctor, a detailed study of the purchase reduces the chances of making an error when self-medication. These rules apply to any eye drops, including such serious ones as Brynzopt. Information about this is useful to know and in the event that the drops are prescribed by an ophthalmologist.


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  • 2Pharmacological action and group
  • 3Indications and contraindications in use
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    • 3.2To small children
  • 4Possible complications caused by the drug
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Description of the preparation

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye, which most often occurs in adults after forty years.It is dangerous because without timely intervention it can lead to blindness, so when diagnosing an ailment doctors prescribe a whole complex of medicines.

Among them, there may often be a Brynzopt, which lowers the intraocular pressure.

The drops are a solution of white color with the assumption of a certain precipitate. Most often it is produced in convenient plastic bottles with a dispenser.

Pharmacological action and group

Brinzopt is classified as an antiglaucoma drug-inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase II (a special enzyme in the eye and other tissues of the human body).It improves the course of reactions in which hydrolysis of carbonic acid and hydration of carbon dioxide are carried out.

The release of moisture in this case is reduced by the slowing of the generation of bicarbonate ions, the movement of water decreases and sodium, thereby reducing the intraocular pressure, preventing possible damage to the visual nerve.

Indications and contraindications in use

The drug in the form of eye drops Brinzopt, as a rule, is prescribed as an additional therapy in complex with other drugs against glaucoma and ophthalmic hypertension for pressure reduction inside eyes.Can be used in adult patients whose body does not respond to beta-blockers, as well as those to whom they are contraindicated.Can be appointed as a supplement to enhance their action.

Brinzopt is prescribed by ophthalmologists only if you carefully study and analyze each individual situation of eye disease, since it has some contraindications. Among the general: hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, hyperchloremic acidosis, renal failure. A special individual approach is required for patients at risk of developing metabolic acidosis and renal insufficiency. Caution should be applied to those patients who have high risks of corneal damage and dry eye syndrome.

We also recommend that you read the instruction of eye drops Dorzopt.

In pregnancy

At present, accurate data on the effect of Brinzopt on pregnant women. However, testing drug droplets on animals has shown that they can cause reproductive toxicity.In connection with this, pregnant women are not recommended for use. Do not use the drug and women planning pregnancy.However, accurate data on the dangers of the drug in this case is not due to insufficient experience of use.

To small children

Newborn infants and infants use of the drug is prohibited due to insufficient development of the kidney and urinary system.For the same reason, Brynzopt should not use women who use breastfeeding.

Do not apply Brynzopt to children under the age of seventeen, since the effect of the medicine on the body of this category of people has not been fully understood. In practice, side effects were noted in the form of dryness or excessive lachrymation, irritation of the eyes and conjunctiva.In this case, it is rarely prescribed by ophthalmologists, therefore, for safety reasons, drops should never be used without the supervision of medical workers.

Possible complications caused by the drug

Like most serious drugs, Brinzopt has a set of possible side effects and complications during treatment, from the organs of vision to the locomotor system. When prescribing a drug, all factors that can cause these complications should be considered.

Individual characteristics of patients using Brinzopt may provoke some side effects and worsen well-being.In some cases, a person may experience pain and irritation of the mucosa, blurring of vision, inflammation. In rare cases, the appearance of conjunctivitis, keratitis, corneal damage, allergies, cysts, syndrome "Dry" eye, secretions, madarosa, visual impairment, various unpleasant sensations in the eyelid and eye area apple.

It is necessary to note and side effects on other organs. Patients may experience dizziness, heart rhythm disturbances, changes in blood pressure. In this regard, care should be taken when using patients who have problems with the cardiovascular system.Rarely, there are problems with respiratory organs: nosebleeds, runny nose, pain in the pharynx and oral cavity, bronchial dysfunction and inflammation of the respiratory tract, cough, edema of the mucous areas of the nose and mouth.

Violations can also occur from the digestive system: pain and discomfort in the abdomen, nausea and diarrhea, decreased oral sensitivity, dry mouth, decreased appetite, esophagitis, vomiting, dysgeusia. During the period of treatment, it is recommended to be ready for such complications, to monitor the diet and not to allow the appearance of additional stimuli, which can aggravate the situation.

There may be pain in the kidney area, there are rarely any problems with the skin: rashes and tightness of the tissue, itching, hair loss, dermatitis.

The drug should be used with caution by physically active people, because it has a number of side effects on muscle and bone tissue: pain in the back, chest and extremities, myalgia, puffiness, malaise and weakness.


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To reduce the consequences and possible problems with the use of the drug Brinzopt, you should provide the patient with rest and constant supervision.With proper application, the doctor can prescribe additional funds to reduce the complications of treatment.When there are allergic reactions and intolerance to the components of the drug, it is replaced by an equally effective analogue.

One should be careful with the treatment of Brynzopt during the journey.



Brynzopt is a popular and strong drug used in the treatment of glaucoma, which occurs most often in patients older than forty, so it is almost not used among children. Despite the fact that, in combination with other drugs, it manifests itself as an effective means for reducing the pressure inside the eyes, it follows that exercise caution and carefully study the instructions for use and possible side reactions in order to avoid problems and complications during treatment.

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