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When visiting a public pool, a child needs to have a certificate confirming the absence of enterobiasis. In the clinic, you have to do an analysis for enterobiasis for the pool. This study determines whether there are pinworm parasites in the intestine.

A little about the disease

Pinworms are representatives of the genus of nematodes. The length of the female is about a centimeter, and the male is half as large. Eggs of the parasite enter the gastrointestinal tract through the mouth, that is, when drinking contaminated water, with dirty vegetables, through unwashed hands. Most often, pinworms infect children, which is associated with inadequate hygiene.

Parasitizes the individual in the lower part of the small intestine. The fertilized female crawls out through the rectum and leaves the eggs on the perianal folds. This causes severe itching and the patient begins to scratch the skin in the anal area. In this case the eggs of the worms fall on the hands and under the fingernails, the cycle repeats.

In addition to itching in perianal folds, there are no other symptoms of enterobiasis, but it itches so much that patients scratch their skin to the blood, as a result, a secondary bacterial infection, dermatitis, can join.

Infectious eggs are laid down after 4-6 hours of .Favorable conditions for their development are 34-36 оС of heat and humidity of 70-90%.Suitable places are the perineum, the perianal area, under the fingernails.

If the disease is found in one of the family members, then the therapy should take place all living with him in the same apartment. If enterobiosis is confirmed in a child visiting the garden, then they treat both the caregivers and the entire kindergarten group.

If there is a pinworm in the pool, then there is a risk that the eggs will be in the water and even before filtration they will enter your mouth if you accidentally swallow a liquid, with wet hands or when you unconsciously lick your lips.

In water, eggs can remain viable for more than two weeks, and a thick shell can protect them from disinfectants, so regular chemical cleaning does not guarantee that they will be destroyed. To protect healthy pool visitors and require confirmation from the doctor that the disease is absent.

You will need help with the results not only when you visit the swimming pool, but also when entering kindergarten, school, when registering a trip to a sanatorium, adults are required to pass the sanitary book

. How to take the

analysis. Before you buy a subscription or write a child to the swimming section, parentsoften ask the question, how to take the analysis for enterobiasis to visit the pool. First of all, you need to visit a pediatrician who will give directions for research. Adult on scraping can send a therapist or infectious disease specialist.

Then you need to come to the laboratory at work hours, where they will take a scraping for enterobiasis. Ready-made results should be collected and handed to the referring physician, who will issue a medical certificate.

You can do scraping on enterobiasis yourself, but it is still recommended to contact a specialized institution, as this guarantees the correctness of the material collection and its "freshness", which makes the result more reliable.

The study is conducted in the morning before defecation or morning hygiene procedures. This is due to the fact that the females lay eggs at night, and after going to the toilet or washing, they are washed off the skin and are much harder to detect.

If you still decide to do the scraping yourself, then this is permissible in two ways. You will need a special plastic tube with a cotton swab inside. It is necessary to wipe the skin in the area of ​​the anus and place it back into the tube, then tightly close. You can use a special glass, which is glued on an adhesive tape.

The tape should be glued for 2-3 seconds to the skin around the anus, then put back on the

glass. Doctors are advised to purchase factory-made tools, as they are guaranteed to be sterile. They can be bought at a pharmacy, they are inexpensive. When self-conducting scrapes should be monitored, so that to the adhesive tape, glass, to the cotton bud did not touch anything, otherwise the analysis will need to be reworked.

You can use an ordinary cotton swab for scraping, and then put it in a sterile jar. It is necessary to comply with the rules of hygiene when collecting material( wash hands and put on sterile gloves).Store the material in a refrigerator, before sending it to the laboratory for examination.

When is the answer ready?

Assays for ascariasis in children

It does not take long to establish the presence of pinworms in scraping eggs. The result of the analysis is ready in two hours.

As soon as a specialist conducts research after the scraping will be delivered to him, depends on the workload of the laboratory, but he must do it no later than 8 hours later. Patients usually receive test results the next day.

Since the female nematode does not go out every morning to lay eggs, it can not be said that pinworms are absent in the negative results of the study. If a certificate for enterobiasis is required only to visit the pool and there are no symptoms of parasite presence, then the scraping is done once.

If parents notice that the child is often especially in the morning scratching ass and it gives him discomfort, and scraping egg pinworms do not find it before excluding the diagnosis is necessary to conduct a study three times. It is recommended to entrust the collection of material to a specialist, and not to do scraping yourself.

After a scraping study has been performed in the laboratory, the specialist will give an opinion, where his result will be indicated and how much analysis is valid. The results of the study are considered valid for ten days, so do not delay and how the necessary tests will be ready to go to the doctor for a medical certificate of the prescribed type with a stamp.

If it takes more than 10 days after delivery of the material, then the analysis will be invalid and it will need to be reworked. If the eggs of the pinworm are not identified, and there are no other restrictions for visiting the pool, the therapist will give out the necessary medical help.

Another issue that worries both children and adults, how much medical information is needed to visit the pool, because it depends on how often you have to take a smear.

Help needed kids of any age

Since children are more likely to become infected enterobiasis due to the fact that do not comply with the elementary rules of hygiene and are constantly combing the itchy area, the certificate validity of their three months. For adults, the period of validity of the certificate is extended to six months.

With a positive test result, the patient is required to undergo treatment and re-assay. Therapy of enterobiosis is to take antihelminthic drugs. To destroy the parasite, two courses of therapy are prescribed. This is done in order to destroy adult mature individuals and larvae.

A doctor may prescribe a single dose of medication or prescribe less toxic tablets that you will have to drink several times a day. A second course of treatment is given after 12 days.

To visit the pool, it is not only necessary to do scraping on enterobiasis, but also to provide other results of tests confirming that you can be in public places. The doctor will give directions for the analysis of urine and feces, and also send to the dermatologist, adults will additionally need to donate blood from the vein( for syphilis) and fluorography.

law requires that a reference in enterobiosis when visiting the pool only to provide children, but sometimes sports centers Administration insists that it did adults.

And only you can decide what kind of pool you want to visit, one in which all people were checked by specialists, and they are not potentially dangerous disease was discovered or the one in which is next to floats man with a fungus on the nails or carries the parasite eggs.