Benefits and harm of oat bran for the human body

Oat bran for a person who does not have to deal with their use, is associated with something obscene.

But the use of bran helps to cleanse the body, improve metabolism, reduce weight and strengthen immunity.

The most useful are oatmeal. What is their feature? What benefits can be removed for the body? How correctly to use, and whether there are contraindications? We will answer all the questions below.

The unique feature of
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  • Unique feature of

    Every grain consists of a soft core and its shell.

    The peeled core is ground into flour. The rest of the grain is considered to be bran.

    Oat bran is a secondary product that is formed by grinding oats.

    The most interesting thing in this process is that flour from such a useful product as oats will contain only 10% of useful substances.

    The remaining 90% remain in the bran containing seed coat, alerone layer, grain embryos and endosperm.

    A distinctive feature and dignity of oat bran among the relatives is their fiber. It consists of coarse dietary fiber, having a special, light, soluble form.

    This feature contributes to the rapid cleansing of the stomach and intestines, and most of the ailments begins with violations in this zone.

    Before starting to use oat bran, you need to know that the product is divided into dietary( food) and stern.

    Food bran is made using special technology and only from elite varieties of oats. Fodder species - this is the usual waste, formed when grinding grain.

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    Useful properties of

    Oat bran can be called without exaggeration a natural vitamin-mineral complex in the fight against many diseases.

    Bran contains minerals such as

    • sodium and potassium,
    • calcium,
    • fluorine and magnesium,
    • zinc,
    • selenium and iodine,
    • chrome,
    • silicon,
    • chlorine and phosphorus.

    In addition to the listed in the bran contain rare elements:

    • boron,
    • vanadium,
    • cobalt,
    • copper,
    • manganese,
    • nickel,
    • molybdenum.

    All of them are responsible for good absorption by the body of nutrients, and also are involved in the functioning and construction of internal organs and tissues.

    The aforementioned feature of bran is fiber. Fibers, which are in it of plant origin and are insoluble.

    This allows them to absorb in the gastrointestinal tract a large part of the liquid, after which, activating the motility in the intestine, remove from the body all waste.

    During passage through the intestine, the fibers play a role and a kind of brush that cleanses its walls.

    Bran contains vitamins A, C, E, D, K, in practice, the whole group of vitamins B, beta-kerotin and organic compounds of lycopene, and lutein.

    All elements are responsible for health of the skin, nails and hair , as well as of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system and vision.

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    The beta-glucan in the bran helps to reduce the intake of fats. There is a fight with cholesterol, due to which, the blood vessels recover.

    In oat bran is a low glycemic index. This avoids sudden jumps in blood sugar, and with the regular use of this product - adjust the glucose rate.

    When studying the useful properties of bran, noted their ability to protect the body from oncology , especially in the development of tumors in the intestine.

    Having the ability to neutralize carcinogens, bile acids, and having antioxidant properties, oat bran prevents the formation and subsequent development of atherosclerosis .

    Bran is used in diets. Passing through the gastrointestinal tract, they "sweep away" all unnecessary and unnecessary.

    After cleansing the body and saturating it with useful elements, they "safely" leave it.

    The feeling of satiety with the use of bran does not threaten with excess kilograms.

    Since the minimum amount of calories contained in a product is practically not digested.

    Are there any contraindications to

    ? Making up a menu using oat bran, you need to understand that you should not replace other products with them. Their use is possible only as an additive to the main food.

    Consumption in large quantities and for a long time threatens with digestion disorders.

    Contraindicated to eat oat bran with stomach ulcers, gastritis, with the presence of adhesions in the abdominal cavity and infectious enteritis.

    In these cases, the risk of exacerbation of diseases increases. It is worth considering the possible side effects, which include:

    • the use of bran can prevent the assimilation of prescribed medications;
    • in some people the body does not take bran very well, reacting to the product with flatulence( accumulation of gases) and swelling;
    • excessive use provokes stool disorders.

    It is better to start reception of oat bran with courses with small interruptions.

    In this case, the product is not used as a separate dish, but as an additive. To begin with, the best rule is 2-3 tbsp.l / day.

    For the first negative symptoms, use of the product should be stopped immediately.

    Which to choose

    For sale oat bran can be found in pharmacies or shops( departments for healthy eating).

    For the person who first encountered their purchase, it will be problematic to make the right choice.

    Not all bran is equally useful for the body.

    Oat bran can be molded-made with loaves or granules and crumbly - their original form, obtained from flour-milling.

    It will be more useful for the body to powder ( crumbly), in granulated - add flour for better gluing.

    With the presence of flour, the calorie content of the product increases, but the content of useful elements is reduced.

    If these data are not indicated on the package( what often manufacturers use), you can determine the product by caloric value.

    The content of calories in pure bran will not exceed 220, but in general it is better to take packs with caloric values ​​of 80-150.

    The second thing you should pay attention to is grinding. Bran medium diameter will contain more useful substances, and in addition they will be more pleasant to use.

    The shelf life of the product also plays an important role in the selection. The goods should be taken with the lowest safety indices.

    This will mean that the bran does not yield to excessive processing and does not contain additional preservatives in its composition.

    To lure the buyer manufacturers try different tricks and one of them - various additives in packages.

    The additive itself is additional vitamins, but adding apples, beets and other impurities, the bran has to be granulated.

    And, as already mentioned above, the granulated product contains a minimum of useful substances. An exception may be the addition of nuts.

    With this additive, bran is not required to be shaped, but nuts are added to the calorie product and may also have contraindications in the intake.

    Important factors when buying are the general rules when choosing any product. Attention should be paid to the presence of mold, odor and color, the density of the package and its tightness.

    The product is well preserved for a year in the refrigerator.

    How to take

    You can not improve your health with oat bran if you ignore the basic rules for their reception.

    The main task is to preserve as many useful substances as possible.

    For this, bran is consumed raw or after minimal heat treatment.

    The simplest ways to consume oat bran with the maximum amount of useful elements in them and to cleanse the body well, and at the same time throw off a couple of kilograms, will help to take bran in the morning, on an empty stomach.

    To do this, eat a spoonful of dry product and wash down with a glass of water. Bran swell, giving a sense of satiety, but the calories a person receives a minimum.

    Do not forget that regular use is contraindicated. There is a product in this way better courses.

    The best option is 3 X 3, after three weeks of taking the next three - we take a break.

    The previous version can also be used as unloading days.

    Bran is used in the same way, only 1 or 2 times a week and throughout the day.

    The maximum amount of food eaten per day should not exceed 4 tbsp.spoons.

    Oat dry bran is hard to swallow and not everyone can do it.

    The same water or tea can serve as an exit.

    The product is filled with liquid for half an hour, after which it is eaten. To give a dish of vitamins and taste can be with kefir, milk, curdled milk or yogurt, using them instead of water.

    You can cope with hunger by using the prepared smoothies .To make it in a blender, mix:

    • 1 tbsp.honey,
    • 50 gr.bran,
    • 20 ml, kefir and berries( to taste).

    Salad is another worthy solution that will help to get vitamins not only from bran, but also from fruits, and also worthy to replace a full breakfast.

    For bran salad, bran is poured with boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Later - pieces of favorite fruits are added. On how useful is a mixture of garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar read here.


    There is a large list of dishes using oat bran, where the product acts as the main or additional ingredient.

    The only thing you can not forget about - oat bran should be washed down with enough water, and then the body will be cleansed of unnecessary waste and get a huge supply of vitamins.

    In the video, you will see how useful bran is for losing weight.