Dry cough how to cure folk remedies?

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Surely everyone at least once in life experienced an attack of dry cough. Starting with a simple sore throat, it gradually intensifies, shaking the entire body, depriving sleep and rest. Attacks can begin quite unexpectedly and last a long time. Therefore, you need to quickly cure dry cough folk remedies.

  • Treatment of dry cough folk remedies in adults
  • What drink
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Lollipops
  • Rinses
  • Inhalation
  • Compresses and applications for the treatment of dry cough
  • Treatment of dry cough in children with folk remedies
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Methods to combat dry cough a lot. Basically, they are aimed at turning it into productive, that is, with the allocation of sputum. A variety of drugs are used depending on the disease.

Dry cough can cause:

  • colds;
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  • influenza or ARVI;
  • bronchitis, bronchial asthma;
  • allergy;
  • foreign body entry into the respiratory tract;
  • in an adult - smoking, etc.

It is necessary to remember: the doctor must prescribe the treatment, having established the reason.

Improper treatment can harm not only the excessive intake of medications, but also the loss of time necessary to treat a true disease.

Treatment of dry cough folk remedies in adults

After the doctor has appointed the necessary treatment, you can consult with him and about the people's means. They will help to speed up expectoration and excretion of sputum.

What drink

Abundant drink is the simplest folk remedy for dry cough caused by respiratory tract infections. Warm drinks, taken in a volume of at least two liters a day, contribute to the sputum and the excretion of microbes and their toxins from the body.

You can drink just a warm table mineral water. If the water is highly mineralized, it is better to add it to warm milk in any proportion.

Milk, heated to a temperature of 50-60 °, in itself is good for catarrhal diseases. A supplement in it on a teaspoon of honey and butter will strengthen its effect. With this, the throat relaxes, the cough calms down. In milk, you can dissolve tea soda (¼ teaspoon) or add carrot juice.

Especially useful goat's milk, knowingly it is advised to drink even when treating tuberculosis.

Even regular tea with honey and lemon can relieve the condition if you have a severe dry cough. To envelop the throat, you can drink warm jelly from any fruit or liquid semolina, broths of rice, oatmeal or pearl barley. Very good for softening of dry cough half-water diluted juices, unsweetened compotes.

It is necessary to remember:All drinks should be pleasantly warm, and not hot, so as not to irritate the throat.

Medicinal herbs

Very good effect broths of medicinal herbs: marigold, chamomile, St. John's wort, dog rose, sage, plantain. To obtain them, pour a tablespoon of the plant with a glass of boiling water and insist for 20 minutes. Drink half a glass 3-4 times a day. Useful fruit drinks from cranberries, currants.

A decoction of flowers or fruits of the viburnum has a good expectorant effect.

You can drink the decoctions of the roots of elecampane, althea or herb thyme. A tablespoon of chopped root or herbs pour a glass of water, boil for 20 minutes. Take 1-2 tablespoons a day.

It is necessary to remember:Medicinal plants should be used with caution in order to avoid allergies.


With infectious diseases of the throat, you can keep in your mouth a piece of propolis with a pinhead and keep until complete resorption. The usual streptocid tablet will also help you, which you do not need to drink with water, but simply suck.

It is necessary to remember:Propolis can not be used by people who are allergic to bee stings.

Fir or pine resin - another option for resorption, well cope with sore throat and cough.

If the cause of the cough is an allergy, then you can try to stop it with activated charcoal. In the morning 2-3 tablets of coal are chewed well, swallowed, washed down with water. Activated charcoal helps the body to purify itself of toxins, microbes, does not irritate the throat.


If the cause of a dry cough is throat disease, then rinses are helpful. The simplest means is rinsing with warm water, in which soda or salt is dissolved (a teaspoon into a glass of water). For antimicrobial action, you can also add 2 drops of iodine, and you can use mineral water for rinsing.

Herbal medicinal herbs (chamomile, calendula, etc.) can also be used to rinse the sore throat. Eastern medicine offers rinses with Indian sea rice.

Good for rinsing decoctions of pine buds or needles. A handful of raw materials are poured with a liter of boiling water and kept on low heat for 10-15 minutes.


For the treatment of paroxysmal dry cough and acceleration of sputum discharge, it is useful to breathe warm steam. If there is no special inhaler, you can use a kettle with a paper cone attached to the spout. And if you use a saucepan, you have to cover with a blanket so that useful steam does not go by.

The simplest inhalations can be done by dissolving salt and soda in boiling water. It is good to add chopped garlic or onions. You can breathe and decoctions of herbs, pine needles.

One of the most effective means - inhalation with cooked in a uniform and mashed potatoes or potato peelings. It can also add a little bit of baking soda.

Inhalations with essential oils of eucalyptus, cedar, mint, and lavender also work well. Proportions - 2-3 drops per half a liter of hot water.

It is necessary to remember:In the presence of allergic reactions, essential oils should not be used!

Compresses and applications for the treatment of dry cough

If the cause of the cough sits deep, then to help separate the sputum will help a variety of compresses for the treatment of dry cough. They have a fairly long warming effect. All compresses are placed on the chest or back, avoiding the heart area. You can also warm your feet.

After applying the mass for the compress should be covered from above with a film to ensure tightness and protect clothing. Then cover with a warm cloth or a handkerchief, fix it. Hold the compress for about 1.5-2 hours or until cooling. After wiping first with a damp cloth, then towel dry. Make compresses should be before going to bed, so that after them stay warm.

Prescriptions of compresses:

  1. To warm on a water bath a mixture of sunflower oil, honey, vodka (all 1 tablespoon). Dampen with a clean cotton or linen cloth, put it on the neck and scapula.
  2. From flour, honey and corn oil make a cake, put on the chest or back.
  3. Exhaust the potatoes cooked in a uniform, attach it to the back.
  4. Make a mud or paraffin application, cover with a film.
  5. Piece of cotton cloth moistened in warm vegetable oil.
  6. Mix honey, dry mustard and flour.
  7. Rub the back with camphor oil. Then put the mustard plaster (keep no more than 20 minutes).
  8. Spread honey on your back, and put cloth dampened with vodka on top.
  9. Pour into the cotton socks dry mustard powder, put on, and put on woolen socks.

It is necessary to remember:for children in compresses it is undesirable to use vodka.

Treatment of dry cough in children with folk remedies

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies in adults is significantly different from the treatment of dry cough in children. All because the child is difficult to explain the utility of bitter broths and medicines. But they will drink delicious food without any whims.

If in the summer you have cooked dried apples, then the treatment of a dry cough in a child will become easier. After all, compote of them, slightly sweetened with honey instead of sugar, perfectly softens the throat, and soothes cough. And drinking it is much more pleasant than many other drinks.

Prepare a "candy" of burnt sugar. To do this, heat a tablespoon of sugar until dark brown. Pour the hot sugar into a saucer with milk. Frozen "candy" like children.

If a dry cough lasts a long time, then try this recipe. Boil two figs in water or milk (1 cup) for 10 minutes. Get a delicious drink that can be seized with softened figs. Use several times a day until complete recovery.

Stir in a blender one ripe banana, add a teaspoon of honey. Dilute with warm water or milk and give this cocktail to the baby. It should be noted that this method is suitable for pregnant women in the treatment of dry cough folk remedies.

Children love chewing gum, so they will take a piece of fir resin with pleasure. If there is a forest near the house, you can invite them to chew pine or spruce needles.

It is necessary to remember:with a dry cough in children, the presence of a foreign body in respiratory organs and allergies should be excluded first.

It is especially important to maintain favorable sanitary and hygienic conditions: temperature 20-23 °, humidity 50-70%, often wet cleaning and airing the room.

With proper treatment, dry cough quickly turns into productive, with the sputum secretion the airways are cleared. The body is moving towards recovery.

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