How to treat corn chicken foot - effective methods

Wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes is a risk factor that contributes to the appearance of dry, bloody, wet calluses. On this the variety of the problem does not end. There are factors, due to the influence of which there is a chicken corn callus, how to treat this problem is known to a small number of people. Its appearance causes a person painful, unpleasant sensations, discomfort. In 90% of cases corn chicken is formed on the soles of the feet, 10% suggest the possibility of the appearance of this problem on the arm. For the treatment use modern surgical techniques, ointments, traditional medicine.

  • Corn chicken callus - what is it
  • Causes and symptoms
  • Methods of treatment - traditional medicine, drugs, surgery
  • Methods of surgical treatment of the problem
  • Conservative medication
  • Traditional medicine - effective ways to combat chicken corn
  • Preventive measures
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Corn chicken callus - what is it

The appearance of this type of blister is accompanied by strong pain sensations, physical discomfort. Benign formation is a small growth with protruding, rough areas. The root of the formation is deep in the skin, the rough processes become black.

The appearance of a zholka occurs in stages. The process of education includes such sequential moments:

  1. The appearance of a small seal.
  2. Formation of corn of the usual size.
  3. Formation of additional growths, roughness.

Note!The appearance of this callus often indicates the presence of serious problems. The person, after having noticed this problem, should address to the qualified expert, after all independently to define the reason of formation of a chicken zholka it is impossible.

Causes and symptoms

As the chicken zhol looks, each person had an opportunity for himself to understand. The next stage in the consideration of this issue will be the process of ascertaining the causes that contribute to the emergence of benign education. Among them, experts note:

  • problems associated with poor quality shoes, incorrectly matched its size;
  • significant weakening of the immune system;
  • the awakening of the papilloma virus that lives in every human body;
  • increased sweating, flat feet;
  • improper care of skin, excessive dryness of the skin.

To clarify the cause of build-up, a person should visit a dermatologist, an immunologist, and take tests. First, it is necessary to treat the cause, because of which a chicken zolka was formed, and then to remove the unpleasant build-up.

Be careful!Attempts to remove the build-up themselves, to extract it somehow along with the root in 95% of the 100% possible result in infection of the wound. This leads to problems of special complexity, which will have to be eliminated in a hospital.

The main symptoms of the chicken leg on the leg, arm, in children, adult women and men are manifested in the same way. In the period of appearance, growth of education, a person experiences the following:

  • considerable discomfort in the affected area;
  • uneven structure of the skin;
  • appearance, increasing, painful sensations;
  • the formation of black dots.

The top of the chicken zola resembles a volcano crater. This manifestation does not accompany the corn of other varieties. To confuse with other entities is difficult, but some people take it for a wart.

Methods of treatment - traditional medicine, drugs, surgery

When asked how to treat a chicken leg, experts suggest three possible answers:

  1. Through surgical intervention, using modern technology.
  2. Means of traditional medicine.
  3. Pharmaceutical preparations for external use, internal use.

Note!Each method has its own specific impact on the problem area. The effectiveness of a particular type of treatment depends on additional factors - the possibility of applying the technique to a particular person, the initial conditions that led to the appearance of the problem, the individual characteristics of the organism.

Methods of surgical treatment of the problem

Quickly and painlessly copes with chicken callus modern medicine. Surgical intervention is performed in one of the following ways:

  1. Laser removal.
  2. Electrocoagulation.
  3. Cryodestruction.
  4. Removal by radio waves.

For the patient, the operation will be painless, its duration is calculated in minutes after laser removal, corn traces are imperceptible in general. Cryotherapy is the impact on the chicken zolka by cold, electrocoagulation, removal by radio waves are accompanied by the presence of small scars.

Conservative medication

Treatment of chicken corns is made at home. For its gradual removal, healing of wounds after falling away of education, a person can use ointments, medicinal preparations intended for use inside.

Be careful!Not always self-medication is useful. You need to know how to apply ointments correctly, what tablets, how long to take. This will help to understand only the doctor.

To remove the chicken leg on the legs or hands, ointments containing the following components are used:

  • acetylsalicylic acid;
  • acid nitric;
  • lactic acid.

The doctor, as an additional remedy, can be appointed antiviral drug, the patient will recommend the use of funds to enhance immunity.

Traditional medicine - effective ways to combat chicken corn

At home, to get rid of benign education will take several days. Prepared with their own hands, medicines, with the correct use of them will help to remove completely.


Treatment with vinegar is a painful, unpleasant process. If you remove the callus from children, it should not be used, but for the adult person the following algorithm of actions is provided:

  • gently apply a few drops of table vinegar on the corn zone, do not touch the skin around it;
  • place a problem spot with adhesive tape, leave it for the night;
  • remove the patch, repeat the procedure.

Such actions should be performed until the zholka completely falls off.

Note!To make the procedure of treatment with vinegar more pleasant, a person can moisten the onion in it, applying it to the affected area. The effect will be the same, but strong painful sensations will go away.


To make the unpleasant formation fall off faster, the victim can use aloe juice. It is not necessary to squeeze it out of the sheet, to apply a cut sheet of scarlet to a man will be more convenient. The sheet needs to be fixed, the procedure is done at night. The length of the course depends on the size of the problem.

Purity and potato juice

Treatment of celandine and potato juice is as follows:

  • squeeze out the juice from the potatoes, drip into the wound, leave for the night;
  • on the next day, such actions must be performed with celandine;
  • alternate these two ways until the problem disappears.

To cure a chicken zholka such folk remedies will take several days, but if there is no opportunity to contact specialists, such treatment will be the best way to get rid of the problem.

It is important!Before each procedure it is necessary to steam out the sick zone. Soda baths help in this. It is enough to put 2-3 tablespoons of soda in warm water, hold the legs in it for 20 minutes, wipe dry.

For children, so that they do not feel severe pain during the procedure, it is worth using a green apple and banana peel. Both ingredients must be applied to the neoplasm, it is good to fix.

Preventive measures

Since the removal of chicken callus requires a temporary resource or money costs, it is better for people to avoid this problem. Protect yourself from the formation of a zhalka everyone can thus:

  1. Eat foods that increase immunity.
  2. Properly monitor the skin, moisturize it in a timely manner.
  3. Wear only comfortable shoes.
  4. Constantly monitor your general health.

A number of such simple measures is a pledge that there will be no chicken callouses on the hands and feet. It is necessary to constantly monitor your own appearance, health, well-being, to eat properly, to choose comfortable shoes. In case of a problem, you need to see a doctor, then deal with the removal of the problem, the elimination of the consequences that it entailed.

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