The use and harm of oranges for human health

Orange is almost the most productive tree of the planet, thanks to which, its iridescent fruit became the oldest symbol of fertility, embodying love and family.

According to legend, it was the orange ─ "golden apple" - handed Zeus the goddess Hera on the day of their heavenly marriage.

We will tell you about the benefits of delicious citrus fruits below.

content of the article:
  • Legends and myths
  • Russian history
  • Path to Europe
  • chemical composition
  • Health Benefits
  • Traditional recipes
  • Orange oil
  • Cosmetology and perfumery
  • citruses in the kitchen and at home
  • Contraindications to the use

Legends and myths

Orange startedto grow about 4000 years BC.e.on the lands of South-East Asia.

The first mention of it appeared in manuscripts earlier than the names of other citrus fruits.

It is known that the noble people cultivated the orange.

In the summer, decorating the gardens of aristocrats, the trees were planted in tubs.

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In winter they were hid from frosts in special buildings ─ orange trees( greenhouses ─ from French Orange).

The French borrowed the word from the Arabs, whose "orange" meant "golden."

One of the persistent myths says that it was the orange( not the apple) that became the forbidden fruit that Eve tried, then giving Adam a treat.

The payment for the misdemeanor was the expulsion from the Garden of Eden: the archangels played on the pipes, showering our progenitors with snow-white flowers of an orange tree.

Not for nothing on the canvases of medieval painters in the role of the forbidden fruit for a long time appeared orange and much later ─ apple.

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In our language, the word migrated from German, where "Apfel-sine" was translated as "Chinese apple".

Russian history

Our grandees to this overseas fruit treated extremely favorably, as evidenced by two well-known facts.

In 1714, the supporter and confidant of Peter the Great, Prince Alexander Menshikov, built a fashionable palace near St. Petersburg, decorating it with huge greenhouses, where orange trees grew under the care of gardeners.

The place was called Oranienbaum( from it "orange tree").

In 1780, thanks to the decree of Catherine II, the settlement acquired the status of the city and acquired its own coat of arms, where on a silvery background the orange tree was adorned.

The second story is connected with the name of the queen. Allegedly, after her death, Emperor Paul I decided to obstruct the construction of Odessa, which Catherine II began.

Then the rulers of the seaside town donated to the emperor three thousand oranges, considered at that time in the capital a great curiosity.

Having tasted delicious fruit, Paul I confirmed in the idea that the city into which they are delivered by sea, has the right to life, and did not cancel the rescript of Catherine.

Way to Europe

The plant got to the European continent thanks to the Portuguese sailors. Now orange gardens are found in all countries of the Mediterranean.

Trees with a sprouting, like an oak, crown live long( 100-150 years) and bear fruit abundantly. In the harvest season they give about 38 000 fruits.

The most delicious are:

  • Maltese,
  • Malaga,
  • Genoese,
  • Sicilian( messinsky), with a thin skin and high juiciness.

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The production of oranges in industrial quantities is engaged in:

  • USA( California and Florida),
  • Brazil,
  • Pakistan,
  • India,
  • Egypt,
  • Mexico,
  • China,
  • Iran,
  • Turkey and most of the Mediterranean countries.

Slightly less specific weight of growing oranges has in the economies of South Africa, Spain and Greece.

Chemical composition

The fruit removed from the tree is low in caloric content( 47 kcal per 100 g) and consists of water ─ almost 87 g, dietary fiber ─ 2.4 g and inorganic elements ─ 0.44 g.

In the orange there are monosaccharides ─ almost12 g, carbohydrates ─ 9.35 g, proteins ─ just less than a gram and fat ─ 0.12 g.

Mankind values ​​oranges, primarily for the increased concentration of ascorbic acid in them.

This natural antioxidant is responsible for:

  • tissue regeneration and collagen production,
  • increases resistance to infections( about aloe for strengthening immunity is written here),
  • removes heavy metals from the body,
  • promotes absorption of calcium and iron.

Along with ascorbic, the juicy orange pulp contains vitamins A, E, Group B, as well as fatty acids and microelements.

Magnesium, in conjunction with vitamin C, supports the heart and helps the body cope with physical and nervous stress.

Phosphorus with calcium improves the structure of the hair follicle( what useful caraway oil read on this page) and bone tissue, rejuvenate the vessels and skin.

Health benefits

Every day there are oranges useful at any age ─ and for the proper formation of the child's body, and to support the dying forces in advanced years.

The orange is crowned with laurels of the wrestler with stress, beriberi, fatigue and depression.

The fruit pulp cleanses the blood, "binding" toxins and deporting them from the intestines. Active substances can kill bacteria and viruses.

With the regular use of orange fruit , the amount of "bad" cholesterol is reduced and the pressure is normalized( about the causes and treatment of low folk remedies is written in this article).

It is believed that this fruit saves from epileptic seizures and is applicable in the role of an antidote.

Oranges have proven effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The active components of the fruit help:

  • to arouse appetite;
  • stimulate the secretion of bile( how to make a liver tuff);
  • to digest fatty foods;
  • eliminate constipation and remove slag;
  • inhibits rotting;
  • to accelerate metabolism;
  • to restore peristalsis.

Not so long ago, the ability of oranges to maintain the health of the genitourinary system.

To conceive a healthy child ( about the seeds of plantain for conception, read here), the future father should include oranges in the diet:

  • their folic acid will support spermatozoa and protect the baby from congenital pathologies.
This task is also performed by folic acid in relation to pregnant women who should not give up sunny fruits, especially in the early stages. So you will be sure that the baby is not threatened with any birth defects.

The fruits are marked with other advantages:

  • they restore the thyroid gland( reviews on the application of the root of the tentacle white);
  • reduces the risk of cardiovascular ailments;
  • counteracts obesity( properties of Garcinia Cambodian);
  • have anticarcinogenic properties;
  • protects against diseases of the oral cavity.

Folk recipes

The most pleasant and quick way to get a charge of vivacity from orange is to squeeze and drink juice of one or two fruits on an empty stomach( after taking a glass of water).

Fresh juice will help to normalize the heart rate, calm nerves, cope with cramps and hysteria.

For the same purpose, brew tea with slices of orange or make a decoction of orange peel.

For gout and uric acid diathesis

In 1/3 cup of juice add a tablespoon of honey.

This tool will also help with lethargic intestinal peristalsis.

For constipation of

Take a glass of fresh juice on an empty stomach in the morning or at bedtime.

This measure will benefit those who do not suffer from increased acidity of the stomach.

In case of atherosclerosis

In a glass of hot water, add the juice of lemon and orange( in equal parts).

Drink before breakfast.

With urolithiasis

In equal proportions, combine the juice of lemon and orange, adding the juice of black radish( useful properties and contraindications) and, if desired, honey.

This drink is recommended for the treatment of the gallbladder.

For severe menstrual pain

The crushed orange peel is dropped into boiling water( 200 ml) and left on fire for about half an hour.

The broth is filtered and cooled. Drink 50 ml 3-4 times a day.

For colds and bronchitis

Prepare a decoction based on grated peel and orange leaves( if you find one).Over the healing steam breathe for at least 30 minutes.

With wounds and bedsores

This recipe involves the antimicrobial properties of the fruit and its phytoncides. Bint( gauze) is moistened in juice and gently applied to ulcers, wounds or bedsores.

With hangover

Abstinence syndrome( how to drink Riga balsam) will remove the juice in which a fresh egg yolk is bred.

Orange oil

It is obtained by pressing the peel of oranges: from them the oil adopts the sweet citrus aroma, which perfumes and cosmetologists like so much.

These specialists are not lagging behind physicians, prescribing aromatherapy sessions at:

  • insomnia,
  • hysteria,
  • depression,
  • hypertension,
  • epileptic seizures,
  • for recuperation.

Essential oil is treated with minor gum lesions and oral infections. Antibacterial force of oil is used to tighten wounds on the body.

Cosmetology and perfumery

Orange extract, often becomes a basic element of perfume compositions and is a part of cosmetic preparations, including shampoos, balms, scrubs and gels.

Shampoos, which include extracts of an orange or its oil, nourish the skin and hair, eliminating dryness and preventing the formation of dandruff.

Masks with active ingredients of orange moisturize the epidermis, saturating it with vitamins.

Citruses in the kitchen and at home

Many pluses were found in these citrus and culinary specialists, adding pulp to salads, marinating in the juice of meat, flavoring zedra culinary products and pastries.

Cooks know that in combination with orange jam, meat dishes acquire a piquant taste.

Orange is a rare product whose useful properties do not evaporate during heat treatment: orange jam is stored for years.

Dry orange crusts are thrown into the fireplace, so that the flame takes up quicker, and the room is filled with a characteristic fruity aroma.

The scent of fruit repels insects: mosquitoes, flies and ants.

Contraindications to use

Overeat oranges, with all the variety of their advantages, still should not be: they irritate the weakened mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Citrus are contraindicated:

  • for ulcers and pathological changes of the intestine( proper nutrition for intestinal dysbiosis in adults);
  • colitis and hepatitis;
  • diabetes mellitus( due to high sugar content);
  • increased sensitivity of teeth, as provoked caries.
Remember that citrus fruits belong to strong food allergens, and with care, treat fruits to children and allergies.

We offer to watch the video of the program "Live healthy!", Dedicated to the use of oranges for humans.

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