The use of the field for men from impotence and women in gynecology

The field of the field blooms for one year. But this does not prevent her from remaining in the honor of fans of traditional medicine, because the plant has a truly healing properties.

Jarutka produces a specific aroma, similar to mustard. Externally, it is a long stem( up to 50-60 centimeters in height) with leaves in the form of arrows.

The leaves, which grow at the very roots, are oval in shape.

  • How to collect and store
  • Useful in medicine
  • Application in folk medicine: the best recipes
  • Why can be dangerous
  • Brief description

    For sure, many heard its other names:

    • honeycomb( photo),
    • money grass,
    • bug.

    Donnik begins to bloom in late spring and pleases the eye with small white inflorescences until August. Then there are fruits.

    They look like round pods. Ogorodniki do not recognize the yarutka field for something valuable and pull out together with other weeds.

    The northern hemisphere of the globe is entirely sown with this plant. It prefers fields, dachas, it rises along the roads. There is a yarutka in South America, however, only some of its species.

    How to collect and store

    In medicine, not all of the yarutka is used, but only what grows above the ground. It is recommended to collect and dry the grass in May-August. If fruits are needed, it is better to wait until they are ripe( August-September).

    Dry the plant as follows: the grass should be placed on a level surface in the open air, the layer must be thin.

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    So that the sun does not burn the stems, use a canopy. If the place of drying is chosen loft, make sure that it is not damp and can be ventilated.

    When the yarutka is completely dried, it is poured into boxes of cardboard or linen bags. Then keep in a dry room, maximum, a year.

    In domestic conditions, field yarutka has found itself a good use. She acts as a spice( photo of a flavor of marjoram) in cooking:

    • with herbs, sauces, salads and soups with a spicy aroma.

    You can harvest the young yarutka in early spring, then dry it and store it in the form of a powder.

    There are many storage options, for example, freezing and even pickling.

    Than useful in medicine

    Healing, a field field is called not accidentally. In its composition there are a lot of substances, which have a tangible benefit to the body.

    The leaves are saturated with ascorbic acid, fiber. In addition, they contain proteins and extractives.

    Seeds - sources:

    • lecithin,
    • glycoside sinigrin,
    • myrosin,
    • ascorbic acid.

    Studies have shown that drugs based on jarutka have different properties. So, they are able to:

    • heal wounds,
    • stop bleeding,
    • withstand the action of harmful bacteria,
    • serve as diuretics,
    • heal scarlet fever.

    Plant seeds taken internally:

    • increase the body's tone,
    • make it stronger and sturdier.

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    Preparations with clover content help men overcome the problem of sexual weakness, activate cycles in women.

    Tincture of grass is treated with ulcers and wounds , excreting pus. To the wounds you can bind and leaves yarutki. To deduce plantar warts( how to get rid in house conditions) it is possible by means of juice of a plant.

    To confront the cancer disease to women( instruction on the use of wax moth tincture in oncology) it becomes easier if they take drugs from the field outfit simultaneously with the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

    Some researchers even claim that the herb is capable of challenging quite serious diseases, such as gonorrhea, syphilis.

    Application in folk medicine: the best recipes

    In folk medicine, the plant occupies a rather high level. But, no matter how miraculous its power may be, it is not necessary to take the clover without the doctor's recommendation.

    No one knows how the organism will behave when confronted with the action of the herb, and therefore, it is not worth riskless risking.

    The following examples of recipes help to cope with a variety of diseases, which is confirmed by practical experiments. And yet, the doctor must give permission to use the bar.

    If you are suffering from headaches , you hear a noise and rumble in your head, if you are hypertensive or suffer from diabetes mellitus( for the benefit and harm of apricot read here), if you are tormented by atherosclerosis and rheumatism - tincture from the field helps to overcome unpleasant symptoms.

    Prepare the drink as follows:

    • grind in a blender large spoon of the plant,
    • pour a glass of boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes.

    Cover the dishes with a lid, put them in a dark place for infusion.
    This will take 2 hours.
    At the end of the period, the drink should be passed through gauze.
    Drink on a large spoon 3 times a day, until there will be noticeable improvement in well-being.

    To cure such a disease as infertility ( about the seeds of plantain for conception is written in this article), and increase the male potency, you can use the following recipe.

    Grind the plant in a blender, then pour 1.5 tablespoons of dry grass with 200 milliliters of boiling water.
    It's good to use a thermos for this.
    In it, the mixture will work as it should( at least 4 hours).
    After percolation, take the medicine all day every 3-4 hours on a large spoon.
    Only 6 approaches are allowed per day, but not more.

    To fight with the oncological disease of the uterus and inflammation of the ovaries it is possible, if you prepare yarutka according to this recipe:

    • 2 tablespoons of ground dry plant pour boiling water( 200 ml);
    • close the lid,
    • let it brew for 4 hours.

    Drink before meals 3 times a day for 50 milliliters.

    For the recovery of cycles in women it is necessary to take a field field( briefly about the healing properties of wormwood bitter written here), prepared as follows:

    • 1 tablespoon of crushed grass is poured with boiling water( 300 milliliters).
    • The hour will go on insisting.

    Take 3 times a day for 70 milliliters per one dose.

    You can get rid of syphilis and gonorrhea by preparing the next broth.

    1. First you need to fill with 200 milliliters of boiling water a spoonful of dry clover.
    2. Closed container with liquid wrapped in a warm towel and put into a dry room for 3 hours.

    Before each meal for 20 minutes, you should drink a tablespoon of the product.
    The maximum daily dose is 5 times.

    The impotence of men in the sexual life of ( treatment with folk remedies) can be overcome, thanks to the medicinal properties of the clover.

    To do this, it must be brought to a powdery state( a coffee grinder is suitable) and taken 3 times a day for 0.3 grams. And so, two weeks.

    To remove inflammation of female organs it is possible, if:

    • pour 6 spoonfuls of grass with half a liter of boiling water,
    • insist 2 hours and use as syringing in the vagina.

    Perform the procedure twice a day.
    The main thing is to try, so that the infusion, as long as possible does not flow out of the vagina.
    The liquid should be warm, so as not to chill the genitals, so it must be preheated.

    Heart problems and impotence of can be eliminated if you prepare the tincture according to the following recipe:

    • Layer fill with alcohol in the ratio of 1 dose of yarutka to 10 doses of alcohol.

    Pour everything into a container with a lid, put it in a dark room, for example, a closet.
    Within six months from time to time, take out the container and shake its contents.
    Before taking, drain.
    Drink before breakfast( for 30 minutes) on a small spoon.
    The maximum course of treatment is 4 months.

    The wound will heal faster, if you apply a compress of finely chopped sweet clover leaves to it.
    Help to release pus and rinse with a strand of the affected area.
    Infusion in this case is prepared as follows:

    • one and a half spoons of grass are poured into a glass of boiling water,
    • is infused 4 hours.
      Drink a drink up to 5 times a day for a small spoon at a time.

    Field karst is a useful herb that possesses irreplaceable properties and heals dozens of diseases.

    She is one of the few herbs that increase the potency of men and help women become pregnant.

    Yarutka actively resists syphilis and uterine cancer, destroying bacteria in the body.

    Is it worth it to include it in weeds?

    Why can be dangerous

    Those drugs that are made from the field, do not always suit all people.

    It is undesirable to apply them to hypotonic patients, as well as to citizens with hypersensitivity.

    Pregnant medicines from the clover are also contraindicated, since they can have a negative effect on the fetus and lead to a miscarriage.

    With individual intolerance of the components of the drug, you can not use it.

    Side effects after taking yarutka occur only in case of an overdose.

    The main symptoms are redness of the face, pain in the abdomen, excessive salivation, an increase in the number of red blood cells in the urine.

    During treatment with medicines and home-made decoctions and infusions from the strips, it is recommended to check the level of red blood cells every two weeks.

    How to prepare the tincture "Men's strength" look in the video.

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