What helps against the flu

Tip 1: How to cure a flu for the day

Susceptibility to influenza, as well as recovery from it, completely depends on the state of the human immune system. Even in the midst of epidemics, some part of the population does not fall ill with this viral infection, being near to coughing and sneezing relatives and colleagues. Therefore, we can say that only a patient with good immunity is able to be cured of the flu in one day, which will be helped by simple rules of behavior during epidemics of a viral infection.

You will need

  1. - carrot;
  2. - cabbage;
  3. - apples;
  4. - zucchini;
  5. - black radish;
  6. - beets;
  7. - pumpkin;
  8. - honey;
  9. - nuts;
  10. - bow;
  11. - garlic;
  12. - liquorice root;
  13. - burdock root;
  14. - dog-rose fruit;
  15. - Birch leaf;
  16. - plantain;
  17. - Icelandic moss;
  18. - Birch broom;
  19. - the turpentine composition of Zalmanov;
  20. - baking soda;
  21. - sunflower oil;
  22. - chamomile;
  23. - Calendula;
  24. - mother and stepmother;
  25. - root of the althea;
  26. - Milk.


  1. At the first sign of the flu, organize a full meal, the basis of which will be a fruit and vegetable diet. And, the expression of the diet should be the juices, which are prepared on the basis of carrot with the addition of juice of cabbage, apples, zucchini, black radish, beets, pumpkin. The dose can be arbitrary, but not less than ½ cup at a time. On an empty stomach to drink juices is not recommended, it is better to drink them in the intervals between meals.
  2. With eating, be sure to eat a tablespoon of honey, nuts (the best option - hazelnuts), herbs without restrictions, onions and garlic.
  3. Prepare herbal tea consisting of licorice root - 1 part, burdock root - 2 parts, rosehip fruit - 5 parts, birch leaf - 2 parts, plantain - 1 part, Icelandic moss - 1 part. Crush and mix all ingredients. 1 tablespoon herbal tea brewed a glass of boiling water and, after holding 1 hour in a water bath, strain and take 1/3 cup 3 times a day for 10 minutes before eating.
  4. An important aspect of the treatment are bath procedures with a birch broom. It is excellent, both preventive and therapeutic, a remedy with the beginning of the flu. In the absence of a bath, Zalmanov's turpentine baths are a good option. Time of reception - 18-20 minutes, before occurrence of a diaphoresis. After taking a turpentine bath do not leave the house, or even better - lie down in bed.
  5. In addition, an important part of treatment is inhalation therapy. Put the pan with a liter of water on the fire and, bringing the water to a boil, put into it 1 tablespoon of soda and sunflower oil, add the herbs available in the house: calendula, chamomile, sage, mother-and-stepmother, althea root. The procedure time is 10-15 minutes.
  6. After inhalation, honey extract is recommended - this is an important part of the treatment. It's hard to do it yourself, it's better to resort to outside help. The procedure is as follows. 1 tablespoon of honey an assistant should grind in the palms and apply them sensitive slaps in the rhythm of 2 beats per second on the top of your back and chest. The end of the procedure is the appearance on the palms of dark secretions. Remove from the chest and back this dirt with a napkin soaked in warm water. After the procedure, go to bed, warm up yourself, and drink a glass of milk, in which brew sage (1 tablespoon per cup of boiling milk) and dissolve a tablespoon of honey.


What medicine really helps or assists from FLU only our domestic


Marina Vysotskaya

Recently watched on TV the transfer of Pavel Lobkov "Selling flu is expensive." Influenza viruses are not affected by any modern drugs. All allegedly "anti-influenza" drugs produce a farm. companies belonging to the relatives of Onishchenko and Golikova. They are aggressively advertised by TV. The price for them is prohibitive, and the composition is the same: a huge dose of ascorbic + dye + flavoring. Therapeutic substance in them is PARACETAMOL, which only knocks down the temperature.
In the treatment of influenza it is recommended to bring down the temperature (paracetamol, ascofen) and a plentiful drink with cranberries, raspberries, currants.
Be healthy!

yurii morozenkov

vodka with pepper

this is


6 Massi

Coldrex max flu


Amiksin try it (expensive!)


tea with raspberries

Anna Vakhrameeva

Remantadine, tea with raspberries, vodka with pepper

Natalia Natalia

As for the Russian do not know, we take the whole family (both adults and young children) OCYLOCOCINUM for prevention of 1 capsule per week, while no one is ill, although with the patients contacted.


Kagocel really helps me. He puts on his feet in the first day. Plus, he is still an immunomodulator, ie, he acts prophylactically. It is not the first year that the whole family has been helped.


propolis on alcohol. helps with the first symptoms-pershenie in the nose and throat... if it's too late, it will ...

I dance as I want))

amixin - immunomodulator.. well helps (6 tablets = 500 rubles)
and to relieve symptoms for NIGHT I recommend Coldrex-nit (syrup) (analgesic, antipyretic, relieves swelling, light sleeping pills) (= 100 rubles) ...


I do not remember the import or our, but the ingaverine helped me quickly

Sergey Semenov

only Tamiflu!

List of inexpensive drugs against influenza and colds

Almost every person, at least once a year, suffers from a cold. No matter how strong the human body, it can not be fully insured against viruses and infections, especially if there is an off-season or winter. Producers for disease control offer inexpensive medicine for colds and flu. You need to know which ones are not just cheap, but also effective.

Antiviral drugs are inexpensive but effective

All funds for influenza and cold are divided into three broad categories:

  1. Antiviral. These drugs fight the virus, make the body cells more resistant to its effects.
  2. Immunomodulators. Preparations to correct the body's defense reactions to the natural level.
  3. For symptomatic treatment. Drugs of this group do not suppress the infection, but simply remove the symptoms of a cold or flu.

Antiviral tablets

The most famous drugs of this category:

  1. Tamiflu, Oseltamivir. Adults and adolescents drink 1 tablet twice a day for five days. The medicine is not recommended for those who have diseased kidneys.
  2. «Amiksin». Adults drink on the first day of illness two tablets of 125 mg, and then - a piece every other day. The dosage of a child's drug is halved. The drug is not allowed for pregnant women.
  3. "Ribavirin." The drug is a new generation, very effective. Adults take r, r four times a day. Course - 5 days.


Inexpensive good cures for cold and flu of this category:

  1. "Cycloferon." The drug for adults and children, who are already four years old. The course is 20 days, take a pill every other day.
  2. «Kagotsel». This medicine can be combined with antibiotics. Adults drink two tablets three times the first two days, and then one each. "Kagotsel" can not be taken for the first three months of pregnancy.
  3. Anaferon. Homeopathic remedy. Adults drink one tablet 3-6 times a day.

For symptomatic treatment

List of drugs that can remove signs of illness:

  1. "Koldakt Flyu Plus." Capsules with paracetamol and excipients. Drink them one by one every 12 hours. During treatment it is necessary to refuse categorically from alcoholic beverages.
  2. "Coldrex". Helps with a cold with a wet cough. It is necessary to take one tablet 3-4 times a day. This drug can not be drunk if you have diabetes, liver or kidney failure.
  3. "Rince". Tablets take a piece 4 times a day. They can not be drunk with pregnant women, children under 15, people with heart disease, blood vessels. Course - 5 days.
  4. Fervex. The drug is released in the form of sachets of powder, which must be dissolved in warm water. Do not use "Fervex" for more than three days. A day can not drink more than 4 packages.

Cold remedies

In addition to pills, there are many other drugs that fight disease effectively. If you do not want to take antiviral medications for cold and flu, drink complex means of symptomatic action, then you can try another treatment tactic. The decision must be made based on the severity of the disease. There are many inexpensive drugs for cold and flu that will ease your condition.

From a sore throat

To remove inflammation and irritation you will benefit from such medications:

  1. "Grammidine." Quick-acting tablets for resorption with anesthetic. Take them two times four times a day, observing a weekly course.
  2. Strepsils. Relieve pain and have an antiseptic effect. Tablets must be dissolved one at a time every three hours. Children over five years of age are allowed to be treated with the drug. Completely remove the pain in the throat for three or four days.
  3. Faryngosept. A powerful medicine that is forbidden to children under six. Tablets are recommended to dissolve after eating and then for a while not to drink liquids. For a day - no more than five pieces. The course of treatment is three days.

Nasal drops

Runny nose will help you remove these drugs:

  1. "Sanorin". Have vasoconstrictive effect. Do not treat nasal congestion, and temporarily eliminate it. These drops can not be used for more than five days in a row. The composition of the reduced concentration of vasoconstrictor substances and eucalyptus oil.
  2. "Pinosol". Medicinal drops that have a curative effect. They struggle slowly with the causes of the common cold, but they do not eliminate the stuffiness.
  3. Aqua Maris. Means for moisturizing the nasal mucosa. It does not dry the blood vessels, it speeds up the healing process. Moisturizing drops are recommended to apply for any type of common cold.
  4. "Vibrocil". Antiviral drug. Drops remove not only the common cold, but also its cause. They have vasoconstrictive, antihistamine action, kill bacteria, and reduce swelling.


Rapidly reduce the temperature of such medicines:

  1. "Paracetamol". A time-tested and inexpensive remedy that removes heat, relieves pain and inflammation. There are practically no side effects. Paracetamol is the main active ingredient of many other medicines: Panadol, Fervexa, Flukolda, Coldrex.
  2. Ibuprofen. This medicine is rather anti-inflammatory, but it also lowers the temperature well. Do not take those with an ulcer, kidney or liver disease. It is part of the "Nurofen "Ibuklina".
  3. "Aspirin" (acetylsalicylic acid). Antipyretic and analgesic. Do not take pregnant women, children under 12, those who have low blood coagulability. It is the main component of a huge number of other antipyretic drugs.

From herpes

This unpleasant symptom of cold will help to overcome such ointments:

  1. Acyclovir. The most inexpensive means. It struggles with the virus, does not allow it to multiply. If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, do not use the drug. If herpes you often appears, it is better to alternate "Acyclovir" with another antiseptic ointment or cream, so as not to cause addiction.
  2. Zovirax. The composition of the cream includes propylene glycol, thanks to which the active substance penetrates into the cells faster and more efficiently. It is well absorbed into the skin. "Zovirax" should be used clearly according to the instructions.
  3. Fenistil Pencivir. Very powerful medicine that eliminates herpes immediately. Does not allow the wound to become scarring. The drug can not be used by pregnant, lactating mothers, children under the age of 12.

From cough

Table of preparations:

From a dry cough

From a wet cough

  • "Lazolvan
  • Ambrohexal;
  • "Herbion
  • "Libexin
  • "Stoptussin."
  • "ACTS
  • "Broncholitin
  • "Acestad" (analogue of ATSTS);
  • "Pertussin
  • Mukaltin;
  • Doctor MOM.

Inexpensive drugs analogues

If even the cheapest antiviral drugs are too expensive for you, use Paracetamol, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen. For symptomatic treatment, use local remedies: nasal drops "Naphthyzine" or "Farmazolin tablets for the treatment of sore throat "Septifril medicine "From coughing". It will also be effective to rinse your throat with "Chlorophyllipt".

Drugs for the prevention of influenza and colds

To protect yourself from the disease, and not to cope with its manifestations, it is best to use drugs with immunomodulating action. The rules of preventive reception are described in the instructions of each of them. You can try capsules "Broncho-munal which is allowed to combine with almost all drugs. A good prophylactic action is possessed by such drugs as Ribomunil, Immunal, Rimantadine, Arbidol, Amizon.

Video: home Coldreks for colds


Olya, 27 years old: At the first symptoms of the flu, I always take some symptomatic medicine, for example, "Rinzu" or "Coldrex". This does not allow the infection to "play out". Immunomodulators did not drink at all because of the high price. And I try to treat the child with folk remedies, but I knock down the temperature with Paracetamol. I trust more domestic products.

Lena, 35 years old: Now the pharmacy offers so many names of medicines for colds that it's hard not to get lost. I try to use antipyretic drugs, for example, "Aspirin" or "Paracetamol." If the runny nose begins, then I use "Pinosol". He helps well, though he does not break his nose. If you start a sore throat, I use "Chlorophyllipt".

Tanya, 24 years old: I always have ORVI with fever and cough. I drink Fervex in powders, and I also buy ACTS. Thanks to this treatment, my illness lasts for three or four days. Last winter, saw for the prevention of "Arbidol but still sick, so I do not recognize any medications for correcting the immunity. I'm cured when the cold has already begun.


What helps Remantadin: how to take pills for prevention and treatment

Active prevention of catarrhal viral diseases is an essential component for maintaining health and improving immunity. After every case of invasion of the viral microflora to fight it, huge reserves are spent, as a result of such losses the body can completely eliminate its natural immune defense. Antiviral remedant "Remantadin" can be used both for prevention and for the treatment of various pathologies, provoked by the introduction of viral microflora.

The drug has been used for a long time, resulting in a large practical experience of its use, reliable information about possible side effects. On how to take Remantadine tablets and what they help, you can find out on this page where chemical composition, pharmacological properties, dosages and many other useful intelligence.

The composition of "Remantadine" and what helps these pills?

The chemical composition of Remantadin includes the main active substance of rimantadine hydrochloride and auxiliary components. One tablet contains 50 mg, which corresponds to a single dose for an adult. There are no other forms of output. In the standard packaging - 20 tablets, this amount is sufficient for the course treatment of influenza and cold virus disease.

In order to understand what helps "Remantadin it is necessary to consider in detail its pharmacological and therapeutic properties. In its essence, it is an antiviral drug with an active effect on the factor of formation of specific antibodies. The substance is derived from adamantane, which is an inhibitor of the activity of viral transcription of the RNA molecule. Negative influence on the virus begins when the microorganism attempts to penetrate into the cellular structures of the mucous membranes of the human body. Pharmacological action at the initial stage of infection prevents the progression of the pathological process and protects the cells from damage. This significantly shortens the duration of infection, reduces the clinical manifestations of general intoxication of the local inflammatory reaction. The only significant drawback is not the ability to provide therapeutic action at the beginning of treatment after 2 days after the development of a clinical picture of the flu or ARVI.

Also it is worthwhile understanding what these Remantadine tablets will not help even in high daily dosages. This infection is caused by viruses of herpes, chicken pox, VPC and a number of other pathogens, including hepatitis. The narrow-acting effect allows to effectively treat all colds caused by the introduction of respiratory viruses and influenza A2 strains. It is also possible to specifically prevent tick-borne encephalitis in the case of a bite with an infected tick. A positive result is observed both in the case of pre-vaccination and in its absence.

After digestion, the active substance in the highest concentrations is in the mucous secretion of the nasal passages, throat, trachea and bronchi. In blood plasma, the concentration is 60% lower, but this is enough to successfully overcome the blood-brain barrier. The drug is excreted exclusively by renal filtration. There is a danger of overdose in people with chronic diseases of the urinary system. In high concentrations in blood plasma, the active substance acquires toxic properties.

How to take antiviral drug Remantadin: use and taking of tablets, dosage

Before taking Remantadin, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. The question of the advisability of such therapy, dosage, elimination of possible contraindications is being addressed. The self-administration of Remantadine is contraindicated in view of the complexity of the individual dosage regimen and the determination of the influenza virus or ARVI circulating in the population at the moment.

There are strictly limited indications for the use of this pharmacological agent, they include:

  1. influenza caused by strains of serotype A2;
  2. ARVI and ARI caused by respiratory strains;
  3. prevention after a tick bite, which is laboratory determined as infected;
  4. prevention of infection with the influenza virus in the period of epidemiological activity.

The use of Remantadine tablets in old age requires special attention, since it is possible that the patient's condition worsens when the presence of malignant form of hypertension, pronounced atherosclerosis of coronary and cerebral vessels, disease Parkinson's. In practice, cases of development of hemorrhagic disorders of cerebral circulation with a very unfavorable prognosis in the category of persons older than 50 years on the background of treatment with this drug are not uncommon. Also it is not necessary to use for treatment in patients with a history of epileptic seizures and migraines.

The antiviral drug Remantadin does not have a negative effect on influenza viruses related to serotypes B, however the positive dynamics of the course of such cases against the background of therapy with this drug has been proved in practice by reducing the toxic voltage.

Further in the table the standard dosage of "Remantadine" recommended by the manufacturer and calculated for an adult and a child older than 7 years is suggested:

Single, course and daily doses

Treatment of influenza in adults

The first day of 2 tablets 3 times a day, then 2 days 2 tablets 2 times in knocking, from the 4th to the 6th day 2 tablets 1 time per day.

Treatment of influenza in children from 7 years of age

1 tablet (50 mg) 2 times a day for 5 days.

Prevention of influenza in children and adults

50 mg once a day in the morning for 7 days.

Prevention of tick-borne encephalitis

In the first 3 days after the tick bite 2 tablets 2 times a day (3 days).

How to drink antiviral medicine "Remantadin" with a tick bite for prevention?

Antiviral medicine Remantadin positively proved itself as a preventive agent against tick-borne encephalitis, borreliosis and Lyme disease, if a timely and correct reception was started tablets. It is very important before the therapy to make a laboratory analysis of a bitten tick. If an insect is a carrier of a viral pathogenic microflora, the prevention may include the administration of specific immunoglobulins and the concomitant administration of this drug.

Before you drink Remantadin with a tick bite, you should know about possible contraindications and carefully calculate the dosage taking into account the existing concomitant diseases. This will eliminate the side effects and negative consequences that can persist long enough.

Prophylaxis of "Remantadine" in cases of bites with infected mites gives a positive result only if you start taking the tablets in the first three days after the incident. A belated reception is absolutely useless. How to take the remedy - can be seen in the table above. With all the rules, there is a complete absence of clinical signs of tick-borne encephalitis and the development of long-term negative consequences of this type of infection. In some cases, the disease occurs in the form of respiratory syndrome with aching in large joints and muscles, headache, runny nose and an increase in body temperature to subfebrile parameters.

Can I drink Remantadin to children and during pregnancy?

"Remantadin" for children can be used as a curative and preventive remedy after the child reaches the age of 7 years. The earlier period is a definitive contraindication for taking this medication in view of its ability to negatively influence the process of production of leukocytes.

It is necessary to take into account that "Remantadin" can be given to children only taking into account the age dosage. Adult therapy schemes are not used. In some cases, for example, with a backlog in physical development, body weight deficiency, individual adjustment of daily, single and course dose is necessary.

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to drink Remantadine during pregnancy is given by the manufacturer of the medicinal product and it is quite unambiguous. The detailed use of a pharmacological agent is contraindicated even if there are serious indications. In the period of breastfeeding, these tablets can not be used, since the active substance actively penetrates into the milk and can harm the immune system of the infant.

Contraindications, side effects of Remantadine and an overdose

Overdose of "Remantadine" leads to the fact that the active substance acquires toxic properties. It negatively affects the renal tubules, the structure of the liver, spleen and bone marrow. The process of producing red and white blood cells can be disrupted. In severe cases requires hospitalization in the toxicology department and connection to the apparatus "artificial kidney." People who have pathologies of the vascular system are likely to develop hypertensive crises and hemorrhages in the brain.

Side effects of Remantadin can manifest themselves both during the treatment period and after a while. Immediately after taking, there may be sharp pain in the area of ​​the stomach and pulling - in the liver. In a number of patients, an increase in the level of direct bilirubin and hepatic transaminases in a biochemical blood test is observed. This is a direct indication for the urgent withdrawal of the drug, because the likelihood of developing toxic hepatitis in the long term.

There may also be headaches and dizziness, accompanied by nausea and a decrease in appetite. There may be insomnia, irritability, decreased concentration and concentration. All these phenomena pass independently after drug discontinuation.

Contraindications to treatment and prevention include all pathologies of the kidneys and liver in acute phases and in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases. Do not use in thyrotoxicosis, in children under the age of 7 years, pregnant and lactating women.


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