Ear heating in otitis

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Can I warm my ear with otitis

If the ear is inflated, a disease such as otitis may occur. Hearing at home is necessary with extreme caution. For example, warming up is not always indicated in otitis.

When you should not warm up your ear

You can not warm your ear with otitis in all cases. Do this without first consulting a doctor categorically prohibited. This is due to the fact that the middle and outer otitis may be accompanied by purulent discharge. If there are any, it is by no means possible to conduct warming procedures. Only a doctor can determine the presence of purulent inflammatory processes in the auditory canal. Even if pus is not visible in the ear canal, this does not mean that it does not accumulate deeper into the ear.

It is not allowed to warm up the ear at a high body temperature. In contrast to purulent-inflammatory processes, the presence of increased body temperature can also be determined independently. Contraindications can also serve as elevated blood sugar, blood pressure and abnormalities in the thyroid gland.

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How to warm up the ear with otitis

If otitis occurs, the ear can be warmed only at the stage of healing or at the initial stage. If the disease is in full swing, the doctor will never prescribe such procedures. At this stage it can only provoke complications and cause even more purulent processes.

When the disease has just started, you can use table salt. Very effective alcohol compresses. For preparation, it is necessary to mix one part of vodka and three parts of honey in an iron bowl. Warming up is best done at night, before bedtime. During and after the procedure, keep the head and neck warm. Warm woolen shawl will suit perfectly.

A hot water bottle will also help warm the ear well. However, it should be filled with water at a temperature of not more than 55 ° C. Too much water temperature in the hot water bottle will only cause harm. Apply the hot-water bottle to your ear better by wrapping it beforehand in several layers of gauze.

At the healing stage, you can use another effective tool. In the common people it is called a "cake". To make it, you need: rye flour, medical alcohol or vodka and honey in equal quantities. In a bowl on a water bath, all ingredients are aged for about half an hour, until the dough thickens. After that, a gauze, pre-folded in several layers, is laid out dough and a small cake is formed. Apply it to the sick ear, covering it from above with something warm, so that the heat remains as long as possible. Such a compress can be kept until the cake has cooled down.


How did you treat the otitis media? Can I warm my ear?



How to treat an ear otitis?

Traditionally, the treatment of all types of otitis is accompanied by the appointment of antibiotics, less often - sulfanilamide preparations (ciprofloxacin), which are used for severe inflammation and elevated temperature.
With external otitis media, gauze turundas moistened with 70% alcohol are usually injected into the external auditory canal, warming compresses are made, physiotherapy procedures are performed, and vitamin therapy is prescribed. When an abscess is formed, its opening is shown. With diffuse inflammation, the ear canal is washed with disinfectant solutions (3% boric acid solution, furacillin solution).
With otitis media, bed rest is prescribed, antibiotics, sulfonamide preparations, antiseptics according to indications. At a high temperature, amidopyrine, acetylsalicylic acid. Locally apply warming compresses and physiotherapy. To reduce pain in the ear, digest in the warm form of 96% alcohol. With the appearance of suppuration, instillation is stopped in the ear. In the absence of the effect of conservative treatment, the dissection of the tympanic membrane is performed. After the appearance of suppuration from the external auditory canal, it is necessary to ensure its drainage. If, after cessation of purulent discharge from the ear and scarring of the tympanic membrane, the hearing remains low, a purge, pneumatic massage is prescribed.
When otitis inner ear (labyrinthite) apply conservative treatment (bed rest, dehydration and antibacterial therapy). With labyrinthitis with a fistulous symptom and a preserved function of the labyrinth, with ineffectiveness of antibacterial therapy, general cough trepanation is used. Absolute indications for the operation on the labyrinth, along with the operation on the middle ear, is the sequestration of the labyrinth or the purulent labyrinthitis with labyrinthogenic intracranial complications.

Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Damir! Self-treatment is dangerous! Address to the doctor, he will give you all the necessary appointments!
Get right! All the best to you!

Ivan Pritula

In general, of course, it is better to consult a doctor, since otitis can be different (purulent, chronic, catarrhal, etc.).
From drops you can buy in the pharmacy Dioxydin in ampoules and a pipette, and drip warm dioxin in your ear 2-3 times a day for a few drops. You can also buy ear drops sfradeks, aurisan. These drugs are even more convenient to use, they do not need to be heated before use and the flacon is immediately pipetted.
Try not to get water in your ear when washing your head or taking a shower. If the otitis is accompanied by a runny nose, you must also get a drop in your nose and at the same time be treated for both the cold and otitis. If the otitis acute, you can warm your ear with a blue lamp, warm salt, an alcohol compress is also very appropriate, that is, any dry heat. The faster you start to be treated, the less chance that the otitis from the acute will become chronic.
Stay healthy!

Can I warm my ear with otitis: doctor's recommendations

Feeling a severe pain in the ear, it is necessary to appear to the otolaryngologist. In most cases, discomfort arises from the onset of inflammation. After the examination, the doctor will be able to pinpoint the cause of the problems and tell you if you can warm your ear with otitis. You do not need to prescribe yourself thermal procedures alone.

Types of disease

Specialists distinguish three types of otitis. Inflammation can begin in the outer, middle and inner ear. This problem is often found in young children. Leaving it without attention is impossible, because chronic inflammation can lead to complete or partial hearing loss.

Before you find out whether you can warm your ear with otitis, you need to understand the type of disease.

  1. External inflammation often occurs after swimming in open water bodies or swimming pools. But his appearance may lead to injuries. To diagnose external otitis is not difficult - the skin of the auricle and the visible part of the ear canal becomes inflamed. Eczema and furuncles become visible.
  2. The cause of pain in most cases becomes otitis media. It occurs after the transmitted viral diseases, angina. Painful sensations with it are pronounced, they can concentrate both in the ear itself, and in the area of ​​the teeth and neck. The average otitis can be catarrhal or purulent. Before assigning procedures, you must precisely determine its type.
  3. The most dangerous is internal otitis media. It can become a complication of inflammation of the middle ear. When it develops, there is a risk that the infection can penetrate the blood and the meninges.

Features of the disease

Even if you know all the signs of inflammation and methods of therapy, you should not decide how to treat otitis media. Whether it is possible to warm an ear with a blue lamp, it is better to find out from an otolaryngologist.

If the doctor confirms that you have catarrhal inflammation, then you can use the heating procedures. But with purulent otitis make it dangerous. After all, heat will stimulate the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, it will improve blood circulation in the heated areas. As a result, this will allow bacteria to penetrate into the connective tissues.

If the inflammation of the inner ear begins, then there is a risk of infection of the brain envelopes. Knowing this, you can determine for yourself whether you can warm your ear with acute otitis without a prior visit to the doctor.

Initial stages of the disease

Many people say that you can do thermal procedures immediately, once you feel uncomfortable. But the opinion of doctors on this subject is not so unambiguous.

Of course, if catarrhal inflammation has begun, heat will help reduce pain, relieve spasms and improve blood circulation in affected areas. This will quickly restore them. But it is impossible to determine the type of the disease.

At the initial stages, purulent discharge will not be noticed. When the disease progresses, they begin to flow out of the external auditory canal. In this case, of course, everyone can understand that he started a purulent inflammation.

Particular care must be given to the parents of young children. Do not listen to grandmothers if they do not have medical education. Not all people know if you can warm your ear with a purulent otitis.

Possible consequences

If you decide to do self-medication and yourself have appointed thermal procedures, then be ready to deteriorate. If you have purulent otitis, then warming up will only intensify the manifestations of the disease. The pain will become even stronger.

In addition, the bacteria will begin to multiply more intensively. With such an otitis, the eardrum can be damaged. If pus or blood develops from the ear, then the doctor can not do without. In such situations it is not even worthwhile to find out whether it is possible to heat the ear with an average otitis. Under the ban are not only thermal procedures, but also various drops. After all, you can not check the integrity of the tympanic membrane.

Children's problems

According to statistics, almost 80% of children know how their ears hurt when taking otitis. The main cause of the disease is inflammatory processes in the nose and throat, which lead to violations of the patency of the Eustachian tube. It can also be transmitted by enlarged adenoids.

If a child wakes up at night with pain and you do not have the opportunity to get to a doctor, you should not ring up acquaintances with the question of whether you can warm your ear with otitis. It is necessary to drip the child in the nose vasoconstrictor drops, for example, the usual children's "Farmazolin." In addition, you need to alleviate the condition of the baby. To ease the pain, any drug made on the basis of ibuprofen will help. You can give syrup "Nurofen "Bofen" or other similar. Paracetamol has a less pronounced analgesic effect, but if you do not have anything else, you can give an age dose of the syrup "Efferalgan "Paracetamol."

Action Tactics

Feeling pain in the ear, it is better to go to the otolaryngologist right away. He can immediately examine the patient and establish a diagnosis. Note that in most hospitals, patients with acute pain are served without recording and out of turn. The sooner adequate treatment is started, the more chances to get rid of problems in a few days. But the untimely appeal to the doctor threatens that otitis can go into a chronic form.

If the doctor confirms that your tympanic membrane is intact and there are no purulent discharge, then you can ask how correctly to warm your ear with a blue lamp when you take otitis. Also the doctor can advise and other methods of warming up. In addition, he is likely to prescribe ear drops with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action: Otipax, Otizol or other analogues.

Warming Methods

Inpatients and outpatients of ENT departments with catarrhal otitis media often receive physiotherapy procedures. UHF therapy is popular. Under the influence of a high-frequency electromagnetic field, the permeability of the capillary walls increases. This promotes a more intensive penetration of protective cells into the focus of inflammation.

At home, when it has already been determined whether you can warm your ear with otitis in your case, use other methods. If you have a blue lamp, then you can conduct all the thermal procedures with it. Also, you can warm your ear with a regular salt preheater. You can buy it at any pharmacy or make it yourself.

If the doctor has allowed thermal procedures, then there is no sense in addition to find out if you can warm your ear with otite salt. Any dry heating can be used. The procedures are carried out for 10-15 minutes, they can be repeated several times a day.

Under the influence of heat begins the outflow of fluid in the inflamed middle ear. Blood circulation there improves, and it promotes faster restoration of fabrics. After each heating, it is desirable to cover the ear canal with a cotton swab.

Terms of use of the blue lamp

To find out if you can conduct thermal procedures, you need only a doctor. One of the most effective methods of home heating is the use of a blue lamp. Before its operation it is necessary to check up, whether it is serviceable. If the light comes on, does not blink, no foreign smells or noise occur during its operation, then the appliance is OK.

Warm ear with a blue lamp you need at least 3-4 times a day. Usually a 3-5-day course of treatment is sufficient to get rid of otitis. The main thing is to observe the established rules.

  • The included lamp should be kept near the ear for 10 minutes.
  • The distance is determined by experience. If the ear becomes too hot, then it is necessary to push the lamp slightly further. If the heat is practically not felt, then it is better to push it closer.
  • The optimal distance is 15-20 cm.
  • Please note that the heat from the lamp should be noticeable, but it should not cause discomfort.
  • During heating, it is desirable to keep the lamp not strictly perpendicular to the surface of the ear, but at a slight angle.
  • It is necessary to understand that treatment is achieved due to radiated heat, which is amplified by reflex reflection from the mirror surface.

The color of the light bulb is not so important.


How to cure otitis media in the home?



Urgent compress from the outside and inside: 4 layers of bandage, make a cut in the center to put on a compress on the eyelet (the bandage itself will be located around the auricle), moisten with vodka or better boric alcohol and dress in the ear. Above the same piece of polyethylene (also with a slot for the ear), in the ear insert a turuntochku from cotton wool (wound cotton wool on tweezers or scissors and take off, this turundochka) moisten with boric alcohol, and in the eye drop, if any, ear drops ("Otinum" Sofradeks "), boric alcohol can not be dripped, only in the form turundas. All this tie a warm scarf and hold for 30 minutes. And so do 3 times for 30 minutes.
If there is a temperature, you need an antibiotic "flemoxin" 1 million 2 times a day for 3 days, and then 500 thousand 2 times a day for 4 more days. At night, surpastine or diazoline 1 tablet 7 days.
Get well!
Knock your finger behind your ear - it hurts? And push on the tragus inside the ear - it hurts? Can you have an inflammation of the external ear. How many days are you sick? Simultaneously treat the nose - "IRS-19" more often and in the throat "Givalex" ("Zhivaleks" - different pronunciation) more often. Of course it's better to start with a doctor. But you can put a compressor and if it's better, better at home and warm... http://www.childrhinology.ru/useful/deseases/otit/
The main symptoms of otitis media:
first a slight soreness, then a sharp pain in the ear (shooting, stitching, throbbing);
hearing loss;
noise in ears;
feeling of ear stiffness;
deterioration in overall well-being: fever (38-3, ° C), sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, weakness

Ekaterina (Lukyanova) Kolesnik

Put turuns with dioxin, and generally better to the doctor!

Emma Berns

alcohol compress (gauze or bandage 6-8 layers to roll into a rectangle. cut through the middle of the hole-crack under the ear, you can any rag. impregnate alcohol or vodka, if not, then the alcohol-containing at least 40%. cut the same size polyethylene, also cut a hole. Lubricate the skin around the ouah with a fat cream. To put on an ear - просуноть in a hole - at first пропиртованную a fabric, then polyethylene, to fasten multi-layered scarf, ideally - from a dog's fur. + droplets in the ear, it seems that's the way we call it)


It is necessary to see a doctor! Not the fact that it is otitis... and there they will write out everything they need... otitis and is treated at home, the hospital does not put)) In general, compresses... There are many methods, oil is heated, for example (on turunda) and in the ear, and on top is a warming compress. In general, warming is indicated for otitis, since it is an inflammation of the middle ear. But once again I repeat that it is not a fact that it is otitis!


Otitis is better treated under the supervision of a doctor, otitis are too different. Good luck.


In addition to everything you have been advised, a geranium leaf is inserted, inserted into the ear.

Vladimir Bondorenko

A chicken-feed it is better to address to the doctor

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