Doctor of the Popes: Exercises of the gymnastics for the spine

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  • 1Gymnastics Popov for the spine: principles, features
    • 1.1Gymnastics of Dr. Popov
    • 1.2Principles of gymnastics of Dr. Peter Popov
    • 1.3System of rehabilitation of the spine of Yuri Popov
    • 1.4The essence of the technique of Yuri Popov
  • 2Gymnastics Popova or miracle exercises for the health of the spine
    • 2.1Appointment and contraindications
    • 2.2Exercises
    • 2.3Microhimistics
    • 2.4Gymnastics
    • 2.5Patient Reviews
    • 2.6"Gymnastics of Popov for the spine"
  • 3Alternative gymnastics for spine Popova
    • 3.1Gymnastics of Yuri Popov for the spine
    • 3.2Indications
    • 3.3Preparation
    • 3.4Effects
    • 3.5Alternative gymnastics of doctor Popov
    • 3.6Additional Activities
  • 4Gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov
    • 4.1Petrograd Popov's microgame
    • 4.2Gymnastics of Yuri Popov
    • 4.3General recommendations
  • 5Gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov
    • 5.1Alternative gymnastics for spine Popova
    • 5.2Recommendations for the gymnastic complex Popova
    • 5.3Dr. Popov gymnastics for youth
    • 5.4
    • 5.5Movement without pain: a unique complex for the treatment of arthrosis
    • 5.6Gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov
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  • 6Gymnastics of Dr. Popov for the spine: instruction + video
    • 6.1Not a disease, but protection
    • 6.2In the work of small muscles
    • 6.3Remembering childhood

Gymnastics Popov for the spine: principles, features

In previous articles, we examined many effective sets of physical exercises for various diseases of the spine. Some of them were quite simple, others, on the contrary, required preliminary sports power training and the participation of simulators.

Some were based on smooth slow movements, others in dynamics resembled shaping. The principle of action of all these types of gymnastics is one: this is the stretching and strengthening of the muscles of the back, thanks to which it is possible to achieve stabilization of the spine and its correct position.

Leaving this general principle in its basis, the gymnastics of Doctor Popov literally deepened it. Do not expect even more fantastic and unusual exercises from her. Rather, on the contrary: the exercises are emphatically simple.

However, there is something that distinguishes this technique from its predecessors.

Gymnastics of Dr. Popov

Immediately warn that in fact there is not one, but two methods of Popov. They are developed by different people: Peter and Yuri, differ from each other and both are interesting in their own way.

In search of exercises for the spine, listening to the author's statements that only his technique exceptional and has the right to be, we must not reject all the traditional that was "before taking for granted literally everything.

Peter Popov is a traumatologist and at the same time a specialist in the fields of manual and acupuncture.

Most of the complexes are based on exercises with large superficial muscles of the back and require a large amplitude of movements.

Therapeutic gymnastics Popova trains small deep muscles and is based on micromovements.

Dr. Popov considers osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia not as a disease, but as a defense of the body from vertebral deformations, which can lead to more serious consequences - such as myelopathy.

By giving a signal to the muscles, the brain leads them into tension, and by that they through the pain resist further displacement of the discs of the spine.


As a result of permanent muscle spasms, a separate segment of the spine is blocked, and adjacent vertebrae, on the contrary, acquire excessive mobility. Ordinary exercises, according to Popov, are unable to unblock problem vertebrae.


In order to do this, you must first pull the spine vertically, and then make smooth movements along the arc. In order to prove his theory, he gives a comparison with a wire:

  • if it is just bent, it can break
  • if you pull it out and then bend it, it will take an arcuate shape, embedded in its "memory"

Also, the spine with tensile efforts, strive to take shape in accordance with its natural curves

The gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov:

Principles of gymnastics of Dr. Peter Popov

  1. We do all the exercises, stretching like a child, remembering the happy time when nothing hurt. Movements should not cause pain, they should be pleasant.

    Positive mood - the main thing in gymnastics

  2. Each motion occurs along an arc and consists of a sum of vertical stretching and slopes and turns in different directions
  3. We make every movement, counting up to 10. Stretching should be done with a combination of sipping and releasing movements. Each time we slightly increase the limit of stretching, but we do it very carefully

gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov (part 2):

Who is interested in this technique, can download the video lesson Practical guide to restore and maintain the health of the spine

System of rehabilitation of the spine of Yuri Popov

The author of another method, scientist and biologist Yuri Popov, considers the development of all diseases of the spine as a result of depressions all its natural curves, which occurs under the influence of the action of gravity due to the upright and excess weight.

Lordosis or kyphosis in various parts of the spine, deepening, lead to disruption of the internal organs:

Cervical lordosis(the most dangerous) leads to such consequences:

  • cerebral sclerosis
  • headache, hearing and hearing impairment
  • heart attack and stroke

Thoracic kyphosis:

  • disorders of cardiac and pulmonary activity
  • pancreatic liver disease
  • intercostal neuralgia

Lumbar lordosis

  • pyelonephritis, kidney stones
  • disorders in the adrenal glands
  • omission of the kidneys and bladder

The sacral kyphosis:

  • infertility, impotence
  • urination disorders
  • sciatica

The essence of the technique of Yuri Popov

To prevent the progress of bends, Yuri Popov proposed the following treatment system:

  1. Twice a day to perform gymnastics for 15-20 minutes, being mainly in a horizontal position or in an inclined on a special simulator
  2. Take food from 11 to 18 hours once a week - dry fasting (not only without food, but without water)
  3. In the morning or in the evening jogging or walking

Examples of exercises Yu. Popova:

  1. Lying down on his stomach, pulling his hands behind his head, taking one hand by the finger of the other hand. Straining the muscles of the limbs, thoracic and dorsal, stretch into a string. We roll to the right shoulder, then to the left, without holding our breath (we combine the breath with the turn, exhale - with the return to the starting position)
  2. Turn over to the back, hands - in the same position as in the previous exercise. We perform the same rolls alternately on one and the other shoulder
  3. Lying on the back with arms outstretched and legs, we rotate the neck alternately, to the right and to the left. We are not afraid of a possible crunch in the neck. Exercise eliminates the symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis and even has a rejuvenating effect

The complex of 19 exercises is presented in more detail on the website of Yu. Popova

Unfortunately, the video with a set of exercises Yu. Popova in the internet, as it turned out, is difficult to find, so in conclusion - a video about gymnastics for losing weight from a positive girl Oksana Kozlova, which can interest women and not only:


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Gymnastics Popova or miracle exercises for the health of the spine

Yuri Popov is a learned biologist. He developed a series of exercises that contribute to the treatment of the back.

The doctor is of the opinion that the pathologies of the spinal column are caused by the upright man.

This fact is confirmed by scientists who determined that animals rarely have such problems.

Popov explains this by saying that a newborn person has a vertebral column that is straight.Further in it formed bends, which, as they grow older, become stronger, infringing the nerve endings.This is the cause of various abnormalities in the body.

Not everyone knows that therapeutic gymnastics for the spine of Popov has two variations. It turns out that they were developed by people with identical surnames: Yuri and Peter. Both options are quite effective, but they differ in the way they are executed.

Gymnastics Yuri Popov includes 19 classes, most of which are done lying down. This complex should be taken twice a day in combination with a certain diet.

It is not recommended to eat up to 1: 0 and after 1: 0. In addition, it takes 7 days to starve, refusing even water.

In practice, this therapy successfully copes with such a spinal ailment as osteochondrosis.

Peter Popov is a doctor-rehabilitologist. The basic concept of his gymnastics is built on walking and all sorts of variations.

At the same time walking can be imitated standing, sitting or lying down. Each position corresponds to a certain amplitude of movements.

The principle that must be followed when choosing exercises is the absence of any tension.

Appointment and contraindications

There are several types of exercises. Some are aimed at relieving pain, while others are aimed at restoring the joints. If it is a question of a humeroscapular periarthritis, it is important to choose a gym, taking into account the form and stage of the disease.

Separately it is worth noting the contraindications of the gymnastics of Dr. Popov for the spine:

  • serious pathology of the circulatory system;
  • risk of bleeding or hemorrhage;
  • heart failure;
  • risk of sudden increase in pressure, which is difficult to control;
  • acute pain;
  • fever.

Microgame is aimed at strengthening and restoring the functionality of the dorsal muscles. With her help you can return the spine mobility. How exactly, look at the video from the NewsInform channel.


Each of Popov's techniques differs in its features and types of exercises, with which we propose to get acquainted in more detail.


This technique is based on the achievement of stable operation of the entire spine and its functionality. Treatment of the spine, the doctor suggests the following exercises.

  1. Wiggle. They are represented by smooth movements resembling a pendulum. Thus, pain is eliminated, sleep is restored and the patient's emotional state improves.
  2. Shaking. Promotes the removal of muscle spasm and muscle relaxation.
  3. Pulling. Allow to stretch the intervertebral ligaments.
  4. Rotational motions. Used to restore the muscles, improve the normal operation of the spine.

These movements constitute a complex that allows to restore the mobility of the muscular framework. Such a microhygmy is able to get rid of serious therapeutic interventions. To get the best result, you must strictly follow the simple rules:

  • be extremely cautious during classes;
  • stop exercising in the presence of pain;
  • do all series of movements consistently under the score from 1 to 10.


To restore the activity of the spine, the doctor recommends performing the following elements:

  1. Having settled on the abdomen, it is necessary to stretch your arms up, after that the right limb is required to grasp the thumb of the left.
  2. The previous session is repeated, but only on the back.
  3. The position should be the same as in the first exercise, however, now we must also make head turns.
  4. In conclusion, repeat the third exercise, only on the back.

With pathologies of the shoulder joint the following exercises will help.

  1. Sitting in a chair, you need to relax all the muscles. Then alternately lower and raise the shoulders. These actions must be performed slowly.
  2. Without changing the starting position, it is necessary to pull the shoulders up and visually draw the figure-eight.
  3. In the same pose, you should lift the shoulder joints, maximally stretching the spine, and stay for a few seconds.
  4. The alternating raising of hands upwards. The head and body are slightly turned towards the raised limb.
  5. Imitation of scissors by hands. At the time of the dilution of the hands, the breath is inhaled, and with exhalation - the exhalation. At this moment the blades should touch.
  6. In the bent state, it is necessary to raise and lower hands, it should be done slowly.
  7. Sitting on a chair, you need to straighten your back and place your hands on your knees. Leaning, it is necessary to touch the left shoulder of the right knee and vice versa. Straighten smoothly.

Patient Reviews

Popova's method has positive reviews of patients who suffered from humeroparous periarthritis and osteochondrosis.

Most of the responses indicate that such gymnastics is effective at the initial stage of the disease and brings rapid relief to the patient.

Some patients noted a complete resumption of normal operation of the spine after a long and regular exercise course.

"Gymnastics of Popov for the spine"

Presented exercises on the video (author Andrei Krutov) will relieve of acute pain in the back, strengthen the muscles of the back and restore healthy posture.

A source:

Alternative gymnastics for spine Popova

Spine diseases are often associated with low levels of mobility. All the structures of the spine: from the bones to the muscle fibers are connected. Therefore, the correct load on the muscles will return the functional activity to the spinal column.

These statements are based on the principles of curative gymnastics - this is the method of therapy that is necessary for almost all diseases of the spine. There are different methods of gymnastics, but not everyone can lead to a credible effect.

Many people heard about the gymnastics of Popov for the spine. In fact, there are two methods of exercise therapy for the spine, developed by different doctors.

Yuri Vasilievich Popov developed a set of 19 exercises, which he perfected and supplemented for several years.


In turn, Peter Alexandrovich Popov created a method of alternative gymnastics, based on the improvement of small muscles of the back.


Since the method of Peter Popov is of a theoretical nature and is in the process of improvement, it is worthwhile studying the classical gymnastics of Yuri Popov in more detail.

Gymnastics of Yuri Popov for the spine

Doctor of Science, Professor Yu.V. Popov for several years developed and improved the method of physiotherapy for the spine. His complex allowed to restore the affected back department to a multitude of patients.

The doctor published several books detailing the essence of gymnastics and other restorative measures. However, the basic set of exercises since 2006 has not seriously changed.


At what diseases it is necessary to perform the exercises of therapeutic gymnastics? The indications for a complex of exercise therapy can be:

  1. Osteocondritis of the spine.
  2. Protrusion of the intervertebral disc.
  3. Spondylolisthesis.
  4. Spondylarthrosis.
  5. Rehabilitation after surgery on the spine.
  6. Vertebral fractures in the recovery period.
  7. Stretchings and ruptures of muscles and ligaments of the spine.
  8. Radiculitis.
  9. Reflex spasm of the back muscles in diseases of the spine.

Even if you suffer from one of these conditions, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before performing gymnastic activities. The specialist will help pick up the exercise therapy and determine possible complications.


Before performing a complex of therapeutic gymnastics, Dr. Popov advises to prepare. Its recommendations include the following activities:

  1. Prepare for yourself a flat hard surface, lay on it a thin layer of fabric.
  2. Classes are recommended to take place in loose clothing, which does not hinder the movement of the spine.
  3. When performing the complex, you need to involve as many muscles as possible of the whole body.
  4. It is necessary to breathe correctly during the whole complex of exercise therapy. Hold your breath can not in any case.
  5. You need to focus on the point of application of gymnastics. The right attitude will allow you to achieve results faster.
  6. All the exercises are performed gradually and in turn. You need to start with a multiplicity of 3 times, gradually increasing the load to 30 times.
  7. If after performing the complex there was a sharp pain in the back, it is recommended to stop the session and inform the doctor. Another thing - pulling muscle pain, it's a sign of training muscle fibers, you should not be afraid of such a state.
  8. It is recommended to practice procedures early in the morning and at bedtime, during these hours the body is most adapted to the loads.
  9. To achieve a pronounced effect of exercise therapy it is recommended to take several months, but the improvement of the condition is usually achieved after 5 days.

These recommendations will allow the patient to achieve maximum effect from gymnastics.

It is not rational to bring the entire list of exercises in this article, since it has an overview character. You can familiarize yourself with the complex on the official website of Dr. Popov.

As an example, we will cite several measures that have a general strengthening effect and are useful for diseases of any part of the back:

  1. Exercise number 1. The patient lies on his stomach, straightens his legs and stretches his arms in front of him. It is necessary to stretch the muscles of the arms, back and legs to pull them as hard as possible. Smoothly rolled to the left shoulder, then to the right. The task is repeated several times.
  2. Exercise number 2. The patient assumes the initial position on the back, also stretches his arms and legs. Repeats rolls on his side with elongated muscles, but already from the position on his back.
  3. Exercise number 6. From the position on the back, the patient flexes his legs in the knees and raises the sacrum over the floor. The outstretched arms go up. Without lowering the sacrum on the floor, you need to roll on the shoulders smoothly, but vigorously.
  4. Exercise number 8. From the sitting position with the diluted feet, the patient grasps his knees with the palms of his hands and bends his head. Rapidly rolls on his back, and then returns to the sitting position.
  5. Exercise number 10. Lying on your back you need to stretch your arms behind your head, and your legs are bent at the knees. The sacrum rises above the ground to the maximum possible distance, then quickly lower the buttocks, but do not touch the floor. Repeat the manipulation several times.

These exercises allow you to work on several parts of the back. However, Popov's complex includes methods of influencing a certain floor of the spine.


If you properly perform gymnastics, gradually increasing the load on the spinal column, you can achieve a pronounced therapeutic effect. LFK has the following effects:

  1. There is a relaxation of the spasms of the back muscles.
  2. Muscular skeleton of the spine is trained, becomes ready for serious loads.
  3. The severity of the pain syndrome decreases.
  4. The complex has an anti-inflammatory effect due to increased blood flow intensity.
  5. The effect on soft tissues gradually leads to the strengthening of the whole spinal column as a whole.

Therapeutic exercises with spinal injuries are extremely useful, but this is true in the absence of contraindications, which should be determined by the attending physician.

Alternative gymnastics of doctor Popov

Developed by Dr. Peter Alexandrovich Popov, exercise complex LFK is aimed at restoring the muscular backbone, achieving serious progress in recovery.

Peter Popov developed a complex of effects on the small muscles of the spine, relying on the anatomical features of the back. At the heart of his methodology is a gradual, multi-year impact, which ultimately leads to a significant effect.

The complex of Peter Popov is seriously criticized by some specialists. Therefore, before you start alternative gymnastics, talk to your doctor.

Additional Activities

Often it is the exercise therapy that forms the basis of the treatment of the spine. However, do not rely on the absolute therapeutic effect of gymnastics. Supplement therapy can:

  • Medicinal products.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Massage.
  • Medical immobilization.
  • Folk recipes.

Sometimes conservative methods alone are not enough, in this case the doctor resorts to surgical treatment. After the operation, it is also necessary to engage in gymnastics, so that rehabilitation can be achieved in the shortest possible time.

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Gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov

Back and joint health »Miscellaneous

Most of today's people lead a sedentary lifestyle, and this causes the development of a variety of different diseases. The leading place among them is occupied by diseases of the spine.

According to medical statistics, 70% of calls to doctors fall just on diseases of the back and joints. Physiotherapy has proven itself for the treatment of this group of diseases.

In addition to the classical therapeutic and sports complex, today there are many alternative methods. One of the most famous is the gymnastics of Popov.

In fact, many do not know that this set of exercises exists in two versions, as two different people created curative gymnastics.

Both options are excellent help to cope with diseases of the spine and forget about back pain forever.

The methods differ significantly in the principle of action and the set of exercises, although both proved their effectiveness. The creators - Peter Popov and Yuri Popov.

Performing gymnastics of Dr. Popov

Petrograd Popov's microgame

The technique became popular when with its help Peter Popov regained the health of a famous skier from Holland, seriously injured as a result of severe trauma.

According to the author, with the development of osteochondrosis, damaged vertebral disks "wedge and healthy, on the contrary, acquire hypermobility.

His complex of exercises is designed to restore the normal state and harmonious work of the muscles of the back.

The method is based on so-called "soft" micromotions. The complex is performed with a small amplitude, in analogy with the oscillations of a pendulum. The main task of such exercises is the stable operation of the spine, where each vertebra is mobile and performs its function.

With the help of the technique of micromotion, gradually all the parts of the spine begin to move together, because vertebras that previously remained immobile are switched on.

The general principles of performing exercises are consistency, softness, small amplitude and rhythm.

Microhimastics includes the following types of micromovement:

  • Rocking - smooth movements, reminiscent of the pendulum. At the time of execution, pain disappears, sleep becomes normal, and the emotional background improves.
  • Minor concussions are small "shaking due to which the muscle spasm disappears, muscles relax. Usually a person executes them unconsciously, shaking or shaking his foot.
  • Pulling - the usual movement. Probably, any person has a habit of stretching in the morning after a dream. Do not deny yourself this, because sipping is a wonderful warm-up for the ligaments of the spine.
  • Rotations are movements performed as smooth microinclusions. Used to improve the performance of the dorsal muscles, to achieve the correct operation of the entire spine.

Exercise for the harmonious work of the muscles of the back

All movements are a single complex, aimed at returning mobility to even the smallest ligaments and muscles.

With the help of these exercises, the hypermobility of the problem vertebral parts decreases, and the areas that were previously immobile begin to work. For many microgames, Popov is a simple way to avoid medical intervention.

More article:Therapeutic exercises for the spine of Dikul

Achieving an effective result is possible only in case of careful compliance with the recommendations of the doctor, the author of the technique:

  1. Observe extreme caution when performing movements.
  2. Perform exercises before the pain. If there is even the slightest discomfort, gymnastics must be stopped.
  3. Elements consist of a series of movements. They are performed under the account from 1 to 10.

With the help of this complex of movements, it is possible to successfully treat even serious diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus, such as arthrosis of the knee joint - a disease accompanied by the destruction of cartilage tissue inside the joint. In this case, the treatment is carried out by slowly warming up the muscles to prepare for walking:

  • Perform smooth strokes of the knees. Then, taking a sitting position, the person slowly imitates movements that are similar to walking.
  • Stretching muscles is performed by alternately stretching and bending the legs.
  • In the standing position, legs are taken back by turns, with the toe of each leg performing circular motions. This exercise is better to do, relying on something.

A lesson in the unique gymnastics of Dr. Popov in a children's group

Gymnastics of Yuri Popov

Yuri Popov believes that the human body is poorly adapted to the upright, so there are constant problems associated with disabilities of the spine. The technique is aimed at strengthening the spinal muscles and increasing the overall tone of the body.

The complex of exercises by Dr. Popov consists of 19 exercises designed to be performed twice a day. Almost the entire complex is performed lying down.

In addition to physical exercise, the technique of Yuri Popov includes a special diet, including a ban on eating in the morning (up to 11 hours) and in the evening (after 18 hours).

Also, the diet includes a one-day fasting without drinking water (dry fasting), which must be done once a week. Gymnastics with success is used both in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine.

Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back using Popov's technique

General recommendations

Regardless of which method to use, to achieve an effective result, a number of simple recommendations must be followed:

  • Free and comfortable clothes for exercises.
  • The technique of Dr. Popov brings the result only with regular lessons.
  • Accurate performance of exercises. All kinds of gymnastics are carefully worked out and checked, addition of any of their movements can negatively affect the state of health. There are a lot of detailed videos with techniques that will help to do everything right.
  • Treatment should be complete. Supplement gymnastic exercises with proper nutrition, exercise (walking, swimming, etc.). It is also better not to smoke and drink alcohol, it will significantly improve the results achieved. Diet is also necessary in order to prevent arthrosis.

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Gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov

The life of modern man is comfortable and involves a minimum of physical activity. Lack of mobility affects the development of many diseases. Among which the leading place is occupied by diseases of the spine.

The therapeutic gymnastics of Dr. Popov is considered the most successful for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. According to the scientist, the uprightness greatly influenced the development of many deviations.

Man, like any animal, is born with a straight spine. Becoming on legs forms at the baby 4 bends.

With age, these bends are more and more prominent, because of which the nerve root is displaced, which has a very negative effect on the work of the whole organism.

Gymnastics Yuri Popov - a set of 19 exercises that must be performed 2 times a day. In addition to the loads after and before bedtime, it is recommended to walk in fresh air or jogging.

The scientist believed that overweight leads to many violations, so breakfast should start at 11 am, and dinner ends at 6 pm.

Fasting or a fasting day without drinking is introduced once a week.

Alternative gymnastics for spine Popova

The development of a set of exercises began during the writing of the thesis for a young scientist. For several decades, Yuri Popov improved and supplemented the list of useful exercises. His goal was to find a completely healthy spine.

After examining hundreds of backs as ordinary inhabitants and sportsmen, swimmers and ballerinas, the author of the technique gave up. He did not see a single perfectly smooth and healthy spine.

Accident was brought to the doctor with an 80-year-old grandfather, the owner of an ideal spine, living without pain and discomfort in the back. Lucky admitted that 10 years ago he was literally chained to bed - an acute osteochondrosis.


Painfully lasting hours of life and the man began to remember his youth and found out that a long time ago did not feel the sweetness of sipping. Day after day, the frail old man was stretching himself: every muscle, every vertebra, felt tension.


He turned his neck in all directions and enjoyed the long process. A week later he was able to walk without help. A month later he got rid of the pain, and a year later forgot about his infirmity.

A unique gymnastics for the spine of Popov is available for everyone. Exercises are able to heal any ailment in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

It is known that many deviations in the normal functioning of the spine are the causes of other ailments of the body.

The most dangerous disease - cervical lordosis causes frequent headaches, loss of hearing and partial vision, affects the brain and stimulates the appearance of a heart attack or stroke. Thoracic kyphosis is the cause of problems with the liver and pancreas.

Kidney stones, bladder collapse and worsening of the adrenal glands provoke lumbar lordosis. And infertility and impotence causes sacral kyphosis.

To prevent diseases and strengthen the spine and intervertebral discs, a whole set of exercises was created.

Recommendations for the gymnastic complex Popova

As studies have shown for several years in the group of people from 11 to 75 years, no deterioration or trauma was observed. Each person treats what he has written or seen, so the scientist prescribed special rules for a more effective course of treatment.

  • The form of clothing should be free, do not constrain movement. Best fit gymnastic swimsuits.
  • The surface for performing exercises should be firm.
  • Freedom of breath. Hold your breath is prohibited, breathe exactly in time with exercise.
  • Strain for all muscles of the body. Regardless of exercise, strain all muscle groups.
  • Lack of haste. Imagine the area of ​​the spine for which you are doing the exercise. Try to see how the muscles work, how the discs get in their place and the pain goes away.
  • Gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov requires systematic training and patience. It is impossible to withstand the heavy load the first time. Start small and you will see the result. Every day, learn a new exercise. Starting from 5 and gradually moving to 19. Watch for correct movements. At the first approach, the number of repetitions to 5, then increase to 25-30 times.
  • The first week can be accompanied by discomfort and pain. But there is no cause for concern. You have broken the habitual way of life and the body is gradually restructuring to activity. If there are salts in the muscles or kidneys, the pain can be acute and prolonged. Observe your body and if unpleasant sensations increase - contact a specialist.
  • You have the right to choose the most convenient time of day for the complex. But the best time is in the morning and in the evening. The duration of training is from 25 to 40 minutes.

Do not expect instant miraculous healing from all the ailments of your back. Diseases progressed over the years and can not leave your body in a couple of days.

Usually, relief is noticeable 3-5 days after regular training. Skipping classes is not terrible.

But if you allow a multiple absence, you simply will not get the desired result.

A set of exercises can be found in the illustrations with a detailed description. Gymnastics Popova for the spine of the video format will facilitate the process of implementation and will help to keep the rhythm correctly at first.

Dr. Popov gymnastics for youth

According to the scientist, age can not affect the general condition of the body. The aging process is caused by the number of diseases and shocks, which reduce the protective and compensatory forces. Biological death occurs when the number of forces is zero.

The spine performs one of the most important functions of human life. It contains all the nerve fibers that bind the organs and the brain.

In addition, supporting, motor, carrying and protective work lies on your back.


Therefore, the aging of the body is directly proportional to the incorrect operation of the spine.


Gymnastics returning the youth of Dr. Popov is a unique method of treating all diseases and fighting old age. As a preventive measure, you can do the following exercises in the morning and in the evening:

  • The position is lying on the stomach. We stretch our arms forward, maximally straining all the muscles. We take the right hand for the thumb of the left. We begin the slow rolls to the sides. The whole body is tense and forms a stretched string. Breath even, calm.
  • Repeat the previous exercise, but from the position of lying on the back.
  • Staying in this position, maximally stretching the body, turn the head to the side.

These exercises have a rejuvenating effect, prevent and treat cervical osteochondrosis. Alternative gymnastics Popov video tutorial will be useful for those who want to quickly learn the technique and save a lot of time.

In addition to exercise and reasonable nutrition, a healthy sleep is the basis of the youth of the body. The use of sleep on a hard surface has been known for a long time. The scientist recommends using a hard plywood and a small pillow for rest at night. The inconvenience of such a bed in 4-5 days will already be invisible.

It is not recommended to sleep together. A double bed carries other goals and can not ensure the health of your back. Also in the prohibition reading is lying. A strong inclination of the head leads to a cervical lordosis - the source of many diseases.

Movement without pain: a unique complex for the treatment of arthrosis

Osteoarthritis is a disease of cartilaginous tissues covering the knee joint. The causes are genetic predisposition, excess weight and excessive physical activity.

In his book Popov "gymnastics for the spine" included exercises for warming up the lumbar and sacral department.

That allows not only to improve the mobility of the vertebrae, but also to stimulate blood filling in the legs.

  • From the position of lying on the back, stretching into a string (arms extended forward) and lifting the pelvis. Straining to the limit all muscles turn the pelvis to the left and fix, then sharply to the right and stay for 3-4 seconds. Do not forget to breathe during coups.
  • Lying on the back with arms outstretched forward, it is necessary to raise the straight legs together as much as possible reaching to the head. Exercise should be done slowly and observe proper breathing.

Complex "Popov gymnastics arthrosis of the knee joint" will help restore blood circulation and restore elasticity to tissues. With a special diet and the right schedule for the day, you can achieve full recovery.

Gymnastics Popova video lessons are a great way to start the day with vivacity and finish with the complete relaxation of the body.

Gymnastics for the spine of Dr. Popov

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Gymnastics of Dr. Popov for the spine: instruction + video

The spine gives a lot of trouble to a person. Diseases in his area are fraught with bouts of sharp pain, limited mobility. Especially dangerous is the intervertebral hernia.

In a neglected state, it can lead to tragic consequences. As a rule, many see the healing in the operation.

Traumatologist Peter Popov has proved in practice that a person even with neglected diseases of the spine can be cured with the help of special gymnastics.

In addition, Dr. Peter Popov is considered a famous specialist in acupuncture, as well as in manual therapy. His advice on treating many diseases is of great value.

The main principles of the effectiveness of his methods are the doctor's internal state of the patient and his discipline. He is convinced that a person who does not have anger in his soul is not prone to disease, and if problems arise, it is easy to treat.

To forgive abusers, not to conceal anger is difficult. To say to myself that the offender is forgiven does not mean anything. You need to save the soul from anger.

To do this, you must learn to subordinate yourself to the will, try to understand the offender and forgive.


Many people, hearing about the miracle method of the doctor, say that he can almost instantly cure a person even after a serious spinal injury. Popov does not think so.


Yes, pain in the spine can be removed in one session. But for a full rehabilitation, weeks of painstaking work are needed. And for this, the patient needs patience and follow all the doctor's recommendations with accuracy.

Not a disease, but protection

Peter Popov does not consider illnesses related to the spine. To such he relates not only osteochondrosis, but also the intervertebral hernia.

He proves that in this way the body protects the spine from deformities that destroy the spinal column, in particular, from myelopathy. To block the displacement of vertebral discs, the brain sends a signal to the muscles of the pain.

There is a muscle spasm that blocks the affected segment of the spinal column and gives more active mobility to the vertebrae, which are located next to the problem segment.

Normal gymnastic exercises in this case can only do much harm.

Gymnastics Dr. Popov for the spine is based on the property of a wire, which can be given the correct shape, before straightening it. Otherwise, the wire may break.

So with the spine. In the beginning it needs to be pulled out. Then he himself begins to acquire a natural form.

In the case of Piotr Aleksandrovich Popov, a particularly respectful attitude to the spine of a person.

He calls it a super-powerful and sensitive musical instrument, whose structure and mode repeat the location of the vertebrae. In the sound of the word "spine" he hears the word "ringing".


The doctor believes that this body with its pains gives a signal, a warning and stands up for the protection of the affected segment.


Peter Popov warns against a negative attitude towards the site of the body that hurts. He claims that this place is the healthiest, you need to love it. And gymnastics, which the doctor offers, will help to adjust the same spine and relieve the pain.

In the work of small muscles

In the stretching of the spine and in the acquisition of its original form, small back muscles, more precisely, ligaments, take part.

This initially went against the established conclusion, when in medical gymnastics, connected with the problems of the spine, doctors worked on the large muscles. This gymnastics causes a painful effect, does not help stretching the spinal column.

This role is played by small muscles. Realizing this, Dr. Peter Popov began to apply manipulations with a small amplitude, reminiscent of the swing of the pendulum clock.

But in the beginning gymnastics is necessary. Popov's method is to teach a person to walk, stand, sit correctly. It's simple.

It is necessary to stand so as to feel the gap between the shoulder blades. Similarly, it should also sit. The head should be kept straight, not lifting it up and not lowering down.

Gymnastics is the manipulation of hands, head, legs.

Here are some exercises that perform sitting on the edge of the chair:

  • Slightly tilt the head toward one shoulder, then the other;
  • Smooth turning of the head into one, then the other way;
  • Putting the palm of the left hand on the knee of the right leg, the right hand makes a movement down along the right foot, removing at this moment the left hand to the shoulder.

Popov offers many other exercises on adjusting the spine. Each movement lasts 5 seconds. Movement smooth, painless, should give a person pleasure.

It is important to monitor breathing and constantly feel the place between the shoulder blades, where the main part of the vertebrae is located.

In order to learn how to stand properly, sit, the doctor advises to stand or sit sideways to a large mirror, so that the person reflected in it in full growth.

A glance at the mirror reveals defects in posture.


Either a person is represented in the form of a question mark, dropping his head far ahead, fixing his gaze on the ground, or as a caricature of a fairy tale with a bulging belly and a concave lowered lumbar.


After fulfilling the doctor's recommendations, that is, sensing the space between the shoulder blades, lifting the head, straightening the waist, legs, another person will appear in the mirror.

Influencing the small muscles, leaving the big ones alone, the doctor stretches the spine. The peculiarity of each movement is that it is directed along the spine and in the sides.

In general, a kind of arc arises. Movements should be smooth, calm. At the same time, they should be constantly sipping and relaxing.

The time of each of them should be 10 seconds.

Remembering childhood

Gymnastics Dr. Popov for the spine does not accept vigorous effects on the patient's body. Manipulation should not provoke pain. On the contrary, movements are called to cause pleasant sensations.

They are akin to those that every person experienced as a child, stretching from sleep or in anticipation of something pleasant. If the gym does not improve the mood of the patient, it does not follow the doctor's method, and it should be stopped.

The merit of Popov is that he uses his manipulations to restore the muscle corset on his back, and with the help of therapeutic gymnastics makes people's lives active, joyful, full of pleasant festive mood even on weekdays days.

That is, it does just what is necessary to improve the condition of the spinal column and the muscles located next to it.

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