How to quickly cure a runny nose folk remedies at home

Runny nose causes a lot of problems, if not cured in time.

Various reasons can provoke its occurrence, therefore and methods of treatment choose different.

Runny nose interferes fully in the society, and most importantly does not allow you to fall asleep, which affects the performance of a person, so you can not hesitate and it's time to begin to be treated.

content of the article:
  • Rinsing with salt
  • oil arborvitae
    • Useful properties
  • Juice Kalanchoe
    • healing power
  • Onions
  • Ginger with lemon and honey
  • Breathing exercises
  • Other folk remedies
  • Refinement and recommendations

Rinsing with salt

method came to us from ancient India.

There for the first time have found out medical properties of sea water at treatment of a rhinitis.

For this, water is drawn into one nostril and, passing through the nasal cavity, is released into the other.

Sea water contains a large amount of minerals necessary for the health of the vessels of the nasopharynx, and iodine helps to disinfect the mucous membrane by destroying pathogens.

The solution is prepared from sea salt, which is sold in any pharmacy.

The water temperature of the solution is 40 degrees Celsius, so as not to burn the nasal cavity.

Too high concentration of solution is harmful. Undiluted residues are removed in order not to damage the tender mucous membrane of the nose.

During the procedure, the liquid flows into the nostril without interference, that is, it can not be pulled by force.

Repeat the procedure until the symptoms disappear.

Tui Oil

Tuya is an evergreen plant originally from East Asia.

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Of those places came the method of treating a stuffy nose with a tree oil.

It contains essential oils and coniferous gums, which have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

Useful properties

  • antiseptic effect, due to which, the destruction of foci of inflammation caused by infections occurs;
  • large penetration range due to the volatility of essential oil;
  • the regenerative capacity of the mucosa increases;
  • aromatic oils of thuja remove edemas which cause the effect of a stuffy nose.

Thuya oil is used to prevent and treat sinusitis( about treatment in children with folk remedies written here), sinusitis( signs), polyps in the nose( treatment without surgery), adenoids and other diseases of the respiratory tract and nasal cavity.

Low toxicity of oil allows a long time without harm to health to treat even the most severe forms of diseases in children.

For treatment, tuya oil is digested into each nostril in amounts of 2 to 8 drops, three times a day, depending on the severity of the ailment.

The treatment itself can last 5-6 weeks. For a greater effect, it is recommended to wash with sea salt.

Kalanchoe juice

The use of Kalanchoe juice has an ambiguous reaction among patients, as some suffer from its side effects or do not react at all.

However, it helps someone, so it is necessary to consider the Kalanchoe juice.

Healing power

  • Juice is a natural antiseptic, so disease-causing bacteria are destroyed when used.
    This leads to a decrease in edema( how to help the leaves of cranberries read in this article) and to facilitate breathing.
    However, juice can not be used at high temperature in a patient when the immune system alone is struggling with infections.
  • Juice has the ability to accelerate the healing and wound and microtraumas of the mucous membrane in some people, and in another case, on the contrary, corrode delicate tissues provoking the appearance of new lesions.
    This is an individual reaction of the body and it is impossible to predict it yet.
  • Kalanchoe irritates the mucous membrane causing coughing and sneezing, which helps to get rid of mucus and snot and to facilitate breathing.
    Effectively with a copious rhinitis with discharge.

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  • substances contained in the Kalanchoe juice are able to fight only bacteria and are powerless against diseases caused by viruses;
  • treatment period does not exceed 5-7 days, due to juice activity and possible consequences of long use;
  • treatment of the common cold is effective with green or yellow thick discharge from the nose, and with colorless juice of this plant is powerless;
  • before application it is necessary to make an allergy test, applying a little juice over the upper lip( if no juice can be used).
  • at an elevated temperature can not be treated.

For the preparation of juice, any type of Kalanchoe is used.

The lower leaves of the plant are cut off, washed with clean water and crushed with a squeeze of garlic.

The resulting mass is diluted with warm water 50 to 50.

This product can be purchased at a pharmacy, but you should be aware that alcoholic infusions can not be used for instillation into the nose. Bury the juice 3-4 drops in each nostril 2-3 times a day.


Very good method given the availability of onions.

For preparation, the bulb is taken and cut into several pieces.

Then the juice is squeezed out with a scabbard and filtered through cheesecloth.

After that, it is diluted with warm boiled water 50 to 50.

For convenience, it is better to use a pipette dropping 3-5 drops into each nostril 2-3 times a day.

Very strong agent, therefore at strong burning and discomfort the solution can be diluted with water even more.

Especially, children are sensitive to it.

Ginger with lemon and honey

Another interesting tool that sometimes gives results thanks to several substances that help cure in the shortest possible time.

For preparation, take the root of ginger( benefits for men) and honey in a ratio of 2 to 1 respectively 300 g of ginger and 150 g of honey per lemon.

You do not need to peel the peel off the root.

Ginger is grinded in a coffee grinder, and lemon( a recipe for immunity with ginger and honey) in a meat grinder with peel and sunflower seeds.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed until homogeneous and placed in the refrigerator for several days.

There it is stored, but not more than a month.

A medication is taken in the morning and in the evening for one teaspoonful.

Dissolve the agent in tea or coffee( use without caffeine), but already cooled, so as not to destroy useful substances.

With severe diseases, the number of receptions increases to 3-4 times a day.

In addition to treatment of respiratory diseases, this remedy also improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract, it is useful for affecting the work of the whole organism.

In addition, general immunity improves( for the benefit of eleutherococcus for women is written on this page) and the tool will suit healthy people to maintain their tone and prevent future diseases.

Breathing Exercises

First knock on the bridge of the nose 5-6 times with your finger, and then do a massage around the nose.

When breathing is easier, it's time to start.

  1. Deep breath in and out with both nostrils.
    Every effort is made, even if it is difficult.
    With each new breath, breathing will improve.
  2. One nostril is closed, and the other is inhaled.
    Repeat for each nostril 3-4 times.
    You do not need to hurry.
    Manipulation is done slowly to achieve the desired effect.
  3. The same as in the previous exercise, only the breaths are done sharply and strongly.
    If mucus and snot are secreted, they get rid of them and continue the procedure.
    Do 3-4 times for each nostril.
  4. Next, a circular massage around the nasal septum is performed with small tapping, then on one side of the nose, then on the other.
    The pressure on the sinuses of the nose should be strengthened every time making a massage.
    Continue the entire procedure, how many will stand individually three times a day.
    In the end - lubricate the area around the nose with face cream or petroleum jelly.
    Use nasal drops before and after treatment is prohibited, otherwise, there will be no effect.

Other folk remedies

There are many methods of treating a runny nose and stuffy nose and everything is not counted.

Additionally, you can highlight a few more of them.

Probably, someone will find a suitable method of treatment:

  • moisten gauze with kerosene and attach to the heels;
  • make mustard plasters on the heels and put on woolen socks;
  • breathe over hot boiled potatoes while covered with a towel;
  • apply iodine on gauze and attach to the feet, on the forehead and nose at night;
  • bury aloe juice( how to treat nasal congestion at home) in the nose with a light cold;
  • before going to bed, drink 100 g of pepper tincture( adults only);
  • use eucalyptus oil as an inhaler;
  • and others.

Clarification and recommendations

Causes of runny nose and stuffy nose are different.

If the nasal septum is damaged, then all the above methods are useless.

The resulting defect prevents normal breathing and causes edema and fluid stagnation.

In this case, only a doctor will help. We have to do an operation to eliminate the curvature, after which the long-awaited relief will come.

If folk remedies do not help, then be sure to contact the clinic and make an appointment with an otolaryngologist.

After the examinations, he will evaluate the patient's condition and prescribe the treatment.

Keep in mind that both professional and professional doctors use traditional medicine methods in combination with pharmaceutical drugs.

How to treat nasal congestion in the home you will learn by watching a video.