Why the feet are lower than the knees in women and men, the treatment of the skin on the legs

If sometimes the skin on the legs starts to be scratched wildly in the area below the knees - shin, calf, foot, toes or ankle - this is not always perceived by a person as sharply as, for example, pain. To doctors, people do not immediately run, try to treat themselves at home until they do not scratch their skin until blood.

Itching of the skin is an unpleasant thing, it is associated with irritation of nerve receptors, among other things - it can be a symptom of some local or general diseases. Itching occurs both in women and in men. Whether it is dangerous, whether treatment at home is acceptable, let's understand.


Why are the legs lower than the knees? Possible causes

The reasons for which the legs can be itched below the knees are diverse. It can be like physiological reactions to tight socks, unsuitable material from which clothes are made, rubbing of the skin, and pathological causes, talking about the development of any disease.

Among the etiological factors that do not pose a health hazard are:

  1. recently performed hair removal;
  2. non-observance of hygiene rules;
  3. supercooling;
  4. application of ointments and creams for the legs, provoking itching;
  5. irritation of the skin with a fleecy cloth;
  6. Tan;
  7. dry skin due to old age.

Among the pathological causes are:

  1. Allergic reactions.
  2. Phlebeurysm.
  3. Fungal skin damage.
  4. Dermatological diseases.
  5. Diabetic complications.
  6. Infections.
  7. Insect bites.
  8. Chemical irritation of the skin.

If you notice that other parts of the body are also itchy, this indicates that the itching is generalized. In this case, there are many more reasons, and they are very diverse. For example, it can be jaundice, diabetes mellitus, medication, kidney failure, systemic connective tissue damage.

The cause of generalized itching should be checked with a doctor, since it is very difficult to identify or even suspect at home.

Feel the legs below the knees in women

Another common cause of itching of the legs below the knees is varicose veins. More often this disease is observed in women. Often it manifests in the course of pregnancy or after childbirth.

Itching may occur at different times:

  1. before appearance of visually observed enlarged veins;
  2. immediately after vasodilation;
  3. a few years after the onset of varicose veins, at the stage of trophic complications.

In the most unfavorable case, the itching below the knees with varicose is indicative of trophic disorders. The skin of the lower legs swells and is poorly supplied with blood. Initially, this leads to hair loss, then - to thicken the skin, and then - to the occurrence of trophic ulcers.

To determine varicose veins as the cause of pruritus, at the initial stage of the disease, when the enlarged veins are not yet, pay attention to the accompanying symptoms:

  1. rapid fatigue of the feet;
  2. swelling of the legs at the end of the day, independently passing by the morning;
  3. the presence of vascular asterisks on any leg segments (not necessarily lower than the knees);
  4. pain in the legs;
  5. night spasms of calf muscles.

In case of signs of varicose veins, it is necessary to observe and be treated by a phlebologist - to take medications, to wear compression jersey, and, if necessary, to have surgery.

Cheshut legs below the knees during pregnancy

In pregnancy, itching below the knees may be a sign of beginning varicose veins. At the same time, the symptom does not necessarily indicate the development of any disease. In pregnancy, pruritus can have physiological causes, and be conditioned:

  1. changes in the hormonal background;
  2. stretching the skin on the background of puffiness and weight gain;
  3. increased sweating.

In any case, in order to prevent varicose veins, it is better to wear a compression knitwear during the period of pregnancy. Especially if the cases of this disease have occurred in your family, or you are already observing the first signs of a pathological process.

Cheshut legs below the knees in men

Look carefully at your feet. Especially if you are a man with abundant vegetation on the lower limbs. In the hair can hide carpet fleas. They are very common in high-rise buildings, as they easily migrate from an apartment to an apartment.

These fleas jump on your feet and suck blood. Then on these places inflammatory foci are formed, which itch and blush. Combing them, you can bring an infection.

To detect fleas, you need:

  1. carefully examine the legs;
  2. Put your bare feet in the basin with water - the fleas will loosen and float to the surface;
  3. like a day or two with trousers tucked into your socks, so that the fleas had nowhere to hang on, and to see if the itching passes.

If you find that this is the main reason, all you need to do is to etch the parasites with dichlorvos. Close the windows and doors, splash all the carpets and cracks in the house with insecticide, and go for a walk. In 2-3 hours from fleas there will be no trace. But their eggs can remain, therefore, after 2-3 weeks it is desirable to re-treat in order to destroy the progeny of parasites. Do not forget to ventilate the apartment!

Feeling of legs below the knees in winter

In the cold season, the legs may be itchy for various reasons. Among them:

  1. allergy to the material from which your winter clothes are made;
  2. cold dermatitis;
  3. allergy to cold (occurs without an allergen, against a background of histamine release due to hypothermia);
  4. exacerbation of chronic dermatological diseases.

To determine if the skin reaction is the response to hypothermia, test. Attach an ice cube to a limited area of ​​skin on one leg. See if morphological elements, redness of the skin or itching appear in these areas.

Treatment of itching on the legs

What ointment can I use?

If your legs are very badly scratched below the knees, and you comb them to such an extent that the skin develops wounds, you should always consult a doctor. A visit to the doctor is also necessary if there are other alarming symptoms (enlarged vessels, itching of the skin in other places, pain syndrome, severe reddening and the appearance of a rash).

Depending on the reason why the feet are lowered than the knees, you can use ointments to eliminate this symptom:

  1. troxevasin- if itching is provoked by chronic venous insufficiency;
  2. antihistamine ointments (Fenistil gel) - with allergies, insect bites, mechanical irritation (hairy clothes, hair removal) or the appearance of an itch of unexplained etiology;
  3. ointments withhydrocortisone- in case of dermatological diseases (it is undesirable to apply if they were not previously prescribed by a doctor);
  4. clotrimazole- if there are signs of fungal damage (redness and flaky skin, unpleasant odor);
  5. ointments withantibiotics(gentamicin, tetracycline, erythromycin) - if the disease is caused by a bacterial flora (used under the supervision of a doctor).

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If you are sure that the itching is not provoked by the disease, you can be treated yourself, at home. In most cases, any antihistamine ointment will work for the removal of symptoms. If you are worried, it is better to see a doctor to find out the reason for the itching, because it can indicate a dangerous disease.

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