Cough in the morning

Strong cough with phlegm in the morning

Often there is a cough in the morning with phlegm. This is a fairly common phenomenon. It is a kind of reflex act that occurs when the respiratory muscles contract and jerk out with sudden shocks. There is a cough during the stimulation of sensitive receptors in the respiratory system. Even the body itself clears the respiratory tract from accumulated mucus and fluid, harmful microorganisms and foreign bodies with the help of cough.

The problem of cough with phlegm

What are the causes of morning cough with phlegm?

The first thing to remember is that morning cough is not a disease. Coughing, especially in the morning, is a sure sign of an inflammatory process that occurs in the airways. This inflammation leads to the appearance of so-called sputum, which is deposited on the trachea and bronchi.

And what is this so-called sputum? This kind of mucus, containing a large number of products of interaction of the body with various pests, for example, with viruses or bacteria. Sometimes in the sputum there may be blood. Basically this is not a consequence of serious problems.

But why is there such a cough in the morning? What are the reasons? There can be many. The main reason is smoking. When a person smokes, a lot of mucus is formed in his respiratory tract, which in the process turns into phlegm. Also, smoking contributes to the paralysis of the finest hairs in the airways. Because of this, sputum is excreted only with the help of a morning cough. Other reasons:

Inflammation of the lungs - the cause of cough with phlegm
  1. Pneumonia. There is a dry cough that turns into a cough with sputum secretions. Sputum color may vary. It depends on the bacteria that are in it.
  2. Cold. At usual cold there is an expectoration of a sputum. It is worth noting that it often contains pus and mucus.
  3. Asthma. At the initial stages of the disease appears dry cough, at times - hoarseness in the voice. Then intensifies in the voice of hoarseness, and the dry cough turns into a cough with phlegm.
  4. Bronchitis is chronic. When bronchitis is blocked by the respiratory tract, forming a phlegm. Sometimes it can contain pus.
  5. Lungs' cancer. At the beginning of the disease, there is a cough with blood veins and a lot of sputum. This cough slowly turns into a chronic form.
  6. Tuberculosis. This disease is accompanied by a cough with a small amount of purulent or bloody sputum.

Of course, this is not all the reasons for which there may be a cough in the morning. And it is better not to engage in self-medication. It will be safer to turn to a specialist. Causes should be established by the doctor, using for this purpose a survey and comparison of the obtained data. When all data is collected and studied, it is possible to make a scheme of treatment and select the necessary medications.

Many people have a question: does it happen that the doctor can not establish the cause of the cough with phlegm? This happens, but it is very rare. Basically, these are mistakes and failures in the determination of dry cough. When coughing with sputum, any methods of examination and diagnosis without problems highlight the real cause of the disease. Although there are cases that the attending physician can not diagnose.

Causes in the morning

Address to the doctorMorning cough with discharge is mainly a consequence of bronchitis or sinusitis, but do not forget about bronchiectasis or cystic fibrosis (hereditary disease).

The specialist even before receiving all the test results is able to determine the cause of this cough. But he must appoint a mandatory examination, which will confirm or refute the arguments.

A man himself can roughly determine his illness. At a bronchitis and a genyantritis it is allocated a lot of a sputum, and a clearing up occurs very easily. Bronchitis and sinusitis are not accompanied by high fever. If it is a bronchoectatic disease, then the cough is more painful and long, it does not always clear up to the end.

Treatment for cough with phlegm

When treating cough with phlegm, it is necessary to take drugs with expectorant action.These are medications such as bromhexine, ambrromgsal, lazolvan and others. In addition, you can use the herbal infusions, which contribute to expectoration. They make broths of St. John's wort or Labrador tea, and also often use breastfeeding.

Do not forget about the warming compresses. It is very popular in folk medicine mustard plasters or cans, and also grating black radish. You can also use its juice, mixing it with honey or sugar. Doctors advise to do inhalations with the addition of ventolin or ambroben, which must be carried out at least 5 times a day.

Benefits of inhalations for coughingTreatment should be appointed by a doctor. Self-treatment can not be. Sometimes it happens that the doctor is diagnosed, the patient is prescribed treatment, and cough with phlegm does not go away. What to do in this case?

The first step is to repeatedly contact a doctor. He must write new recipes. This is the most reasonable thing a patient can do. But in most cases, people prefer more traditional medicine, stubbornly ignoring traditional methods of treatment.

Indeed, most of the recipes of traditional medicine are very effective. Although not all of these recipes are universal. Some infusions can help the patient, others will not give effect, and others will harm the person. For example, allergic people are forbidden folk drugs, which contain a root of licorice and althaea. And even with herbs you need to be very careful.

Partly advise to breathe over potatoes and put compresses on the chest of the same potato with additions of sunflower oil or honey, vodka or beer (it must be hot), propolis. The patient can choose what suits him and can not hurt him. But do not forget that in severe cases, traditional medicine will not give the proper result. The main thing in the search for the right means is not to contact friends for help. What helped one does not have to help the other.

Treatment of cough with sputum during pregnancy

To treat expectant mothers is very difficult and difficult, but extremely important and necessary. We must ensure that they are very careful about health at the initial stages of pregnancy. But even this often does not save them from a coughing cough. The question arises: what to do if there was a cough?


Cough for pregnant women is very dangerous. He is able to provoke a miscarriage if the woman has an increased tone of the uterus. In addition, the inflammatory process is the cause of polyhydramnios. To avoid this, you need a special therapist who follows the treatment of pregnant women. It can be found in any women's consultation.

Cough in the baby

Bronchitis children are sick very often. Such a cough in a child rarely causes serious complications. But just in case, you need to check the child and exclude all diseases of a hereditary nature. For this purpose it is necessary to address to the children's pulmonologist, that that has understood in the reasons of illness.

If necessary, the pulmonologist will connect other specialists to the survey.

You need to trust doctors and not engage in self-medication. If treatment is carried out at home, then it is necessary to act strictly according to the doctor's instructions. If the doctor ordered to put the child in the hospital, then do not give up on it.


When treating a child, you can turn to traditional medicine, but only with the permission of a doctor. You can breathe over the pot with fresh potatoes, so that the steam penetrates into the bronchi. For the night, it is necessary to put on the child tights, and on top - socks, pour in them mustard powder.

In addition, if the cause of cough with phlegm is tracheitis, then such heating will be very useful. Follow the recommendations of your doctor and be healthy!

Cough in the morning in an adult - reasons

cough in the morning for an adult reason

Morning cough, as a rule, is not dangerous. It is due to the fact that the mucosa of the respiratory tract is slightly irritated after sleep. But, if an adult constantly has a strong cough in the morning, it is necessary to reveal the reasons, since without proper treatment he will intensify and get a chronic form.

Causes of wet cough

In a non-smoker, a cough with sputum is most often a symptom of a common cold or bronchitis. In this case, it is accompanied by hoarseness and an increase in body temperature. If you do not start treatment, then the wheezing will become stronger and thick mucus will start to emerge.

The causes of an adult cough in the morning and in the evening can also be:

  • chronic sinusitis;
  • allergy;
  • angina;
  • chronic obstructive disease.

If it is accompanied by the release of mucus with blood veins, it is possible that a person has pneumonia or tuberculosis. The cause of a strong cough in the morning with a sputum of a rich burgundy color may be pulmonary embolism.

Causes of dry cough

The main causes of an adult dry cough in the morning are:

  1. Asthma- seizures can torment the patient even when he uses strong inhalers, since in the majority they give a temporary effect.
  2. Dehydration- that morning cough does not appear, it is necessary not only to drink more, liters of water, but also to install a humidifier in the bedroom.
  3. Nasal congestion- the patient begins to cough only when discharge from the nose flows into the posterior walls of the larynx, so you need to cleanse your nose regularly.

Cough is the main symptom of reflux disease. With this disease, a sudden injection of acid contents of the stomach into the mouth occurs. Therefore, as soon as it begins, there immediately appears a strong morning cough.

cough in the morning causes

Cough right after sleep can a person taking ACE inhibitors. This is one of the side effects of such drugs. If you suffer from a daily dry cough in the morning, its causes may be obstructive pulmonary disease. This is due to the fact that with it there is an increase in the glands of the mucosa, as a result of which the respiratory tract severely narrows. This symptom is also observed in heart failure.

Common causes of dry cough in the morning are laryngitis and Sjogren's syndrome. In such diseases, the patient also develops hoarseness, loss of voice and strong dryness in the mouth.

Cough with phlegm in the morning

Causes of coughing with phlegm in the morningCough in the morning with phlegm can occur due to the common cold, chronic smoker's bronchitis, exacerbation of allergic diseases and in a number of other cases. If such a cough constantly torments you in the morning hours, or appears with a certain periodicity, do not be engaged self-treatment, or let the matter go by its own accord, only the doctor will be able to pinpoint the cause of the disease and treatment.


Coughing is a reflex contraction of the musculature of the chest, through which the body gets rid of accumulated mucus, bacteria, various pollutants, such as dust, and cleanses Airways. Sputum most often occurs due to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea or bronchi and accumulates in the lungs, interfering with normal breathing. Treatment begins by determining the cause of this symptom, and to facilitate the patient's condition and speed up recovery, are given expectorant and mucolytic drugs that facilitate the withdrawal of sputum from bronchi.

Cough with phlegm can be caused by a cold disease, bacterial or viral infection, ingestion of a foreign body in the respiratory tract, development of an allergic reactions of the body, smoking or occupational hazards, a strong emotional shock and some diseases of other organs, for example, cardiovascular system.

Most Common Causes

  1. Cough smokers - people who breathe in the lungs smoke, the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract is constantly irritated, it is easy Infects with any viral infection or hypothermia, and develops the smoker's bronchitis, which is very hard to give treatment. And in a few years he can go to a chronic stage and even giving up a bad habit will not help cope with the disease.
  2. Chronic bronchitis - if you do not heal or go "on your feet" cold or ARVI, bronchitis can easily occur, and after any hypothermia or infection will provoke its aggravation and the disease will pass into its chronic stage.
  3. Laryngitis is a painful, very frequent and exhausting cough that occurs with laryngitis. Sputum in this case is small, it hardly leaves, very dense and transparent. Coughing attacks are strong, frequent, tired of the patient, characteristic of the change in voice - hoarseness and coarsening and coarse "barking" cough of the patient.
  4. Bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases - in this case, cough is sharp, phlegm is separated little, it is transparent, dense "vitreous," an attack occurs in the morning hours or after physical exertion, nervous tension or any strong emotions. Such attacks are accompanied by shortness of breath, possibly choking, the patient can not exhale the air, his face turns red or pale, and the usual cough suppressants do not help.
  5. Pneumonia - with lung inflammation cough is frequent, strong, sputum is separated in large amounts, it is white-yellow or greenish in color, with an unpleasant odor, impurities of pus. With pneumonia, the patient feels bad, the body temperature reaches 39-40 degrees, chest pain, fever, headache and weakness are noted.
  6. Cardiovascular diseases - a constant cough with scant sputum without other signs of lung disease with cardiovascular diseases in the decompensation stage, in this case it is necessary to urgently consult doctor.
  7. Other diseases are frequent, severe painful cough, accompanied by pains in the chest and general deterioration of the condition, without an increase in body temperature and other signs of intoxication may be a symptom of pulmonary tuberculosis or cancer diseases. Sputum secretes a lot, possibly expectoration with a "full mouth", it can contain veins of blood and other impurities.

The reasons for which there is a cough in the morning is quite a lot and you should not self-medicate, relying only on 1-2 signs, only an experienced specialist, after a thorough examination, will be able to accurately determine the cause of the ailment and prescribe the correct treatment.

If you are worried about coughing in the morning

Causes of cough development can include colds, bacterial and viral infections of respiratory ways, and getting foreign body, trauma, allergens, strong emotions, smoking and decompensation of the heart activities.

Most often, a cough in the morning worries smokers. In chronic bronchitis, you must stop smoking, take expectorants and antibiotics to eliminate cough. Do not allow the formation of secondary tuberculosis. A positive effect is the use of figs with warm milk or a banana in the morning for breakfast.

With prolonged smoking experience, chronic bronchitis develops, in the treatment of which and even with complete abandonment of the bad habit for several years, a morning cough may be disturbing. In this case, the doctor appoints Mukaltin, bronmgexin, broncholitin, ATSTS, they all perfectly dilute sputum, cleanse the lungs and improve health. But taking them for more than a week is not worth it because of the toxicity of the drugs.

Tired patient, dry cough in the morning appears with laryngotracheitis. Sputum is separated with great difficulty, therefore during treatment it is necessary, first of all, to adjust the outflow of phlegm in order to alleviate the state of health and soften the cough. The cabbage juice with the addition of honey facilitates coughing and reduces the hoarseness of the voice.

With sore throat, dry nausea cough, which prevents sleep, you can first resort to its suppression with drugs such as libexin, glaucin or tusuprex. And later with ARVI, expectorants can be used morning and afternoon. At night, it is better to avoid taking such medications so as not to provoke a cough at night. Before going to bed it is better to put mustard, make rubbing, drink hot tea with linden.

It is very useful to use herbs in the treatment of dry cough to get not only the effect of expectoration, but also to remove inflammation in the throat. To do this, it is good to use thyme grass, althea root, anise fruits, which act rather gently, do not have a side effect, so they are shown even to small children.

A sharp dry cough in the morning causes shortness of breath and suffocation in patients with bronchial asthma. It is very difficult for them to breathe, sputum is difficult to leave, therefore, first of all, one must strive to dilute sputum and promote its evacuation from the bronchi. Such patients are useful to use a salad of carrots with honey, grated lemon or apple cider vinegar with honey for the prevention of seizures, drink carrot juice.

In case of pneumonia, dry cough may also be disturbing. Treatment of the underlying disease quickly leads to recovery. In severe heart disease, a dry, stagnant cough in the mornings worries, which does not bring relief even after sputum discharge.

Razirayuschy and painful cough in the morning is observed in patients with lung cancer. A small relief is provided by a 1 tbsp. l warm milk with boiled onions every three hours. To do this, two finely chopped bulbs must be boiled in a glass of milk, insist four hours and strain.

All the patients are helpful in nutrition include mashed potatoes with hot milk, oatmeal porridge with butter, a salad of black radish with sour cream or vegetable oil. This helps to remove bronchospasm. Grape juice with honey removes inflammation in the bronchi and calms cough in the morning. But acute and sweet food should be avoided.

When treating a cough, it is important to take a lot of fluids, drink juices, fruit drinks, tea, cocoa, to increase the viscosity of phlegm. Carry out inhalations, often change the position of the body to prevent the phlegm from stagnating. Gorchichniki and foot baths as a distraction therapy greatly facilitate the patient's condition. Humidification of the air in the room, ventilation and chest massage give an influx of fresh air and help recovery.

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