Barking cough in a child how to treat

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Barking cough in a child - treatment and reasons

Barking cough in a child can be caused by colds, infectious diseases, viruses, or allergic reactions. Diseases in which dry barking cough develops in children:

  • Laryngitis, pharyngitis - inflammation of the mucous larynx, pharynx.
  • Acute stenosing laryngotracheitis (LSLT) is also a false cereal - a disease in which an infection or a virus provokes the development of laryngeal edema, vocal cords in children
  • Influenza, orgi, parainfluenza, adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial infections in children prone to allergies.
  • The true croup (diphtheria)
  • Whooping cough

Thanks to vaccination - and diphtheria, and whooping cough is now a rare disease. Therefore, consider other causes of barking cough in a child, whose treatment should be immediate, since with such a cough the child suffocates. Barking cough is also in children from 4 months old, and in older children, most often they suffer children under five.

In the emergence of OSLT, adenoviruses, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial viruses usually play a leading role. A few days after the onset of these diseases, the virus causes inflammation, severe swelling and an increase in the mucous discharge in the area of ​​the vocal cords and trachea. Less often, it is the first manifestation of the virus or cold that the swelling of the larynx and barking cough can serve.

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In children under 5, the larynx is much narrower than in older children, so viruses can contribute to a significant swelling in the mucous membrane of the larynx. At the same time, the laryngeal lumen almost completely overlaps, the air does not enter the lungs and the child can suffocate.

If your child has the following symptoms that present a health hazard:

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  • Dry, painful cough, barking character
  • Temperature increase
  • Periodic loss of voice, hoarseness
  • Sometimes a rough cough, soundless
  • Sighing breath on inspiration
  • Dyspnea
  • Pale complexion
  • Night cough with attacks of suffocation, from which the child wakes up,

it is necessary to immediately call a doctor or call an ambulance. Usually a false cereal passes by itself, however 5-8% of children will need hospitalization. Doing self-medication is very dangerous, especially if the child is prone to allergic manifestations. To launch such cough in no event it is impossible. The pediatrician should be informed about the temperature of the child when and how the disease began. The doctor should examine the child's throat, listen to the lungs and bronchi, send for a blood test, and possibly an X-ray of the lungs.

If the doctor recommends hospitalization, you should not refuse, after diagnosis in the hospital, the withdrawal of an acute period, the normalization of the state can now easily abandon the services of the hospital. If there is a barking cough in a child, treatment with medicinal herbs before an accurate diagnosis is made and results of tests are not recommended, as they can provoke an allergy and only worsen the condition child.

Treatment of barking cough in children

What should I do if the child has a strong barking cough? Here are some tips on how to act in such cases.

  • Calm yourself and calm the child

At excitement, the child begins to cough even more, as the muscles of the larynx are compressed during excitement, the child becomes harder to breathe. Take the baby in your arms, calm down, sing a song, tell a fairy tale, or give a bright toy, the older child can turn on the cartoon.

  • Steam inhalations

Steam inhalations very well help to remove the laryngeal edema. To make inhalation with laryngitis, bronchitis above the steam, take a pot of boiling water, (in the absence of allergy, add sage or chamomile) soda and sunflower oil. After boiling, remove from heat and sit the baby next to the pan. If the child is very small, then close the door to the kitchen and leave the pan boiling, and keep the baby next to the stove. Let the child breathe useful vapors. It is also effective in a pre-heated bathroom (having boiled water), periodically bring a small child for 10-15 minutes. From moist warm air, the cough softens and the baby will breathe easier.

  • Inhalations with mineral water

This is one of the main, important tools in fighting barking cough. If there is an inhaler, then very well help inhalation with mineral water. If a strong barking cough is caused by pharyngitis, and the child is not prone to allergies, you can also do inhalations with eucalyptus.

  • Antihistamines

It is necessary to give the child an antihistamine drug, allergy tablets, a wide variety of them: Suprastin (chloropyramine), Clemastin (tavegil), Claritin (loratidine), Zirtek, Tsetrin (cetirizine), Kestin (ebastin) - in dosage for children according to instructions. If the child is under 3 years old, it is better to give the medicine in the form of a syrup or crush the tablet and give in a tablespoon together with water.

  • Free the child from the shy clothes

Clothes should not constrain the baby's chest, unbutton all the buttons on the collar of the shirt.

  • Copious warm drink

It is necessary to give a drink to your child with any warm drinks. It is better to give natural freshly diluted juices than milk. The aching baby always loses a lot of fluid, so it's important to give it a drink in time. Frequent copious drink dilutes sputum and does not allow dehydration (signs).

  • The air in the room must be wet

It is important what air is in the room where the child is. It must be fresh, moist and warm. Ideally, if there is a humidifier in the house, this greatly simplifies the creation of tropical air, so necessary for the baby now. If it is not, you can use wet diapers, fabrics on batteries, and arrange in all rooms a container with water.

  • Antipyretic

If the fever has risen - give the child a febrifuge in a dose appropriate to age.

  • Heating procedures

If there is no high body temperature, it is possible to warm the calves of the legs with mustard plasters or warming creams, a warm bath - this will increase the flow of blood to the legs and distract from the larynx, hence will not give edema intensify. It is necessary to warn parents against the use of warming ointments on the chest and back of the child. Such ointments contain essential oils (for example, Dr Mom), which many children under the age of 3 may have an allergic reaction and develop bronchospasm, bronchial obstruction.

  • If the child suffocates do not use aerosols from bronchial asthma alone

When it is difficult for a child to breathe and the child does not suffer from bronchial asthma, do not use cans of asthma alone. Of course, signs of false cereal decrease, but asthma medications in aerosols contain potent substances, hormonal drugs, prescribe and dose which only a doctor can. If the child has a very noisy breath, the jugular fossa is pulled in, call for an ambulance and continue the steam inhalation. The doctor, if he sees fit, will replace such inhalation with Pulmicort, Benacort.

  • Expectorants or antitussives

Medicines and herbs to improve sputum removal - Gedelix, Lazolvan, Ambrobene, vegetable syrup Dr. Mom, Herbion from dry and wet cough, Mukaltin, Alteika, etc. or antitussives with a dry cough, which can only be used as directed by a doctor. If the barking cough is provoked by acute laryngotracheitis, it is desirable that the dry cough become wetter faster, as a moist cough removes bacteria from the body. After the wet cough appears, expectorants are needed. Remember that with prolonged use expectorants themselves can provoke a cough, so their use should not be long. You can supplement the treatment with a massage of the chest, grinding the breast and back of the baby.

  • General care

Of course, parents should provide the child with proper care - as often as possible to carry out wet cleaning, provide a variety of food, with enough fruits and vegetables. Everything that is necessary to maintain children's immunity.

How and what to treat barking cough in a child

coryza and barking cough in the child

Barking cough in a child can take a different form: dry, wet, paroxysmal. The meaning of therapy is to convert it into productive. This can be done not with the help of medicines, but by changing the parameters of the air that a small patient inhales. It is very important to determine the cause of barking cough and eliminate it in time. Some diseases, for which such a cough is characteristic, can carry a danger to life.

What drugs for dry coughing adults are most often prescribed, this article.


barking cough in a child is known only by a doctor

As a rule, it strikes barking cough of children at any age. If coughing attacks do not provoke shortness of breath, these are signs of a laryngeal edema.At the child it is narrow, and when it is affected by the inflammatory process, it is still decreasing in size.Inflammation in ARVI affects not only the larynx, but also the vocal cords. This is what causes the hoarse voice during barking cough.
There is a cough of this nature in the following pathologies:

  • pertussis and paracottus;
  • true croup;
  • laryngotracheitis;
  • allergic reaction;
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • congenital diseases;
  • the presence of a foreign body in the larynx.

Than to treat a dry cough in a child and what syrup is best to apply. is specified in this article.

Therapeutic events

Treatment of barking cough in small patients should be of a complex nature. This is the only way to eliminate seizures and improve the patient's well-being. The question arises, what to treat and what to do.


This treatment option may involve the use of steam inhalations and with the help of a nebulizer. If you decide to apply hot steam, then carry out such manipulation is permitted in the case when the cause of barking cough - bronchitis or laryngitis. Steam inhalations can eliminate the laryngeal edema, moisten the mucous membrane, activate the process of sputum production, reduce coughing attacks. To perform the treatment you must use decoctions of medicinal herbs.
When there are symptoms of shortness of breath, then apply hot steam is strictly prohibited. It can cause the larynx to swell and block the narrow passage.

inhalation from barking cough in children

You can use a nebulizer for inhalation. The presented device is considered the best tool for barking a dry cough. Using a nebulizer, the drug that penetrates the respiratory tract is sprayed.

How a cough is manifested in teething in children, is indicated in this article.

Replace the drugs can be mineral water for inhalation. If such a device is not available, then it is worthwhile to put the baby together with an ultrasonic humidifier. The result of such treatment is the maximum moisture saturation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Reception of medicines

To alleviate the condition of the child can help antihistamines, which are sold in the pharmacy in large quantities. The most popular and effective are:

  • Suprastin;Suprastin from barking cough in children
  • Clemastine;
  • Zirtek;
  • Citrine;
  • Kestin.Kestin from barking cough in children

When treatment of barking cough occurs in a baby under 3 years old, it is necessary to purchase antihistamines in the form of a syrup.

How to treat a wheezing cough in a child, you can learn from this article.

It is very important to take expectorant and antitussive medicines. For these purposes, the doctor can write:

  • Lazolvan;Lazolvan from barking cough in children
  • Ambrogen;
  • Alteika;
  • Doctor Mom;
  • Herbion.

When a rough barking cough appeared due to acute laryngotracheitis, it is necessary to convert a dry cough to wet. So it will be possible to remove bacteria from the body. For these purposes, you will need to take expectorants. But they can not be used for a long time, otherwise they can provoke a cough. You can use chest massage and light rubbing the child's back.

How is asthmatic cough treated, you can find out by reading the article.

If the baby has a fever coughing against the background of barking cough, then it is worth giving him an antipyretic drug in dosage, taking into account his age.

Emergency help to stop the attack

If your child has a strong attack of barking cough, he suffocates, then you should immediately call the ambulance, and before her arrival do not waste time, but act:

  1. Calm the kid. Such attacks cause his feelings of fear and panic. As a result, he may have a spasm of the larynx or even a great lack of air.
  2. Ensure the child peace. He should move as little as possible. To facilitate breathing, use vasoconstrictive drops. Such actions make it possible to make nasal breathing free.
  3. To bring down the heat. This must be done, otherwise a high temperature will help the mucus to dry out in the larynx.
  4. Fill the room with fresh air. Then it will be easier for the baby to breathe. When seizures are very important, that the room was wet and cool air.
  5. Execute inhalation. If you do not have a nebulizer, then you can resort to such a simple way how to carry the baby to a bath filled with water.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids, which will facilitate breathing and dilute mucus.
  7. Do not give the baby expectorant medication. Their action is aimed at excretion of phlegm, and since the larynx is narrowed, it will be impossible to do this.

When very much tortured cough what to do, help to solve the problem information from the article.

On the video - on the causes of a strong barking cough in a child:

Features of treatment of children of different ages

Taking into account the age of the child, the treatment of barking nature is somewhat different. For this reason, independent therapy is unacceptable. Only the doctor can make effective and correct treatment.

Up to 1 year

General cough therapy during a cold or bronchitis of children under 1 year is aimed at providing positive conditions for the child. Very often provoke cough from such crumbs can various stimuli: strong noise, bright light.

Lazolvan from barking cough in children under one year old

Baby food must contain a large number of fruits and vegetables. But watch out that it was also quite high in calories. During the cough, the toddler should take as much fluid as possible. Then it will be possible to prevent dehydration if there is a temperature, and also to stimulate sputum discharge from the bronchi.

From this article it becomes clear what can cure a cough during pregnancy.

At this age the child needs to use alkaline mineral water, for example Borjomi. Its unique properties make it possible to restore the water-salt balance of the body. The presence of an alkaline component contributes to the dilution of sputum and stimulation of its excretion.

For children 1-3 years old

For children of such 1, 2 and 3 years is also very important presence of a quiet and comfortable environment. Try to protect your child from stressful situations. If the doctor allows, then you can use mustard plaster, foot baths. Such measures have a favorable effect on the process of recovery of a one-year-old child.

Lazolvan from barking cough in children from 1 to 3 years old

The room in which the baby sleeps must be filled with fresh air. In addition, every day should be wet cleaning. The food is allowed to use any food, except for pepper and salted, otherwise it can be irritated by the mucous larynx. Watch the temperature of the dishes, it should not be too low or high.

What causes can be a night cough in an adult is indicated in this article.

Drink enough to drink. You can take warm boiled water and compote of dried fruits.Do not give the baby allergenic drinks - honey with milk, herbal teas.During a cold, they give a beneficial effect, but with laryngitis, they should not be used.

Very useful in barking coughing inhalation with the help of a nebulizer. This device is absolutely simple in operation and safe for the health of the baby.

After 3 years

Treatment barking cough in children after 3 years should include activities that prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form. It should appoint a doctor who, after the necessary examination, will be able to prescribe to the child the necessary medicines and procedures.

If barking cough occurred with pharyngitis, then the child can take the following antibacterial drugs:

  • Inhaliptus;Ingalipt from barking cough in a child
  • Vokar;
  • Decaturene.Decathilon when a child coughs

With this therapy, it is possible to remove irritation and reduce the sensitivity of the larynx. Before you go to a night's rest, it is worth giving the child prescribed antidepressant drugs. It is not bad to perform inhalation with the use of medicinal herbs.

How to treat a runny nose in a child who is 2 years old, you can learn from this article.

When treatment of a barking cough with bronchitis is performed, such drugs as Lazolvan, Broncholitin. Their reception is conducted no more than 3 h days, and then in treatment include expectorant medicines.

With allergies, it is advisable to prescribe antihistamines. In this case, the doctor takes into account the age of the patient and his individual characteristics.

During the treatment of whooping cough, the doctor prescribes a complex of antibiotics, antibacterial and antitussive drugs. If there is such a need, then antihistamines can be added. When combining barking cough and high fever, it is necessary to use antipyretic drugs.

What to do when the baby has a cough and runny nose, but no temperature, this article will tell.

Features of treatment if there are additional symptoms

Treatment barking cough complicates, when in combination with the child affects the temperature and hoarse voice.

High temperatures

With this development of events, you should immediately call an ambulance. Such a cough with fever carries a great danger, because a fever is a sign that the body can not cope with the disease on its own.

high fever

Before the arrival of the ambulance, you can give the child an antipyretic preparation and provide him with an abundant drink. Keep an eye on the temperature in the room and the clothes that are on the baby. It should be free and not hot. The room in which your child sleeps, ventilate. Such conditions allow him to feel lighter.

The hushed voice

Often such a symptom when barking coughing occurs due to acute laryngitis. Then it is worthwhile to involve in therapy sprays Bioparox and Cameton. They have a softening effect and help to alleviate the already damaged mucosa.

If the child is an ospus, it is absolutely inadvisable to rinse the throat. Here it is required to observe voice peace, that is, to talk less. Do not use spicy, sour and burning food.

If the hoarseness of the voice affects the newborn, then treatment requires special attention. If hoarseness goes into a chronic form, then it will not be possible to eliminate it.

Opinion of Komarovsky

Dr. Komarovsky is of the opinion that when barking cough after finding the cause of its development, you can use certain drugs. Cough in children should not be suppressed with the help of medication, it should be eased. If cough is not cured, then it helps to accumulate a lot of mucus in the lungs. As a result, this will lead to serious complications.

In the video, Dr. Komarovsky talks about how to treat a barking cough in a child:

Barking cough can serve as a symptom of various diseases and accompanied by high fever, hoarse voice. Prescribe therapeutic measures is necessary only after careful diagnosis and on the basis of the diagnosis.

What is barking cough and what to treat it

bark cough treatment in adults

Quite often, both adults and children get sick. A common symptom is the presence of a cough. It can be dry, barking or wet. What is barking coughing? What if he appeared?

If a person can not clear his throat, it is difficult for him to breathe, hoarseness appears, which means that a barking cough has appeared. Also, the cough can be dry and may develop seizures.If the child is not 3 years old, then this disease is quite dangerous, as the pathological process develops. The occurrence of this type of cough suggests that in the body can occur such diseases as whooping cough, false cereal, diphtheria. Therefore, do not delay, you need to call a doctor.

For what reason the dry cough does not clear, you can learn from this article.

If bacteria or viruses enter the respiratory tract, inflammation and severe swelling of the receptors. Barking cough irritates the mucous membrane, vocal cords, depletes the patient's body.Therefore, to postpone the beginning of treatment is not necessary. You need to start taking medications that can get the sputum removed. The reasons for the appearance of such a disease, as a cough, can be many.

Causes of appearance

barking cough than cure
  1. Viral infections - ARVI, influenza, reovirus, rhinovirus. Most often, these diseases are accompanied by an increase in temperature, and it can rise to 40 or higher. There is a malaise, weakness, barking cough begins to appear and put pressure on the mucous membrane. As a result of a viral infection, a child usually hurts for several days, then improvements begin.
  2. Inflammation of the respiratory system - tracheitis, pharyngitis. As a result of these diseases cough appears usually immediately in the early days, everything will depend on how the disease will proceed. As with viral infections, you just need to wait a few days, and the disease will decline.
  3. False groats, laryngitis, tracheitis- the most common diseases. Very hard to bear by infants and young children. And this is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the respiratory system. The edema that occurs as a result can block the access of oxygen, as a result the child suffocates. Laryngotracheitis may appear due to adenovirus, parainfluenza. If the baby has hoarseness, barking cough, hoarseness, wheezing.
  4. Diphtheria and whooping cough- these types of diseases are now rare, and if they arise, they can be mistaken for an ordinary cold. Dry barking cough is almost not treatable by those usual methods that help in other cases. On tonsils there is a touch of dirty color.
  5. Allergy- a cough that is not accompanied by other symptoms, usually is a sign of asthma or bronchitis.
  6. Foreign body- children often swallow various small items that lead to coughing.

What causes cough without cold can be indicated in this article.

The video tells about how to treat dry barking cough:

The causes of appearance in adults

The most common cause, both in children and adults, is ARI.But it is worth noting that barking cough in adults appears much less often than in children.After all, the airways of an adult have wide passages. So, what are the causes of barking cough?

  • acute laryngitis;acute laryngitis
  • paracottus;
  • diphtheria;
  • swelling in the larynx;
  • diphtheria;
  • allergic processes.allergic processes

Treatment with drugs

You should know that if the doctor recommends going to the hospital, then this should be done, especially when it comes to the child. Depending on what the reasons were, treatment is prescribed. The following drugs are prescribed for treatment:

  • mucolytics;mucolytics for treatment of barking cough
  • drugs that help expectoration;
  • antitussives;
  • antihistamines.antihistamines for cough

If the cause of the cough is pharyngitis, then drugs are prescribed that will reduce the sensitivity of the larynx and have an antibacterial effect.

In the afternoon it is recommended to drink Decatalene, Vokar, and also use Ingalipt or similar preparations. At night it is better to drink Mukaltin or Sinekod. It is advisable to do inhalations with herbs.

How does a tracheal cough in a child look like in the article.

With tracheitis and bronchitis in the first 3 days you need to drink mucolytic drugs. They can be ATSTS, Bronholitin, Bromheksin. After 3 days you need to start expectorants like Gedelix, Dr. MOM. As soon as the sputum begins to recede, the medication should be stopped.

In whooping cough, rhinitis, sinusitis is effective such a drug as Erespal. It helps to relieve the symptoms of the disease.It should be noted that Erespal is the means that can not harm neither a pregnant woman, nor a child. Therefore, you can take it without fear. The drug syrup helps to cleanse the respiratory tract well.

If the allergy has caused a cough, then you need to take antihistamines. Of course, attention should be paid to the method of application. For a certain age, there are dosages. To antihistamine drugs include Zertek, Suprastin, Cetrin.

From this article you can learn how to treat acute bronchitis.

The video tells about the treatment of barking cough:

runny nose and sore throat without feverFor what reason there is a runny nose and sore throat without temperature, is indicated in this article.

For what reason there is a runny nose without temperature in the child, is indicated here.

Than to treat a dry cough at the adult and what medicines to apply, it is possible to learn here:

Treatment with folk remedies

  1. Inhalation- a long-known tool in the fight against colds, rough cough and runny nose. After the procedure, breathing is facilitated by removing excess fluid. If inhalation is necessary for children, then all conditions must be observed to prevent burns. Steam inhalation is the most common form. Now in the pharmacies are selling special respirators, which will help to keep the baby's skin in order, not allowing burns. In no case is it necessary to force a child to do the procedure, it is better to agree. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved. If the child is very small, then you can put boiling water near the bed, and watch the baby until the water cools. Do not leave the child alone.inhalation for barking cough
  2. Carrots are the simplest means for treating a barking cough.Carrots of medium size need to be washed, cleaned and rubbed on the smallest grater. The mixture should be mixed with hot milk, leave for 20 minutes. Infusion should be given to the child before bedtime. Do not strain. Remember that carrots are an allergen. Therefore, children with allergies should not give this infusion.carrots and milk to treat barking cough
  3. Egg-based medicine. 1 cup of milk should be boiled, add 1 tbsp. l. butter and honey. After thoroughly mixing the mixture, add just a little soda and yolk, which must first be beaten. Note that the yolk needs to be added after removing the pot from the stove. The medicine should cool down, after that it can be taken 5 times a day for 1 tablespoon.Honey is an allergen. Therefore, do not give egg medicine to allergy sufferers.
  4. Onion solution- a safe tool for both children and adults. It is necessary to boil 1 liter of water and add 1 glass of sugar. Then you need to add 2 large bulbs with a peel. After reducing the heat, it takes about an hour to boil the solution. Then the onion should be removed or filtered infusion, now you can take it 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon.
  5. Onions plus garlic. The head of garlic and 2 onions should be poured with half a liter of milk. It is recommended to cook for 15 minutes. Now all that is in the pan, you need to grind, you can use a blender. 2 tablespoons should be added to the resulting puree. 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day will help to remove the symptoms of cough.onion and garlic for coughing
  6. Radish and sugar. Radish needs to be cleaned and cut into small pieces. Then, falling asleep very abundantly with sugar, you need to put in the oven and bake. The baking lasts for several hours. Then the liquid that forms as a result must be drained and taken for treatment.
  7. Plantain- syrup from these leaves will help in fighting barking cough. If the disease is delayed, then this remedy is the best for you. Collecting the leaves of plantain, you need to squeeze out the juice. ½ hours l. juice should be mixed with 2 tbsp. l. honey and pour half a glass of warm water. Take infusion should be 3 times a tablespoon until the cough does not go away.
  8. Pine shoots. They must be crushed and take 1 hour. l. Pouring it into a saucepan, you need to pour a glass of water and put it on the fire. Heat for 15 minutes, but do not allow boiling. After cooling the solution, it must be taken inside. Children need to drink a fourth of the glass 2 times a day. And adults can take a whole glass.pine shoots for coughing
  9. Herbs. Taking for 1 h. l. thyme, inflorescences of lime and chamomile flowers, mix them. Bay for 15 minutes with a glass of boiling water, leave for 15 minutes. After the solution has cooled, add 1 spoonful of linden honey. Take a half ½ cup 3 times before the cough disappears completely.
  10. Elderberry flowers. Narva 25 grams of elderberry leaves, pour them 1 liter of boiling water. Leave the drug for 2 days. After the infusion, drain the water and separate the stems from the flowers. Next, you need to add 2 kg of sugar, you get a gruel. It needs to be heated, but it does not need to boil. Adding 4 hours. l. gently stir the mixture. Now you can pour the medicine over the jars. Keep the banks upside down. Take the drug by adding 2 hours. l. in tea, water. Gradually you will see the result: the phlegm will recede, the cough will go away.

How to cure a cough due to mucus in the nasopharynx is indicated in this article.

elder flowers in the treatment of barking cough

If there is temperature and hoarse voice

Cough may occur along with fever. Usually such processes occur after complications of acute respiratory viral infection and influenza.If taking mucolytics, expectorants does not give the desired results, then you need to start taking antibiotics. Even if there was a slight increase in temperature, then compresses, mustard plasters and heatings can not be done. Although they are very effective for treating cough in the absence of temperature. Applying compresses, you can only hurt the adult, and especially the child. Depending on what caused the temperature increase, and treatment is prescribed. In any case, only the doctor will be able to determine with precision the reason.

How does dry paroxysmal cough sound in a child, you can see in this article.

Barking cough for a child is quite a serious disease. Therefore, it is necessary at the first appearance to consult a specialist to prevent the hoarseness of suffocation.

Barking cough and temperature in the child, how to treat?

lauwii kawel u rebenka i temperatura kak lechitBarking cough with high temperature is dangerous to health, because it does not protect the body, it does not help to remove mucus from organism, it can lead to serious complications, especially in the child, because they have a weakened respiratory musculature. Barking cough in a child is often dry, may result in nausea, vomiting, it is dangerous when due to it the child may suffocate because breathing stops, this happens in children who are sick whooping cough.

When coughing the airways can swell, because of this the lumen narrows. The child begins to suffocate, his breathing becomes heavier, the voice coarsens. The barking coughing attack is most often sudden, in this situation it is urgent to hospitalize the child.

The causes of barking cough and temperature in a child

1. Because of a cold, a viral infection.

2. Allergic reaction.

3. Laryngitis.

4. Pharyngitis.

5. Acute laryngotracheitis stenosing type, because of the virus swollen larynx, vocal cords, the disease is most often provoked by adenovirus, influenza, parainfluenza, allergies.

6. Due to diphtheria, whooping cough, which are rare diseases, but proceed quite heavily. It is important to start treatment on time so that the child does not suffocate

Especially dangerous is coughing in children of the first year of life, it causes a severe inflammatory process, after swelling of the mucosa in the trachea. At some children, the larynx first swells, then there is a barking cough.

Note that a child who is not yet 5 years old has a narrow larynx, because of this, when it gets into it virus, it can swell, the larynx is blocked, the lungs are not filled with enough air, the baby can suffocating.

Symptoms accompanying barking cough

In addition to the fact that cough is coarse and dry, the body temperature can rise, the child loses voice. This cough produces an unpleasant whistle. Often there may be shortness of breath, in which the child pales face.

At night cough, there may be suffocation, so the child can often wake up, in this situation you need to consult a doctor if it becomes worse for the child, call an ambulance help.

It is dangerous to independently cough a child with an allergic. Watch the child's temperature. The doctor is obliged to listen to the bronchi, lungs, carefully look at the throat, often the heat is provoked by the inflammatory process in the throat.

The child will need to take laboratory tests of blood, undergo an x-ray. Barking cough can not be treated until the exact diagnosis is made, so it can only aggravate the disease.

Treatment of barking cough with child temperature

1. Ensure the child peace of mind, pay attention when the child begins to worry, coughing is only further aggravated, because the larynx starts to contract, the child suffocates. Do not allow the child to run, as severe dyspnea may appear.

2. Inhalation effectively helps, most suitable for barking cough steam. Use for them potatoes, chamomile, sage, you can have different sunflower oil, good for soda. After the mixture boils, you need to screw the fire, bring the child to the stove, he should breathe in pairs. Young children are advised to bring in a bath, which must be preheated with boiling water. When the air is warm and moist, the cough can soften, it becomes much easier to breathe.

3. To soften the cough it is possible with the help of expectorants of Herbion, Proppan, etc.

4. It is important when barking cough to give a child antihistamines - Loratidine, Suprastin, Tavegil, Tsetrin. To small children in syrup, and adults in tablets.

5. Undress the baby, so the temperature will fall faster and the baby will feel better breathing, clothes restrict his respiratory system.

6. The child should drink warm drinks, natural juice, milk, tea. Decoction of chamomile, linden, rose hips. With the help of warm drinking, you can withdraw excess sputum, warn your child against dehydration.

7. Ventilate the room, do not have dry air in it, moisten it. So barking cough will quickly pass.

8. In cases of high temperature, up to 3, do not shoot down, but you need to knock down above. To do this, use antipyretic drugs, carefully with them, they strongly affect the liver.

9. Barking cough can be cured by warming up procedures, they can be used then, if not temperatures, for this use mustard plasters, special ointments, cream. You can soak your feet in a warm bath with the addition of soda, mustard, if there is no allergy. So the blood will begin to flow to the legs, and the laryngeal edema will decrease.

In no case can you rub your back, the baby's chest, ointments contain essential oil, which can cause severe allergies, obstructive processes.

When a child begins to suffocate, one should not self-medicate, use asthma sprays. With the help of them you can remove symptoms, but they include different effective components - hormones that can be dangerous to the health of the child.

In a situation where you hear a child breathing noisily, you need to call an ambulance. The doctor may ascribe inhalation with Benacort, Pulimicort. Also, medicinal syrups, so that the sputum leaves faster - Lazolvan, Gedelix. Medicinal products of vegetable origin - Alteyka, Mukaltin.

When barking cough occurs due to laryngotracheitis, it is necessary to make it so that it becomes wet, so it will be possible to remove bacteria from the body faster. It is recommended to massage the baby's thorax, with back rubbing, breast.

Thus, a barking cough with a child's temperature is a dangerous symptom that needs to be treated immediately so that it does not worsen and the child does not suffocate. To do this, first find out the cause, then select a special course of therapy.

Cough as barking: how to treat barking cough

Cough is a protective reaction of the body to infection. With the help of a cough, the harmful microbes are expelled, which do not end up in the lungs. So in a sense, cough is even useful, but only moist. But barking cough should be treated the faster the better. Especially if barking cough infects the child, seeking the appearance of sputum. Does your child have a cough like barking? how to treat barking cough, find out in this article.

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Why does cough appear like barking?

If coughing as barking appeared against the background of usual tracheitis or bronchitis, as a rule, it is dry "unproductive." It is necessary to translate lawn cough into a moist "productive" cough that sputum begins to form. First, you should give the patient mixed medications or mucolytic drugs - bromhexine, lazolvan, ambroben. Then, in 2-3 days you need to replace them with expectorants. When the patient begins to cough up phlegm drugs better to cancel: the cough will pass itself. If you continue to treat cough with expectorant medications at this stage, they will themselves provoke a cough. It is necessary to do only a chest massage, drink a copiously sick person, put mustard plasters, make hot foot baths and rubbing.

If cough occurs after viral pharyngitis, then it is dry and frequent, exhausting. In this case, treat cough barking with inhalation with essential oils, soda and anti-inflammatory herbs - sage, eucalyptus, chamomile. To conduct the inhalation should be at least 4 times a day and give at night to the patient preparations that relieve irritation and calm cough, so that he does not wake up and rested.

Cough as barking: how to treat barking cough

If the cough does not go away and remains barking, dry it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination. And not only at the otolaryngologist, but also at the pulmonologist, phthisiatrist and hand in the blood test. Sometimes the cause of coughing is worm infestation, allergy, and in the worst case - tuberculosis and pneumonia. Should these problems be eliminated by specialists.

Coughing like barking can become a sign of whooping cough, false croup, obstructive bronchitis. In all these cases, you need to call a doctor urgently. Otherwise, everything can end very sad. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment, prescribe medications and procedures to treat the cough. You will not be able to cope with the infection yourself until you determine the type of pathogen. And doctors will select appropriate antibacterial agents and antibiotics.

Features of cough in children

Cough usually appears on the background of a respiratory illness - infection of the upper respiratory tract, colds, bronchiolitis, influenza, croup or pneumonia. If a child coughs like barking and is accompanied by fever, difficulty breathing, or irritability, it is possible that he has one of the infections listed above.

Listed below are other questions that need to be addressed if a child coughs:

1. Any case of a cough that is different from an occasional cough should be taken seriously if the child is less than a year old. At this age, the most common causes are bronchiolitis and colds, in which the baby's condition usually improves within two to three days. In this case, it is very important not to miss the first symptoms of difficulty breathing and seek timely medical attention. In addition to the rapidity of breathing, the so-called retraction when breathing the sternum and intercostium enters the list of symptoms, especially during sleep.

2. Children sometimes cough so that coughing causes them to vomit. Vomit usually contains food and liquid in the stomach, but it is possible that there is a lot of mucus, especially during an attack of asthma or colds.

3. Whistling wheezing is the audible high sounds in the child's breathing that appear due to obstruction inside the thorax of the respiratory tract. Whistling wheezes are one of the symptoms of bronchial asthma, but they can arise even when the kid is sick with pneumonia, bronchiolitis and some other diseases.

4. Children suffering from bronchial asthma often have coughing and wheezing at the same time. The attack can begin at night, during exercise or active play.

5. Cough is often worse at night. If your child coughs at night, then this can mean having sinus infection or throat irritation. Another common cause for night coughing is bronchial asthma.

Barking cough

A dry sharp cough resembling barking is often associated with laryngotracheitis (croup). This is the name for the swelling around the larynx, which can lead to blockage of the airways. In such cases, young children are particularly vulnerable, when a barking cough easily blocks the respiratory tract, which are small in size in small children. At the first symptoms of this cough, both children and adults should seek qualified medical care.

Causes of barking cough

The cause of barking or paroxysmal coughing is very much, but more often it occurs with inflammation of the respiratory tract. Viral infections can be with or without a temperature, but a sore throat and dry or wet cough is always present. Inflammation of the respiratory tract can be observed in adults and children, if the right time to give the right treatment, then relief comes on 3-4 days. Laryngitis, as a rule, is accompanied by the following symptoms:

The girl barking cough due to dryness in the throat
  • painful swallowing;
  • Perspiration, dryness in the throat;
  • decreased appetite;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • hoarseness of voice.

A false croup or laryngitis causes a child under three years of constant cough, and even a slight swelling of the larynx can completely shut off the baby's oxygen, which will lead to suffocation. Croup in children of school age and adults is not so terrible, and 90% of people suffer the disease without complications and even without temperature. Coughing bark can cause asthma or allergic bronchitis. In this case, there are side effects in the form of redness of the skin, itching, runny nose. Allergic coughing with barking in the usual ways is not treated, so each patient needs individual therapy.

How to calm a cough

A strong cough, like barking, which does not cough at night or day, is a very painful condition. If the cough reflex is moist and accompanied by phlegm, it performs a useful cleansing function for the body. But if a small or adult person is haunted by a barking and dry cough, you need to know what to treat it to help the body to cope with the disease more quickly.

With a severe coughing attack, a doctor can prescribe serious medications containing codeine (a narcotic substance), instantly blocking the cough center in the brain. A constant attack of coughing barking at the child can be tried to clean with the help of folk remedies. What to give the kids from year to year will be decided by the doctor after finding out the cause of the disease.

Antitussive drugs

The principle of treatment is to translate dry barking coughing into a moist one. The process of recovery will come when sputum will be removed from the lungs, and with it the body will leave the particles of infection. Doctors at the very beginning of treatment prescribe to adults and small patients therapeutic medications (syrup) of expectorant action that promote the expansion of the bronchi. These include:

Preparations for treatment of barking cough
  • "Glycodine". For children under one year and adults. It contains active substance dextromethorphan, with which in the cough center the threshold is raised sensitivity, blocked channels, so the drug almost immediately promotes complete oppression Problems.
  • "Gederin". For adults and children from 1 year. Heals the disease with an extract of ivy, which gently affects the larynx, removing irritation, contributing to expectoration. The drug quickly removes pathogens from the body.
  • "Prospan". The drug, which is shown to infants and toddlers for a year. Refers to a group of herbal medicines based on ivy leaves. The main active agent has antitussive, antispasmodic, antimicrobial effect.

People's means

Treatment of inflamed respiratory tract with folk remedies implies abundant drinking and inhalation. In addition, in the room the patient must constantly increase the level of humidity, regularly ventilate the room, make warm baths for the hands and feet. Effective folk remedies:

The girl heals barking cough with folk remedies
  1. Take 1 tbsp. l. calendula flowers or chamomile, brew in 2 liters of boiled water, wrap the container and let it brew for 10 minutes. Then inhale for 15 minutes daily until complete recovery. Also for these purposes, such herbs as St. John's wort, sage, plantain are perfect.
  2. Grind a glass of hazelnut, add a glass of liquid honey, stir until smooth. Apply on a teaspoon with each fit of cough, washing down the mixture with warm milk.
  3. Finely chop 10 bulbs and one head of garlic. Boil until soft in a liter of milk. Add 20 grams of honey to the mixture. Use 1 tbsp. l. during the day every hour. The effect will be immediate - the inflammation of the larynx will decrease, the cough will weaken.

Treatment of an allergic cough

Any remedy for dry cough caused by an allergic reaction is designed to inhibit the cough reflex, reducing susceptibility to the allergen. People who are susceptible to this disease start taking medicine for colds, but this only aggravates the situation. Quickly remove allergic manifestations you need:

Ascoril for treatment of barking cough
  • antiallergic drugs: "Nozaneks", "Kromaglin";
  • antihistamines: Suprastin, Ascoril;
  • anti-edematous drugs: "Otrivin", "Nazivin";
  • stabilizers of membranes of mast cells: Zaditen, Ketotifen;
  • glucocorticoids: "Beklazone", "Fliksonase".

Video: Komarovsky about barking cough in a child

A strong coughing barking in a child is associated with various diseases, so it is better not to make a diagnosis on your own, but to address the first symptoms of an inflamed respiratory tract to a pediatrician. If the doctor can not be called promptly for some reason, it is necessary to relieve the condition by steam inhalations with herbs, soda, sunflower oil and use a lot of warm drink. More about the cough will be told in the video by the famous doctor Komarovsky, who knows everything about childhood illnesses:

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