Belt warming for the waist

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  • 1Warming belt for the waist
    • 1.1What is the function of the bandage?
    • 1.2Who needs a lumbar corset
    • 1.3Contraindications
    • 1.4How to choose the right belt?
    • 1.5Warming belt
    • 1.6Orthopedic belt
    • 1.7Elasticated belt
    • 1.8How to wear
  • 2Which is better warming waist belt: camel or dog?
    • 2.1Is there really any benefit?
    • 2.2Should I trust advertising?
    • 2.3Why does it help?
    • 2.4Product variants
    • 2.5Article No. 1
    • 2.6Article No. 2
  • 3Belt for the lumbar region of the back with osteochondrosis
    • 3.1Lumbar osteochondrosis
    • 3.2Symptoms of the disease
    • 3.3Address to the doctor
    • 3.4Belt for osteochondrosis
    • 3.5Indications
    • 3.6Contraindications
    • 3.7Types of belts
    • 3.8Corset selection
    • 3.9Below rules

Warming belt for the waist

A warming waist belt is prescribed for diseases of the spine in the lumbosacral section. The belt is made of a special hermetic material. During wearing, a greenhouse effect is created that warms the lumbar region.

The corset is equipped with fixing straps. Due to this design, the load on the spine is reduced and proper posture is formed. The warming belt is used in complex treatment, it helps to relieve spasms in the lumbar region.

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If there are first signs of spasms in the lumbar region, you should immediately contact a specialist. After a diagnostic examination, the doctor identifies the cause of the pain and prescribes treatment.

The patient will have complex therapy, consisting of special therapeutic physical exercises, a course of massage and rubbing.Wearing a special warming belt for the waist will only be one of the elements of treatment.

When there is pain in the lower back or spine, self-medication is contraindicated, as well as wearing a bandage.

Consult your doctor to determine which type of bandage to choose and how long to stay in it, since a prolonged sock can cause a swollen syndrome.

What is the function of the bandage?

The belt warms, reduces the burden on the musculoskeletal system, so it removes the feeling of pain. The patient can fully move without experiencing any discomfort.

A characteristic feature of warming belts is that, when worn, the body is warmed by its own heat. The most intense heat formation occurs with muscle contraction.

When a person moves, a part of the body that is under the belt warms up.

The second function of the bandage is fixation of the back, which provides protection from sudden movements.

The third function that the belt performs is the support of the waist when lifting a heavy load.

Thus, wearing a corset helps to reduce fatigue and tension of muscle tissue, and also reduces the risk of pinching nerves in the lumbar spine.

The belt for a back from a natural fur promotes blood circulation, and also exchange process of the person.

If you choose a product from sheep, dog or camel hair, you can avoid hypothermia in the cold season. If you prefer to wear a belt under your clothes, an elastic orthopedic bandage will do.

It can be hidden under the garment at any time of the year. The elastic belt performs the function of fixing the musculoskeletal system and helps to strengthen the muscles.

Who needs a lumbar corset

There is a category of people whose work is associated with a constant load on the vertebral column. These include such types of professions and activities as:

  • Athlete;
  • Driver;
  • Loader.

If people who belong to these groups will constantly wear a warming waist belt, this will help not only eliminate the burden on the spine, but also prevent the stretching of the muscle tissues.

A specialist can be appointed wearing a bandage for the lumbar with such types of diseases as:

  1. Intervertebral hernia;
  2. Osteochondrosis;
  3. Spondylosis;
  4. Osteoporosis;
  5. Scoliosis;
  6. Arthritis;
  7. After the transferred injuries or surgeries;
  8. Radiculitis of the lumbar and thoracic parts;
  9. Curvature of posture;
  10. Pain in the lumbar region in late pregnancy;
  11. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  12. Fracture of the vertebrae.

In all listed cases, it should be worn for protection and fixation to avoid injury to the spine. Following the instructions of the doctor, the patient will be able to speed up recovery or improve his condition.


Another reason for getting advice from a doctor with back pain is contraindications for socks. These include diseases such as:

  • Oncology;
  • Vascular insufficiency;
  • The presence of a pacemaker;
  • Skin diseases.

If the patient experiences discomfort, skin irritation appears, it is necessary to sew the cotton cloth to the part of the product that, when in contact with the skin, causes itching.

If the patient has skin diseases, it is necessary to contact a dermatologist who will prescribe the treatment. Only after treatment of skin disease, you can wear the necessary product.

How to choose the right belt?

The selection of the belt is carried out only on the advice of a doctor. The expert should establish, what type of a bandage will approach in a concrete case.

The main criteria for choosing a product are the size, type and degree of rigidity. A rigid belt is acquired by the patient according to the measurements made by the doctor, and semi-rigid according to standards made independently.

To measure the waist, hips and abdomen should be the day before the purchase.

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Another important indicator is the place where the goods were purchased. It is advisable to buy belts in a pharmacy or in a specialized store where medical products are sold. Only in this case is a quality product guaranteed.

As for the types of warming belts, the choice is so diverse that it can satisfy the request of any buyer. There are bandages, corsets and narrow belts. There are models with inserts and clasps.

Some bandages for the back are made of light elastic fabric, which can be washed, while the product will retain its original appearance.

Warming belt

The warming belt is made of natural wool or a synthetic material of neoprene. Belt is airtight, which promotes warming of muscles.

When socking improves blood circulation and metabolic processes, damaged tissues recover much faster.

This product is used by people in the postoperative period or afterwards suffered injuries, as well as those who suffer from radiculitis or osteochondrosis. Especially popular is neoprene for those who want to lose weight.

Thanks to the properties of this material, they manage to get rid of extra pounds. Warming, he performs at once 2 functions - eliminates painful spasms and burns calories.

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Orthopedic belt

The orthopedic belt can be of three types:

  1. Hard fixes the locomotor system during injuries;
  2. Semi-rigid it is necessary for treatment of a lumbar hernia for elimination of painful sensations;
  3. Soft is used to prevent the curvature of the spine in children of school age.

Semi-rigid corsets are worn by athletes and drivers in order to prevent the stretching of muscle tissue.

Elasticated belt

Elasticated belt is prescribed for women during pregnancy. Because of the constant strain on the spine, which appears as a result of the displacement of the center of gravity, a woman experiences pain in the lumbar region. The bandage is worn after the birth of the child to support the waist and weakened abdominal muscles.

How to wear

More than 6 hours in the bandage can not be. Contraindicated wearing a belt at night. If you constantly stay in the bandage, the spine with time ceases to keep your posture independently. Over time, there is a constant need to use a supporting corset.

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Which is better warming waist belt: camel or dog?

A warming waist belt can help out with many chronic back problems. Colds often affect the muscles. You have to pierce drugs that have side effects. This is not required if you periodically wear things from natural animal hair.

Is there really any benefit?

In the past, rheumatism always used a warming waist belt. It is recommended to be worn during complex treatment. Medications plus the wearing of animal skins provide an opportunity to recover in almost one day.

The warming waist belt has several useful actions:

  • Has a stimulating effect on the acceleration of blood flow.
  • Relaxes the muscles, so that the effect of anesthesia is achieved.
  • It warms and holds back heat when applied to the skin with medicinal ointments.

A warming waist belt helps without medication, stimulating metabolic processes. The muscles do not stagnate. Disease-causing microorganisms are removed from the source of inflammation immediately. It is recommended that you have a generous warm drink, so that the decay products are more quickly taken away.

Should I trust advertising?

It is not easy to decide what will be the best warming waist belt. The price depends on the type of wool used: a dog, a camel. The simplest product can be bought in a pharmacy, spending no more than a thousand rubles on it.

The warming belt for the waist of camel hair will be somewhat more expensive, but its efficiency is an order of magnitude higher. It does not have a bad smell, is made of purified material and does not deteriorate after washing. A dog's hair can be slightly offensive in cheap models.

The smell should not scare away, but it's not recommended to overpay for the low quality of the belt. Many can do it themselves, just shave their poodle and tie their own curative thing. Before this, the wool is treated with disinfectants.

The coat itself is not recommended to be applied directly to the skin. It will be necessary to sew a lining to eliminate irritation. For this purpose, cotton fabric is suitable.

Why does it help?

A warming belt is recommended for people of any age. It has no contraindications to use. The only undesirable factor may be a fever or a burn on the lower back.

The healing effect is achieved due to the preservation of heat in the region of the fitting of the belt. In this case, the whole body also warms up. The wool is in a material that does not cause an allergic reaction.

The action is comparable in effectiveness with a relaxing or warming massage. The belt is used for prevention, treatment, or putting on, even when it's cold, without pursuing any purpose. Recommendations of the doctor can not wait, and use the belt for the first symptoms of pain in the back.

Product variants

Belt warming from camel wool is made in several variations:

  1. For the lumbar region with adjustable waist size. Fastens on Velcro.
  2. In the form of a corset - a dense fabric with snap fasteners.
  3. Without fasteners. On top of it, a handkerchief or a personal belt is tied.
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The belts in the pharmacy have different sizes, differing in circumference of the waist (fullness) and hips. The reason for buying may be one of the following ailments:

  • Catarrhal diseases accompanied by lumbago in the muscles of the back.
  • Violations in the work of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Neurological disorders.
  • Inflammation in the genito-urinary organs.
  • Prevention of inflammation after lumbar injuries.

The belt is recommended for people who have been working immobile for a long time. Osteochondrosis can be overcome by the periodic wearing of camel wool. Athletes can wear the product to relieve tension from the muscles after training.

Belt helps in case of struggle against excess weight. The stored heat is more efficient than drowning fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. Wear the product during and after training until the body cools.

Article No. 1

For the treatment of many diseases, a belt of dog hair is suitable. It can remove inflammation of the kidneys, back, genitals. Indication for use is radiculitis. A similar effect is possessed by goat down.

At cost, it is comparable to dog hair. Earlier in almost every home there were scarves, which harbored the back in the period of exacerbations. They made them themselves from the fluff of domestic animals. True, the latest products are less effective.

The warming belts were common both in the North of the Earth and in the Southern Hemisphere. Dog hair has unique properties due to features in the structure of the hair, the inner cavity of which is filled with air. Thanks to this, a significant part of the heat is stored.

The therapeutic effect of wool is achieved due to the sulfur and nitrogen present in the hair. There are also combined products where the canine and other fluff are mixed.

Article No. 2

The smell of a dog is not very pleasant to many people, especially if it comes from things. Despite the fact that good models do not exhale for a long time, some do not want to wear such belts. A camel's wool can serve as an analogue of a dog.

Felted belt does not serve for so long, and it's harder to check for a fake. Knit models are much stronger. Wool relieves of occupational diseases of drivers, office workers.

It should be remembered: in the elastic products, a minimum amount of down is added so that it does not get out through the outer layer of the tissue.

Therefore, it is recommended for treatment to choose models according to their size without pulling effect.

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Belt for the lumbar region of the back with osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a chronic disease, expressed in the form of dystrophic processes occurring in the spine. For this reason, her treatment takes a long time.

Among the whole complex of measures carried out, an important component is the wearing of special belts.

Belt for the waist with osteochondrosis fixes the body in the correct position and heats up the diseased area.

Lumbar osteochondrosis

This disease is acquired by years of misconduct.

The lack of movement, rigid diets and bad habits lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the body and make it difficult to feed cartilage tissue.

And overweight, excessive physical activity lead to the destruction of intervertebral discs and spasm the back muscles.

Symptoms of the disease

Unpleasant sensations in the lower back or a sharp short-term pain can be signs of the first stage of osteochondrosis.

At this stage, the discs lose their elasticity and begin to slightly protrude, irritating the nerve endings of the spinal column.

The disease in this case is relatively easy to treat if a person pays enough attention to the problem.

Acute intense pain, receding into the leg, the appearance of numbness and tingling, indicate a more serious stage of the disease. At an aggravation on the second stage the patient can not move freely.

At this stage of the pathological condition, the space between the discs becomes even smaller, the muscles and ligaments sag, and the vertebrae often mix with each other.

But even then the disease can still be reversed with medical help.

Address to the doctor

X-ray is able to identify the presence of a problem, to show in the pictures bone outgrowths or narrowing of the intervertebral space.

Magnetoresonance tomography in advanced cases will describe the situation in more detail, it is able to detect: a hernia, spondylosis, spondyloarthrosis, Bekhterev's disease.

Treatment of serious stages of osteochondrosis is a long process, accompanied by the application of various medical procedures. There are:

  • massage;
  • manual therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • rubbing;
  • wearing a special belt;
  • surgery (in the most neglected cases).

Timely appeal to the doctor can prevent the appearance of the disease. Then it is possible to limit ourselves only to preventive measures, in the form of physical exercises and wearing a warming belt.

Exercise is important in the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis. It is aimed at improving the flexibility of the waist, raising the overall tone of the muscles of the body.

Exercises, as a rule, are very simple in execution, accessible to everyone, since their curative effect is not in intensity, but in constancy of actions.

Belt for osteochondrosis

An important component of vertebra treatment is wearing a special belt. It helps to distribute the load more evenly on the back, protecting it from unnecessary overvoltage, protects from cold air and, as a result, reduces pain syndrome.

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The therapeutic product is administered individually, based on the patient's condition, and is used the following:

  1. osteochondrosis is in an aggravation stage;
  2. a prophylactic against a disease is required;
  3. As a corrective agent for minor defects in posture;
  4. at constant overloads of a backbone, connected with professional work (sportsmen, loaders);
  5. with intervertebral hernias and Schmorl's hernias;
  6. in the postoperative or rehabilitation period.


At the same time wearing a medical belt during the period of remission, i.e., temporary disappearance of symptoms, is recommended only in special cases, when, for example, there is a significant burden on the back.

With the constant wearing of such a product, the muscles of the body do not receive sufficient levels of exercise and lose their tone. This attitude can lead to the fact that the muscles can not properly support the spine.

Rigid corsets are contraindicated to wear during pregnancy. Belts are generally not recommended in the presence of skin diseases in places of contact of the material.

Therefore, it is necessary to cure this disease before you start choosing a product.

Types of belts

They are divided into several main types, each of which has its own characteristics and action. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake when buying, you should first consult with a specialist.

  • Orthopedic corset. Medical orthopedic belt, divided into rigid and semi-rigid. It is made of breathable, elastic fabric. It has special stiffeners, which, depending on the model, can be adjusted with straps. Such corsets are prescribed for patients with severe spine lesions and those suffering from frequent relapses of the disease. Their task is to stabilize the spinal column in the correct position and redistribute the load more evenly. They are used as posture correctors for the prevention of scoliosis and hernia, as well as for people engaged in heavy physical activity.
  • The Neo-Preon belt. It refers to the number of elastic devices. Has a curative effect by heating the diseased area, without blocking the flow of air to the skin. Thus, blood circulation in the waist improves and cell metabolism is stimulated. In addition, it has a preventive effect in diseases of the kidney and urogenital system. Unlike woolen products does not cause allergies.
  • Woolen belt. Also belongs to the class of warming and elastic, made of wool of various animals: dogs, sheep, camels, badgers and others. Such belts also help to ease the pain during exacerbation, have a massage effect and well relieve muscle spasms. They are allowed to be used without prescribing a doctor.
  • Aerial corset belt. Relatively new type of belts, considered the most effective in the treatment of intervertebral discs. It is made of genuine leather, when used, it is pre-pumped with air. The air belt is adjusted by the doctor individually to each patient to ensure a tight fit of the material and, at the same time, not to pinch or injure the diseased area.

Corset selection

When choosing a device in the pharmacy, you should rely on the appointment of the attending physician. Only he can, based on the nature of the problem, determine which belt is necessary. When determining the type of product, the doctor takes into account the following points:

  1. severity of the disease;
  2. parameters of the patient's body;
  3. the purpose of wearing (for treatment or prevention).

The main difference between the devices and the osteochondrosis is the level of rigidity of the product.

Corsets of medium and high stiffness are equipped with plates, pressing, depending on the model, on different parts of the spine.

For example, a corset with a herniated intervertebral disc should be very hard, otherwise it just will not bring the desired relief.

Rigid models are also prescribed for facet joint and lumbago syndromes, during the postoperative period and for fractures. If the problems are not so serious, then the doctor appoints wearing a soft belt that has only a warming function.

Below rules

The belt with osteochondrosis of the lumbar region brings maximum benefit only with strict adherence to the rules of wearing, namely:

  • Use only during the period strictly specified by the doctor. The consequences of breaking this rule can be serious. The duration of application is determined by a specialist, as a rule, the period is not more than 3 months.
  • Wear no more than six hours a day, including mandatory breaks, when the device needs to be removed.
  • The corset can be removed less often, for example, during a break in work.
  • Shoot before going to bed.
  • Avoid drafts and cold after removal. The product increases blood circulation in the problem area, so you can only hurt your back, ignoring this rule.
  • Use only a product of a suitable size.
  • The only exception is the belt of animal hair, because its function is not in fixing the back, but in its warming. This type of belt has almost no contraindications, it is allowed to wear without restrictions.

Correctly put on a belt from osteochondrosis of the lumbar department should:

  1. Tightly fit the lower back and part of the pelvis. If it does not stick, it is recommended to use an elastic waistband. This is especially true for women with a pronounced waistline.
  2. Do not squeeze the body, after putting on, there should be some freedom of movement.
  3. The optimum tightness of the fit is checked by placing the fingers of the hand in the waistband, they should fit freely enough.

If all the conditions are met, the curative effect is visible at the first use, the pain and discomfort should gradually recede.

The warming belt from osteochondrosis has a special result.

Heat stimulates circulation and the removal of spasms from the muscles, and fixation of the back removes some of the load on the spinal column.

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