Cough dry paroxysmal before vomiting

Paroxysmal cough: causes and methods of treatment

CoughCough is a reflex reaction of the body, in which there is a sharp contraction of the muscles of the respiratory system. During this process, the respiratory system organs are cleaned of sputum, dust or foreign objects that come out on their surface. But paroxysmal cough guards, because it can be a signal about the course of pathological processes in the body.

The reasons for this process

As the experts themselves say, cough is a protective mechanism against the obstruction of the airways. However, not always such a process indicates only a protective reaction, sometimes it can indicate the development of certain diseases. So, in adults or a child, a seizure cough occurs with such diseases:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • whooping cough;
  • ARVI;
  • pneumonia;
  • tuberculosis.

In addition, with such manifestations, foreign matter enters the respiratory tract.

Bronchial asthma

AllergyCough of a spasmodic paroxysmal nature often indicates the development of bronchial asthma.
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Usually it appears in the evening and at night, is allergic in nature, so this state of a person is caused by exposure to some kind of allergen. Coughing caused by bronchial asthma may cause suffocation, pain in the chest or abdomen.As a rule, seizures last about an hour, in children and adults, paroxysmal cough with bronchial asthma ends with the withdrawal of thick or liquid sputum, which can be of dark color.

Whooping cough

Whooping coughA dry paroxysmal cough may be a sign of a disease such as whooping cough. The disease begins as an ordinary cold, but soon such signs as a runny nose and a slight increase in temperature pass, and coughing attacks still torment the patient. In this case, all funds effective for colds do not help. Over time, coughing attacks only increase, in children often comes to vomiting paroxysmal cough with whooping cough. The duration of this disease on average is 1.5 months, it needs to be treated in a hospital.


SARS in the childParoxysmal cough occurs with acute inflammatory lesions of the ENT organs - the nasopharynx, larynx, pharynx. At first, this symptom is characterized by dryness, but after a few days sputum begins to cough. This process is caused by the flow of mucus down the back wall of the pharynx, which irritates the mucosa. If the inflammatory processes are not treated, the patient's condition worsens, and acute diseases develop such as:
  • tracheitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia.
Cough with bronchitisIf a person has acute bronchitis in the body, he is disturbed during the day and night by a paroxysmal cough, from which it is practically impossible to clear his throat. In addition, the disease is accompanied by symptoms such as hoarseness, fever, a runny nose, a sore throat, a headache, a feeling of weakness and a general malaise. Cough attacks are observed in the early days of the disease, with proper treatment within a few days sputum begins to depart, the mucous membranes soften and already such a process does not cause painful sensations. Acute respiratory diseases last, as a rule, up to two weeks.

With incomplete treatment or its absence, acute bronchitis can acquire a chronic form or even pass into pneumonia.

Foreign object entry

Assistance in case of foreign body entry into the respiratory tract

Assistance in case of foreign body entry into the respiratory tract

The cause of dry paroxysmal cough in adults and children can be the ingress of foreign particles into the respiratory tract. In this case, the person does not have any symptoms, except for a painful cough that does not go away after using medicines. The state of the child or adult will improve only after the complete removal of foreign objects from the respiratory system.

In addition to these common diseases, accompanied by dry paroxysmal cough in the child and adult, specialists also call such diseases, for which this symptom:

  • bronchiectatic disease;
  • abscess of the lung;
  • bronchi and lung tumors;
  • mediastinal syndrome.

Medical assistance to the patient

Mom causes an ambulanceRegardless of the reason for the appearance of a nighttime paroxysmal cough in a child or adult, you should immediately raise the head of the bed. Then, after visiting the specialist's office, the doctor will treat depending on the type of disease accompanied by such a painful manifestation.

If the cause of paroxysmal coughing in a child at night is an allergic reaction of the body, it can not do without the use of antihistamines. To prevent whooping cough, it is important to get an inoculation against this infectious disease. But suddenly it happened that the vaccination was not carried out, it is possible to ease the patient's condition by taking antibacterial drugs and using air humidifiers.

Sometimes bronchial asthma can develop, in which there are no signs peculiar to this disease - suffocation, dyspnea and wheezing, a person is worried only by a strong cough. In this case, the reception of expectorants does not bring relief, it will require treatment typical of typical bronchial asthma.

With a long course of the disease should consult a specialist, because only he can determine the cause of this condition and say what to cure a dry paroxysmal cough in children and adults.

Cough up to vomiting - possible causes

Coughing before vomitingCough and vomiting can manifest as two different symptoms of a single disease. In some cases, they are closely interrelated. This is a cough that causes vomiting. In order to find out exactly what caused the occurrence of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor. Especially if a cough with vomiting or before vomiting in an adult does not go away for several days, and the general condition is only worsening.

Cough, vomiting, runny nose and diarrhea - possible causes

Coughing, vomiting, diarrhea with rotovirusMost often, coughing, vomiting, runny nose and diarrhea occur with rotavirus. This infectious disease occurs as a result of the entry into the body of pathogens. Cough, vomiting and diarrhea with intestinal flu are often accompanied by fever. It can be small or climb up to forty degrees. The temperature with rotavirus varies depending on how weak the body is and how much it is affected by the infection. The reflex act, vomiting and diarrhea in this case can last about three to four days. This is considered the norm. However, with severe vomiting and diarrhea, it is advisable to consult a doctor, as these symptoms can cause dehydration. In adults with rotavirus, this condition is rare. Much more often intestinal flu leads to dehydration of children up to a year.

Rotavirus treatment is complex. The patients are prescribed antiviral and antidiarrhoeic agents, as well as expectorants.

It is worth noting that in addition to the above symptoms in this disease can also be observed dizziness, weakness and pain in the abdominal region.

Severe coughing before vomiting with bronchial asthma

coughing up vomitingIf vomiting occurs after a cough, and urges to it occur even during it, then it may be a question of the development of bronchial asthma. It can develop gradually or makes itself felt already with a strong attack. Symptoms of this disease are difficult to confuse with something else. It's about dyspnoea and weakness, a feeling of squeezing in the chest area, as well as of attacks of suffocation, especially at night. With asthma, the patient experiences a panic fear of being suffocated. That's why there is a coughing attack before vomiting.

Suffocation in asthma occurs because the diseased bronchi fail to cope with the volume of air entering them, which entails narrowing of the glottis. A very severe attack with asthma, accompanied by nausea and suffocation, leads to the fact that the patient has pain in the abdomen and larynx a few days after exacerbation.

Treatment of this disease is done with the help of strong hormonal drugs. The patient is prescribed a special inhaler, which is able to stop attacks of suffocation and cough as much as vomiting.

It hurts in the chest and coughs up vomiting, what should I do?

Pain in the chest and cough until vomitingPain in the chest, lack of air and dry cough with seizures before the emetic reflex may indicate the presence of heart problems. Often, while the patient from the oral cavity is allocated pinkish mucus. This may indicate problems with the coronary artery. Coughing up a vomiting reflex with mucus and secretion of tears from the eyes with pain in the chest area is very dangerous. Do not guess what caused it. Immediately call an ambulance.

Before her arrival, the patient should be relieved. It is important to organize an influx of fresh air into the room. This for a while will help to cope with the attack. The patient should be planted so that his torso is slightly tilted forward. If there is a tonometer at home, he needs to measure the pressure and give nitroglycerin.

Morning cough paroxysmal before vomiting

Morning cough and vomitingCoughing up to vomiting, arising in the morning most often develops in heavy smokers. It can indicate the presence in the body of neglected chronic bronchitis. The attack in this case does not stop until the patient has gone away accumulated mucus in the bronchial tubes. This condition is treated with total refusal of smoking and taking expectorants and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Similar symptoms, persecuting the patient constantly, can also testify to the development of tuberculosis. Most often morning attacks are accompanied by its initial stage. At the last stages, changes in the lung tissues reach a scale that, when attacked from the pharynx, a small amount of mucus of a yellow shade with blood impurities is released.

These symptoms are especially dangerous in that they can accompany a contagious disease. The open form of tuberculosis is a terrible illness, transmitted by contact-household and airborne droplets. He is treated more often permanently, the patient is isolated for a while, and the room in which he lived, is disinfected.

How to treat a severe cough in an adult?

A severe cough in an adult is a serious reason to think about the state of health, as well as the reason for quickly consulting a doctor for advice.The reasons for this phenomenon can be many, but one should not ignore even the most insignificant of them.After all, without proper treatment, a strong cough can easily give complications that affect not only the respiratory system, but also the body as a whole.

The problem of a strong cough

What provokes a cough?

The causes of the cough are quite diverse, so trying to deal with this issue yourself - the process is ungrateful and not always effective. The best solution is to go to the nearest hospital.

At the same time, knowing the main causes of cough is a good help to the sick person. This will allow you to take a much more careful and careful look at your health:

Allergy is the cause of a cough
  1. Tobacco smoking. Nicotine and tobacco tar have an irritant effect on the bronchi, causing coughing attacks. The problem goes away only after completely abandoning the addiction. Otherwise, the cough will only worsen.
  2. Stress. Strong experiences have a different effect on people. Someone starts to hurt the stomach, and someone suffers and coughing attacks. After the excitement goes away, this unpleasant symptom disappears (by the way, it was called psychogenic). However, in the future, such a dangerous condition should not be allowed.
  3. Allergic reaction. A dry cough may very well be triggered by the action of an external stimulus, to which a person has a persistent negative reaction. In this case, an antihistamine drug and isolation of the victim from an allergen can become a salvage.
  4. Tuberculosis. A paroxysmal cough, which becomes more intense every day, may indicate that a person is rapidly developing tuberculosis. Touch this problem can a person with absolutely any social position and way of life. And in order for this to happen, one should constantly take care of one's health, not forgetting to undergo annual medical examinations.
  5. Foreign body in the respiratory tract. The ingestion of any, even the smallest foreign body in the respiratory tract can lead to the onset of an exhausting cough. At this point, you should calm down and make every effort to get rid of the stimulus. Otherwise it will make itself felt again and again.

This is not a complete list of problems that can provoke a cough in an adult.

In the event that the problem with the cough does not resolve within a few days, you should seek medical help. Solve the problem with the involvement of a specialist will be much faster.

What kind of treatment to choose?

Smoking cessation treatmentTo begin treatment it is necessary exclusively under the instruction of the attending physician who possesses sufficient knowledge and sees a full clinical picture of illness. However, to help the body in this fight and will be superfluous on its own.

Not the least role in the matter of reducing coughing is the degree of air humidity, the lack of which can quite provoke the problem. For these purposes, you can use special humidifiers that automatically perform water spraying. By the way, they have a simple, but at the same time, a worthy alternative.

On the windowsills should put a few bowls of water, which, as evaporation is recommended to constantly pour. The visible result of such events will become noticeable in about a week.

In the event that a coughing attack is caused by a fatal passion for smoking, it is desirable to completely abandon this harmful habit.

Benefits of tea in the treatment of coughThe cough will not go away by itself and will only gradually progress in the future. Here we are talking about the development of a chronic disease, which can only be avoided by completely giving up smoking and then passing through preventive treatment.

For those who suffer from cough due to acute respiratory viral infection or influenza, it is recommended to drink a lot of warm drinks. In particular, tea, milk, decoction of medicinal herbs, which not only reduce cough, but also contribute to a decrease in temperature (if any).

Effective in this case will be inhalation, which should be performed no more than 1-2 times a day.

If you take advantage of these tips, then in a few days, the desired improvement will come, and the disease is likely to decline.

When a patient has a severe cough before vomiting, more powerful methods of fighting the disease should be used. This, for example, the use of special mucolytic drugs, not only improving sputum discharge, but also removing irritation of the mucosa.


The main thing is to remember that a doctor must prescribe such drugs.

At what illnesses there is a cough with vomiting at the adult?

Everyone knows about frequent cough, whooping cough satellite, which brings the child to a vomiting reflex. And what if the cough with vomiting in an adult? Cough itself is not a disease, it is a symptom.And often such signs have diseases of the respiratory organs: influenza, acute colds, pneumonia.Only not always cough comes to vomiting. A vomitive reflex arises from the fact that coughing attacks irritate the receptors of the walls of the throat. Hence the conclusion: this state can develop due to the advanced stage of the cold, presence of foreign matter in the airway or because of a more serious health problem.

The problem of coughing with vomiting

In children, coughing up to vomiting comes at a high level of intoxication of the body during a respiratory illness. Such symptoms in childhood are quite frequent, which can not be said about the adult generation. Adult patients have stronger immunity to diseases, which they already had in childhood, so the body reacts to infections and viruses not so violently. The only thing with which the human defense system can not cope is with neglected diseases. The body fails, and the disease manifests itself quite violently, leading a person to vomiting.

Diseases that cause such symptoms

The very first group of diseases that are suspected are acute respiratory viral diseases, which can affect a person with different intensity. Usually the onset of acute respiratory infections, colds, or flu comes with a feeling of malaise, weakness, and even with a dry cough.

Chronical bronchitisAfter a few days, the cough becomes wet, and when purging, purulent sputum is separated. Depending on the type of disease, it can be pectoral or barking cough. At high temperature, headaches and general malaise in adult patients, coughing can reach the gag reflex.

Another disease, the main symptom of which is cough, is acute or chronic bronchitis. With acute development of the disease, the patient will suffer from a deep and moist cough, with which mucous and watery sputum leaves. The chronic course of bronchitis passes with a more muffled symptom, similar to a "barking" sound. Usually the patient begins to cough in a cold or dusty room. In the morning, signs of bronchitis increase and often reach vomiting.

When tracheitis is diagnosed with a sonorous cough reflex with characteristic pain behind the sternum, high fever and weakness. Coughing the patient begins suddenly, breathing in cold air or smoke. After a cough, purulent sputum is separated.

If an adult is diagnosed with an allergic disease with bronchial asthma, the signs of the illness will be attacks of suffocation and a prolonged cough that comes to vomiting.

Pneumonia - the cause of coughing with vomitingTypically, this reaction occurs at the time of contact with the allergen stimulus. It is a seasonal illness characterized by exacerbations in the spring-summer period. It is worth noting that vomiting with a cough reflex occurs not only in allergies, but also in heavy smokers, and also after taking certain medications.

Pneumonia necessarily flows with a chest and deep cough, which is accompanied by a low temperature and pain in the lungs. The cough reflex is strong and often results in vomiting. The characteristic "rusty" sputum appears when the croup type of pneumonia.

Diseases not suspected

If a dry cough does not leave a person for a long time, while intensifying while reaching vomiting, then, most likely, the patient has tuberculosis. Sometimes such patients have blood in sputum. The general condition of a person worsens, for a long time, a low temperature can keep, and at night the symptoms will only increase. Usually patients suffer from excessive sweating and chills during the night.

Manifestations of tuberculosisIf a person for a long time is tormented by a dry cough that goes to vomiting, but the temperature remains within normal limits, this may be the first and only sign of lung cancer. Noticing this symptom, you can find out about the disease and begin its treatment in the early stages. To confirm the diagnosis, the patient will need to do a fluorography. When lung cancer, dry cough should necessarily change to wet.

In diseases of the gallbladder, a person can simply turn out from a cough reflex, which is accompanied by vomiting. Usually these are night attacks, after which the adult has convulsions of the thighs or lower legs, there may be shots in the eyes, burning of the feet, hot sweating occurs.

Such an irritating symptom is diagnosed when there is a malfunction in the immune and endocrine systems, liver diseases (it does not reach vomiting, but desires may be).

How to get rid of this symptom?

Doctor's help when coughing with vomitingIf you can get rid of a simple cough with the help of antitussive drugs, then to treat a cough reflex with vomiting you need medical help. What is usually allowed to take with the usual dry or wet character of a cough can be harmful to health or ineffective in a vomitive reflex. First you need to determine the cause correctly and make a diagnosis.

During the period of illness, the patient must ensure rest and peace, it is desirable that he was in bed. To alleviate the suffering of the patient can be with the help of recipes of traditional medicine. Usually used tinctures from breastfeeding, honey, milk and tea. At this time, you need to visit a doctor and go through the necessary examination, take tests.

If the diagnosis is a catarrhal disease, you should not take drugs that stimulate expectoration with a dry cough, and vice versa. Patients should consume a lot of warm liquid, which will promote the excretion of mucus. Herbal tinctures and decoctions, teas, milk with honey - the first thing that should always be near a patient with a cold or flu. Before taking medication, be sure to consult with your doctor and not make a diagnosis yourself. Do not self-medicate!

If you are concerned about a child's coughing

Often there is such a symptom as a paroxysmal cough, in a child. The disease is a protective reflex reflex process, in which there is a sudden increase in pressure within the human breast at the moment when the vocal cracks are closed. Symptom promotes the opening of the glottis, with a jerky, forced exhalation. The irritant acts on the body and then manifests itself in a cough that starts suddenly. There are cases when after a paroxysmal cough violates the heart rate and breathing. Sometimes there is a fainting condition and vomiting. These symptoms are caused by a certain disorder.

The child's cough problem

Causes of the disease

Particular attention should be paid when the child starts coughing attacks. About their symptoms and what state they have, children can not always tell their parents.

Temperature and cough - an occasion to see a doctorThe main causes that cause an attack of cough in a child are inflammatory and mechanical factors. If coughing is characterized by such symptoms as weakness, lacrimation, fever, sleep disturbance, then this is a cold disease. An attack of a sudden cough during sleep usually occurs because of excessive salivation during teething. If a child accidentally inhales a foreign body, thereby causing a cough, eventually choking may occur.

To address to the expert it is necessary in the event that the symptom is accompanied by the raised temperature of a body, a morbid kind, suffocation, and also the pains arising during a cough.The development of a paroxysmal cough that begins during sleep at night is due to the fact that the child is in a horizontal position. In this situation, tissues and organs of the human body do not receive adequate blood supply, in addition, the lungs and upper respiratory tracts are filled with phlegm. This condition provokes the formation of a cough. To properly assign treatment, it is necessary to find out what triggered the appearance of this symptom.

Varieties of paroxysmal cough

Experts divide the cough into several species that characterize a particular disease.

The sudden formation of an obsessive dry cough during sleep in the absence of sputum means that acute viral inflammation develops in the upper respiratory tract.

Scheme of acute bronchitisA known bronchitis disease is characterized by a cough that gradually changes from dry to wet. To avoid the appearance of pneumonia, it is necessary to take a snapshot of the respiratory organs and on it to determine the treatment.

The formation of spasmodic cough in children is observed in the case of bronchial asthma. If such a condition has appeared in the first days of a child's life, obstructive bronchitis may develop. After the transfer of a complex disease in children during a night's sleep, hypersecretion of sputum may develop, which will provoke a protracted cough. The symptom sometimes arises from the fact that mucus drips into the throat from the nasopharynx or from the palatine tonsil during the inflammatory process.

During the appearance of tracheitis or tracheobronchitis of viral origin, there appears a paroxysmal cough, in which clots of solid mucus are secreted. The symptom may last more than six weeks. The illness appears after a disease like pertussis, and proceeds in an uncharacteristic way.

How to treat a symptom in a child

Benefits of soda for coughingIt is well known that it is necessary to treat acute illnesses and symptoms after the specialist has conducted an examination. Self-medication can lead to poor results. Medicinal products should not be given if the disease is not defined. The child's condition will improve when coughing, if he drinks warm tea with jam from raspberries. Milk will help with the addition of baking soda, for this you need to dilute ¼ teaspoon of powder in 200 ml of milk. Dry cough is eliminated by special means - mucolytics, which dilute sputum. Thanks to this action, the mucus formed is easier to move away.

It is recommended to use decoctions of such herbs as mother-and-stepmother, elecampane, thermopsis, black radish juice with the addition of honey, marshmallow and psyllium juice. Many agents cause an allergic reaction to this or that component, therefore before use it is necessary to consult with the expert. To avoid nausea and vomiting, medicines should be consumed in small amounts. The properties of some substances cause mucus, and not every child can cope with it. The use of steam inhalations gives good results for the dry form of cough. Many use such a tool as alkaline mineral water or a solution of baking soda. When using steam inhalations for children, boiling water is considered an exception for a child. The child will be much easier if you massage your chest lightly. To ease cough, you need to use some rules:

Benefits of step-mother-on-cough
  • humidify the air in the room where the baby is;
  • remove components that emit irritating odors;
  • organize the correct mode of water intake;
  • Observe the temperature of the air in the room where the children are: it should not exceed 20-22 degrees.

From cough, children are well helped by medicines mucolytic and expectorant action. To reduce the symptom, it is necessary to turn the child from one side to the other during sleep. Thus, the sputum will not stagnate and torment the small body. Excellent massage helps in the form of effleurage and kneading. It is recommended to use an effective method in which a child lays on his knees and his head goes down, After that, a back massage is done in the place where the thoracic area is located: this place needs to be ground with palms. It is advisable to use this method 15 to 20 minutes after taking medication.

Cough will go away quickly if treated as recommended by a specialist. Already at 2 - 3 weeks you can feel relief or complete disappearance of the symptom. If the treatment is correct, then in the first week the symptoms begin to disappear, and soon the cough goes away. After three weeks, complete recovery of the body and the disappearance of symptoms are expected. If the child has felt relief, this still does not say anything: the inflammatory process is still taking place in the body, so it is necessary to undergo a full course of treatment. Any catarrhal disease is accompanied by the use of liquid in large quantities. Due to the presence of liquid with increasing temperature, the body does not face dehydration. After consuming water, the sputum becomes liquefied and leaves faster.

Be sure to follow all the recommendations of specialists, as self-treatment can lead to a bad condition and harm the body.

At the child the organism weak and reacts to each trifles, therefore it is necessary to concern to it with the big care and attentiveness. The paroxysmal cough is treatable, the measures taken in time will help alleviate the condition of the child.


When a child coughs, children feel uncomfortable. The faster to take measures to eliminate the symptoms, the faster you can get rid of a cough. He is treated by a pediatrician, he will carefully examine a small patient and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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