Is it possible to eat a watermelon on an empty stomach

  • Causes of stomach pain when eating watermelon on an empty stomach
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A watermelon on an empty stomach can cause abdominal pain in only one case - a person has problems with the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Is it possible to eat a watermelon on an empty stomach?

Allowed, but undesirable. The fact is that, being a berry, it promotes irritation of the gastric mucosa. As a result, the production of gastric juice increases and this leads to the development of pain syndrome.

Causes of stomach pain with fasting watermelon

There are a number of reasons that cause pain and discomfort when eating watermelon on an empty stomach.

Incorrectly selected fruit

An incorrectly chosen berry can cause the appearance of soreness. If it is even slightly spoiled, it can cause severe poisoning. And if you eat such a pulp on an empty stomach, you can get an intestinal disorder.

After entering the body, pathogenic bacteria begin active reproduction, poisoning the body with products of their vital activity. That is why it is extremely not recommended to buy cut fruits and even more so to include them in the menu in the morning, on an empty stomach.

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It is desirable to consume a fully watermelon. Therefore, they need to be purchased only in season, starting from August. Buy them earlier is not recommended, because to accelerate the maturation period, manufacturers can use chemicals.

And such a watermelon, eaten on an empty stomach, may well cause poisoning. His symptoms are:

  • increase in overall body temperature - sometimes to very significant rates;
  • development of the cutting area localized in the navel and slightly lower;
  • appearance of nausea, capable of ending with severe vomiting;
  • development of diarrhea.
Symptomatology can disappear in a few hours, and persist for several days. Everything depends on the strength of the organism's intoxication.

Incorrect watermelon use

If you eat too much watermelon, you can not rule out the development of a pain attack. Eating berries on an empty stomach, as already mentioned above, causes irritation of the lining of the mucous membrane.

Its pulp can strengthen the production of gastric juice. This leads to an increase in the acidity of the gastric juice and a strong irritation of the mucosal receptors.

The pain can also develop due to the extension of the body, provoked by a strong overeating

Flesh contains a large percentage of fiber, so doctors do not recommend eating too much watermelon on an empty stomach. This can cause the severity and varying degrees of discomfort.

If this is a normal overeating, then unpleasant symptoms go away in a few hours. To accelerate the process of digestion of berry pulp will help a short walk.

If a person has gastrointestinal diseases, then the watermelon flesh is forbidden to eat with any bread. This can lead to increased gas production and cause pain. You can not eat a watermelon on an empty stomach in combination with other berries. The necessary time interval, which will avoid the development of a pain attack, is equal to one and a half to two hours.

Exacerbation of diseases

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Excessive consumption of watermelon on a stomach-ache can cause an exacerbation of various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Particularly often the condition of patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer is complicated.

The composition of the pulp contains a high percentage of ascorbic acid, which leads to severe irritation of the gastric mucosa. As a result, there is a disclosure of existing ulcers, and an intensification of the painful syndrome. Organic acids, also present in the fetus, can stimulate existing internal bleeding.

Watermelon is able to cause diarrhea, while also possessing a high diuretic effect. Additional loss of fluid can only worsen the condition.

Consumption of watermelon on an empty stomach can cause exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal diseases

It is forbidden to eat watermelon on an empty stomach and with diagnosed chronic pancreatitis. The berry can cause irritation of the patient of the pancreas and cause the development of another attack of the disease.

It is worth noting the use of watermelon in diseases of the gallbladder in the acute stage. In the presence of concrements - due to a powerful diuretic property - it is capable of provoking stone movement and development of a severe pain attack.

Contraindicated watermelon in colitis. Since the disease is inflammatory, a substandard product can cause an exacerbation of the pathology. Summarizing, we can say that you can eat watermelon on an empty stomach only to people with good health and the absence of gastrointestinal pathologies.