Juice of onion from the cold

Tell me please! I forgot how to make onion drops from the cold, the son is a bad cold.



Nasal drops:

1. Dilute honey and water in proportion: and drip a few drops.

2. Drip 5-6 drops of freshly squeezed beet juice, aloe juice or onions.

With a cold, a warm compress attached to the bridge of the nose helps. You can use a pack of rice, croup, salt or a hard-boiled egg wrapped in a kerchief. Keep such a compress is needed as long as it's warm.

And acupressure with stuffiness:
The point is above the bridge of the nose, in the middle between the eyebrows, at the base of the nose. It is necessary to press on a point and, making light vibrating movements on a place, to hold until there will come a relief.
(source: Passion.ru)

Onions tried, only dilute with water not less than half, so that not strongly pinched. Pure juice dripping is dangerous. Aloe dripped, when the runny nose almost passed to soften the mucous membrane. Although, perhaps, you can alternate.
But I will try to make a point on occasion. It has long been heard that it is effective.


Grate the onion, squeeze the juice and add a little honey, and bury.


What a drop, I'm interested, I'm just sick right now. How do you know, please on the soap [email protected] skinte detailed description how to do and all that! PLEASE!

Maria Prostomolotova

I wipe the sinuses of my nose with a fresh (freshly chopped) piece of onion
either garlic.


Squeeze the onion juice and mix in equal proportions with boiled water or milk. One can not juice, you can burn the nasal mucosa.


Do not forget about the mediated reflex action of "onion" vegetable oil: you can rub the baby's feet with oil with drops of juice from onions (or crushed clove of garlic) for the night, then putting on cotton socks (if possible, buy insoles from sheared wool of merino sheep). By the morning, the swelling of the nasopharynx decreases. By the way, a habit during illness for the night and even in the afternoon to put on the child warm, thick woolen socks does not have medical "indications" - legs sweat, and do not get warm, that is harmful. To rub feet of feet it is possible and the Asterisk, and Bixom, and Menavazinom, the main thing - to not forget about individual intolerance if your child is inclined to an allergy. Of the folk remedies, it's good: in interior badger fat add a crushed garlic clove, rub the "mixture" in your hands and - rub the baby's feet. Be careful with onions and garlic if the child is a blonde or is prone to allergies. Try to "refleksoprocedure" into interesting games. Teach the crumbs to play in the "Flower in peach oil add a few drops of lemon and a pinch of wormwood, 1-2 drops of the resulting solution, the baby rubs it in its palms ("the seed starts to grow"), then sniffs them (the "breeze blows"), claps its hands ("rain went "). This simple game protects the baby from infection and helps him emotionally cheer up when he wakes up. You can play and before going out on the street, provided: the oil should hit the tip of the nose.
1.1 tablespoon of the roots of valerian pour 100 g of vegetable oil. Infuse 10 days in a warm place. Drip 1-2 drops in the nose 1-2 times a day.

2. Lubricate the sinuses of the nose from the inside with soap. Well helps with the initial stages of the disease and prevention.

3. Salt Warmer.
4 - 5 tablespoons of salt to heat in a frying pan, pour out in x. b. a pouch or a sock. Warm up the bottle on the nose and be sure to grab the area of ​​the "third eye". In order not to burn yourself, put a rag under the bag.

Tanya Berezina

I would not do anything from onions. well, a lot of modern tools, why not use them.

Natalia Dorsh

Oh, I would not have dared to invent anything myself there and drop it to the child in the nose. Well, our great-grandmother, they had no pharmacies, but now everything is and the test is passed and approved, then what is your child's experiments to put. I've been dropping the drops too, I do not drink the baby, they are vasoconstricting so they are never-harmful. But here in a drugstore I buy a plaster of breath, he helps the child perfectly simply and structure not harmful-essential oils there. I stick to the clothes, at night on the back of the crib, too, glue, that would have been breathing in my sleep.

Will it help with onion juice

Onions are from seven ailments, as the Russian proverb says. Indeed, since ancient times onions have been used as a remedy for many diseases, including in the common cold.

By its biological properties, onion is a very useful vegetable. It contains a sufficient number of vitamins C and B, micro and macro elements, various sugars, citric and malic acids. All these onion riches are used not only in folk medicine, but are recognized as official medicine.

Application of onions

In folk medicine, onions are used for various purposes:

- as bactericidal,

- anti-inflammatory,

- painkiller,

- anthelmintic.

Kashitsa from onions, imposed through gauze on a wound or abrasion, will perfectly contribute to the healing of the wound. With success, onions are used for colds, which are always accompanied by abundant discharge from the nose.

Onion from rhinitis

Usually, for the treatment of rhinitis, vasoconstrictors such as naphthysine, sonoren, and others are used, when instilled in the nose vessels in the mucous membrane of the nose narrows, edema falls, but very soon the frequent use of these drugs will cause addiction and the effect of their effects will be lost.

In such cases, it is possible to treat rhinitis with folk remedies.

One of these means, of course, is the onion. Just remember one very simple, but very important rule: never, under any circumstances, bury in the nose clean onion juice. Mucous nasal and so inflamed, and onion juice refers to quite aggressive substances. Burying pure onion juice in the nose, you can cause a burn mucous.

Recipe for drops from rhinitis

Finely chop the onion, you can grate it (by no means on metal). Squeeze through the cheesecloth juice, four tablespoons of which mix with 150 ml of warm boiled water, add a tablespoon of honey. Mix everything well and let it brew for an hour. Use as directed, that is, drop three to four drops into each nostril every three hours.

Contraindications only for allergy sufferers who react to honey, as an allergen. These drops are good because they act immediately on the entire nasopharynx and do not allow infection to spread further, deeper. And all thanks to the bactericidal properties of onions.


It is very good to arrange onion inhalation for the nose. After rubbing the onion, put the resulting gruel into the bottom of the glass. Prepare a funnel made of heavy paper. Place a wide mouth of the funnel on the glass, and insert the narrow end into the nostril. Glass with onion gruel put in a container of hot water and inhale the hot onion steam of each nostril for seven to ten minutes.


Please tell me, is it possible for a child to bury his nose for 6 years with onion juice from a cold? And if so, how to make this juice?



me as a child dribble here this:
a couple drops of juice of onions, a drop of juice of garlic, three drops of vegetable oil, as much water. you can pea honey.
taaaaaak, but on the trail. the day passed a cold all the way
while alive



Lena Eseleva

A very small dosage should be, better that would wash the nose with chamomile infusion.

Popova Natalya

in no case can not, the onion can burn the nasal mucosa


Grind the onion in a blender or grate on a grater... dilute with water 1/1 and dig in... or wind on the matches a wool pat in this solution and for three minutes in the nose of the match insert.. but just sit with the child next to him, God forbid, nowhere to bother with these matches.


What for to fence a kitchen garden. In pharmacies, there are various drugs against the common cold. Incidentally, they have been verified. And onion juice? somebody did the monitoring of benefit and harm. And if you burn the mucous in a child. Then it will be more expensive.


one drop of onions. juice, three drops of carrot, and three oils of sunflower, Vaseline... All the stir and drip one drop into the nostril.
Super remedy. But it's better to apply after 6 months.


let him breathe better onions. And effectively and safely, the mucous does not irritate


Lutsya ALOE with a set oil, 50 to 5, a few drops of that and drugova.)


Onion wipe on a grater, through a bandage, strain the juice and dilute it in the proportions: with water, otherwise you will burn the nasal mucosa

Lesja @

It is possible but this bespontovoe means most of all to wash out a nose a solution hoz. of soap

nina kondratieva

grate the onion on the grater and wring it through the cheesecloth. Be sure to dilute the water halfway. Try to drip yourself first, if very much you will tear, even dilute. But vse-taki juice of carrots or a beet is better, he is softer. Also, grate, squeeze and bring to a boil, then warm-bake.


I think you can, but with a weak solution, so as not to burn the nasal mucosa

Evgenia Volkova

I agree with the Spotlight

Not yours...

What for??? Now there are so many drops very good, and the onion can be burned with mucus


No need to risk the mucous to burn - better to salt and you can breathe a head of garlic!

The storyteller!)

I think not worth it, the onion can eat away the mucous, I lor advised a teaspoon of salt on a glass of water and rinse the nose with this solution, only boiled water !!!


you first yourself to drip it. And then think for yourself whether it is worth it to torment your child when there are drops in the pharmacies.

Galina Alexandrova

I agree with the previous speaker! Buy drops in the pharmacy !!!


It is necessary to take onion peeled and cut into a grater and squeeze juice and onions, after that you must dilute a 1/1 piece of water in a bowl with onion, and if you want you can add a little honey. All this you mix and bury in your nose.

Onions from the cold

Onion is an extremely useful vegetable, which is successfully used not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine. Juice of onions possesses useful properties, namely: bactericidal and antiseptic. Due to the action of the onion, the mucosal edema subsides, the nasal breathing and the work of the paranasal sinuses improve, which are responsible for proper ventilation.

The advantage of natural cure for a cold from the bow is also that it has no side effects. They can be used for a long time without fear of negative consequences, which can not be said about medical preparations - drops and sprays.

Ointment from onions

Juice of onion is used in prescriptions for drops, ointments and inhalations from the common cold. Each of the types of folk medicine has its useful properties and characteristics of the impact on the virus and inflamed areas. So, in order to prepare an ointment, you will need:

  • onion juice;
  • the root of the cyclomene;
  • honey;
  • aloe (leaf pulp, peeled);
  • Vishnevsky ointment.


  1. All the ingredients must be taken in equal parts, it can be half a teaspoon, five grams or a full teaspoon, depending on how much you need ointments.
  2. Stir the ingredients so that a uniform mass is obtained, and store the medicine in the refrigerator.
  3. Before use, heat the ointment to body temperature, pat the cotton swabs in it and put one into each nostril.

The procedure should last no more than 30 minutes. To be treated it is necessary until the improvements become noticeable.

Inhalation with onions

For inhalation of onion juice, you will need:

  • 2 tbsp. spoons of grated onions;
  • a pan with hot water;
  • funnel made of heavy paper.


  1. At the bottom of the glass, put the onion.
  2. Put the glass in a saucepan with hot water and cover with a funnel.
  3. Then wait 10 minutes and begin to inhale the vapors through the funnel in turn each nostril.

The procedure can be done no more than four times a day. This inhalation helps to cope with the virus, remove the swelling in the nasal mucosa and facilitate breathing.

Drops of onions

In order to make drops from the onion juice from the cold, follow the recipe:

  1. Squeeze out the juice from the vegetable.
  2. Dilute it in two to three drops in a teaspoonful of olive oil or sunflower oil (in order to avoid a mucous burn).

Burying such drops in your nose 2-3 times a day, you can destroy the virus, soften the mucous and completely cure of the common cold.


Onions and honey from the cold: recipes

Did you know that using a bow can cure a cold? In folk medicine there are numerous ways of how to use onions in treatment. Recipes of folk remedies based on onions read below. The fight against rhinitis in this way is due to the release of phytoncides from fresh grated onions that kill pathogenic fungi and microbes. So on some ways of treatment it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail.

Recipes of folk remedies based on onions from the cold

1. So, the recipe number 1. It is necessary to prepare the following ointment from the common cold: onion juice, cyclamen root, honey, aloe leaf (pulp) and Vishnevsky ointment (purchased at the pharmacy). All previously listed components must be taken in equal proportions, then thoroughly mixed. Obtained ointment from onions from the cold should be stored in the refrigerator. However, before use, it should be slightly heated (up to 36 °). Then, moisten the swabs of gauze or cotton wool in it and put thirty minutes into each nostril. Continue treatment in this way until you feel noticeable improvement.

2. Recipe number 2. It is required for treatment to prepare such gruel: to fill a bulb (preliminary it is recommended to rub it) in hot vegetable oil (1 glass), then wrap and insist in this form for about 7 hours, then strain. In application, this method of treatment is simple enough, you only need to treat the nasal mucosa with onion oil obtained. As a rule, it is used for acute and chronic colds. It is worth paying attention to one more interesting way of treating the common cold with the help of onion husks. To do this, it takes 5-6 minutes (2 to 3 times a day) to inhale the smoke from the nose, the source of which is the burnt husk.

3. Recipe number 3. You need to grind the onion in the gruel, of course, it would be more effective to use the onion juice instead of gruel, which later mixed with honey (in proportion:). Such a mixture (for the 1st hour spoon) daily take 20 minutes before meals until 4 times a day.

4. Recipe number 4. Often, onions are used in the form of inhalations. For their preparation you will need: put the onion on the bottom of the glass (2 tbsp. spoon), then put it in a pot filled with hot water, and cover it with a funnel. The essence of the procedure is that by the end of the funnel you apply your nose and through each nostril you inhale the evaporation of onions literally in ten minutes. Repeat this procedure can be up to 4 times a day.

After that, for sure, you will not have any doubts about the effectiveness of treating the common cold with the help of a bow. Be healthy, and if necessary, use one of the methods listed earlier.

Honey has always been considered the most rich in nutrients product. According to doctors, honey is a cure for all diseases, and the main thing here is the correct application. Honey is used in the treatment of the digestive system, colds, and some say that honey can be effective for skin diseases, for cellulite and even for burns. Naturally, these miracle-working properties of honey are quite capable of relieving the common cold. Do you want to learn how to use honey from the cold? How and with what use this folk remedy learn in this article.

However, before using honey in the treatment of a disease, you need to make sure that you do not have any allergies and contraindications.

Prescription medications with honey from the cold

Due to the fact that honey contains certain substances that fight with various bacteria and viruses, it does not just relieve the symptoms, but actually promotes treatment. Based on studies conducted by Canadian scientists, it can be concluded that even some antibiotics may be powerless, or less effective than honey and its beneficial substance. Therefore, honey from the common cold can be more effective than any expensive drops for the nose.

Many people like sweet honey. Now they found out that he saves practically all the viral diseases. And the less the disease is launched, the less it managed to overcome your body - the sooner you can achieve a positive result in treatment. With airway disease, some doctors recommend eating honey, but it is rarely used by itself. Most often, for example, with bronchitis, milk with butter and honey is recommended - this "team" contributes to softening of the perspiration in the throat, does not cause unnecessary urge to cough, while contributing to the removal of excess mucus from organism.

How and with what to use honey in the treatment of the common cold?

In the case of the common cold, honey is often used in recipes in the following combinations:

1. Honey and water;

2. + onion juice;

3. Honey and beet juice;

4. + aloe;

5. + Butter of thuja.

Most often these are peculiar infusions on the basis of honey, which need to drip into the nose. Depending on the proportions taken, the presence of water (which can be added to any infusion) and the degree of infusion, the results do not take long to wait.

Often in the treatment of the common cold, honey is used in its pure form. To do this, crystallized honey is injected into the nostril, while it should be lying on your back for about two hours, so that the honey is completely dissolved and got into the necessary sinuses. In the same way, chronic and neglected rhinitis, and even sinusitis are treated. That is why it can be said that honey is a very useful product that can not only be treated, but also serves as a preventive agent.


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