Whether to put a flu shot

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Whether to put an inoculation against a flu to your child (6 years)?



I the 4th year of refusals I write from an inoculation, simply for the reason that not all children tolerate it well, and that this is not a guarantee of health anyway.
every year I have such doubts-do-not do.. . but so far (fie-fie), carried by, only a mild cold.
strengthen doche immunity -bronchomunal for children, vitamins multitabs immuno-kyds. in turn, the course of that, the course of that. and not when it starts to hurt, but from October somewhere.
now she is 8 years old.

kristina fdsa

Da ja sovetuju sdelatj privivku tem samim ego organizm virabotaet imunitet i kak pravilo k prostudnim zabolevanijam svjaznim s etim virusom

Valeria Subbotina

late! it had to be done in the beginning. September ..

Tamara Kolykhanova

Last year, the elder (4 years) was vaccinated, and the younger (3 years) was sick at that time.
In March there was an epidemic. The senior has had been ill easily and at home, and with younger I laid in hospital ...

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I do not see the point in vaccination! I did my four-year-old son, so he did not get out of illness at all, he left the garden for a month and a half for a year.... It seems that the vaccination has undermined immunity ....


Disputes about vaccinations very much. I am a supporter of vaccinations all the same. We make our children and ourselves every year. The vaccination will not protect against the flu as such, it will simply help the child to bear the disease more easily. Since the flu can cause a large number of complications, vaccination, in my opinion, is more preferable. Although there is an opinion that it undermines the immunity of the child. But why not take care in advance to strengthen this very immunity. Give the child vitamins 2 times a year, tempered within reason, I also wash my nose, a very good effect gives, but over time. In any case, the decision is yours.


I do not put my daughter, I never got sick.


need to inoculate. only its effectiveness depends on the collective immunity. If in the kindergarten group 75% of children are vaccinated, then in the group there will be no outbreaks and not even those who were not vaccinated (if they are not infected at home, of course). and if only 1 to 4 people are vaccinated, the vaccinated can get sick. So, that is effective, if in the family and in the team at work (in kindergarten) all are vaccinated.


I agree with Galina, why is it now fashionable to refuse vaccinations - from all ----- more often in response I hear, -because we are not sick, that's not grafted, I will say one, do not over-feed, because most of the children are vaccinated and there is no dribbling infection-be it measles, diphtheria or ep, mumps, that's why it carries, and the flu does I think that it is necessary, because complications are much more terrible than vaccination itself, but all the same the choice is only for you.... your child's health is in your hands and brains ....


I am against this vaccination. After it, many are ill as well, and almost the next day.

Lelia Milan

we never once set up our own. do not trust. and the flu can not be stolen. mutates faster than our minds come up with a vaccine.. so that flatly rejection

Is it necessary to get a flu shot? I work in the school. What articles should I refer to?


Maria Shelest

Dear Elena Ivanovna.
Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 15.07.1999. № 825 approved a list of works, the implementation of which is associated with a high risk of infectious diseases and requires mandatory conduct of preventive vaccinations. According to the list it is inadmissible, in particular, to work without prior immunization for people working in all types and types of educational institutions.
http://www.zaki.ru/pagesnew.ph? d=10558
In accordance with the Federal Law of 17.09.1998. No. 157-FZ "On immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases" http://www.signorita.ru/doc_334.htm, in the absence of preventive vaccinations in the period of origin mass infectious diseases or when there is a threat of epidemics, temporary denial of admission of citizens to educational and health institutions is possible.
Article 76 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation http://tk.jobin.ru/542/articles.html allows the employer to remove from work in the absence of preventive vaccinations of those employees whose activities are connected, for example, with a high risk of infectious diseases.
If teachers refuse to vaccinate against the flu, the employer, at the request of bodies and officials authorized by federal laws and other regulatory legal acts (for example, at the request of the bodies of the State Sanitary Epidemiological Service) may temporarily suspend the work of persons who are bacterial carriers and which may be the source of the spread of infectious diseases. The employee is not allowed to work for the entire period of time until the circumstances eliminating the grounds for exclusion from work or exclusion to work are eliminated. At the same time, wages are not accrued to him, except for cases stipulated by federal laws.
Thus, teachers who refused to be vaccinated can be temporarily suspended by the head of the post.
Responsibility for the heads of educational institutions for the refusal of workers from vaccination is not provided.
But, as you know, under a recumbent stone.. .And therefore the opponents of vaccinations give their arguments with reference to the legislation. Please see them here.
[link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]
http://www.ksv.ru/Execute / Black / Health / Health_12.shtml
And from myself.. . I personally do not recognize any inoculations invading my immune system!

Oksana Smirnova

what articles? this is the choice of everyone. I do not put to myself a child

Elena Shumova

to put or not to put-above business. I would have put them, the kids are carrying each other all winter long ...


I do not put myself, I think that they only undermine health

Regina Denisova


Your work is included in this list, according to the calendar of preventive vaccinations for epidemiological indications, you MUST make yourself a free vaccine against influenza

ABOUT THE NATIONAL CALENDAR OF PROPHYLACTIC WAVES AND CALENDAR OF PROPHYLACTIC DISPLACEMENTS ON EPIDEMIC INDICATIONS (in red. Orders of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation of January 17, 2006 No. 27, of 11 January 2007 N 14, of 30 October 2007 N 673, of 09/04/2009, No. 166)

Is it worthwhile to put a flu shot against a child of 3 years old?



In recent days, a lot of questions and answers to this burning issue. Put on the label of the words: HEALTH, PRIVACY, CHILDREN, FLU, KINDERGARTEN. I think you'll find the right answer for yourself.

Assistant to the deputy GD.RF.



it will not be worse.


Consult with a district pediatrician ....

Jana Jane

I do not understand the correct answer. But I would refuse to be a child and having the current skill


NO! I did it last year, then I was lying in bed for two weeks with horrible flu, such a strong remission was for this inoculation, that I will never do it again. If the adult organism reacts like that, then what about the child to say, though, each person's reaction is individual.


Consult your pediatrician, for adults, the effectiveness of this vaccination is not used by 30%. Good luck.

Dmitry Serkov

from their practice - all the children in the group after that had a full composition from an inoculation, and safely - in time of flu epidemic, except for one child - mine, we do not set habits, but we temper and immunity raise


Totally agree with Dmitry Serkov. Too much is known about cases of reactions to vaccinations, in this case it is appropriate to say infection. I just hear that not only that, after the vaccination, it was very hard, they also fell into the epidemic. So get busy strengthening immunity. If the child belongs to the category of BWA, then go to the site antiparazite.ru

Should I get a flu shot? 2.5 us



it is better to get normal once every year of vaccination

Fairy Winged

Of course, you do not get a vaccination? such a serious intervention in the still unformed immunity, especially from influenza in general ineffective vaccinations, only hurt the crumbs. especially if the child is often sick, you inoculation even more weaken the body and he will catch all that flies by.


2.5 years? Or 2.5 months?
If you put 2.5 years.

Sultanova-Agzamova Gulsina

I personally am against flu shots. Better vitamins, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, honey, lemon

Elena Tyrina

clever people all gathered here, doctors of science.. .
If you have given the child to the garden, that is, he has many contacts with people, and not just with his parents, it is worth inculcating. If you sit with him at home, then it's not worth it. It is unlikely that he will get sick of the flu (not to be confused with ARVI, these are different things).
If your child is just often sick with simple blows, then it is worthwhile to vaccinate him pneumatically. But not now, during the cold season, but in the spring, when the heat will be.
But all this is in any case worth discussing with your pediatrician. Only he sees your child and knows about his health, and not we are all here.

Maria Zinchenko

It is best to solve such issues with a pediatrician, only a doctor can make such decisions. If the child is sick often enough, then of course there may be a sense in the vaccination, but I honestly did not put them.

Should I put a flu vaccine in school?


Inna Orlik

Any vaccination is an additional burden on the immune system, so at the time of vaccination, the child must be absolutely healthy, so that the immune system responds adequately to the vaccination. Ideally, before any vaccination it is recommended to conduct an immunological examination - an "immune passport" and make decisions on the need for vaccination based on the results of the tests. www.immunodiagnostika.ru

Hope E

If there is no egg allergy. or any problems, I would have done.


xs. To me that they did or made them - was ill, that did not do or made - hurted or was ill; was sick. And if there is no difference.... In addition, all vaccinations are a weakened virus. If the body is weaker than that, it is possible that a person will get sick from vaccination. The vaccination will protect against one type of virus. And which of them will be atrocities this year?

Svetlana Putivets

It depends on the immunity of the baby.. There are even known cases of deaths from vaccinations ....

Andrey Shibaev

The list of seasonal epidemic strains has long been determined. Polyvalent grafts are ready. The epidemic of seasonal flu in Russia is expected in late November. If there is a desire, why not? The technology of grafting is not difficult, in school conditions it is quite accessible.

Xenia V-I

the most useless vaccination. and in addition the child should be absolutely healthy (and the incubation period is mb up to 7 days, here and guess he did not catch the infection before vaccination, then you will be sick 2a times stronger, ttt)

Natalia Žilina

I NEVER put, I do not put and I will not put! neither from the flu nor from the tick! enough from our children and obyazalovki. would have had the strength to fight with our bureaucracy so generally would not set!


Yes, put it, here at my daughter's school last year nothing was done at all, or they invite me when everything is in full swing, so we get ourselves vaccinated ourselves, in paid clinics, and when we need to ..

no no


Alenka -_-

It's not worth it.
There is no sense in it.

Should I get a flu shot?


1 ♥ · Mariska · ♥ 1

I wrote refusals.
The flu vaccine is only one stamp, and similar viruses dozens,
which is no longer a defense.
In addition, many adults are hard-pressed to vaccinate, not to mention children

Lizaveta Pavlova

No! Do not bet!
Well this is my opinion.

Svetlana Mosolova (Gornostayeva)

I never put

Natalia Egorova

My daughter was not lucky last year - immediately after the vaccination fell ill! (((This year we will not do


Everyone decides, I put myself, every year, and not in a polyclinic, but for money ...


I did not do it, my husband at work is like vaccinated, he is one of the few (who did not) and works))))

Nadezhda Kurakina (Naumova)

Hello, there are a lot of varieties of influenza at the moment, and vaccination is done only against one. Also, the reaction in the child can be different, even more quickly, get sick. so it's up to you. Grow big and do not be ill !!!!


but I do! And to myself and the children!

Sergey Sankevich

If you adapt to the weather well, do not bet.


And it's late already. If you do now inoculation, the immunity will only work out, somewhere, in a month. And before this time, there may be an epidemic or a situation close to it. And getting sick with flu, and after having had it, the body will develop protection against further infections. Yes, even the introduced dose (albeit insignificant) of the virus will aggravate the course of the disease.


I have that little booklet in which all the vaccinations were celebrated from 4 to 18 years old, almost empty. And now everything is fine with me.
The vaccine delivered is not at all a guarantee of your child's safety.. .
You probably know that the flu vaccine consists of a small dose of the virus.

Anarchy Anarchievna

Do not put anything.


I, too, have been thinking about putting this vaccine on my son for a month already!! Asked at the forums, everyone does not say it! Our nurse came and offered to put it!! Says this year's vaccine is good, even moms come to be vaccinated! The other day my sister put her son, also says that the vaccine is good... he did not even fever!

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