How to treat bone osteoporosis with folk remedies?

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  • 1Treatment of osteoporosis with folk remedies. Products required for osteoporosis
    • 1.1Folk methods of treatment of osteoporosis based on plants
    • 1.2Osteoporosis in figures
  • 2Osteoporosis treatment with folk remedies
    • 2.1Osteoporosis treatment of folk remedies in old age
    • 2.2Osteoporosis symptoms and treatment with folk remedies
  • 3Treatment of osteoporosis of the spine folk remedies
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    • 3.2When to treat folk methods
    • 3.3Folk recipes for the treatment of osteoporosis of the spine
  • 4Osteoporosis: treatment with folk remedies
    • 4.1Medicinal herbs for osteoporosis
    • 4.2Infusion of St. John's wort with honey and lemon juice
    • 4.3Broth with horseradish and sour cream
    • 4.4Infusion of wormwood, sleep-grass and scribbler fragrant
    • 4.5Infusion of parsley leaves and dill
    • 4.6Decoction of onions
    • 4.7Infusion of leaves of dandelions
    • 4.8Infusion of thyme with flaxseed
    • 4.9Field horsetail on milk
    • 4.10Decoction of licorice root
    • 4.11Phytosboro
    • 4.12Eggshell with osteoporosis
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Treatment of osteoporosis with folk remedies. Products required for osteoporosis


The problem of osteoporosis is relevant today, as never before. It is sad that this destructive disease affects even young and active people.

The development of the most effective medicines for osteoporosis does not stop, although the modern pharmacological market is rich in all kinds of drugs for treating this pathology.

The following groups of drugs are usually prescribed:

  • calcium salt
  • preparations of vitamin D
  • calcitonins
  • bisphosphonates
  • anabolic steroid
  • non-opioid analgesics
  • estrogens (for women)
  • fluoride preparations

But not all are adherents of artificially created medicines, giving preference to natural, folk methods, the effectiveness of which is not less - after all, these methods have been tested for many years on millions of people.

We must not forget that the treatment of osteoporosis with folk remedies is a big responsibility for the person who is being treated. It is important to strictly follow the people's recommendations and still show up to the doctor from time to time to track the positive dynamics of the treatment.

Folk methods of treatment of osteoporosis based on plants

Folk treatment of osteoporosis, perhaps, is one of the oldest, but not forgotten healing directions.

The action of certain plants is aimed at restoring the hormonal balance and enriching with minerals and improving the assimilation of trace elements, both for treatment and to prevent brittleness of the bone tissue.

Why helps These delicious green vegetables are rich in fluoride, calcium, potassium and magnesium, which play an important role in maintaining the health of bones. This infusion is available literally for everyone, since it is not difficult to find these plants in stores.
Recipe Half a liter of hot water with a temperature of about 70 C is taken by 200 grams of crushed greenery of both plants. The infusion should last 3 hours, after which it should be filtered.
Dosage and multiplicity 300 ml infusion for one day, with a uniform distribution of this volume for a single dose.
Duration of treatment 6 months
Why helps Onions are rich in calcium, potassium and copper - the elements necessary for the regeneration of bone tissue and to maintain its physiological state.
Recipe To prepare onion broth take two large untreated bulbs, which must be chopped and fried on any vegetable fat. Immediately after frying, the onions are immersed in a liter of boiling water, and boil for a quarter of an hour on high heat. Then the broth is infused for half an hour and filtered.
Dosage and multiplicity: 250 ml of broth daily
Duration of treatment: 1 month
Why helps These plants are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal state of bone tissue.
Recipe Half a liter of hot water with a temperature of about 70 C is taken 1 tbsp. sleep-grass and wood-grouse and 2 tbsp. chernobylnik. The mixture is aged for 60 minutes and taken without prior straining.
Dosage and multiplicity: 50 ml for a single dose; a volume of 500 ml is drunk during the day
Duration of treatment: 3-6 months
Why helps Dandelion is rich in calcium, as well as antioxidants that protect bones from age-related damage
Recipe A tablespoon of dandelion grass is taken for 1 cup of boiling water. The mixture is infused for about half an hour
Dosage and multiplicity: on a third of a glass for one reception, three times a day
Duration of treatment: 3-6 months
Why helps When diagnosed with bone osteoporosis, treatment with folk remedies always involves using the shell chicken eggs, because it is rich in calcium compounds, which are the structural parts of the bone tissue.
Recipe A fresh, washed egg shell is cleaned from the inner film and dried. Before use, it should be held in boiling water for a few minutes and dried again, and then chopped. Immediately before the reception, the flour from the shell is mixed in equal proportions with fresh lemon juice.
Dosage and multiplicity: for ¼ teaspoon daily in the morning.
Duration of treatment: 1 month
Recipe Boil 5 eggs, loosen the shell from the film, grind it in a mortar, cut 10 lemons with the peel finely or grind in a blender or mill. Mix the powder with lemons and wait 10 days.
Dosage and multiplicity: 2 tbsp. spoon 3 p / day
Duration of treatment: 1 month
Why helps The mummy enhances the mineral metabolism that occurs in the body, and also promotes the regeneration of bone tissue.
Recipe For 70 ml of water, a ball from the match-sized mummy is taken, which must be completely dissolved in the specified volume of water.
Dosage and multiplicity: on 70 ml of a solution in the morning and in the evening for 20 minutes before a meal.
Duration of treatment: 20 days. After a week break, the course is repeated.
Why helps Clay rock is rich in silicon, which is part of the bone tissue.
Recipe For 150 ml of water, take 1 teaspoon of any clay and carefully dissolve.
Dosage and multiplicity: 70 ml of the solution on an empty stomach three times a day.
Duration of treatment: 3 weeks. After a week break, the course is repeated.
Why helps Burdock or burdock contains 5 antioxidants - flavonoids, which protect cells, including bone tissue, from damage.
Recipe Based on any vegetable oil, a burdock oil is obtained. For its preparation, burdock flowers are used, which are filled with vegetable oil and infused for several days in the dark.
Dosage and multiplicity: rubbing oil in the joints and bones 1-2 times a day.
Duration of treatment: 2-3 months
Why helps Another name for the root of the comfrey is not a hindsight, this plant has amazing properties rapid recovery of bone tissue in fractures, with bone tuberculosis and other diseases of bones and joints.
Recipe The comfrey can be used inside (with caution, as a poisonous plant) or make on its basis an ointment. To prepare the ointment requires pork fat and finely chopped root. For infusion is enough 10 gr. root pour a glass of boiling water for 3 hours and add a few drops of Dimexide.
Dosage and multiplicity: Ointment is rubbed on the affected areas, bones, joints 1 time per day. Infusion of drinking 1 tablespoon 3 p / day
Duration of treatment: 1 month
Why helps Golden mustache has a very complex chemical composition, contains a lot of trace elements needed for bone tissue, so it is used for the treatment of osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis.
Recipe Used and the leaves and mustaches of plants, crushed and poured with olive oil only to cover the raw materials, then in a water bath the mixture is heated to 50C, the hour is infused, filtered.
Dosage and multiplicity: Such oil is wiped by joints, spine 2 r / day
Duration of treatment: 1 month
  • In addition to the listed folk recipes for improving the absorption of calcium, you can take infusions of plants such as - alfalfa, sabelnik, juniper berries, buds, spores, horsetails, geraniums. In addition to consuming infusions from these medicinal plants inside, you can use them as compresses on the joints and bones.

Comfrey's root

With such a diagnosis as osteoporosis of the spine, treatment with herbal remedies is unlikely to have proper action if a person does not adhere to strict recommendations concerning the correction of the regime power supply. Diet therapy has several important goals:

  • Exclusion of products that enhance the excretion of minerals from bone tissue;
  • enrichment of the diet with products rich in mineral composition, especially calcium, and also vitamins and trace elements;
  • a competent combination of products, contributing to the maximum absorption of nutrients from outside.
Products to be excluded:
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee, tea and cocoa
  • Sweets saturated with sugar
  • Saturated products (oils, mayonnaises, margarines)
  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Products rich in coarse fibers (bran, rye bread, potatoes)

The amount of meat consumed must also be limited, since the salts and protein present in the meat interfere with the proper absorption of calcium.

On a mandatory basis, the ration should contain foods rich:
  • Calcium - cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, eggs, almonds, yogurt, figs, sesame, soybeans, broccoli and other green vegetables
  • Vitamin D - sour cream, eggs, sesame, fish, vegetable oils
  • Vitamin A - leafy vegetables, pumpkin, carrots, liver, fruits
  • Folic acid - all green vegetables
  • Zinc - seafood, liver, nuts, cereals
  • Manganese - beets, nuts, garlic, green salad
  • Magnesium - cereals, walnuts, leafy vegetables, prunes
  • Phosphorus - sea fish, seafood, young veal;
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids - sea fish, mollusks

The daily set of products should be divided into 5 meals.

Osteoporosis in figures

  • According to the World Health Organization, a person has a bone loss of up to 50 years each year about 1%, in women, when there is a menopause in the first year, these losses are 10%, and every year is added 2-5%.
  • On mortality and disability in osteoporosis, the fourth place belongs to fractures of the femur.
  • Osteoporosis reduces life expectancy by 15-20%
  • If a person had a hip fracture earlier, osteoporosis increases the risk of his repeated fracture by a factor of 2, with the existing fractures of the spine 4 times.
  • After 45 years, women stay in hospitals for treatment of the consequences of osteoporosis more than with such diseases as breast cancer, heart attack or diabetes mellitus.

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Osteoporosis treatment with folk remedies

Osteoporosis- this is a fairly progressive disease of bone tissue (skeleton, bones) or a syndrome of other diseases associated with a deficiency of the desired calcium, an amet reduction or a violation of the density of the bones themselves and a decrease in the desired density, as well as a violation of one's own metabolism substances. It is quite possible to defeat osteoporosis by treatment with folk methods.

We give some examples. To all suffering osteoporosis, even a small situation can greatly damage. A fracture can result in accidental strikes, for there are cases when a heavy book that fell down caused fractures.

Treatment of osteoporosis folk remedies grandmother's technique.

1). Proper nutrition.

The Right DietIs the first necessary action. In the case of osteoporosis, important vitamins, as well as important minerals, are in the minimum composition.

Therefore, they should get with food in their maximum composition.

To do this, first severely limit what derives calcium (smoking, any alcohol, any coffee, and also salt).

More often use those foods that contain calcium, vitamin D3 and especially phosphorus (home-made cottage cheese, quality milk, eggs). Include in the diet silicon, the necessary magnesium and necessarily vitamin K and C (fruits and suitable vegetables, cereals).

2). Go in for sports.

Take a moderate, therapeutic gymnastics, because it will increase bone mass to 15%, three times a week, swim in any swimming pool for up to 30 minutes, Nordic walking in the fresh air, riding your bike, correct yoga, moderate charging.

Important advice!!! Renounce old age. Do not use extra weight, and the first week with the minimum time (no more than 15 minutes).

3). Egg shell.

It contains a lot of calcium and the necessary phosphorus. Grind it into a fine powder and mix it in the same composition with lemon juice. Take 1/3 h.

l to 2 weeks. Either 100 g of this powder, combine with real honey in a volume of 50 grams, as well as propolis in a volume of 100 grams. Take only 1 tsp to 3 r per day.

Osteoporosis treatment of folk remedies in old age

1).Try to completely change the image of your own life, your diet and total rejection of any harmful and unfavorable habits.

2).Eliminate prolonged loads, any sharp and strong movements, but it is better to increase your motor activity.

3).Use suitable and worthy folk remedies, and do not forget about solar baths to replenish vitamin D.

4).Try to always timely and correctly treat, other various chronic diseases that have arisen.

The necessary physical education.

The necessary gymnastics is curative, it must always be dosed and regularly. The main thing in this business is not to overexert yourself.

The common goal is to restore the necessary mobility of your joints, strengthen the blood circulation in the bone tissue itself and strengthen your muscles well enough.

Visit the nearest swimming pool more often, make useful walks, do aerobics, stretch your own muscles. Start any gymnastics in the morning, and in the afternoon, do a warm-up and then rest. All exercises are done only to the best of their ability.

Osteoporosis is treated with folk remedies and proper nutrition.

Completely excluded products.


Completely eliminate any chocolate, any alcohol and especially those foods that will be saturated with any fats (especially butter, margarine, and mayonnaise).


Be sure to exclude sweets and all other products that will be saturated with sugar. Harmful will be even all drinks that are fizzy, cocoa, any coffee and even ordinary tea.

Do not allow some foods rich in their content of coarse fibers (mainly rye bread, garden potatoes and a variety of bran).

All that you need.

1). CALCIUM(1300-1500mg per day) - broccoli, yoghurt, cottage cheese, sesame, leafy greens, kefir, sunflower seeds, cheese, sour cream, figs, eggs, almonds and various vegetables, only green.

2). Phosphorus (800-1300 mg per day) is found in common garlic, in young veal, in turkey and chicken, in seafood, almonds and especially in marine fish.

3). Vitamin D(150-500me) - liver of beef, liver of many fish, in the sea fish itself, eggs, quality sour cream, sesame.

In addition to this, do not forget about the important vitamin A (carrots, vegetable pumpkin, leafy vegetables), manganese (simple beets, green salad, garlic and even nuts), magnesium (walnuts, prunes), zinc (many seafood, many nuts, various liver).

If possible, eat sea fish, which canned (eg mackerel, any sardines, sprats, can be tuna), but only in conjunction with the bones of fish. It is very useful for kelp (it is marine algae), as well as sea cabbage, garden fennel and parsley itself.

Osteoporosis of bones is treated with folk remedies.

Bow.Support bone tissue, because it contains potassium, copper and that is important for calcium. Choose the 2 most suitable bulbs and not fry them for fat vegetable.

A roasting field, immediately dip into the water boiling (1000 ml) and continue to boil for 15 minutes, without slowing down the fire. Wait 35 minutes, so that everything as it should be brewed, and then strain.

Use the treatment for 1 month, a dose of 250 ml daily.

Dandelion.It is also rich in calcium, which will protect your bones from various damages. Healing herb dandelion (1 tbsp) brew in the boiling water (1 st) and insist exactly 40 minutes. Reception lasts from, to 5 months. On day 3 r by 1/3 of a simple glass.

Shell.The structure of the egg shell is rich in the necessary calcium. Use only fresh and clean shells, peeled from their inner film and necessarily dried.

Boil water and immediately place the shell there for 3 minutes, then pull it out and back dry well. Then we crush it, and before the very use we add lemon juice, even with the shell of quantity.

The duration of this proven treatment is only 1 month. Take ¼ of the tea before your lunch.

Mummy.It is very good for bone tissue and activates the qualitative mineral metabolism. The mummy in volume as sulfur on a match dissolves in 70 ml of water.

Take 2 p per day, about 25 minutes before meals (70 ml each). The first course of treatment lasts exactly 2 decades, then we maintain a ten-day break and repeat this course.

Comfrey.Any healer will advise on various diseases of the joints and bones, because he will quickly restore bone tissue. From it they make an ointment or a correct broth.

For the ointment, grind finely its healing root, mix it with the pork fat, and wait only 3 hours. Rub such prepared ointment 1 r per day in all places of damage, up to 1 month.


The broth requires 10 g of its roots, which you need to fill with clean boiling water, insist 3 hours and add 2 drops of Dimexide. On the day, sing 1 tbsp to 3 times a month.


In addition, it helps with diarrhea, hemorrhoids, is favorable for burns, expectoration of sputum, reduces some pressure and normalizes proper digestion.

Warning information!!! The comfrey itself is toxic, so do not overestimate this dose. It is excluded if there is a pregnancy or is feeding.

Dill together with parsley.They are almost saturated with calcium, magnesium, and also potassium.

Grind these plants (each for 200 gr) and dip into water (, l) with a temperature of 70-75 C. Remove the infusion for 3 hours, and then immediately strain.

A day is allowed up to 300 ml of this broth, although you should drink it evenly.

Osteoporosis symptoms and treatment with folk remedies

Many people live without a single suspicion of osteoporosis. Symptom of the main type is expressed by a significant decrease in bone tissue itself. Sometimes it can be troubling aching bad pain and quite frequent fractures. Some people have a decrease in their own growth.

The rest, secondary symptoms.

  • Slowness, fatigue, weakening
  • Intervertebral hernia
  • Periodontitis
  • Some cramps, their limbs
  • Noticeable fragility of their nails
  • Nail polishing
  • Overstated heart beating
  • On the enamel of your teeth is not the right plaque
  • Pain in the area of ​​bones
  • Curvature

Collection number 1.The following listed herbs from nature itself are rich in minerals and necessary beneficial vitamins. We need 2 tbsp. l useful chernobylnika, 1 tbsp healing woodruff and 1 tbsp.

l sleep-grass to withstand in, l water for 1 hour, at a temperature of 75-80 ° C. It is not recommended to filter such a composition. Divide 500 ml of our broth into 50 ml and evenly drink for the whole future day.

This treatment can last from, to 5 months.

Clay water.Almost any clay is abundant in silicon, and silicon is a part of all bones. Dissolve until the end in 150 ml of water, 1 tsp of clay.

Accepts water on an empty stomach, on the day to 3 r, the norm of 70 ml.

The applied rate is up to 22 calendar days, a ten-day break is necessary, and then the course can be repeated.

Butter from burdock.Any burdock (burdock) consists of flavonoids, capable of protecting cells of bone tissue. Of the medicinal flowers of a street burdock, oil is made of burdock.

Fill its flowers with vegetable oil and put it in a suitable place without light, lasting up to 3 calendar days. On the day before 2 p rub this ointment in the area of ​​bones or your joints.

You can use oil up to 3 months.

Osteoporosis of the spine symptoms and treatment with folk remedies.

The most powerful symptom is pain in the spine itself. She usually has a aching syndrome, with a duration of even a couple of weeks. If the pain subsides, it may return under load.

Usually manifests itself in the thoracic part of its spine.

The quality of work decreases, there is profuse fatigue, a person begins to stoop, some belly bulges out, and their growth decreases.

Cervical department.

Symptoms are pain, when a person is in the same position for a long time. Many people have convulsions, high heart rate.

Then the pain in the neck region can go into a constant annoying character and the deformation of the vertebrae occurs.


When the squeezing of the vessels begins, then the headache comes, and usually the pressure is overestimated.


The unique composition.We need to prepare 150 ml of real cognac, 300 g of quality honey, exactly 10 lemons and 6 eggs in all.

The whole egg is poured with juice from ripe lemons, covered with a suitable cloth on top and is removed for 8 calendar days into the darkest place (the shell must completely dissolve). With this mixture is mixed our honey and cognac.

A unique therapeutic mixture is taken in a spoonful of dessert, always after any meal.

Golden mustache.The following prescription is also used for osteochondrosis and is tolerated in atherosclerosis.

Grind the mustache of this plant together with the leaves and fill with olive oil, put on a water bath and bring to a temperature of 50 ° C. After infusion (1 h), it is desirable to strain.

Wipe your spine up to 2 r per day, lasting a month.

Folk remedies for the treatment of osteoporosis in women.

Osteoporosis is most common in women, especially after menopause, as well as in menopause.

For the treatment of osteoporosis in women, you can apply all of the above listed tools, especially effective method of shell and lemon juice.

Further we will only add other recipes, which are also very effective.

Buds of the birch.Using quality vodka, pour in it the kidneys. Take away for 15 calendar days, where there is completely no light. After this, do compresses before going to bed, instead of dislocation of pain. The course of this method is carried out throughout the month.

Unique balm.In any pharmacy, a variety of ready-made medicinal tinctures are always on sale.

Mix the prepared tincture from the common picnull with the bird's highlander (the proportion should be absolutely equal). Reception should last 14 calendar days. The norm is 1 tbsp before meals.

The recipe is most popular with regional osteoporosis, after the defeat of the hands or their feet.

Red wine.It certainly helps when fractures have already occurred and during powerful pains. Heat only 30-30 ml of quality wine and try very carefully to start rubbing into the area of ​​pain.


For a credible effect from above, attach ordinary burdock leaves, wrap them with any suitable warm clothes, and place a heating pad on top. Remove this compress only after 2 hours.


Repeat treatment 2 r per week, up to 1 month.

Final part!!!Remember that any correct diagnosis can be confirmed only by a certified specialist.

He can also choose the recipe that is suitable for you, so try not to use people's methods without his permission.

Please share other varied recipes using open comments. Or just share this article in your network.

Sincerely, Administration of Your Site !!!

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Treatment of osteoporosis of the spine folk remedies

Osteoporosis is a disease known from ancient times.

And although healers of past times could not give him today's scientific explanation, weakness of the bone, its fragility nevertheless correctly associated with the lack of important minerals in the body and with the slowing down of life processes in German.

Many medical prescriptions have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation, and people continue to use them until now.In this article we will talk about folk remedies for treating osteoporosis of the spine.

But before you start to be treated with folk remedies, you must first:

  1. Make medical confirmation of the diagnosis of "osteoporosis" by conducting a densitometry
  2. Determine what is the reason for the rarefied density of your bones: for this you may need additional laboratory tests

Frequent errors of patients:

  • The certainty that back pain is necessarily due to osteoporosis: it's possible for your opinion to be your own old age, cases with friends and relatives, etc., for this opinion.
  • Self-consumption of calcium preparations in large quantities: richina - heard from everyone that osteoporosis is treated with calcium

Signs of Osteoporosis

In order not to make a mistake and not accept another disease for osteoporosis, you need to know the most important signs of this disease:

  1. The nature of pain in osteoporosis is rarely acute:
    Acuity of pain is a sign of radicular syndrome. When osteoporosis is a slow destruction of bone tissue, and damage to the nerve root is possible in mainly because of the tragic accidental compression fracture, and its cause may be simple a fall
  2. Fractures with small, externally applied loads - this is one of the signs of osteoporosis
  3. Bone resorption is accompanied by changes in the figure:
    bends of the spine increase until the appearance of a hump in the thoracic region and a strong lordosis in the lumbar

When to treat folk methods

Treatment of osteoporosis is complicated by the fact that taking calcium supplements alone can not lead to a slowing down of the processes of destruction and even provoke the opposite effect plus many side effects. This is due to the fact that the disease is closely related to the endocrine system, namely:

  • the level of steroid hormones in the blood (estrogen, calcitriol)
  • the concentration of parathyre hormone and calcitonin (thyroid hormone)

All these arguments are directed against the treatment of osteoporosis by folk remedies, if it is used as an independent method without medical diagnostics.

At the same time, people's methods are welcomed if they are part of a comprehensive treatment for osteoporosis of the spine and do not contradict the diagnosis:

For example, resorption occurs due to impaired functions of the parathyroid and thyroid glands, and to eliminate it try exclusively increased use of calcium, which will still not be properly absorbed, but remain in the intestines, or blood and kidneys.

Therefore, the following recipes for the treatment of osteoporosis should be treated selectively:

  • Some are more concerned with remedies for calcium deficiency
  • Others - to healing and restoring means
  • Still others are immunomodulators and stimulate metabolic processes

Folk recipes for the treatment of osteoporosis of the spine

Effective agent for the treatment of diffuse osteoporosis:

  • Take 4 - 5 eggs and as many lemons
  • Clean eggs, shell thoroughly rinse and dry (can be calcined in a frying pan)
  • Mix the finely chopped (until the condition of cereal or powder) egg shell with lemon juice
  • Take ¼ tsp every morning. within a month

Folk recipe for strengthening bones:
Judging by the ingredients, the remedy is not only useful, but also nutritious and just tasty.

  • Prepare for:
    • Six homemade raw eggs
    • Ten lemons
    • 300 grams of honey
    • 150 g quality brandy
  • Not cleaning eggs from the shell, pour them squeezed out of lemon juice
  • Cover with a cloth and hide in a dark place for a week (during this time the shell should dissolve)
  • Mix the egg mixture with honey and cognac
  • Take after eating a dessert spoon

Means for bone healing after fractures:

  • Tincture of comfrey mixed in equal parts with a solution of dimexide. Apply compresses to sore spots
  • Comfrey can also be taken orally by drop. Tincture is prepared and applied as follows:
    • 10 g powdered roots pour one liter of vodka and insist 21 days
    • Drink 10 drops twice a day for two weeks, then take the same break and repeat the course
  • Hypericum oil can be used for compresses on the spine with osteoporosis. The oil is made in this way:

    One part of the crushed dry St. John's wort is poured with three parts of warm vegetable oil and two or three weeks insists in a dark place

Regulation of calcium metabolism in the spine:
For these purposes, for three weeks take mummies - two balls a day the size of a match head. Then they take a short break and repeat the treatment

The effect will be much greater if you consume foods that contain a lot of calcium:

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Osteoporosis: treatment with folk remedies

For the treatment of osteoporosis, folk remedies can be used, which can be used after consultation with a doctor.

They consist of various components.

This can be food and medicinal herbs that promote the normalization of metabolism and replenish the lack of trace elements and minerals.

In this article you can get acquainted with some recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis and when visiting a doctor, ask him about the possibility of using them to treat your clinical case. Also, when choosing a prescription, it is necessary to focus on osteoporosis-related pathologies, which may be a contraindication to the use of a particular component.

Medicinal herbs for osteoporosis

Infusion of St. John's wort with honey and lemon juice

A tablespoon of chopped herb St. John's wort pour a glass of boiling water, cover, cover with a towel and insist for about 40 minutes. Infusion strain and add to it juice from a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Take half an hour before meals on 3 tablespoons every day.

This remedy can be contraindicated to people with a tendency to hypertension, liver disease and constipation. Also, it is not recommended for women who take hormonal contraceptives, and for people who are taking antibiotic therapy.

The duration of admission of St. John's wort should be determined by the doctor.

Broth with horseradish and sour cream

7 tablespoons of herbs to swallow ordinary boil in 400 ml of water. Root the horseradish grate on a fine grater and add to the broth. Then add sour cream and a pinch of salt to the mixture.

This folk remedy can be used immediately after preparation. Take it every day for 1-2 weeks.

Infusion of wormwood, sleep-grass and scribbler fragrant

In 500 ml of hot water add 2 tablespoons of wormwood and a tablespoon of sleep-grass and ash-tree ash-flavored.

Cover the dishes with a lid and cover with a towel, insist for about an hour. Infusion can not filter.

Take this drug should be 50 ml per day, the total amount of infusion - 500 ml.

The above mentioned herbs include vitamins and minerals useful for osteoporosis, which normalize the bone tissue. Duration of admission, depending on the severity of the disease, can be from 3 to 6 months.

Infusion of parsley leaves and dill

In 500 ml of hot water add 200 grams of finely chopped dill and parsley. Cover the container with a lid, cover with a towel and leave the mixture for about 3 hours. Strain infusion - it will be about 300 ml.

Apply 100 ml of infusion for half an hour before meals 3 times a day. Duration of treatment is about six months.

Decoction of onions

Two large bulbs with husks shred and fry in vegetable oil.

Then the onions are immersed in a liter of boiling water along with the oil and boiled for about 15 minutes. Dishes with broth cover with a lid and insist the resulting mixture for 30 minutes.

After that, the broth is filtered and taken at 250 ml throughout the day.

This folk remedy contains a large amount of calcium and copper, which are needed to restore bone tissue. The duration of reception of the broth from the fried onions is one month.

Infusion of leaves of dandelions

In a glass with boiling water, place a tablespoon of dandelion leaves and insist 30 minutes. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day for 3-6 months.

This tool helps to saturate the bones with calcium and prevents age-related changes in the composition of bone tissue.

Infusion of thyme with flaxseed

200 g of herbal thyme brew in 400 ml of boiling water. Cover the container with infusion and allow to cool to body temperature.

Add in the infusion of thyme 2 tablespoons of flaxseed, stir and persist for 2 hours. The resulting mixture should be stored in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Take 50 ml with food.

Thyme and flaxseed contain a lot of calcium, and fats, which are in the seeds of flax, contribute to its better absorption.

Field horsetail on milk

Grass of horsetail is immersed in hot milk. The container with the resulting mixture should be put on a water bath and kept for half an hour.

After that, cover with a towel and insist for 3 hours. Strain and, after complete cooling, store in the refrigerator.

Take about a liter of such milk per day for 3 months. Before use, it must be heated.

Decoction of licorice root

A tablespoon of licorice root is added to a half-liter of boiling water and boil over a small fire for about 15 minutes. Insist half an hour. The resulting broth drink 100 ml per day.


Mix in one tank a collection of equal parts of such medicinal herbs: horsetail, vysilistnik small, wateryard goltsevaya, Astra Altai, Veronica, Ziziflora, pink moss and reddish small. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and pour into the thermos a tablespoon of the collection. Pour 300 ml of boiling water and press for 8 hours. Strain and take 100 ml before meals 3 times a day.

This phytospora improves the absorption of mineral salts and accelerates the regeneration of bone tissue. The course of infusion is 2 months.

Eggshell with osteoporosis

Most folk recipes for the treatment of osteoporosis with eggshells indicate that eggshells of raw eggs should be used for the treatment of adults, and for children, boiled eggs.

Recipe # 1

Egg shell, wash, dry, remove the film from it and grind it in a mortar to a powdery state. Take on, -3 grams daily with cottage cheese or cereal.

Recipe # 2

Cook 5 eggs and peel. Remove the film from the shell and grind it in a mortar or blender.

10 lemons grind in a meat grinder or blender and add to the resulting mass powder from the shell. Mix and insist in a closed glass jar for 10 days.

Take 2 tablespoons three times a day for a month.

Mummy with osteoporosis

To replenish the minerals lost from bone tissue, a mummy can be used. Its reception increases the content of calcium, phosphorus and manganese salts.

Along with these useful properties, the mummy has a beneficial effect on the formation of red blood cells and the improvement of blood supply, accelerates the process of assimilation of minerals useful for osteoporosis.


Take it this way: in 70 ml of water, dissolve a ball of mummy (the size of a match head). The resulting solution is taken in the morning before breakfast and the same solution is prepared for reception before dinner.


The course of admission is 20 days. Then they take a break for 7 days and repeat the course of treatment.

Folk recipes for men and women

Osteoporosis often develops in men and women during menopause, when the body undergoes significant hormonal restructuring. To correct these conditions, the following prescriptions of folk remedies for this ailment can be used.

Medicinal herbs for men:

  • ash-tree;
  • ayr;
  • celery;
  • Field field.

An infusion is prepared from these herbs: 1 tablespoon of raw material is poured into 500 ml of boiled chilled water, it is infused for 8 hours, filtered and taken 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of admission is 1 month.

Medicinal herbs for women:

  • alfalfa;
  • Red clover;
  • fenugreek;
  • shandra;
  • sage.

Infusion of them is prepared this way: a tablespoon of one of the herbs is poured 400 ml of boiling water, insists about half an hour, the received volume is divided into 3 receptions and is taken in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 glass throughout month. After 3-4 months, the course of taking the infusion is repeated.

In addition to folk methods of treating osteoporosis, patients are recommended to adhere to the diet shown in this disease. It is the combination of these measures that will significantly increase the effectiveness of therapy and prevent the development of severe complications.

To which doctor to apply

When there are signs of osteoporosis, like pain in the bones, back, a decrease in growth, fractures, tooth loss, it is necessary to consult an orthopedist.

For the prevention of osteoporosis, people aged 45-50 years should undergo densitometry and repeat it regularly, so as not to miss the moment when the bone mineral density decreases.

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Treatment of osteoporosis with folk remedies

In the development of osteoporosis, bone density is destroyed, and as a result, it becomes very fragile, which leads to pain symptoms, hunches and frequent fractures, even with minor loads. Most often, fractures can occur in the arms and legs, the femoral neck and spine. Fracture of the spine and neck of the hip can lead to disability and complete immobilization of the patient.

Most elderly people and women are most affected by osteoporosis during the menopause, as the body produces less estrogen, which leads to bone fragility. Fracture in osteoporosis fights painfully and for a long time.

In some cases, surgery is required and the joint is completely replaced with an artificial joint. Treatment of osteoporosis in women and men includes taking medications, massage, physical therapy, exercise therapy and various folk remedies.

For maximum effect, it should be carried out in a complex.

Treatment of osteoporosis at home

These recipes will help to eliminate inflammation, strengthen bone tissue and get rid of pain. Treatment of osteoporosis at home should be combined with the main complex of drugs and curative gymnastics.

Parsley and dill. For cooking, you need to take 200 grams of dill greens and 200 grams of parsley. Greens need to be washed well, then bring to a boil half a liter of water and pour the greens. The broth should be infused for 3 hours, then strain through gauze or sieve.

Take the broth should be 300 ml each day for 6 months, the norm of the broth should be divided into 3 parts and drunk during the day.

This broth is useful in the treatment of osteoporosis and prevents the development of fractures.

It also helps with atherosclerosis, which is often observed in the elderly.

The shell of chicken eggs. One of the most effective and simple folk recipes for osteoporosis.

Eating eggs, do not throw away the shell, remove the film from the inside of the shell, dry the shell and save.

It contains a large amount of calcium, which is necessary to restore the density of bone tissue.

In order not to catch salmonella, eggshells must be sterilized. To do this, you can wash the shell with soap or burn it in a frying pan.


If the shell you give the child, dip it into boiling water for 5 minutes. Egg shell must be wiped with a mortar into a fine powder. Then you need to take a few lemons and squeeze out the juice from them.


Milled shells are mixed with lemon juice in a one to one ratio.

This mixture should be consumed every day in the morning, one-fourth of a teaspoon, for several weeks.

Take egg mixture is better at the beginning of the year, because at this time in the body there is a significant lack of calcium.

Egg shell is useful for strengthening bones, increasing bone mass and preventing fractures. With urolithiasis, before using this mixture, you should consult a doctor.

Onion soup is a useful and affordable remedy for osteoporosis. It is necessary to take 2 large onions together with the skin and finely chop, then fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Pour a liter of water into a saucepan and boil it.

When the onion is fried, we spread it into boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Then onion should be left for half an hour, then filter so that no husks remain. The resulting broth is divided into 3 equal parts and we drink one of them every day.

To treat diffuse osteoporosis, use such a decoction for one month.

Lemon juice. A good remedy for osteoporosis is lemon juice. One tablespoon of fresh juice should be dissolved in a glass of warm water, you can add a spoonful of honey and drink every day after eating.

Folk remedies for osteoporosis

In case of osteoporosis, decoction from various herbs is quite effective, which can be used as a tea or make compresses for it to eliminate pain and inflammation:

  • Take 100 grams of fresh herb clover and chamomile and pour them with vodka (500 grams), then leave to infuse for 3 days. This tincture should be used for compresses that are superimposed on a sore spot. It is better to put the compress before going to bed for the whole night. Apply compresses every day for 2 weeks.
  • Take 200 grams of fresh birch buds and pour them half a liter of vodka, then leave to infuse in a dark place for 7 days. The resulting tincture is used in the form of a compress, which is applied at night to a sore spot. The course of treatment is 30 days.
  • Take 300 ml of a tincture of a bird's mountaineer and a firefighter, add to them 400 milliliters of tincture of field horsetail. The liquid should be mixed well. Take this mixture every day for 1 tablespoon before eating for several weeks. Tincture is good for osteoporosis of the foot and hands.
  • The decoction of St. John's wort is widely used for any type of osteoporosis. Take 1 tablespoon of dry St. John's wort and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave to infuse the broth for 40 minutes. After this, you need to strain the broth and drink 3 tablespoons a day. To improve the taste in the broth, you can add a spoonful of honey or lemon juice.
  • Another folk remedy for osteoporosis is a decoction of walnut leaves. The leaves of the nut must be dried. Cooking broth: 1 teaspoon of chopped leaves pour one glass of boiling water. The resulting broth should be drunk twice a day before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  • Comfrey or bone is good for bone fracture or fracture in it. You need to buy 10% tincture from the root of the comfrey and drink 10 drops twice a day for 10 days. After this, you need to take a break for 2 weeks, and then repeat the course of treatment.

Prevention of osteoporosis

In order to prevent osteoporosis and accelerate the process of recovery, one must adhere to a special lifestyle.

It includes a balanced diet, moderate exercise, taking calcium-containing drugs and staying in the sun at the right time.

The sun's rays are necessary for sufficient production of vitamin D, which improves the absorption of calcium in the body.


When osteoporosis is necessary to perform a therapeutic complex of exercises during the period of treatment and after recovery. Moderate stress is needed by the body in order to produce more bone.


During an acute period, it is forbidden to run, jump, lift heavy objects, since there is a risk of fractures. Gymnastics should be performed at a calm pace, without sharp turns and inclinations.

The complex is performed every day in the morning.

Useful physical exercises for osteoporosis are dancing, yoga, aerobics, pilates and fast walking. During the dance, the bones receive the necessary load, and the risk of injury is excluded.

Waltz and other smooth types of dance are best. Do not bend, as the front parts of the vertebrae may be deformed.

When lifting heavy objects, it is necessary to bend the legs in the knees, take the load, then stand up slowly with a straight back.

When working in the garden or in the garden, it is recommended that the elderly use a stool and a ladder. You can not be in a half-bent position or throw your head back sharply.

In measures to prevent osteoporosis includes nutrition, rich in calcium, chitin and vegetable estrogen.

Women during the menopause and after men over 50 years of age are recommended to consume 1000-1500 mg of calcium per day. Most of the calcium is contained in hard cheese - in 100 grams 600 mg.


Also will be useful products such as cottage cheese, kefir, milk, sesame, dried fruits, almonds, cashews, black bread, lettuce leaves and other green vegetables, oranges.


Every day you need to eat 9-10 almonds. To strengthen bones, you need to include seafood, salmon, salmon and trout in the diet, since they contain phosphorus.

If necessary, calcium is taken in the form of food additives in combination with vitamin D for complete assimilation.

For the natural production of vitamin D it is useful to walk in the fresh air under the sun. After 11 hours, sunbathing under direct rays is prohibited, since they are dangerous to the skin.

It is better to take shelter under an umbrella or under the trees, while the vitamin will continue to be produced.

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