Is a hernia of the lower eyelid curable?

Who is not familiar with such a phenomenon as "bags under the eyes." They can be a constant companion or a temporary phenomenon, slightly noticeable or significantly spoil the appearance. However, in addition to the most well-known causes (eg, cardiovascular disease or renal disease pathologies), the swelling of the lower eyelid may appear as a result of a phenomenon known as a "hernia of the lower century ".


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  • 2Causes
  • 3Symptoms
  • 4Possible complications
  • 5Treatment
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    • 5.2Folk remedies
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Definition of disease

On the human body, there are several areas where the skin is most vulnerable and subject to age-related changes. If on the cheeks, chin and even in the forehead area there is a layer of subcutaneous fat, then around the eyes the fatty layer is almost invisible.With age, the skin becomes thinner, stretches, and the formed space is gradually filled with subcutaneous fat, forming an edema.

To distinguish a hernia from pathological changes for other reasons is simple enough: a slight pressure on the eyeball causes swelling in the inner corner of the eye.

Depending on the severity of age-related changes, all cases of ptosis of the eyelids are classified into 4 groups:

  • 1 degree. Pathological changes affect only the lower eyelids;
  • 2 degree. At this stage, there is a decrease in muscle tone around the eye, as well as a clear division of the "eyelid-cheek" area;
  • 3 degree. Changes occur almost in all surrounding tissues tissues: eyebrows, cheeks drop, nasolabial folds are formed;
  • 4 degree. All previous changes are exacerbated, especially in tissues at the border with the century.

In most cases, hernia under the eyes appear with age. However, there are cases of its occurrence in young people. Before starting treatment, you should undergo a complete examination and establish the correct cause of the appearance of "bags" under the eyes.


All tissues and organs of the human body are subject to age-related changes. Muscles face and, in particular, the lower eyelid, over the years lose their elasticity. Penetration of subcutaneous fat into the lower eyelid causes swelling and, even with thinning, is the cause of bulging in certain areas.

The following factors predispose to the formation of a hernia of the lower eyelid:

  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Special shape of the eye sockets;
  • Overwork, stress, bad sleep;
  • Disorders of hormonal balance or lymphatic circulation.

For these reasons, pathogenic factors can also be attached:

  • Renal failure;
  • Angioedema;
  • Amyloidosis, xantelism.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the treatment of xanthelasma of the eyelids.

Harmful habits, prolonged eye strain, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light can contribute to the appearance of a hernia of the lower eyelid at a young age.


The main sign of the formation of a hernia is the appearance under the eyes of a characteristic swelling.If pathological formation overlaps a partially or completely tear duct, periodic lacrimation is observed.

Other signs of pathology include:

  • Presence of edema is constant, regardless of time of day and state of health;
  • Increased swelling with a slight pressure on the eyeball;
  • Sometimes the field of view is limited.

Simultaneously with the development of the hernia of the lower eyelid, dark circles under the eyes may appear.

Possible complications

Functional complications, if it is not associated with other pathologies, does not cause a hernia of the lower eyelid. In addition to purely cosmetic significance, treatment and removal of a hernia does not.However, getting rid of constant swelling in the eye area brings a tremendous rejuvenating effect, which is especially important for women.In addition, the facial expression completely changes, the look becomes more comfortable and cheerful.

If you do not start treatment, then, in addition to visual aging of the face, the hernia of the lower eyelid can cause:

  • The limitations of the field of view;
  • Appearance of pronounced nasolacrimal fissure;
  • Forming "paint" bags on cheekbones;
  • Ptosis (lowering) of the eyebrows.

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To determine the necessary treatment procedures, the true cause of the hernia should be established. To eliminate the possibility of the presence of other pathologies, a preliminary examination is conducted with a nephrologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist.

Medication Therapy

To remove the hernia of the lower eyelid, both surgical interventions and non-surgical techniques are used. The latter include:

  • Thermolifting- the type of controlled tissue damage with heat, stimulating the immune system to renew skin cells. Protein from heat is curtailed, collagen and elastin fibers are reduced. At the same time, fat cells are involved in the process, and the hernia disappears;
  • Ultrasonic lifting. It allows to penetrate deeper layers of the skin and activates the formation of new elastin fibers, triggering the process of neocollagenesis. The effect from exposure is visible immediately, but fully manifests itself after 5-6 months;
  • Microcurrent therapy. Exposure to the skin with minimal electrical impulses is a stimulus for: synthesis of collagen and Elastin fibers, eliminate fluid stagnation, restore muscle tone, exercise lymphatic drainage;
  • Mesotherapy.This technique is based on the introduction of subcutaneously or inside the skin of specially selected medicinal means, stimulating metabolic processes and accelerating metabolism, activating the immune function system. This technique is suitable only for patients without fear of injections and is carried out by a highly qualified specialist;
  • Biorevitalization. The method of introduction into the deep subcutaneous layers of hyaluronic acid - hydrocolloid, which is part of the intercellular substance and is involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

In addition, complex cosmetic programs (massage, peeling, medical and cosmetic products), contour plastic, laser facial rejuvenation can be used.

In case of ineffectiveness of the above procedures, surgical methods may be used:

  • Classical blepharoplasty. It is performed in patients with strong age-related changes, when apart from the removal of fatty deposits, the excision of skin folds is also required. The incision is made on a special marking on the edge of the lower eyelid in the place of growth of the eyelashes, which makes the postoperative sutures invisible;
  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty(or laser). Unlike the classical, this type of operation is prescribed to young patients who do not need to remove excess skin. Adipose tissue is removed through a small puncture (, cm) on the inner side of the eyelid.

The type of procedure should be selected only on the advice of a doctor. Treatment is carried out in a hospital under local or general anesthesia. Before the surgery, the patient is examined, the rehabilitation period takes from 10 to 12 days.

Folk remedies

Modern plastic methods can be implemented only in special clinics and highly qualified specialists. Such services can not provide every village, but not everyone can afford it. What can be done at home?

Traditional medicine recommends the following recipes:

  • Eyeshadow from raw grated potatoeswithin 10-15 minutes. with daily use helps eliminate "bags" under the eyes;
  • Potatoes boiled in a uniform, slightly cooled and applied to the eyelids, warms the deepest tissues and activates the metabolism in the heated area.The duration of the procedure is, hours;
  • Raw ground potatoes in a mixturewith a small amount of milk and flour put on the lids lower and upper for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse with warm tea brew;
  • Effective means - lotion from sage(1 tbsp. l. herbs for 100 g of boiling water). One part is cooled, another is heated and alternate lotions are made, each for a few minutes;
  • Decoction of parsley also helps to get rid of fat deposits on the lower eyelids.Chopped parsley (30 g) is poured a glass of boiling water and cooked on a small fire for 5 minutes, after which it is cooled, filtered and used for lotions;
  • Boiled and mashed pumpkin is applied to the eyelid area and left for 15 minutes.The procedure helps not only to get rid of the puffiness of the eyelids, but also to nourish the skin with vitamins;
  • The most economical way is the use of tea bags frozen after tea.If you impose them on the eyelids, the blood circulation will improve, and along with it the metabolism will accelerate, and the fatty tissue will decrease;
  • A proven method from Bulgaria is white clay in half with rose oil.This mask has not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic effect, since white clay is a good sorbent, it binds and removes harmful substances from tissues, stimulates cell regeneration.

After each procedure, you should thoroughly clean the face of the remnants of the medicinal composition and apply a nourishing cream.


With regular implementation of folk remedies can have a significant positive impact, but with strong age-related changes to achieve complete disappearance of the hernia only with the help of these funds is impossible. Therefore, it is much more effective to start looking after the face at a young age.


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If you are prone to the formation of "bags" under the eyes, observe a few simple rules:

  • Avoid heavy drinking in the evening;
  • Flowing from the first rule: do not eat salty;
  • Try to adhere to the rules of healthy nutrition: less fatty, sweet, smoked and salty foods, more vegetables and fruits, preferably natural, and not processed;
  • Follow the work of the kidneys and, if necessary, use diuretics - this will get rid of excess fluid in the body and avoid swelling.

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The hernia of the lower eyelid is a purely cosmetic problem and does not carry any particular dangers, except for the deterioration of the appearance. However, before carrying out the treatment procedures, make sure that it is not the result of a hidden pathology. After all, in this case, the removal of the hernia, even surgically, will be only a temporary measure.

Much more effective and productive, as with any other pathology, more time to prevent the appearance of unwanted body fat. Especially if you do procedures at home using folk remedies. This will avoid further development of hernia on the eyelids and will retain youth for a long time.

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