Learn whether you can get pregnant with an ovarian cyst

Pregnancy is a serious burden on the body to bear and give birth to a healthy baby, it is important to take a responsible approach to its planning. First of all, experts advise to check for the presence of the most common gynecological diseases. Most often, women have different ovarian cysts, can I get pregnant with an ovarian cyst, how can its development affect the gestation process?

  • Does the ovarian cyst prevent pregnancy?
  • Is the ovarian cyst dangerous during pregnancy?
  • Can I get pregnant after removing the ovarian cyst?
  • When you can get pregnant after laparoscopy
  • Is it possible to confuse ovarian cyst with pregnancy?
  • How to Get Pregnant with a Cyst
  • Removal of the ovarian cyst during pregnancy
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First of all, if you detect a cyst, do not be scared and despair, this condition in most cases is not as dangerous as it might seem. But also to start this disease should not be, especially if in the near future it is planned to bear and give birth to a child.

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A bile is usually called a benign neoplasm, which is a small cavity, a vial filled with a liquid, usually colorless and odorless. Over time, the cyst can grow, grow in size. Experts say that the exact cause of cyst formation in the body is difficult, many factors can influence their formation, but their presence does not mean that the formation will necessarily occur.

Often, the disease occurs without significant symptoms, which can easily be attributed to pain and discomfort before and during menstruation, changes that are always present during the cycle. Often, such tumors are detected during preventive examinations at the gynecologist.

Important!To identify the tumor at the very beginning of its development, a specialist should visit at least 1 to 2 times a year.

Tumors can be of different types, depending on their size and content, the likelihood of complications, the peculiarities of treatment, and, in particular, the probability of becoming pregnant immediately after its removal, depends. Often there are serous cysts, fluid-filled vesicles, and endometroids, in which the endometrium begins to develop in an abnormal way and forms a cyst. The last variety of tumors is more dangerous.

Also it is worth considering that there are functional and organic neoplasms. Functional develop as a result of single violations in the function of the ovary, for example, when taking improperly selected hormonal drugs. Their key feature is the ability to independently resolve itself over time, if the hormonal background and the activity of the reproductive system have returned to normal.

Organic are more dangerous subspecies. They are formed as a result of more serious violations, they never disappear on their own and in most cases require more serious interference.

Is pregnancy possible with an ovarian tumor? To accurately answer this question, first of all you need to see a doctor and find out everything about the neoplasm, since in each individual case the approach will be different.

Does the ovarian cyst prevent pregnancy?

In general, when a cyst occurs, especially a functional one, the possibility of conception remains, but sometimes it is reduced. Sometimes a woman does not get pregnant for a long time, she turns to the doctor, as a result of the examination, a cyst is found, which in principle can affect reproductive capacity.

However, on the whole, you can not rule out the possibility of conception, before pregnancy you should make sure that there are no tumors. It is also worth noting that a pregnancy test with an ovarian cyst may show false results due to the effect of the tumor on the woman's body.

Is the ovarian cyst dangerous during pregnancy?

Any violations of the endocrine and reproductive system in women can adversely affect the process of bearing a child. Tumors of different species are no exception. Some types of neoplasms under the influence of bearing a child can degenerate into a malignant tumor or burst, which also leads to negative consequences.

Endometroid ovarian cyst and pregnancy are also incompatible, but serous neoplasms are especially dangerous. In any case, you should first treat this disease, after which you can become pregnant.

Ovarian cysts and pregnancy are simultaneously tolerated only in one case, if bearing occurs with the cyst of the ovary of the yellow body. This tumor is usually formed during gestation and after some time passes by itself. However, when it appears, it is desirable to constantly see a doctor.

With the ovarian cyst and myoma of the uterus, bearing the child is strictly unacceptable, the probability of a healthy baby without the development of complications is extremely low, you should not take that risk. If there is a question about pregnancy with an ovarian cyst and erosion, it all depends on the testimony of a specialist. The tumor should be disposed of, but erosion is not an independent disease, it usually does not affect health and the process of gestation.

Important!In the presence of any gynecological diseases, the probability of miscarriage increases.

Can I get pregnant after removing the ovarian cyst?

After the tumor and its effects completely disappeared, you can become pregnant almost immediately after further consultation with your doctor. If after taking medications to remove the tumor or surgery, there are no contraindications, pregnancy is allowed.

When you can get pregnant after laparoscopy

It all depends on the individual indications and characteristics of the body, but it should be noted that laparoscopy, despite the prostate, is considered a full surgical intervention. Therefore, the more time passes before bearing, the better. It is advised to wait at least a couple of months, to be convinced of the health of the reproductive system.

Is it possible to confuse ovarian cyst with pregnancy?

This probability is there, especially with an ovarian cyst five centimeters and more, if a woman has been trying to get pregnant for a long time. Neoplasm can cause symptoms similar to the state of pregnancy, in addition, its constant growth can also be misleading.

It is also worth noting that neoplasms can affect the indicators of pregnancy tests. Because of this, a false positive result may occur. If the ovarian cyst has become pregnant, it is worth it to cure and try to conceive the child again.

How to Get Pregnant with a Cyst

It is not necessary to become pregnant in the presence of a neoplasm, before conception it is desirable to undergo treatment and get rid of it. Treatment can be different, depending on the type of cyst can be prescribed conservative treatment, which includes the intake of hormonal drugs, diet, physiotherapy.

Some types of neoplasms require surgical intervention. Usually a laparoscopic method is used, in which scars and scarring do not remain.

Removal of the ovarian cyst during pregnancy

Treatment during pregnancy is usually not carried out, because it is possible to lose a child or to bear it with complications. That is why it is important to treat all diseases before the start of gestation. If the tumor has arisen during gestation, it is important to constantly monitor its development so that there are no complications.