Dry cough in a nursing mother than cure

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How to treat a coughing nursing mom

How to treat a coughing nursing mom

Nursing mothers can not treat cough with antitussive medicines, since they are completely contraindicated. But you can always use folk methods of cough cure or safe plant drugs, and to determine its cause and start the correct treatment, ask for help. the doctor.

You will need

  1. -carrot,
  2. -honey,
  3. -onion,
  4. -milk,
  5. -plantain.


  1. Nursing mothers with cough help plant remedies based on thyme, thyme, plantain, licorice root, ivy, anise, etc. plant components. Use drugs that help to sputum, breastfeeds and elixirs.
  2. Put before the sleep a yellow card, but only above to the neck, so as not to hit the chest. Also, you can rub at night with honey, which by morning will completely absorb into the skin.
  3. Drink a glass of very warm milk before bed, add a little butter and 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink it in small sips, it will help to warm up the throat better and for a while will remove the perspiration in the throat.
  4. Take one black radish without cleaning, make a groove in it and add a little honey to it. Leave the radish in a warm place, when the juice is formed, take it 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day.
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  5. Breathe over the potato steam, covering yourself with a blanket, do inhalations with essential oils and herbs. You can drink tablets from the cough "Mukaltin", they are made on grass.
  6. Take fresh carrots, grate, squeeze through gauze. To carrots, in equal proportions, add warm water and a little sugar, and preferably honey. Drink this juice for 1 tablespoon. 5-6 times a day, this will calm the strongcough.
  7. Here is another tool available to all. Take a fairly large onion, grate on a fine grater, add honey to the resulting mass, equal to the onion. Take the resulting mass after meals, three times a day for 1 tablespoon. Drink the agent throughout the disease, and in the winter months it can be taken for prophylaxis.
  8. With an excruciating cough, the infusion of plantain helps you. Pour 4 tablespoons of dry leaves half a liter of boiling water, wrap and let it brew for an hour. Then strain, infusion drink 3-4 times a day for 2 tablespoons.


Than to treat a cough with breastfeeding (HS)

Treatment of cough in nursingThe treatment is just a coughing job rather meaningless. With its single manifestation, sharp reflex exhalations serve as a protective reaction of the organism and cease themselves, and with prolonged - are a sign of various diseases with which it is necessary fight.

It is not necessary to independently appoint various means and take them. The initial action should be an immediate visit to the doctor or calling him at home. Only a specialist can make a correct diagnosis, and if necessary, conduct any additional studies, and prescribe the means by which you can treat a cough feeding.

Medicines for coughing lactating mothers

Very often in the treatment of cough during lactation, the doctor prescribes various syrups and medications. Take them only in the dosage prescribed. Strictly prohibited:

  • Thoughtlessly to use medicines, relying on the read instruction.
  • To arbitrarily adjust the treatment regimen prescribed by a specialist.

In this important period for a woman and a baby, medicinal products, which are low-salvage medicines, should be used. They do not have any negative effects on the child. However, for this it is necessary to inform your doctor about your role as a nursing mother.

In the lactation period, the following medicinal products are allowed:

  • Treatment of cough during lactationAntimicrobials of local action.
  • Compositions, which are based on thyme, plantain, anise.
  • Syrups having an expectorant effect.

It is very important to correctly calculate the time of taking medication. At the time of feeding the baby in the blood of the mother, the concentration of drugs should be minimal. Therefore, than a coughing lactating mother can only be told by a qualified specialist.

Broths of nursing mothers

In the treatment of cough during lactation, various broths are very well recommended. They can be from:

  • Rosehips.
  • Ledum.
  • Figs.
  • Various fees are being sold at the pharmacy.

When using decoctions, you should be cautious and watch for a while: will the baby show any allergy to any component of the remedy.

Abundant drink during breastfeeding

When treating a cough during breastfeeding, doctors are advised to use as much fluid as possible. It is very useful and safe to drink homemade milk with honey or alkaline mineral water. Such mixtures can be taken in small portions throughout the day.

Inhalation with breastfeeding

Treatment of cough during lactationAs a method of combating dry cough during breastfeeding, inhalations are very well recommended. The inhalation of steam is carried out for 5 minutes. It should be repeated several times a day.

Do not inhale at body temperature above normal.

Very important for the effectiveness of treatment is its regularity and the accuracy of the implementation of all medical prescriptions. It must be remembered that self-medication is not the best option to cure a cough for a nursing mother. The first place should be to take care of the child's health and ensure its maximum comfort. And this can only be achieved by consulting a doctor and strictly obeying his instructions.


What cough medicine can I take from a nursing mother?



Cough Recipe
I have a recipe for a "magic compress." This recipe was suggested to me by the old district pediatrician for a long time, but now we treat both children and adults alike. The prescription is simple and cheap.
In the container mix:
Dimexide - 1 hour. l.
water - 3 hours. l.
papaverine - 1 ampoule (,)
eufillin,% - 1 ampoule (,)
Wet cotton, put a compress on the chest in front and behind. Leave for a day. Then compress the renew, and for another day. The only side effect is not a very pleasant smell. But he treats almost instantly!


Warm, slightly hot, milk with butter (teaspoon).

Soviet hero

Hello! I need to look that it is possible to make in your situation. Write in detail your problem. Necessarily send photos of both of you (it is desirable on separateness). Write as names and age.

Maria Ivanova

Knee! Do you still have a cough?
I drank mucaltin and licorice syrup. shitty is the truth treatment. 2 weeks coughed.

Vladimir Kozak


lopd lopd

the fact that infants can take something and nursing,

Irina Tikhonova

Plates "Doctor MOM" and in general are better than folk remedies: you can gargle with a soda solution, and from a cough to drink milk, adding a piece of butter and a little soda


Manyunya, no one has thought up a cough remedy like radish with honey! cut the heart of radish, a spoonful of honey there, then the radish will let the juice and a teaspoon 30 minutes before eating! the cough goes on for 2-3 days! A proven tool for both myself and Malinka!

=== SVIREL ===

Gedelix like you can and Stolet. BUT THE DOCTOR STILL ALL ASK.


only not Honey (allergic), a decoction of licorice, thyme, for example,
Another such recipe: cut finely 2 large onions, fill them with a spoonful of sugar, stop, leave to stand. Then take the resulting juice for 1 hour. l. 3-4 times a day without washing down.

Ekaterina Kravchenko

No honey during the shower is allowed. This is the strongest allergen. My doctor prescribed inhalation with Proppanom. These drops are harmless, contain a dry extract of ivy leaves and are very effective. I had enough time to inhalate for three days, as the cough almost completely disappeared.

How to treat cough with lactation

How to treat cough with lactation

Cough is a sign of respiratory disease. It occurs with inflammation in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract: the throat, larynx, bronchi and in the lung tissues. Nursing women can not take many drugs that cough, so you have to cope with the problem using folk methods.

You will need

  1. - birch juice, milk;
  2. - alkaline mineral water;
  3. - figs;
  4. - honey, black radish;
  5. - Onions, milk, honey;
  6. - bananas;
  7. - lemon, honey.


  1. Mom, who feeds the baby and suffers from cough, must be included in the diet: liquid milk porridge from the oat-flakes, liquid mashed potatoes with lots of milk, rubbed radish, dressed sour cream. Drink recommended oats and barley broth with the addition of chicory root powder and almonds. This drink is taken as ordinary coffee, you can add a little hot melted milk.
  2. If a bad dream is observed because of a cough, then eat a large portion of fresh lettuce for the night, it acts as a hypnotic.
  3. With a debilitating cough, drink a mixture of hot milk and alkaline mineral water, in the ratio:. With a strong cough, the broth of figs in milk helps a lot. Prepare yourself a mixture of birch sap with milk, add a little bit of starch or flour. Instead of regular tea, drink an infusion of strawberries or strawberries.
  4. Cough boiled honey and turnip juice help a lot. Just remember that not boiled honey will further strengthen the cough. Take one black medium-sized radish and grate it on the grater, wring out the juice. Mix this juice with five grams of honey. Take five milliliters three times a day.
  5. Eat onions, boiled in milk and mixed with a small amount of honey. This simple tool relieves of a dry cough.
  6. Take ripe bananas, rub them through a sieve. Then put the gruel into the hot sweetened water, warm up and drink. On two bananas you need to take a cup of sweet water.
  7. Cook the lemon for about ten minutes on a slow fire. Cut it into two halves and squeeze the juice well. Pour it into a glass, add thirty grams of glycerin, stir well. Then add the honey to the very top of the glass. Before using this remedy, it must be shaken well. With a strong cough apply five milliliters four times a day, when the cough begins to pass, the number of receptions can be reduced. This drug is great for treating cough in lactating women, it will help small children.


Cough, bronchitis! than to treat a nursing mother?


Natalia Pechyorkina

Tantum Verde - aerosol, as far as I remember, is suitable for toddlers and nursing.


Black radish with honey, cut a hole in a radish (like a cup), pour honey, insist a couple of hours, take a teaspoon 3-4 times a day


inhalation with mineral water, breathe over boiled potatoes in uniform, spray ingualipt, pills mukoltin, rubbing doctor mom, chest, back, calves, feet.

nadezda subkova

Bryony-homeopathy. Wear yourself for the night

Natalia Nikolaeva

If the cough is dry, then the powder ATSTS, it can be both children and adults. Another hot alkaline drink: hot milk, tea with milk, a warm mineral without gas. Herbs and honey before the year baby is better to avoid, although in small quantities can and can (each individually). And other medicines under the control of physicians are better for taking.


boil the lemon 10 min. after which the middle in the glass. there is also 2 tbsp. l. glycerin. and fill this glass to the top with May honey. stir and drink for 1 hour. l. every 3 hours. were given 7 months. baby. all has passed. do not be ill))))))))))))))))))))


There are several good recipes from cough:
1) Grind 500 gr. peeled onions, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 400 gr. sugar and cook over low heat in 1L. water for 3 hours. Then cool and drain. Store in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Take 2 tablespoons 4-5 times a day with a strong cough.
2) Cough is very useful to eat onion, fried in butter and mixed with honey.
3) Mix in equal parts the purified hazelnuts and honey. Take 1 teaspoonful 4-5 times a day with warm milk.
4) Wipe through a sieve ripe bananas and put in a pan with hot water at the rate of 2 bananas per 1 cup of boiled water with sugar. Warm up and drink this mixture when coughing.
5) With a strong cough, cut into small cubes a black radish and put in a saucepan sprinkled with sugar. Bake in the oven for 2 hours. Strain and drain the liquid into a bottle. Take 2 teaspoons 4-5 times a day and at night before going to bed.
6) With a strong cough, the healer Wang advised to cook 1 potato, 1 onion, 1 apple in 1l. water. Cook until the water is less than half. Take 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day.

Man - you are Peace, you are Eternity.

Only not chemistry. Do not stop the process of cleansing, do not interfere with the immune system to cleanse the body. Ample warm drink with lemon, cowberry, 2 liters of clean, warm, structured water. The temperature is reduced by water. Medicines can not be reduced. The organism is autopilot, the processes in the body are regular. Treat throat with colloidal silver.
Tea with echinocice, licorice. Sorbents-protection of the kidneys from intoxication
1т энсорал, any other sorbents.
To be strong, it is enough to clear and strengthen immunity regularly.
to strengthen immunity there is a unique product that simulates immunity Molozevo, Shark liver fat, Bark of an ant tree. Mega acidophilus-friendly
The organism fights, immunity takes out foreign cells of the virus, bacteria through excretory systems body, through the skin-sweat, through the nose-flowing lymph, the intoxication is removed, it is impossible to reduce temperature. If the heat is wiped away with dilute table vinegar. The body is dehydrated by cleansing. You can not drink, there can be convulsions, this is when the neurons of the brain die. But we must not eat without hindering the processes of purification. You can berry, smash in blendor, energy products-microhydrin, co-enzyme Q10, the process of purification will be faster.
Seaweed helps strengthen your immune system. The active ingredient of UMI is fucoidan, which is a constituent of brown algae.

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