Polyarthritis of the fingers: treatment with folk remedies and medications

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  • 1Polyarthritis of fingers and hands: treatment with folk remedies and symptoms
    • 1.1The essence of pathology
    • 1.2Principles of folk treatment
    • 1.3Use of decoctions and infusions
    • 1.4Formulations for compresses and trays
    • 1.5How to prepare trays for grinding
  • 2Than to treat polyarthritis of fingers: the types and causes of the disease, treatment with traditional and folk remedies
    • 2.1Traditional treatment of polyarthritis of the fingers
    • 2.2Folk remedies for polyarthritis
    • 2.3Treatment of polyarthritis with the help of infusions and decoctions
    • 2.4Essential Oils and Ointments
  • 3Polyarthritis of the fingers, treatment with folk remedies at home
    • 3.1General information on the polyarthritis of the fingers
    • 3.2Development of polyarthritis of the joints of the hands
    • 3.3Causes of the disease
    • 3.4Symptoms
    • 3.5Recipes of traditional medicine: decoctions, infusions
    • 3.6Local treatment of polyarthritis of the hands: compresses and trays
    • 3.7Therapeutic ointments, essential oils in the home
    • 3.8Contraindications to the use of folk remedies
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  • 4Rheumatoid polyarthritis: symptoms and treatment
    • 4.1Symptoms of rheumatoid polyarthritis
    • 4.2Treatment of rheumatoid polyarthritis with medicines
    • 4.3Local treatment of polyarthritis
    • 4.4Physiotherapy with polyarthritis
    • 4.5Folk remedies
    • 4.6Infusions and doses for oral administration
    • 4.7Folk remedies for external use
    • 4.8Diet with rheumatoid polyarthritis

Polyarthritis of fingers and hands: treatment with folk remedies and symptoms

When the polyarthritis of the fingers develops, treatment with folk remedies is considered a proven and effective way.

For centuries, the recipes for combating articular pathology have been passed down from generation to generation, and therefore their popularity has not declined, despite progress in pharmacology.

Folk remedies cause increased trust with their natural origin and harmlessness to the body.

However, their use is not always as safe as it seems, especially when a person has hypersensitivity. Even these methods are recommended to be agreed with the doctor in order to avoid negative consequences.

The essence of pathology

What is polyarthritis of the hands? It is a severe form of arthritis caused by an inflammatory reaction that develops in many joints of the carpal region.

Simultaneously, both metatarsophalangeal and interphalangeal bone articulations can be affected.

As a result of this painful pathology, the brush can not fully fulfill its functions, which significantly reduces a person's ability to work.

Symptoms and treatment are of interest to many people due to the wide spread of the disease, especially in people older than 50 years. The rheumatoid variety most often develops, the etiology of which is based on autoimmune processes associated with an abnormal reaction of the body to infection antigens.

The main signs of the disease are:

  • pain syndrome: usually aching type with strengthening under the influence of exacerbating factors;
  • swelling of affected joints as a result of inflammatory reaction;
  • changes in the joint configuration and structural changes in irreversible tissues;
  • deterioration of the sensitivity of the fingers (numbness, tingling);
  • limitation of mobility of joints: at the initial stage - morning stiffness, requiring development, and then their partial or complete immobilization;
  • cutaneous disorders in the focus zone: redness, dryness, formation of Geberden's nodules as a result of necrosis of cartilage;
  • local increase in temperature in the area of ​​the affected joint;
  • characteristic deformation (ulnar deviation): the inclination of the fingers towards the radius, as well as other types of deformation of the fingers.

Principles of folk treatment

In order to understand how to treat polyarthritis of fingers of folk remedies, it is necessary to understand the main processes developing in the affected area. Joint pathology is accompanied by such phenomena:

  1. inflammatory reaction;
  2. violation of the autoimmune apparatus;
  3. the change in the composition of the synovial fluid and its quantity;
  4. destruction of cartilage, and then bone tissue;
  5. defeat of the periarticular tissues;
  6. decrease in muscle activity as a result of impairment of mobility.

Behind all these phenomena is a violation of blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as blood supply and nutrition the joint; the change in metabolic and metabolic processes (in particular, accumulation of crystals of the salt of uric acid).

What is a popular tool? The anti-inflammatory properties of a number of medicinal herbs are well known, which has a positive effect on sick joints. Folk techniques allow to provide such treatment effect:

  • stimulation of the restoration of cartilage and bone tissue;
  • normalization of blood supply;
  • improvement of metabolic processes;
  • joint strengthening;
  • increased immunity;
  • general strengthening of the body.

Symptomatic therapy is found in the directions of anesthesia, removal of edema and redness.

One can not think that some folk remedies will create a miracle.

First, the real positive result of treatment with their help is achieved only at the initial stage of polyarthritis.

Secondly, the pathology can not be cured unless the provoking causes are eliminated and, first of all, the proper diet is not provided.

Treatment of polyarthritis of the hands is provided by such folk remedies:

  1. decoctions and infusions of herbs;
  2. homemade ointments and creams for rubbing;
  3. compresses;
  4. solutions for grinding;
  5. compositions for medical baths.

They can be applied orally or externally. Treatment of polyarthritis of the fingers is a long process.

We must be patient in the passage of the full course, and most importantly - to ensure the necessary regularity of the use of drugs.

The effectiveness of folk treatment is significantly increased when it is combined with self-massage of the joints of the hands.

With all the safety of traditional medicine, you should take precautions. First of all, you should check for allergic reactions to the components of the formulation.

Some remedies are strictly forbidden during pregnancy (eg bay leaves). Particular care should be taken in the presence of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

In view of such limitations, the use of folk remedies should be agreed with the doctor.

Use of decoctions and infusions

Systemic therapy is provided when taking medicinal infusions and decoctions inside. In case of polyarthritis, the following recommended recipes are recommended:

  • Tincture of Sophora. Grass is poured with alcohol or vodka in the proportion of 50 g per 250 ml and infused for at least 20 days. The drug is taken on 18-20 drops 3 times a day for 30 days.
  • Infusion of a dandelion. The roots and leaves of the grass are crushed and infused in boiling water (1 tablespoon per 250 ml) for 55-70 minutes. It is consumed before meals (for 25-30 minutes) for 50-60 ml.
  • Garlic tincture. Crushed garlic (2 heads) is aged in alcohol or vodka (250 ml) for 9-12 days. Take it, squeezed milk, before each meal for 1 tsp.
  • Decoction of the mixture: sprigs of pine (40 g), rosehips (2 tablespoons), garlic (1 clove) and a little husks of onions. The mixture is poured in water (2 liters) and boiled for 25-35 minutes, after which the broth is infused for about 50 hours. The daily rate is 1 l.
  • Laurel broth. Dry bay leaves (10 g) are filled with water (, l) and boiled for at least 6-7 minutes. Then the broth is infused for 50-65 minutes. The first portion (250 ml) is drunk for 12-13 hours in several doses. For 1 time, you can not drink the compound to avoid side effects.
  • Infusion of swamp saber. Is prepared in a proportion of 1 tbsp. shredded herbs for 250 ml of boiling water. The composition is infused for 25-30 hours. Is consumed by 1 tablespoon. 3 times a day.
  • Infusion of violets. Flowers (30 g) are used, which are filled with boiling water (, l) and infused for at least an hour. An infusion of 1 tbsp. 3-4 times a day.
  • Juice turnips mixed with honey and drunk at a rate of 300 ml per day.
  • Cowberry tea. Berry leaves are brewed with boiling water. The composition is drunk on 100-150 ml 2-3 times a day.

Formulations for compresses and trays

Treatment of articular pathologies in the home is often accompanied by the setting of compresses and the reception of trays. In both cases, compositions based on medicinal natural preparations of own preparation are used. You can use the following recipes:

  1. A solution based on beeswax. It is prepared simply: a scallop (1 tablespoon) is poured with boiling water (200 ml) and insists 25 - 30 minutes. The bath takes 12-15 minutes.
  2. A solution based on needles. The mixture is prepared: any needles, birch leaves, chemist's chamomile, sage (in equal parts) are poured with boiling water and insisted on cooling.
  3. Hot water with the addition of sea salt.
  4. The affected brush descends for 2 - 3 seconds in paraffin, heated to 45 - 50 ° C. The procedure is repeated 9 to 12 times.
  5. Compress from the mixture: grated aspirin (2 tablets), iodine and lemon juice (in equal proportions). The course of treatment - 5 - 6 days.
  6. Compress with a solution based on honey and alcohol. Initially, alcohol and honey are mixed in the ratio and then the mixture is diluted with water in the proportion:.
  7. Compress of mashed vegetables. You can use radish, horseradish, carrots, potatoes. Duration of retention of the compress - 2 hours.
  8. Compress from the mixture: mustard, honey and olive oil in equal quantities.
  9. Compress of flaxseeds. Seeds warm up and are applied to the affected brush.
  10. Compress from tincture of Kalanchoe to alcohol.

How to prepare trays for grinding

The most popular folk remedies are self-made solutions, ointments and oils for rubbing joints. You can offer such recipes:

  • Chestnut tincture. Chestnut (1/3 volume) is poured with alcohol or vodka and infused for at least 20 days.
  • Tincture based on birch buds. The kidneys are poured with alcohol in the ratio:. Rubbing of the lesion focus is carried out 3 - 5 times a day.
  • A mixture of lilac flowers with butter (:) is used for grinding 3-4 times a day.
  • A mixture of sea salt with kerosene and with the addition of mustard.
  • When massage is recommended to rub the joints with essential oils, made from tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, fir, mint.
  • Mixture for grinding from egg yolk (2 pieces), turpentine (10 ml) and vinegar (2 tablespoons).
  • A solution for rubbing. Ingredients: camphor and mustard (50 g each), alcohol (100 ml), protein (100 g). The solution is rubbed into the affected area until completely dry.
  • Ointment. It is prepared on the basis of any gel for hands with the addition of tinctures of marshwort (1 tsp), vitamin E and honey (a small amount).
  • A mixture of crushed activated carbon with flaxseeds. Water is added until a consistency of the ointment is obtained.
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Folk remedies are widely used for polyarthritis of the fingers. The effectiveness of such treatment has been proved by centuries of medical practice.

The safety of funds is guaranteed by the use of natural ingredients, but precautions should be observed, especially in the presence of serious pathologies of internal organs.

A source: https://OrtoCure.ru/kosti-i-sustavy/artrit/poliartrit-paltsev-ruk-lechenie-narodnymi-sredstvami.html

Than to treat polyarthritis of fingers: the types and causes of the disease, treatment with traditional and folk remedies

According to statistics, every seventh citizen over 50 years old suffers from polyarthritis, which is characterized by inflammation and pain in the large and small joints of the fingers. The disease can exist independently or be part of a systemic impairment of the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

Polyarthritis develops gradually, covering first the fingers, and then the hands. In places of pain localization, joints deform with time.

As a result of all these symptoms a person can not live a full life. That there was no deformation of bone connections, it is necessary to take measures in time.

You can treat polyarthritis with traditional as well as folk remedies.

The disease is qualified according to the reasons for its occurrence, in connection with which the following groups of polyarthritis are distinguished:

  1. Rheumatoid. Inflammatory processes affect the joints of the fingers and are the beginning of systemic arthritis. The cause of its development can be intoxication or stress, overheating or hypothermia, hormonal changes in the body. Because of this, the immune system fails, antibodies that destroy connective and other tissues begin to be produced.
  2. Post-traumatic. Occurs after a bruise or joint injury, resulting in inflammation in them, and an infection is attached. The lesion covers only the injured fingers. But post-traumatic polyarthritis can arise not only after injuries, but also as a result of constant physical exertion.
  3. Exchange. It occurs in connection with the violation in the body of metabolic processes, as a result of which salt crystals accumulate in the joint bag, which irritate and damage the joints.
  4. Infectious. Arise after such advanced diseases as ARVI, influenza, brucellosis, salmonellosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, etc.
  5. Secondary. Diseases are caused by illness of Reuters, Bechterew, etc.

At the onset of the disease, at the initial stageit is important to determine the cause correctlyits occurrence. Based on this, it is possible to prescribe the correct treatment of inflammatory joint disease.

Traditional treatment of polyarthritis of the fingers

After diagnosing and determining the causes of the disease, the doctor prescribes treatment and determines the duration of therapy.

Since many tissues can be affected, the treatment is most likely not completed quickly.

To increase the chances of recovery, you must strictly follow all the recommendations of a specialist.

At the heart of polyarthritis therapy is medication, which depends on the stage of the disease. At the initial stage, the disease can be cured,without resorting to medication. The doctor can appoint:

  1. Exercise therapy;
  2. massage;
  3. manual therapy;
  4. physiotherapeutic procedures - magnetotherapy, ultrasound, mud therapy, paraffin, ozokerin;
  5. means of folk therapy.

On the field of the advanced stagesnecessary drug treatment, which should include:

  • Antibacterial therapy in the treatment of infectious polyarthritis.
  • Chondoprotectors, restoring gallina cartilaginous tissue.
  • Corticosteroids, which give a long analgesic effect and are recommended for a single use.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For a more effective result, they are prescribed in the form of ointments and injections with the same components.
  • Immunodepressants - cytostatics, preparations of radioactive gold or salicylates.
  • Glucocorticosteroids.
  • Aminohily.
  • External preparations - creams and ointments based on NSAIDs, compresses with novocaine and dimexide, balm "Artro-Active bischofite, salt baths, medical bile.
  • Vitamins, brewer's yeast, fish oil, zinc, calcium preparations.
  • Physiotherapy methods.

Quite often the doctor appointsto relieve inflammation and paintablet form and ointments of the following:

  1. Diclofenac.
  2. Xefokam.
  3. Ketonal.
  4. Nimesulide.
  5. Ibuprofen.
  6. Orthophene.

In the third stage of polyarthritis, when it is already a question of modifying the bone, the patientsurgical operation is prescribed, which in this case is the only way out.

In surgical intervention, joints can be partially or completely replaced by artificial joints.

In some cases, the operation is performed only with the aim of preventing fusion on the affected areas of the bones.

Folk remedies for polyarthritis

To facilitate the patient's condition, relieve pain, improve blood circulation, strengthen the bone experts recommend using folk remedies medicine.

Improve blood circulation, remove swelling and reduce painapplication of compresses and trays, the recipes of which are given below:

  • Stir pepper, honey and add them to melted wax. Use 10-12 days as compresses for 25-30 minutes, pre-heating in a water bath. Store in a cool place.
  • Quickly remove the pain will help cooked in the ratio: 0 alcohol or oil compress of propolis. It is applied to the affected areas, wrapped in a warm cloth and held for one hour.
  • It helps with a polyarthritis compress of radish, turnip or root horseradish, which must first be grated. Before applying it, the skin of the hands should be lubricated with cosmetic oil.
  • For a long time you can use a compress made from equal parts of alcohol and honey, which are bred in water (:). The mixture is heated in a water bath and applied overnight to sick joints.
  • You can treat polyarthritis with a compress of equal parts of lemon juice, iodine and two tablets of aspirin. The resulting thick gruel should be applied to diseased bones. Treatment is conducted in three days, after which seven days should be taken.

Well warms up the joints and makes it easymassage effect of paraffin.

First it needs to be heated in a water bath to a temperature that would not burn the skin.

Then the patient hand slowly plunges into the paraffin wax, takes it out for a few seconds and then sinks again. This action should be repeated 5 to 10 times.

Experts recommend that in case of polyarthritis dobaths of sea salt, massaging the fingers during the procedure.

Very effective baths from leaves of birch and needles of coniferous trees.

Raw materials are poured with boiling water, cooled to room temperature and used as a bath for 15-30 minutes.

Help relieve painflax seeds, which should be warmed up, put in a tissue pouch and attached to sick joints for the night.

Good help with inflammation of the joints of the hands of applique from the leaves of plants. In the spring and summer, you can apply burdock and mother-and-stepmother to sick joints. The applique from cabbage leaves will help in the winter. You can apply them for a long time.

Treatment of polyarthritis with the help of infusions and decoctions

Stop the process of destruction of joints, remove inflammation, get rid of salt deposits and restore cartilaginous tissue will help the recipes listed below, infusions and broths.

Antirheumatic action possessesinfusion of violet tricolor, and infusion of swamp saber is able to reduce pain. To prepare a medicinal product, one tablespoon of chopped mixed herbs is poured into 200 ml of boiling water.

The resulting mixture is first infused for 10 minutes in a water bath, and then half an hour in a thermos or in a towel wrapped in a towel. The infusion is filtered, brought to a volume of 200 ml and is taken one tablespoon three times a day.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action possessesbroth from bay leaves. It will also help clean the joints of the fingers from saline deposits. To prepare a decoction, it should be 5 g. Leave the laurel 300 grams. boil and simmer everything on a low heat for 5 minutes.

At the same time, the lid of the container must be open. Then the broth is placed in a thermos bottle, where it is infused for 12 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to cook it in the evening so that you can start taking it in the morning. Do this in small portions throughout the day.

At one time, all means of drinking are strictly forbidden, since internal bleeding may occur.

That is why the broth from laurelhas contraindications.

It is not recommended for people who have such diseases as cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, ulcers, renal dysfunction.

Experts recommend that in the case of a polyarthritis of the fingers,herbal decoctions, which include a turn, a camomile, a cranberry leaf, a Ledum.

All the ingredients are mixed, after which two tablespoons of the resulting mixture are poured into 500 ml of boiling water and insisted on a water bath for 10 minutes. After that, the broth is infused for about 40 minutes and filtered. Take it should be 1/3 cup immediately after eating three times a day.

Essential Oils and Ointments

Rubbing the joints with such a means helps to remove toxins, and increases the flow of blood to the fingers. From oils for this you can use:eucalyptus; fir; a mixture of oils of lavender, mint and chamomile; tea tree oil.

Ointments can be prepared by yourself. In a tube of usual hand cream, add 1 tbsp. l. honey, 10 drops of vitamin E, for 1 hour. l. tinctures of hot pepper and sabelnik marsh. Everything mixes well and is rubbed into problem areas in a circular motion.

Once a day, ointment is rubbed into the joints, prepared from 50 g. mustard powder, 50 g. camphor, 100 ml of alcohol and 100 g. egg white.

Mixing to 100 g. table salt and mustard powder, and diluting everything to a homogeneous mass of purified kerosene, you can get an excellent ointment for the treatment of finger polyarthritis.

Caused by various causes of polyarthritis of the fingers is treated quite hard and long. Therefore, it is easier to prevent it.

For this it is recommendedlead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, timely treat infectious diseases, dose the load, avoid hypothermia, stress and trauma.

A good prevention of polyarthritis is also a variety of massages, baths and spa treatment.

A source: http://artrit.guru/bolezni-spiny-i-sustavov/artrit/poliartrit/poliartrit-palcev-ruk-lechenie-tradicionnymi-i-narodnymi-sredstvami.html

Polyarthritis of the fingers, treatment with folk remedies at home

When a person suddenly begins to feel pain in the hands, he can also detect a change in the shape of the joints, the appearance of nodules on them.

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The pathology is quite serious, since loss of ability to work is possible.

The topic of today's article is Polyarthritis of the fingers, treatment with folk remedies.

General information on the polyarthritis of the fingers

Polyarthritis of the joints of the hands is considered the most severe form of arthritis, as several joints are affected simultaneously. Such polyarthritis is considered degenerative, it is more often detected among patients of advanced age - 50 years and older.

Development of polyarthritis of the joints of the hands

  1. At first, inflammation of the synovial membrane is observed. There are pains in the hands, the affected joint swells, the skin temperature over it rises.
  2. Subsequently, the synovial membrane becomes densified. At the same time, the cartilage solidified. When probing, the joint is sealed. Fingers become crooked.
  3. Without treatment, the bone tissue of the joints is destroyed. The pain syndrome sharply intensifies, acquires a permanent character, articulation arises, the movement of the fingers is completely limited.

Causes of the disease

Before the treatment of polyarthritis of the fingers of the hands with folk remedies, it is necessary to determine the specific causes of the development of pathology. Among them are possible such:

  1. Surgical intervention on one of the fingers, mechanical injuries, bruises.
  2. Sharp hypothermia of the hands, or frostbite of the fingers.
  3. Development of infectious pathology around the joint or in itself.
  4. Genetic (hereditary) burden. Not the disease is inherited, and the anatomical features of the structure of the bones, the problems with the restoration of cartilaginous tissue.
  5. Metabolic disorders in bone tissue.


Polyarthritis of the fingers is manifested by the following symptoms:

  1. The fingers are motionless on the affected hands. Such stiffness does not last long after sleep, then passes unnoticed.
  2. Characteristic nodules are formed on the phalanges. Deformation of all fingers comes.
  3. Phalanges swell periodically, there is a feeling of numbness, weakness in the hands.

When they clarified the causes of the onset of the disease, its symptoms, it is possible to begin treatment. At the initial stages of the disease can be managed at home.

It is very important to comply with the dosage and timing of taking medications recommended by traditional medicine.

If a tool does not bring the desired result, it must be replaced by another one.

Recipes of traditional medicine: decoctions, infusions

The proposed treatment provides the restoration of cartilaginous tissue, prevents its destruction.

The sheet of the noble laurel has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, removes harmful deposits of salts from the body. 5g of dry bay leaves pour 300ml of boiling water, cook on low heat for about five minutes.

Closing the pan with a lid does not need to evaporate the essential oils. We pour the broth into the thermos, where we insist for several hours. It is convenient to brew raw materials before going to bed to start treatment in the morning.

Treatment of the polyarthritis of the hands with decoction is carried out by taking the decoction for 12 hours. Preliminarily it is divided into 4-5 equal parts. It should be remembered that with the use of the entire daily portion of the decoction, internal bleeding can occur at a time.

Other contraindications: pathology of the kidneys, organs of the urinary system, inflammation of the gallbladder, cholelithiasis.

Sabelnik swamp keeps cartilage tissue, restores lost synovial fluid, reduces pain syndrome.

The folk remedy can be prepared from the roots or stems of a medicinal plant. 1c.l.

chopped dried grass pour 200ml of boiling water, then drown in a water bath for about ten minutes, remove from heat, wrap for thirty minutes with a warm kerchief.

Filter the infusion, squeeze the cake, add boiling water to the mark of 200ml. Treatment of the disease: take infusion of 1с.л 3р / д. It is best to use a folk remedy after a meal.

Violet is tri-color, or pansy is a medicinal plant possessing antirheumatic property. It is widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of polyarthritis. Take three times a day on a tablespoon. The way of preparation of water infusion is the same as in the previous recipe.

Local treatment of polyarthritis of the hands: compresses and trays

The folk remedies suggested below reduce joint swelling, pain caused by polyarthritis. Moreover, the affected joint is restored, the blood flow in the bone tissue improves. At home, we can prepare the following:

3 p.s. Chopped pine needles pour one liter of boiling water. We insist to cool down, pour into the bowl to take a bath. Keep your fingers in the solution for 15 to 25 minutes. At the same time, it is useful to massage each finger, both during and after the bath.

A similar infusion for the baths can be prepared from birch leaves.

Heat the paraffin to 50 degrees, then gently lower the sick fingers into it. We take out the brushes from there for a couple of seconds. After drying of paraffin, hands again we lower in warm weight.

Thus, we repeat at least five times. This folk treatment perfectly warms up every joint.

When the paraffin cools, the skin on the fingers is pulled together, creating a favorable massage effect.

Dilute alcohol with water in the ratio mix with the same amount of natural honey. Warm up the mixture for 10 minutes in a water bath. With this folk remedy, the joints are easy to treat: we moisten the tissue with a liquid and wrap every sick finger.

The procedure is best done before bed, but if the pain does not stop, you can put a compress in the afternoon. Such people's treatment can be spent long enough. There are no contraindications.

Heated flax seeds treat polyarthritis of the hands well. Hot raw materials are placed in a small tissue bag and put on all night sick fingers. Treatment can also be carried out with plant leaves.

Folk therapy copes with polyarthritis only in those cases when there was no complete deformation of the joint. Therefore, these drugs are recommended for use in the mild stages of the disease.

  • In a small bowl filled with hot water, dissolve 1-3 c.l. sea ​​salt. We hold hands while the solution from hot becomes warm. Thus we do massage of fingers of hands.
  • We connect the lemon juice taken in equal parts and 3% iodine solution, add two aspirin tablets crushed into powder. Get a thick gruel, which will be applied to the sick fingers three days in a row. Then a seven-day break follows.
  • Grind the radish on a grater. Apply the resulting mush on 3 or 4 hours a day. The root of horseradish or turnip is also suitable. Before the procedure, it is recommended to lubricate the skin of the fingers with a cosmetic cream.
  • Quickly relieves joint pain compress on the basis of an oil or alcohol solution of propolis (prepared in the ratio: 0). We put it on for one hour, wrap it with a woolen shawl. Treatment continues for ten days.
  • We melt beeswax, add pergu and flower honey. The medicine should be stored in a cool place. It is used for compresses, preheated in a water bath. We hold 25-30 minutes. The course of treatment is 10-12 days.
  • In the spring, the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother will help to get rid of the pain, in the summer - a large burdock, in the winter - white cabbage. It is necessary to wrap the leaves of plants with inflamed joints for the night.

Therapeutic ointments, essential oils in the home

Such folk therapy improves the blood circulation of the affected area, removes toxins, toxic substances from the body, strengthens the quality of the fight against polyarthritis.

Ointment is prepared by mixing 100 g of mustard powder, 100 g of fine (preferably sea) salt and the same amount of kerosene aviation. Components should be mixed until a creamy consistency is formed. The ointment is rubbed into the inflamed joints.

Polyarthritis is treated with the following remedy. We connect 100ml of alcohol, 50g. powder of mustard, 50 g of camphor.

Add in the resulting composition of 100 g of egg white hen. Now all the ingredients must be carefully kneaded. Ointment is applied several times a day.

To rub it is necessary to full absorption of the remedy.

  1. We connect 45-50g of a cream for hands, 1 ч.л. alcoholic tincture of the saber and 1 tbsp. of pepper burning, 10 drops of vitamin E, a tablespoon of natural honey. For lubricating hands.
  2. Of the therapeutic oils for polyarthritis of the fingers, a mixture of oils of lavender, chamomile and peppermint are used; fir, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil.

Contraindications to the use of folk remedies

  • Individual intolerance of the remedy, allergic reaction.
  • Concomitant chronic severe illness.
  • Hypersensitivity to some components of the formulation.

Conclusions:After reading the entire article, you learned what is polyarthritis of fingers, treatment with folk remedies.

Take this problem seriously: consult before starting treatment with your local doctor.

A source: https://medicynanaroda.ru/poliartrit-paltsev-ruk-lechenie-narodnymi-sredstvami.html

Rheumatoid polyarthritis: symptoms and treatment

Rheumatoid polyarthritis is a systemic disease of connective tissue of infectious and inflammatory origin. It is a chronic disease in which the peripheral small joints are most often affected.

Rheumatoid polyarthritis - the code for the ICD 10 - M13.0.

Polyarthritis refers to autoimmune diseases, in which the protective system ceases to distinguish strangers, foreign microorganisms (viruses, bacteria) from their own cells, and thus directs their aggression on their own organism.

Symptoms of rheumatoid polyarthritis

Symptoms of rheumatoid polyarthritis depend on the severity of the course of the disease, pathological changes, the presence of complications.

This disease has a latent (latent) period during which it is noted:

  1. fatigue and weakness;
  2. weight loss;
  3. an increase in body temperature without explanatory reasons;
  4. pain in the muscles;
  5. increased sweating.

The main symptoms of the disease are:

  • Pain in the joints, which is inflammatory. It can intensify by evening.
  • Symmetrical joint damage.
  • Pain in the muscles of a long-lasting nature.
  • High body temperature, which is a reflection of the inflammatory process.
  • Morning stiffness of the joints.

Gradually, these symptoms begin to progress, the function of the joints is broken and their deformations appear.

Most often, polyarthritis affects the small joints of the fingers, hands, feet, etc.

Treatment of rheumatoid polyarthritis with medicines

Before prescribing treatment, the doctor must correctly diagnose, determine the stage of the disease, the course pathological process, and then, taking into account the individual characteristics of each organism and the person as a whole, pick up appropriate treatment.

Treatment of polyarthritis takes place in two stages:

  1. The first stage involves the coping of the acute phase of the disease.
  2. The second stage is maintenance therapy.

During the acute phase of the disease, the main task is to reduce the inflammatory process.

To this end, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed.

Anti-inflammatory drugs from the group of inhibitors of cyclooxygenase (COX) 1-2 - a group of drugs depressing the enzyme, responsible for the physiological and inflammatory reactions. The most commonly prescribed diclofenac (the maximum dose is 150 mg / day).

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Diclofenac helps reduce pain and swelling of inflamed tissues.

In addition to diclofenac, the following medicines are also prescribed:

  • Indomethacin 150 mg / day.
  • Naproxen 5-1 mg / day.
  • Ibuprofen 1200-1600 mg / day.

Selective inhibitors of COX 2 are drugs that inhibit the enzyme involved only when an inflammatory process occurs.

These include:

  1. Meloksikam (movalis), -15 mg / day.
  2. Piroxicam 30-40 mg / day.
  3. Rofecoxib 1, mg / day.

These drugs have fewer side effects and only act at the level of the inflammatory process.

Glucocorticosteroids are hormones of natural or synthetic origin.

In case of ineffective reception of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoids are prescribed for Reduction of the symptoms of not only articular syndrome, but also the defeat of internal organs in the systemic form disease.

In practice, prednisolone and methylprednisolone are most often used.

Medications are suitable for polyarthritis of the fingers, knee, shoulder joint and other joints.

Local treatment of polyarthritis

Local treatment of polyarthritis is the external use of various ointments and creams. Most often used ointments based on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as: diclofenac, indomethacin.

A combination of several drugs has become widespread. For example, the following can be very effective. It is necessary to take and mix:

  1. Diclofenac is an anti-inflammatory drug.
  2. Dimexide is an anti-inflammatory drug.
  3. Heparin - anticoagulant increases vascular permeability, thereby improving blood microcirculation, contributing to a deeper penetration of drugs.
  4. Lidocaine - used as a local anesthetic. Reduces pain and irritation in the tissues.

The resulting solution is applied to a gauze swab and applied to the affected area in the form of a compress on, an hour before bedtime.

Local treatment as well as medication is prescribed for polyarthritis of the fingers, knee, shoulder joint and other joints.

Physiotherapy with polyarthritis

Along with medications, physiotherapy procedures are often prescribed to reduce pain in joints and muscles and reduce morning stiffness.

As physiotherapeutic procedures can be appointed:

  • Galvanic currents;
  • Paraffin, ozocerite applications;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Irradiation with infrared rays.

Treatment of polyarthritis during remission is the long-term use of cytotoxic drugs that have antitumor, immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory, effects.

The most common of the drugs in this group are:

  1. Methotrexate
  2. Azathioprine
  3. Leflunomide
  4. Cyclophosphamide

Methotrexate inhibits growth and development of cells. The effect is slow, the effect is observed after 3-4 months of treatment.

Folk remedies

Treatment of polyarthritis of the fingers (as well as other types of joints) with folk remedies is a long process, requiring a lot of effort.

In folk medicine, a lot of recipes have been collected to fight this disease.

If you combine traditional and folk methods, then treatment will be much more effective.

Infusions and doses for oral administration

  • Mix the flowers of lime and elderberry with horse chestnut seeds in the ratio 1. One large spoonful of the resulting collection pour 250-300 ml of water and hold on a low heat for 25 minutes after boiling. Infuse the broth for about 25 minutes, then filter. Drink twice or thrice a day.
  • From the leaves of currants and rose hips make tea. Take every day after a meal.
  • 5 tablespoons of birch leaves and one tablespoon of elderberry flowers pour boiling water (600 ml). Put the broth to insist on a day.Take 4 times a day before meals by half a cup.
  • Mix the herb of St. John's wort, the leaves of sage and bearberry in equal parts. To one large spoon of collection add boiling water and keep on fire for about half an hour. Filter broth. Take two or three times a day for half a cup.
  • Combine the leaves of birch and nettles with the roots of parsley in equal proportions. In the resulting collection (a tablespoon) pour boiling water and warm in a water bath for no more than 25 minutes. Put the broth for half an hour, then filter. Drink one glass four times a day.
  • It is good to mix in an equal ratio the flowers of a thorn, birch leaves and nettle dioecious. In the resulting mixture (one tablespoon) pour 250 ml of water and put on a small fire no more than half an hour. Then it is necessary to filter the broth. Take the medicine in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Burdock roots, medicinal herb grass and violet trichrome mix in the ratio 3. In the mixture (one tbsp. spoon) pour 300 ml of boiled water and keep for about half an hour on moderate heat. Take it in half an hour after a meal.
  • Seeds of parsley, horsetail and hernium are mixed in equal proportions and boil for half an hour on low heat. Broth filtered and drink 3 times a day.
  • The roots of the soap, the field keeper and the willow bark are mixed in equal proportions and two glasses of pure water are added to the mixture. Give the medicine half an hour. Then boil the broth for 15 minutes and be sure to filter. Drink half a glass four times a day.

Folk remedies for external use

  1. Fruit rose, birch leaves and grass sporisha (two large spoons), mix and pour into the collection of a liter of freshly boiled water. Keep on low heat for about half an hour. Put the broth to infuse for one hour, then add sea salt (two or three tablespoons) to it. All mix well. Mild thick tissue to wet in the resulting mixture and apply to the focus of inflammation.
  2. To finely chopped two bitter peppers add two large spoons of kerosene and mix. Pour into the mixture four cups of vodka and put insist in a place protected from light. Rinse affected areas every day.
  3. Half a cup of vodka is mixed with two glasses of radish juice and put in the resulting product one tablespoon of honey and tea salt. Rub the joints with inflamed joints daily.
  4. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with five glasses of water. Moistened tissue in the solution is applied to the site of inflammation. Warm the compress with a warm towel or scarf and leave for 7 hours, you can at night.
  5. Mix liquid ammonia, iodine, glycerin and medical bile (4 tablespoons). Apply a compress to the centers of inflammation at night.
  6. Pour two hundred grams of needles needles with four glasses of water. Stirring, wait until boiling and leave to infuse for 4-5 hours. Filter and pour into a bath with water (not very hot). Take a bath with a solution for one month every other day.
  7. Thoroughly mix ammonia, turpentine and olive oil (150 ml each). Add 3 grams of camphor ointment. The resulting means to rub the aching joints.
  8. Rub oiled eucalyptus affected joints twice or thrice a day for one month.
  9. Warm joints with hot sea salt, after which, with gentle massaging movements, rub fir oil into them.
  10. Place the stems of the sabernik (in half) in a liter jar and pour the vodka to the top. Infuse the remedy for about a month, then start rubbing.
  11. A teaspoon of turpentine, yolk and a tablespoon of acetic acid mix thoroughly and rub the mixture with inflamed patches.
  12. Boil 20 pcs. roots cyclamen and in a slightly chilled broth steaming hands and feet.
  13. Pack with a cold (ice or snow) wrapped in a soft cloth and apply to the sites of inflammation for half an hour. Remove the compress if burning sensation occurs. After the procedure is completed, massage and stretch the inflamed limbs. After 20 minutes, use a compress again. After 3-4 procedures it is good to insulate the affected area. The course is about three weeks.

Diet with rheumatoid polyarthritis

Suffering inflammation of the joints, especially rheumatoid polyarthritis, recommended the use of the following foods and drinks as dietary nutrition:

  • fruit (apples, plums);
  • boiled vegetables (carrots, beets, potatoes);
  • broth of dogrose;
  • berries (blueberries, mountain ash, kostyanika, black currant);
  • dairy and sour-milk products;
  • boiled fish;
  • sorrel;
  • asparagus;
  • chicken liver;
  • boiled rice.

In the diet for polyarthritis, the following foods should be excluded from the diet:

  1. fat meat;
  2. coffee;
  3. alcoholic beverages;
  4. various canned food;
  5. mushrooms;
  6. broths of meat, liver;
  7. beans.

When rheumatoid polyarthritis is very important to adhere to a certain diet.

Excess weight can aggravate polyarthritis due to an additional burden on the joints.

Inflammation of the joints affects the entire human body negatively, metabolic processes are disrupted, there is a shortage of vitamins and minerals.

  • Nutrition of patients should be healthy and as balanced as possible. The foods consumed by rheumatoid polyarthritis sufferers must be enriched with a high content of vitamins and microelements. In the diet, in sufficient quantities, vegetables, fruits, and greens should be present.
  • During an exacerbation of the disease, it is better not to consume salt at all, since it helps to retain fluid in the body, which can lead to the appearance of edema in the joints. From sugar, too, should be abandoned. It is better to use instead of it a sugar substitute or honey. Flour products in the diet should be as small as possible.
  • Every day you need to eat foods with a high calcium content. Dairy products should not have high fat content. Those who do not tolerate milk, it is recommended to replace dairy products with eggs.
  • Meat should be eaten only diet. It can be chicken, rabbit, veal or turkey.
  • Often suffering from polyarthritis is prescribed fish oil. It can be replaced by seafood if necessary. It is better to cook fish dishes in a double boiler.
  • It is necessary to remove carbonated water from the diet and drink more herbal tea. But drinking too much liquid is not recommended. You can also brew tea from the leaves of raspberries, marigold and chamomile. It is useful in polyarthritis dog rose, which has anti-inflammatory effect.

It is important to remember that before starting treatment of the disease with the help of home methods, it is necessary be sure to get advice from a specialist and make sure that the chosen methods are not harmful health.

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