How to stop a dry cough in a child at night

Causes of night coughing attacks in a child

A night cough in a child prevents him from sleeping and does not give rest to his parents. They immediately have disappointing assumptions about the nature of the disease. They try to alleviate the suffering of their child, not knowing what actually caused it. Begin to stuff him with unnecessary potions, which can only exacerbate the situation, and not prevent it. Therefore, you first need to know the diagnosis, and then eliminate the causative agent of the disease.

From what it appears

To effectively treat the disease, one must understand that cough is only a symptom of the disease, and the causes of its occurrence can be a variety of factors. A more complete picture will be drawn if you listen to the child and determine which cough he is worried about, then it will be easier to find out the source of the infection.

Dry cough

He is characterized by a disease of the larynx. It can be without temperature. If it has a small amount of sputum, it means inflammation occurs in the larynx, pharynx or trachea.

The cause of a severe and severe cough is the inflammatory process of the trachea.

With a dry "barking" cough, the larynx will probably be inflamed and these are symptoms of laryngitis. It is dangerous because with severe complications stenosis of the larynx can occur - the swelling of the upper respiratory tract, which leads to a narrowing of the gap between them and it becomes difficult to breathe. In this case, you must immediately call a doctor, in no case can you treat the crumb with folk recipes. Here you can see the symptoms of acute laryngitis.

Dry cough can occur with asthma, which is mild. Or maybe it's all in the cold air of the room where the baby is sleeping. During rest, he irritates the mucous larynx and causes a cough.

The baby had a runny nose in the daytime, and during sleep, the mucus began to accumulate in the nasopharynx. Due to the fact that she has nowhere to go, she slips to the larynx and provokes a cough reflex.

If the baby feels a persistent sore throat and tingling, this indicates the appearance of pharyngitis, which usually provokes a dry cough.

Constant attacks of dry cough at night can occur as a consequence of a relatively rare (due to vaccination) disease - whooping cough. Bouts of bingeing occur at regular intervals and are very pronounced at night.Perhaps a dry cough at night speaks of stomach reflux. Older children can describe feelings similar to heartburn.

Do you know why there is a cough after eating?

Here you can see the symptoms of sinusitis in children.

Symptoms of complications after sore throat:

Wet cough

The most common are:

  • pneumonia;
  • infectious diseases of the upper larynx;
  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • any kind of common cold;
  • an abscess of the lung;
  • tuberculosis.

Rarely when the disease manifests itself immediately with a wet cough, usually a dry cough after a short treatment passes into it.

The video tells about the night night paroxysmal coughing in a child:

How to stop or ease

How to stop a cough in a child at night? Than to help the child? Parents can not bear the torment of the child, and they try to help their child in all ways. It happens that there is no cough during the day, and at night it can not be stopped. Therefore, you should take yourself in hand and really help the child, and not just calm him down.

If at night the baby has attacks of dry cough, then it should be put in a crib and give him a warm drink: heated milk, mineral water with alkali, chamomile broth or mallet, prepared from a quarter teaspoon of soda and a glass water.These remedies have a softening effect on the mucous membrane of the throat and perspiration causing coughing passes.

Help to overcome the debilitating attack of cough may be butter or honey. It is necessary to collect a teaspoon of one of these products and give the child, he should gradually dissolve it until completely consumed. But it should be noted that children suffering from allergies to honey, it is contraindicated.

In the video - tells how to treat and how to stop a nightly night cough in a child:

In the period of an unexpected suffocation, which can occur with laryngitis, use the bath. It is necessary to open the tap with hot water and make the maximum head, the steam emanating from it letting the baby breathe. Doors in the room with this process must be tightly closed, so that moisture quickly rises in the room. It will also help to cure the cough by moisturizing the respiratory tract.

In order to stop the coughing, inhalations are performed, including cedar oil. If there is no special device for this, you can replace it with a bowl of hot water and add the above ether to it. May help relieve the cough of a warm compress, which is placed on the chest or throat. Another helps is a woolen scarf wrapped around the neck, capable of preserving heat for a long time. The link also describes other folk remedies for a wet cough for children.

Overcome the night cough will help moisturize the room in which the child sleeps. This can be done by using a specially purchased humidifier or simply spraying air from a spray gun for flowers.

The video tells how to relieve or stop a night dry cough in a child:

How to treat

To get rid of cough, there are many methods and drugs, but choosing them should take into account not only the causes of its occurrence, but also the age of the child.

Treatment of crumbs up to a year

To remove night cough in infants, it is necessary to begin with compliance with the regime, this does not mean that you should limit its movement. On the contrary, try to play with him more and gently pat on the back. If the kid is not afraid, you can turn it upside down and hold it in this position for three seconds. So accumulated mucus will quickly release the bronchi and go out.

In food, you need to switch to light, low-calorie food, if the baby will refuse, then pamper it with a milkshake, kissel, and after a time in the game form, offer a mashed potatoes or a light soup.For a baby, breastfeeding can not be abolished, it's okay not to happen if it takes a few days to drink less milk.The main thing - to force the child during this period to drink a lot of warm liquid. It will promote the dilution of sputum and the withdrawal of infection.

All measures for the treatment of babies for up to a year should be aimed at excretion of sputum from the body. It is necessary to constantly air the room. Increase its moisture by improvised means:

  • spray gun;
  • wet towels, laid out on batteries, if the baby fell ill during the heating season;
  • air humidifier.

To eliminate severe cough, drugs are used to reduce the viscosity of phlegm and contribute to its expectoration (mostly ivy-based syrups are bought). You can use natural expectorant medicines:

  • juice of plantain;
  • a decoction of lemongrass, a mother - and - stepmother or elecampane;
  • extract of thyme, althea, anise or licorice;
  • black radish with honey;
  • suitable essential oils.

You can also use inhalations, but their composition is indicated by the doctor. Pediatricians approach the treatment of babies up to a year in a complex, prescribing syrup, medicines and inhalations. Some recommend that you do a massage, which consists in lightly massaging the baby's chest, for a better escape of sputum.It is possible to massage the feet with tapping movements, this is sure to please the baby and will be useful for him.

At kids till three years

To treat a one-year-old child and children up to three years old, antihistamines will be used: Suprastin, Tsetrin, Claritin, Kestin and others. For such children, they choose medicines in the form of a syrup and maintain the dosages recommended by the attending physician. In some cases, tablets may be prescribed. Do not delay the treatment of a doctor, at this age the disease can quickly take an acute form. Sometimes attacks of a night cough can be accompanied by a temperature, then it is necessary to use antipyretic drugs.

You can attach to the feet of the baby mustard plasters, which will cause blood flow and reduce pain in the larynx. With a strong cough, the doctor can prescribe: Mukaltin (here you can see the composition of mucaltin from a cough), Herbion (here you can see the instructions for the use of Herbion from dry cough), Ambrobe, Gedelix or Alteyka. Also he can advise to do inhalations. The most common is with a solution of soda. To make it, you need four teaspoonfuls. soda per liter of water. With a dry cough, inhalations on the basis of alkaline mineral waters such as Borjomi or Esentuki-4 will help.

Treatment of children from three years old

Dry cough helps to remove the following drugs: Glaucine, Levopron, Tusuprex, Sinekod, but they should be prescribed by a doctor with the appropriate symptoms. And to eliminate wet cough apply: Pectolvan C, Pectusin, Abrol, Carbocysteine, ATSTS-100, Doctor Mom syrup for cough for children. In this case, do not forget about the abundant drink (such babies and teens can already drink phyto tea).

Recommended inhalation in the basis of which is involved: ammonium chloride or benzoate, vegetable extracts or sodium hydrogen carbonate. But they can not be done before bedtime, so as not to cause irritation of the throat.

According to popular recipes, children can be allowed to dissolve a teaspoon of buckwheat honey. You can also dilute a quarter teaspoon. soda in a glass of warm milk.An excellent curative effect of cough is tea with raspberry jam.With a strong night booze, prepare a burnt. Her recipe is simple: you must take and fry one st. a spoonful of sugar to brown, then add a half liter of warm water to it, mix and cool a little. Then add a few drops of aloe juice. For night cough, give the baby one hour. l.

Coughing up can be caused by breastfeeding. They are sold at the pharmacy. They can be selected depending on the disease.

The opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

According to him, when a cold develops in the lungs, excessive amounts of mucus are produced, and the body removes it through coughing. The reasons for its occurrence are:

  • infectious diseases;
  • allergic diseases;
  • viruses, bacteria or unsatisfactory air properties (for example, the room is hot or dusty).

If bacteria accumulate in the mucus, complications will arise and pneumonia will follow. To prevent this from occurring, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of the disease in time.

The video tells about the causes of a night cough in the child tells Dr. Komarovsky:

With the words of the doctor you can not argue. After all, the sooner a diagnosis is made and the right treatment is prescribed, the sooner the baby will recover, and this is what any parent wants.Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of doctors and doses of prescribed medications, you should not do self-medication, so as not to cause complications.With regular use of medicines and observance of instructions, the baby will soon forget about the annoying cough.

How to stop coughing

Coughing is a reflex action of the body in response to irritation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract with pathological contents, a foreign body or some inflammatory process. The sudden coughing can turn out to be harmless and can only be a response from the body. But when there are other symptoms besides cough, it's worth paying attention to it. If it lasts several weeks, it's a chronic disease.

To understand how to cope with a cough, you first need to understand its causes.

How to stop a cough in a child

The structure of the larynx in the place of vocal cords in children is slightly different. It is located slightly higher than that of an adult, but in the place of the cricoid cartilage (in the region of the subglottic space) it is narrowed. Thus, the child's larynx has the shape of a funnel. The vocal cords form a voice gap, they are thin and short. The laryngeal lumen is narrow, has many nerve endings, mucous edema may occur. Therefore, children often suffer from laryngitis. Cough in infants can also occur due to ARVI or allergies.

If the cough caught a child during a night's sleep, you should calm it down and give it a drink of mineral water, a chamomile broth or a glass of warm milk. These products will soften the larynx and pharyngeal mucosa, which will calm the cough and take away the perspiration in the throat.

You can give a teaspoon of honey or butter for resorption. This method also has a soothing effect on the tender baby's mucous membrane. It is not necessary to give honey in the event that the little one has an allergy to it.

In the event that the cough does not subside, try to make the baby inhalation: pour hot water into the pot and add the essential oil there (for example, cedar or eucalyptus). Inhalation with boiled potatoes is unlikely to be appropriate, since a fit of coughing will not wait. In an emergency, with a strong growing choking, you can simply open the hot water in the bathroom and tilt the child over the steam. At this moment, the humidity of the room is also increased, so that the airways are moistened, and the cough comes to naught.

You can use syrup for children, containing in its composition essential oils. This often helps to calm the cough.

When coughing a child during ARVI, you can use some techniques:

  • Give sweetened almond oil.
  • Mix 50 g of honey and 50 g of olive oil. Give for 1 hour. l. three times a day.
  • Put lemon in boiling water and boil for ten minutes, then pull it out and wait until it cools. Lemon juice squeeze into a glass, add the same amount of glycerin and add the honey so that the glass is filled. This mixture is taken to cleanse the airways.
  • Cut small pieces of orange, without removing the skin from it, sprinkle with sugar and cook for half an hour on low heat. Give the child during a dry cough (in the event that the allergy to citrus is absent).

Despite getting rid of a cough, if it appears again, you need to see a doctor, as a dry cough can be a laryngitis, a complication of which is an attack of suffocation. This condition requires the call of emergency medical care and is called a false croup.

How to stop a cough at night

At night, the flow of blood in the lungs slows down, mucus is absorbed with difficulty, sputum accumulates, while the person is constantly in one horizontal position. Because of this, most often coughing attacks are painful at night, preventing relatives and the patient from sleeping. During the whole length of sleep it is recommended to change the position of the body more often in bed.

The main cause of night cough are acute inflammatory processes in the bronchi caused by viruses or bacteria, but there may be other factors: allergic reaction (to fluff or feathers in pillows), dry air in the room, body position during sleep, bronchial asthma, chronic respiratory diseases system.

It should be noted that if a coughing attack is accompanied by tachycardia (increased heart rate), shortness of breath and lack of fresh air, it is most likely a heart cough. With this cough, sputum does not go away, in some cases, hemoptysis may appear, it is dry and intensified when the person takes a horizontal position. People suffering from a heart cough need to be treated primarily in the heart, but a fit of cough that has arisen at night should be stopped.

Before going to bed, you can prepare a special water, which will ease the condition with a sudden night cough: warm up in a frying pan sugar until the moment when it becomes brown and dissolve it in a glass of simple boiled water.

To calm down the night cough will help warm broths of herbs, alkaline drink (milk with Borzhomi).

With an allergic cough, you need to take an antihistamine.

Do not forget about the dampening of the bedroom.

In the absence of the effect of home methods and increasing cough, you need to call an ambulance.

How to stop dry cough

There are very simple folk methods that will save you from a painful dry cough in a few minutes:

  1. Pour 100 ml of boiling water into a glass and add 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil. For a taste, you can add a pinch of salt so that it's not nasty to drink, then the solution will look like a meat broth. With small sips, drink half a glass.
  2. Beat the yolk from the egg and, stirring, add hot milk (pour a neat trickle), to mix in there for 1 tbsp. l. honey and butter. To drink the resulting "gogol-mogol" in a hot form, then go to bed.
  3. With dry cough, mulled wine will help. This drink will be both tasty and useful. To make such a drink you need to boil half a cup of water, throw in two dried cloves, two small pieces of ginger root and sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon. Remove from heat and let it brew for 10 minutes. Add 200 ml of red wine, 1 tbsp. l. honey and a slice of lemon. To drink a drink in a hot kind, to go to bed and to be wrapped up.
  4. A quick way to eliminate dry cough: a piece of ginger grate on a fine grater and get from it for 1 hour. l. juice, add 1 hour. l. honey, mix ingredients and drink.

Dry, debilitating cough can become a symptom of such dangerous diseases as whooping cough and tuberculosis, so you need to go to a doctor for a consultation and conduct a survey.

How to stop a strong cough

With a strong prolonged cough, the main task is to eliminate it. Before you drink pills, you can use natural remedies:

  1. Take a spoonful of lime or other honey with propolis, put on the tip of the tongue and slowly dissolve. Perform this procedure several times a day for half an hour before meals. Swallowing honey at once is impossible, since its help lies precisely in the careful irrigation of the oral cavity and pharynx.
  2. 3 tbsp. l. lime flowers pour 500 ml of boiling water, cover and insist half an hour. After this, drain the infusion, take for 20 minutes. before eating 100 ml three times a day.
  3. Mix a large chopped onion and 2 tbsp. l. Sahara. Steep the mixture for five hours. Take, without pouring the juice, for 1 hour. l. half an hour before meals 4 r. per day.
  4. Wash the black radish, cut off the top two parts. At the bottom, make a groove with a knife, fill it with sugar or better with honey. Cover with the top and leave in a warm place for the formation of juice. Take 1 hour. l. twice a day.
  5. Inhalations with fir oil have an excellent effect with a strong cough. Five drops of oil to add to the pan with hot water, bend over the steam, cover with a towel and breathe five minutes. During the illness, perform these inhalations three times a week.
  6. Cowberry crumble with sugar (:), pour into a glass jar and insist for a day in a warm place. Take cranberry syrup for 1 hour. l. 4 r. the day before meals.
  7. A great remedy is raspberry syrup. Since raspberry has a diaphoretic effect, it helps not only to eliminate a strong cough, but also to improve the overall condition. 200 g raspberries crush, add 100 grams of sugar. Insist 24 hours and take 1 tbsp. l. before eating three times a day.
  8. Place a large head of garlic in 200 ml of milk and cook until it softens. Put 1 tbsp. l. honey, mix and drink a medicine for 1 tbsp. l. an hour before meals 3 times a day.

Coughing is normal, moreover, it is needed by our body, since it has a protective and cleansing effect. Care should be taken to develop a cough and to know its etiology.

How to stop a fit of coughing

Effective is a moist cough, because together with sputum, it displays pathological substances and promotes the purification of the respiratory tract. Dry cough, on the contrary, increases irritation and spasm of the respiratory system. In order to remove all toxins, it is necessary to provoke the separation of sputum and its active diversion. Therefore, if you have a dry cough, you should drink thinner sputum preparations - mucolytics (Bromhexin, Ambroxol). There are also plants that have mucolytic effects - eucalyptus, sage, chamomile, thyme. In addition to stimulating sputum removal, these drugs have anti-inflammatory effect and soothe cough. To increase the amount of sputum to be separated and to dilute it, it is necessary to drink plenty of water.

Smokers often suffer persecution in the throat and dry cough. They can be helped by such drugs as Gedelix, Bonhosan, Doctor MOM, tincture of eucalyptus. Traditional medicine recommends treating cough from smokers in this way: dilute milk with mineral water, drink solution three times a day.

Such drugs as "Stoptussin" and "Libexin" have antitussive effect and help to cope with persistent exhausting cough.

How to stop an asthmatic cough

Asthmatic cough loud, nasal, accompanied by chest tightness and dry rales, intensifies in the evening. This problem occurs against the background of asthmatic bronchitis. The temperature does not increase.

During an asthmatic attack, it is very important to relax the muscles and calm down. To do this will help a special pose: sit on a chair facing his back, put a pillow from above and lean on it. Make deep exhalations. If possible, use an inhaler to stop the attack (Salbutamol, Berotek), making two breaths. In the absence of effect, the drug is inhaled repeatedly. When a person knows about the presence of a similar disease, he should always have an inhaler with him.

Do not use mustard and steam baths, as they further increase the spasm of the bronchi.

In the case where it is impossible to remove the attack, urgent help is called. The doctor helps with the injection of euphilin, which allows you to instantly expand the bronchi and remove the spasm. In an emergency, an injection of dexamethasone or prednisolone is given.

How to stop an attack of an allergic cough

Symptoms of an allergic cough are very similar to an asthmatic attack, but it occurs in response to an active allergen (pollen of plants, harsh odors, animal hair, dust, household chemicals). Often, the allergy is accompanied by lacrimation, redness of the skin, facial edema.

At the very beginning of the attack, it is necessary to remove the source that caused the allergic reaction, then take an antihistamine drug (suprastin, diazolin, tavegil). Nasal and oral cavity rinse with water.

For the prevention of allergies should be ventilated rooms, regularly perform wet cleaning. If you do not know what you are allergic to but feel its symptoms, you need to organize a trip to the doctor and do not start the condition.

How to stop an attack of cough in ARVI

In inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract cough occurs after a few hours. At first it is dry, then it becomes wet. With laryngitis, for example, a cough dry and "barking expressed hoarseness. With tracheitis, a loud, severe cough with painful sensations in the chest. Bronchitis is characterized by a painless cough with shortness of breath and damp rales.

Dry air in the room provokes broncho- and laryngospasm. Therefore, humidifiers must be present in the room. If there are no humidifiers, you can arrange containers with water in different places. In winter, they are placed near the battery or heater. Inhalations by simple hot steam or steamed boiled potatoes allow to moisturize and soften the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

During the seizure, it is better to sit down, leaning on the pillow. If the cough is dry, it is recommended to drink ginger tea or warm milk, adding butter or honey. Promotes the improvement of onion juice with honey: the ingredients are bred in equal proportions, the resulting mixture is infused for four hours. Take 2 times a day for 1 hour. l.

Breathing exercises also help during a bout of coughing. First you need to take a deep breath and exhale, then hold your breath. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

How to stop an attack of cough: emergency methods, prevention

  • At the child at night
  • In an adult
  • At home

From the inside, the airways of a person are lined with epithelium covered with villi, in the medical literature it is called ciliary.

Such a structure provides free movement of sputum, along with dust particles, crumbs.

But sometimes irritation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract is caused by diseases, to relieve the condition it is necessary to know how to stop the attack of a cough.

Sudden coughing attacks can be caused by the ingress of a foreign body into the respiratory tract, an allergic reaction to a stimulus, hot or cold, dry air.

Basically, this phenomenon occurs at night during sleep, this is due to the difficulty in spitting out of the bronchi. A frequent companion of ARVI is a runny nose. In the horizontal position, mucus from the nasal passages drains along the back wall of the throat and enters the respiratory tract, which can also cause coughing attacks.

This phenomenon serves only as a symptom of certain pathologies:

  • Bronchitis.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Cold.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Whooping cough.
  • Laryngitis.

In these cases, it is productive, with abundant sputum secretion. With bronchial asthma or allergies, cough is dry, debilitating, with laryngitis - loud, "croaking". Before you choose a method to stop a coughing attack, you need to identify its exact cause.

First of all, the doctor will listen to wheezing in the lungs, if necessary, send it to X-ray, depending on the results obtained, further tactics of treatment are determined.

First of all, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions in the room: turn on the humidifier, clean and air. The temperature in the room should not exceed 22 - 23 ° C. To prevent a continuous, ongoing course of the disease, you should contact a doctor in a timely manner and do not allow self-medication.

To stop an attack of cough with bronchial asthma, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Injection,% solution of adrenaline in the volume, ml. The drug is contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Subcutaneous injection 1ml 1% ephedrine.


These measures should be taken only with the precise confidence in the diagnosis and the availability of necessary medical skills.

Call an ambulance should be when there are difficulties with breathing, sharp pallor, fainting, a change in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

You can stop an attack of a dry cough in an adult in such ways:

  • Go to the balcony or open the window for airing.
  • To have a warm tea with chamomile.
  • Dissolve the lollipop with the sage.

To stop a fit of severe cough in childhood, doctors recommend:

  • Take the baby in his arms and reassure him.
  • If this condition is accompanied by vomiting, then tilt the baby slightly so that it does not choke, and then wash and rinse your mouth.
  • Open the bathroom with hot water, go there with the baby and stay for 15 to 20 minutes, so that he could breathe a wet steam.
  • Give warm milk with honey and a small slice of cocoa butter.

Often when solving the problem, how to stop a fit of cough, to use only these methods does not work, therefore it is necessary to use certain drugs that have a systemic effect on the body. You can also use traditional medicine.

How to stop a cough in a child at night: ways to solve the problem

Often, a prolonged incessant cough in childhood results from pertussis.

Its causative agent is attached to the cilia of the epithelium of the bronchi and causes their irritation, there is excessive stimulation of the cough center in the brain.Therefore, even after antibiotic treatment, the symptoms of infection persist for a long time.

As the pediatrician E.O. Komarovsky, earlier this disease was rare, but to date cases of pertussis have become more frequent due to a mass refusal of vaccinations. Another reason for a prolonged cough in a child is adenoiditis and a protracted runny nose. Flowing during sleep on the back wall of the larynx, the snot irritates the epithelium of the respiratory tract, causing a constant desire to clear them of phlegm.

Also, such a symptom can serve as a protective reaction to the ingress of a foreign body. A prolonged dry incessant cough without other signs of acute respiratory viral infection or inflammation (eg, fever) can occur with bronchial asthma.

Ways how to stop a cough in a child are listed in the table below:

Concomitant symptom or diseaseHelp
Causes of unknown

• Give a warm, softening throat, drink.

• Make inhalation with soda.

• Ventilate the room.

• Switch on the humidifier.

Stuffy nose

• Clean the nasal passages (to help the kids use an aspirator).

• Rinse with sea water (Humer, Atomer, AquaMaris).

• Sip the vasoconstrictor (Vibrocil, Otryvin, Galazolin).

Whooping cough Give the drug to stop the cough: Sinecod, Theophylline.

• Crush or dissolve the pill from pain in the throat and to soften the vocal cords (Lisobakt, Lizak, Tonzilgon).

• Use cough medicine: Paxeladin, Sinecod.

Bronchitis, pneumonia • Expectorant medications on a chemical basis (herbal preparations are slower): Ambroxol, Lazolvan.
Bronchial asthma Specific therapy (aerosols Salbutamol, Berotek).

In order to stop an attack of cough in a child, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine:

  • Fill some figs with a glass of milk and simmer over low heat until it turns brown. Drink 50 ml 4 times a day.
  • Pass the aloe leaves through the meat grinder, add honey and melted butter to the gruel. Stir the mixture for 1 to 2 hours and press through gauze. The resulting juice to drink 10 ml 4 times a day before meals.


If an attack of coughing can not be stopped, then you need to call an ambulance. Also, treatment in a hospital is mandatory for children under 6 months.

How to stop coughing in an adult: treatment methods and recommendations

The reasons for the appearance of a cough in an adult are the same as for a child, the exception is whooping cough, which at this age practically does not occur. Morning attacks can be triggered by regular smoking.

The principles of how to stop a cough in an adult depend on the type of cough:

  • Productive is accompanied by sputum discharge. To facilitate this process, tablets Ambroxol, ACS, Bromhexine are used. It can also be caused by run-off mucus. In this case, Tizin, Nazivin, and Naftizin are used.
  • Dry due to inflammation of the throat, bronchial asthma, allergies. Specific hormonal aerosols (Pulmicort, Ventolin), drugs for the treatment of the nasopharynx and larynx (Lugol, Lizak, Septotelet).

It is also possible to stop a cough in an adult using traditional medicine:

  • Bind the nettle grass with vodka and insist 7 to 10 days. Take during an attack of 10 ml.
  • A tablespoon of sage mixed with 200 ml of milk and boiled. Cool, drain and consume at night.
  • With an exacerbation, drink a glass of warm milk and butter.

With prolonged cough, a doctor should be visited to exclude such serious pathologies as tuberculosis, neoplasms, metastases in the lungs or bronchial tubes.

How to stop cough at home: inhalation, compresses

A common method of getting rid of a night cough is the mustard plaster. First they are moistened in warm water and applied directly to the skin of the back (5 - 8 pieces) for 5 - 10 minutes.

In children, mustard can provoke a burn, so under them should be put half folded gauze.To enhance the effect, you can wrap it in a film and cover with a blanket.

Also, inhalations with hot air are useful, they are advised to be administered with a steam inhaler. It is poured decoctions of medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage, marigold), add iodine and soda. On the recommendation of a doctor, you can use a nebulizer by filling the capsule with a medicine or ordinary mineral water.

Help in solving the problem of how to stop coughing at home, are capable of compresses.The procedure can be done with hot pounded potatoes. It should be wrapped in thick paper or cloth and attached to the chest. Top with polyethylene and a warm blanket until completely cooled. Instead of potatoes, the following recipe will do: slice the cabbage leaf with honey and place on the back.


How to stop a child from having a dry cough?



With a dry cough, very well burnt sugar (on average heat to heat the sugar with a small amount of oil - you can without it, before forming a homogeneous mass, pour on foil, cool and give the baby in small pieces, even if it is good resolves. You can take eucalyptus candies - they also soften the cough. And at night it is good to drink hot milk with honey and plums. oil, rub your feet (heels and calf muscles) and the occipital region of the head with balsam "Asterisk". I wish your child a speedy recovery.


Try to give Lazolvan, Gedelix or lime tea (1 pack of lime apricot for 200 grams of boiling water to insist and give a WARM)

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Black radish with honey is the best medicine to believe

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Inhalations with eucalyptus oil immediately help. Only in the pharmacy do not buy - the effect will not be. but increased the immunity of the child here: [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration], it was even shown in the BBC batch. and there is still: [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]

Maria Gromova

folk remedy: radish with honey, for this, cut off the "hat" from the radish (black) and make a small depression in the knife, in this deepening put honey, and after a couple of hours you will get a very tasty syrup, so this syrup on a tablespoon give instead potions


do not poison the child with chemistry, take a black radish, sing it, make a hole in it and put honey there. When the radish let the juice poote their child pereodicheski - the result oboldeny (I tried on myself and others)


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it is temporarily possible and honey, but I would recommend stihovnik on the neck or the top part of the breast or a vodka compress for the night

Natasha K.

Be sure to give expectorants (mucoltin, bromhexine, lazavan) to start expectorating. Give suprastin. And it would be nice to buy an inhaler (nebulizer) and breathe a lazolvan. You can do a massage: a little honey on the baby's chest and tap your hand softly, until the honey becomes white and starts pristovat to the skin (it hurts), then put a handkerchief on the chest directly to honey and sleep (for the morning honey sucks, it will see), helps with coughing. We also get sick often and it all starts from the throat (we have up to the stenosis of the larynx), I started giving Sana-Sol pills for often ill children, it seems to me that helps.


hot hot water bottle on the chest and wrap, but in general, steam legs, inhalation, rubbing ...

Anna Mon

My girl was also very often sick, most often dry cough happens with laryngitis. It is necessary to do inhalations, I always cooked potatoes in uniforms (with a peel) sat with the baby under the umbrella, covered us with the top of the sheet and she breathed a couple of potatoes. If we consider that children can not be fed when they are ill to my daughter, I liked this procedure so much that she was breathing and eating. )))
Good luck, do not be ill. Anna.

Natalia ...

Cough syrup Erespal is a very effective remedy. We had a cough for 3 days. And breast and back for night rub with ointment Tussamag - and in heat. Get well!

The incessant cough

Colds in many people are long and hard. Cough can last for months and go into a chronic form. Viruses mutate due to the fact that people consume a lot of drugs that are not able to cope with what has got into the body and does not allow it to function properly.

An incessant cough, what should I do?

When irritation of the bronchial mucosa and larynx appears dry cough. The brain receives a signal that there is a foreign body in the respiratory tract, which should be disposed of. Chronic cough worries people, prone to allergies and suffering from bronchial asthma.

Coughing is not present, because in the respiratory tract there is neither slime nor foreign bodies. There is only irritation of the mucosa. Dry cough often occurs due to the flu, ARVI and other diseases, which are delayed for too long. The cold is always the cause of a cough, it can disturb a person due to heart problems, stomach problems, worms, stress, and a bad ecology may also be the cause.

An incessant cough that only a doctor knows. After a cough can have a different etiology, so you need to treat it in many ways. What is acceptable in one case is completely unacceptable in another.

What can a man do himself to ease his fate a little? First, you need to put in the apartment a humidifier and make sure that in the room where the patient is, the air was not too dry. Secondly, you need to carry out wet cleaning as often as possible, dust and smoke in the apartment provoke new attacks of coughing. Thirdly, the sick person needs to provide a calm environment, without conflicts, scandals and psychological pressure.

How to stop the incessant cough?

In order to get rid of cough, you need to take medicines prescribed by the doctor. Traditional medicine can be used without any restrictions and appoint yourself to yourself.

How to stop the incessant cough? You need to buy cranberries and honey with perga, mix the ingredients and pour them with warm water, in the proportion:. Take one tablespoon when coughing. It is advisable not to drink, you can drink water only after fifteen minutes. This medicine is suitable only for those who do not have honey for allergies.

Night cough is easy to remove with a warm herbal decoction. Prepare it in advance, mixing linden, calendula, chamomile, pine needles and pine needles. This mixture is poured into a thermos and poured with boiling water.

An incessant cough in an adult

When you cough, you need to take a saline solution once a day. For 1/4 cup water take 1/5 teaspoon of salt. Before and after taking a saline solution, it is necessary to drink boiled water. Salt removes an attack of cough and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

An incessant cough in an adult can be stopped with cedar oil. This oil should be taken on an empty stomach and not washed down with water. Cedar oil is rich in trace elements, vitamins, proteins and amino acids, it removes irritation, inflammation and helps with coughing.

In order to stop the cough, you need to finely chop the onion, put it in a bowl and breathe with your eyes closed. It is important to make sure that the smell of onion does not catch the breath and regulate its quantity. The person inhales through the mouth, holds his breath for fifteen seconds and breathes out his nose. It is necessary to breathe slowly, so that the nasopharynx receives the maximum amount of phytoncides.

During any illness, you should drink as much as possible. Drinking promotes a speedy recovery, since it does not allow dehydration. In a day you need to drink at least two liters of water.

The child has a persistent cough

After a cold, there are often residual events that can manifest themselves for a long time. If the child has an uninterrupted cough, then most likely he has an infection in his respiratory tract, which is not going to leave without a fight. If the cough does not pass more than two weeks, you should go to the doctor. Further self-treatment is unacceptable.

Pneumocysts, mixed infections, fungi and bacteria provoke the emergence of a protracted cough. In order for the treatment to be correct and fast, you need to show the child to a good specialist, and better than a few.

The child has a dry incessant cough

Cough can begin both in the beginning, and in the end of illness. At the beginning of the disease, he indicates that an infection has got into the respiratory tract, and in the end - that the disease was not completely cured. Sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis and SARS - all these diseases are extremely unpleasant, they are difficult to get rid of, because they still leave a long tail of consequences.

The child's dry incessant cough becomes damp with time. You just need to help the body and make it so that sputum appears and begins to go away. Laryngitis is characterized by barking cough and hoarse voice. In order to exclude the presence of such serious diseases as bronchitis, tuberculosis and pneumonia, it is necessary to show the child to the doctor.

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