Berry berries: useful properties and contraindications to consumption

What kind of berry is this cloudberry? Where does it grow and what useful properties does it have? If you are interested in these questions, then it will be interesting for you to read the information stated in the article.

A pea is a perennial herbaceous plant from the family of Pink and Malina. Berries have a magnificent color and that is why, in ancient times they were also called "marsh amber".And the inhabitants of the northern regions of Russia named this berry "the royal northern orange".

Plant is a herbaceous or semi-shrub of low height( up to 30cm).Its fruits look very much like raspberry. The difference is the smell and taste. When the fruit is not ripe, they have red color, and fully mature berries have a rich orange color. The berries are almost transparent and this makes them look like amber. They are called chameleons, because during the ripening they change color three times.

One hectare can collect up to 1000 kg of berries. Time of harvesting - July - August.

It grows cloudberry exclusively in the north, namely: in the Far East, Siberia, as well as in Belarus. In rare cases, this year is cultivated. Berries are found in pine forests in wetlands, in the swamp and in the tundra.

The powder is very whimsical. She does not like bad weather, which is accompanied by wind and rain, and her main enemy is frost.

The mildew is a very rare and special berry. Its uniqueness manifests itself in almost everything: in a manner of growth, maturation and so on. What is interesting: flowers are male and female. On flowers of feminine origin, fruits appear much less frequently than in males.

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  • Why is cloudberry useful?
  • Nutritional value and caloric content
  • Harm and contraindications
  • How to use in folk medicine

Why is cloudberry useful?

It is used for food not only because it is delicious and sweet. It has found wide application in folk medicine due to the presence in its composition of a large number of useful substances.

The fruit contains carotene, malic and citric acid, vitamin C, pectin and tannins. And they are endowed with high phytoncidal properties. Juice from these berries retains its bactericidal strength in the course of long-term storage( about 30 days).

All the parts of this amazing plant are used for medicinal purposes. Time for harvesting leaves - the end of spring, the beginning of summer, the roots - September-October.

Berry cloudberry is a proven remedy against scurvy. They are also used as an anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and diuretic.

This multivitamin plant is used as a restorative drug for such ailments as:

  • hypovitaminosis in the cold season, especially in young children, expectant mothers and elderly people;
  • in case of heavy metal poisoning;
  • for the treatment of burns;
  • in the presence of various skin diseases. Affected areas of the skin with scabies, smear with the juice of these berries;
  • treatment with cloudberry showed good results in the presence of long non-healing wounds. In this case, residents of the far north use all parts of the plant as dressing and blood-restoring material;
  • the presence of potassium contributes to the cure of heart diseases and hypertension;
  • urolithiasis;
  • in the case of impaired metabolism;
  • from malaria and colds uses the roots of the plant;
  • extract from leaves helps to get rid of internal bleeding, as well as it is a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory agent;
  • a drug from leaves is used for diarrhea, cystitis, gout, dropsy;
  • infusion of fruits and leaves helps in the presence of malignant tumors, with gastritis with low acidity;
  • berries are shown with increased physical and mental loads;
  • it interferes with the development of thrombophlebitis;
  • has a beneficial effect on vision;
  • helps to strengthen hair and reduces brittle nails;
  • lowers blood sugar, so it can be eaten by people who have diabetes;
  • cloudberry is a pledge of a slender figure.

In cloudberry contains vitamin C several times more than in citrus, and vitamin A is more than in carrots. It has many tocopherols, and these substances are necessary for the normal development of the child in the womb of the mother. Therefore, pregnant women should be included in the diet as much as possible of this miracle - berries.

If you stock up on a cloud of cloudberries, you can avoid many diseases. Berries with honey should be included in the diet of people who are weakened after a long illness.

Powder promotes good blood coagulability, as well as it is endowed with a fixing action.

Fresh berry is not very tasty. She has rather hard seeds inside her, which can irritate the mucous membrane of the human stomach. Therefore, many prefer to use it in a processed form: juice, jelly and so on.

Mature cloudberry has the feature of quickly deteriorating. Therefore, after collection, it should immediately be processed as quickly as possible for jam, juice, jam or jelly.

Nutritional value and calorie content of

Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of carbohydrates in cloudberry berries, the caloric content of the product is not high. In 100 grams of the product contains 40Kcal.


  • proteins -0.6 -0.8 grams,
  • fats - 0 grams,
  • carbohydrates - 5 to 6 grams,
  • water - 75 to 85 grams.

The content of nutrients in the berry depends on the conditions of its growth.

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Harm and contraindications

Despite all its many medicinal qualities, cloudberry has a number of contraindications to eating.

  • It can not be included in your diet to people who are diagnosed with gastritis with high acidity and peptic ulcer.
  • It is very necessary to consume berry very carefully for those who have chronic liver and kidney diseases.
  • In allergies cloudberry can cause an undesirable reaction, which will be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This happens when a person ate a large number of berries at a time. It is for this reason that nutritionists recommend eating no more than 500 grams of food per week in several portions.

Method of application in folk medicine

Its medicinal properties are preserved in any processed form. But, heat treatment should be kept to a minimum.

  • When heart diseases, with edemas of the face and body use a cloudberry broth. It is prepared as follows: take the dried roots and leaves( for half a liter of boiling water 3 tablespoons), set for 15 minutes for a slow fire. After that, the dishes with the contents are wrapped and left for 1 hour. Potion is filtered and poured into a glass container. We use infusion for half an hour before meals 3 times a day.
  • Fresh cloudberry is indispensable in the dietary nutrition of .The reason is low caloric content of the product. Berries are used to make desserts, salads and as a filling for hot dishes. Nutritionists recommend eating cloudberries for breakfast or dinner.
  • For the treatment of hypertension , take 5 tablespoons of dry crushed roots and leaves of the plant and fill them with boiling water( 600-700 ml).We close the container with a lid and wrap it well, let it brew for several hours. We use the means between meals for 100 ml. Within 7 to 8 days, you will notice a marked improvement in your health.
  • Urolithiasis .Prepare the healing broth as follows: take a tablespoon of dry shredded leaves and fill them with a glass of steep boiling water. Before use, the broth must be filtered. Use 20 to 30 minutes before eating. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  • Treatment of purulent wounds .For this purpose, you need to take dry leaves, grind them to a very shallow state and sprinkle with this "powder" a festering wound.
  • In order for to normalize the metabolism of , the following ingredients should be taken in equal proportions: the leaves and roots of cloudberry in dry form. We put the collection in an amount of 50 grams in an enameled container, pour a liter of water and cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. After the brew cools, it must be filtered and poured into a glass jar. Drink the broth for a few minutes before eating. You can take the drug for an unlimited amount of time.
  • The curative properties of berries have made them an indispensable component in the manufacture of hygiene and medical cosmetics .The powder is added to cosmetics for dry skin. It is the basis for the manufacture of creams, shower gels, shampoos and liquid soaps.

To children cloudberries can be given after the first year of life in the form of jelly or mors.

Whole berries can be given to children from one and a half years.

Berries are useful for children who suffer from rickets.