Royal disease: gout

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  • 1"Disease of kings." Symptoms and methods of treating gout
    • 1.1Features of the disease
    • 1.2Causes of gout
    • 1.3Gout: symptoms of the disease
    • 1.4Methods of diagnosis of gouty arthritis
    • 1.5What threatens gout?
    • 1.6Modern methods of treating gout
    • 1.7Diet for gout
    • 1.8Prophylaxis of gout
  • 2Royal disease: symptoms of gout and its diagnosis
    • 2.1Causes
    • 2.2Start
    • 2.3Development of the disease
    • 2.4Attack on internal organs
    • 2.5Diagnostics
  • 3Gout is a "royal" disease
  • 4Gout
  • 5Gout is a "disease of kings"
    • 5.1Symptoms
    • 5.2Diagnostics
    • 5.3Treatment
    • 5.4Prevention
  • 6Gout
    • 6.1Why "royal"?
    • 6.2Symptoms of gout
    • 6.3Kinds of illness of "royal persons"

"Disease of kings." Symptoms and methods of treating gout

Gout is a metabolic disease in which there is a disturbance in the metabolism of uric acid.

Preventing gout is to completely change the way of life.

Proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits and regular physical activity will reduce the manifestations of the disease, as well as avoid the development of serious complications.

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Features of the disease

Since ancient times people are aware of severe joint diseases. In the Middle Ages, gout was called "the disease of kings". The victims of this pathology were Charles V, Henry VIII and the famous sculptor Michelangelo.

A large amount of harmful food in combination with low motor activity leads to severe metabolic disorders.

What is gout and why is it important to start treating this disease in time?

First of all, small joints of the feet and brushes, as well as the kidneys, suffer from this disease. The exchange of purines, important elements necessary for the normal functioning of the organism, is disrupted.

When disintegrating from purines, uric acid is formed - and this element is deposited in the form of salts in tissues with low blood circulation (in the joints and cartilage). Suffer from gout and kidneys, removing the products of purine metabolism from the body.

In each of the affected organs inflammation develops, leading to the onset of pain syndrome and other symptoms of the disease.

The peculiarity of gout is that its first signs are manifested at the age of over 40 years. The state of health of patients suffering from this disease leaves much to be desired.


Very often gout is combined with diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases. In recent years, there has been a steady trend towards rejuvenating this pathology.


At the moment, people of different ages are suffering from gout - and this again confirms its danger to the health of every person.

Causes of gout

Far from every person who has crossed the forty-year line, develops gout.

Experts identify the following factors that provoke its appearance:

  • heredity;
  • excess weight;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • tendency to overeating.

A hundred years ago, gout was considered exclusively a male disease. In the modern world, this pathology affects women who consume too much fatty, salty and fried foods. Gout is not for nothing is called "a disease of gluttony."

It is noticed that during wars, when alcohol and meat food was in short supply, the number of patients with gout sharply decreased. Conversely, in the period of well-being and abundance, the number of people suffering from a violation of purine exchange increases.

That is why before you treat gout with medicines, you should think about changing your lifestyle and adjusting your diet.

In addition to nutrition, the development of gout is heavily influenced by heredity. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle and moderation in eating make it possible to avoid the appearance of this dangerous disease.

Secondary gout is formed against a backdrop of chronic kidney disease. In this condition, the kidneys are unable to excrete uric acid in full, and the products of the purine degradation settle in small joints.

Long-term stress can also provoke an acute attack of gout.

Gout: symptoms of the disease

Most of all with this pathology suffer small joints of feet. The first attack of gouty arthritis develops suddenly and most often at night.

Inflammation begins with the thumb on the leg, then grabs the other joints of the foot. In rare cases, larger joints are affected - the ankles and the elbows.

Pain with gout is very strong, almost intolerable. Its intensity is such that you literally want to climb the wall. The joint, swept up by the disease, swells.

The skin over the joint is hot to the touch and bright red. Movement in the affected organ is difficult.

Symptoms of gout last for up to three days, after which the pain subsides - until the next attack of the disease.

In the initial stages of the disease, seizures are repeated quite rarely - not more than once in 4-6 months. Over time, this interval is significantly reduced. Sooner or later a moment inevitably comes when the pain in the leg becomes almost constant.

This condition of the doctor is called "gouty status". Chronic gouty arthritis is characterized by the gradual destruction of the cartilaginous interlayer of the joint and its deformation. Treatment of this condition presents considerable difficulties even for experienced specialists.


The deposition of uric acid salts occurs not only in the joints, but also under the skin. These signs of gout are visible to the naked eye and represent nodules filled with a grayish mass.


These nodules (or tophus) are usually found next to the affected joints. In rare cases, tofuses ulcerate, leaving behind an open fistula.

Within three to five days after the nodule rupture, the fistula heals without any consequences for the body.

Kidneys also suffer from the development of this disease.

The deposition of purine compounds in these organs inevitably leads to the onset of pyelonephritis and urolithiasis.

Symptoms of kidney damage are typical: pain in the lumbar region, discomfort when urinating. In the acute stage, it is possible to raise the body temperature to 39-40 degrees.

Symptoms of gout in women usually flow much softer. The representatives of the fair sex rarely have acute attacks of pain.

Where, as more often, gout in women makes itself felt a moderate constant pain in the ankle joint, and also the formation of tofusov in typical places.

A strong edema of the affected organ, not characteristic of arthrosis, gives the chance to guess the development of gout and choose the right treatment for it in accordance with the severity of the disease.

Methods of diagnosis of gouty arthritis

After clarifying all the symptoms of the disease, as well as a thorough examination, the doctor sends the patient to the X-ray examination of the affected joints. The picture will clearly show the characteristic changes in the cartilaginous surfaces of the joints.

Also for gout is the presence of "piercers" - small cavities in bones filled with salts of uric acid.

All these changes on the X-ray image enable the doctor to finally determine the diagnosis and assign the patient the right treatment.

Another important analysis for gout is the determination of the level of uric acid in the blood. But only during the attack, the product of the disintegration of purines can be in the redistribution of the norm.

The thing is that uric acid, when the disease worsens, actively goes to the affected joint, and therefore its value in the blood will inevitably decrease.

Thus, the level of purines should be determined during the interictal period - at a time when the concentration of this substance in the blood will be maximum.

What threatens gout?

Specialists identify the following possible complications of the disease:

  • kidney damage (up to the development of renal failure);
  • urolithiasis (and cystitis as its complication);
  • arthritis with limited mobility of joints.

Timely treatment of gout helps to avoid the development of these dangerous complications and significantly improve the patient's quality of life. Disease therapy includes diet correction, lifestyle modification, and the use of medication. How can I treat gout?

Modern methods of treating gout

Of all possible joint diseases, gout has the most favorable course. This disease is quite easy to treat with conservative methods. It is important only to comply with all the recommendations of the attending physician and to avoid factors that adversely affect the course of the disease.

During an attack, the treatment of gout is the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Ibuprofen, voltaren, colchicine - all these tools quickly and effectively eliminate pain and relieve swelling of the affected joint. The duration of treatment is no more than 7 days.

If necessary, the course of therapy can be extended to the prescribing physician.


Treatment of gout without exacerbations involves the use of drugs that reduce the level of uric acid in the body.


Allopurinol, an agent that disrupts the very possibility of its formation in the joints and kidneys, has such an effect.

Simultaneously, there is an increased excretion of substances, of which uric acid is formed during the course of the disease.

As a result, the main source of the problem is eliminated, which means that the probability of new seizures decreases. The dosage of the drug is selected by the doctor individually for each patient. Treatment is long: the course of therapy with allopurinol is from several months to several years.

Diet for gout

Treatment of gouty arthritis is impossible without strict correction of diet. The use of medicines for months does not make sense without a thoughtful diet. In this case, there is no need for all life to adhere to strict restrictions in food.

After a year or two from the beginning of treatment, you can gradually add to your diet some of the previously banned products.

And although the dietary regimen is developed individually for each patient, the doctor adheres to some generally accepted rules in drawing up a diet for patients with gout:

  1. Veal, lamb, meat broths and soups, liver and lungs, canned food, smoked foods and alcohol are excluded.
  2. Beef, chicken and turkey, sausages, some kinds of mushrooms, fish, beans, spinach, lentils, cauliflower, chocolate, coffee and beer are limited.
  3. Allowed: flour products, pasta, cereals, dairy products, eggs, cheese of any sorts, sweets (not chocolate!), Fruits and vegetables (except for banned list).
  4. The use of salt is limited.
  5. Increases the volume of liquid drunk to 2 liters per day (provided that there is no pathology of the kidneys).

Treatment of gout is a lengthy process, requiring the patient to have a huge amount of patience. With a positive effect of the therapy after a year, some allowances in the diet are allowed.

The absence of attacks of arthritis makes it possible to abandon the use of medications that affect the level of uric acid.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy is carried out by the attending physician, taking into account all the features of the course of the disease.

Prophylaxis of gout

Knowing how to treat this disease, you can easily cope with attacks of acute pain.

But how to prevent the exacerbation of gout and once and for all get rid of an insidious disease? Prevention of gout is based on the following principles:

  • refusal from the use of alcohol;
  • proper nutrition;
  • increased motor activity;
  • healthy sleep;
  • control of the level of uric acid with weighed heredity.
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Observance of these rules will enable for many years to stop the progression of the disease and to avoid the occurrence of new attacks of gouty arthritis.

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Royal disease: symptoms of gout and its diagnosis

The disease is difficult to determine by eye. Signs of many ailments are similar.

However, the symptoms of gout, especially at the secondary stages of its onset, allow one to recognize a disease that goes back to ancient times.

An inflamed joint on the big toe is an obvious leader among symptomatic manifestations. And this is a signal to call a doctor. In conjunction with what manifestations of symptoms become a diagnosis?


Manifest symptoms of an unpleasant disease in the first place can those who are predisposed to gout. Sometimes, of my own free will.

Few people believe that unhealthy diet can lead to tragic consequences for joints.Gout is just that case.

A great role is played by the hereditary factor, various diseases of internal organs.

In the category of potential hostages, the ailment falls in the presence of the following factors:

  • excessive abuse of fatty meat, other foods with high purine content;
  • regular, excessive intake of alcoholic beverages;
  • sedentary work, lack of mobility;
  • side effects of some medications;
  • excess weight;
  • kidney failure;
  • blood diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • ischemia of the heart;
  • psoriasis;
  • genetic indicator, if there are relatives suffering from gout.

Habitat can affect the appearance of gout. Some areas provide drinking water containing a significant amount of salt.

It should be remembered that the favorable nature for the development of the disease creates an increased content of uric acid. Her crystals dig into the joints, destroying the tissue.

Surpluses of acid appear due to a large production or difficult exit from the body.

The main group, which is influenced by the impact of factors, are men who have crossed the forty-year threshold.However, recently physicians observe that the percentage of women who are overtaken by the disease is growing.


Signs of gout at the earliest stage can only be determined by examination. A blood test shows an increase in the level of uric acid. But until the painful manifestations or external changes disturb, we do not hurry to control it and spend time on a campaign to the doctor.

The disease starts to progress unobtrusively, turning into an acute form. This stage is called gouty arthritis. It is characterized by the first symptoms:

  • a small fever, fever;
  • pain acute, burning in the joint, most often the big toe;
  • swelling in the affected area;
  • reddening of the skin, its surface is dry and shiny;
  • severe heat in the joint region;
  • general weakness of the body, malaise.

The first attacks of gout begin at night, but in most cases the pain comes in the morning.

Acceleration of unpleasant sensations, a rise in temperature can be observed during the day.

At the peak the pain is piercing, there is a feeling of pressure from the inside from the side of the joint. The tumor grows, the area of ​​redness becomes wider.

A few days later the pain passes, the temperature decreases. Symptoms of gout on the primary development coil may disappear without medical assistance. But if you do not contact the doctor, the seizures will repeat.

Development of the disease

The disease without intervention is actively developing. The newly accumulated crystals conquer a new area, destroying other joints.

Attack can roll in the first year once. But over time, the periodic gap between gout exacerbations is reduced.

Curiously, between gouty attacks, signs can actually not be manifested.


An alarm occurs when the repetition frequency is significantly increased. The joint acquires the shape of a protruding cone. Symptoms with gout in the secondary stage are characterized by the appearance of tofus.


These are white dense knot formations. These signs of an ailment can be observed in the area of ​​the auricles, on the fingers, feet, they can appear on the elbows.

Thus, the disease passes into a chronic stage, which occurs in a less well-defined or subacute form.

Gout symptoms during the offensive only increases.

At a chronic stage with time, the pain when walking, the growth of the cone on the affected joint are actively manifested.

The disease for many creates a problem even when choosing shoes, because the swollen cartilage is difficult to pick up something suitable in size and comfort.

If a gout captor continues to lead a normal lifestyle as far as possible, does not change his diet and does not take any medical measures, his aching joints practically lose mobility. Small manipulations will cause pain, straighten the foot, for example, is virtually impossible.

Attack on internal organs

Symptoms of gout are a disease of internal organs. Kidneys suffer as responsible for removing excess uric acid from the body.

Renal insufficiency develops rapidly, if the patient suppresses the symptoms by anesthetizing and antipyretic, without knowing the diagnosis.

The processes occurring in the diseased organism cause damage to the kidneys, which then is difficult to compensate even for strong drugs.

As a snow overgrown with com, so there are new ailments from gout. Because of kidney failure may increase pressure. A metabolic disorder provokes sclerotic changes in the vessels.

The liver, where the acid is produced, also undergoes a serious attack from the gout side. Disease, while ignoring health measures, can damage other organs, such as the stomach.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the first thing a suffering gout doctor recommend a special diet.

It helps to stop the destructive processes for defeated bodies, to balance the level of uric acid in the blood.


Symptoms of the disease manifests gradually. Only the doctor can diagnose the disease. Articular pain does not mean the presence of gout. It can be any manifestation of arthritis. Therefore, examination, analysis is necessary to create an accurate picture of the disease.

At the reception, the medical specialist will examine the external manifestations of the alleged illness, ask questions on other symptoms that worry the patient. To obligatory researches carry:

  • blood test for biochemistry;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • X-ray examination;
  • ultrasonic examination of the kidneys.

The analysis of blood determines the level of uric acid. In women, the level should not be higher, 6 millimoles per liter, for men 2.

In addition, the analysis reveals an increase in the content of fibrin, sialic acids, creatinine, which helps determine the kidney failure.

For this, the urine of the patient is examined, an ultrasonic examination is performed.

X-ray images are studied for changes in the structure of cartilaginous tissues, the presence of formations, and examination of damaged areas of the joints.


A particularly effective study is at a chronic stage.


The doctor compares the images for different periods, monitoring the changes occurring during the treatment.

After determining the diagnosis, the necessary course of treatment is prescribed.

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Gout is a "royal" disease

Earlier, gout was considered a "royal" disease, but now the causes of its occurrence have been found. So why does gout occur and how is it treated? You will find the answers in the article.

  • Risk group
  • Essence and reasons
  • Main symptoms
  • Possible complications
  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment
  • By the way
  • The vast majority of gout is men. Women get sick about 10 times less. There is a lot of hypothesis on this score.

    According to one of them, the whole fault of the peculiarity of the male metabolism: the strong sex is much inferior to the weak in ability to control the formation and excretion of uric acid from the body, which ultimately leads to disease.

    Essence and reasons

    Gout is a disease of a lifestyle. The use of alcohol, a lot of meat, smoked foods and fatty fish causes an increase in the blood level of uric acid and its salts - urate.

    For a man suffering from gout, based on a violation of purine metabolism, such a diet of death is similar. Continuing gluttony, the gout signes a verdict.

    By the way, it is because of the propensity to gluttony for the numerous victims of gout that this illness was dubbed the disease of kings. And considered a sign of genius. Genetics, even such a concept introduced - "genius gouty type."

    Unlike other gifted people, they are people of rare creative energy, solely purposeful, hard-working, courageous and enduring, which, according to researchers, is associated with an excess in the blood of gouty gout: its structure is extremely similar to caffeine and theobromine - well-known stimulants of activity the brain.

    To gout can also lead to long-term use of diuretics, psoriasis, and certain blood diseases.

    Main symptoms


    Over time, the excess in the body of uric acid results in the formation of needles and their deposits (tofus), which are localized mainly in the joints of the thumbs of the feet, causing unbearable pain.


    As a rule, the attack begins at night, which, according to Sergei Shubin, is understandable: at this time the blood pH shifts to the acidic side. In such an environment, uric acid crystallizes faster and precipitates, triggering an inflammatory process.

    Possible complications

    Without treatment and strict dietary restrictions, gout can easily become disabled. Excruciating attacks with each time become more frequent and longer, in addition to the joints of the legs, the joints of the hands and elbows are involved in the inflammatory process. Gradually they begin to deform.

    And there and to problems is more serious near. A disease that is neglected can lead to chronic renal failure, an increase in blood pressure, damage to the blood vessels of the kidneys and the heart. That is why gout should be treated as early as possible.


    The experienced rheumatologist determines the true owners of an unpleasant disease immediately. It is enough to look at their... ears.

    In gouty women, they are covered with dense subcutaneous nodules, which are nothing more than deposits of uric acid crystals. If such a knot is opened, it will contain a white powder.

    Visual observation necessarily complements the analysis of urine and blood, and if necessary - and X-rays, if the destructive process went too far.

    True, overdiagnosis of the "royal" disease is also encountered. For gout, the so-called valgus deformity of the big toes is often adopted - the consequence of transverse flatfoot.


    Alas, it is impossible to completely get rid of gout. But it is peaceful to coexist with it, minimizing the painful seizures, - the task is quite real.

    Under one condition: as soon as possible to begin treatment. Compensatory abilities of the organism are not limited.


    The earlier a gouty person turns to a rheumatologist, the better the prognosis will be.


    Thanks to drugs that effectively reduce the level of uric acid, and also improve its excretion from the body, hundreds of patients have the chance to return to a full life. And although they will have to be taken for life, compared with the prospect of being confined to bed, this victim does not seem so heavy.

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    But not even the most correct and modern treatment will bring the desired result without a strict diet. In gouty women, it completely excludes alcohol and excitatory nervous system strong tea, coffee, spices, hot snacks.

    We will also have to give up some vegetables (sorrel, spinach, asparagus, Brussels and cauliflower, beans). And, of course, from rich with purines (substances that are converted into uric acid), roasted meat, meat and fish soups.

    If you are a convinced meat-eater, then at least eat it less often and boiled.

    In general, try not to overeat. For gout, who in addition to purine often encountered other types of metabolic disorders (carbohydrate, fat), it is vital to keep yourself in a tight fit.

    But you need to drink more: at least one and a half or two liters a day. It is desirable fruit, berry, vegetable juices and alkaline mineral water (such as "Borjomi").

    The alkaline urine, they contribute to a more effective removal of uric acid from the body.

    By the way

    If gout is the lot of talented and successful people, then the list of famous gouty women only confirms this version.


    Among the owners of an unpleasant disease - Alexander the Great, Henry VI, Cromwell, Cardinal Mazarin, Ivan the Terrible, Peter I, Michelangelo, Pushkin, Turgenev, Maupassant, Stendhal, Columbus, Newton, Charles Darwin.


    A source:


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    Gout is a "disease of kings"

    Gout is a "disease of kings". And not only because it occurs in people who can afford excess in terms of nutrition. Its aggravation can arise spontaneously, as the orders of the tsar's people with characteristic capriciousness.

    Tamara Tyabut, Professor, Chair of Cardiology and Rheumatology, BelMAPO, Doctor of Medical Sciences:
    Gout is called not only royal.

    In Belarus it is also called a panic disease, and today it is also called the disease of modern civilization. Here, of course, the peculiarities of the way of life are affected.

    Imagine how good life was for the kings of the XV-XVI centuries: hunting, wine... And in the morning they woke up from severe pains in the first finger. Hence the gout begins. And in general about this illness they started talking for a long time.

    Hippocrates also described diseases similar to modern gout. Now it is manifested in people who have a habit of eating meat in large quantities. Very often it is accompanied by the use of alcoholic beverages.

    The main reasons for the development of the disease are excesses in eating and drinking alcohol. Doctors also call it banquet disease. As a rule, a gouty attack begins unexpectedly.

    Galina Babak, head of rheumatology department of the US "1st city clinical hospital"

    Patients feel acute pain, the strongest, just indescribable in strength, when they have an attack of gout.

    The pain is so strong that even a slight touch of the sheet causes very strong pain. A typical gout is a middle-aged man.


    For some reason, he is often described with a bald spot, with a beer belly, satisfied, happy and does not deny himself anything. The attack begins at night, because at this time the patient is at rest. And the maximum inflow of blood flow occurs in a warm state, when the patient is in bed.


    A favorite place for gout is the first toe. But other joints can be amazed: hands, elbows, knee joints.

    It is generally believed that women suffer from gout less often than men, but up to a certain age. Men begin to "toil" this misfortune already from 40-45 years. By the sixth ten of life the number of sick women and men is compared.


    Does this disease occur suddenly, or are there any precursors of the disease, according to which it can be suspected?

    Tamara Tyabut:
    If to speak about each concrete patient, the onset of the disease is the first attack.

    After all, few people now from Belarus are purposefully examined to identify risk factors.

    Elevated levels of uric acid are exactly the risk factor that is determined laboratory, but not everyone knows it. Therefore, the first signal is the first attack.

    The gout can be controlled. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of the disease, the patient must urgently consult a doctor. An experienced doctor already at the first stage can draw a conclusion - the typical picture of gout is too typical.

    Galina Babak:
    The picture is: a sharp pain, red and hot swollen joint. This is the first attack of gout, which can go away without treatment for several days. Each subsequent attack is more severe and requires additional treatment.


    Confirm or refute the diagnosis is helped by simple laboratory tests. Since uric acid is the final disintegration of purine bases, its rise in blood and urine with a certain clinical symptomatology and allows to confirm the diagnosis.

    Another method is X-ray diagnostics. She, unfortunately, identifies the disease only in later stages, when gout has already done its "black business".


    If the attack of gout has come for the first time, then a number of simple rules should be remembered, how to alleviate the condition of the patient.

    Galina Babak:
    It is necessary to give the rest position to the joint, first of all. Remove everything so that nothing touches this joint. Apply to it a moderate cold, so as not to cause hypothermia of the joint.

    Therefore, if we take a product from the refrigerator, it is necessary to cover the joint with some kind of cloth, a towel, and then just apply the cold. You can also take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Even a single dose of non-steroid drugs with the first attack of gout can be enough to stop it.

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    And that there was no second and third attack, the patient will have to try hard: follow the doctor's recommendations and change the way of life.

    The main goal of the treatment is to stop the gouty attack and to stop the intolerable pain in the joint.

    And at this stage, patients themselves, and even sometimes doctors at polyclinics sometimes allow one unforgivable error: in the acute period appoint a drug that increases the excretion of uric acid - allopurinol.

    Galina Babak:
    This results in a faster excretion and a faster flow of uric acid into the joints and tissues, which intensifies the attack. Allopurinol should be administered during the interictal period. It is prescribed with small doses.

    When traditional methods do not help, hormones are used.


    To remove pain and reduce inflammation in an acute period, physiotherapy methods of treatment help.


    They reduce blood circulation in the joint, remove swelling of the tissues, and hence, pain. The method of acupuncture is very effective.

    Two or three procedures - and the patient becomes much easier. Not the last place is occupied by mud therapy.

    All these methods are not able to save the patient from gout, but they are able to help him live with this disease both at the stage of exacerbation and during the inter-rush period.

    Tamara Tyabut:
    To date, it eats devices that allow the use of elements of physiotherapy at home. But the main treatment for patients at home is cold and warm.

    At the moment of increasing pain - it's cold, at the time of resolution of an attack of arthritis it can be warm.

    There may be topical topical medications - these are the same non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or drugs that have the ability to improve microcirculation, i.e.

    will contribute to the fact that the substances causing inflammation will be more actively excreted from the area of ​​the affected joint. They include the gel "Dimexide". There are also some recipes of traditional medicine.

    There are a lot of them on the Internet, so I want to say that the main thing is not to hurt. Here the good old cabbage leaf still remains a popular folk remedy, it well removes inflammation. You can make a bath of chamomile, sage. But the main thing is not to forget about drug therapy.

    Are metabolic disorders that occur with gout, reversible?

    Tamara Tyabut:
    To say that they can be reversible without drug therapy is quite difficult. Changes in lifestyle, certain dietary restrictions - they do not only concern meat and alcohol.


    It is also tea, coffee, beans... You can reduce the indicators to a certain level. But if there is a violation of the enzyme systems responsible for excretion, then mainly medicinal preparations help here.


    And it must be remembered that if a patient started taking drugs that suppress the formation of uric acid, then he will have to take them all his life. And our patients do not yet have such a commitment to treatment.

    Canceled drugs - after 3-4 days the level of uric acid in the same state.

    Are gout complications possible?

    Tamara Tyabut:
    Practically we come to the final stage of this disease.

    If we disassembled hyperuricemia as an initial stage, acute gouty arthritis as its manifestation, an interictal period that we can control by assigning drugs that inhibit the formation of uric acid, then, unfortunately, some patients reach the last stage, which is called chronic tofusnaya gout. This is the most difficult stage, for which chronic gouty arthritis is characteristic, and in contrast to the acute attack one joint - usually monoarthritis, chronic gouty arthritis - is already polyarthritis, which affects both large and small joints extremities. This arthritis is usually complicated by the appearance of tophi in the area of ​​the affected joints. Hence, the pain syndrome, a violation of the function can be called complications of this process. In this period of time, kidney lesions often occur. And there is another group of complications - these are complications of the infectious plan. The thing is that the accumulation of uric acid, which occurs in the area of ​​the affected joints or in other tissues, reaching a certain size, can simply be opened. On the surface appears such a red-yellow formation - this is crystallized uric acid. And when the integrity of the skin is disturbed, the effect of infection immediately increases. But if the patient during the interictal period is conducting active therapy aimed at organizing the level of uric acid, then the situation is more manageable.


    After the first attack of gout, the patient's life changes radically once and for all. "Breakage" in the body has already occurred, and, as doctors say, hoping for a miracle is absolutely meaningless.

    Although a miracle can occur if the gout is to follow all the recommendations of doctors. dietary recommendation - restriction of food products containing a large number of purines. This meat, beans, spinach, strong tea, coffee.

    In the list of prohibitions, of course, alcohol. Especially beer.

    A gout should drink 2 or 3 liters of water a day. You drink more - slag is more quickly removed. Minimally mineralized mineral waters are especially useful. You need to be careful about taking certain medications.

    Provoke a gout attack can corny temperature and inadequate physical activity. Doctors do not recommend running loads, but simple walking is very useful. Not less than 40 minutes a day. And also swimming is generally a unique way of physical exercise.

    And, most importantly, take the drug Allopurinol in the dosage that the doctor appointed.

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    Gout is tormented by mankind from time immemorial. Back in the 300s before our era, the first records of this ailment, called in the people "the disease of kings appeared. Symptoms of gout are manifested in an average of three people out of a thousand. From what? First we look in the reference definition.

    So, "gout" in translation from Greek means "foot trap". The disease is characterized by the deposition of urate crystals in the form of sodium monoaurate or uric acid in various tissues of the body.

    Let's try to explain more simply: gout is a disease associated with metabolism. Suddenly, for some reason, this system fails, as a result of which the crystals of uric acid cease to be excreted from the body in full.

    As a result, they begin to be deposited in the joints in the form of crystals. There are severe pains, the joint swells. According to the results of the research, the disease is mainly affected by men over forty and women after menopause.

    But now this illness, like most others, has grown younger.

    Why "royal"?

    Part of its name in the people of gout was due to the fact that for the first time it amazes rich and successful people. It is a disease of a way of life. It develops as a result of drinking a lot of alcohol and fatty foods.

    During the reign of the kings, the lower class could not afford such a feast on the table. From this gout pained only noble people. Now everything has changed.

    A large number of fast food and alcohol abuse led to an increase in the number of cases in the past few years.

    The causes of the deposition of urine crystals.

    1. Healthy kidneys can not excrete large amounts of uric acid
    2. Uric acid is produced in normal amounts, but diseased kidneys can not remove it

    Amazing is the fact that the crystals of uric acid are similar to caffeine crystals. That's why some scientists believe that gout patients have a chance to become genius, because caffeine is a stimulant of mental activity.

    Symptoms of gout

    Gout can affect any part of the musculoskeletal system (from the foot to the elbows). But most often the joint of the big toe is inflamed, knee or ankle. Common symptoms of a gout attack are as follows:

    • sudden painful sensations, in which it is impossible to touch the aching joint, arise early in the morning or at night.
    • strong fever. Body temperature can reach 39-40 degrees.
    • rapid swelling - swells so much that it resembles an elephant's leg.
    • it is impossible to move a sick joint.
    • duration of an attack from three to ten days.

    With a repeated crisis, there is a risk of infection of neighboring joints, which can lead to their partial destruction. The subsequent incident is very unpredictable, it arises abruptly, and its duration fluctuates in a wide range - from three months to twenty years.

    Apparent growths burst with time and you can see whitish crystals of uric acid. Saline deposits interfere with a full life. They cause intense pain. Without anesthetics, it is difficult for a person to tolerate, and regular aspirin will not help here.

    The main complication of gout is the occurrence of urolithiasis. Kidney stones can cause kidney failure, which is difficult to treat and leads to death.

    Kinds of illness of "royal persons"

    In medicine, it is common to distinguish between two types of gout - acute and chronic.

    Acute gout proceeds almost without symptoms. She worries only during painful attacks. The longer a person ignores the disease, the more gouty seizures are repeated.

    Chronic gout usually occurs after passing the period of an acute type of disease, affecting the same joints. The first screams to help the affected area becomes a crunch when you move, a sharp pain in excess of the load.

    Pains tolerant, but permanent, sometimes last for several months. Over time, the joint is completely deformed. If the illness is not treated for a long time, then full loss of ability to work is possible.

    It is chronic gout that leads to urolithiasis, cyst.


    The main part of treating gout is proper nutrition. So salts of uric acid can not stay in the body.


    You should exercise regularly - gymnastics, swimming, walking. For medical treatment, we advise you to see a rheumatologist.

    It is best to start treatment at the earliest stage, this will eliminate the risk of complications.

    Diet with gout Diet for gout plays a crucial role in its prevention. Balance in nutrition serves as a regulator of normal health and a stopper complicating the disease. This is one of the basic elements of therapeutic activities. How to cure a gout The treatment in the treatment of gout is the control of uric acid. It is the product of the purine decay and aggravates the course of the disease. Therefore, treatment of the disease is directed, first of all, to suppress the occurrence of uric acid. And also - on its accelerated excretion from the body.

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