Do I need to get a flu shot?

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Do I need to be vaccinated against the flu every fall?

Do I need to be vaccinated against the flu every fall?

With the onset of cold weather, medical institutions offer people to get a flu shot. Some companies, on their own initiative, purchase vaccines for their employees. Many schools also often provide pupils with the opportunity to undergo such a procedure. This is repeated every fall, and it is not clear to everyone why the vaccine is in effect for such a short period of time.

Why should I get vaccinated?

Perhaps, many people will have a friend or acquaintance of a friend who vaccinated against the flu, but still had the disease. It is reasonable that the question arises: if the disease can still knock anyone off, what is the need for vaccination. About half a million people die each year during the flu epidemic. This is due to various complications, the development of which provokes the disease. It can be a pneumonia of a viral or bacterial nature, muscle inflammation, pericarditis and myocarditis, disorders of the heart and central nervous system. Such conditions pose a great danger to the weakened by the disease of the organism. First of all, the vaccination is designed to prevent the development of complications and death of a person. Grafted people can be sick, however, the disease proceeds more easily than without vaccination. In addition, often the symptoms of influenza are confused with ARVI, from which the vaccine does not help.

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It is important to vaccinate against influenza children whose immunity is still weak. Complications for small patients can be very dangerous.

Why the vaccine should be repeated every year

From a number of diseases a person is inoculated once in a lifetime or repeated in ten to twenty years. With the influenza virus, the situation is different. This is due to the fact that in the world there are a huge number of strains of the virus. It is impossible to develop immunity for everything - if you enter with such a quantity of virions, a person will simply have an anaphylactic shock. Therefore, doctors every year recommend to their patients different vaccines designed to create immunity from those strains that will threaten the population this year. However, the vaccine against the flu in any case will give you immunity for 8-10 months, after which it will be lost, and in the fall, all will have to be repeated anew.

Influenza epidemics in the northern and southern hemispheres occur at different times, but the main strains of pathogens are the same. Analyzing the situation in the opposite hemisphere, doctors create effective vaccines.

Who should be vaccinated

Ideally, all people should be vaccinated, but you can identify the groups most at risk of complications. These are children and elderly people, as well as suffering from chronic heart, joint, kidney, lung, diabetes. It is very important for them to avoid the flu or, at least, to make it proceed in an easy form.

Should I get a flu shot? A child in school tomorrow put "Grippol-plus"? (12 years)


Aleksandra Menyasheva

you know, kaza, I have aunt doctor, and so, she says it's not worth it. Moreover, she said that she would not be vaccinated against her children by her children. the virus constantly mutates, even within a single wave of diseases, and at such a difficult time for the body, when it is cold, when it shortens a sunny day (this is a great stress), when the body is especially vulnerable - it's just foolish to subject it to such tests. it is better to get sick once with your immunity, than because of the introduction of artificial substance in half with foreign harmful, though weakened, bodies, to fall with temperature due to the slightest hypothermia. after gynecology this happens often. some people have an allergy to chicken protein, this is also dangerous, because the vaccine is made based on it. producers on the fear of people for their health earn big money, artificially inflating the hype. in fact, this thing is not so necessary. rather, it is the placebo effect.
bear in mind, I'm not talking about vaccinations in the whole, namely about vaccines against the flu.
be healthy!))


Inoculation should be done, but pre-examine a child with a pediatrician


I will not do my flu for anything

Pink Dream of a Psychiatrist

The point is to put it, only the immunity to weaken.
and Grippol now took a lot, we must also use, so they will be vaccinated in a voluntary-compulsory manner


after the mass vaccination of the flu, the epidemic and will begin as a consequence of vaccination. and the meaning of getting a flu shot if every year the virus mutates and last year's vaccine for him is an empty phrase?


We did, or at least did not hurt, even once. But I went to school and found out what kind of vaccine and what period of validity she had, and it was also important that the child was perfectly healthy at that moment.

~ VIOLETT ~ 197

I see no point in this vaccination, there are several influenza viruses, but they are made from one kind

Inesa Nazz



Sister doctor, recommended to refuse vaccinations against influenza.

it i

My daughter in the first class agreed to deliver, so she was sick for the winter 3 times. We do not put it any more.


After reading in Wikipedia, I got an 8-year-old son from the vaccine:
In matayanalysis, the effectiveness and effectiveness of killed vaccines were studied in adults, children and the elderly. Adult vaccines showed high efficacy against selected strains of the virus, but overall low effectiveness, so that the benefit from vaccination was small, one-fourth decreased the risk of contracting the flu, but the lack of effect in the frequency of hospitalization. On children, vaccines again showed high efficacy, but low effectiveness in preventing "influenza-like illness ", data on children under two years are very limited, but it seems that the vaccination did not give measurable benefits.


NO NO AND ONE MORE TIME NO. THINK-HE WILL CHALLENGE EVERYTHING (SAME SCHOOL) vaccinations are business, the mafia. the consequences are unknown. this is not a vaccine against tuberculosis (although they do everything to everyone at birth and the sex of the country is still sick.


definitely no !!!!

Nikita Vakhrameev

No, it's not worth it

qwed erty


Do I need a flu vaccine?

Vaccination against influenza, prevention of the disease - this is a very important point. Warnings are always more important than healing later. To date, there is no panacea for influenza, there is not a single miracle drug that guarantees a quick and complete cure, so vaccinations against influenza act as prevention of the disease. It is very important to prevent the disease by vaccinating on time. Every year more and more people are grafted from this dangerous disease.

Vaccination against influenza for prevention

However, there are both opponents and supporters of this procedure. There is no clear, concrete answer about the benefits or harm of vaccination against influenza. Vaccination should be carried out after studies and individually.

This vaccination is not included in the vaccination calendar and is paid for the adult, but for children it is still free of charge.

Vaccination against influenza in Russia takes place voluntarily, every person has the right to make a choice - either for or against, but for kids the choice of parents do.

The word "flu" came from the French "grab", "catch". The definition speaks of the suddenness and rapidity of the virus's entry into the body. Influenza is a dangerous infectious disease that is acute and usually affects the respiratory system and is expressed by the following symptoms:

  • heat;
  • severe weakness;
  • general deterioration of the condition;
  • pain in the head;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • nausea, vomiting.

Dangerous influenza viruses, what is the danger, the testimony

Seasonal influenzaThe flu can get sick at any time of the year. But usually people get sick all the same in the autumn and in the winter, because at this time the body lacks vitamins, the premises are not ventilated and temperature drops occur. In the autumn-winter period, the epidemic of the disease usually occurs. Small children, whose age is more than half a year, can get sick, as the antibodies transmitted by the mother cease to have a protective function. The disease is caused by influenza viruses A, B, C. The flu virus mutates easily, so the flu vaccine for children and adults should be given annually. Once the virus enters the upper respiratory tract, it immediately captures the mucosa and destroys its cells.

Cells are rejected and during coughing, sneezing, breathing enter the external environment, infecting others. Such infection is called in medicine "air-drop path". You can get into and through personal hygiene items, underwear. Once the virus has entered the body, the symptoms of the disease begin to manifest, there is a sharp weakness, up to 40 degrees the body temperature rises, the head turns, even convulsions may develop, the mucus, the throat pershit, are released from the nose. When a person has been ill with the flu, it acquires a kind of immunity to the disease, but the problem is that the virus mutates and the antibodies that are produced will not have any protection in the fight against the mutated virus.

Influenza is very dangerous, because it completely suppresses the human immune system. In addition, the flu provokes an aggravation of other diseases.

Complications after infection can be as follows:

  • acute inflammation of the lungs;
  • otitis media;
  • changes in the work of the central nervous system;
  • altered processes in the work of the heart and blood vessels.
Warnings of the Ministry of Health about vaccinationsThe Ministry of Health recommends vaccination as the only way to avoid infection and create immunity to a terrible disease. WHO (World Health Organization) identified the at-risk groups to whom the flu vaccine is indicated, these are people:
  • including children who are often ill with different infections;
  • with the diagnosis "bronchial asthma";
  • suffering from CNS diseases;
  • with heart disease or vascular problems;
  • with kidney disease;
  • with blood diseases;
  • who have diabetes mellitus;
  • with deficiency of the body's defense system;
  • who go to kindergartens and schools.

An effective influenza vaccine is improved every year, as the virus is constantly mutating. The experience of scientists allows creating an effective and safe vaccine. The vaccination with the drug that was made this year will be ineffective next year, and therefore the vaccination against the flu with the improved drug is carried out annually. As the statistics showed, the vaccine works, but can not guarantee 100% that the person will not get sick, however even in the case of infection, the disease will proceed in a lighter manner and severe consequences will not occur.

Best vaccine against influenza, vaccination scheme, when should be vaccinated against influenza

Vaccination with VaxgrippusLive and inactivated vaccines are now used for inoculation. Live vaccines are now used very rarely, as the development of live vaccines of the newest generation is underway. But the inactivated vaccine practically does not give serious consequences. This vaccine can be:
  • whole cell;
  • split-vaccine;
  • subunit.

The difference between drugs is that they differently split the virus into component particles. The whole cell vaccine causes complications, has contraindications, but at the same time creates a stable immunity to influenza. The most dangerous to date are the second and third type of vaccine. They practically do not give complications. These drugs do not harm even a child, actively stimulate the immune system and do not cause adverse reactions. Today, 11 influenza vaccines are used and allowed in Russia. Most often do vaccination with drugs:

  • "Flight-arix";
  • "Vaxigripp";
  • "Begrivac";
  • "Influvac";
  • "Grippol".

How does the vaccine work?

Low temperature after flu vaccineAfter the drug is administered to a person, the process of producing antibodies occurs. This creates a layered protection. 14 days after vaccination, the body accumulates a sufficient number of antibodies, and the body does not perceive the disease. Protective protein immediately recognizes the virus and eliminates it.

Immunity persists up to six months or throughout the year. The effectiveness of immunization reaches 90%. This means that the probability of catching the flu is, but it is negligible compared to if the vaccination was not done in time. Today there is a standard vaccination scheme. Vaccination begins in September or October, due to which by the winter the body develops immunity to influenza. It is very important to get vaccinated before the epidemic. Babies can be vaccinated after the age of six months. Babies who have not yet been vaccinated against influenza, it is recommended to vaccinate twice in half the dosage for an adult with an interval of 30 days. The inoculation is done intramuscularly or very deep under the skin.

Modern vaccines against influenza practically do not give a negative reaction after administration, occasionally vaccinated people may have a fever or a puffiness around the site of the injection. You can not vaccinate people who are allergic to a particular component of the drug, such as a protein or preservative. Do not administer the vaccine during the period of illness. You can only be vaccinated a month after the illness has passed. You can not get a flu shot if there were complications during the previous vaccination.

The vaccine must be taken in a licensed medical facility. Vaccination should be carried out by an experienced doctor. After the drug has been introduced, the doctor must issue a certificate, which will include all the data on the drug. You can not buy the vaccine alone. Science today has proven the high efficacy of anti-influenza drugs, especially for toddlers at risk. One should or should not be vaccinated - this should be discussed with the pediatrician and individually.

Implications after vaccination, vaccination rules

Otitis after vaccinationAfter vaccination, the following complications can not often occur:
  1. Inflammation of lungs bacterial type. If the temperature does not drop more than five days - this is a sign of pneumonia.
  2. Reduced immunity.
  3. Sinusitis.
  4. Otitis of acute form.
  5. False groats.
  6. Myositis.
  7. Meningitis.
  8. Exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases.

Vaccination can be free, paid and passive immunization. Schools, kindergartens and a polyclinic purchase the vaccine at the expense of money allocated by the municipality. This vaccine is issued in Russia. Some employers also provide free vaccination. Fee paid for vaccination in private clinics, and the price depends on the drug and on the cost of the service itself.

Attention! Acquired vaccines against influenza should be stored according to the rules prescribed in the instructions, otherwise the drug will lose its valuable properties. It is strictly forbidden to vaccinate independently.

Your opinion: should I get a flu shot?


Alexander Kazakov

I work as a doctor for 16 years (8 for the ambulance and 8 for the therapist).. . I'll start with myself: yesterday I took temperature-sensitive patients (17 people), present yourself in my place.. . I think the question of doing or not doing the vaccination will fall off by itself. (now it is naturally senseless to inoculate). Further... There is such an organization as WHO (World Health Organization) there answered your question long ago and unambiguously.. . scientists are studying vaccinations against cancer, HIV and many other diseases. In particular, a vaccine against cervical cancer, hepatitis B, etc. has been made. Currently we see how antibiotics stop working.. . some microorganisms can no longer reproduce without the presence of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant forms of tuberculosis have appeared, which causes very serious concern in the medical world. The future of medicine will be based on preventive vaccination.. . whether we like it or not. Took to write this article because on the Internet there are debility videos about the dangers of vaccinations. Inoculation as a medical manipulation naturally has a risk it is minimal 0.01% per 100 thousand. of the population. But to take the death from the complications of the flu in St. Petersburg 9 people including 19 years old soldier. They die not from influenza but from complications (acute renal failure, hemorrhagic pneumonia, ) On the future decide for yourself. But agree to die of a cold in 2011, I think it's stupid ...

Tatyana Timofeeva

It's already late, the epidemic has begun ...


It is necessary! I never do, maybe!


At us on work all did, to sense that, all the same fell ill.

sir baskerville

Yes, crap all this. Strains to the fig, and vaccination only from one. To me, one big Doc said that it even hurts, weakens immunity in front of other viruses. All this hype, like past years started potato kings. Winter ends, and heaps of medicines are not claimed. It is best not to take any medicine. I have not taken anything for a long time, so I forgot my way to the clinic. Personal hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, a vegetable-fruit-that's the whole story.

Aman Soyekow

You do not need to fix it if you have Antigrip

anastasia erekmina

it is already too late to do it (it is necessary in advance of the month for 2), this, and I do not risk my health by not knowing that there have been hammered in addition to the same immunity after it is weakened and he has so weak so I do not do it

Elena Tyrina

It is necessary. But now it's really late.
Someone here said that he did and still fell ill. So, if this happens, then the vaccine helps to transfer the disease in a lighter form, and therefore without dangerous complications.
But, unfortunately, the vaccination against the FLU will not protect you from various ARVI. (Let me remind you that the first differs from the second with the presence of high temperature and complications).
So if during the winter you have a few times showing symptoms of a cold, do not think that the vaccine did not help. Still how it helped! Immunity it will not weaken, if you did it being healthy.
Make sure with the next season. Do not be ill!


This vaccine is not all doctors advised to do.

At work, it is suggested to get a flu shot. And whether it is necessary?



Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were much healthier than our generation, and then no vaccinations, and in fact, nebylo. Vaccinations in general can not be done, let alone to melanka children.. You need to see a film about the dangers of vaccinations. There such things are told terrible.. . I looked and I will not do any more inoculations in my life. And I do not advise you.

~ [Pashka] ~

Yes! right now the virus will go


the epidemics have already begun, but what will help is not a fact

Mrs. Bond

I would not risk: the composition of vaccines no one knows, side effects too
The vaccine protects against several types of influenza, and there are several hundred, if not thousands.

Tatyana Dementieva

it is better not to get sick at all, and some people suffer inoculations more heavily than the flu itself


You were late, the vaccine should have been done in November, and now it will not save you anymore.


"The well-known fact that vaccinations, and nothing else, causes an incredible number of diseases, including cancer and.. .
... no moral restrictions, and any trial they do not care, but over the terrible they laugh. Their religion is money. "Alexander Kotok.
on the vast runet there are wonderful books Chervonsky. and Dr. Kotok's website


Yes, this is guaranteed due to the fact that now quarantine


if there is a predisposition to allergies, do not.

Katenka -

when you are vaccinated, then you just perebolsh, well, that would antivirus developed in the body, and if you do not inoculate, then it's not a fact that you'll fall ill, you can pass by! I have a doctor at my mother's and I've never been vaccinated against influenza, my mother says that you should not do this! and not only because of what he can carry, but also because of the fact that there is little that is mixed in this vaccine, because the flu is of different kinds and not the fact that you will get vaccinated from the right one, i.e., the one that will overtake us!


Better not. The epidemic is already on its way, so it's unlikely that antibodies will have time to develop and it's not at all the fact that you will get sick. And the allergy to a vaccine very much even can be.

Eugene Miller

ot nasmarka vsöravno ne kuda ne deneschsja


think for yourself, but I've come across history in the summer. We were offered to buy a plot with a house almost for nothing. We came to the sellers, they told us why it was so cheap. They wanted to sell soon, because they had a 13-year-old daughter who was dying. She , years ago at school was vaccinated against flu free of charge, they were all done, and the girl had incompatibility with some component, everything began that she swelled after 2 weeks in the morning.. . then one by one all organs refused.. she does not work almost anything, she is constantly in the hospital, money is crazy.. . the child lays down all organs are disconnected.. .
we were when the girl came home on the go... I saw this girl. since then for us there are no vaccines against the flu, we do not agree to any free vaccinations to the child at school, we ourselves go and do it, God cares.

Mikhail Bystrov

Vaccinations are generally invented to harm humanity. The most robust immunity is for those who often get sick (under condition of full recovery) and the farther the less this person will be sick.

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