What can I give a child from a dry cough

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Treatment of dry cough in children

Dry cough accompanies many different diseases of the upper respiratory tract in children, it does not allow the child to sleep properly, depletes the body and causes a violation of oxygen metabolism in the body. Treatment of dry cough in children is a rather difficult task and everyone should know the basic principles of such therapy.

A dry or unproductive cough occurs due to irritation of receptors located in the mucosa respiratory tract, it is not accompanied by the separation of sputum and may be caused by infectious diseases or other reasons. Such a cough can be acute - last less than 2 weeks or chronic - continue for 3 months and more, also distinguish barking dry cough, with attacks of suffocation and dry painful cough.

Causes of dry cough

Before giving an expectorant to the baby, doing inhalations or doing any other actions, you need to try to establish the cause of the cough.

Colds are the most common cause of dry cough in children, these are various inflammatory diseases upper and lower respiratory tract - angina, pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, acute respiratory viral infection, influenza and parainfluenza. In this case, the child, except for dry cough, there is an increase in body temperature, lethargy, sore throat and other symptoms.

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Infectious diseases - dry, barking cough is one of the symptoms of such diseases as measles, whooping cough and some others. In these cases, other symptoms of the disease also appear, and before that the child had contact with the carrier of the infection.

Violation of airway patency - if a dry cough has occurred suddenly, without other signs of illness, during play or eating a child, it can be caused by ingress of a foreign body into the respiratory tract - a piece of food or a piece toys. This condition requires immediate medical intervention.

Allergic dry cough occurs when the bronchial mucosa irritates with tobacco smoke, vapors of paint and varnish products and other similar substances.

Neurogenic or reflex cough accompanies some other diseases and it can not be treated with conventional antitussive drugs.

Methods of treatment

Dry cough is a symptom of a disease and you need to treat the cause of its occurrence - a cold or infectious disease.

To ease the condition of a child with a dry cough, the following methods are used:

  1. general methods of treatment;
  2. medicamentous treatment: antitussives, mucolytics, enveloping expectorants, bronchodilators and antihistamines;
  3. treatment with folk remedies;
  4. additional methods of treatment - massage, physiotherapy, respiratory gymnastics.

General treatment

If the child's fever has increased and a cough has appeared, treatment should begin with compliance bed or sparing regimen, taking antipyretic and general recommendations for treatment of ARVI and colds.

It is necessary to regularly measure body temperature, abundant warm drink, rinse throat with solutions of antiseptics or soda-salt solution, humidify the air in the patient's room and observe a diet.

If the child has a fever and lacks appetite, do not try to feed him, the menu A sick child should consist of easily digestible dishes - dairy products, vegetables and fruits, cereals, juices and so on. Further.

One of the most effective means of treating dry cough is inhalation. It can be carried out with the help of a special inhaler or simply give the child to breathe hot steam over a saucepan with a decoction of chamomile, sage, other medicinal herbs or boiled potatoes. Inhalations can not be performed with an increase in body temperature, suspicion of a purulent process and the general severe condition of the child. Inhalation is carried out every 4-6 hours, for several days before the sputum is discharged. Before the procedure, you need to consult a pediatrician.


Drug treatment should only be carried out according to the doctor's prescription, so if the child has fever and a dry cough has appeared, seek medical help. Only a qualified specialist will be able to determine the cause of the disease and assign the appropriate treatment, for example, high fever and barking cough may be the first symptom of whooping cough or laryngitis.

  1. Antitussive drugs - inhibit the activity of the cough center in the brain, while in the lungs sputum and microorganisms and the recovery of the disease slows down, so these medicines should be used only in extreme cases and for the purpose doctor. Antitussives are used for a strong, painful cough that does not give a normal sleep or eat, if the attacks coughs are repeated more than 20 - 30 times a day, if a dry barking cough appeared in the baby and in some other cases. Children only use non-narcotic drugs: glauvent, tusuprex, sinecode or combined (simultaneously suppressing cough reflex in the brain and affecting receptors in the bronchial mucosa) - hexapnevmine, loraine, stoptussin and others.
  2. Enveloping agents - contain plant extracts that envelop the inflamed mucous membrane and reduce irritation and cough. Their use is effective at the beginning and end of the disease, in children older than 2-3 years use tablets for resorption - strepsils, pharyngosept, travisyl, angisept, adicept and others, also have a similar effect of herbal medicinal herbs, milk with honey or tea with raspberry jam.
  3. Expectorants are the basis for treating dry cough in children.


The main way to treat dry cough is to reduce the irritation of the mucous membrane and cause the sputum to leave. To do this, use mucolytics - drugs that dilute sputum and expectorant drugs that contribute to the spitting out of the bronchi. Today, a huge number of various preparations of plant and synthetic origin are offered for the treatment of children.

If the child's fever has increased, and a dry cough has appeared against the background of ARVI, it is necessary to start treatment with expectorants of vegetable origin: these are various syrups, tinctures or tablets based on thermopsis, althea, licorice root or ethereal oils. Such drugs should be taken in small doses, but often - every 3-4 hours.

If 2-3 days after the start of treatment, dry cough does not become wet and expectoration of sputum is still difficult, you need to start taking synthetic mucolytics. For the treatment of children, use ATSTS, ambroksol (ambrobene, amber, lazolvan), bromhexidine and others. For children of the first year of life and preterm usually use drugs based on ambroxol, they have a pronounced expectorant, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action, in addition, contribute to an increase in pulmonary surfactant, a substance necessary for a normal gas exchange process in the lungs.

Also prescribed drugs, not only diluting sputum, but also restoring the normal activity of cells that produce it - mukoregulyatory. For children use bronkatar, mucodin or mukopron.

  1. Bronchodilators - used as directed by a doctor. Bronchodilators are necessary for obstruction (narrowing) of the respiratory tract, for example, with bronchial asthma, they relieve spasm and reduce swelling and inflammation of the mucosa. Children use drugs such as salbutamol, ventolin, or euphyllin.
  2. Antihistamines are prescribed for allergic diseases. Children are prescribed suprastin, claritin, diazolin and other drugs in minimal doses.

Treatment with folk methods

There is a large number of various folk methods of treating dry cough - these are broths of medicinal herbs for rinsing and inhalation, various ointments and mopping on the chest, compresses, mustard, massage and a hot bath for feet and other methods. They are good at the beginning of the disease or as an adjuvant, but before performing any procedures, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Additional therapies

They alleviate the general condition of the child and accelerate recovery. Especially useful are massage and physiotherapy for children of the first years of life. They contribute to the improvement of the drainage function of the bronchi and the excretion of sputum.

Dry cough in children can be the first symptom of dangerous infectious or pulmonary diseases, so be sure to consult a specialist.


The child is 3 years old - give an effective cough recipe. cough dry sometimes comes to vomiting. sometimes clearing up. Help


Alexander Dobrolyubov

I'm shocked!! And you turned to Internet users, as if every first person here is a doctor diagnosing virtually. Run to the clinic!! And do not self-medicate. First of all, with a dry cough you need to know the cause of it. Cough only accompanies the disease. Especially you have vomiting.


Cough is a manifestation of many diseases. Cough can occur with colds, bronchitis, tracheitis, pleurisy, pneumonia and other lung diseases. First of all, you need to treat the underlying disease, but at the same time, it can be facilitated by using cough remedies.
Traditional methods of cough treatment:
1) Grind 500 gr. peeled onions, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 400 gr. sugar and cook over low heat in 1L. water for 3 hours. Then cool and drain. Store in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Take a mixture of warm 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day with a strong cough.
2) From the cough is useful to eat onions, toasted in butter and mixed with honey.
3) Mix in equal parts the purified hazelnuts and honey. Take 1 teaspoonful 5-6 times a day with warm milk.
4) Mix honey and horseradish juice in the ratio:. Take small portions throughout the day with a cup of tea. To drink for the whole day 2-3 cups of this infusion.
5) Wipe the ripe bananas through a sieve and put them in a pan with hot water at the rate of 2 bananas per 1 glass of water with sugar. Warm up and drink this mixture when coughing.
6) When coughing, cut into small cubes a black radish and put it in a saucepan, sprinkling with sugar. Bake in the oven for 2 hours. Strain and drain the liquid into a bottle. Drink 2 teaspoons 3-4 times a day and at night before going to bed.
7) When treating a cough, the healer Vanga advised to cook 1 potato, 1 onion, 1 apple in 1l. water. Cook until the water is less than half. This broth drink 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.
8) Fresh cabbage juice with sugar is useful as an expectorant for coughing. A decoction of cabbage with honey works well.


Cut the radish into small cubes, put in a saucepan and cover with sugar. Bake in the oven on very low heat for two hours. Strain, slice the radish out, and drain the liquid into a bottle. Take two teaspoons three to four times a day before meals and at night before going to bed.

Julia Nikolaevna

You can try the inhalation, if there are no contraindications, Very good helps Brewing linden flowers and mother-and-stepmother

* Queen *

mucaltin, pills such. in water they dissolve. and a lot of a lot of warm drinking

Maria Bayborodina

He cured the baby only with this remedy. Pour 1-2 hours. l with a glass of boiling water (thyme or Bogorodsk grass) insist 15-20 minutes then pour 1/3 of the glass to cool to a warm state and add 3-4 anise drops. All the best.

elena harkavaya

syrup HERBION helped us

rina tverskaia

My son suffered from a terrible throat cough cervical compress. It is necessary to warm sunflower oil, dipped in it a thick layer of gauze, squeeze out not much, wrap your throat, on top of the bag and scarf. Do for the night. Only at elevated temperature can not apply heating procedures. This compress removes the throat dry cough (laryngitis).

Bogdan Sikora



In such cases, I usually cook the burnt sugar. My grandmother cured me for coughing, now I'm treating my children and myself. If you are interested, write - I will tell you in detail the process of preparation.

Oleg Dimitrov

cough can be stopped with codeine preparations.
for the child there is syrup kodelak (codeine + herb of thermopsis). dosage is written inside.
BUT, if there is a temperature, cough more than a week, then URGENT pediatrician-it is necessary to listen to the lungs, pneumonia may develop.
pozhajlusta, do not risk the most dear or expensive in the world-the child.
good luck!

Julia the Good

Symptoms are very similar to whooping cough. To properly and effectively treat a child must be shown to the doctor. Cough is different.


Try, if there is no allergy to honey, 1 glass of carrot juice and 2-3 tbsp. spoons of honey, drink 6-7 times a day for 1 tbsp. spoon, very well helps. And we were helped by the medicine "Bronchipret" in syrup, it is based on medicinal plants, and the child drank it with pleasure. But it is better to call a doctor, let them listen well!


My child had a very strong and long cough as a child. The doctor did not know what to prescribe. I was taught. It is necessary to buy internal fat. Heat it and drain into a container. When you give the baby, it should be liquid. One teaspoon and drink with milk. When we came to the doctor without a cough, she was very surprised. I hope that your doctor will be surprised not less.


Actually a lot of advice but I need to consult with a doctor. I had such a situation a month ago with a child, I need a warming cream, a badger, try to grind the thorax and I dosed psyllium syrup with mother and mummy helped but he from 6 years I was told to give his sex a tea spoon to dilute with water a little and give helped cough has stopped!


Recipes can be sea but the baby is small, you write a dry, frequent cough, this happens with laryngotracheitis too, call an ambulance if this tracheitis they will make an injection of dexomethasone or prednisolone it will become easier and will simply be sealed off with warm tea then and inhalation do

Julia Borisovna

the best
Coughing is a reflex reaction of the respiratory tract to mechanical, chemical or inflammatory irritation. Cough is used by the body of the child, as a physiological function to clean the respiratory tract from what should not normally be there.
With some pathological conditions (asthma, cystic fibrosis, etc.) ) a very large amount of, often, viscous sputum is formed in the respiratory tract. With the help of a cough, the baby's body cleanses the respiratory tract, so suppressing cough, especially in such situations, can lead to a marked deterioration in the child's condition.
Many respiratory tract infections are accompanied by a cough that does not require medical treatment and passes itself for a short enough time. The main way to treat this cough is to drink and moisturize the inhaled air.
Cough reflex in children is congenital, however, the ability to cough up phlegm develops with age and reaches an acceptable level by the age of 4-5 years.
In very young children, the nasopharynx is arranged so that most of the mucous secretions in the cold flows down the back wall of the pharynx and falls on the vocal cords, irritating them and causing a reflex cough. The same thing happens when teeth are erupted, when salivation increases (to make it clearer - you yourself feel about the same feeling when you "swallow" with saliva).
Thus, prescribing to a small child refluxing and thinning medications is not only ineffective, but can also lead to unpleasant consequences.
The main feature of cough medicine is that there is still no real scientific research that determines the effectiveness and safety of most cough medicine. Doses given to children are in fact extrapolated from adult doses, that is, the exact dosages for children are unknown and unspecified. Side effects, up to the most severe, associated with taking medication "from a cough are repeatedly described in the specialist literature.
Cough in ARVI is a self-passing condition, which is treated with copious drinking and moistening of the air.
Is it necessary, dear parents, to give medicines to a child, exposing his health to risk where there is enough parental love, patience and abundant drink?

Nina Skorobogatova

the child coughs when coughing - this should be so. We adults can sputum come up to the throat to expect. a small child can not do this yet, therefore by nature - instinctively he spits up phlegm. The more often it will regurgitate, but more often it happens after eating. or during a meal, then it's good. After all, think for yourself - phlegm exits from the lungs or bronchi. Us in the hospital, doctors even forced a finger in the child's mouth to push him to regurgitate, but beforehand you need to tap a child lightly on the ribs on Back and chest - like a small massage, and more to drink a simple kilo of water, chilled, so that the cough from the dry choking turned into a wet.

Dry cough in children 2 years. Effective treatment of dry cough in a child

Dry cough in children 2 years old, as well as in older children, can incredibly wear out both the baby and his parents. Unlike wet, dry cough does not bring relief and is not able to rid the bronchi from accumulated mucus. Therefore, it is so important, after consulting a doctor, to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Possible diseases

When there is a dry cough in children 2 years old, parents should, with the help of a doctor, exclude possible dangerous illnesses. Of course, most likely, the baby just picked up a banal ARD, but perhaps the child has a more serious illness:

  • Whooping cough. A childhood infectious disease characterized by a strong, simply exhausting, dry cough. In this case, antitussive drugs are needed, which the doctor can appoint.
  • Pneumonia. In this case, the baby is observed, in addition to cough, high fever. Disease is determined by listening to the lungs. You may also need x-rays. A small child is likely to be hospitalized. Still, the disease is serious and does not allow self-medication.
  • Tuberculosis. In this case, the cough is not only dry, but also deaf, unproductive. Required treatment under the supervision of a doctor. In the future, long-term rehabilitation is needed.
  • Laryngitis. It is an inflammation of the larynx. You can distinguish laryngitis by a characteristic barking cough. Hearing such sounds from the child, you should immediately call a doctor. The disease is dangerous because of the risk of severe swelling of the larynx and the inability to breathe normally.

In any case, when a strong and unproductive dry cough appears in the child, a pediatrician should be consulted. If the doctor, having listened to the lungs and examined the child, does not find serious reasons for concern, it will be possible to be treated at home.

Such a different cough

Cough can be different. Wet and dry have unequal manifestations. Consider their differences from each other:

  • Unlike wet, dry cough does not clear, therefore, does not bring the desired effect of sputum separation.
  • Dry cough appears immediately at the onset of the disease, only then it turns into a wet cough.
  • With a dry cough, inflammation of the larynx or pharynx is observed. Wet cough is characterized by the formation of mucus in the bronchi.
  • Drugs with a dry cough are aimed at suppressing the cough reflex, whereas when wet it is necessary to dilute sputum for better separation.

But in the treatment of children should not be addicted to a variety of syrups for expectoration. The fact is that the baby, due to age, can not yet productively cough. Syrups diluting sputum, strengthen its secretion, the child can not cough up increasing mucus, and it will begin to stagnate. This situation leads to chronic inflammation.

Dry cough. We search for the reason

The most common cause of dry cough in children 2 years old is viral infections. Coughing is not a disease, it's a symptom. Therefore, when it appears, you should find the cause and treat the underlying disease.

If the child is sluggish, he has a fever and a cough, then the baby has caught a viral infection. In this case, the doctor will prescribe drugs aimed at eliminating the symptoms of infection.

Only the doctor will be able to determine whether it is normal ORVI, more serious pertussis or pneumonia.

But it may very well be that dry cough in children 2 years old is not associated with viruses. If the child is vigorous, it does not have a temperature and the general condition has not changed, it may be an allergic cough. Pay attention to the environment of the baby and exclude possible allergens.

If you can not find and eliminate the cough causing the cough, you should contact a specialist and conduct tests for allergens.

Facilitate the state

When the doctor examined the baby and prescribed treatment, the parents are able to help the baby and alleviate his condition. After all, a dry cough does not clear, but only hurts a child, does not even let you sleep peacefully and gain strength.

Let the baby drink as much as possible. All systems in the body are interrelated. And if a person drinks a lot, then his blood dilutes, and, accordingly, the mucus also becomes less dense. Consequently, the child can begin to productively cough and withdraw the unnecessary of the bronchi.

When the baby suffers a dry cough, the air in the room should in no case be dry and warm. This only aggravates the situation. The air should be humidified, the room must be ventilated.

In the absence of temperature and the general normal state, the child must necessarily walk. Do not be afraid to go out again. The main thing is that there are no strong frosts or wind.

Humidification of the air, sufficient fluid intake and washing of children's noses can cure a dry cough without the use of various tablets and potions.

When it is necessary urgently to call the doctor

  1. The cough assumed a deaf, barking character.
  2. A sudden dry cough does not clear the throat and occurs with increasing attacks. Sensation of foreign matter in the larynx.
  3. Cough provoking vomiting.
  4. A growing dry cough that intensifies, regardless of air humidification and abundant drinking.

Only a doctor, after examining the child, will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and give recommendations for the elimination of unpleasant symptoms.


With a dry cough the baby can not sleep and play normally. He coughs and coughs neither day nor night. Therefore, in this case it should be suppressed.

Cough medicines are divided into two types. Some are aimed at diluting sputum and make it less dense. Cough intensifies, it becomes more productive. Accordingly, the mucus is better than the throat.

Once the medicine has done its job, i.e. the sputum became more liquid, and the cough was more productive, the medicine was canceled.

But for children up to two years of age, pediatricians do not recommend the appointment of various so loved by parents of syrups. The baby still does not know how to clear the throat, and the liquefied mucus begins to stagnate in the bronchi and lungs.

The second type of medication is aimed at suppressing the cough reflex and, consequently, cough recedes.

But antitussives, as well as syrups for liquefying sputum, should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Remember! The medicine does not cure a cough, as such. Syrups and tablets act on certain receptors. They either dilute sputum and increase the productivity of cough, or suppress cough centers.

Antitussive medications are usually prescribed in pediatric whooping cough and can be recommended with a debilitating dry cough caused by ARVI.

Physiotherapy to help the baby

It happens that, despite the implementation of all the recommendations, the disease does not recede. In this case, physiotherapy is recommended.

Warmings are carried out in the physiotherapy room. The necessary course and time will be appointed by the attending physician.

In addition, a child can recommend a massage. The fact is that the active kneading of the chest by a specialist leads to an expectorant effect. It is very useful for the parents of the home to hold a warming massage to the child, stretching the sternum and the back.

We are treated by popular methods

Since ancient times people have been looking for ways to get rid of all sorts of ailments with the help of improvised means. Mankind has accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge, used to get rid of cough in the home.

But before checking the folk methods on the child, it is advisable to consult a doctor. After all, many believe that the treatment of herbs harmlessly, but at the same time forget that these funds can cause great harm.

A lot of herbs are poisonous and just not recommended for use by young children. But if your mother uses, for example, milk to treat a cough, then it does not hurt.

Milk will come to the rescue

With a dry cough in children, for a long time already knowledgeable grandmothers offer such a remedy as milk with honey and butter. Due to availability this method remains relevant to this day.

Despite the apparent simplicity, such treatment gives its results. After the first cup, drunk before going to bed, the baby becomes lighter.

Milk with honey and butter can soften an irritated throat and reduce coughing attacks. The main thing is that the liquid is not too hot, otherwise it can only worsen the condition of the child. Very hot milk will irritate the inflamed mucosa and strengthen the cough.

It happens that children do not want to drink milk and butter. Do not insist that the child empties the whole cup. A couple of spoons are sufficient before going to bed. You can also offer the baby a spoon during the day.

But before giving the baby hot milk with honey, you need to be sure that the baby does not suffer from allergies, not the products of beekeeping. In any case, you can simply offer a cup of milk with a piece of butter. The latter will soften the irritated neck and help remove the dry cough.

Black radish as a storehouse of vitamins

About this root was known even by our great-grandmothers. They used it to treat small children. Black radish contains a lot of vitamin C, organic acids and mineral salts. Thanks to its essential oils, it has a sharp taste, reminiscent of onions.

With the help of juice from a radish treat a lot of diseases, such as ARVI, bronchitis. Very good juice helps, when the baby has a dry cough that does not clear his throat and gives no peace. Consider how it is recommended to use this tool.

Black radish from coughing

How to use such a useful root and treat dry cough in children? It's simple. It is enough to choose a mature vegetable without damage and cut off the tip.

Then cut out the groove in the radish and fill the resulting hole with honey. From above cover this place with a cut top and leave it in the fridge for 3 hours. During this time, honey extract is produced, which contains a lot of essential oils and vitamins.

After the specified time, remove the radish and give the child the resulting juice. In the hole again, pour the honey and put in the refrigerator. Once the juice ceases to form, you should take a new root. But usually one vegetable is enough.

Black radish with honey to children will not hurt. The only exception is the allergy to bee products. In this case, you can try to pour a weak sugar solution, which will pull the juice.

Radish from cough helps very effectively. Besides, babies usually like the sweetish taste of the proposed medicine, which looks so unusual. And many parents prefer natural methods of treatment instead of tablets and medicines.

Radish juice with honey is considered an excellent antitussive, besides it has a significant anti-inflammatory effect. Pediatricians recommend radish to prevent such serious diseases as bronchitis and whooping cough.

Method of application of radish

Take the juice kids should be three times a day for one teaspoon. It is better to give juice before eating.

Despite all the usefulness, black radish is not used as food. As an additive for salads, you can use it no more than 1-2 times a week. For the treatment of babies, radish juice is used no more than seven days in a row.

Cocoa butter with dry cough in babies

Everyone knows that children do not like to drink medicine and pills. Sometimes even a tasty and sweet medicine the child refuses to accept.

But many children love cocoa. And the oils contained in cocoa beans can reduce attacks of dry cough.

Those who do not particularly want to drink a cup of real cocoa, you can recommend buying cocoa butter in the pharmacy. It is absolutely harmless and is recommended for treatment of influenza, ARVI and withdrawal of their symptoms in both adults and children.

In the cocoa butter contains theobromine, struggling with bronchitis and asthma. And also in it is full of vitamins, such as C, E and A, which are intensively helping to overcome the disease.

To treat dry cough in children, you can add butter to warm milk. Drinking such a medicine is recommended often and gradually. One glass of milk is used for a glass of milk. If there is no allergy, you can add honey.

If, in addition to a child's cough, pains in the throat are excruciating, suggest that he dissolve oil as a candy, thus lubricating the inflamed places.

You can also add cocoa butter to badger oil for grinding. The aroma of chocolate will surely appeal to children.

Before using any folk remedy to treat a child, you should get a doctor's advice and take into account possible contraindications.


Dry cough in a child, how to treat dry cough?

A dry cough in a child occurs when mucus and sputum are not secreted, it intensifies, and pain can be unbearable. In order for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to find out the reason why the child had this symptom. If the infection is of a bacterial nature, a course of antibiotics will be prescribed. When cough is provoked by colds, it will be enough to steam inhalations and puff rubbing. It is important not to engage in self-treatment of the child, clearly adhere to the necessary dosage.

Causes of dry cough in a child

1. Because of a viral infection that adversely affects the respiratory system. At first the child has a perspiration throat, can be irritated a little, then there is a cough. Sometimes it grows into wet. When the cold passes a cough can dry out, the mucus ceases to be released in sufficient quantity. Colds are most often treated at home.

2. Dry cough due to the flu virus, resembling catarrhal symptoms. To the child it is very bad, at first the cough is dry and hoarse, then it becomes moist.

3. Often a child may be exposed to a variety of adverse irritant factors. The child sensitively reacts to tobacco smoke, he breathes heavily in dry or hot air, also in cases of strong chemical substances.

4. Because of gastroesophageal reflux disease, this happens if the acid that has accumulated in the stomach, begins to rise sharply back, because of this, it burns up in the esophagus, saliva separation increases, vomiting occurs. Note that the acid in the stomach strongly irritates the throat, the child begins to cough constantly.

5. Dry cough due to an infectious dangerous disease - whooping cough, the disease is contagious, has a bacterial nature. Children who have whooping cough, have a kind of cough, you can hear an unusual buzzing sound. Dry cough severely vymarivaet child, it is hard for him to breathe, he has tears in his eyes, blue saliva, tongue falls forward.

Treatment of dry cough in children

You can not treat cough with medication, if your child is under two, there may be a number of dangerous side effects. Older children may be prescribed medications that help to calm the cough reflex, and only the irritation from the throat area is removed from the babies.

Pay attention, often children have a large number of side effects on drugs - the head begins to feel dizzy, the child quickly becomes tired, so all medicines should be given to night.

Such medicines as "Robotussin" are popular with dry cough, it can be prevented by a strong cough. For a long time, the "Delsim" suspension is enough, with the help of it you can alleviate the symptoms of the child for one day.

At home, steam inhalations will help, also use humidifiers, effectively apply cool steam, so you can clear the nasal passage, stop the inflammatory process in throat area. From a dry cough helps a child get rid of such a recipe, for him you need to take lemon juice, honey, mix everything thoroughly. With the help of this remedy you can remove toxic substances from the body of the child, it is also recommended to cook chicken broth, as often as possible give warm drink, rinse helps effectively, it uses warm salt water, if there is no allergic reaction, you can add a little iodine. If the child is more than 4 years old, you can use lollipops.

Features of dry cough without temperature

When the child begins to cough, the temperature does not rise, the symptoms of a cold do not appear, this says that the child has a foreign body in the throat, some irritant has come, which provoked seizures dry cough. Irritant can be anything - a children's toy, food, dust. Please note, irritated child cough can start abruptly, while it causes suffocation.

It is important in this situation to take timely measures in time, the main thing is not to panic, you need to take the child, put him on his knees, head and body should be lowered down, then open his mouth and help clear the throat a little bit between spatula. After the foreign body comes out, the dry cough ends, despite this it is necessary to call the attending physician to find out whether there are any injuries in the respiratory system.

Often a dry cough without temperature in a child can appear in the baby, he often worries early in the morning. This cleans the child's respiratory tract, because a large amount of sputum accumulates at night.

In some people, cough is provoked by physiological features, when sputum is excreted along with bacteria. Often a child can be disturbed by a dry, unproductive cough, he does not allow the child to sleep, he is sick both physically and psychologically.

Often, a medical treatment can be prescribed to treat a child, additionally prescribed inhalations, physiotherapy procedures, massages. Dry cough can sometimes be a symptom of a serious illness.

Methods for treating dry cough in a child

If the child is worried about a severe dry cough, you need to warm up the milk, add a little soda, so you can moisten the cough. Dry cough in a child can be cured with juice from a black radish, add a little honey, also recommend cooking broths with Ledum, mother-and-stepmother, elecampane, thyme extract, anise. Pay attention, folk remedies are not always effective, can only aggravate the disease even more, cause a serious allergic reaction. It is recommended to use nebulizer for inhalations, this is an effective way, so it will be possible to quickly rid the child of dry painful cough.

So, dry cough can be dangerous for the child, it is important to start treatment in time, so that it does not worsen. Especially it is dangerous for small children, because it can provoke suffocation, serious complications.


Cough in a child 2 years - how to treat?

Cough is often a concern for young children. Note that the smaller the baby, the more coughing is more dangerous for him. Most often a cough in a 2-year-old child accompanies a cold, so first you need to get rid of it, and then start cough treatment. If he does not get rid of him on time, serious problems and complications may arise in the case of a small child. Most often in 2 years, they treat with the help of syrup, inhalations, it needs to be done only under the supervision of a doctor.

Danger of cough in children 2 years old

When the child coughs, this indicates that his airways are inflamed. If the cough is not treated in time, the inflammatory process will go down, first to the bronchial system, then the pulmonary system. In this case, high body temperature rises. Cough becomes much deeper, becomes paroxysmal.

Because of a cough, the ENT organs can become inflamed, as a result, tonsillitis, otitis occurs. To learn about the complications, you can do this:

1. Check the temperature.

2. To follow the child's condition,

3. Check whether his ears and nose are laid.

Methods of cough treatment in children 2 years old during the cold

It is necessary to call the therapist, he should carefully examine it, listen to it, then appoint special medicines. Do not self-medicate so as not to harm the child.

With a dry cough, you need to drink as much as possible, warm water, tea with chamomile, lime, dog rose, milk, so the cough will turn into wet. You can use compresses to warm the breast area, only if there is no high temperature.

The therapist prescribes such medicines to two-year-old children:

1. To get the sputum out faster, you need to use expectorant medications.

2. Dilute sputum can be using mucolytic agents.

3. Expand the area of ​​the bronchi can be with the help of bronchodilators.

If a 2 year old child is disturbed by a severe dry cough that does not go away for a long time, the treating doctor may prescribe special medications.

In cases when coughing barking, there are problems with breathing, and there is no temperature, you can take baths for legs, so the blood will cling to the legs, then spread over the entire body of the child and warm up the respiratory organs, swelling will subside.

The child should be calm, because a cough in a 2 year old baby can appear due to light, noise, other irritants. Also pay attention to food, it should be high-grade, it should contain vitamins, it is especially useful to include in the diet - citrus fruits, cranberries, if the child does not have an allergic reaction. In the event that there is a reaction, use is prohibited, can lead to irritation and swelling of the mucosa.

To small children inhalation at home should be done very carefully, it often leads to the fact that the child has a spasm in the respiratory system. A child in 2 years can give small amounts of broths with mother-and-stepmother, chamomile. If there is no allergy, you can breathe thyme, eucalyptus, menthol. Treatment in a 2-year-old child will depend on the reason for which a cough appeared.

How to relieve the child's condition when coughing?

1. The child must constantly drink, for this warm water, a jug of dried fruits, fruit drinks, tea will suit. With the help of liquid all toxic substances, pathogenic microflora will be eliminated. A warm drink will help restore the water-salt balance in the body.

2. If the child has a perspiration in the throat, you need to pour boiling water, put a little bit of mustard there and get your feet up to 20 minutes. Please note, this can be done only for children who do not suffer from various allergic reactions and at normal body temperature. After the procedure, wear woolen socks.

3. Using mustard plasters, they are put on the back area, then they are removed. No need to worry, a small redness on the back will be in the child, after it needs to be covered and put to sleep. At high temperatures the procedure is prohibited, it can jump up even more.

Traditional methods of cough treatment in a child 2 year old

Cautiously the child can breathe over boiled potatoes, it is impossible to do this for a long time to avoid bronchospasm. It is useful to breathe thyme, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother.

It is helped by inhalation based on soda. Essential oils for a child of 2 years is best not to use, so that an allergic reaction to the cough does not join, which can result in edema.

You can cure cough with radish and honey, you need to give the syrup in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, not more than a teaspoonful.

Effective is a recipe, for it you need a ground onion, add honey, a little lemon, also glycerin, insist all about an hour. Give the child after eating food.

The doctor can prescribe for cough mucolytic drugs - ATSTS, Ambroksom, Libeksin. There is a large number of expectorants, syrups with the addition of plantain, licorice, althea.

If the child has 2 years of cough, it can not be treated on his own, especially the medicines for coughing are dangerous, which, if I do not take into account the dosage, I can lead to nausea, vomiting. Also keep in mind that not all children can tolerate cough syrups, some cause diathesis because of them, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions to various components that are included in the composition medicinal product. Most drugs contain alkaloids, if they are abused, first the breathing will be actively stimulated, then it may start to be oppressed, which leads to serious complications.

Thus, it is important to ensure the child in the room with fresh moist air, also give as much as possible drink warm, food should be useful and balanced, walk in the fresh air, if not temperature. Pay attention to your illness, because it needs support and your psychological help, remember that often a child's cough can become complicated due to the fact that he worries, worries stress. Do not rush a small child to drink antibiotics, they can only further aggravate the disease.


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