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Hello! Cakes are applied not on the throat, but on the chest.
. A good method of treating bronchitis (of any stage):
You need to take 2 tbsp. spoons of flour, 2st. tablespoons mustard (dry), 2 tbsp. spoons of vegetable oil, 1 st. spoonful of vodka, 1 st. a spoonful of honey, mix everything well, make a flat cake, and a little more than two. Compress of gauze, cotton wool, cellophane and tortillas to put on the chest and back for 3-4 hours, how red and begin to burn, remove the cake and cellophane, leave only gauze with cotton wool until it cools down completely body.
This recipe helps even with chronic bronchitis.
.Should help And one more tool -2 Art. Spoon garlic paste mix with 100 grams of butter and rub this mixture into the feet feet for the night, then put on a x / boom. socks. Believe me, I raised children and grandchildren

Alexandra Valievich

Well, my mother as a child on his back and whether the chest put a flat cake made of honey and flour with the addition of mustard, warmed up well. But I just do not know if it's possible for such a small child to do it, you can burn your skin, it's better to consult your doctor first.


In general, when cough for a long time does not pass prescribe anti-allergenic drugs (consult a pediatrician) I do not know about cakes, but to us prescribing a cabbage leaf, scalding it with steep boiling water, then on the baby's breast (not really hot) and wrapping it, preferably in a nap

Arsen Korkotadze

It is possible if there is no allergy to honey. We daughters did such a flat cake. For 1 tablespoon of honey, vegetable oil. dry mustard, alcohol or vodka, how many flour will be consumed. Honey and butter pre-warm a little, make a cake and on the breast for the night. Very well warms up and the baby sleeps quietly the night.

Olga Iks

Rye flour, a little vodka and honey, we make a cake and on the chest, fasten for the night, next. night cabbage leaf + honey, spread the honey with honey to attach the cabbage leaf to the convex side, cutting thick veins. All do, if there is no heat. Inhalations with eucalyptus, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile. Or tea is simply not very concentrated with mother-and-stepmother and honey. In general, when suddenly (God forbid) falls ill, when it is older, milk with sage helps a lot. 1st. lies. Sage pour 1 tbsp. hot milk, let it brew for 20-25 minutes, drain, you can add a little honey (if there is no allergy) for the night before sleeping in a small sip. Excellent helps, tested. Get well.


1) It is necessary to mix equally honey, vegetable oil and flour. Mix everything - you get a dough, you need to make a cake from it. This cake should be put on gauze and put on the chest area, on top of a piece of polyethylene and a layer of cotton wool. All this is fixed, like a compress. Usually before bed, for two hours. 2) Take natural honey, put it on a linen napkin, and then - on the back of the patient. Cover the top with parchment paper and wrap it in a warm scarf. Such a honey pack should be done at night (several procedures). This is a very effective treatment for coughing in both adults and children. Honey is better to take lime - it rarely causes allergies and irritation. Razirayte kid special mass Vital baby. 3) Prepare the mashed potatoes, instead of butter and milk using vodka. Warm the warm mixture in a plastic bag, wrap it with a napkin, giving it the shape of a flat cake. Compress to the chest and another to the back, use a scarf or a warm kerchief. Remove when it cools. Thus, you warm up the baby, and at the same time the ingredients will not get directly to the skin. Such a compress can be done a couple of times a day. 4) Oil compress with an incessant cough can be made from ordinary vegetable oil. The oil is heated in a water bath, dipped into it a towel or a dense napkin and wraps the patient around the body, excluding the heart area. On top of the compress wrapped with parchment, paper for compress or tracing paper (not polyethylene!), Wrapped with a towel and a warm kerchief. This compress can be left overnight or removed after a couple of hours. 5) Antique remedy for all kinds of compresses - cottage cheese. From it you can prepare a compress. Do a compress, you need to follow the instructions. To begin with, cottage cheese (any fat content and any quality) needs to be heated a little. On the stove, this can not be done. It is better to put it on a hot battery or in a cooling oven. When it becomes warm, add a tablespoon of natural honey per 100 grams of cottage cheese and mix well. Now take a kitchen or linen towel and apply a thin layer of the mixture to it. Wrap the patient's body with a towel, bypassing the heart area. Top cover with compress paper, then wrap with a towel, warm and secure with a wide woolen scarf or handkerchief. Keep the compress all night. 6) Grate the radish, slightly heat it, spread it on the gauze and wrap the chest and back for 15 minutes. Get well!


I did my own and very small cakes. From: dry mustard, flour, honey and vegetable oil, cover the top with a sack and bandage with a handkerchief. But it seems to me that this is simple for colds, it helps to cough, and if you have pneumonia-bronchitis, they are treated differently. I think, in any case, there will be no harm.

Recipes of honey cakes for children

Honey cake is recognized as the most effective method of eliminating cough. In this regard, it is very important to start treatment in time. Use a honey cake should be immediately after the onset of coughing. You can prepare this remedy in various ways, but the main component is honey. If you are already using a thick product, you need to lower the jar of honey in hot water and warm it. Apply the cake to the chest area, but make sure that it does not touch the area where the heart is located.


Honey cake is most often used to treat cough in small patients, since it is considered a sparing therapy. But using such a popular treatment is not recommended in the case when the baby is allergic to this beekeeping product.

A honey cake has anti-inflammatory effect, it perfectly warms. It is these properties that made it possible to actively use the national product for the treatment of colds. Such therapy is considered very simple and inexpensive. Each person can make a cake, and the products for cooking it are available.

You can not use a folk remedy when there is a rise in body temperature, abrasions, wounds in the area that will be treated. At the time of the preparation of tortillas, you must observe the proportions and ensure that the child does not get burned. Place a flat cake on your chest or on your back. By the way, honey is not the only sweetness used to treat a cough. Another popular preparation is the cough syrup.

It is possible to provide the necessary positive effect from honey cakes only if the following recommendations are observed:

  1. Before applying the cake, be sure to treat the skin.For these purposes, you must use oil or liquid nourishing cream.
  2. If the flat cake will be placed on the chest, then it should be done in the bronchial region, without going to the heart. If from the back, then put it on the lungs.
  3. That the cake does not disappear, it needs to be fixed with the help of a cotton film. If the process is carried out with small children, then you can use a scarf. After that, cover the patient with a warm blanket.
  4. Lying so you need 2-3 hours. When the cake was removed, then the skin is wiped with warm water to remove the residues.

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Cooking recipes

How to cook a cake? Prepare a honey cake is very simple and fast. With honey, you can combine products such as salt, flour, mustard. All presented recipes have the same effect. Choosing the right option is determined by taking into account the ingredients available in your kitchen.

Honey and salt

To obtain such a flat cake, you need to take a dessert spoonful of honey and salt. To fix the cake, prepare a bandage or clean cloth. In the container put the ingredients, mix everything, and then lay the tortillas on a bandage and attach to the chest. Leave it overnight, and in the morning remove the residues with the help of warm water. After such a compress on the body can be present salt, but honey during this time is perfectly absorbed into the skin.

Honey and flour

This cake recipe allows you to eliminate cough caused by bronchitis, tracheitis or pneumonia at the initial stage of development. This remedy is very effective in fighting rales and abscesses. To prepare the product you need to take 20 grams of flour, honey and vegetable oil. Prepare a clean bandage.

Mix all the ingredients in a separate bowl and get a cake from them. Put it in a bandage and attach it to your chest. Hold it for 3 hours. From above it is allowed to cover it with a packet. When the duration of the cake is over, you need to wipe the skin with a damp cloth.

Mustard and honey

To make a flat cake, you need to use vegetable oil, flour, honey and mustard in the form of powder in the process.All the ingredients are taken in the amount of a tablespoon.

The cooking process is very simple, since all the ingredients are mixed in the dishes before the cake is formed. She put on the chest or back. The action time is 3 hours.

Honey and potatoes

This cake can be used even for the treatment of feces in young children. To prepare a remedy, you need to take a few potatoes, boil them in a uniform. Finished product peel and grind. The resulting mass is combined with honey, sunflower oil and mustard powder. All products should be taken in the same proportion. Next, use the flat cake in a similar way, as indicated in the previous versions. Keep it for 2-3 hours, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

One more cake can be made from potatoes. Just like in the previous recipe, boil the product. Thoroughly crush, without removing the peel. Add to the received weight vodka, honey and mustard powder in an equal proportion. Mix thoroughly and apply to the area of ​​the chest or back.

After you have removed the compress, carefully examine the patient's skin. If you see redness, then the duration of such a procedure should be shortened.

The duration of such therapy will be 3-5 days. If there is a dry and protracted cough, then the greater effect is provided by prescription number 3.When treatment and an annoying cough behind, then take some time to your baby.Try to compose a fairy tale with him, in which the magic honey cake will win an evil and nasty disease. Include in your story such heroes as bees, cubs and the child himself. After such a tale, doing such manipulations to your child will be even interesting and there will be no problems. For the treatment of drugs, there are many drugs that could also become part of the treatment: tablets from cough with thermopsis to children, mukaltin (here it is described how to take it), pastilles doctor mom for children and others.

On the video - tells how to make a honey cake for children and adults:


  • Ирина, 34 years old: "The child had a very terrible cough. I first tried the tried-and-true pharmacy products, but there was not much effect. Then I consulted with the doctor, and he gave the go-ahead for applying the honey cake. We were preparing a remedy for potatoes and honey. The course of therapy lasted for 5 days. After that, the state of the child has improved a lot, so now I will take this reminder myself. "
  • Antonina, 23 years old: "In the beginning, I was treating a cough for my son with a honey cake, which was caused by bronchitis. But a year later, I was very unwell. I also decided to use this proven method. It really works. After treatment, there is a lightness of breathing, a dry cough turns into wet, and the well-being improves noticeably. "
  • Екатерина, 37 years old: "When my daughter was still young, then during the cough, I always put her honey cake with the addition of mustard powder. I did such 3 procedures for her and after it she was getting better. "

Honey cake is a safe and effective way to eliminate cough. Apply it mainly to small patients. The folk remedy does not have any side effects, as the cake contains natural ingredients. The only thing is to use it cautiously to children, who have allergies to honey. At home, you can also prepare lollipops from cough. Here you can see the recipe. In addition, inhalation helps to cough. Under the link you will find information on how to prepare a solution for inhalation from cough for children.

A cake for a cough who did not make his little children a honey cake for coughing?


Inna Timokhina

honey does not help with coughing. From the persistence of sugar can help.

Nisso Tursunova

I did not do the cake, but honey compresses helped my young children cough very well. I cut out a rectangular sheet of newspaper, pierced it in several places with a needle, then mixed a teaspoon of honey with the same spoon of alcohol and this mixture spread on a sheet of newspaper. Then put this leaf on the chest of the baby, on top you need to put a cotton cloth and wrap it with a woolen scarf. All this is for a shirt or T-shirt. It's good to do it for the night. you can and without alcohol, just honey. In the morning you will see how the honey absorbed, but it should warm up very well. Cough through several of these compresses must pass. I want to add that it is necessary to do it alternately, then on the chest, then on the back of the baby. Recover faster.

frosya carrot

from a cough, cabbage compresses, a leaf of cabbage pierces in several places with a fork to form juice. Then, rub the chest with iodine net, then with warm honey, then a leaf of cabbage on the baby's chest, and from the opposite side to the back, you need to wrap it on top with gauze, and put on a tight-fitting T-shirt. In the morning to make a drainage massage in the sternum, all the accumulated slime-phlegm will come out on the rifle, cough should be completely passed for one or two doses. This method even cures chronic, abstinent bronchitis.
Do not forget about a warm drink, clean water, with a pinch of soda.

Galina Bikinyaeva

If there is no allergy to honey and hips. Dry hips of dog rose (necessarily crush-healing effect in grains). Pour into a thermos and pour boiling water overnight. Let's drink to the child a little, but often, adding honey. You sweat all day, the baby will sweat, do not go outside. I did not keep the proportions, the drink is delicious and very effective, believe me.


Yeah, and even better helps badger fat rubbing with it, and even it's like drinking it inside mixed with honey, a terrible muck, but I remember being treated as a child and very effective

Tatyana Antonova

I somehow wanted to make a cake, but it was not for my child. It's necessary to lie still. Therefore, we were saved by badger fat plus a drop of camphor oil 30-40 minutes to warm, it had a good effect and the child did not resist the main thing. We also drank it, but not for cough, but for immunity.

Maria Zinchenko

How old is the baby? Do not forget that honey is the strongest allergen, so little children I would not put such a compress. There are also clear indications, under which it is possible and impossible to put compresses. The doctor prescribed a compress for a damp cough, when the child has no temperature. We put a compress with calcium chloride and dimexidum, diluted as prescribed by the doctor, put on a daytime sleep, for several hours. At night we recommended putting paraffin compresses. But do not forget that only a doctor can prescribe such procedures. Still, we had a cough against the background of a viral infection, so the doctor still prescribed antiviral supplements Viferon and alkaline inhalations, at the time of the onset of the disease we had a dry cough. When wet already put compresses and still doing a vibrating massage. Be sure when you cough any and during illness you need to give the child to drink a lot of warm drink, because warm drink dilutes and removes phlegm from the lungs.



We make a compress of potatoes from a cough

When there are primary signs of a cold, when you start coughing, do not immediately begin to treat with pills, try to make a compress of potatoes from a cough - it is a soft and effective remedy. It, with its thermal impact on the lungs and bronchi, can improve blood flow and dilate blood vessels. The appearance of cough for colds, viral infections, bronchitis is a natural reaction of the body and a means for purification from sputum.The potato compress is effective in wet cough, it helps the patient to alleviate the general condition when coughing, promotes the production of sputum, stimulates the body's production of protection against the virus.

Before using folk potato recipes, it would be nice to consult a doctor. Although such methods of sparing treatment and have no side effects, with some concomitant diseases they can harm the patient.

Why it is good to do a compress

Compresses are different in their method of application. They are used both in cold form and warm. The basis for them can be alcohol, oil or vegetable components, such as potatoes.

When choosing a compress with various excipients, one should take into account the type of cough, the condition of the patient, its allergic reaction to this or that ingredient.

Compress, which will warm up when you cough, you should put before going to bed, you can at night.

Restriction to put a compress of cough, can serve as an increased pressure in patient, certain cardiovascular diseases, skin changes, cuts or any form of on it. It is not welcome to apply this method of treatment to infants and people aged. It is necessary to refrain from compress in the acute phase of the disease and elevated temperature.

Rules for the treatment of compresses

Compresses can be used to treat various diseases, but the principles, how to put it correctly, are the same for everyone. What you need to consider when setting a compress from a cough:

  1. The ingredients of the warming compress should not be applied directly to the patient's skin. They should be put on a warm cloth, and then applied. Pre-skin in place of application of the compress should be smeared with vegetable oil.
  2. In order to compress, put on the night, did not move, it must be fixed in the right position. The heart zone should always be left open.
  3. After the compress is removed, this part of the body is thoroughly wiped with a towel until dry. Further, to mitigate this area, you can anoint any nutritious cream. Exit the room to the open air after the procedure can be after 3-4 hours.
  4. One compress will not give positive results in the treatment of cough. It is necessary to combine it with the adoption of medications and the passage of procedures prescribed by the attending physician.
  5. An important role in coughing is played by those components that are used for compress. For example, a wet cough acts well potatoes.

It should be borne in mind that if you make a compress of potatoes, do not apply it immediately, with a heat with a heat. This can lead to a burn and to the fact that all the useful potato substances come out through the steam. It is necessary to give the potatoes a little cool in a saucepan with the lid closed.

Compress from potatoes

One of the most common recipes for coughing is a pack of potatoes. Potatoes are in every house. In addition, it does not cause allergic reactions, as, for example, in some cases, honey.

For the compress, you need to prepare two large tubers, gauze and a towel. Potatoes should be thoroughly washed and boiled in a peel. Next, the ready potatoes, together with the skin, are kneaded and laid out on gauze and on one edge of the towel. The weight of the towel is covered. The same must be done with the other end of the towel.

The compress is placed on the patient's chest on one side and on the back to the lungs on the other. To prevent displacement and retention of heat, the towel is wrapped around the top with a plastic wrap and a warm kerchief.

This procedure can be repeated for 3-4 consecutive nights, combining it with medication. During the day, potato inhalation can be used. After the procedure and at night, you must protect the patient from drafts or hypothermia.

Treatment with potato tortillas

This method of cough treatment at home is well known and available. Cough can be treated even in small children. The potato cake warms up well, softens the cough, promotes the draining of sputum from the bronchi. This method can not be used at a temperature, and before starting treatment it is necessary to consult a doctor.

To make a flat cake you need to take a few potatoes, carefully wash them. Potatoes are cooked in the skin until they are ready. After cooking, the tubers are warmed together with the peel. The mashed mass is poured into a spoonful of vegetable oil and vodka. The mixture is again mixed. Potatoes form a ball and turn into gauze. The compress is superimposed on the chest, and the patient is wrapped in a blanket. Cake should be kept on chest for 2-3 hours. After this time, the medicine is removed. The skin is wiped dry and lubricated with cream. The patient should be warmly dressed after the procedure.

Pelton from potatoes with honey

If the patient does not respond to honey, then the cake can be made with the addition of honey. To do this, you need to knead two boiled tubers in a uniform, add two large spoons of vegetable oil, one spoonful of honey and mustard, mix all this mixture carefully and make a cake. Mustard is added to ensure that the potato cake does not cool down for a long time.

Cake should be put in a plastic bag, and then wrapped with a towel. The compress is placed on the chest and fixed for the night. Such a compress will warm the patient's airways during the night.


Potato cake can be made with the addition of vegetable oil and three drops of iodine. He is also imposed for the night on the patient's chest.

It is good to drink the patient between the setting of the compresses with a decoction prepared according to Vanga's recipe. In a liter of water you need to cook potatoes, an apple and a head of onions. Cook should be until the amount of water is reduced by half. Broth strain and give the patient on a small spoon three times a day.

Inhalation of potato steam

When coughing during the day, combining with night compresses from potatoes, you can breathe potato pairs. This procedure should be followed only when the patient has no temperature.

For inhalations, boil potatoes in a saucepan of at least 3 liters. The water in which the potatoes were boiled is completely drained. Then the patient covers himself with the pan with a blanket and starts to breathe the steam. The length of the procedure is at least 5 minutes. If the patient does not feel very well, the inhalation should be stopped or a crack in the blanket for fresh air.

It is necessary to breathe the steam correctly. Do not do very deep breaths and exhalations. Also, do not breathe too fast or draw deep potato fumes.

Fermentation of potato steam can be carried out for several days before the onset of cough relief. This procedure has no contraindications and is completely harmless. Therefore, such an inhalation can do even future mothers.


Strengthen the impact of potato steam can be with the help of table salt. Potatoes should be cooked with a pinch of large salt. Then the procedure is carried out as usual.

The use of potatoes for the treatment of wet cough, coughing, improving the removal of sputum from the lungs and bronchi is a good help for strengthening the action of medications.

Potatoes are a natural, harmless product. Treatment of cough with its use does not have negative manifestations and can be used for young children and patients of any age.

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