Massage of the lumbosacral spine


  • 1How to do massage of the lumbosacral spine
    • 1.1On the treatment of intervertebral hernia as a whole
    • 1.2About the methods that are used in the massage of the lumbosacral department
  • 2Lumbar massage
    • 2.1How to start the procedure?
    • 2.2Methods and methods of performing massage
    • 2.3Contraindications
  • 3Massage of the lumbosacral spine with osteochondrosis: detailed instructions and video
    • 3.1Contraindications
    • 3.2Types of massage with osteochondrosis
    • 3.3Classical massage
    • 3.4Vacuum massage
    • 3.5Acupressure
    • 3.6Technique of massage of the lumbosacral department with osteochondrosis
    • 3.7Massage of the lumbosacral department at home
  • 4Massage of the lumbar spine of the spine, sacral: how to do?
    • 4.1How useful is the massage of the waist?
    • 4.2At what problems is massage of the lumbar spine useful?
    • 4.3Who is useful for lumbar massage?
    • 4.4Are there any contraindications?
    • 4.5Points, zones of massage of the lumbar region
    • 4.6How to do massage of the lumbar spine: technique
    • 4.7How often should I massage my lower back?
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    • 4.8Carrying out massage of the waist and buttocks (video)
    • 4.9Where do and how much does it cost?
    • 4.10Low-level self-massage: how to do?
  • 5Massage of the lumbosacral department: use and cunning
    • 5.1Why does a person need a spinal massage?
    • 5.2Massage of the lumbosacral spine
    • 5.3Techniques used for massage
    • 5.4Massage with compression fracture of the spine
    • 5.5Benign tumor
    • 5.6The main methods of massage with a fracture of the spine
    • 5.7Therapeutic massage at fracture
    • 5.8Contraindications for massage
    • 5.9Massage of painful points of the lumbosacral department with radiculitis
    • 5.10Massage of the calf muscles
    • 5.11Some Tricks of Massage

How to do massage of the lumbosacral spine

The appearance of various manifestations of osteochondrosis in the lumbosacral department is a very common phenomenon.

This is due to the fact that this department has the maximum load.

In fact, it is the lower back that has to hold most of the weight of our body, next to it is the center of gravity of the whole body.

A characteristic feature is the fact that the load on this department practically never decreases, even during sleep this part of the spine practically does not relax, it is still under load. For this reason, the massage of the lumbosacral spine, performed even for preventive purposes, is quite useful.

Massage of the lumbosacral section is an excellent prevention of any diseases

It should be noted that when it comes to pain in this section of the spine, we often have to deal with intervertebral hernia.

This manifestation of osteochondrosis is dangerous because one of the intervertebral disc loses its damping function, as a result of which the load on adjacent discs increases.

And since osteochondrosis usually affects not one specific disc, but the entire spine, then in the absence proper treatment this can lead to a kind of "chain reaction because of which the discs will start to "fail" one after another.

On the treatment of intervertebral hernia as a whole

Thus neurologic symptoms can be serious enough, up to disturbance of work Some internal organs (in the case of the lumbosacral section, the organs of the small pelvis).

Compression of the nerve roots of the spinal cord is the most severe consequence

In addition, this disease is chronic, it is almost impossible to get rid of it completely, so the main task of treatment is to help the body adapt to new conditions.

The first stage of non-surgical treatment is drug therapy, which is designed to eliminate pain syndrome, and also fill the surrounding spine with all the necessary vitamins and microelements for normal work. This is most important because the intervertebral disc receives "food" not from the blood directly, but through diffusion from neighboring tissues.


The next stage is rehabilitation, which necessarily includes physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic gymnastics. In this situation, massage is one of the most important components that should give the body a push to adapt.


It allows you to relax unnecessarily tense muscles (which is typical for diseases of the back - the body tries to block mobility affected area by muscle tension, which leads to the appearance of painful spasms), giving at the same time the necessary tone weakened muscles. It is important to understand that massage is only one of the components of treatment.

About the methods that are used in the massage of the lumbosacral department

First of all, it is necessary to understand that in this situation the massaged area is sufficiently large. First of all, it is recommended to perform a small kneading massage of the gluteal muscles. After that, they start massaging the most affected department.

Before doing the main massage, you need to do a kneading massage

First of all, strokes are performed in the pelvic region, after which they perform "squeezing kneading, shaking and again stroking. In fact, this is only the first stage of the massage, which should "warm up the muscles."

At the next stage, "squeezing" is performed again, after which the muscles are kneaded by the crests of the fists, which is one of the most intense types of impact. This stage of massage also ends with shaking and stroking, which should "calm down" the muscles.

Also, with a massage, several types of rubbing can be used, which can be performed as fingers (soft - pads, or more severe impact - joints), and palms (both the back side, and fists).

It is also worth noting that every procedure for massage of this part of the spine is performed 2-3 times.

In the absence of proper experience, one should be extremely cautious with intensive exposures to the affected area, so as not to cause harm to the patient.

That is why it is better to entrust this procedure to a specialist, and not to experiment on your own.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the massage therapist on a regular basis, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the procedure for performing the massage before performing the massage.

But since the description of the massage of this area of ​​the spine is a description of the size of a small book, which should be studied in great detail, so it is better to carefully review the video offered on our site.

In doing so, you should be aware that reading the literature and the video you watched do not make you a real expert, so the best option is still to see a doctor.

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Lumbar massage

The loins have to be stressed every day. She needs to retain the lion's share of the total weight of a person. Even in a state of rest, it does not relax, but is under load. In this case, you can often observe the occurrence of osteochondrosis, and subsequently a hernia.

With such disorders of the musculoskeletal system, it is recommended to perform a massage of the lumbosacral spine. It can also be done for preventive purposes.

Frequent pain in the back is an excuse to see a doctor as soon as possible and undergo an examination.


If there are pathological phenomena in the spine, the doctor will prescribe treatment with anesthetics. This will help get rid of acute pain and discomfort in the spinal column.


Then, in the process of recovery, they include physical therapy and massage procedures.

Physical impact on the lumbosacral can improve blood circulation, strengthen the spine, prevent spasms in the lumbar muscles, eliminate pain. Massage procedures in combination with other medical methods are able to give good results in the following diseases:

  • Damage to ligaments and muscle tissue.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Osteochondrosis.
  • Neuralgia.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Headache.

How to start the procedure?

Before entrusting your spine to the masseur, make sure that he is competent in this matter. After all, an inexperienced person who has a poor idea of ​​how a spinal column works is only capable of doing harm to his health.

The massage session consists of three phases:

  1. Introductory. Lasts about three minutes. At this time, the patient is preparing for the next step.
  2. Basic. It consists in performing massage techniques that fit a specific disease within 20 minutes.
  3. The final one. The strength of the impact on the patient's body is gradually, within a few minutes, reduced. As a result, the body begins to function normally.

To massage had healing properties, when performing it the patient's body should be as relaxed as possible. Special means and warm air in the room will help to achieve this. The rules of classical low back massage:

  1. The first sessions of the impact on the spine are recommended to be conducted in a sparing mode.
  2. First, you need to perform light tricks, then gradually move to deeper.
  3. In the kidneys, intensive movements can not be performed.
  4. In the place of the projection of the heart movements should be performed in a lightweight mode.
  5. At the end of the session, it is recommended to use a technique that has a relaxing nature.

Each massage in the lumbar spine should be repeated 2-3 times. In case the procedure is performed by a layman, it is necessary to be extremely cautious, working on the place of defeat. It is best to entrust this serious matter to the hands of a specialist.

Methods and methods of performing massage

To maintain muscle tone and curative effects on the body, the classical version of the procedure is carried out. Usually it consists of four receptions, which follow one another in a certain sequence:

  1. Strokes. When performing them, the massage arm should make sliding movements on the skin, without collecting it in the folds. During the process, it is possible to produce various pressing forces. Stroking is done with one or both hands. The movements in this case can be enveloping and planar. Stroking is permissible along the body and across. It is also recommended to perform this method, figuratively drawing a circle, a zigzag or a spiral with hands. Stroking has a positive effect on the processes of metabolism in the body, tones muscles and blood vessels. This method can calm or excite the nervous system.
  2. Rubbing looks like a successive stretching and shifting of the skin with a massage hand performed in different directions. In order to reproduce this technique, it is necessary to collect the roller from the skin by progressive rectilinear and circular motions. Rubbing can increase the flow of blood to the tissues, improve muscle tone. The pace should be about 100 movements per minute. Usually this technique is used in the preparatory phase of the massage.
  3. Vibration consists of shock movements. They have two varieties - basic and auxiliary. Basic movements that have a stable, continuous or intermittent, labile character. Auxiliary - chopping, shaking, tapping, shaking, pinching, puncturing. These kinds of vibrations accelerate the processes of metabolism and activate the function of cell renewal.
  4. Mashing is to use several movements in turn. It is the grasping of a specific area of ​​the skin by the massage hand, squeezing it, rolling it. Kneading is a muscular gymnastics. It provides good blood supply to the massaged area, improves elasticity of ligaments and muscle tone.
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Not everyone can afford to improve their health through massage sessions. To perform this useful and pleasant procedure, there are a number of contraindications:

  • Purulent processes, regardless of the place of their concentration.
  • Diseases, are provoked by infections, fungi.
  • Poor blood clotting.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Hypertension.
  • Acute forms of inflammatory processes.
  • Bleeding, trauma.
  • Tumor neoplasm.
  • Chronic form of osteomyelitis.
  • Disorders of the psyche, accompanied by strong excitation or depression of the nervous system.

Massage helps strengthen the spine and accelerate the process of its recovery. This method of treatment is simple and affordable. To prevent the emergence of various diseases, it is worth, for the purpose of prevention, undergo about ten such procedures.

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Massage of the lumbosacral spine with osteochondrosis: detailed instructions and video

The most common disease of the spine is osteochondrosis.

His reason - a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, characteristic of the vast majority of urban residents.

It affects all parts of the spine and causes severe pain, which must be dealt with in many ways. One of the most effective ways is massage.

After the first session, the intensity of pain decreases.

At the same time, the body's resistance to osteochondrosis is increased by strengthening the muscular corset and improving lymph drainage.

This procedure allows you to remove the characteristic for osteochondrosis symptom -overstrain of the back muscles on one side.

Today we will talk about massage of the lumbosacral spine, but immediately we will make a reservation, this is not a panacea. Relying on a single manual effect in the treatment of osteochondrosis is not worth it. Necessarily need medicamental therapy.


As you know, osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral section takes place in every patient in different ways. Therefore, doctors have to take into account all the peculiarities when prescribing courses of therapeutic massage. On the independent choice of manual methods of speech does not even come. It's just dangerous.

Before contacting the masseur, you need to undergo an examination with a vertebrologist. This specialist will determine whether a patient can use a manual effect on the back in the current phase of the disease.

As a rule, doctors prohibit the massage of the lumbosacral segment only a small percentage of patients whothere are the following contraindications:

  • Presence of tumor formations of different etiology.
  • The patient is diagnosed with hypertension of the third degree.
  • On the back of the patient are many birthmarks and birthmarks.
  • The patient has an increased sensitivity of the skin.
  • The patient has problems with the cardiovascular system.
  • The presence of blood diseases.
  • The patient has an infectious disease.
  • The patient is in the active phase of tuberculosis.

Types of massage with osteochondrosis

When osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine is usedthree types of procedure. This or that kind of manual influence doctor appoints taking into account the stage of the disease, the severity of the lesion and symptoms.

Classical massage

This is the most common technique for problems in the lumbar spine. It includes such types of impact as twisting, squeezing, stroking, rubbing, etc.

Massage procedurespass through the standard scheme:

  1. Preparing the patient's back for massage.
  2. Direct impact on the sacral and lumbar spine.
  3. Treatment of the buttocks.
  4. Effects on the hips.
  5. The final effect on the back in the lumbosacral section.

Classic massage at the first sessions can cause pain in the back. The intensity of pain can be high. We'll have to wait, after all, after 3-4 sessions the pain will go away.

Vacuum massage

This kind of hardware impact also demonstrates good efficiency in fighting osteochondrosis in the lumbosacral department.

It is made using glass or ceramic cans. The main task of vacuum massage is to improve blood flow in the lumbar and sacral areas.

This entails an improvement in the supply of intervertebral discs and triggers a mechanism for their recovery.

The scheme of vacuum massage is quite simple:

  • The patient is placed on a flat surface.
  • The treatment area is treated with oil.
  • Banks are installed.

It should be noted that banks are always installed and moved only along the course of the blood flow. That is, they must move from the bottom up.


It is rarely used as an independent treatment. Most often, acupressure is used to fix the results obtained with the classical form of manual effects.

It is based on the mechanical effect on the pain and acupuncture points with the fingers.

Initially, the effect is insignificant, but as the body becomes accustomed to its intensity and duration increases.

Technique of massage of the lumbosacral department with osteochondrosis

Massage effects arethe following back zones:

  • Paravertebral. These are the muscles on both sides of the spinal column. They support the lumbar and sacral parts of the spine.
  • Lumbosacral zone.
  • Buttock zone.

The patient must be placed on a firm and level surface. It is desirable that it is a special mass table with a hole for the face. In this case, the patient's spine will be in the correct position, from a physiological point of view.

The patient's hands should be stretched along the trunk, and the legs are dilated 30-35 °. Although with osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine this is not easy, a person still has toto try to relax completely.

Before you start working, the masseur puts oil on the affected areas.

The procedure starts with heating the tissues. To do this, use a technique such as stroking. The masseur softly strokes the upper part of the buttocks, the sacrum, the waist. It improves blood circulation in tissues and relaxes muscles.

Stroking can be transverse, longitudinal, circular, combined and even with weights. In this case, you can use the pads of the fingers, knuckles, wrists.


Following stroking is the reception of squeezing. It is usually alternated with the same stroking or rubbing.


As a rule, massage therapists are sensitive to changes in the patient's state during the session. Therefore, painful areashandled especially carefully.

The patient's reaction specialist sees when it hurts.

During the procedure, the masseuse can also act on the waist region by shaking, kneading and effleurage. After all these techniques, the muscles of the back must be calmed down by stroking movements.

All movements in the massage of the lumbosacral department, except for acupressure, are carried out from the top down. This is due to the need to drive lymph from the peripheral lymph channels to the inguinal lymph nodes.

One session of manual therapy lastsnot less than 20 and not more than 40 minutes. The decision on the duration of exposure is made by the attending physician.

When using classical massage for each massage movement, there are three approaches. In this case, the intensity of the impact is determined by the masseur himself, based on the patient's reaction.

Teaching video can be found on the Internet.

Massage of the lumbosacral department at home

It happens that the patient does not have the opportunity to visit a specialist in massage systematically. In this case, the output is seen as one - a massage at home. But before a close person begins to perform massage procedures, he will have tocarefully study their technique.

Doing massage at home is very important to stick to the right technique. You can not change the order of movements.

All effects should begin with minimal intensity. The strength of the impact must be increased gradually. Complete the massage followed by stroking movements.

A detailed training video is available on the network.


When doing a home massagealways consider contraindications.


Do not forget that in the acute period of osteochondrosis with pronounced pain syndrome massage is prohibited.

So, you need to get rid of the pain with the help of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs and then start the massage.

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Massage of the lumbar spine of the spine, sacral: how to do?

Massage of the lumbosacral spine is one of the methods of treatment of most diseases of the lower back. Therapeutic massage is often performed with osteochondrosis and other degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the lumbar and sacral parts.

In this case, not only professional massage is useful: there is some benefit in self-massage.

The benefits of a massage to yourself include free, the ability to conduct at home and at any time.

To the significant disadvantages - the effect will be much worse than with the professional procedure.

How useful is the massage of the waist?

Back massage at the level of the lumbosacral segment has several therapeutic effects:

  1. Allows in a short time (after the first procedure) to partially or completely eliminate muscle spasm.
  2. If you correctly influence certain points on the level of the sacrum (you do not need to do this yourself, you need a specialist), you can improve the functions of the internal organs of the peritoneum and pelvis. In particular, to increase peristalsis of the intestine, to improve the circulation of venous blood in the organs of the small pelvis (which is good for the prevention of prostatitis and varicocele).
  3. Acupressure of the lower back helps to remove pain syndrome in most inflammatory and degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine. Carrying out a series of procedures after removal of the hernia or other operations on the spine can shorten the duration of the rehabilitation period.
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Lumbar massage is indicated for arthrosis of intervertebral discs

If you perform massage procedures with courses (systemically), you can significantly improve the mobility of the spine as a whole.
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At what problems is massage of the lumbar spine useful?

There are a lot of indications for lumbar-sacral massage. It is used both for the treatment of existing diseases and for prevention. Massage procedures are allowed only after consultation with the attending physician or physician-therapist.

Lumbar massage should be done with the following pathologies:

  1. If the back hurts in the lumbar region or in the area of ​​the sacrum.
  2. With a hernia (intervertebral, sequestered) and protrusions.
  3. When pinching (compressing) the nerve at the level of the lumbar region.
  4. When the vertebrae are displaced (lumbar spondylolisthesis).
  5. In pathological lordosis (excessive bending of the spine at the level of the lumbar region).
  6. With back pain caused by spasm of the muscle corset.
  7. With pain with sciatica.
  8. When "blown" back (the presence of lumbago, stiffness in the movements, expressed local muscle spasm).
  9. With lumbago.
  10. At a scoliosis (on the first and second stage any massage is authorized, on the third and the fourth - only sparing).
  11. With spondylarthrosis and spondylosis.
  12. When violations of the internal organs of the peritoneum and pelvis: with a violation of potency, problems with urination, with venous stasis, with monthly, flowing with severe pain.

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Who is useful for lumbar massage?

Lumbar massage procedures are useful to everyone without exception. The fact is that the lumbar region of all people is constantly overloaded. Constantly on legs or foots? Excessive dynamic load. Are you sitting much? Excessive static load.

Acupressure of the lumbar spine

But there are groups of people for whom this procedure is of the greatest value. List of such groups:

  • people experiencing enormous loads on the spine as a whole, and the lumbar zone in particular (builders, laborers, loaders, athletes);
  • people leading a low-active lifestyle, suffering from hypodynamia, obesity (even the first stage), body detenity (usually office workers, freelancers);
  • people who have a favorable background for the development of lumbar diseases (already having osteochondrosis, scoliosis, disturbed posture, congenital anomalies and deformities of the spinal column);
  • people, often traumatizing the lower back (this can be as workers in harsh conditions with constant lifting of weights, and fighters of various martial arts, especially with throwing equipment).

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Are there any contraindications?

Despite the usefulness and comparative safety, the massage of the lumbar spine has a number of contraindications. Contraindications to ignore is not recommended, as it is fraught with worsening problems with the back.

Massage procedurescan notdo in the following cases:

  1. For pregnant women in the last trimester (relative contraindication).
  2. The presence of complicated intervertebral hernias and protrusions, with compression (infringement) of spinal vessels.
  3. Presence of a syndrome of the vertebral artery.
  4. Severe congenital defects and anomalies in the structure of the spine.
  5. Heavy forms of Marfan syndrome.
  6. The presence of malignant neoplasms in any organ, the presence of benign neoplasms in the lumbar region.
  7. The presence of hypertension (high blood pressure) of the third degree.
  8. The presence of the patient's diseases leading to a violation of blood clotting.
  9. Presence of systemic vasculitis.
  10. Presence of infections of the spinal column (tuberculosis, syphilis).

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Points, zones of massage of the lumbar region

When performing a massage yourself (at home), the technique of execution most often suffers. In addition, patients massage the skin and muscles with a "nod." Sometimes this happens even when visiting specialized clinics, where I work specialists.

In fact, you need to massage the skin and muscles strictly at certain points. These are the so-called "massage zones manipulations with which enhance the effectiveness of the procedure. Explain their location with the help of the text is difficult, so pay attention to the illustration below.

You should try to massage the zones illustrated. In these points the greatest number of nerve nodes is concentrated.

People who come for the first time on the massage procedure, such manipulations can be painful, but by the 3rd to 4th session the pain will pass (or at least it will be felt much easier).

The impact on other sites of the lumbosacral can also be helpful.The effect will be, but weaker, than with the massage of the marked points.
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How to do massage of the lumbar spine: technique

How to do the massage of the lower back correctly? The whole procedure should be carried out in stages.

Technique for performing lumbar massage (in stages):

  1. We begin with strokes of the skin. Stroking should be longitudinal-transverse, comb-like.
  2. Next, we turn to the squeezing of the skin: grabbing the full palm of the skin and muscles, and slightly twisting. Squeezing should be wrap-around and flat.
  3. Now it is necessary to do grinding, both palm, and with the help of the forearm. You can also rub the skin with your fingertips.
  4. Now we do kneading of the skin and subcutaneous layer of muscles. This is done by pads of fingers. The movements should be comb-like, with pressure and shearing of the skin.
  5. We finish the procedure with a vibrating effect: light strokes on the side of the palm, patting the palm.
  6. In the end, we again do stroking, as the final stage.

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How often should I massage my lower back?

It is impossible to determine exactly how much each person needs massage procedures to get more or less noticeable results.

Lumbar self-massage device

Empirically, the massage specialist checks which methods will be most acceptable and effective for the patient.


A good massage specialist can create an individual procedure chart for each patient. When choosing a masseur, consider this criterion: it is fundamental and directly influences the effectiveness of the procedure.


If you have an incurable disease, but you want to permanently dull its symptoms, you need to take approximately a once every 2 months a course consisting of 10-12 procedures. This is not a universal rule, but in most cases this treatment scheme is most effective.
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Carrying out massage of the waist and buttocks (video)

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Where do and how much does it cost?

If you want to enroll in a professional lumbar massage, you should contact either private clinics or private massage rooms. Another option is a spa treatment, where massage procedures go hand in hand with other treatment methods (but this will be much more expensive).

The lower back massage is also handled by rehabilitation specialists, osteopaths and chiropractors. The cost of the procedure is approximately 400-600 rubles (one session, lasting 25-40 minutes).

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Low-level self-massage: how to do?

Self-massage of the lumbar region is difficult to perform, since it is not possible for everyone to reach the necessary points by hand (and even more so properly to stretch them).

You can only partially massage your back where you will get (usually further from the spine).

But the main zones that are located next to the spine, stretch in most people will not work.

Technique of massage of the lumbar spine

This problem can be solved: you can buy special instruments for self-massage of the lower back. One of the most popular such tools is Koldaev's massager. You can also purchase special cushions for cars or for the house, which have the functions of an autonomous surface massage.

Otherwise, the differences from professional massage are minimal. You need to try to follow the same technique that is used in professional massage procedures. Including you can ask someone from loved ones to have a massage.

No matter how skillfully you do self-massage and whatever tools you use, it will always lose effectiveness in professional procedures.

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Massage of the lumbosacral department: use and cunning

Various manifestations of osteochondrosis can appear in the lumbosacral section. To date, this is a fairly common phenomenon.

This is due to the fact that this zone receives the maximum load. The loin holds most of the whole human weight.

The load does not decrease here, as during the sleep, this department does not receive a strong relaxation.

Most often, the pain sensation causes a hernia between the vertebrae.


It is a manifestation of osteochondrosis, because of which one disk between the vertebrae loses the function of depreciation, and this affects neighboring disks.


If you do not start to treat this problem, then as a result of a chain reaction, disks can start to fail one by one.

Why does a person need a spinal massage?

Spine massage is a very useful procedure that can help get rid of many diseases. It is able to perform such functions:

  • Relieve the pain not only in the muscles, but also in the joints, the zones around them;
  • normalize the functions of the spine, a person can easily lie down, sit down, etc.;
  • expand the possibilities of the upper half of the trunk and many other positive functions.

Massage of the lumbosacral spine

When there are any violations of the spinal discs, which are the initial stage of the further appearance of a hernia, massage is necessary. It will act as a preventive measure.

With its help the cartilage will not degenerate, the ligaments will be in a normal state, not stretched.

In addition, the massage will not allow the bones to expand, take the natural position of the joints.

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When there are diseases of the lumbosacral department, and there are injuries, at home they do 3 times such procedures:

  • Both hands stroke this department, the movements should be massage, go from the broad muscles to the buttocks, and then back, while you need to massage clockwise;
  • pads of fingers that are at right angles to the body, grind in circular motions near the spine, then stroking is performed;
  • such movements should be performed with the edge of the palm, beginning from the sides, ending with the bottom of the buttock;
  • it is necessary to do a pressing of an edge of a palm, and then kneading;
  • give time and buttocks, which are stroked, squeezed and kneaded with the palm or fingers;
  • buttocks should also shake, and also pay attention to the coccyx.

If you do massage, then the hardened muscles will disappear, except this, this procedure will relieve of local rigidity, as well as pains, swellings, seals that appear in the muscles. Especially it will be useful in the disease of the spine.

When only a person begins to do massage, he should be more careful, do not put much effort to not cause pain. Subsequently, you need to strengthen the movement a little.

Techniques used for massage

The area that needs to be massaged is large enough. This should be taken into account, so it is better to start kneading the gluteus muscles first. Only then is it advised to start a massage of those places that are particularly affected.

After this, the muscles will be ready for further, more powerful procedures. You can start kneading the kulaks already, but you have to finish stroking again, as this can calm the muscles, they do not get stressed.

Rubbing during massage can be of different types:

  • fingers, while you can use pads or joints;
  • palms.

If a person does not have a massage experience, then he needs to be careful, especially with intense effects. After all, it is very easy to harm a patient. Because of this, it is best to contact a specialist who knows the secrets of massage, will not exacerbate the situation, but, on the contrary, improve the condition.

Of course, there are situations when there is no time or opportunity to visit the masseur.


In this case, you can deal with this procedure yourself, but without fail you need to familiarize yourself with the implementation methodology.


Although this will not make a person an excellent specialist. The best solution would still be to see a doctor.

Massage with compression fracture of the spine

Benign tumor

When a person develops a benign tumor of any part of the spine, then massage is considered a prohibited procedure. In this case, there are other methods of treatment.

If nevertheless to do or make massing, the tumor can start to increase. In addition, heating affects it negatively. All these procedures can lead also to a fracture of the spine.

The main methods of massage with a fracture of the spine

When there was a fracture of the spine, the massage can be started from the second day after the patient was recommended to stretch. Massage can affect the lowering of reflex excitability, the elasticity of the joints, will not allow them to deform.

If a person has injuries of the lumbosacral department, the specialist selects a massage in Depending on how severe the fracture was, the number of vertebrae that received damage. It is necessary to strictly control the methods of massage techniques so that spastic muscles do not get overexcited, and pain does not appear.

Therapeutic massage at fracture

There is a therapeutic massage of the abdomen. It is carried out to strengthen the muscles, while the blood will not stagnate. Although there was a fracture of the spine, but you should not forget about the thighs, which should be stroked, kneaded with ring movements.

By the way, you need to massage your lower leg and your hands. This has a positive effect on the joints and muscles.

During the treatment after the fracture, the patient wears a corset, with which he walks, sits and stands. Because of this, the massage technique becomes more complicated, and the duration of the procedure also increases. The patient lies on his stomach, and the specialist performs such procedures:

  • First he strokes, then squeezes;
  • where the long muscles are located, kneads the palm, thumb or phalanges of the fingers;
  • broad muscles mass double ring movements;
  • rubs between the ribs, and also pays attention to the scapula.

After that, the patient is placed on his back, after which he is massaged in the thoracic area, as this positively affects the condition of the spine.

Therapeutic massage begins to perform from the chest. Then the time is given to the stomach, which is stroked, and then kneaded and oblique muscles are kneaded. The main thing is not to hurt the patient. To the limbs during the massage were in a relaxed state, a roller is placed under the knee.

The specialists use camphor alcohol when they massage the sacrum and buttocks in the first period. This will help to resist the occurrence of pressure sores. In addition, trophic tissue will not be disturbed.

When a massage is done after a fracture, the doctor must take into account the presence of spine diseases, if any.

Contraindications for massage

There are also contraindications, which should be taken into account before starting a massage of the lumbosacral department. It:

  • bleeding, blood diseases;
  • when there are purulent processes;
  • if there are skin diseases;
  • presence of rashes, irritations;
  • the appearance of fungus, cracks, gangrene;
  • the development of inflammation, which is accompanied by high fever, as well as fever;
  • edema;
  • different injuries;
  • venereal diseases of acute form;
  • a strong allergy that manifests itself on the skin;
  • vomiting or nausea;
  • painful sensations, when they touch their fingers to the stomach, etc.

Massage of painful points of the lumbosacral department with radiculitis

It is best to massage the pain points when the cushion is placed beneath the abdominal zone. In no case can not apply full force, because you can aggravate the condition.

All movements will be aimed at relaxing the muscles. When the patient feels severe pain, one should be especially careful. It is best to warm your back first.

To do this, you can use a hot-water bottle or a bathroom with electric lighting.

Necessarily the patient is required to be placed on a firm surface, while he must lie as he is least painful.The massage technique includes.

  1. From the very beginning, attention is paid to the paraverle points. At the same time, rub your fingers with fingers in a circular motion. This is a few minutes.
  2. To make the hypertonicity of the muscles become weaker, vibration is applied, for this even there are special devices.
  3. After this, you can proceed to massage the long dorsal muscles. For this, they are first stroked easily, and then grasped deeper. After that, rubbing is used. Patients with sciatica in the lumbosacral spasm can feel cramps, chilliness in the feet, cold, because they have a strong sympathetic nervous system. Proceeding from this, it is forbidden to make vigorous movements during massage.

If there is an inflexion of the spine, then the muscles are stretched, they are weak. Therefore, they need to be strengthened. To do this, the vibration can help, which should not be interrupted, on the side of the arc, where it is concave. You can not pat in such a situation, so as not to harm.

Massage of the calf muscles

To have the best effect after the massage of the lumbosacral section, do not forget about the lower leg. The patient must lie on his stomach while the doctor performs such procedures:

  • First, he strokes his limbs from the heel to the thigh with both hands;
  • alternately triturates;
  • continues to stroke, while doing more power;
  • rubbing the skin with four fingers;
  • further the expert grasps both hands and strokes, thus movements should not be interrupted.

The external abdomen of the lower leg should be massaged, and then its internal part. Movements should start from the heel. When the internal abdomen massage occurs, the thumb of the doctor slides along the inside of the bone, and the remaining fingers on the inside.

Here it is necessary to carry out all the same movements. You can add spiraling rubbing with your thumb, you can also iron on the skin. In addition, forceps are made.

Some Tricks of Massage

Massage of the lumbosacral section is carried out in the area of ​​the sacrum, as well as the gluteal muscles and the entire limb. There are several techniques that massage therapists use to get a good result. The patient thus lays on a stomach or belly, and the expert carries out such movements:

  • palms placed on the crests of the iliac bones, and then performs oscillations between the edge of the ribs and the crest;
  • the hand is placed on the lower back, so that the thumb is placed on the sacrum, and then circular, screwing movements are made to them, and all the roots are worked by the hand;
  • small circular movements are made with the tips of the fingers, the main thing is that they fit tightly to the skin, gradually it is squeezed;
  • the muscles are treated from the axis, the crest, moving to the sacrum (the movements are circular, light, without displacement);
  • the big and index fingers on the arm are divorced, they are put on the spine, and then movements are made to meet each other.

So, massage of the lumbar-sacral area requires caution, especially when the patient has traumas or illnesses. This procedure can significantly improve the condition.

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