Drops for eyes Visomitin

In the modern world, technologies and approaches to the treatment of diseases are changing, new and innovative drugs are emerging, which are better and more effective for this or that disease. Eye drops Visomitin are considered a drug with an unusual approach to the treatment of diseases associated with the organs of vision. Let's talk more about it.


  • 1Description of the preparation
  • 2pharmachologic effect
  • 3Application
    • 3.1Indications
    • 3.2Contraindications
    • 3.3In pregnancy
    • 3.4To small children
  • 4Possible complications caused by the drug
  • 5Analogues
  • 6Special instructions during treatment
  • 7Duration of treatment
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  • 9conclusions

Description of the preparation

Vizomitin or Drops Skulacheva is a new drug that acts as a keratoprotector and is effective in treating a computer syndrome and dry keratoconjunctivitis(dry eye syndrome). Refers to the group of drugs for fatigue and eye strain.

The composition of the remedy includes the following substances: benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrophosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, hypromellose, purified water.

On the appearance of the drops are a practical completely clear liquid.Are sold in a soft polyethylene container with a capacity of 5 ml along with a dropper.

It is only released on prescription.

The droplets under consideration have a new method of treatment, they are dispensed according to the doctor's prescription.

pharmachologic effect

Vizomitin is used in the treatment of age processes of the glands that produce tear fluid, as well as to eliminate the dryness of the eye.

Due to its composition, which contains plastoquinonyl decyltriphenylphosphonium bromide, the effect of the preparation is very rapid and the first signs of improvement are noticeable after several instillation procedures.The main component allows provoking the production of human tears, and also significantly increases the level of tear film.

Now let's take a closer look at several unusual properties that the medicine has:

  • Antioxidant activity is higher than that of other agents.Visomitin with the help of its active component is able to bind particles with free radicals, even having small concentrations.
  • Stimulation of lacrimal fluid production. This significantly distinguishes this medicine from a number of others, because most analogues only replace a human tear, but do not provoke its production.
  • Improves the epithelialization of the cornea and sclera of the eyes.
  • It makes the film on the surface of the eye more solid, due to which it becomes less susceptible to many external stimuli and is able to maintain a normal state even under aggressive environmental conditions environment.
  • Slowing down the process of clouding the lens.This means that in the case of cataracts, it will not develop so quickly.
  • The active substance penetrates the systemic circulation quite quickly. One hour after instillation, Visomitin can be found in the tissues of the liver, kidneys, and heart.

The drug relieves the patient of a number of problems, including dry eyes, lack of tear fluid.


The drug must be buried in the area of ​​the conjunctival sac.Usually, not more than two drops of the solution are added three times a day. Doctors individually calculate the duration of the course of treatment, based on the clinical situation. Six months of therapy lasts in people who suffer from the initial stage of cataracts.


Vizomitin is prescribed for:

  • Presence of dry eye syndrome.
  • The initial stage of cataract.
  • Changes in the lacrimal gland.
    Dry eye syndrome


The drug is contraindicated in:

  • The presence of an allergy to a component, which is a part of the preparation.
  • Individual intolerance of the remedy.

In pregnancy

There were no official scientific studies on the use of Vizomitin during pregnancy and lactation.Therefore, ophthalmologists in such situations are not advised to use this medicine. Only in the event that the risk for the fetus is less than for the mother, the doctor can make an exception and prescribe the medication.

To small children

Before reaching the age of 18 years, it is not recommended to use these eye drops. An exception to the rules can be made by a specialist's recommendation, having previously weighed all the pros and cons.

Most people can dig in this medication, but pregnant and underemployed a doctor may not prescribe this medicine.

Possible complications caused by the drug

After instillation can be felt burning and pain in the eyes, as well as there is a possibility of an allergic reaction to the drug.

Allergy sufferers may develop hives.Some doctors warn of the possibility of angioedema angioedema,that is, the distinctive puffiness of the skin on the face and under its surface, as well as the possibility of anaphylactic shock. This provokes a rapid decrease in blood pressure and multiple organ failure. However, it is worth noting thatreal and confirmed data on such complications were not observed and were not recorded.

As soon as the first complications appear, it is necessary to stop taking the medication, urgently seek an ophthalmologist to adjust the treatment and take measures to eliminate side effects.


Analogies in the pharmaceutical market: Artelak, Hilo-Komod, Okulokhel, Okuflesh, Hilabak.

A worthy analogue of Visomitin is Floxal. It is an antimicrobial agent with a wide spectrum of action and aimed at eliminating the same diseases as the agent in question.

It is worth noting thatVizomitin, because of its new technology of affecting the problem areas of the eyes, is quite difficult to replace

Floxal - analog Visomitina

If complications occur, consult a doctor to adjust the treatment. It is likely that the specialist will appoint an analogue of Floxal.

Special instructions during treatment

When passing the course of treatment of a disease such as cataract, it should be under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.This is necessary to assess the benefits of treatment and the degree of progress of the disease. It also helps to understand whether to continue therapy or not.

Those who have reduced visual acuity after taking medication should refrain from driving or other mechanisms, requiring good vision.

If the patient uses contact lenses, they should be discarded at the time of taking the drug.

The active substances do not exert any influence on the speed of the psychomotor reaction, and also does not violate the concentration of attention.

Observance of special instructions is necessary for the passage of an effective course of treatment.

Duration of treatment

Most often, the drug is applied for a period of a couple of months to six months.This is necessary to completely get rid of the disease that was detected in the patient.

Throughout the time of taking the drug is recommended to periodically visit a doctor.

Since the course of treatment is quite long, then to identify improvements, the best thing to do is to consult an ophthalmologist.



Vizomitin - a preparation for the elimination of dryness and fatigue of the eyes, developed by a unique technique. It is produced solely on the prescription of a doctor, so self-treatment is inappropriate here. Do not apply the drug to very young children, pregnant and lactating mothers. Careful observance of all the features of using the eye drops under consideration will protect against complications and side effects.