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"Mukaltyn reviews of doctors and patients

Dry cough and its symptoms always give us a lot of discomfort and unpleasant sensations. Therefore, they want to get rid of them quickly. Frequent cough is usually accompanied by painful sensations, which can be eliminated with the help of various expectorants. For example, you can use to treat a cough "Mukaltin reviews about which are often positive. Despite the fact that this drug is inexpensive (the price of the medicine is about 20 rubles per package), it is quite effective.

Indications for use

When should I take Mukaltin? The drug is designed to get rid of unpleasant symptoms caused by such diseases of the respiratory tract as bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia and some others. As a rule, these diseases are accompanied by a very unpleasant strong cough and are found most often in children. A young organism can not always resist the various seasonal viral diseases. In addition, children are constantly in kindergartens, schools, where, due to a large number of people, infection occurs in large numbers.

Parents usually try not to expose their children to medication and more often resort to folk remedies, but in some cases without medical intervention simply not do without. As the risk of complications increases, which nobody needs.

If the need for treatment with medicines should be preferred not to synthetic drugs, but to those drugs, which contain mainly plant components. This is especially important in cases when the medicine is to be taken to a small child. "Mukaltin" from a cough contains medicinal herb - marshmallow. Roots and seeds of this plant have medicinal properties.

Natural remedy for coughing

Althey grows in many countries of Eurasia. Its useful properties people discovered in ancient times and began to use in folk medicine as an effective expectorant, possessing mucolytic properties.

Infusions based on althea are used to treat inflammation in the respiratory tract, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bladder and kidneys. Althaea contains a mucus that reduces pain when coughing, inflammation in the genitourinary system and the intestines. The medicinal plant well helps to soften the symptoms of diarrhea, stomach ulcer and dysentery. With a warm infusion of the althea, you can gargle and mouth cavity with inflammation of the gums, tonsils, etc.

"Mukaltin" (pills for cough) is advisable to take in case of an ARVI with a cough or with flu. Small children suffering from cough, "Mukaltin whose price is low enough, will significantly alleviate unpleasant symptoms. Since it contains a natural component, parents can give it to their children without fear. However, it should be taken, like any other medicine, only after the doctor's recommendation and strictly according to the instructions.


Why is it recommended to take "Mukaltin"? Testimonials about the drug indicate that it is an excellent cough suppressant. "Mukaltin" takes a leading position among all drugs that have an expectorant effect.

In addition, due to its basic component, "Mucaltin" also has anti-inflammatory properties. After taking the drug, the sputum becomes less dense. This allows the bronchi to begin to get rid of it. Improves the expectorant effect of sodium bicarbonate, also contained in the composition of tablets.

To whom "Mukaltin" is contraindicated

In what cases should not take "Mukaltin"? The instruction to the preparation contains a number of contraindications and limitations in the application. For example, it should not be used in the presence of an open stomach and duodenal ulcer. If a person has other diseases, it is necessary to take the drug under the strict guidance of a doctor, following the instructions for use. "Mukaltin reviews about which are usually good, not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for children under 1 year.

Side effects in "Mukaltina" a little, and they are rare. In some cases, after taking the drug, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, or an allergic reaction may occur. People suffering from diabetes should take "Mukaltin" with caution, because it contains sugar. The medicine can not be drunk with drugs blocking the cough. This can lead to the accumulation of sputum, and in some cases - even to pneumonia.

Is "Mukaltin" dangerous for health?

Can this remedy harm the human body? According to clinical studies, Muciltin will not cause serious harm to health if taken in accordance with the doctor's instructions and instructions. The only side effects of the drug are nausea, vomiting and allergic reactions. Even more rarely in people who took "Mukaltin there was a feeling of discomfort in the stomach.

In any case, it is important to remember that "Mukaltin" is a medicinal product. Therefore, it must be taken, strictly following the instructions for use. And to get rid of the cough faster, while consuming Mukaltin, you should consume more water, do inhalations, special compresses and rubbing, and do not forget about a healthy lifestyle. Compliance with these simple rules will get rid of the cough quickly enough.

"Mukaltin" in pregnancy

It is important to note that the drug can be taken during pregnancy and lactation. However, it should be remembered that the medicine "Mukaltin" in this case can be prescribed only by the attending physician. Self-medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding can harm both the mother and the child equally. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink the drug yourself without a doctor's instructions.

"Mukaltin" is relatively harmless and safe for fetal health. It can be taken at any time, except for the first trimester of pregnancy. Since it is at this time that the child begins to form all internal organs, and taking any medication can affect this process.

When breastfeeding is recommended to treat a cough "Mukultin temporarily transferring the baby to an artificial mixture. Dosage and duration of treatment should be determined by the doctor.

Treatment of children's cough

It is believed that "Mukaltin reviews about which this is confirmed, much harm to the body of the child can not cause. The drug is contraindicated only to young children under 1 year. To a child older than this age, the doctor can prescribe this medication to treat a cough, by determining the dosage and the course of admission individually.

Children are usually prescribed to take these tablets three times a day for 10-15 days. It is not recommended to start treatment independently. Parents who want to learn how to take "Mukaltin" correctly, should ask this from a pediatrician.

Helpful information

The instruction for this preparation contains complete information on how to properly take it for adults and children. It says that the pill should be drunk 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment lasts an average of 7 days, until the person begins to cough well.

It is important to remember that "Mukaltin" for coughing should never be drunk with cough suppressants at the same time. These include products containing codeine. They will promote the accumulation and retention of sputum in the respiratory tract, which as a result will lead to dangerous consequences.

"Mukaltin's instruction to which contains all the information about the drug, has been used to treat a cough for a very long time. The drug for many years is a competition for expensive drugs. Its main advantage is its low cost (about 20 rubles per package). Despite the fact that the pills are quite inexpensive, they effectively cope with their task - quickly withdraw phlegm from the bronchi.

Method of application of the preparation and its analogs

Dry cough "Mukaltin" treats equally effectively both in adults and in children. The main thing is to take into account the specific features of the drug. So, for adults and children over 12 years of age, Mukaltin should drink 1-2 tablets 3 times daily before meals.

Children younger than 12 years should drink 1 tablet 3 times a day. The medicine is recommended to grind beforehand and dissolve in warm water, so that it is easier for a child to swallow it.

The duration of treatment with this drug depends on how soon the sputum begins to go out and the person can easily cough. As a rule, the rate is 10-15 days. If necessary, the doctor can extend it. Admissibility of taking together with other medicines is also recommended to talk with a doctor.

Is it possible to replace the drug with another drug? "Mukaltin whose price is much lower than the existing analogs, is sold in a pharmacy. There are also medicines with similar properties. All of them belong to the same group of pharmacological preparations and therefore have approximately the same effect. These funds can replace "Mukaltin

  • syrup Althea;
  • "Herbion
  • "Dr. Theiss
  • tincture of plantain;
  • Thermopsol.

special instructions

It is important to know that the althaea mucosa forms on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract a film that has an obvious curative effect, and also increases the duration of exposure of others medicines.

How to store Mukaltin? The tablets should be kept in a dry and cool place.

The medicine is not contraindicated for drivers and people working with complex devices and mechanisms.

"Mukaltin" can not be taken with drugs that contain codeine, because of the likelihood of sputum congestion.

Before taking "Mukaltin should consult a doctor.

Situations requiring a referral to a specialist

If coughing for a long time can not be defeated or if wheezing occurs in the lungs, you should immediately contact a specialist. A sharp increase in temperature, as well as pain in the chest, worse with cough, is a good reason for visiting a doctor. Along with this, the appearance of a sputum of a yellowish-green hue with an unpleasant odor should be guarded. In the cases listed above, you do not need to hesitate to contact a specialist, otherwise dangerous complications may start.

The correct intake of the drug according to all the prescriptions of the doctor will help quickly get rid of the cough. The natural components of the medication will help to eliminate phlegm and start to breathe again full chest.


Mukaltin - anti-inflammatory, expectorant, enveloping agent. The main constituent is the extract of the althea root, as well as sodium hydrogen carbonate and tartaric acid. Due to the action of the active substance on the peristalsis of the respiratory bronchus and the ciliated epithelium, their stimulation occurs, the amount of sputum increases, and its viscosity decreases. As a result, bronchial secretion increases, sputum liquefaction and its subsequent separation occur.

In addition, Muciltin has an anti-inflammatory effect by forming a protective film on the mucosa of the respiratory tract. Thus, their irritation does not occur and as a result the inflammatory processes proceeding are reduced, and spontaneous recovery of damaged tissues is facilitated.

Mukaltin instructions

The drug is recommended for acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system, which are accompanied by difficult-to-separate sputum. Indication for use is a wet cough that occurs with influenza, acute respiratory infections, tracheitis, pneumonia, i.e. diseases of the lower respiratory tract. Also Mukaltin has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Mucaltin is one of the few cough medicines that is created on the basis of natural ingredients, so it has no special contraindications. However, in case of independent use, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. So, if there is hypersensitivity or intolerance to the components of the drug, then it is not recommended to use it. Also, when treating a cough, the possibility of side effects should also be considered. Therefore, in the first days of use, it is recommended to closely monitor the reaction of the body to the effect of the drug. In the case of dyspeptic disorders (including nausea and vomiting), as well as various allergic reactions, it is necessary to stop its further use and consult a doctor.

In addition, Mukaltin is not recommended for people suffering from duodenal ulcer and other chronic gastrointestinal diseases, as well as diabetes mellitus.

Mucaltin also has contraindications for simultaneous use with other antitussive medicines, as well as with medicines containing codeine. In this case, difficulties arise with dilution and release of sputum from the respiratory tract.

Mucaltin application

Mucaltin is available in the form of tablets. One tablet (50 mg) contains the active substance - the drug althea extract, as well as the auxiliary components - sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid. Tablets have a greenish-brown color and are formed into a package of 10 pieces.

The route of administration is oral. Optimum time of reception - for 1 hour, a minimum for 30 minutes before meal. In order to achieve the desired result in the treatment of cough, several rules for the use of this drug should be observed. First, the tablets must be dissolved or washed down with plenty of water. Secondly, children are advised to dissolve tablets in water at room temperature (about 1/3 cup).

For the treatment of cough in adults and children over 12 years of age, the dosage is 1 to 2 tablets (50 to 100 mg). The mode of reception - from 3 to 4 times a day. Particular attention should be paid to taking tablets in the evening. Mukaltin should be taken 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

Treatment is recommended to be conducted no more than two weeks. In the event that the cough lasts longer than the indicated dates, further use of Mucaltin should be performed under the supervision of the attending physician.

Mukaltin for children

Mukaltin is an antitussive drug, created on the basis of natural components, so it has practically no contraindications to the use for children. However, despite this, it is necessary to follow certain rules for its application.

First, age restrictions must be taken into account. So, Mukaltin is not recommended for children under 1 year old. For children from 1 year to 12 years, the recommended dose is ½ - 1 tablet (5 mg) 3 times a day. Secondly, for better effect, the tablet must be dissolved in a small amount of non-stirring water before use, if necessary, sweetened with sugar or diluted with any sweet juice.

The course of treatment should not exceed more than 2 weeks. In case the cough does not pass during this time, it is necessary to consult a doctor. According to his recommendations, the dose of the drug may be increased or the course of treatment may be continued. In case of self-treatment of cough, Mucaltin should be used according to the instructions and follow the standard course of treatment and dosage.

It is also necessary to take into account the possibility of side effects. Muciltin is not recommended for children who suffer from diabetes mellitus or gastrointestinal diseases (duodenal ulcer, ulcers, gastritis). Also, the individual characteristics of the child's organism require strict attention. In case of intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, it is not recommended to take it.

Mukaltin in pregnancy

This antitussive drug is one of the few that is recommended for use in pregnancy. But, despite the fact that as a result of clinical studies and observations, no dangerous actions (teragennogo and mutagenic) on the fetus during pregnancy, there are certain contraindications.

Mukaltin is not recommended for early pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Further therapy should be prescribed only by the attending physician. The main criteria that must be followed in this case is the necessary care for a future mother without the risk of risk to the fetus. In addition, Mukaltin is not recommended for use in the period of breastfeeding (lactation). These contraindications are related to the specific features of the component of the preparation - the extract of the althaea.

Mukaltin price

Mukaltin is released in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. The average price of the drug is 35 - 50 rubles. for packing (10 tablets of 50 mg), depending on the region.

Mukaltyn reviews

I have been using Mukaltin for a long time. Mom when I was a child gave it to me for a cough. I remember, you'll dissolve a tablet in a warm water, and she hisses. The taste is sour. And always helped. Then their children were born. I always give them mucaltin. I do not know, I'm generally against all sorts of synthetic drugs. And this tool is very effective, it is quite inexpensive compared to all newfangled drugs. I am very pleased with them!

Mukultin I have known for a long time, since childhood. Itself accepted it. Then his place was taken by new modern cough medicine. But again I had to turn to him for help during pregnancy. At the sixth month I got very cold. Runny nose went, but cough for a long time tormented. Of course, in my situation it is necessary to treat very strictly all kinds of medicines. And of course, you should give preference to natural. The doctor prescribed me mucaltin. Saw a tablet in liquid form, i.e. dissolved them in warm water. Three times a day, one tablet, and a cough passed. At first the sputum began to expectorate, and spasms passed. The main thing is that it is natural and inexpensive. Compared with other drugs can say. What's practically free!

I have no idea what could be better than mukultin! This medicine, in my opinion, has proved itself from the very best side! I myself drank it both in childhood and during pregnancy. Children only treated them! Very convenient, efficient and inexpensive.

Oh, and I'm a modern man. Therefore, I was used only to expensive and advertised means. When I fell ill, I bought some newfangled cough medicine at the pharmacy. All sorts of syrups, lozenges, tablets in beautiful packages. Saw a saw. Nothing really helped. One day my mother came to me. And I'm coughing just creepy. And like the phlegm wants to expect, but for some reason it accumulates and does not come out. My mother brought me mukaltyn. I still laughed that way. I thought that such a cheap tool simply can not help! Some green incomprehensible tablets. But I began to drink them, because I simply did not know what to do next. It will not get any worse. To my great surprise, the result came almost on the second day! Became expectoration, cough decreased, ceased to hurt inside. After 5 days, I generally forgot that I suffered from an intolerable cough. Now I made a conclusion for myself - not everything is useful, which is expensive! It is necessary to trust proven means!

I have a son when I fell ill, I did not hesitate to buy mukaltin! A terrific tool. Has helped at once. The cough passed quickly. I take it myself when the cough begins. The child diluted in warm water, she washed herself down with water. And the son even liked to watch the tablet sizzle in the water. He always told me that it's time to drink a sour pop. Very good medicine, time-tested!

I remember, the cough hurt terribly! And I take care of medicine cautiously. Little did the allergy come out! All these syrups with dyes... And I'm a man of age, I can not risk! And so I went to the pharmacy. Long stood, looked closely, chose. Prices - space, and the pension is not rubber. And suddenly, I see, lies mukaltin! Old, kind mukultin! I was so surprised. Thought he was not being released! Without thinking, I immediately bought it and did not regret it !!

How to drink Mukaltin with a cough

Mukaltin is an extract of a medicinal althea in the form of tablets. Outwardly, it is gray-brown round tablets with patches, separated longitudinally by the risk. Mukultina contains aspartame, magnesium carbonate, calcium stearate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, tartaric acid, polysaccharides, which are extracted from the drug althea.

Properties of the preparation

Althaeus has been used in ancient times in folk medicine as a cough remedy for whooping cough or pneumonia. Basically, for medicinal purposes, the roots of this perennial plant are used (washed, cut into pieces, dried and then insisted), but also the seeds and flowers of the althea are useful.

Althae affects the work of the bronchial glands, which increase the secretion, ciliated epithelium of the bronchial membrane it becomes more active and sputum becomes more fluid, and in this condition it is much easier to remove from the respiratory tract.In the composition of Mucaltin there are also accompanying substances that reduce the viscosity of phlegm, which also facilitates its excretion.As a result, dry cough is replaced by a wet cough, and this is an indication that sputum is not stagnant in bronchus, and is excreted, which means that inflammation due to the multiplication of harmful microbes in stagnant sputum can safely to avoid.

What are the signs of asthmatic cough and how to identify it, you can find out by reading the article.

In addition to the expressed expectorant effect, Muciltin still has moderate anti-inflammatory properties: it forms a peculiar protective film on the mucosa of the respiratory tract, as if enveloping it, so that it does not irritate and restores its damaged tissue.

Indications for use

Muciltin is usually used in the treatment of:

  • bronchitis (chronic, acute, obstructive);
  • pharyngitis,
  • laryngitis,
  • emphysema of the lungs,
  • pneumonia,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • tracheitis,
  • tracheobronchitis (inflammation of the mucosal trachea and bronchi),
  • tuberculosis of the lungs with symptoms of bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory tract.

It is important to understand that Mukaltin does not take away the cough, but makes it easier.Thanks to the use of Mukaltina, dry cough can become wet (which is already easier), and a coarse wet cough - soften.

What causes of a strong night cough in an adult can be, and what medications are needed for this, is indicated in this article.

How to apply correctly

Mukultin's tablet is absorbed in the mouth until it dissolves completely. It can be crushed into powder and, after adding a little water, to drink

According to the instructions, Mukaltin is usually taken for an hour or half an hour before meals. For adults, the dosage at one time is 50-100 mg or one or two tablets, and the dose is repeated 3-4 times a day. Children over 12 years of age and teenagers are usually prescribed the same dosage as adults. And children 3-12 years are recommended to drink one tablet (or a half) three times a day every 4 hours. Babies 1-3 years usually appoint a half-tablet.

Than to cure a cough from a baby without temperature, as well as what medicines in the first place you can learn by reading the article.

There are no special wisdoms in the use of Mukaltin: the tablet is simply absorbed in the mouth, and

it will not dissolve at all. Also, it can be crushed into powder and, after adding a little water, a drink.And for children or those who do not tolerate the taste of Mukaltin, you can dissolve the entire dose of the drug, which is prescribed for a day, in half a glass of warm water, juice or any other drink.Or maybe every time you dissolve the tablet in water or a drink, but then you need 150 ml.
The duration of the course of taking Mukaltin depends on how the disease passes. Usually it is a week or two. But the doctor, guided by the degree of severity of the disease, may extend the duration of treatment with the drug for up to two months.

It is important to know that during the period of taking Mucaltin to improve its effect, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids.

What effective remedy for dry cough for children is used most often, you can learn from the article.

It should be noted that there is no unanimous opinion about the safety of Mukultin's appointment to children: some manufacturers they write in the instructions that it can not be taken to children under three or even up to 12 years, others recommend it with of the year. Therefore, before taking anyway it is better to consult a doctor in charge.

When pregnancy Mukaltin should be used with caution.Althaeus is able to cause allergies, which in the early stages can be very dangerous.Therefore, in the first trimester from Mukaltin it is better to refuse altogether. And although the instruction says nothing about the fact that the drug is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, it is still worth treating with caution.There is an opinion that marshmallows can contribute to an increase in the tone of the uterus, besides, the newborn is also not recommended, and therefore, it is impossible to take it to a nursing mother.If all the same Mukaltin during pregnancy is prescribed (more likely - after the first trimester), it is better to take it as a powder (crush in a spoon) or in a dissolved form. Instead of Mukaltin, pregnant women should better use other recipes for coughing at home.

Important: it is better not to take Mukaltin for nursing mothers and infants.

Contraindications and side effects

Mukultina has a number of contraindications - it is better to consult a doctor before applying

Why cough appears after eating and only after that, it becomes clear after reading the article.

Since althaea is a medicinal plant, contraindications are practically absent in the drug, but still Mukaltin is not prescribed in the following cases:

  • if there is a tendency to allergic to its components;
  • if the child is still young (up to a year or up to three years);
  • if there is a disease ulcer;
  • During pregnancy and lactation, a doctor's consultation is required before use.

Important: the use of Mukaltin along with antitussive drugs (not with drugs for coughing!), especially those containing codeine, is prohibited, because on the contrary it causes difficulties with cough.

How to treat a wet cough in a child in 2 years, and also with what means, this article will help to understand.

As for the side effects caused by the use of Mukaltin, then basically all of them boil down to allergic reactions, which do not necessarily have to occur:

  • redness,
  • itching,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • discomfort in the stomach.

Cases of overdose have not been identified, Mukaltin can be consumed by people who work with dangerous mechanisms or drive a car.

Price of the preparation

Mukaltin is one of the most famous and popular cough medicines. Attracts, apparently, among other things, its price. Pharmaceutical companies produce the drug mainly in a dosage of 50 mg in a blister for 10-20 tablets, and the price can be as low as 9 rubles, maximum - 50 rubles.

From the article it becomes clear whether the thyroid gland can cause a cough or not.

Reviews about the drug

Elena, Nizhny Novgorod:"I have two children: the elder in the third grade, the youngest in the kindergarten. As the off-season comes, so begin colds, snot, cough and other delights. In order not to poison the children's body with chemistry, I prefer to give Mukaltin as an expectorant. This was once suggested to me by our wonderful pediatrician, with Deniska when they were ill (elder): both effectively and gently. "

What is the treatment of dry cough in the home, it becomes clear after reading the contents of this article.

Irinka, Moscow: "What I like about Mukaltin is what's called"cheapand angry and the taste is not nasty, like other medicines. Only now, to help, we must wait a long time. Maybe the cumulative effect of some works, but I week, probably drank to feel the result. And then I wanted to quit, but I had to finish my drink. But then I felt: it's easier to breathe straight and it's getting better. "

Olga, Murmansk: "Personally, Mukaltin helps me, I have known him for a long time and immediately remember when the cough begins. Heard that the allergy may be from him, but I did not have this. Here's the niece - yes, two tablets drank and itched the beginning. Well I had to abandon him. In general, an allergy from anything happens. Still it is not known - maybe not Mukaltin influenced. "

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Probably, many people have known Mukultin since childhood, and basically there are positive responses about his actions: they think that he helps to clear his throat and cough itself becomes softer. Among negative reviews about the drug, there are basically opinions that it does not work at all, and there is no effect from it. But here it is worth remembering that Mukaltin does not eliminate the cough, but alleviates the symptoms.Yes, and cough itself - this is a symptom of the disease, and you must first establish the root cause and treat the disease itself, and the symptoms themselves will go away after recovery.Therefore, talking about the inefficiency of the drug itself in such cases is not entirely correct.

"Mukaltin" or "Tablets from a cough" - what is better? Instructions for use, feedback

Everyone knows of such a disease as coughing. And only a few know that you can get rid of it quite quickly, using very inexpensive drugs. In this article we will try to consider the question: "Mukaltin" or "Tablets from cough" - what is better? How to take these drugs to achieve the best effect?


Coughing is a rather complex reflex phenomenon that occurs in the lungs as a consequence of the protective reaction that occurs when foreign elements or microbes or bacteria get into them.

Often cough can cause penetrated microbes, dust, sand. This is a kind of protective reaction of the body. And in most cases, he does not need treatment, only expectorants will suffice.

Sometimes the causative agents of coughing are different:

1. Allergic. Virus. Bacterial.

Cough is of the following types:

1. Wet is a cough accompanied by phlegm. The cause is, as a rule, the occurring inflammatory processes in the lungs and the respiratory tract. Dry. In this case, the sputum does not depart. The patient has a constant need to get rid of something superfluous in the throat.

In order to appoint an adequate cough treatment, you need to seek the advice of a specialist. But if there is no possibility to visit the doctor, then the cough that has arisen can be tried to cure by taking cheap "Tablets from a cough". Further in the article we will tell about preparations that will help to provide first aid in such a case. And also how to take "Mukaltin" in tablets.


When buying this remedy, the question often arises: "Mukaltin" from which cough?

This drug has been known to us since childhood. It has an expectorant effect, it is used to relieve cough in diseases of the respiratory tract.

The form of these tablets is biconvex, they are gray-brown in color. As a rule, they are packed in paper contour cells from 10 to 30 pieces. Also there are also cans in a dosage from 10 to 100 pieces in each. "Mucaltin" has a slight anti-inflammatory effect. It is important to remember that it does not eliminate the disease, but only facilitates its course. That is, a rough cough, becomes softer, and a sharp dry moisturizes.

Thus, one can unequivocally answer the question posed, "Mukaltin" from which cough - from anyone.

It is used for the following diseases:

1. Acute bronchitis. Inflammation of the lungs. Bronchial asthma. Tuberculosis with symptoms of bronchitis. Acute respiratory diseases accompanied by a severe cough.

Indications and contraindications

Sufficient studies that give a clear answer, "Mukaltin" can be children or not, in the required volumes was not carried out. Therefore, leading pediatricians in Russia recommend giving the children such a good expectorant drug only after the child reaches the age of two. However, it is possible to give "Mukaltin" to pregnant women. The only restriction is the althea extract included in the composition. Its use in the first trimester of pregnancy is not recommended. However, to be sure that the benefits of taking the pills will be much higher than the threat to the child, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor.

In this case, the reception of Mukaltina by pregnant women is significantly different: it is enough to take 1-2 tablets several times a day strictly after meals.

The method of use in women in the position is similar to the usual, but to achieve the effectiveness of treatment, it is recommended to crush tablets and take them, diluting in a small amount of water.

How to take "Mukaltin" in tablets

"Mukaltin" is recommended to be taken before meals, more precisely, for 30-60 minutes. An adult is recommended to take 1-2 tablets at a time. The daily rate can be divided by 3-4 times. Children under the age of 12 years are prescribed a regimen similar to that of adults. Children from 3 to 12 years of age, the drug is recommended to take the following scheme: 1 tablet 3 times a day. That is every 4 hours.

Children under 1 year to 3 years of age are prescribed a regimen: ½-1 tablets. Babies up to a year of taking the drug can take ½ tablets. But it is better for babies up to 2 years not to give this medicine.

"Mukaltin" is recommended to dissolve in the mouth. However, people who do not tolerate the taste of tablets, as well as children can dissolve tablets in a warm liquid. To do this, you can use water, juice in an amount of 150 ml per dose of the drug.

How to take "Mukaltin" in tablets to achieve a quick therapeutic effect? The time taken to take the medicine is 7 to 14 days. In this case, the use of a large amount of liquid is recommended.

Cheap "Pills for cough"

The modern pharmacy market is so rich that the presented cough remedies are divided into different price categories. In the pharmacy you can find such cough tablets, the names of which are familiar to many:

1. With an expectorant effect - "Stoptussin" Tussin ".2. Tablets against cough with anti-inflammatory effect - "Broncholitin" .3. Tablets with mucolytic effect- "Ascoril" Ambroxol "Gedelix."

There is also a drug, which is still called - "Tablets from a cough." He has no other name (international). By color this preparation is gray or greenish-gray in color. It refers to drugs that have an expectorant effect, and is also used to treat colds. Indication for the use of this drug is only one - chronic bronchitis. The form of the release of "Tablets from cough" is usually a paper packing of 10-20 pieces. The main component in the composition of these tablets is the extract of dry thermopsis, which has an expectorant effect.

Indications and contraindications

Choosing a cough pill for a child is possible only on the basis of recommendations from the treating doctor. He will conduct a preliminary study and establish the cause of the disease. It should be taken into account that "Tablets from cough" in the composition contains extracts of medicinal plants. Therefore, the child may have an allergy. In order to avoid such a complication, along with medications, the child is prescribed antiallergic drugs.

Also with caution should be taken and pregnant women to choose different tablets from cough. They may contain substances that are prohibited for reception in an interesting position.

Moreover, in the instruction "Tablets from a cough" it is registered, that it is impossible to take them to children under two years of age. They contain codeine, which also penetrates the placenta to the fetus.

Accordingly, the use of "Cough Tablets" during pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding is prohibited.

Choosing a medicine for children and pregnant women, "Mukaltin" or "Tablets for cough" - what is better to buy? The conclusion is obvious.

The use of "Cough Tablets"

The drug "Tablets from coughs" should be taken strictly according to the doctor's recommendation. Do not prescribe this medicine yourself. It is contraindicated in some situations, and also has severe symptoms of overdose, such as nausea, vomiting. Adults "Tablets from cough" take 2-3 times a day, in an amount of 1 to 2 tablets, washing down with the necessary amount of water while doing so. The course of treatment lasts no more than 5 days.

Children over 12 years of age can take this medicine in a dosage of ½ tablet not more than 3 times a day. The duration of the course of treatment will be only 3 days. And the maximum allowable course of treatment for a child will be no more than 5 days.

However, one should pay close attention to the fact that with the use of this medication it is necessary with caution manage a vehicle, as well as engage in other activities that require concentration and attention. Also, patients with a violation of liver function should increase the interval between pills.


Let's try to answer the question: "Mukaltin" or "Tablets from a cough" - what is better? It is worth mentioning that among the listed drugs in this article is "Mukaltin" is the most budgetary means. Its price for today ranges from 10 to 20 rubles for 10 pieces. At the same time, "Tablets for cough, calculated for a minimum course of admission (5 days), cost from 45 to 75 rubles.

Reviews about "Tablets from a cough are contradictory." After all, using this drug yourself is not entirely safe. Moreover, they are forbidden for admission during lactation and pregnancy.

Reviews from the drug "Mukaltin" are quite positive, because many are familiar with this drug since childhood. "Mukaltin" or "Tablets from a cough" - what is better? Many prefer the first option.

According to the generally accepted opinion, "Mukaltin" moisturizes the dry cough rather quickly, and the coarse moist makes it more calm. This drug is absolutely safe for children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

It should be remembered that cough is a symptom of the disease, and it is not necessary to treat it, namely the disease that is its cause. And in order to understand which drug is better, it is first of all necessary to get qualified help from a doctor who, according to the results of the examination, will prescribe an adequate treatment.

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