Cough for a smoker

Cough smoker: how to get rid quickly?

Nervous and suffocating cough is found in most smokers. And it is not necessary for this to smoke for decades. There are some smokers who seem to have a half-life experience, and even a stranger coughs. But his family because of passive smoking cough was a frequent guest. There is one myth about the harmlessness of light cigarettes. Like, light cigarettes do not cause harm because of the reduced tar content. Blessed is the believer, but will have to return to reality and understand: it does not matter the fact of facilitating cigarettes.

Causes of smoking cough

Tobacco smoke contains about 4 000 thousand of powerful toxins and another hundred products of combustion. All this when inhaled falls into the bronchi and lungs.Mucous bronchus is lined with a special epithelium: cilia. They are constantly in motion, like janitors on the car, clean out foreign bodies. They manage to cope with tobacco components for a while. But as the smoker's experience progresses, the toxins accumulate, settle on these cilia and they are already powerless to perform their function. The protective barrier and natural cleansing cease.

The bronchial lesion begins, the destruction of special pouches. And chronic bronchitis of non-infectious nature with periodic obstruction is born. Heavy, tearing, seizure occurs until the cough fails to yield productivity.

Slime accumulates, causing a powerful irritation in the bronchi by its presence. But the expectorant function is suppressed, the cilia can not help in the usual rhythm. As a result, mucus increases the number and the next morning the person starts to choke on suffocating morning cough. The body tries to push out the mucus, clean the respiratory system, as far as it can still do it.

Symptoms of a smoker's cough

A person with a coughing cough is coughing, literally tearing his throat and airways

Cough of this kind is peculiar, it is difficult to confuse it with another. He does not have a permanent character, he is often active from the early morning or as soon as a smoker smokes in the morning. Cough suffocating, powerful, exhausting. Sometimes patients say so because of the strength of the cough: soon the lungs will spit out.

The patient can not take a deep breath, as his diaphragm is changed. This immediately provokes a cough. At first it is a periodic cough that can appear at any time. But it is insignificant and does not cause trouble. Over time, it is gaining strength, it becomes almost dry, which further aggravates the condition. The person coughs, literally tearing his throat and airways. After the attack, the patient feels pain behind the sternum, perspiration, pain in the ribs due to attempts.

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The cough will continue until the bronchi separate all the accumulated mucus.This condition is accompanied by signs that will always distinguish cough:

  • there is no temperature;
  • separation of sputum;
  • with a sharp inhalation cough, shortness of breath;
  • attacks in the morning or immediately after the first cigarette;
  • there are no additional symptoms indicative of the disease.

Treatment of cough


The first thing in any treatment is to give up a cigarette. At first, you can replace an electronic cigarette, then refuse it. Electronka gives everything that is usual, except for toxins. The main thing is to learn how to use and choose the right level.

The second task is to remove all the mucus from the bronchi and restore the natural ability of the epithelium to clean the mucous membrane.Medications are selected taking into account the state of the bronchi and on the basis of instrumental research. Usually, drugs are prescribed that enhance the separation of mucus and increase the mucus itself. It can be such drugs as Bronholitin, the root of the althaea. Medicines in the form of syrups are easy to digest, soften seizures. If the examination showed the presence of an inflammatory process, then antibiotics are prescribed.

If the cough is difficult and phlegm almost does not go away, it's good to prescribe mucolytic drugs: Mukaltin. They will help to cope with the separation of sputum, cough will become less sour. The doctor will give a recommendation on how to drink mukaltin while coughing. In severe conditions, when there is a violation of breathing, oxygen therapy and glucocorticoid therapy are prescribed.

Herbal lozenges are a good way to ease the cough of a smoker

A good effect is given by medical plates, tablets from cough. These can be lollipops or special sweets. They help to thin the sputum and reduce the aggression of seizures and, at least for a while, get rid of the irritating cough. Particularly useful if these plates and sweets based on herbs. In this regard, Dr. IOM has become a good helper for anyone. Syrup can be drunk twice a day, but sweets dissolve several times.

Gedelix, Eucabal are preparations of a new generation. At them the spectrum is much wider: expectorant, bactericidal and protective. They are much faster cope with dry cough, even if it is cold or chronic.

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After the cough has become less painful, you can move on to other methods of treatment: massages and warming.Perfectly affects the bronchi visiting a sauna or a real bathhouse.Just do not forget that saunas and bathhouses have restrictions on visits (hypertension, weak blood vessels, cardiac dysfunction)

Folk remedies

It is important not to bend over and forget that the best is the deadly enemy of the good. This means that if you already take syrup from the althea, do not drink broths and infusions from this herb.Herbs have the property of accumulating on the effect and it does not always pass without consequences.Therefore, carefully study: what you already take and what you drank before. You need to add from the herbs something that was not yet there.
More often these are decoctions of thyme, chamomile and coltsfoot, there are many effective recipes for coughing at home. Sometimes chamomile strengthens elecampane, it is necessary to prepare by instructions.

It will be more effective if all the decoctions are used only for inhalations. Steam heating is necessary for recovery and recovery, and herbs will complement the effect of medicines.

Recommendations for alleviating the condition

The most important thing is to forget about cigarettes and to ensure the maximum possible amount of fresh air.Train yourself to walk in the morning, and when the cough goes to zero, begin to train yourself to the exercises.Do not rush to become a sprinter or gymnast. A few slopes, a couple of hundred meters for a run, a couple of push-ups - this is enough to supply the blood with oxygen and refresh the whole body.

Do not tell yourself that you are sick. Cough smoker is not a sore in full, but just some inconvenience.

If you really want to smoke and nothing helps, you can do one experiment. It is not easy and is based on an emetic reflex: soak the cigarettes in milk and dry it. Then smoke, just near the toilet or away from people. Several such approaches will strengthen the reflex of "Pavlov's dogs a cigarette - vomiting.

Try to switch to a healthy diet, saturated with the necessary ingredients. But watch the diet, as many former smokers become gluttons.

Complications of cough

The most serious complication is the likelihood of developing lung cancer. Over time, tar penetrates into the lungs, destroying the organ. The person begins to breathe heavily, feels problems with inhalation. The impossibility of full breathing destabilizes the entire body, causing pathology.


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Coughing a smoker prevents not only the family, but also to him. An angry, painful, bending in half such cough frightens the surrounding people. Therefore it is necessary to study it and start constructive treatment.

Cough smoker

Every new day a person who can not live a day without a cigarette, usually begins with a "bronchitis clearance procedure." His loved ones have to listen to the varying intensity and severity of the smoker's cough. And this is a problem not only for the person who smokes, but also for the people around him. After all, studies show that passive smoking is no less harmful than active "consumption" of nicotine.

ICD-10 Code R05 Cough

Causes of a smoker's cough

In order to somehow improve the situation, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of occurrence of an attack and the causes of a smoker's cough.

It turns out that tobacco smoke in its composition contains more than 10 thousand different substances, most of which are harmful to the human body. 200 of them are candid poisons. Inhaling him, the smoker poisons himself, there is contact irritation of the bronchial mucosa. Penetrating the interior of the body, tar in tar smoke covers the inner lining of the bronchiola, which adversely affects the normal functioning of the ciliary epithelium.

Cilia of a healthy organism "like a trampoline" throw out harmful compounds from the bronchi, thereby clearing the lungs of contamination. The oppression of their work allows more resin to settle on the mucous membrane, worsening the work of the entire respiratory system.

This pattern leads to a constant irritation of the tissues, which invariably provokes the onset and development of the inflammatory process, translating pathology into the plane of chronic non-infectious bronchitis.

In the light of the fact that bronchial cilia play also the role of anti-infective protection, their oppression gives the possibility of pathogenic flora with more ease to penetrate into the respiratory system, impose chronic non-infectious bronchitis on infectious acute defeat.

This situation leads to a significant deterioration in the health of the smoker, which is difficult to recover. The disease lasts for a long time and with more severe complications.

Therefore, with prolonged smoking, a lover of nicotine can not avoid chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Symptoms of a smoker's cough

A careful person can easily distinguish a smoking person from one that does not have this bad habit. Symptoms of a smoker's cough can be seen in nine people out of ten, who daily "calm nerves" with a cigarette for at least two years. With the increase in the length of consumption of nicotine and / or the number of cigarettes smoked per day, a smoker's cough can be observed already with each hen.

Non-infectious bronchitis begins to appear initially with minor episodic coughs after a morning awakening. Such spasms do not cause a person great discomfort and are not accompanied by pain symptoms and withdrawal of pulmonary sputum.

Over time, the intensity of seizures increases, when the cough begins to leave traces of mucous masses that have a colorless, greenish or grayish hue. Gradually, bloody streaks can join the sputum.

With increasing length of service, the "morning cleansing procedure" from a slight coughing turns into a protracted deep cough, sometimes reaching vomiting. At this stage of lung injury, a person already needs to exert enough effort to clear the bronchi. Against the backdrop of this procedure, the "sick" can be short of oxygen. The reaction of the same organism to injected tobacco smoke can be nausea.

The amount of sputum produced increases its volume and density. A prolonged and strained cough provokes the appearance in the chest of a cutting pain.

The smoker's cough is different from the symptom of a cold or an infectious disease of the body and the fact that the temperature indices of the body remain within the limits of the norm, other signs of an infectious infection. Attacks predominantly and with greater intensity get right after sleep, reducing its intensity for dinner.

If a person has sufficient experience of "communicating with a cigarette then with rapid walking, intense physical exertion, a sharp inhalation provoked by shortness of breath and a fit of coughing.

Cough with blood from a smoker

Tobacco smoke increasingly irritates lung tissue, provoking a chronic inflammatory process. This picture of the disease with superposition and other pathological factors can lead to aggravation of the situation and development of a more serious disease. It can be:

  • Lungs' cancer.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Chronic or acute bronchitis (non-infectious and / or infectious).
  • Bronchoectatic disease.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Abscess of the lung - formation in the lungs of purulent cavities.
  • Embolism of the pulmonary artery.

The aggravation of the health situation "makes" the body signal about it. In this picture of the pathology, a cough with blood may appear in the smoker. This is a serious enough factor that forces people to sound an alarm and seek help from a specialist.

The above diseases, as a rule, are present in the anamnesis of many smokers who have a long experience of communicating with a cigarette and have reached the age of 40 years.

Cough in the smoker in the morning

For people who for a long time can not do without a cigarette, it becomes habitual to cough at the smoker in the morning. His every day begins with the fact that after awakening one should thoroughly clean the lungs, freeing them from the accumulated over night harmful tobacco tar.

If a person does not have this habit, then this symptomatology indicates the presence in his body of a disease. For a smoker, this is the first call to approach chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which "Not pass by" no one with a cigarette, if he does not immediately abandon the harmful habits. After accumulating in the lungs, harmful substances inhibit the normal functioning of the pulmonary epithelium, which the pathogenic microorganisms invariably try to use.

Strong cough in the smoker

Acquiring a nicotine experience, smokers and their surroundings begin to observe that the most severe cough in the smoker occurs in the morning: immediately after awakening or immediately after the first tightening.

This fact is explained quite simply. During the night, the nicotine smoke trapped in the lungs settles with resin fractions on the epithelial layer of the inner lining of the bronchioles.

After awakening, all the physiological processes in the human body are activated. Soot on the lungs irritates the receptors, provoking the rejection of "aliens". Hence the morning strong attacks, which eventually lose their intensity, going to minimum or completely disappearing by the second half of the day.

To get rid of unpleasant morning discomfort, the most effective way is to quit smoking, but to reap that only a few are able to cope with their desires.

Dry cough from a smoker

At first, "craving cigarette smoke the smoker's cough is quite dry, but several spasms and an attack go away. Against the background of an increase in the length of the experience of the harmful habit in question, a cough from the discharge of dry usually turns into a moist one, which passes with the release of a certain amount of sputum. But there are cases when the transformation did not happen and the dry cough of the smoker continues to be observed. Against the background of existing pathologies and complications, the dryness of the process brings to the person greater discomfort than the excretion of phlegm, which is a kind of lubricant.

In this case, dryness only aggravates the discomfort and brings more irritation to the mucosa. This pattern of pathology increases the inflammation of the respiratory tract, making the process of inspiration problematic.

Dry cough aggravates the process, causing sharp cutting pain symptoms in the chest. There is a violation of blood flow, caused by increased chest pressure, problems in the airways. In isolated cases, this pathology can cause even a fracture of the rib.

A constant smoker's cough

"Bronchitis smoker" - this term physicians refer to seizures in people who suffer from this harmful habit for a long time. If the length of "communication with a cigarette" is long enough, the constant coughing of a smoker is already an inalienable feature of a person's life.

Exposed to the effects of nicotine, pathological changes affect virtually all internal organs and human systems. In addition to the person's periodic desire to clear his throat, the smoker differs from the others not only in his state of health undermined health, but also by an external not quite healthy kind: a yellow complexion, a nicotine plaque on the teeth and others. But one of the main ones is periodic coughing attacks, which permanently injure bronchi, increasing the severity of the inflammatory process.

Cough of a smoker who quit smoking

The fact that the smoker's morning begins with bouts of an angry cough is known to almost everyone. But, of course, only those brave souls and their close associates know about the situation faced by most people, endowed with will power and a desire to end the bad habit. It is believed that smoking and provokes morning bouts, but as soon as a person quits the consumption of nicotine, as if by a wave of magic wand will leave and harmful symptoms.

As shown by the numerous experience of such failures, as it is not strange, everything happens vice versa. Once a person has decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, coughing not only does not stop, but is rapidly gaining momentum. The cough of a smoker who has quit smoking simply strangles a person, not allowing him to breathe freely. Why does such a paradox arise?

Physiologically, it is inherent in nature that the respiratory organs have secrets that produce mucus that performs protective functions, protecting the respiratory system from invasion of pathogenic bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. Present on the mucous cilia of the epithelial layer, in a healthy state moving wave-like, push out the excess mucus from the lungs and get harmful substances and dust with inhaled air.

In a situation with a smoker, the function of the cilium is inhibited and poisons with toxins, coming along with nicotine into the bronchi, settle on the mucous, accumulating. Excellent conditions are created for invasion and reproduction of infections, pathogenic bacteria, which can lead to purulent abscesses and other pathological, sometimes irreversible, processes. Now the person has made a responsible decision to give up smoking. What happens in his body?

It turns out that after nicotine ceases to enter the lungs, the body gradually begins to restore its lost functions. The cilia of the epithelium are activated and begin the "general cleaning" of the deposits of harmful tar accumulated over long years of smoking. It is this process that causes intense coughing attacks - the body is in a hurry to get rid of the foreign conglomerate more quickly.

Therefore, severe attacks after giving up a bad habit - this is a legitimate and legitimate process that the body needs to clean up.

Where does it hurt?

Chest pain

Diagnosis of a smoker's cough

In order to accurately diagnose the smoker's cough, the treating physician first acquaints himself with the patient's anamnesis, determining the length of service and the number of cigarettes smoked during one day.

  • There is a mandatory blood test: both general analysis and biochemical.
  • Sent to the examination and sputum of the patient. This study is conducted to identify tuberculosis microbacteria and other pathogenic flora. After detection of microorganisms, a test is made for their sensitivity to antibiotics.
  • And of course in this case, you can not do without a fluorogram. In the smoker, this image almost always shows the expansion of lung tissue, more contrasting contouring pattern, some areas appear lightly darkening.
  • Another brick in favor of a smoker's cough is the shape of the chest, often it takes on a barrel-shaped outline.

What it is necessary to survey?

Bronchi Lungs

How to inspect?

Computed tomography of the chest X-ray of the lungs Examination of the respiratory system (lungs)

What tests are needed?

Sputum examination

Who to contact?


Treatment of a smoker's cough

The only effective way to get rid of morning bouts is to completely abandon the bad habit: the source of irritation has been eliminated - and its negative effect is gradually disappearing. But right after this critical step, coughing attacks naturally increase. To facilitate their intensity and improve the overall health situation of the former and current smoker You can use numerous ways to clean the lungs after smoking and soften cough.

This problem is handled by a pulmonary physician. Treatment for a smoker's cough is carried out in a complex way, involving both traditional medicine methods, physiotherapy techniques, and folk remedies.

To improve the output of phlegm, the doctor appoints his patient mucolytic drugs that reduce the density of mucus, thereby facilitating its withdrawal of lung tissue. These can be: ATSTS, bromheksin, ambroksol, altea, lbeksin Muko, M-cholinoblockers, glucocorticoids.

Ambroxol shows high efficacy both in the presence of a patient, dry cough, and wet. The thing is that the components of this drug actively dilute the sputum gathering in the bronchi, allowing it is much easier to purge the body from it.

The dosage of the drug is determined from the calculation of 1 mg per kilogram of the patient's weight. The received amount is divided into three to four daily doses.

For adults, the drug is given an average of one tablet 30 mg, taken two to three times throughout the day. Ambroxol is drunk directly after eating, squeezed with enough liquid.

The considered preparation is undesirable to accept at the raised hypersensitivity of an organism of the smoker to components medicinal product, during the first trimester of pregnancy or in the presence of a patient with phenylketonuria, a liver insufficiency.

If an infection is recognized in the patient's body, antibiotics are introduced into the treatment protocol. The list of drugs in this group is quite extensive. It can be: ampicillin, levomycetin, tetracycline, roxithromycin, cefaclor, cefroxitin, fuzidine, clarithromycin and others.

The drug levomitsetin is administered orally, wholly, without chewing. The greatest effectiveness is obtained when taking half an hour before meals or an hour after a meal. The drug is taken at regular intervals.

In the course of treatment, adult patients are usually prescribed a drug in a dosage of, 5 g three to four times a day. In case of severe infection, dosage can be increased up to, g three to four times throughout the day.

The maximum daily allowable amount of medication is 4 g. The duration of the treatment course is from one to one and a half weeks.

Contraindication of the injection of levomycetin is an individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as to thiamphenicol and azide fenicol. Do not prescribe the drug in question if a history of the patient has a severe form of liver, heart and / or dysfunction kidney, dermatological diseases of fungal etiology, acute respiratory diseases, deficiency glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. In addition to the tablet form of reception, syrups, as well as herbal solutions used for inhalation, are used. Effective also sanatorium treatment.

But one tablet does not solve this problem. With increased excretion of mucus, it is possible to get the drying of the bronchial tissues, which does not improve, but aggravates the situation. Therefore, during the period of therapy, it is necessary to increase fluid intake. If there are no medical contraindications, its volume can be increased to three, or even four liters per day. It can be juices, compotes, fruit drinks or plain water. Also at the time of treatment, it is necessary to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

In order to increase the spitting of phlegm, even representatives of classical medicine effectively use herbal tinctures, respiratory gymnastics. A positive contribution to the recovery of the respiratory system contributes to increased motor activity. Here you can choose an activity to your liking: dancing, jogging, swimming in the pool, visiting fitness rooms, aerobics and others. Load should be increased gradually.

Very useful walks in nature, especially if they pass through a pine forest.

How to get rid of a smoker's cough?

As mentioned earlier, the only answer to the question of how to get rid of a smoker's cough is to give up this harmful habit. Only in this case, and then with time after cleaning the lungs, you can get rid of the problem in question. But in any case, it is possible to improve the situation with both pharmacological agents and recipes of traditional medicine.

To date, on the shelves of any pharmacy you can find drugs, both synthetic production, and those that are made from raw materials of plant origin.

To help those wishing to part with the bad habit of physicians, pharmacologists and engineers have developed a device called an electric cigarette. Modern medicine is ready to offer and special plasters, which, according to the instructions, significantly reduce the patient's craving for nicotine and the desire to smoke.

Means for coughing a smoker

How regrettable it sounds, but the problem of smoking has long acquired a universal scale. As the statistics showed, in 2012 the number of smoking people was rapidly approaching a billion. It also frightens the fact that the age of people who first tried a cigarette is getting younger and it's no longer the news to meet somewhere in the teenage gateway of a ten years professionally tightened cigarette.

Against the background of the fight against smoking, the pharmaceutical companies that offer drugs have also stepped up a few different actions:

  • Dosage forms that dilute sputum, and allow their more productive output.
  • Drugs that suppress the need to smoke.
  • Means for coughing a smoker.

To help those who want to get rid of the addiction today comes advertising, offering special chewing gum, nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes, which should quickly and effortlessly save a person from Problems. But is it possible to trust a replicated miracle? Answers to this question should be sought from a qualified doctor.

More detailed information about the proposed product.

The electronic cigarette was developed and offered to the consumer in 2004. This means is a tube having the shape of a cigarette and simulating the process of smoking. When the "apparatus" is turned on, smoke emanating from a small dose of nicotine begins to flow from it.

This device has both its pluses and minuses.


  • The absence of smoke, and, accordingly, and its smell, irritatingly acting on a non-smoking environment. In this case, this smell does not eat up in hands and clothes.
  • Gradually disappears yellowish coating from the teeth.
  • A healthier shade of skin is restored.
  • Improves the inspiration procedure.
  • The body begins to receive the necessary amount of oxygen.
  • There is a decrease in poisoning of the body with toxins.
  • Improves the overall health of the patient.
  • Gradually, the physical dependence on the cigarette is eliminated.
  • Passing the risk of second-hand smoke for others.
  • Reduction of environmental pollution.


  • It remains insoluble psychological dependence on cigarettes.
  • When imitating smoking, refusal of a cigarette may not occur. In this situation, on the contrary, the problem may worsen: getting rid of smoking will not come, but there will be an addiction to the electronic cigarette.
  • If a person has a tendency to allergic reactions, then the probability of its development is high.

Now we need to figure out what the nicotine patch is. In appearance - this is an ordinary plaster. It's all about the composition that's been put on him. It is based on nicotine. When glue this patch on the body, the nicotine contained in it penetrates the body through the epidermis, which reduces the need for the body to smoke a cigarette - another.


  • This tool is easy to use. It is applied daily to the hairless, healthy area of ​​the skin. It is used on average two to three months, but not more than six months.
  • It is absolutely harmless for the people around the "patient" and the natural environment.
  • There is also a saving of time, which previously was spent on the smoking procedure.
  • Many consider it effective in reducing the desire to smoke a cigarette, and in time, and completely rid of bad habits.


  • There is a high probability of allergic reaction and sleep disturbance.
  • There is no elimination of psychological dependence on the habit developed by years.

To date, it is impossible to determine the most productive way to get rid of the addiction: one is more suited to one - to another another. But it is unequivocal to say only that without the desire of the person himself and the efforts on his part, any means are powerless.

Tablets from a smoker's cough

Modern pharmacology every day proposes to the consumer all the new means, allowing to reduce the severity of the procedure for rejecting negative addiction. A wide list of pills and coughs for a smoker is presented. In this article we will consider some of them.

N-holinomimetik tabex, the active substance, which is cytisine, is administered orally, by a whole tablet. It is advisable to begin treatment only when the patient himself is psychologically attuned to giving up cigarettes and treating.

The drug is taken on the recommended schedule. The first three days you need to take one tablet six times throughout the day, maintaining an interval of two hours. Against the background of the drug, it is necessary to smoothly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

The medicine should be drunk in the intervals between cigarettes, which will allow to extend these intervals.

If, after three days, the daily number of smoked tobacco could not be reduced, then the "experiment" must be interrupted and returned to it after two to three months.

If the effectiveness of the reception is obvious, then the treatment schedule should be continued.

From the 4th to the 12th day of the course, one tablet is also taken, but the interval between the injections is extended to, hours (five daily tablets).

From the 13th to the 16th day, one tablet is drunk, with an interval between the injections - 3 hours (four daily tablets).

From the 17th to the 20th day, one tablet is taken, with an interval between the injections - 5 hours (three daily tablets).

From the 21st to the 25th day, one to two tablets a day are drunk.

The developers strongly recommend completely stop smoking no later than the fifth day of the course.

In this period, does not hurt the patient's psychological support.

Contra-indications of the drug include individual intolerance of the constituents of the medicine, arterial hypertension, ulcerative lesions of the digestive system, pulmonary edema and others.

In parallel, drugs are prescribed that help the withdrawal of sputum from the body of the smoker: mukaltin (in case of dry cough), bronchogen, fluimucil and others.

Bronchogen is taken on the capsule twice a day, 20 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is a month.

Treatment of a smoker's cough with folk remedies

Traditional and alternative medicine are based on the same principles of allopathic traditional therapy. As with medical intervention, curing a smoker's cough with folk remedies presupposes a primary rejection of a bad habit. In this case, the person himself must also psychologically tune in to the given, emotionally rather difficult process.

Since ancient times, healers wishing to get rid of the addiction, offered various decoctions and tinctures of medicinal herbs. The composition necessarily included herbs that have mucolytic (reducing the density of sputum) and expectorant (allowing their laying down) characteristics. Quite often in a collection, these or other herbs of different action could be included. But such a tandem does not always bring the necessary therapeutic effect. Therefore, often, the patient received two "medicines first the mucolytic agent is taken, and after some time an expectorant was administered. In the treatment of a smoker's cough, such herbs as chamomile, calendula, elecampane, marshmallow and many others have proved very good.

Herbal tinctures based on these plants and to this day are widely used for inhalation - another method of treatment. For this procedure, essential oils derived from medicinal plants are also used.

But not only this limited the people's treatment. The activities that were supposed to help the smoker included and include:

  • Visiting the bath, which allows you to remove through skin pores harmful substances that affect the body. This procedure helps to quickly cope with the abstinence, which is inevitable after quitting smoking.
  • Massages and rubbing the area of ​​the chest.
  • Reception of homeopathic preparations: carob vegetals, antimonium tartaricum, acidum phosphoricum and others.

You can also offer such a recipe for stopping the seizure in question:

A glass of whey should be placed on a fire and heated to 40-50 ° C. Drink two to three times throughout the day. Similarly, milk is taken - it perfectly cleanses the body of the "sick" from toxins.

You can gargle with a soda solution: a glass of water to enter half a teaspoon of soda. The cough will soften, and the sputum will go away more easily.

But it should be remembered that morning cough can not be cured by any miraculous means if a person does not quit smoking, as the source of irritation was not eliminated.

Herbs for coughs for smokers

As already mentioned earlier, cough grasses for smokers show quite high efficiency. The most famous and used in the treatment are: chamomile, oregano, thyme, eucalyptus, plantain, ledum, elephant, leaves and althea root, fennel, mallow, coltsfoot, thyme, St. John's wort, lavender, calendula, wild ginger, licorice root, anise seeds and others.

To get a mucous effect, you can rinse your throat with herbal tea: chamomile, sage, eucalyptus.

Here are some recipes that will help get rid of the problem, or at least mitigate the pathological intensity of their manifestation.

  • It is worth trying this drug, which shows high efficiency in fighting the smoker's cough, and which can be easily prepared at home. It is necessary to take in equal proportions (on a tablespoon) the crushed dry components of the goddess and St. John's wort. Collect the mixture with a glass of boiling water. Put on a stove and simmer for five minutes. This composition is added to the teapot to freshly brewed black tea. Take several times throughout the day. After two - three days, sputum will actively withdraw, and after one - two weeks, coughing attacks should stop.
  • High efficiency when coughing a smoker shows tea thyme. A tablespoon of herbs pour 200 ml of boiling water. Vessel with tea properly wrap and insist for 10 minutes. In the infusion, add 150 mg of freshly squeezed dandelion root juice (and its aqueous extract, which can be found in the pharmacy). To spread on two receptions and to drink in the morning and in the evening. Thyme works as an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory drug, while a dandelion is a source easily digestible mineral salts, which contribute to more active removal of toxins from organism.
  • And this proposed recipe will help to restore partially lost respiratory functions of the lungs and liver work, so relevant in the recovery period. This action has teas prepared on the basis of chamomile pharmacist, alfalfa or wild rose berries. Drink relieves the body of inflammation and allows you to quickly clean it of toxins, other harmful substances settling in the bronchi.
  • Another recipe. To create a collection: taking two pieces of thyme and crushed althea roots, one part of the crushed licorice root, anise seeds, sage leaves and pine buds. In a thermos to enter a tablespoon of well-mixed herbs and pour it 300 ml of freshly boiled water. Leave to infuse for about an hour. Ready to infuse the extract and add a tablespoon of honey. Take three to five times a day a quarter of a glass. Duration of admission is three weeks.
  • Suitable and onion balm, for this you need to take 250 g of onions, which should be cleaned and crushed. In a small saucepan, 200 g of sugar l of water and onions are introduced. The pan is put on a small fire and, constantly stirring, boil for three hours no less. After leaving, let cool. In a warm composition, add 20 g of honey and insist another third of an hour, then drain. Place the liquid in a container with a tight lid, store in a cool place. The therapeutic dosage is a tablespoon five to six times a day.

Cough syrup from a smoker

Recently, a form of a medicinal product, such as a smoker's cough syrup, has been widely used in the fight against the problem in question. Often, for the relief of the problem, such drugs are used: gedelix, Dr. Mom, biocaliptol, eucabal and their analogues.

Gedelix - this syrup allows you to brake and then eliminate the inflammatory process in the respiratory organs. It effectively removes phlegm, sometimes even purulent.

The drug is prescribed in a dosage of 5 ml, which is similar to half a measuring cup or one teaspoonful. The syrup is taken twice a day. Prohibition to the appointment of this drug can be called only individual intolerance of the components of gedelix organism of the patient.

Smoking from a smoker's cough

Not the last place in the process of getting rid of the created situation is the mixture from the smoker's cough. If you refuse a cigarette, the problem can be quenched by ambroxol, bronchosan, bronchipret, various breast pills having expectorant or mucaltic characteristics. The drug is given on the basis of the nature of the cough (wet or dry).

Expectorant ambroxol is taken by the smoker inside during the meal, using a measuring spoon, in an amount of 5 ml, which corresponds to one measuring spoon. During the day, two such receptions are necessary.

The duration of therapy is determined by a specialist individually, but on average ranges from four days to two weeks.

Contra-indications of the drug include individual intolerance of the components of the drug, as well as ulcerative lesions of the mucous organs of the digestive tract.

In addition to treatment

Means for coughing Tablets for cough Antibiotics for coughing Plaster for smoking, or how easy it is to quit smoking

Prevention of a smoker's cough

The first and most reliable advice for preventing coughing attacks, the aetiology in question, is not to start smoking at all. But if it so happens that the habit is obtained, the prevention of a smoker's cough can be reduced to several years of advice.

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Maintaining the immune system at a high level.
  • Periodically carry out inhalation with herbal medicines or dissolve the lollipops on their basis.
  • Pass fluorographic examination of the lungs at least once a year.
  • At the first signs of an increasing attack it is necessary to consult a specialist and undergo a survey. This will not miss a more serious disease, which can be caused, including smoking.

Cough for a smoker

Smoking is basically a pathological process that can lead a person's body to lung cancer, abscesses, tuberculosis and other terrible diseases. Therefore, the prognosis of a smoker's cough, in case a smoker does not want to change something in his life, can be quite deplorable.

But if the patient gained strength and threw a cigarette, then after a certain period of abstinence, he returns to normal quality life, health is partially or completely restored. This fact largely depends on the length of service, the age of the person and his general health.

Many smokers with experience for long smoking years get used to the morning bouts, trying to ignore them, which is absolutely not permissible. After smoking a smoker is the first signal of pathological changes that occur in the body. This is a symptom that speaks of an inflammatory process that takes place in the respiratory system. And such a picture is unsafe. Ignoring the problem can lead a smoker to tuberculosis, lung cancer, pulmonary abscess, emphysema and many other serious illnesses. Therefore, if your health and the health of your loved ones are dear to you, it is necessary to fight with such a problem as smoking and its consequences. And the sooner, the better!

How to treat a smoker's cough?

Every smoker with a decent experience knows that sooner or later he begins to cough even in the summer, when there can not be a cold. In cold weather, the situation is repeatedly exacerbated - due to dampness, the disease can develop into chronic bronchitis. How to treat a smoker's cough, and what if you quit smoking, but did not stop coughing? There are several options.

Methods for treating a smoker's cough

Even those who abandoned this bad habit will continue to cough for the next few months. The process of purifying the lungs and bronchi is not going so far as we would like. There are several ways to speed up the recovery process of ex-smokers, and also help stop coughing up those who are not yet ready to give up tobacco addiction.

Cough among those who smoke, appears because of the need for bronchuses to cleanse of the mucus and tar, which they accumulate as a result of this harmful habit. Therefore, especially the disease manifests itself in the morning - during the night a lot of sputum goes away. If you cough constantly, besides the cough is dry, then it's the body's reaction to the smoke. Alveoli are in constant irritation from toxic substances, and the cilia of the epithelium are stuck together from the resins and can no longer contribute to excretion of sputum. If you do not take action, the consequences will be very serious.

Coughing a smoker involves treatment with folk remedies and medications. In both cases, the main task is to cure the dry cough of the smoker, making it normal, wet. That is, to establish a system for the withdrawal of pathogens, resins and excess moisture from the body. Completely from a cough you can get rid, only having stopped to smoke.

How to treat a smoker's cough - pills or folk remedies?

The treatment of the chronic cough of a smoker is aimed at making it easier to expectorate and you coughed, for example, only in the morning, and not throughout the day. For this, mucolytics can be used, which are commonly used for bronchitis. This is primarily Mukaltin and preparations based on it. In severe cases, Flucmicil will be more effective, it can cope even with bronchial blockage. This medicine is sold in the form of tablets, or powder, which should be diluted in water.

But pills are not the best way to treat a smoker's cough. With the help of potions and teas, the process will be much more natural. Pay attention to the following drugs:

  • Gedelix;
  • Bronchogen;
  • Bronchosp;
  • Biocaliptol.

These funds are based on the medicinal properties of medicinal herbs, natural essential oils. If you want to prepare the medicine yourself, you can use one of the folk recipes. The most popular of them is based on black radish and honey:

  1. Wash and clean the large root of black radish.
  2. Rub it on a fine grater.
  3. Scrub the juice, squeeze the pulp and remove.
  4. Mix the juice with 4 tbsp. spoons of fresh honey.
  5. The resulting mixture should be 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day. In a week you will feel a significant relief.

Treatment of a smoker's cough by inhalation

How to cure a smoker's cough, everyone decides for himself, but pills, mishusters and cough syrup will not equal the effect of inhalation. You can in the old fashion breathe over a potato, or add a few drops of essential oil of menthol, eucalyptus, soda to the kettle with boiling water. But a much more effective effect in ready-made inhalers, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. First of all it is a nebulizer. It will help to carry out steam inhalations in any place and at any time, and you will forget about what a dry cough!

What medicine will help a smoker from coughing?



You can not suppress the smoker's cough, thus sputum is produced. The only way is to quit smoking, but if the service is long and it does not help much




Medication is not necessary - it's pointless... We must quit smoking!

Tatyana Razgulyaeva

Bullfighting +. It is based on herbs and removes the smoker's cough. My father threw it like this.
I quit without any means.


Quit Smoking


breathing exercises


The best medicine is to stop smoking. .
No willpower-read Carr Allen's book _ an easy way to quit smoking.. .
She threw herself, and friends with her help left. Honestly, it helps.
If it is interesting, write in a personal-I will throw off this book to you.

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Quit Smoking


Eating natural honey, but not in the store bought.

How to get rid of a smoker's cough: medicines and folk remedies

About the dangers of smoking so much is said, written and even drawn, that once again to repeat the truism does not make sense. The fact that a smoker voluntarily drives himself to the grave is his own business. After all, to force a person to quit smoking, until he decides to do it himself, is a futile business.

But when every morning begins with a loud, nauseating cough, accompanied by attempts to cough up the accumulated in respiratory tract mucus, and these nasty, irritating sounds are listened to by close and even neighbors, this is already becoming a problem for surrounding. And a person who smokes must remember this.

Causes of a cough in smokers

200 poisonous substances with each cigarette irritate the bronchi on which the soot of tobacco smoke settles. Cilia, with which they are covered, cease to function normally. The function of air filtration, before it enters the lungs, practically fades away. The vast majority of poisons remain in the bronchi, resulting in inflammation, which is non-infectious bronchitis. Over time, the disease flows into a chronic form.

Due to the fact that the natural air filter stops working, the way to penetrate into the body of all kinds of bacteria opens. A consequence of this can become infectious bronchitis, which, together with chronic it will be very difficult to treat.

Cough of the smoker - the beginning of non-infectious bronchitis

Morning cough smoker in people who can not live a day without a cigarette, is observed in nine people out of ten. He begins with an ordinary cough, which the person does not even pay attention to. Next comes the episodic, dry cough. A smoker, as a rule, also does not associate with his bad habit, but in vain, such symptoms indicate the primary stage of non-infectious bronchitis.

Further - worse, every morning begins with a deep, protracted cough. The man tries to clear his throat, but it's bad. Air is not enough, the airways are filled with phlegm, there may be pain in the chest. A morning cigarette can cause nausea and vomiting.

Cough smoker: what to do?

This question is relevant both for the "sick" and for people close to him. After all, if you do not think about how to get rid of a smoker's cough on time, the situation will be aggravated and can lead to the development of severe and in some cases incurable diseases.

Cough is worse every day, can be accompanied by blood. This is a serious symptom, requiring immediate medical attention. Treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract is handled by a pulmonologist.

If the disease is not started before the critical stage, the smoker's cough is treated with both traditional medicinal methods and folk remedies.

Treatment of a smoker's cough by traditional methods

The main problem is in the smoker himself, if he does not give up cigarettes, any treatment will be a senseless waste of time and money. Only a strong-willed person can quit smoking, because this process is connected with overcoming certain difficulties and not only with a psychological plan. The body also begins to react to the refusal to inhale the poisonous smoke. The recovery mode is activated. Accumulated over the years of smoking harmful tar is actively withdrawn from the body. In this regard, there is an intensification of cough. This unpleasant but regular process will help to overcome the drug "Endoclin".

What is Endoklin?

We can say that "Endoklin" is a specialized drug for people with bad habits. He performs a whole complex of functions that help the body to recover quickly and painlessly:

  • pains in the chest;
  • facilitates chronic and morning cough;
  • stimulates the work of immunity;
  • facilitates the escape of sputum from the lungs;
  • relieves of nausea;
  • contributes to the recovery of liver cells and gastrointestinal tract;
  • reduces shortness of breath during physical exertion;
  • helps to remove heavy metals from the body.

In addition, "Endoklin" improves blood supply, acting on the walls of blood vessels, normalizes the composition of blood in the affected organs.

The drug consists entirely of components of plant origin, which allows you to use it in combination with other tools that help to get rid of smoking.

The drug "Endoklin reviews which indicate that it really minimizes the consequences of quitting tobacco dependence and facilitates the process of cleansing the body, craving for smoking does not suppress. Therefore to apply "Endoklin" it is necessary in a complex with other means which purpose is in suppression of the craving to smoke a cigarette.

If this problem with smoking cessation is resolved, you need to contact a pulmonologist, who, after conducting the examination, will prescribe a course of treatment and will consult how to get rid of the smoker's cough.

Traditional treatment begins with mucolytics and expectorants. One such medication is the "Kodelak" pill.

"Kodelak" (tablets): instructions for use

Preparations "Kodelak" are divided into two types: "Kodelak broncho" and "Kodelak neo." The first species, which will be discussed below, is intended primarily for the production of sputum. "Kodelak Neo" is designed to combat dry cough.

Instructions for use on tablets indicate that this drug is also mucolytic (dilutes sputum and facilitates its removal from the respiratory tract) and expectorant. In addition, "Kodelak" has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The tablet of the drug contains:

  • ambroksol - has an effect on sputum, reduces viscosity and accelerates its elimination;
  • glycyrate - the purpose of the component is to reduce the inflammatory processes in the airways;
  • extract of thermopsis - has an expectorant effect;
  • sodium bicarbonate - affects the sputum, liquefying it.

Thus, with diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by problems of sputum discharge, a doctor can be appointed "Kodelak" (pills). Instruction for use warns that the drug should not be taken together with antitussive drugs, as this will make it more difficult for sputum to go away from the cough reduction.

Another equally effective and popular drug is "Fluimucil, which liquefies phlegm and facilitates its separation.

As an antitussive drug, "Libexin" is used. Tablets "Libexin" block the cough reflex, while breathing is not depressed. In addition, the drug has bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory activity.

After taking the pill, the duration of its action lasts for 3-4 hours. Due to the fact that "Libexin" is not addictive, the effectiveness of tablets from the duration of admission does not depend.

In solving the problem of how to get rid of the smoker's cough, drugs made in the form of syrups were widely used.

Syrups prescribed for a smoker's cough

One of such preparations is "Plantain syrup". This tasteful remedy transforms dry cough into wet, in addition, the syrup from a smoker's cough removes inflammation in the respiratory tract.

As a very good expectorant, the cough for smokers showed itself a bronchodilator syrup "Doctor Mom." In addition, the drug contributes to expectoration, it reduces inflammation and relieves swelling of the respiratory tract.

In the early stages of the disease, syrup "Gedelix" can help in removing the cough of a smoker and restoring breathing.

Syrup "Eucabal" removes irritation of the upper respiratory tract, facilitates the removal of sputum. Effective with convulsive cough.

"Biocaliptol syrup" is a combined preparation. Has antitussive, mucolytic effect. It also has expectorant properties and an antiseptic effect.

Prices of cough preparations

It should be noted that a lot of drugs capable of effectively fighting a smoker's cough, and the prices for them can be different. Suppose, for the same "Libexin" price, as for other drugs, depends on both the manufacturer and the region where this drug was purchased. The difference can be hundreds of rubles.

Many expensive drugs have cheaper analogs. At the same "Libexin" the price is approximately 400 rubles (produced in Hungary), its domestic analogue "Rengalin" costs about 200 rubles, that is, twice cheaper. "Kodelak Neo" has the same value.

Therefore, before buying a drug, it is worth asking the pharmacist for a cheaper analogue.

Along with the medicinal methods of treatment, the people's means of getting rid of the smoker's cough are also quite popular.

How to get rid of a smoker's cough by folk methods

Treatment with folk remedies, as well as with medicamental treatment, should begin with the complete abandonment of the bad habit.

The algorithm of procedures is similar to the course of treatment with traditional drugs. Used herbs or collection of them that will clear the airways, will help to remove the accumulated sputum.

Thyme, licorice root, calendula, oregano, elecampane, plantain, mother-and-stepmother - from these herbs are made tinctures and decoctions. In addition, steam inhalations based on herbal remedies are quite effective.

Visiting the steam room in the bath has a good effect on both cleansing the respiratory tract and removing harmful substances through the skin.

Doctors-homeopaths can also recommend how to get rid of a smoker's cough, with the help of their medications - "Acidum phosphoricum" Carbo vegetalis "Antimonium tartarikum".

Do not forget about milk. It is not in vain in harmful industries that this product is used to remove poisons and toxins from the organisms of employees. Smoking is no better, and maybe even worse than the most harmful production. After all, the smoker inhales all the crap of tobacco smoke full of chest.

But harmful work is a forced step for a person, and smoking is a logically inexplicable poisoning of one's body, which is all addictive and addictive.

While a person smokes, the use of various drugs will bring only temporary relief. Therefore, there is only one way out - to quit smoking.

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