Refined and unrefined corn oil: benefit and harm, medicinal properties

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Corn oil is a plant product that is highly valued for its vitamin E content, digestibility and taste.

The product is used for cosmetic procedures and preparation of various dishes.

Corn oil is considered the leader in composition and taste among plant analogues.

Description and chemical composition of

Corn as a cultivated plant was grown 7-12,000 years ago, in the area where Mexico is now.

The oldest of the ear buds are from the first half of the fourth millennium BC.

It is interesting that in ancient times the ears were much, 10 times less than those that grow today - their length did not exceed 4 centimeters.

Today the culture is grown:

  • in many regions of Russia,
  • in the USA, Mexico,
  • Argentina,
  • China,
  • Brazil and other countries, the climatic conditions in which are suitable for ripening the ears of the plant on time.

The United States of America is considered the champion of the amount of maize grown.

They account for up to 40% of the total crop grown in the world.

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And China( here grows 20% of the world's culture).

Manufacture and classification of

Corn oil is a fatty and high-caloric plant product( 100 grams contains 889 calories) derived from corn seed germs.

It is considered most useful among plant "fellow"( for the benefit and harm of amaranth oil, please read on this page).For its manufacture, specially developed technologies are used - extraction and pressing.

The product is not produced from the grains themselves, but from the embryos that are considered as by-products during production:

  • molasses,
  • cereals,
  • feeds,
  • starch,
  • flour( recipes and application of amaranth are written here) and other products.

The content of embryos in the raw material for the production of corn products is undesirable, because the oil in them is oxidized and hydrolyzed, which negatively affects the quality characteristics of the product.

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The aromatic, color and flavor characteristics of corn oil, directly depend on the technology of its production. The product can be:

  • brand D - used for making food for children and dietary dishes - it is deodorized and refined;
  • unrefined - dark color, has a specific flavor, it retains a maximum of useful substances;
  • grade P - deodorized and refined - is supplied to retail chains and public catering establishments;
  • refined, but not deodorized, that is, retained the inherent flavor of the oil.

When refining( therapeutic properties of sea-buckthorn oil), the product emits impurities and pesticides, while the oil becomes light and odorless, and most of the nutrients.

Refined oil is often used for frying and cooking dishes subjected to heat treatment - it:

  • does not smoke,
  • does not foam,
  • does not emit an unpleasant odor.

Unrefined product contains full range of useful substances and it smells great.

But it may contain residues of pesticides used in growing the culture.

Store the oil that has not undergone the purification process, it is necessary only in the refrigerator, in the glass container - high temperature and light can cause the appearance of bitterness and unpleasant odor.

Useful properties

Corn oil is characterized by the content:

  1. Vitamin E - an antioxidant that promotes the normalization of the sexual glands( like the pink labyrinth), is especially useful for women bearing a baby, pituitary gland, endocrine system.
    Vitamin slows down aging and speeds up regenerative processes.
  2. of Vitamin B1 , which is responsible for saturation of body cells with oxygen and the flow of water-salt and carbohydrate-fat metabolism.
  3. Vitamin F - it prevents thrombus formation, dilutes blood, promotes healing of wounds and inflammations, improves metabolic processes and promotes regeneration.
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  5. Nicotinic acid( vitamin PP) , which is necessary for the work of the nervous system and for the normal course of digestive processes.
  6. Lecithin - the substance removes harmful cholesterol from the body( about the lime color written here), is an antioxidant.
  7. Unsaturated fatty acids - these substances increase the level of immune defense( folk recipes are published in this article) and the body's resistance to diseases.

All the valuable ingredients contained in the product make corn oil an indispensable ingredient for the production of baby and diet food.

The frequent normalized use of oil contributes:

  • to the harmonious work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improved health status in diabetes( useful properties of white flax seeds) and cholelithiasis;
  • health improvement of the liver( for the benefit and harm of coffee beans please read here);
  • improved immunity;
  • preserving youth and health;
  • resists cell mutations;
  • improve heart and vascular function;
  • does better nails, hair and skin( the benefits and harm from washing your hair with soap are described on this page), while - oil is used inside or applied externally;
  • prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • accelerates regeneration and healing of cuts and other wounds;
  • recovery of vitamin balance in the body.

Every day an adult can take up to 100 grams of corn oil, adding it to baked goods, salads, sauces and other dishes using the product for frying.

For children up to one year, the oil is introduced into the diet of gradually, starting with one drop mixed with the usual diet.

Babies of kindergarten age are enough for a tablespoon of product per day, for schoolchildren - 30 grams.

Adolescents are allowed to eat for 50-80 grams of food every day.

Contraindications and Harms

Corn oil is approved for use by an overwhelming number of people.

Exception - only those who have an individual intolerance of the product and those who include the product in the diet is prohibited by doctors.

Spoilage of a product is a clear contraindication of for the consumption of corn oil. If the product smells unpleasant, bitter and becomes cloudy, they get rid of it.

The cause of product damage often becomes too long-term or improper storage.

Restrictions on the amount consumed, daily, oil, are imposed in case a person is prone to obesity.

Corn oil, unique in its chemical composition and spectrum of beneficial effects on the body, can be eaten every day.

Regular use of the product will improve the general condition of the body and appearance, help to cope with digestive problems and malfunctioning of the endocrine and nervous systems.

On its basis, cosmetics for hair, marigolds and skin are manufactured at home.

Than useful corn oil for the human body you will learn while watching a video.

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