Fermatron Plus: instruction, analogues


  • 1Preparation Fermatron Plus: instructions for use and its analogues
    • 1.1Effect of the drug
    • 1.2Efficiency and safety
    • 1.3Indications, contraindications and side effects
    • 1.4Mode of application
    • 1.5Reviews and prices
    • 1.6Analogues
  • 2Fermatron Plus: user manual, price, reviews
    • 2.1What is this drug
    • 2.2Operating principle
    • 2.3Form of issue
    • 2.4Instructions for use
    • 2.5Precautionary measures
    • 2.6Side effects, how is it transferred
    • 2.7Contraindications
    • 2.8In pregnancy and lactation
    • 2.9Overdose
    • 2.10Interaction with other medicines
    • 2.11Advantages
    • 2.12Cost
    • 2.13Leave the pharmacy
    • 2.14Storage rules, shelf life
    • 2.15special instructions
    • 2.16Analogues of Fermatron
  • 3Fermatron Plus - form of release and mechanism of action, contraindications, reviews and price
    • 3.1Fermathron Plus
    • 3.2How the drug works
    • 3.3Indications for use
    • 3.4special instructions
    • 3.5In pregnancy
    • 3.6In childhood
    • 3.7Drug Interactions
    • 3.8Side effects
    • 3.9Contraindications and cautions
    • 3.10Terms of Sale and Storage
    • 3.11Price Fermatron Plus
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  • 4The drug for intra-articular injections Fermatron Plus
    • 4.1pharmachologic effect
    • 4.2Indications
    • 4.3Side effects
    • 4.4Similar in composition
    • 4.5Special Recommendations
    • 4.6Reviews
  • 5Instructions for the use of the drug Fermatron Plus and its analogues (with prices and reviews)
    • 5.1Description
    • 5.2When use is not justified
    • 5.3Method of application of Fermatron
    • 5.4Cost and similar means

Preparation Fermatron Plus: instructions for use and its analogues

Diseases of the joints are becoming more relevant and common, affecting even fairly young people.

Fortunately, a lot of drugs have been developed that allow to cope with such diseases quite successfully. One of such means is "Fermatron Plus".

Instructions for use of this tool, as well as feedback on it, are provided below.

Effect of the drug

When the drug is used, the amount of synovial fluid not only increases, and its quality (although this is most important), but also the pain syndrome that accompanies many articular disease. In addition, taking the remedy will help to remove inflammation and slow the degenerative processes that occur in the cartilaginous and articular tissues.

Efficiency and safety

How safe is the drug? Studies have shown that it is almost completely safe. Yes, the active substance is synthesized with the participation of bacteria, but then it is thoroughly purified.

But it is important to take into account the moment that the introduction of any biological components and substances can provoke a reaction of the immune system. In other words, sodium hyaluronate can be perceived by the body as an alien body.

Although this happens rarely, it is important to monitor and evaluate the condition and characteristics of the patient by the doctor.

As for efficiency, it is quite high, since the active substance has high compatibility with tissues organism, and also almost completely corresponds to natural natural sodium hyaluronate, which is synthesized in the body rights.It is worth noting that after use this component can persist and act for six months (depending on the dose administered and the number of injections, as well as the severity of the disease).

Indications, contraindications and side effects

In what cases is the drug shown?The components of the agent improve the mobility of joints with degenerative changes in the synovial joint, arising, for example, in osteoarthrosis of varying severity.Showing the reception and after serious injuries and injuries, which also led to mobility disorders.

There are some contraindications:

  • childhood;
  • increased sensitivity to the main component of the drug;
  • skin diseases at the intended site of injection;
  • damage to the skin (abrasions, open wounds) in the affected area;
  • inflammatory diseases of the joints or bones (in this case, inflammation before injection must be stopped);
  • data on the safety of use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding are not available, so at these stages, the use is not recommended.

Side effects are minor and do not occur very often, but they are possible:

  1. At the injection site, swelling may occur;
  2. the area of ​​exposure after the injection may be sore, but this pain will soon pass;
  3. if there is inflammation in the area of ​​exposure, it may become worse or worse;
  4. can start inflammation (sometimes it is associated with the administration of the drug).

Mode of application

"Fermatron Plus" is available in the form of a solution for injection. The introduction must be carried out in the joint!That's why the procedure can be carried out only by an experienced specialist (orthopedic surgeon), who knows all the features of intra-articular drug administration.

Before the injection, the integrity of the package should be checked. If it is broken, then the solution can not be used, since it was originally completely sterile. When the syringe (it must also be sterile) is prepared, the site of the injection should be treated with an antiseptic compound.

For mild or moderate severity of osteoarthritis, a single dose is 2 ml. The number of injections can vary from 1 to 5 (depending on the degree of damage to cartilage and the amount of synovial fluid available). The procedure is carried out once a week.

After the expiration date, the drug can not be used categorically. And the needle after the injection should immediately be disposed of in accordance with established rules.

Reviews and prices

The price of the drug "Fermatron Plus" is quite high and is about 5000 rubles per dose. Yes, it's a lot, but patients with osteoarthritis know how difficult it is to live with such a disease and are ready to pay any money for getting rid of pain and other troubles.

Reviews about this tool are mostly positive.

And if there are negative, then most often the inefficiency of the drug is associated with non-compliance with the rules of use or with incompetence of the doctor.

So, we suggest that you study some opinions of people who have experienced the effect of this medication.

Elena writes: "My mother is over 70 years old and she suffers from arthrosis of both knee joints. Constantly drinks tablets, undergoes procedures.

And so, the doctor appointed 5 injections of "Fermatron" in one knee. Surprisingly, the pains receded, the mobility improved.

We decided to go another course (already for another tribe), the effect did not go unnoticed either. "

Galina's opinion: "I have been suffering from deforming arthrosis for a long time. Prior to this, doctors prescribed me other drugs, the effect was, but not long and not as expected.

But after the first injection of "Fermatron" it became better. And two days later literally flitted and ran up the stairs. I definitely did not expect this. I am very glad that the product is so perfect for me.

It's worth a little expensive, but the price is fully justified by the quality. "

And one more tip from Lilia: "I have arthrosis of the knee joint of the second degree. Appointed "Fermatron." I bought it and started injecting.

And literally after the second procedure I felt the changes: the pain was gone, there was only some jointing of the joint.

I tried to go down the stairs (before that I did it sideways and very slowly) and was surprised. Everything worked out. I will hope for further improvements. "


There are some analogues of the drug "Fermatron Plus."

They contain hyaluronic acid, which is also injected into the joint and significantly improves the composition of the synovial fluid and stimulates its production by the body.

Such means include: "Duralan "Ostenil "Hyalux "Suplazin "Sinokrom" and others.

In conclusion, you can only add that the drug should be prescribed only by an experienced specialist after a thorough examination and identifying the causes of joint pain.Injections should also be done only by a professional! Let your joints be strong and healthy!

A source: https://vashaspina.ru/preparat-fermatron-plyus-instrukciya-po-primeneniyu-i-ego-analogi/

Fermatron Plus: user manual, price, reviews

To date, joint diseases occupy a leading place among all pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Fortunately, in medicine, many conservative treatments have been developed that allowto relieve pain, to stop the inflammatory processin tissues andrestore motor functions.

One of the most reliable and effective assistants in thispreparation Fermatron Plus.

What is this drug

Fermatron Plusproduced by the English company Enmente, leading in the European market for the production and sale of pharmacological products. is heis a protector of hyaluronate(hyaluronic acid), which is similar to a biological synovial fluid.


The action of Fermatron is aimed at the removal of pain and inflammation, the restoration of motor functions of joints with osteoarthritis, developed as a result of degenerative changes or severe injury.

Clinical and laboratory tests have proved that Fermatron activates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, restores elastic and protective the properties of the joint fluid, starts the process of homeostasis in the cartilaginous tissues, which allows to remove inflammation and promote the fastest rehabilitation.

Operating principle

Before proceeding to the principle of the action of the drug, you need to have an idea of ​​how the structure of the joint looks.

  • Joint Capsule(articular bag) -protects tissues from external damage. It consists of strong, dense fibers and is reinforced with bundles that strengthen the inside and outside of the capsule.
  • Articular cartilage-is formed by collagen fibers, covers the joint surface of the bone, has a function of damping during physical exertion.
  • The synovium-is located on the inner surface of the articular capsule, through it passes a multitude of blood vessels.
  • Synovial fluid-is produced in the synovial membrane and is a thick natural lubricant, which plays an important function in the body. It allows to reduce the load on the joint, to prevent their wear and provide the articular cartilage.

With the development of osteoarthritis, pathological changes occur in the synovial fluid. The introduction of artificial hyaluron makes it possible to fill its deficiency, restore mobility to joints, relieve pain and inflammation.

Sodium hyaluronate in this agent is completely identical to biological, thereforethe drug has absolute biocompatibility.

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The maximum therapeutic effect after the administration of the solution falls on the first three days.

The greatest concentration of hyaluron falls on the capsule of the joint, a smaller dose falls into the adjacent tissue (ligaments, membranes, muscles).

Form of issue

The fermatron is produced in the form of a clear solution, typed into a sterile syringe for intraarticular injections. Each package contains detailed instructions for use.

In pharmacies in Moscow is presented in concentrations (types):

  1. Fermathron 1% solution of synovial fluid in a syringe (2 ml).
  2. Fermathron Plus,% synovial fluid solution in a syringe (2 ml).
  3. Fermathron S,% synovial fluid solution in a syringe (3 ml).

Instructions for use

The scheme of application of the medicine differs depending on the form of its release.

Fermathron 1%

It is prescribed by a course of 3 to 5 injections. Introduced intra-articularly with one injection every seven days. The duration of the course is from 3 to 5 weeks.

It is shown at the initial stage of osteoarthritis.

It can also be prescribed at 2-3 degrees of the disease and as a restorative therapy after arthroscopic interventions.

Fermathron plus,%

The treatment regimen is selected individually, depending on the severity of traumatic and degenerative changes.

  • Patients with mild to moderate severity of osteoarthritis receive 3 to 5 injections, one injection every 7 days.
  • With a severe degree of disease, the course can be extended to 6-7 injections of the solution.

Fermathron S,%

It is appointed by a short course - one injection. Effective at stage 1-2 of osteoarthritis, which developed as a result of sports injuries or with prolonged physical exertion on the joints.

Precautionary measures

Before passing the course, be sure to read the instructions, pay attention to the contraindications and possible side effects associated with the use of the medication.

Side effects, how is it transferred

In most cases, Fermatron Plus is well tolerated.

  1. After the administration of the solution, redness, pain and swelling on the skin may appear, which is typical for all intra-articular injections. This phenomenon is short-lived and rapidly passing.
  2. Some patients experience allergic reactions and inflammation. In this case, the medicine must be canceled or replaced with another.


According to the instructions for use, Fermatron Plus is prohibited for use:

  • Children under the age of eighteen;
  • When detecting hypersensitivity to the components that make up the drug.
  • In the presence of deep abrasions, infected wounds, dermatological problems in the area of ​​injection.
  • In the inflammatory process in the synovial membrane (synovitis). If you enter the solution before stopping the inflammation, the therapeutic effect will be reduced.

In pregnancy and lactation

Data on the safety of use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding are not available. Treatment can be prescribed by an orthopedic doctor in the presence of acute indications.


Data on overdose in the medical literature is not provided. To avoid the negative effects on the body of high doses of Fermatron it is recommended not to exceed the dosage.

Interaction with other medicines

To achieve a better therapeutic effect, Fermatron Plus can be administered together with oral anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

Co-administration with other intra-articular drugs is not recommended.


Compared with other drugs Fermatron Plus has a number of advantages:

  • The action of the drug is not limited to simple relief of symptoms. Fermatron Plus affects the cause of the disease, stops the destructive process in the joint tissues, eliminates signs of inflammation.
  • The sodium hyaluronate included in the composition has full biological compatibility. This makes the treatment safe, eliminates the risk of adverse reactions.
  • The effectiveness of the drug is clinically proven, and the positive feedback from patients and doctors confirm this fact. The duration of the therapeutic effect can last more than six months.


The price of Fermatron Plus may vary depending on the place of sale and the release form. On average, the price in pharmacies in Russia is:

  1. Fermathron 1% from 3200 to 5600 rubles.
  2. Fermathron Plus,% from 4700 to 8300 rubles.
  3. Fermathron S,% from 12500 to 17500 rubles.

Leave the pharmacy

Fermatron Plus is released without a doctor's prescription. You can buy it at the city pharmacy or via the Internet.

Storage rules, shelf life

It is recommended to store the medicine in a dark, dry place, at room temperature air (not higher than 20-25 degrees). The solution is not subject to freezing.

Term of use: 24 months.

special instructions

  • Please note that the administration of the medicine must be strictly under the supervision of the doctor. Patients are forbidden to independently choose the dosage and perform intraarticular injections in order to avoid injury and development of the inflammatory process.
  • If the swelling, pain and signs of inflammation are observed for a long time after the injection, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • If the sterile packaging is damaged, the solution can not be used.

Analogues of Fermatron

In pharmacies in Moscow, many similar medicamental agents for composition and therapeutic effect are presented.

  1. Description:analogue of the American pharmacological company Smith & amp; Ephesus Medical Limited.
  2. On sale:ready sterile solution for injections (volume 60 mg / 3ml).
  3. Purpose:therapy of osteoarthritis of knee and hip joints of 1-2 degree of severity. Designed for single use.
  4. Contraindications:Serious signs of violation of venous and lymphatic circulation in the lower limbs.
  5. Price:16-18 thousand rubles.


  • Description:German drug company TRB Hemedika.
  • On sale:two forms: Ostenil 1% solution of sodium hyaluronate in a syringe with a dosage of 20 mg / 2ml. and Ostenil Plus 2% solution in a syringe with a dosage of 40 mg / 2ml.
  • Purpose:degenerative-dystrophic, traumatic changes in the knee and hip joints, tenderness, limitation of mobility. The course of treatment according to the scheme: 3-5 injections for one injection once in 7 days. Can be used for intraocular injection.
  • Contraindication:hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
  • Price:from 4600 to 14200 rubles.


  1. Description:analogue of the company Kroma Farma GMBH / Soteks FARMF.
  2. On sale:pharmacies are presented in three different forms: Synocrom mini (1% / 1ml), Synocrom Forte (2% / 2ml), Synocrom (1% / 1ml).
  3. Appointment:symptomatic therapy of osteoarthritis at all stages of the disease. The mini mini screen is indicated for the treatment of small joints: carpal, facet, temporal. Approximate course of treatment - five injections.
  4. Contraindications:infectious diseases of the joints, children under 18 years old, gestation period, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
  5. Price:from 2800 to 4200 rubles


  • Description:Russian analogue produced by RusVisk.
  • On sale:1 ml injection for 16 mg sodium hyaluronate, 5 sodium chloride, 63 mg sodium hydrophosphate, 45 mg sodium dihydrogen phosphate, water for injection.
  • Purpose:treatment of osteoarthrosis 1-3 stages. The course of treatment is 3-5 injections per 1 administration per week.
  • Contraindications:autoimmune diseases, anticoagulant therapy, joint infection, intra-articular effusion, dermatological skin diseases, pregnancy, lactation, children under 18 years of age.
  • Price:from 2500 rubles.


  1. Description:analogue produced by Bioniche Teo., Co Galway in Ireland.
  2. On sale:solution in syringe №1 with a dosage of 20 mg / 2 ml and 60 mg / 6 ml.
  3. Appointment:in the treatment of osteoarthritis for the removal of pain and inflammation, and as a replacement for synovial fluid after arthrotcentesis. Course: 3 injections per 1 administration per week.
  4. Contraindications:hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, children under 18 years of age.
  5. Price:3100-3600 rubles.

Despite the fact that various variants of Fermatron analogues are on sale, it is not recommended to take medication and dosage independently. This should be done only by the attending physician.

How to forget about joint and spinal pain?

  • Does pain limit your movements and full life?
  • Are you worried about discomfort, crunching and systematic pain?
  • Perhaps you have tried a bunch of medicines, creams and ointments?

A source: http://zdorovya-spine.ru/preparaty-i-lekarstva/fermatron-plyus.html

Fermatron Plus - form of release and mechanism of action, contraindications, reviews and price

Diseases associated with impaired joints are common among the elderly, as well as athletes. However, they can touch everyone.

There are many methods of fighting this disease.

The drug Fermatron Plus deservedly considered an effective tool for injuries, inflammation, damage in the joints, with arthritis, arthrosis.

Fermathron Plus

The injections in the knee of the Fermatron are prescribed by the doctor. Patients who applied the course once and saw it in action resorted to a proven remedy if the problem arises repeatedly.

The drug Fermatron isa derivative of hyaluronic acid, which is part of the connective tissue, cartilage, epithelium, nerve endings.

In the human body, it is in the composition of saliva, lymph, synovial fluid.

Medication Fermatron through the introduction of an additional amount of glycosaminoglycanstimulates the division of cells - an indispensable process in the repair of damaged tissues.As a result of injury to synovial joints, damage is cured faster. The agent is considered effective for the treatment of arthrosis. Composition Fermatron Plus

Hyaluronate is reduced in the body and fills the synovial cavity at the junction of the bones. The injections of the fermatron into the knee joint help to fill the required concentration of missing hyaluronic acid.

The viscoelastic preparation quickly and without surgical intervention eliminates the effects of degenerative or traumatic disorders.One 2-ml ampoule contains 30 mg of sodium hyaluronate.

The main difference between the preparations is the concentration of the active substance - the Fermatron ampoule contains not 30 but 20 mg of sodium hyaluronate.

A one-percent drug with 3-5 intraarticular injections is effective for patients with a small severity of osteoarthritis in the early stages of development.

In the absence of heavy loads on the diseased joints, their condition quickly improves.

How the drug works

The protector of hyaluronate removes progressive pain sensations, increases the mobility of articular cartilage, stimulates the release of synovial fluid.

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If you follow the instructions exactly, and 3-4 days after the first injection, improvements are noticeable. After the introduction of the solution, the substances fall into the space between the cartilages, helping to recover, relieving inflammation, and pain.

Side effects with the correct observance of dosages and the implementation of the doctor's recommendations are unlikely.

Indications for use

Buy fermatron with osteoarthritis of varying severity is recommended to activate the production of hyaluronic acid, which leads to increased elasticity, prosthetics of cartilage, pain relief, return of mobility to joints, activation of homeostasis tissues.

The medicine is also indicated for accelerating the rehabilitation of the patient after trauma or surgery: feedback confirms that the process of recovery is easier and faster.

In addition, the medication is also used in ophthalmology - in the studies of the eye fundus, laser therapy.

According to the instructions, the Fermatron acquisition scheme is regulated for each particular case separately.

The lion's share of the administered dose falls on the articular cavity, the remainders are distributed into ligaments, connective or muscle tissues.

Given the degree of joint damage, the patient is prescribed three to five injections of the fermatron every week. Severe diseases are treated with six to seven injections of the drug at the same interval.

The composition of the drug is compatible with body fluids. It is immediately absorbed and begins to act.

The concentration of artificial hyaluron is maintained up to 4 days, which explains the seven-day intervals between applications.

Before use, carefully analyze for contraindications and allergies to components. Contact your doctor for prescription and advice. The course of therapy is conducted under the supervision of a doctor.

special instructions

The ampoule with the medicine is a ready-made disposable sterile syringe with a colorless solution of the desired concentration. After taking it, sometimes there are unpleasant pain and swelling of the tissues in the area of ​​the injection, if the layman does.

Be careful in the presence of wounds, bruises, swelling at the injection site, because it makes it difficult to absorb the medicine and can make the injection painful.

It is best if the procedure is performed in a hospital by an experienced medical professional.

In pregnancy

The effect of the components of the fermatron on the organism of the pregnant woman has not been thoroughly studied.Experts suggest that the direct effect on the development of the fetus, the health of the future mother does not have a means because of topical application.

In addition to the actually damaged joint, the active substance does not spread over the body. Maximum it falls into the adjacent tissue, which is safe for health.

When ingested by blood vessels, the synovial fluid is compatible with the cells of the body and harmless to humans.

In childhood

The instruction for the use of the fermatron indicates contra-indication to children. With inflammation in the joints to 18 years, it is necessary to choose a drug without intraarticular administration due to the painfulness of the process.

Children should better take medicines that promote the production of hyaluronic acid in the form of tablets, suspensions and other oral forms.

To relieve pain and inflammation, babies should rub ointments, creams and put on compresses.

Drug Interactions

Together with other intraarticular drugs, the drug can not be taken. To increase its effectiveness, it is combined with oral analgesic, anti-inflammatory ointments.

The effect on the assimilation of other medications has not been noted, but no additional studies have been conducted to identify relapses. The injection is done in one place, and the ingredients do not enter the blood.

As a consequence, this does not provoke negative consequences in other bodies.

Side effects

Immediately after the drug is ready to be ready for pain and small swelling.

In patients with already developed inflammation, the symptoms may increase for a while. Temporary redness and allergies occur on inflamed areas.

The started stages of diseases and traumas lead to a decrease in the therapeutic effect.

Contraindications and cautions

You can not steal medicine even with sterile syringes in places with infected wounds, skin diseases and open abrasions.

The needle enters unwanted bacteria and other organisms into the blood and joint cavity.The drug should not be administered to children and people with hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

Allergies can manifest as itching at the injection site, redness, drowsiness and pain.

Terms of Sale and Storage

The drug is dispensed solely on prescription. Before buying, you should consult your doctor and take the appropriate tests.

The medicine should be stored at room temperature, in a dark place, inaccessible to children.

It is necessary to exclude direct sunlight and moisture on medicines, carefully check the expiration date of the goods when buying.

There are many medicines with a similar effect on the joints on the market. Among the leading manufacturers are Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Russia.

The composition varies from the amount of active substance - from 10 to 30 mg. This affects the price and form of the product. Produced in the form of ready-made syringes with the required dose.

Below is a list of common drugs in Russia:

  • Ostenil. You can find several types: "Ostenil mini "Ostenil plus" and "Ostenil". Production - Germany.
  • RusVisk. The Russian analogue is rare.
  • A syncope. 20 mg, 40 mg (per 2 ml) and 10 mg / 1 ml are produced. Production - Austria.
  • Gyuralan. Expensive drug, additionally purified. Has increased concentration and extended duration. The course of treatment is from six months. During this time the patient needs one injection.

Price Fermatron Plus

As in any city in Russia, it is not cheap to buy a Fermatron Plus in Moscow.This is an expensive drug, however, patients' testimonies indicate that its high price is justified.

,% solution in different pharmacies in Moscow can differ significantly in value, so before buying it makes sense to study the market and compare prices.

A source: http://sovets.net/15514-fermatron-plyus.html

The drug for intra-articular injections Fermatron Plus

All diseases of the joints can be divided into two large groups: inflammatory and degenerative. If the inflammation can still be removed with medicines, then with destructive changes, little is effective.

Pain that worries every minute, leads many patients into despair. Consider the drug-novelty of Fermatron Plus, its instructions for use, price and feedback on the action from patients with degenerative joint diseases.

The drug has just been released to the market by the pharmaceutical company Hayeltek Ltd. (United Kingdom).

Fermatron Plus is a solution for intraarticular injection, which is already dosed, and injected with the syringe into which it is enclosed. One syringe is designed for single use.

pharmachologic effect

The drug contains one active ingredient - sodium hyaluronate. In the drug Fermatron Plus, its concentration is equal to,%.

Hyaluronic acid is a very important component of the joint synovial fluid. Its deficiency becomes one of the main causes of arthrosis and joint destruction.

In healthy people, the amount of hyaluronate is sufficient to absorb and lubricate the joints during movement. In degenerative diseases or after trauma, the amount of natural viscous and elastic lubricant decreases.

Fermatron Plus replenishes this deficiency, due to which the supply of hyaline cartilage is adjusted, and the friction and load in the joint is mechanically reduced.

The drug has a complex effect:

  • eliminates pain and stiffness;
  • reduces the inflammatory process;
  • restores the elasticity and elasticity of the synovial fluid;
  • stimulates the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid.

Fermatron Plus can be used at any stage of destruction and even after minor surgical interventions. The effect after the injection is long, which makes it possible to repeat the injection only after a week. The final positive result is noted after the last injection.


Fermatron Plus is prescribed for osteoarthritis for joint pain relief, improvement of synthesis of synovial fluid and protection of articular cartilage, and improvement of joint mobility.

The drug can be used, as in age-related destructive pathologies, and after traumatic injuries. Severe degree of joint damage is also an indication for use.

The total volume of the drug in a disposable syringe is 2 ml. It is administered immediately for one injection.

Manipulation should be performed only by a qualified medical professional with special knowledge.

The effect of the drug after the injection lasts about a week, this is the interval that should be maintained between injections.

The course of treatment Fermatron Plus can be 1-3 weeks, depending on the severity of the course of arthrosis. The standard treatment for patients with knee or hip involvement includes 3 injections.

With a mild course of the disease, a single administration may be sufficient.

Due to the fact that sodium hyaluronate is an absolutely natural substance for the human body, the preparation has practically no contraindications. The only condition that requires the postponement of the use of Fermatron Plus is an infectious lesion of the skin in the area of ​​administration.

Use during pregnancy and lactation is not well understood. Despite the fact that the drug has a natural composition, injections during this period can be carried out only after consulting with an orthopedist and gynecologist. It is not recommended for the treatment of children.

Hypersensitivity to the active substance is unlikely, but should never be ruled out completely. After the introduction of the medicine, the doctor must control the patient's state of health.

Side effects

Side effects are mainly related to the method of administration of the drug, and not to the active substance.

Some patients after the injection may experience:

  1. temporary pain and swelling at the injection site;
  2. sensation of heat, skin hyperemia;
  3. a slight increase in inflammation, which passes through time.

Undesirable effects after Fermatron Plus appear rarely. There have been reported cases of an inflammatory reaction in response to the administration of the drug, but the relationship between them and the drug has not been proven.

The drug is expensive, the average price of a syringe Fermatron Plus - 6000 rubles.

This is the only time that pushes patients away from buying and leads to further progression of the disease.

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Similar in composition

Analogues for the composition are:

  • Ostenil (Germany). Contains 20 mg of substance in 2 ml of solution. The price is 3500 rubles. It is popular with reviews of Russian patients due to efficiency and relatively low cost.
  • Sinocrome Forte (Austria, Germany). The concentration of the active substance is 2%. The cost of packing (2 ml) - 6000 rub.
  • Ost Tendon (Germany). In a syringe, 2 ml of the preparation, which contains 40 mg of sodium hyaluronate. Price 14000 rub.
  • ViskoPlus (Germany). The package contains 2 ml of a 1% solution of the active substance. Price 5500 rub.
  • Fermatron (Great Britain). It differs from Fermatron Plus with a lower concentration of sodium hyaluronate, which here is equal to 1%. The average price is 4000 rubles.

Despite a lot of positive reviews about similar drugs, the choice of a remedy for treatment depends on the stage and features of the disease and is performed by the attending physician.

Special Recommendations

The solution inside the syringe is sterile and is intended for single use only. For any damage to the package, it is forbidden to administer the medicine.

You can not also mix the drug with other substances, since data on possible interactions are not enough.

Fermatron Plus is used to treat only adult patients.

A special way of obtaining the active substance involves working with bacteria from the group of streptococci. Despite the fact that the component of the drug is subjected to a high degree of purification, the doctor must take into account the probability of immunological reactions.


Elena from Voronezh writes:
"Mom was prescribed injections Fermatron Plus after a long and unsuccessful treatment of arthrosis.

The doctor recommended a course of 5 injections.

Mom's well-being after the end of therapy has significantly improved! In a year or two it will be necessary to repeat the treatment, and we will definitely do it. "

Alexey, Moscow:
"He treated arthrosis of the knee joint in a local polyclinic. It seemed to me that the doctor is a good specialist, however he prescribed only injections of drugs from the NSAID group and magnetotherapy.

During the treatment it became easier for a while, and then the effect ceased immediately. I decided to try the Fermatron Plus and made one injection.

Two days later I noticed that pain and stiffness became less of a concern. Despite the price, Fermatron Plus proved to be more profitable - a positive result from three injections was enough for a year.

It is better once to be treated expensive and qualitatively, than many times, but it is useless. "

Irina, Ufa:
"From Arthrosis, Alflutope was first of all a good help, but its price is not much lower than Fermatron Plus, and 10-20 ampoules are needed to stab.

A year ago, a sensible doctor came across who said that modern drugs are much more effective than those that were available before. After the first injection of Fermatron Plus, it became easier to walk.

I went through a standard course of three injections, now I do not really care about anything. "

Fermatron Plus eliminates symptoms, affecting the very cause of the disease - this is its great advantage.

Long-term effect and high safety profile make it possible to use the drug at any stage of joint destruction.

Depending on the severity of the course, the doctor can adjust the duration of the course, without fear of side effects.

The drug only receives positive statistics on reviews - patients are really happy with the result, and doctors are confident as a result of their appointment.

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Instructions for the use of the drug Fermatron Plus and its analogues (with prices and reviews)

Fermatron - a medicine that has a positive effect on the structural elements of the joints. It can be said that this is a substitute for intra-articular fluid.

Therefore, the treatment of the pathology of the musculoskeletal system often involves the use of Fermatron.

In order to better understand the mechanism of the effect of the drug on the body as a whole and in particular on the joint, it is necessary to consider in detail the composition and properties of its main components.

Due to the fact that the price of the drug is not available to everyone, it is also necessary to consider analogues of a medicinal product, for example, Hyalur. What analogies are better and how much they cost, read below.


The drug is available as a solution for injection. Such a solution can be purchased already in ready form in disposable syringes. One syringe contains 2 ml of the drug.

The concentration of the active ingredient can be 1%,%, and 2%. The manufacturer is a well-known company from the United Kingdom, so the quality of the product can be trusted.

The instruction notes that the composition Fermatron Plus includes sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) in phosphate buffer. This substance is a natural component of intraarticular fluid.

As you know, age changes, as well as trauma can lead to the fact that the synovial fluid loses its properties, its quantity decreases. Since it takes part in feeding cartilage, the lack of hyaluronate leads to its thinning.

As a result, the joint begins to function poorly.

Treatment of this condition consists in the introduction of artificial joints of articular fluid into the joint. This is exactly the composition of the Fermatron Plus. The manufacturer notes that treatment with this drug contributes to the appearance of the following pharmacological action:

  • restoration of the properties of intra-articular fluid, primarily protective function and visco-elastic properties;
  • decrease in the activity of the inflammatory process;
  • reduction of pain syndrome;
  • restoration of joint function (reviews indicate that there is a significant increase in mobility);
  • normalization of cartilage nutrition and improvement of metabolic processes in it;
  • protection of intraarticular cartilage tissue from damage;
  • stimulation of the formation of its own hyaluronic acid.

It should be noted that the active substance acts on the cause of the disease, and not only eliminates the consequences. This feature gives even more advantages to the drug, which confirms the instruction.

When use is not justified

Before starting treatment, it should be borne in mind that each medicine has certain indications and contraindications for use. First consider the main indications for the use of Fermatron Plus. These include pathologies such as:

  1. Osteoarthritis.
  2. Osteoarthritis.
  3. Restorative period after the transferred arthroscopic interventions.

Especially the preparation is indicated for use when a large synovial joint is affected. The reviews note that the most frequent injections of the drug are necessary when the knee joint is involved in the pathological process.

Contraindications include intolerance to the components that make up the drug.

Also, the instruction notes that it can not be injected into the joint in the presence of an acute purulent-inflammatory process and with symptoms of skin lesions at the site of the proposed injection.

It is worth noting that the presence of wounds, scratches and abrasions is also considered a contraindication to the introduction of the drug. Failure to comply with this recommendation may lead to the spread of the pathological process to healthy areas.

Unreasonable will be the application of synovitis. This condition is due to the fact that excess fluid accumulates in the intra-articular cavity.

If you inject the drug into such a joint, the active substance is diluted, and its effectiveness is significantly reduced.

It is better to wait until the acute inflammation decays and the amount of exudate in the cavity decreases.

Method of application of Fermatron

Fermatron instruction recommends use only in the clinic. This is because the drug is injected into the synovial cavity of the affected joint. Doing such injections yourself or trust this procedure to persons without appropriate training should not.

Introduction Fermatron Plus should only be performed by a qualified technician. Pricks in the joint should be set once a week.

The dosage is determined by the severity of the degenerative-dystrophic processes and the individual need for the medication. The usual treatment is to inject 2 ml of Fermatron plus into the knee joint.

However, in some cases, it may be necessary to inject more.

Treatment can last from 1 to 3 weeks. In the future, supportive therapy is selected. The patients' testimonies indicate that the improvement comes after the introduction of one ampoule of Fermatron Plus.

Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of the drug, a reliable positive result is noted after 4 injections of the drug.

And the received favorable effect remains at least half a year after the course of treatment, which is confirmed by many reviews.

Cost and similar means

The main disadvantage of the drug is that its price is quite high, which makes treatment with the help of Fermatron plus inaccessible to many. In this regard, it is important to know that there are its analogs.

And as the reviews say, they have the same action, but the cost can be more pleasant. The most famous analogs are ostenil, sinocrome, duralan, hyalur.

The table shows the price of the drug and its analogs.

Preparation and analogues Price
Fermatron solution 1%, 2 ml, No. 1 syringe 3900 rub.
Fermatron Plus,%, 2 ml, No. 1 syringe 6200 rub.
Fermatron C,%, 2 ml, No. 1 syringe 13800 rub.
Ostenil 20 mg, 2 ml, No. 1 syringe 3500 rub.
Ostenil 40 mg, 2 ml, No. 1 syringe 14500 rub.
Syncope 1%, 1 ml, No. 1 2700 rub.
Syncope 1%, 2 ml, No. 1 3900 rub.
Duralan 60 mg, 3 ml, No. 1 15000-20000 rub.
Hyaluron,%, 2 ml, No. 1 4500 rub.

Fermatron Plus is considered one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of joint diseases. In fact, this is an artificial synovial fluid.

Thanks to its introduction, it is possible to improve the functional state of the musculoskeletal system. The reviews point out that to normalize the function, it is enough for many to have just one injection in the joint.

At the same time, the effect of the application persists for a long time.

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