The back wall of the throat hurts than to cure

Sore throat when swallowing, causes, treatment

Often, sore throat is a harbinger of a viral or bacterial disease. There are many reasons for the pain in the throat, most often a person suffers from pharyngitis when the back wall of the throat inflames. If the pains become regular, it indicates chronic pharyngitis. Also, severe sore throat can be a symptom of angina or tonsillitis when the tonsils located on the sides become inflamed and swollen. Children are often sick with tonsillitis, they can have a chronic character. Sore throat may be due to laryngitis, while the voice becomes hoarse and hoarse.

Sore throat when swallowing

There are many reasons for which there are unpleasant sensations in the throat and it is very hard for a person to swallow:

1. Because of a viral infection.

2. Because of a bacterial infection, most commonly streptococcus.

3. In cases of an allergic reaction.

4. If the throat is irritated with harmful substances, for example, tobacco smoke.

5. Because of the dry air and low humidity.

If a person has a viral infection other than sore throat, there may be a dry cough, while sputum is poorly isolated, body temperature rises sharply, a runny nose appears, and the voice becomes hoarse.

In cases of bacterial infection, lymph nodes may increase, the temperature rises to 40 degrees.

It is very important if you have a sore throat when swallowing, while high temperature, call a doctor, because it can talk about a serious illness. Also, pay attention, did not appear on your skin rash, because the pain in the throat can be a symptom of infectious diseases.

What complications can occur with sore throat?

All can end with purulent tonsillitis, serious problems with the kidneys and rheumatic heart.

How to reduce pain when swallowing?

1. Do not strain your voice, try to keep silent as much as possible.

2. Do not smoke with sore throat.

3. Eat as much as possible a warm drink - tea with lemon, water, juice, so you can soften the wall of the throat.

4. It is necessary to gargle constantly with various solutions.

5. Buy pastilles, candies from cough, they have antibacterial effect, so you can help your throat.

6. If necessary, drink anesthetic medication.

7. Consult with the attending physician, he will clarify your diagnosis, he will write out the treatment, you may need to take antibiotics.

8. With a sore throat is best to comply with bed rest, so you can quickly overcome the infectious disease.

But in a furious modern pace, few people follow this advice. If the sore throat arose as a result of a cold, many prefer unpleasant symptoms to relieve symptomatic means. The danger of this approach to treatment is that often symptomatic preparations for cold contain phenylephrine - a substance that increases blood pressure and causes the heart to work for wear. In order to avoid complications of colds, you need to choose medicines without components of this kind. For example, Antigrippin (better from Natur-product) is a cold medication without phenylephrine, which eliminates unpleasant symptoms of SARS, without provoking a pressure increase and without harming the heart muscle.

What symptoms can accompany pain in the throat when swallowing?

Swallowing is a complex process involving the throat, jaw and esophagus. Some muscles and nerves are responsible for the digestive system. When the swallowing becomes painful, it is necessary to find out the cause.

It is very difficult to endure pain in the throat, thus there can be such symptomatology as a burning sensation, a scratch, the neck becomes sensitive, with the appearance of a cough, a person often sneezes, he is shivering, lymphatic nodes. Also, there may be unpleasant sensations in the chest, the patient seems to be crushed by the neck.

Factors of pain in the throat when swallowing

1. Influenza viruses, mononucleosis, if you have stomatitis in the oral cavity and on the throat, ulcers form.

2. Infectious diseases of adenoids, tonsils.

3. Pain sensations are provoked by alcohol, smoking, except for this, dryness appears in the throat.

4. Pain when swallowed as a consequence of sinusitis is allergic and chronic.

5. Because of the inflammatory process in the gums - gingivitis.

6. The pain in the throat when swallowed is triggered by the herpes virus.

7. Because of laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis.

Also, rarely a sore throat when swallowing can appear due to the fact that a person has a disease of the esophagus: because of spasm of the esophagus, achalasia of the cardia, esophageal infection, gastroesophageal reflux disease, in cases of duodenal ulcers, which worsened after administration antibiotics. Often pain in the throat can occur due to esophageal stenosis, and there is an uncomfortable sensation when a person chews food.

Painful sensations when swallowing appear due to the fact that in the oral cavity formed blisters, in the throat could get stuck with a foreign object - fishbone, etc., also with abscess and infection tooth.

Sore throat when swallowed as a consequence of taking antibiotics, drugs to strengthen immunity, after a chemotherapy course. Because of this, Candida settles in the throat, which is manifested by thrush.

If the pain lasts up to one month, this is a dangerous symptom that speaks of a serious illness - AIDS, malignant education in the throat.

Pain in the throat when swallowing can appear after a person inhales frosty air after running. It is not dangerous, it can be treated with home remedies.

Sore throat when swallowing due to pharyngitis and tonsillitis

It can be viral or bacterial in nature, the latter being treated with antibiotics. Tonsillitis, a pharyngitis of a viral origin can be cured with the help of antiviral medications, also ibuprofen, paracetamol.

Sore throat when swallowing due to glandular fever, mononucleosis

With these diseases, the body temperature rises very high, a person has a chill. The virus is transmitted by saliva, a blood test shows an increased amount of lymphocytes. The recovery will take up to three weeks, while the doctor prescribes the antibiotics of the ampicillin group.

Pain in the throat when swallowing because of swine flu

With this disease, the pain is severe, many frighten the flu, but if you take antiviral drugs and other medications on time, you can easily transfer the swine flu.

Sore throat when swallowing due to malignant formation

A tumor can form in the vocal cracks of the larynx, it can also pass to other system organs. This type of disease is treated with chemotherapy.

Painful sensations when swallowing because of sexually transmitted diseases

Such a pain is caused by gonorrhea, chlamydia, they need to be treated only with the help of antibiotics.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The pain in the throat can be caused by lack of sleep, severe fatigue. In this case, there are pain in the muscles, violations of the cognitive nature, strong headaches pain, painful lymph nodes, sleep disturbance, also severe fatigue after physical loads. In this situation, you need a good rest, drink antidepressants, a complex of vitamins.

Sore throat when swallowing because of scarlet fever

The disease has an infectious nature, it is caused by streptococcus bacteria, while producing a large number of toxins. At the same time, the skin becomes very red, there may appear a rash on it. Scarlet fever often affects children under 8 years old. First the throat is infected, then there is a rash. With scarlet fever with the tongue there are changes, at first it turns white, red bumps form on it, then they acquire a bright red color. It is very important to treat the disease in time, because it can be complicated by sepsis, blood infection. Therefore in this case it is recommended to use special sprays.

When you need to see an emergency doctor for sore throat?

1. If breathing becomes difficult, the head turns.

2. In the stool, blood may appear, a person begins to worry about constipation.

3. The patient sharply loses weight.

4. If the pain in the throat during swallowing is accompanied by chills, cough, fever, abdominal pain, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, a sour taste in the mouth, a hoarse voice.

Diagnosis of sore throat when swallowing

1. Take a chest x-ray.

2. It is very important to listen to the upper respiratory tract in time.

3. Pass the esophagus manometry.

4. It is necessary to take an HIV test.

5. Measure the level of acid in the esophagus system.

6. In addition, you need to take a swab from the throat, undergo a radiograph of the neck.

Sore throat and cough, how to treat?

If you do not have time to treat a sore throat, you may have a cough. It can be dry, when sputum is not secreted, this kind is typical for acute viral infection, also laryngitis, pharyngitis, it all starts with a sore throat, then there are problems with the voice, coughing is barking. When cough receptors are excited, the throat can swell, then the mucous membrane begins to irritate.

In cases of sore throat and cough, which are provoked by laryngitis, it is necessary to use budesonide inhalation. With acute pharyngitis, puffiness can be removed with antibacterial and bactericidal agents. They contain oils that have a positive effect on the mucous membrane, do not allow it to dry out. Also in this case it is very important to take such medications as oxeladine, codeine, dextromethorphan. They will help reduce sensitivity, and get rid of irritation.

The pain in the throat will pass, if coughing sputum is easy to go off, mucolytic medicines are used for this.

When a person begins to cough badly, the throat is irritated to get rid of it, you need to gargle constantly with a solution of sea salt. To make it, you need to stir a teaspoon of salt in 200 ml of warm water.

If cough is provoked by pharyngitis of a chronic nature, with the exception of sore throat, there is also dryness, do not use drugs that contain iodine because they dry the mucous membranes shell. In this case, it is best to pay attention to inhalation Bioparox is an effective bacterial drug.

In no case with pharyngitis chronic character can not rinse the mouth with soda solution, because this will only aggravate the situation. Also, you can not use nasal drops in this situation, they irritate the inflamed mucous membrane. For the same reason, alcoholic tinctures can not be used.

Please note that all known candies and lozenges will not help you cure the disease, they just relieve the symptoms.

Pharyngitis of a chronic nature can be of two types: hypertrophic and atrophic. At the first sight in the pharynx, especially viscous mucus begins to accumulate at night, which strongly irritates the throat, with the appearance of nausea and vomiting. When atrophic form the mucous membrane dries up, it seems to the person that the foreign body is in the throat, perspiration is constantly in the throat.

How to treat throat and cough?

The doctor can prescribe Dextromethorphan, Codeine, with the help of which you can relieve the pain and suppress the cough. Also prescribed antihistamines - tavegil, dimedrol, diazolin, but they have a side effect - drowsiness.

Drug medications are prescribed only if coughing causes bronchospasm, disturbs insomnia, fainting, a person has urinary incontinence. If they are misused, this can only aggravate the situation. You need to gargle as much as possible with chamomile, calendula, sage, eucalyptus.

If the cough is dry and paroxysmal it means that you have tracheitis or bronchitis, this you have painful sensations behind the sternum, sputum becomes viscous, it starts to multiply bacteria. If the mucus stagnates, there may be pneumonia. To relieve the patient's condition to relieve spasm from the throat, one must take ephedrine, preparations against asthma.

It is necessary to get rid of a dry cough, it should become wet. To do this, use medication with which you can dilute sputum, so it will quickly exit, the lungs will clear, the pain in the throat will pass, and will not disturb the cough.

Sore throat and wet cough are also dangerous, because it speaks of pneumonia or bronchitis, with rales and chest pains. In this situation, it is very important to use mucolytic drugs, they can be used to dilute sputum, they have an expectorant effect. In this situation, it is recommended to take such drugs as licorice, thermopsis, althae, terpinhydrate, with the help of them you can strengthen the production of saliva.

To mucus faster to withdraw, while to restore its elasticity, viscosity, you need to apply carbocysteine ​​is active, bromhexine, ambroksol.

Antibiotics for sore throat and cough are prescribed only when a person has green sputum, he has a high body temperature, he is in serious condition. If all these symptoms are not present, you need to wrap your neck with a warm scarf, as you can drink milk, tea on herbs, while it is useful and balanced to eat.

Good help such folk remedies as infusions with licorice, anise, thyme, oregano, altea, mother-and-stepmother. With the help of them you can remove irritations from the throat and bring out a sputum shortly.

Sore throat without fever

Often the pain that arises in the throat is accompanied by an increased body temperature, well, what if there is none? It says that you have another reason, which is not related to an infectious disease.

Why does a sore throat have no temperature?

1. If a foreign body gets into the throat, the pain increases when the person swallows. This can happen when the bones of the fish are left in the throat, they are thin and can be absorbed into the mucous membrane without problems. In this situation, urgent medical attention is needed.

2. Due to aphthous stomatitis, in adults with this disease the body temperature does not increase. Painful ulcers begin to form on the mucous throat, which have a plaque on top. Pain is aggravated when a person swallows, while lymph nodes increase and disturb.

3. Because of the formation of traffic jams on the tonsils, it seems to you that there is something in your throat, it prevents you from constantly swallowing, breathing fully, the symptomatology is similar to chronic tonsillitis.

4. Pharyngitis of a chronic nature is not always accompanied by an increased body temperature, especially if it is caused by hypothermia, overstrain of the voice.

5. One-sided sore throat without temperature can talk about Hilger's syndrome, it appears as hyperemia of the mucosa, has a periodic character, with this syndrome the external carotid artery.

6. The pain that pays in the ear occurs with the Igla-Sterling syndrome, when the subulate process extends.

7. Without temperature, the throat can be sore in a benign or malignant tumor.

8. Because of the primary form of the defeat of the tonsils is syphilis.

9. Sore throat without temperature is provoked by gastroesophageal reflux disease, when gastric contents enter the pharynx.

10. Severe sore throat, which can be without fever, speaks of tuberculosis of the larynx or pharynx.

Sore throat swallowing in ear

In this situation, it is very important to measure body temperature, conduct a throat examination and additionally measure blood pressure. You may need to pass some tests.

When there is a sore throat when swallowing, which gives in the ear?

1. When otitis, pain can build up in the evening, while the person does not eat anything, he becomes weak, the body temperature rises. From the ear begins to stand pus.

2. Because of tubotitis, there is a noise in the ears, head, the person does not hear anything. It is very hard to swallow.

3. In cases of acute pharyngitis, a sore throat gives in the ear due to the fact that the back of the throat is strong inflamed, while a person's throat dries up, strongly pershit, there is a feeling of a foreign body in pharynx. Acute pharyngitis occurs as one of the symptoms of ARVI or influenza.

4. Because of angina, this disease is infectious in nature, arises from the inflammation of the tonsils or oropharynx, and can be purulent. With angina, body temperature rises, a yellow coating develops in the tongue, an unpleasant odor appears from the mouth, the person is shivering, and there may be pain in the heart and muscles.

5. The pain in the throat that pushes into the ear can be triggered by chicken pox, measles or scarlet fever. At the same time, the body temperature rises, there is a runny nose, a rash on the body.

6. Because of diphtheria - this is a dangerous infectious disease, with his throat and skin very inflamed. This disease is accompanied by severe intoxication, in which the cardiovascular system is affected.

How to treat the throat if the pain is giving in the ear?

It is very important to constantly rinse your throat, as much as possible to sleep, do not overcool, you can not drink carbonated drinks, eat solid foods.

To protect yourself from such painful sensations, go as little as possible in crowded places when you know that there is an epidemic of flu, especially if you have problems with the immune system. As much as possible eat fruit, vegetables, also at the slightest indisposition, start to be treated, do not start the disease.

Sore throat with pregnancy

It is especially dangerous to get sick in this vital period, because you can not treat different drugs, and the disease can affect the development and health of your future baby. But in 9 months it is impossible to completely protect yourself from sore throat, because the immune system is weak and, if you go in a public place, everything can end with painful sensations in the throat and coryza.

How to treat sore throat during pregnancy?

Remember, many medications are dangerous for the fetus, so they can not be used, it is best to draw attention to folk remedies, but nevertheless it is very important to consult your doctor.

To reduce pain and relieve inflammation from the throat, you must constantly rinse your throat with sea salt water, and you can also add soda. To make a solution, you need to take a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of soda, salt.

Good help on the basis of eucalyptus, they need to gargle.

If you have a pregnancy, more than one month, you can get rid of the inflammatory process in the throat with the help of physiotherapy procedures - the laser.

You can use furatsilin, but before that you need to ask the doctor.

Why is it difficult to cure a throat when pregnant?

In some situations, pain is already the day after regular rinses, and in some cases, the situation worsens, aggravated with a severe cough, and health problems.

It all depends on the cause of the sore throat. Often a woman becomes infected with a viral infection, she may be aggravated by pharyngitis or tonsillitis.

When the pain in the throat during pregnancy appears, you do not have to wait, and immediately go to the doctor, he will prescribe you a safe effective course of treatment.

In cases of pharyngitis, the sore throat is tingling, perspiration, dryness, general weakness, as well as runny nose, a slight cough, and fever may increase. Pharyngitis refers to a viral disease, it does not affect other systemic organs.

It is dangerous to get a sore throat. It has such symptoms: severe sore throat when swallowing, the temperature rises to 40 degrees, worried severe headaches, reddened tonsils, a throat can be seen white plaque.

This disease affects the heart, joints and other organs negatively.

It is very important to comply with bed rest, to take antibiotics, you need to consult a doctor, because not all drugs are available.

In cases of frequent illnesses, it is necessary to consult an ENT doctor, undergo an additional examination.

What is forbidden to do during pregnancy if the throat hurts?

1. In no case is it possible to overheat the body, use as little as possible mustard plasters, steam baths and hot teas are prohibited.

2. Care should be given to herbal decoctions, we are infused, because the uterine tone, blood pressure, kidney problems may arise. Forbidden are such herbs as the turn, aloe, St. John's wort.

3. You can not use medication alone, doctor's recommendations are necessary, because many have a number of side effects that negatively affect the baby.

How to treat a sick throat in a child?

Be sure the child must adhere to bed rest. It is very important immediately to call a doctor, do not go to the clinic, so that the situation does not worsen. In cases where there are serious symptoms, you must necessarily call for emergency care.

The pain in the throat does not allow the child to fully eat, drink, and insomnia begins to disturb him. Therefore, if the child refuses to eat, in no case can it be forced. Food in this period should not be hard, easy, so as not to overstrain the body, it is also worth giving up spicy, salty and sour food. Thus it is recommended to use milk porridge, kefir, mashed potatoes, yogurt, as much as possible to drink warm. Thus, it is possible to overcome intoxication, quickly get rid of viruses, protect the body from dehydration, because children often with sore throats high body temperature rises. You can drink compotes, fruit drinks, milk, diluted juice, infusion on herbs, compote, warm water, raspberry tea, as well as regular tea with lemon and honey, it is very important to refuse carbonated drinks. With the help of warm drinking it is possible to improve blood circulation in the throat, while getting rid of dryness, perspiration, coughing. Drinks should by no means be acidic, because they only irritate the throat, add honey or sugar.

What broths will help a child with sore throat?

1. Tea with chamomile.

2. Lime tea is one of the best antiseptic, sweatshops, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic drugs.

3. Effective is a decoction with raspberries, currants, with the help of it you can remove the inflammation, get rid of the heat. But such a decoction is forbidden to those who suffer from allergies, bronchitis, asthma.

4. With the help of a rosehip broth, you can not only relieve the pain in the child's throat, but also strengthen the immune system, this is one of the best vitamin remedies.

5. Tea helps with the addition of mint.

Gargle for children

After 4 years, the child can already gargle, for this you can use infusions with such herbs - sage, calendula, eucalyptus, also it can be done with rotocaine, chlorophyllipt.

An effective solution is a solution with soda, salt and iodine. One of the best means is furatsillin, for this tablet should be dissolved in water, then they gargle. A solution with sea salt also helps.

Other means for treating the throat of a child

For young children it is best to use antiseptic sprays, they have analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory action, but you need to treat them cautiously, they must necessarily match the age category of children, also pay attention to the side effects. Now the tantum verde is popular, with its help it is possible to stop the inflammatory process in the throat, to overcome microbes. Spray is used for children from three years old. Although pediatricians appoint it with half a year, but this is dangerous, because there may be a spasm of the larynx.

From birth, you can use miramistin, it is an excellent antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory.

If a child three years can use such antimicrobial sprays - bioparox, inhalipt, hexoral. Adult sprays should never be used, they can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Inhalations for a child with sore throat

Modern medicine offers many types of inhalations - steam, ultrasonic. To do this, use special masks, with which you can protect yourself from burns. The main thing is to choose the right solution. For steam, use herbal infusions, essential oils. In ultrasonic solutions are used on the water - mineral, physiological, using them to moisturize mucous membrane, the respiratory system is facilitated, it is especially good to apply them if disturbs dry cough.

Such products as lozenges, lollipops recommend to use only at 6 years old, their child must resolve slowly. Some of them are dangerous, because they include antiseptics, antibiotics. Safe are consideredstrepsils, lysobact, pharyngosept.

Pay attention that the child has not had a stuffy nose, because in this way the mucous membrane is overdone and microbes start to enter it.

What if my voice is gone and my throat hurts?

Very often, pain in the throat causes loss of voice, what should I do in this situation?

1. As much as possible to drink warm, it helps, will quickly recover and after hypothermia and after a cold. But coffee, strong tea, sour drink is not suitable for this. Pay attention to herbal teas with chamomile, root of ginger, thyme.

2. Help restore ligament milk with honey and butter. You need to drink slowly until 3 times a day.

3. Help restore the voice of inhalation based on herbs - plantain, chamomile, thyme, sage. If you have lost the voice because of angina, you need inhalation based on salt and soda, it will help to overcome the bacteria that formed on the guttural walls.

4. Effective in this situation is a guttural massage, for this you need to stroke the larynx with your index finger, starting to massage the jaw, then the thorax.

5. The lollipops will ease the symptoms, they relieve swelling, inflammation, with the help of which you can moisten the ligaments.

6. Keep your throat warm, tie your neck with a warm scarf.

7. Talk as little as possible, especially in a whisper.

What is contraindicated in case of loss of voice and sore throat?

1. Smoking, it further aggravates the situation, dries and irritates the larynx.

2. You can not drink carbonated drinks, those that contain caffeine, they can dehydrate the body.

3. As little as possible to arrive in dusty places, avoid over-dried air.

4. With pain in the throat and loss of voice, you can not take drugs that narrow the blood vessels.

5. You can not eat sour.

Note that sore throat and loss of voice can be triggered by a malignant formation in the throat, so it is very important to be examined on time.

Runny nose and sore throat

If, in addition to the pain sensations in the throat, there is a runny nose, which is characterized by dense secretions - this indicates a cold disease. When the body temperature does not increase with sore throat, this indicates that the cells do not recognize infection and the body does not fight as you need with a viral infection or that your immunity is, on the contrary, strong.

What to do with a cold and sore throat?

As much as possible to drink warm water, thus, mucus will quickly liquefy, it is best to use warm water with lemon, herb collection, chamomile, mint tea. Also, it is necessary to include broths in your diet.

It is necessary to comply with bed rest, as much as possible to sleep. Eat as much vitamin C as possible. Help to overcome cold tincture based on elder, ginseng, peppermint, echinacea. Also use honey.

Clear the nasal sinuses and quickly withdraw the sputum will help menthol ointment, also one that includes camphor, it should be rubbed into the nose and chest.

Nasal sprays such as Saline, No-salt, Aqua-Maris, Nazole, they have an antiseptic and antibacterial effect, they have a beneficial effect on the nasopharyngeal mucosa.

Than to treat if the throat hurts?

The best method is rinsing - a saline-soda solution with the addition of iodine, also tinctures of sage, eucalyptus, marigold, St. John's wort, chamomile broth, you can add apple cider vinegar.

In cases of severe sore throat, you should pay attention to such sprays as:

1. Yoks, it contains iodine, so the spray is one of the best anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents.

2. The best antiseptic isGivalex.

3. Inhaliptusin its composition has plant components.

If you notice pus in your throat, also suspect yourself with tonsillitis, it is very important to contact the doctor as soon as possible, you will need to take antibiotics, corticosteroids.

In the event that there are no purulent discharge, you can take such medications as:

1. Anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, which includes vitamins, with the help of them you can get rid of swelling, pain -Lempipe, TerraFlu, Flukoldetc.

2. GargleHexoral, Chlorhexidine.

3. Take antiseptic medications - sprays, candies, such as Strepsils, Falimint, Sepptethlet, Pharyngocept, Neo-angin.

But, despite the fact that there are many drugs for the treatment of the throat, do not engage in self-medication, it is necessary to consult with a doctor beforehand.

How to treat the throat with folk remedies?

1. Pharyngitis can be cured with the help of such a recipe, it will require chopped garlic, honey, all heated up to 20 minutes, cool. Syrup should be consumed in an hour, one tablespoon. Also, with pharyngitis, it is recommended to use infusion based on spruce and fir branches.
You can gargle with an infusion of herbs to make it necessary to have a dogrose, violet grass, calendula, clover, motherwort, oregano, string, plantain.

2. Chronic pharyngitis can be cured with pine cones, they need to be filled with a glass of boiling water. Then use a decoction for inhalations. It is good to gargle with a chronic pharyngitis infusion with melissa and mint.

3. Laryngitis can be cured with this recipe, it will require grated red beet, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mix everything and gargle. For inhalations, you can use this infusion, it is necessary for him to take the violet grass, turn, pour a glass of boiling water, insist. Well helps inhalation on the basis of alder and horse sorrel.

4. With sore throat, it is recommended to use lemon juice with honey.

5. If the throat hurts because of a sore throat, except for reception of medicamental agents recommend to use such An ancient method is to spread the bandage with soap, then attach it to the throat, tie it with a warm scarf, the pain immediately will pass.

Thus, sore throat can be a symptom of various diseases, it is very important to diagnose the cause of its occurrence in time, only after that it is possible to choose an effective treatment.

My throat hurts for a week, the back wall is very red. Than to treat?


Olga Sipacheva (Demidova)

I like the sprinkling of Jox helps. Another gogol-mogol: tasty and like a balm for the throat. I usually do both, after the first day.

ssss ssss


Ilya Zagorets

go to the doctor and ask

Otar Corkia

I'm an old-fashioned streptocide chew and sip swallow! The abomination is great in taste BUT better than all sorts of candy therapeutic but stupid!


Rinse with infusion of calendula and linden. Oh. good remedy. You can just drink like tea (only warm).

Elm Wing

lyugol solution in the pharmacy, grease with a cotton swab, hours 3 is not to eat or drink.
or pharyngept.


100% helps Tantum Verde poloskalaka, not pshikalka - from her only worse. And plentiful drink !!!

Than correctly to treat a sore throat

Than to treat a sore throat if the reasons are not established or installed? Firstly, it is wrong to do this, because it is necessary to fight not with symptoms, but with the root of the problem. Secondly, inflammation can be caused by different causes: bacteria or viruses.

Of course, to remove the inflammation of the throat can be at home, without resorting to the help of doctors. But if the independent treatment does not bring proper results, then a visit to the doctor can not be avoided.

Why can my throat be sore?

If the throat feels perspiration, painful sensations (especially when swallowing), then this is a consequence of the ongoing inflammatory process. Often, such signs indicate the development of viral or bacterial infections. But here also there is an importance of the reference to the doctor, after all only he can specify the reason. And this will depend on the type of treatment. A sore throat can be at the following moments:

  1. Pharyngitis. This disease affects the mucous membranes of the back wall of the throat. If there is a chronic course, the symptoms of inflammatory processes will constantly arise, and the pain will last for a very long time.
  2. Tonsillitis, or the common name - angina. With this disease, there is an increase in the size of the tonsils. And this provokes an inflammation of the throat.
  3. Laryngitis. This disease attacks the vocal cords, which significantly affects the voice - it becomes hoarse and hoarse.

Any of the above diseases occurs due to the occurrence of streptococcal infections in the body, which, when developing, lead to inflammation of the tissues of the throat. But that's what concerns pharyngitis, then the problem may be the presence of a viral microflora.

Besides the fact that a person is sick, he himself can aggravate his situation. Here we mean smoking, being in places where there is dry or polluted air. Also such processes can be aggravated if the patient has an allergy or immunity is weakened.

How to identify inflammation in the throat

Before the appointment of treatment, you need to make sure that there is such a process. The first thing that appears is perspiration and mild pain. At the first stages of the patient can have a dry cough suppressant. And few people pay attention to such a symptom, especially with regard to smokers. If the disease is just beginning, then no sputum will not be allocated, but here the back wall begins to acquire red color and swelling is observed.

In addition, there may be observed such symptoms:
  • pain is felt during swallowing;
  • The throat is dry and tingling;
  • it becomes difficult to talk, while the voice growls and it happens that it completely disappears;
  • there is a runny nose, and the discharge does not always have a transparent consistency.

If the throat is inflamed from infections, then, most likely, there will be still a fever and chills.If the cause is bacteria, then there may additionally be an increase in the size of the throat lymph nodes (and if the reaction is delayed, other nodes increase).

Any signs require treatment, so a trip to the doctor is simply necessary, since at home it is impossible to identify the cause of the disease.

Proper treatment of inflammation

If, for some reason, there is no way to go to a medical facility immediately, care should be taken about the measures that will help ease the condition. In addition, they will suspend the development process.

There are a number of recommendations that doctors advise to use to their patients in such situations:
  1. Breathing through the nose. The fact is that the air coming through the mouth provokes irritation of the mucous membranes of the throat, respectively, the inflammation only expands, and the patient feels more and more perspiration. In addition, if a person is constantly on the street, where the air is far from clean, then there is the possibility of aggravating the course of the disease.
  2. The house needs optimal humidity. The drier the atmosphere, the more irritated the throat. Therefore, you can use artificial devices that help saturate the air with moisture.
  3. It's not for nothing that the doctors prescribe a generous drink.

For a day on average, you need to drink about 10 glasses of warm liquid, it is desirable that it was a weak tea or medicinal decoctions. The fact is that the liquid contributes to the moistening of the mucous membranes and gives additional enveloping. This makes it easier to dry the cough of the patient. Accordingly, it is necessary to abandon cigarettes. Nicotine smoke is a strong irritant. Therefore, in addition to quitting smoking, it should be less near smokers. Such simple recommendations will help to facilitate the development and development of inflammatory processes in the throat.

Medications: nuances

Treat the sore throat with several groups of drugs, depending on what triggered the appearance of such a disease and what form it has. If the drug is selected correctly, then not only the symptoms will go away, but the cause itself. Prescribe the following medicines:
  • antiviral;
  • antibacterial;
  • antihistamine.

The effectiveness of treatment depends on how correctly the drug is chosen. To alleviate the condition of a patient suffering from cough, prescribe a spray, solutions, candies and other similar drugs that can easily be purchased at any pharmacy.

Help with folk remedies

Today it is quite popular to use herbal medicine when natural herbs are used instead of chemical medicines. The same goes for the inflammation of the throat. Herbal decoctions are treated as solutions or as teas. Also there are "grandmother's" recipes and recommendations that will help to eliminate inflammation and relieve symptoms.

  1. The correct diet. Since during mucosal inflammation the mucous membranes become very tender, it is advisable to abandon solid products during this period. First, they can damage it, and secondly, they will be swallowed hard and painful. At this time it is better to eat porridges, broths, soft bread and boiled vegetables. It is noted the usefulness of a pumpkin, which is good to use if a person has developed an angina. It is also necessary that the diet should have more animal and vegetable fats, vitamins A and E, but everything that is spicy and well seasoned should await recovery. Instead, you can eat onions and garlic, which contain a large number of phytoncides and essential oils. And, of course, honey, which should not be forgotten.
  2. As noted above, care should be taken for air humidity. To do this, the room should not only be cleaned with a wet rag, but also constantly ventilated. If there is no possibility to purchase special devices, then an ordinary bucket filled with water is placed near the patient's bed, and wet towels are hung on the headboard.

It helps to get rid of inflammation by rinsing the throats with solutions.

The most popular method is a soda solution. This procedure allows you to cleanse the mucous membrane, because all infection and bacteria have their own waste products.

This procedure is repeated every 3-4 hours. It is recommended to do it after a meal, in order to eliminate all leftovers that might have lingered. You can buy special solutions in pharmacies made on the basis of medicinal plants.

As for all kinds of candy, then the opinion is ambiguous. They, more likely, help or assist to remove or take off a dryness as the person is constantly compelled to swallow a saliva, rather than struggle with an infection. Therefore, it is better to use them in combination with other methods of treatment.

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But in any case, it is better to entrust your health to a professional and not engage in self-medication. This is especially true for young mothers who are trying to help the child on their own, especially as the children's body needs more attention.

Pershit in the throat: causes, diseases, what to do when the pershit throat, treatment

Symptom, when pershit, but does not hurt the throat, usually begins a cold disease caused by a viral infection. But more "serious" diseases that can develop even in children can also appear. We will analyze the main pathologies and their differences.

Why can pershit in the nose and throat

For inhaling air, a person is "equipped" with a device such as a nose. The mouth will also provide air to the lungs, but it is not designed to disinfect it and warm it up. This is done with the help of an abundant blood-supply mucosa, which "meets" the incoming air and "Forwards" it along a rather long path - from the tip of the nose to the nasopharynx, which begins anatomically at the level root of the nose. In parallel, following this path, the gas mixture that we breathe, moistens and clears from particles of dust and large microbes. Do this cilia - microscopic cylindrical outgrowths at the top of the cells of the mucous membrane. They are able to move, and their movement is aimed at getting out of the nose. When they can not "expel" particularly large or numerous irritating particles, they "include" the reflex of sneezing, aimed at their "expulsion".

The fact that they could not remove the cilia of the epithelial cells of the nose, falls to the next level - into the lymphatic tissue. In the region of the nose and throat, it forms a whole ring of tonsils, which "check" the air and the microorganisms contained in it one after another, in several stages:

  • first the air passes the "control" of the pharyngeal tonsil. It is such a lymphoid tissue that, growing up in a child, is called "adenoid" (adeno - iron, id" - similar, that is, literally "adenoids" - a tissue like glandular). Adults do not have adenoids;
  • air mixture goes further to the oral cavity, bypassing the islets of the lymphoid tissue located on the back wall of the pharynx (the "tube" from the nose to the larynx that connects the nose and mouth);
  • then the air passes by the palatine tonsils (these are exactly the ones we see when we open our mouths in front of a mirror and breathe through our mouths);
  • At the same time as the palatine cleansing from microbes, the lingual tonsil is carried out;
  • Further, the absence of microbes is carried out by twin tube tonsils, but they are more focused on not letting germs out of the ear, so the air mixture is not handled closely.

In the process of inhaling air, muscles do not participate, therefore they are not present from the nasal cavity, along the pharynx and up to the larynx. The pharyngeal wall consists of only two layers: the mucosa and the fibrous membranes. Nervous endings from the cranial nerves that provide sensitivity to this site are suitable here.

Let's move on to the question of why pershit in the throat, directly. The causes of this symptom can be divided conditionally into several groups:

  1. Overdrying of the mucosa only the nasopharynx or the oropharynx. This leads to some drugs, dry air, tobacco, harmful chemicals in the air substances (paints, chlorine-containing substances, fragrances, etc.), especially if a person breathes them chronically).
  2. Irritation of the mucous membrane of the oropharynx. Especially often this is done by hydrochloric acid, which is thrown here from the stomach (if this state exists constantly, this is called gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, but such a situation can develop acute - when taking a horizontal position after eating and taking alcohol).
  3. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oropharynx: infectious (these are viruses of the ARVI group, bacteria, less often - fungi) and non-infectious, for example, when allergic to a substance contained in the air.
  4. Disturbance of blood supply to the mucous membrane.
  5. Tumors that develop from the fibrous membrane.
  6. Disruption of the brain, which processes the sensations coming from this site.
  7. Failure in the work of nerve endings, suitable to the area behind the tonsils.

The most common causes, when pershit in the throat, is still an infectious inflammation of the palatine tonsils (tonsillitis) and the posterior pharyngeal wall (pharyngitis). It is necessary to act quickly here so that the infection, which is inhibited by tonsils and a smaller lymphoid tissue, does not go down to the bronchi and lungs. Therefore, below we will consider the main causes, their symptoms and differences from each other.

The main causes of perspiration in the throat

Because of the development of such a symptom as a sore throat, it is easier to understand, if you recall how it manifests itself:

  1. appeared sharply, sharply, against a background of complete health;
  2. constantly pershit in the throat, but there are periods of improvement in the state when the symptom can be forgotten, and the stages when it rolls with a new force.

Dry cough almost always accompanies a sensation of perspiration in the throat: it is a reflex response to irritation of the receptors of the mucous membrane or swelling that occurs when it is inflamed. In some cases, cough can be wet when the body is not just trying to get rid of a microbe or stimulus, causing the inflammation, but trying to do it effectively, dissolving it in a small amount of liquid, and then turning on cough reflex.

Persecution in the throat appeared abruptly, suddenly

Thus, 2 main diseases are described - ARVI and allergy. Sometimes a sudden perspiration occurs when the hydrochloric acid is suddenly injected from the stomach, and also by the accidental ingestion of some aggressive chemical substance.

Acute respiratory disease

If the throat starts to perspire, and while the person:

  • I do not smoke;
  • does not work in harmful production;
  • did not take new pills;
  • did not "get acquainted" with new plants, animals, household chemicals, did not get into a dusty room,

this indicates the presence of an acute respiratory disease caused by viruses (ARVI), bacteria or fungi. The diagnosis may sound like:

  1. "Acute respiratory disease: acute tonsillitis" - then there is inflammation of the tonsils;
  2. "ORZ: acute pharyngitis" - this indicates that the microbe caused inflammation of the pharynx;
  3. "ORZ: acute rhinopharyngitis inflammation of the nasal and pharyngeal mucosa occurred. In this situation, there is a runny nose and a tick in the throat.


The viral nature of the disease is indicated by:

  • reddened and watery eyes;
  • sneezing;
  • the throat is very perspiculous;
  • temperature 37, sometimes higher or lower;
  • cough usually dry;
  • if there is a runny nose, and it just started, then snot clear, liquid;
  • can pershit in the throat and nose;
  • if you look into the throat, you can see that it is very red (that is, the color is much more intense than the gums, the tonsils are colored, the tongue between them and the posterior wall of the pharynx). The posterior wall of the pharynx (what is visible behind the tonsils) is also red, on it are visible tubercles ("grains") of lymphoid tissue. They are red.


With flu, too, there may be a tickling in the throat. But here this symptom is often not so worried, because the foreground come out:

  • aches in the whole body, especially in muscles and joints;
  • high, poorly confusing body temperature;
  • there may be pain behind the sternum;
  • dry cough.

Runny nose and sneezing for the flu is uncharacteristic. More on the symptoms of influenza.


Fungal infection of the throat (acute fungal pharyngitis) occurs after treatment with antibiotics against the background of diseases of immunity and blood diseases. It manifests itself:

  • Persecution;
  • sensation of a "lump" in the throat in the throat;
  • pain when swallowing, which gives in the jaw, neck and / or ear;
  • dry cough;
  • increased temperature;
  • if you open your mouth and breathe them, while looking in the mirror, you can see the red throat when the tonsils and the back wall of the pharynx are covered with a whitish or yellowish coating.


If the inflammation of the pharynx and tonsils is caused by pyogenic bacteria, the following symptoms develop:

  • first - perspiration, then - sore throat, very strong;
  • At the same time, the temperature rises to 40 ° C;
  • there is a feeling of "lump in the throat
  • painful to swallow;
  • headache;
  • dry cough;
  • when examining the throat, you can see that it is red, yellow or gray viscous pus is seen on the back wall.


If the tonsils, in their natural recesses, have yellow, white or white-gray pus, throat strongly pershit, the temperature rose to high figures and painfully swallow, most likely, a person has developed angina. This is an extremely contagious bacterial disease. In this case, we need help from the ENT and infectious diseases specialist. If it is a question of the child, and at all it is better to lay down in an infectious hospital: the similar tonsillitis at non-observance of treatment is dangerous to heart and kidneys.

Throwing hydrochloric acid into the pharynx

In this case, there is not necessarily a gastritis or peptic ulcer, which is manifested by pain in the upper abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes it's enough to lie down right after eating or take it lying down, especially when the circular muscle separating the esophagus and stomach is relaxed.

Allergic pharyngitis

Contact with household dust, flowering plants, inhalation medicines, animal hair, perfume, household chemicals, mold, some foods eaten, can lead to:

  • sore throat and cough;
  • cough;
  • coryza;
  • and even - a temperature of 37 or a little higher.

There may be a red rash on the body, a slight headache, lacrimation. Sore in the muscles, pain behind the sternum is not here. If there is a suspicion of the allergic nature of the perspiration in the throat, you need to take an antihistamine (such as "Diazolin "Fenistila") and contact an allergist.

Injury to the pharynx

The wound of the pharyngeal mucosa with a fish bone, large particles of dust or other foreign bodies leads to the development of inflammation at the site of the injury. This is accompanied by pain and sore throat, pain when swallowing.

If bacteria join the inflammation site, it will cause increased pain in the throat, fever, weakness and headache. Cough of purulent sputum can be cough.

If pershit in the throat constantly

This can cause one of many reasons.

Staying in a room with dry air

When the humidity of the air is less than 50%, and the person was in the room for more than 2 hours, you can "earn" a sore throat. It is not accompanied by other symptoms: runny nose, fever, malaise.


A similar symptom can be caused by smoking. Then he is also present in the singular, without being accompanied by other signs.

Abuse of vasoconstrictive drops for the nose

Difficulty breathing through the nose (for example, due to chronic sinusitis), when only its symptomatic elimination by drops of type "Galazolin "Naphtizin "Xylo-Mefa" and others, causes the narrowing of the pharyngeal vessels, which is accompanied by a sore throat and permanent coughing.

The impact of occupational hazards and adverse environmental factors

Production, in which the side effect is the appearance in the air of large and medium dust particles, Exhaust gases, vapors of varnishes and paints can also provoke the appearance of a perspiration in the throat accompanied by dry cough. There are no aches in the muscles, a rise in temperature. It is easier to get in a clean room or in the fresh air, and a fit of cough is removed by the intake of clean water.

Neurosis of pharynx

If the work of nerve endings that give commands to the upper part of the digestive tract is disturbed, this is called pharyngeal neurosis. The disease occurs most often in the autumn-spring period, usually after such a provoking factor as a cold. But the causes of the neurosis lie deeper. It can be both syphilis, and nervous disorders, and tumors of the pharynx and larynx.

In this case, a person feels constant perspiration, tickling, burning in the throat, a sense of "coma" in it. Often there is a dry cough. He paroxysmal, especially tormented by agitation or experience.

Temperatures, drowsiness, no headache, a person feels healthy. Reception of antiseptic tablets for resorption ("Strepsils "Septotelet "Pharyngocept") does not lead to the disappearance of the symptom.


Sore throat is not the only symptom of this disease. It is also manifested by thirst, the release of a large amount of urine, nighttime urination, prolonged healing of wounds. More about the symptoms of diabetes.

Nodular goiter

If a knot forms in the thyroid gland, it can be accompanied by a sore throat, because this knot presses against the trachea, connected by nerves with the pharynx. This may be the only symptom of the disease if the goiter is not accompanied by an increase or worsening of the thyroid function. With hyperthyroidism, slimming, irritability, palpitation, increased appetite will be noted. If the iron produces few hormones, the person becomes slow, his heartbeat and metabolism slow down, the skin becomes swollen and dense, the hair is sparse; the body weight increases.

Overvoltage of the vocal cords

This pathology develops in those who, due to their duty, are forced to talk or sing a lot (speakers, singers, teachers, actors, teachers). In this case, there is no sign of acute respiratory viral infection, but in the throat pershit is constant, the voice may disappear for a while, but may become hoarse or low.

Throat or laryngeal swelling

Symptoms of these pathologies are similar to ARVI. This is tickling in the throat, and dryness, and a slight pain in the throat, and changing the voice to a more hoarse or raucous. The difference from ARI is that when the tumors do not increase the temperature, there is no headache, weakness. There is only a slight decrease in working capacity, and it, as well as perspiration and dryness in the throat all increase.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Sore throat can manifest any of the following diseases:

  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • gastritis with reflux of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus above;
  • cholecystitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • hernia of the esophagus.

It is mainly associated with the ingestion of gastric secretions with hydrochloric acid and (in the case of cholecystitis and pancreatitis) the bile contained therein. And if you feel periodic nausea, burning after the sternum after eating, a disorder of the stool, bitterness in the mouth or arising after taking acute, spicy food of pain in the upper half of the abdomen, chances are most likely that the impaction is associated with pathologies GIT.

Symptom of Persistent Sore Throat in Pediatrics

If the baby has a perspiration throat, most likely he develops either an acute viral disease, or a sore throat, or so an allergy manifests. In the first case, the baby will sneeze, parents will notice redness in their eyes, and snot appear from the nose. With angina you will notice that the child has become less active, he has a fever, and because of the pain when swallowing, he refuses to eat and drink.

Allergic pharyngitis will manifest itself in the throat, coughing, possibly - lacrimation and other symptoms of allergy (face swelling, difficulty exhaling, urticaria). From ARVI it is distinguished by the absence of a rise in temperature to high figures, minor symptoms of malaise. There is a hint of an allergic nature after contact with something new for the child: plants, animals, drugs, household chemicals, being in high-air conditions book dust.

Persecution in children can also occur after staying in a smoke-free, poorly ventilated room, or the place where the materials were painted or varnished.

Oncological diseases, pharyngeal neurosis, gastro-oesophageal reflux, bronchial asthma become the causes of perforation in the pharynx in children extremely rare.

Basic Symptoms Questions

  1. If pershit in the throat and dry cough appears - it can be any of the diseases listed above.
  2. Sore throat and runny nose are symptoms or ARI, or allergies.
  3. Persecution is paroxysmal, intensifying at night and during excitement - a sign of neurosis of the larynx.
  4. Pershing after eating. This is a symptom of casting into the throat of gastric contents.
  5. Pershit in the throat and cough only at night. So, bronchial asthma or pertussis in adults can manifest.
  6. Pershit after being in the room, where the work was done with paint and varnish materials. This indicates irritation, drying of the mucous throat with toxic substances (light chemical burns of the mucous membrane).
  7. Persecution in the throat in the morning can be if in a dream breathe with your mouth open, with exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis, with gastro-esophageal reflux.

Algorithm of actions for throat swelling

To determine what to treat, if pershit in the throat, you need to find the cause of this phenomenon.

Then it appeared Symptoms Other than Persecution What can be seen in the throat What it is and What to do
There is a connection with hypothermia, a contact with a temperature patient Eyes reddened, coughing and sneezing noted Red throat in the absence of white or yellowish "filling" of the depressions of the tonsils ARVI
  • Gargle with a soda-salt solution (1 teaspoon of soda and salt per 1 glass of water), an aqueous solution of furacillin or those folk remedies, the recipes of which will be described below.
  • To splash the throat "Tantum Verde "Oracept "Strepsils".
  • To dissolve tablets "Septotelet "Tharyngept".
  • Rinse nose with saline solution of sodium chloride
Overcooling, getting into the rain, contacting a person (especially a child) who is feverish Sore throat, fever, difficulty swallowing Red tonsils, large, in the indentations - gray or yellowish contents Streptococcal angina
  • Contact an ENT doctor or infectious disease specialist who, with confirmation of the diagnosis, will prescribe antibiotics.
  • A throat to rinse with a salt and furatsillinovym a solution too it is necessary.
  • Mode - bed, for the prevention of heart and kidney damage.
  • When the temperature rises above 3, - taking antipyretics (in children "Aspirin" or "Acetylsalicylic acid" is prohibited)
After putting on clothes washed with a new powder / conditioner, after staying in a greenhouse or in a meadow with flowers, after contacting animals or visiting the zoo Coryza, perspiration and fever in the throat, lachrymation, change in the timbre of the voice Tonsils are reddish, enlarged Allergic pharyngitis
  • Exclusion of provoking factors.
  • Hypoallergenic diet with soft food.
  • Admission of antihistamines: Cetrin, Loratadin and others.
After meal One persecution, maybe pain or discomfort in the abdomen, a disorder of the stool, a sour taste in the mouth Not changed Diseases of the digestive tract
  • To address to the gastroenterologist.
  • Sleep on a high pillow.
  • Do not go to bed earlier than 3 hours after eating.
At night, with excitement Pershenie, paroxysmal cough Tonsils pink, without ulcers, posterior pharynx wall not changed Neurosis of pharynx
  • To address to the neurologist.
  • At night, drink warm milk with honey or tea with mint or melissa
After staying in the room where they painted Pershing. Headache, temperature, drowsiness no Oral cavity without special features for layman Atrophic acute pharyngitis
Contact LOR, who will prescribe treatment
After a prolonged speech load Dry cough, change in timbre or loss of voice The oral cavity is not changed Professional laryngitis
Voice rest, gargle rinsing with decoctions and antiseptic solutions

As you can see, the treatment of conditions, when pershit in the throat, can be completely different: it all depends on the disease that caused this symptom.

What to do if the throat is strongly perspiration:

  1. Drink a suitable antihistamine for you.
  2. Refuse to smoke and drink alcohol.
  3. Buy an antiseptic with an anesthetic in the pharmacy (for example, "Strepsils 2 in 1" or "Sepptole"). If there are no allergies to anesthetics (teeth were treated / removed with a stab and there was no reaction to it), you can buy a spray (see. all sprays for the throat for example, Strepsils, Stopangin or Kollustan).
  4. If the throat is visible abscesses, urgently call the doctor at home. Before him, antibiotics can not be taken.
  5. Avoid contact with a possible allergen.
  6. Bury the nose with salt preparation "No-Sol "Aqua-Maris "Physiomer "Aqualor".
  7. Exclude from the food all sharp, peppery, smoked, acidic, bitter, hot and spicy foods that can cause irritation to the pharynx.
  8. Sleep on a high pillow.
  9. Provide voice peace.
  10. Drink plenty of fluids: teas with honey, lime, with raspberry or currant sprigs.
  11. At night drink milk with honey (if it is not allergic).
  12. You can at night drink a pill "Valerian" or tincture of motherwort.
  13. Make a vodka compress. To do this, moisten a piece of cotton wool or gauze with vodka, wrap your throat, apply cellophane and cover it with a woolen shawl.

Folk methods of treatment of a sore throat

Traditional medicine with throat swelling offers both adults and children more fluids in the form of:

  • tea with raspberries;
  • the insides of mountain ash;
  • broth of rose hips;
  • lime decoction with honey;
  • herbal teas;
  • decoction of parsley leaves.

Healers say that the diet should include:

  • cranberries;
  • cranberries;
  • lemon;
  • jams from currants, strawberries, raspberries.

It is also recommended to breathe without heating, but spraying indoors:

  • juice of onion and garlic;
  • coniferous tincture;
  • pharmacy tincture of eucalyptus.

There are also such recipes for fighting infection in the nasopharynx and oropharynx:

  1. Need a black radish, honey and milk. Black radish should be rubbed and squeezed to make juice. It is necessary to mix 1 part of radish juice and 2 parts of milk. To drink it, add 1-2 tsp. honey in a glass of means. Take it for 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day, in a warm form, after eating.
  2. Mix: black currant juice and cherries, add there a tablespoon or more honey. 2 glasses of the drug you need to drink a day.
  3. A few leaves of mint are poured with boiling water, insist 3-4 hours, filtered. This infusion should gargle.
  4. Take 1-2 beets, make juice. A glass of juice requires a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. This rinse for the throat is applied three times a day, after each meal.

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