Cough and sore throat medicine

Means for sore throat and cough: drugs and pills for treatment

Cough and sore throat are signs of various diseases. Cough seizures play an important role in the body, since foreign bodies such as mucus, pus and substances after disintegration are excreted.

The attack of a cough arises suddenly, quickly amplifies, thus the throat starts to hurt or be ill; be sick.

It is necessary to stop the inflammatory process of the throat to get rid of the cough.

Folk remedies for cough and sore throat

There are various folk remedies that can help cough and sore throat, the most effective of them are listed below:

  1. Camomile, mother-and-stepmother, sage, eucalyptus and linden should be taken in equal proportions, pour water and insist for some time. In the liquid, add a small amount of balsam "Asterisk" and apply for inhalation 3 times a day.
  2. Warm the butter with a warm butter, wrap it in a warm cloth and put a heating pad on top.
  3. Walnuts to rinse, grind, put in a jar, adding black elder and honey, then pour boiling water. Blend the mixture and let it brew for 6 hours. Drink the medicine in 100 ml once.
  4. For easier separation of phlegm, you need to drink juice with cowberry and honey.
  5. To warm the body and cause a wet cough, it is necessary to drink tea with kalina, currant or raspberries.
  6. If in addition to the pain of the throat, there are excruciating coughing attacks and sinusitis appears, the next folk remedy of 200 mg of warm water and table salt will help. It is necessary to inhale the medicine with your nose several times a day.
  7. Cough and sore throats are effectively treated with juice of carrots with the addition of lemon and honey. Drink before going to bed.
  8. For children and adults, a gentle method of getting rid of a cough is suitable. You need to take honey, add anise, water and salt. Drink a teaspoon several times a day.
  9. To get rid of bronchitis should take 20 g of aloe juice, 100 grams of lard, a little cocoa and cow oil. Use the mass in a warm form.

Medication for sore throat and cough

In the presence of unproductive dry cough, you can use inhalations based on budesonide. Sore throat is seen with an acute form of pharyngitis, so there is a cough and there is a need to remove the swelling.

To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to use antibacterial drugs and syrups with oils that soften the mucous membranes.

Doctors recommend using drugs that can depress the cough center. Such preparations contain:

  • paxelidine,
  • tusuprex,
  • dextromethorphan,
  • oxeladin.

It is important to remember that in acute pharyngitis it is forbidden to take mucolytic drugs that are designed to bring phlegm out of the lungs.

Due to a strong cough, the throat is strongly irritated, so you should often rinse it with soda-salt solutions.

Drugs for dry cough

Opioid, in the composition of which Destrometorfan. Such drugs depress the center of cough in the brain. Do not be afraid of their admission, because they are not part of a group of sleeping pills or narcotic drugs.

Among these funds include the drug Alex Plus. The drugs, which contain Codeine, differ from the previous ones in that they have a certain number of side effects.

Over time, codeine-containing drugs can cause addiction.

Antihistamine medicinal tablets from dry cough: Dimedrol, Tavegil, Diazolin. Such drugs help get rid of night cough, as well as allergic reactions.

It should be borne in mind that pills for cough should be consumed only in cases where the cause of the symptom is known. Tablets should be taken after a doctor's recommendation if, except for a cough, there are:

  • insomnia,
  • bronchospasm,
  • urinary incontinence.
  • fainting.

Care must be taken to those remedies that completely eliminate the cough reflex. If you misuse such pills, it will bring serious harm to the body.

In many cases with acute form of respiratory viral infection, a person initially develops a dry cough, which subsequently goes into a wet form, even if you do not take pills and other pharmacological preparations.

Treatment of sore throat and wet cough

Due to pneumonia and bronchitis, a moist cough often occurs, while the person feels severe pain in the thoracic region. In this situation, it is necessary to take mucolytic tablets, which have a pronounced expectorant effect.

We are talking about a variety of syrups, which include licorice, marshmallows, essential oils. These agents irritate the gastrointestinal tract, which improves the secretion of saliva in the bronchi.

The doctor can prescribe pills that regulate the consistency and sputum. One effective remedy is Carbocysteine, which restores the viscosity and elasticity of mucus, so it is excreted faster from the body. This group of drugs also includes Ambroxol and Bromhexine.

Antibiotics of the sulfanilamide group are indicated for acute pneumonia and bronchitis, diseases that are accompanied by high body temperature and the release of green sputum. It is useful to take decoctions of herbs:

  • mint,
  • mother-and-stepmother,
  • anise,
  • thyme,
  • oregano.

Important tips for sore throat and cough

You need to use as much fluid as possible, which will help to quickly dilute sputum, perform steam inhalations with a dry cough with the addition of menthol and eucalyptus.

In addition, you can and should:

  1. lubricate the body with goat fat,
  2. make broths with thyme, oregano, pine buds, anise, nettle, sage, licorice,
  3. humidify the air in the room, dry air irritates the bronchi and lungs. It is important to regularly clean the air humidifiers, because they accumulate mold, because of which hypersensitivity to the fungus appears, thus, coughing attacks increase.

Before treating the pain of the throat and cough, it is important to pinpoint the causes of the disease and determine the type of cough. Only in this case the therapy will give a quick and stable result.

You need to pay attention to folk remedies for cough and sore throat, but if such methods do not work, you should immediately consult a doctor. Elena Malysheva in the video in this article will tell you what to do with a strong cough.

People advise a medicine from a throat ...


Ivan Kuznetsov

Rinse your throat with jox, soda and salt.

Maria Boznyakova

Everyone knows what a sore throat is. As a rule, the pain in the throat starts to bother since the morning, when a person just wakes up. The first signs are a nasty feeling of burning, a sore throat, painful sensations when talking and swallowing. Sore throat can be triggered by various causes - angina, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and acute respiratory diseases. Most of the pain in the throat appears in the off-season, in conditions of low immunity with a deficiency in the body of vitamins. The sensitivity of the body to viruses is increased, accordingly, the microbes begin to multiply in the throat.
Sore throat can also appear in the warm season. The reason is very simple - the heat induces a person to drink almost icy water. With a sharp drop from the heat to cold and there is a sore throat. Sore throat requires compulsory treatment, otherwise it can go to the extent of a chronic disease. As a rule, a sore throat indicates low immunity, a lack of vitamins that help protect the body from pathogens.
Modern medications for sore throat are presented in pharmacies in a huge variety. And, as a rule, after discovering the sore throat the next morning, a man runs to the pharmacy and buys all sorts of pills or lozenges for the throat, which can quickly rid him of unpleasant sensations.
All commercially available drugs for sore throat have different effects and different nature.
Medicines for pain in the throat of antiseptic action
Antiseptics kill bacteria that are in the throat. In case the cause of the disease of the throat is microbes, then antiseptics with them will quickly cope. But if the disease is viral, then antiseptics will not help. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use such medications for sore throat even with viral lesions, because they have an enveloping effect and, thereby, contribute to the softening of the throat and the enhancement of the local immunity.
Antiseptics are sold in pharmacies in the form of lollipops, troches or tablets, aerosols. The effect of their use lasts about 3-4 hours, but they can often not be used, since they can adversely affect the health of the liver. During the first three hours, it is advisable not to drink or eat anything, otherwise they will not have any effect on the throat. The composition of such medicines includes not only antiseptic substances, but also therapeutic essential oils that release breathing.
Medications for pain in the throat of anesthetic action
Anesthetics do not kill bacteria, but instead they gently envelop the throat, relieve the sensation of perspiration and sharp pain in the throat. Drugs for sore throat anesthetics are presented in the form of tablets and lozenges.
Mixed drugs for sore throat
Treatment of pain in the throat has two purposes: to kill pathogens in the throat and to calm the irritated throat. Mixed drugs are used for these two purposes. They are issued in the form of rinses for the throat, troches or therapeutic aerosols.
Medicines for sore throats of immunostimulating nature
Immunostimulating drugs have a deeper effect. Such drugs increase the body's immune forces, and the body is already coping with the disease.
Folk ways of treating sore throat
Since ancient times, from the pain in the throat got rid of with the help of gargling with curative herbs. The most effective herbs for treating sore throat are chamomile, calendula, sage and yarrow. You can rinse your sore throat with soda dissolved in water. Soda perfectly kills microbes, but people suffering from thyroid gland diseases can not use it. Very useful when the throat is inhaled with hot steam.

arsen jalamyan

tantum verde
chamomile to gargle a throat usual and if cough usual tablets it is direct and are called from a tussis-all will pass or take place!


Septhotte, doctor mom, mint candy, hot tea, raspberry can, well, buy syrups)


Spray Geksoral, Ingalipt in the throat. Rinse with furacilin - every 3 hours. Mucutine from a cough. A lot of warm drink - with honey, kalina, raspberry, mint, melissa,
Milk is a must!
Good luck

Elena Maksimenko

To me strepsils helps and from a pain in a throat, and from pershenija, and from tussis irritating.

Beautiful Name

I now have the same nonsense, tomorrow is the Birthday, and I'm sick! Pugh Ehinotsey Forte - drops in water drip 3 times a day

Marina Kravchenko

Excellent tablets for resorption Tonsilotren. Removes redness and plaque. Relief comes quickly. These pills not only treat the sore throat, but also have an immunostimulating effect.

Elena Kolpakova

And grammidine helps me, I drink it in five days, the pain in my throat passes by the evening of the first day of reception, and taste at tablets pleasant mint, it is unique after reception is 2 hours it is impossible, but I I endure.


The best and most effective IMDON

Anastasia Dolmatova

Need to be treated intensively! If I have a sore throat, I drink a lot of morsels, tea with ginger and take gramramine tablets, they have been checked by me for a long time, they help me very quickly. I take a red and drink two tablets more accurately I dissolve. After meal. And do not drink and do not eat anything for about two hours.

Yevgeny Chubarov

Yo! Healthy, I would advise you not the folk remedies that old people often advise, without any potato inhalation or plantain, come on, be smarter using the right methods, modern medicine! I, for example, prefer to use medical water with mouthwash or buy grammidine against the throat, those who resolve, he takes off the pain and then still has an antibacterial effect, for St. Petersburg the most it!

Advise anything from a cough and sore throat pain.



If you want to keep a voice, too - no honey !!!
Drugs for coughing, gargle rinse 3-4 times a day. Good ROTOKAN and Calendula tincture help. But it is better to consult an otolaryngologist.

Evgeny Usatenko

suck honey


Bioporox from the throat and abundant rinse


Milk with butter, warm. And Yox-rinse or spray, in neglected cases.

Pavel Karmanov

Bioparox and terpinkot.

Nikolay Krusajlo

Falimint, strepsils


tablets from a cough (and is called), they are on the grass and are worth a penny

Princess Nuri

Milk with honey should be drunk, and from flu fluids, it helps. Be rejuvenated !!!


pastilles of Dr. IOM - super


My neighbor was here too. So he suffered three days and died! A good man was. It did not become, it became even better!
So do not suffer! Soon!

Anna Matveeva

If the cough is dry, only CODELAC will help, all the other drugs are expectorant, you will only cough from them, trying to cough up phlegm, which is not. In addition, it is good to suck PETUSIN tablets. Well, and curing the infection that this cough caused, eating a cough is just a symptom of the underlying disease. And if you do not get anything now, just warm it up with a spoonful of sugar, when it melts, cool and when you call for a cough, suck the resulting candy.

Maria Khomyakova

from cough-hexoral spray

What to drink with colds, medications Nasal congestion, cough, sore throat



Mulled wine.

Anastasia Pavlovskaya

- With nasal congestion, runny nose: Firstly, it is best to wash your nose (if you have a lot of exudate) with the apparatus of Dolphin, Aqualor, Aqua Maris, Quix, etc. If this is not the case, you can do without washing. With a cold, a constant "leak" from the nose - vasoconstrictive drops or sprays - Xylometazoline (Tysin Xylo, Xylometazoline, Galazolinum, Xylen, Snoop, etc.) - enough for 6-8 hours; Oksimetazolin (Afrin, Nazivin) - enough for 10-12 hours, other - Pinosol, Lazolvan-Rino. If zalozhennost is - better to take drops, sprays with the content of ef. oils of eucalyptus, menthol, etc. If there is a desire, you can additionally lubricate the breast, or under the nose of the ointment Gold Star, Dr. Mom, Vix Active, etc. - well removes zalozhennost !!
- When you cough. It is important to understand what kind of cough. If the cough is dry, then antitussive agents such as Butamirate (Omnitus, Sinekod) tablets and syrups, Prenoxdiazine (Libexin - tablets), Herbion from dry syrup will do. If there is phlegm, a cough moist, then preparations mucolytic-expectorating: based on plant components: Dr. Mom, Herbion from wet cough, mucaltin, pills for cough, Gedelix, Bronchicum, etc. P. on the basis of chemical. components: Ambroxol (Lazolvan, Ambrobene), ATSTS, Carbocysteine ​​(Libexin muko, Fluviert, Fljuditek), etc.
If the cough is long in duration, then also anti-inflammatory syrups or tablets - Fenspiride (Erespal, Eladon, Erispyrus, Siresp), Gelo-Myrtle, Bronchipret, etc.
- With sore throat. It is recommended to rinse the throat with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory solutions. Modern preparations - Geksoral, Tantum Verde, Stopangin, etc. - in pharmacies a huge choice. Either - based on plant components - Malavit, Septisol, Rotokan, etc.
After rinsing to reduce dryness and pain sensitivity after 30 minutes, it is recommended Grammidine Neo (he comes with an anesthetic, antiseptic and macrolide antibiotic), better him. Although there is also a huge choice - strepsils, falimint, hexoral-tabs, etc. + Tonsilgon preparation for oral administration - with chronic and acute forms of tonsillitis - goes in a vite of tablets and drops.
- To recover faster - take vitamin-mineral complexes, for example, Vitrum, Supradin, Multitabs, Centrum, etc.
- In order not to be joined by a viral and bacterial infection, the first bell of which is the rise in body temperature is not superfluous for prophylaxis to drink antiviral and imunnomodulating drugs: Cycloferon, Grippferon, Kagocel, Anaferon, Ergoferon, Tsitovir, Amiksin (Lavomax), etc. P. etc. Ehinacea or tincture for raising immunity (Imunal, Imunal plus C).

a drop

decoction of a raspberry stalk from a cough nasal congestion tincture of capsicum on the nose bridge compress the skin with oil

Aviv's Fish

Tea with lemon.


If something is viral, then you can drink Ingauverin. From the pain and redness in the throat will help regular rinsing: baking soda a couple of teaspoons and a drop of iodine on a glass of water. From coughing is best Ascoril. He specially turns dry cough into wet. All sputum should be expectorated, so that the body does not linger. And more vitamins of natural origin: apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, garlic. Now it's not winter, and everything is quite affordable. Good health!

Antibiotic for sore throat and cough

With the onset of cold weather, the pain in the throat haunts quite a few. It is often accompanied by a cough and brings a lot of inconvenience: it interferes with talking, changes the timbre of the voice, and just spoils the mood. Recoatable tablets and sugar candies - this is only a symptomatic solution to the problem. With the rest of the body must cope itself. If he did not succeed, the antibiotic with a sore throat remains the only solution. However, only a doctor should prescribe it, before carefully studying the origin of the disease.

Causes of sore throat

To list all the diseases that can contribute to the appearance of painful sensations in the throat is useless, since there are a huge number of them. In medical practice, there are three main causes of an unpleasant symptom:

  • virus diseases (flu, ARVI, etc.);
  • the introduction of bacteria into the mucous membrane of the tonsils (staphylococci, streptococci, chlamydia);
  • diseases of an infectious nature (chickenpox, rubella, measles).

An antibiotic with sore throat is prescribed only if the pathology is associated with a bacterial infection. If the disease is viral, then taking such drugs will only weaken the immune system, but it will not destroy the cause of the inflammatory process.

Sore throat and cough: Do you need antibiotics?

The peak of the catarrhal disease, lasting for about 7 days, is considered normal and, according to doctors, does not require antibacterial intervention. It is enough only to use local anesthetics and disinfectants, as well as oral preparations of anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. Usually this is enough to remove the pain in the throat. Treatment with antibiotics is prescribed in such cases:

  • if the heat lasts more than a week;
  • a fever was added to the main symptoms;
  • In addition to pain when swallowing, a dry cough appeared, which does not last more than 10 days;
  • swollen submandibular lymph nodes.

With such a picture of the disease, the runny nose, as a rule, is absent. If you see a plaque formed on the tonsils during the examination, the doctor usually diagnoses "angina".

Also, an antibiotic is often prescribed for sore throat and cough. In children with such symptoms, the therapist can detect whooping cough or bacterial pneumonia.

Classification of antibiotics

A person without medical education will find it rather difficult to independently choose an antibacterial drug. It is best to consult a specialist, especially if you are concerned about severe sore throat. Antibiotics come in different classes and differ in the nature of the action, so only the doctor will be able to give the most correct advice. So, all antibacterial drugs are divided into several groups:

  • Penicillins. This class of antibiotics is most common due to its low level of toxicity. Preparations of this group are used to treat infections of severe form (sore throat, pneumonia, otitis, etc.). They purposefully affect the walls of bacteria, thereby causing death.
  • Macrolides. In medical practice, they became famous as an ideal tool for the therapy of SARS. As a universal drug, you can use an antibiotic for sore throat to those who have an allergy to penicillin.
  • Cephalosporins. Destroying the membrane film of bacteria, these substances destroy them. The peculiarity of the use of this type of antibiotics - they are administered in the form of injections (intravenously or intramuscularly). As a rule, such agents are used to treat inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract.
  • Fluoroquinolones. They have an aggressive effect on gram-negative bacteria (pneumococcus, chlamydia). This class of drugs is most safe for use, since it practically does not poison the body with toxins.

Antibiotics for the treatment of sore throat and cough in children

To begin therapy of the disease in a child with antibacterial agents should be done with extreme caution. The choice of the drug should depend on the symptoms of the disease. So, an antibiotic with pain in the throat and ear is better to choose from the penicillin series. The convenience of using such medications is that they differ in the variety of forms of release. For babies, most likely, it will be a problem to swallow a pill, so parents can choose a remedy in a liquid form. If the baby is allergic to this drug, then you can replace it with a medicine from the group of macrolides. It gently comes into the fight with the infection, without causing side effects.

Typically, doctors prescribe kids such antibacterial drugs:

  • "Flemoxin-solutab".
  • "Amoxiclav."
  • "Amosin".

Risk of antibiotics for children

The baby's body is only at the stage of formation, therefore, it has a weaker immune system and other functions than the adult. Not always an antibiotic with a sore throat in a child helps to solve the problem without consequences. Many children are allergic to these drugs. Therefore, taking antibiotics to eliminate pain when swallowing can trigger gastrointestinal upset and other side effects. In some cases, it even threatens the life of the child, especially when it comes to large doses of the drug.

With sore throat in adults

Apply an antibiotic with sore throat in an adult should be at least 7-14 days. This is a fairly long course compared with therapy in children (up to a week). Thus it is desirable, that treatment was complex, that is including in itself and other means of struggle against disease. Optimum use of the following drugs:

  • "Amoxicillin."
  • "Benzylpenicillin."
  • "Sumamed".
  • "Amoxiclav."
  • "Erythromycin.
  • Bicillin.
  • "Augmentin".

Rules for taking antibiotics

When starting treatment with antibacterial medicines, remember a few points:

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the dosage of the product. It should be observed when taking the medicine in the amount that was prescribed by the doctor, or clearly guided by the enclosed instructions to the drug.
  • It is also very important to undergo a full course of treatment, even if approximately in the middle of the therapy there was a sore throat. After antibiotics, bacteria must completely die, otherwise they will develop immunity to these substances.
  • Neglecting patterns of drug use relative to food intake (for such an amount of time before or after a meal) is fraught with violations of the gastrointestinal tract. It can also worsen the absorption of the antibiotic into the blood, which means that its effect will be less pronounced.
  • In case of allergic manifestations, it is necessary to immediately cancel the taking of the remedy in order to avoid the sad consequences.

It is risky to prescribe an antibiotic for yourself with sore throat. Only a qualified doctor can determine which drug is suitable for the treatment of a particular disease, and build the right therapy regimen.

I gathered in a drugstore out of medicine, but I did not have a bed. The best medicine for a cough and not to hurt your throat?


Oleh_Huz '

chew on a slice of ginger root.

be happy

castor oil.

Mom Choli

there and ask.. there and will advise "the best" pharmacists in the best at times better than doctors understand


from a sore throat a frequent sage + tablets Falimint... from coughing black radish with honey

Paul Azachem

Raspberries, honey, vodka you add all this to hot tea (2/3 tea). Little glitches.


If only Gramdin is the best! Our remedy is better than imported ones, take it right. I guarantee it! Costs around 150 rubles, but for its quality would have given all 300

Masha the Beetle

About gramidine
as in the summer in the derevnyaya pharmacy stood a doctor in line and she said that of the drug from the throat is good only for gramidine, and everything else is bullshit
so take the best gramidin-neo - it is also an anesthetic

What medicines for cough and sore throat can be taken breastfeeding?


Inna Timokhina

decoction of licorice, licorice candies, gargle rinse with soda, herbs


Captain Nemo

only on the grass seed of no chemistry

capriciousness of Moscow

Mukaltin, Derinat, tactivin.
Everything is not of chemical origin.

Irina Ilyina

With sore throat - Bioparox, Homeomix with cough syrup Stodal, with a cold - Euphorbium compositum spray. These drugs are approved for use in pregnancy and lactation.

Irina Ivanova

Lollipops Kofol and Mom

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