At what cough

At what cough to take Erespal

Effects of Erespal on coughing

Erespal is one of the most popular drugs to date, whose action is aimed at eliminating the effects of inflammatory processes in the bronchi. Erespal is actively used in diseases of the respiratory system. The main active substance of the drug is fenspiride.

As a result of the development of the inflammatory process in the organs of the respiratory system, active multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms begins. The consequence of this process are inflammation, hypersection of the bronchial glands, spasms of the smooth muscles of the bronchi. The clinical picture observed in this process is the following: the patient suffers from attacks of moist and dry cough, it may have shortness of breath and painful sensations in the inflamed areas.

Cough syrup erespal has proven effective in treating inflammation of the respiratory tract. Its action is based on the blocking of H1-histamine receptors and alpha-adrenoreceptors, resulting in there is a relaxation of the muscles of the bronchi, a reduction in the production of mediators of inflammation, as well as secretion of the glands bronchi. Effects of erespal on the body is manifested in a decrease in coughing attacks and a decrease in the development of a pathological secret. The result of the use of the cough syrup erespal is the gradual elimination of discomfort sensations during the breathing process.

Erespal: at what cough to take?

Erespal as a cure for cough is prescribed by doctors for ENT diseases, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis, but also with allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, as well as with bronchial asthma. It is common knowledge that erespal promotes the removal of respiratory syndromes in whooping cough, measles and acute respiratory infections.

Contraindications to the use of erespal has, except for the individual intolerance of any of the components that make up the product. Carefully conducted clinical studies have proved the fact that the components of the erespal are not have any significant adverse effects on the body of pregnant women treatment of cough. The child does not suffer at the same time. However, during pregnancy, taking erespal is not recommended. Moreover, when taking it, it is recommended to interrupt and breast-feeding, in view of the probability of the release of its components along with breast milk.

Cough syrup erespal is recommended for use in inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, because of its good anti-inflammatory and bronchodilating properties. This means that it is indicated in rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, pharyngitis, otitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, laryngitis, measles, tracheobronchitis. Erespal is recommended for use in the treatment of dry and wet cough.

Erespal with dry cough

Erespal cough syrup has an orange color and vanilla flavor. Directly before use, it is recommended that it be shaken. Despite the fact that it requires the recommendation of a doctor, it is sold without problems in pharmacies. With a dry cough it is recommended to take it one teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before meals. If the patient is in a neglected condition, 320 mg of syrup is allowed on the recommendation of the doctor. A similar amount of medicine should be divided into several methods.

In the case when it comes to such a pharmacological form of the drug as tablets, with a dry cough to take Erespal follows their calculation of one tablet in the morning and in the evening.

Erespal with a damp cough

When wet cough, it is recommended to use a preparation that has a liquid consistency. If it is endowed with a liquid precipitate, it is recommended that it be shaken to eliminate it. Dosage of the reception is calculated based on the patient's body weight. The most effective ratio is a dosage of 4 mg per kilogram of body weight. Take two teaspoons a half an hour before meals. If we are talking about children weighing more than ten kilograms - their dosage, these are two tablespoons twice a day. It is also advisable to exercise before meals.

Erespal when coughing in children

Erespal refers to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs acting with high efficacy, the safety of which has been proven. It exerts a significant influence on the main links of pathogenesis, thereby reducing the severity of the inflammatory process in the lung and vessels and, interrupting the unfavorable process that occurs if a chronic phase. The consequence of all of the foregoing is a reduction in swelling and hypersection of mucus, an improvement in mucociliary clearance. Erespal affects the main clinical symptom - cough, by stopping the course of the pathological inflammatory process in the respiratory tract.

To demonstrate the clinical efficacy of erespal, 114 children under treatment in the pulmonology department of the State Academy of Pediatrics St. Petersburg. The main group consisted of 68 children aged from 2 months to 15 years, 20 were diagnosed with acute respiratory disease of a variety of forms, 28 children suffered community-acquired pneumonia, 12 - chronic bronchitis, 8 - post-pneumonic pneumosclerosis and 18 - chronic nonspecific diseases lungs. A number of patients complained of a combination of these diseases. The diagnosis was made according to generally accepted standardization. Assessment of patients was made on the basis of their complaints and the results of the tests. Such indicators as the nature and duration of cough, the amount of expectorated sputum, were determined subjectively, based on complaints from the patient and his parents, they were special scale. Patients were prescribed antibacterial therapy, the use of bronchospasmolytic drugs. Erespal was given a dose of 4 mg per kg of live weight twice a day. Children at the age of fifteen received it in the form of syrup, children older than the above-mentioned age - in tablets.

A comparison group was also organized, which included children aged one to fifteen, with a total of 46 people. For medicinal purposes, they received all kinds of mucoactive drugs without erespal. The duration of the treatment with erespal was up to two weeks in ARI, from three weeks to a month with pneumonia and from one month to three in cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

In order to be able to fully conduct a study of the effect of erespal on the duration and nature of cough with ARI and community-acquired pneumonia, patients with these diseases were divided into two groups: taken with a dry cough and with a wet cough. The group taking erespal allocated about two-fifths of the total number of children whose dry cough stopped after a week after the start of the procedure. In all the others, the dry cough underwent a transformation to the moist one four days after the start of the procedure and completely stopped by the tenth day. As for the comparison group, the bulk of its dry cough was transformed into a wet cough by the tenth day and completely disappeared only after two weeks.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that this study confirmed effectiveness of erespal as a means for treating cough in children, as well as all forms of pathology bronchopulmonary system. The result of including the erespal in therapy was a significant reduction in the duration of the cough period, the rapid transformation of dry cough to wet. At the same time, the cough became more productive, there was an improvement in the sanitation of the tracheobronchial tree, which indicates that the drug is able to improve mucociliary clearance, and to reduce the effects of congestion in the terminal areas of the respiratory tract. Erespal contributed to a significant reduction in the time of the course of diseases in acute respiratory infections and acute pneumonia, Since coughing was a symptom that lasted longer than all others with respiratory diseases. Erespal can be recommended as an agent for cough treatment in children, both on an outpatient basis and in a hospital hospital.

Erespal with a dry cough in the child

With a dry cough in children, erespal is taken in a daily dose, calculated for three doses. Take it before eating, before taking a bottle. If there is a dry cough in infants, for them you can make the addition of syrup to the drink or mixture. In order to determine the daily intake dose for an infant, consult a doctor. This is due to the fact that the duration of treatment with the drug depends on the nature of the course of the disease and is subject to individual determination.

If the parents decide to take an erespal in order to treat a dry cough in their child, they should fully realize that as a result of taking the drug, there may be a manifestation of side effects effects. These can be disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, drowsiness, all sorts of rashes, as well as mild fever.

What except cough treats erespal

Erespal is an effective medicine that has a complex effect, capable of providing both a bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory effect. Due to this circumstance, erespal often appears in the list of drugs used in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Accompanying the drug instruction on its use, defines it as a means for the therapy of other diseases respiratory organs having an inflammatory nature of the course that are accompanied by pulmonary edema and bronchospastic phenomena.

In combination with purposeful complex therapy, erespal promotes acceleration of recovery, reduces symptoms malaise in ARI, removes stuffiness in the nose, pain, runny nose and sore throat, eliminates the swelling of the mucosa internal organs. It is very well combined with antibiotics and almost does not cause an allergic reaction. A very valuable quality of the drug is the possibility of using it for the treatment of infants.

Erespal has a multifaceted action and high efficiency of application, which makes it possible to reduce the amount of accompanying therapy.

The drug can be used for inflammatory diseases of various parts of the respiratory organs. It can be a larynx, a trachea, a nasopharynx, bronchi. Among the inflammatory diseases of these organs are laryngitis, tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. The preparation of erespal, presented in the form of tablets, is effective in the treatment of hoarseness of the voice, sagging in the throat, which accompany respiratory diseases, which are of an infectious nature. These include pertussis, measles, and influenza. Erespal is involved in the process of treating the inflammation of the middle ear, as well as the paranasal sinuses.

Erespal with cough: reviews

Erespal has received very mixed reviews among patients who took it for the treatment of cough. There have been cases of loss of consciousness in young children, whom the doctor prescribed the reception of this remedy. According to the attached instructions, taking the drug should be performed on an empty stomach when the child is hungry and this circumstance sometimes only exacerbates the matter, contributes to fainting. At the same time, according to reviews, the drug is quite effective in treating cough caused by bronchitis in older children. Applicants noted softness of the drug and complete absence of any side effects. Apparently the individual tolerance of the patient's body to the drugs of one type or another against the background of the general psychoemotional state plays a role. It is also important in what combination of other medications is the use of erespal and what side effects can cause the combined use of these medications. In any case, there were no serious contraindications to the use of erespal for the treatment of cough, as in children, and adults - in any case, there are no testimonies testifying to the proven harm from taking this preparation. This circumstance can be considered as a confirmed proof of the clinical efficacy of erespal as a means for treating cough in people of different age groups. Consequently, the drug has earned a positive reputation.

Sinecode for coughing

Exhausting, dry cough is very difficult to stop. To do this, you need to use drugs that affect certain centers of the brain in order to stop receiving the signal about the reduction of bronchi. Earlier, opiates were used for this purpose, but now there is no need to use narcotic drugs - Sinecode helps cough quickly, effectively and safely.

At what cough it is possible to accept Sinecod?

This question is put in a separate topic, not without reason. The fact is that with a wet cough Synecode is not used. There are several explanations:

  1. Dry cough is caused by inflammation of the bronchi, bacteria do not accumulate, sputum is not formed. You can use the product with complete safety.
  2. Sinecode with a wet cough stops spitting, bacteria begin to multiply faster, mucus accumulates in the bronchi, spreads to the lungs and the patient develops serious complications.
  3. If you are not sure of which cough Synecode will help, and from which - no, it is better to consult a doctor. Regardless of what type of cough you drink Sinecode, the effectiveness of the drug is not affected - it will stop both dry and wet cough. The effect of the drug is systemic, it depresses the cough reflex at the level of the signals of the nervous system. But with sputum cessation coughing will bring more problems than good.

Features of the cough medicine Sinekod

After all of the above, it becomes obvious that the drug can be used in situations where the infection process is absent and sputum is not excreted. These include a certain stage of such diseases:

  • smoker's catarrh;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • whooping cough;
  • the initial stage of the common cold;
  • pharyngitis and laryngitis without bacterial complications;
  • viral diseases of the respiratory system, not accompanied by sputum.

Also Sinekod is widely used in the field of preparation for surgical manipulations on respiratory organs and various physiotherapeutic procedures.

The main active substance, butamir, is perceived by the human body favorably and completely excreted by the kidneys. In the blood and internal organs, neither butamate itself nor its metabolites accumulate. The therapeutic effect comes in, hours after taking the remedy.

Sinecode is available on sale in the form of syrup, drops and drops. Depending on the form of release, the concentration of active substances differs - the syrup is used for therapy children over the age of 3, dragees are used to treat adults, and drops - pregnant women and children from 2 months. The use of the drug during the first trimester of pregnancy and lactation is prohibited. Also, complications can occur in allergic people, especially those sensitive to lactose. It is included in the number of additional components of the medicine. Diabetics use syrup, drops and pills can be without risk to health - despite the vanilla flavor and pleasant taste, there is no sugar in Sinekode, as a sweetener used sodium saccharin. Due to the presence of minor amounts of ethanol, the drug is administered with caution to persons with alcohol and drug dependence, as well as hypersensitivity to this component.

In case of an overdose, side effects

have signs of toxic poisoning:
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • stool disorder;
  • dizziness;
  • skin rashes;
  • drowsiness.

It is recommended to do a gastric lavage and take activated charcoal, or another absorbent preparation. If these measures are taken in a timely manner, the patient's condition will be normalized fairly quickly. Otherwise, seek medical advice from a doctor.

At what cough to take Erespal

Dry and moist, barking, lingering and even allergic - in all cases this unique preparation will help. At what cough to take Erespal? At any rate! A powerful drug is often used, effective in fighting most colds and infectious diseases of ENT organs. Successfully designate a popular medicine for adults and very young children.

From what cough Erespal helps

Any inflammatory process in the nasopharynx causes a rapid multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. As a result - bronchospasm, glandular hypersecretion. In these situations, Erespal helps. If there is no sputum, this medicine will stop the attack, and if it is wet, it reduces the secretion of the glands. Often, doctors are asked about the cough Erespal gives. This drug is effective for respiratory symptoms of any etiology.

The medicine relieves of a protracted exhausting and barking attack. It is used for allergic reactions and bronchial asthma. Indications for use are wide:

  • pharyngitis;
  • acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • measles;
  • laryngitis;
  • whooping cough.

Instruction for admission

When using a medicine, it is very important to follow all the doctor's recommendations accurately, take into account compatibility with other prescriptions. As a rule, adults are prescribed 80 mg of the drug 2-3 times a day. Children and adolescents under the age of 14 are recommended to take the drug at a rate of 4 mg / kg of the child's weight per day. For children younger than 2 years of age, doses are prescribed individually by a medical professional.

Cough syrup

To whom, at what cough to take syrup and in what dosages, the doctor decides. It also helps adults. Drug Erespal with a dry cough in a child is prescribed only in syrup! Nuances:

  1. The "sweet variant" contains sucrose, so it should be taken with caution to patients with diabetes mellitus.
  2. Syrup is prescribed even to newborns, although manufacturers do not recommend the use of the drug to 2 years.
  3. For crumbs that have not reached this age, the decision can only be made by a doctor, based on the severity of the disease and the state of health of the baby.


At what cough do you take Erespal tablets? The indications are the same, only one clarification - the pills are prescribed to patients over 18 years of age. The method of application and the amount of the drug is determined by the therapist. The medicine is taken before meals. Single dose - no more than 2 tablets. In severe cases, a doctor can recommend a single treatment of the disease once. In this case, the daily dose should not be above 240 mg.

Feedback on the results of the application

Maria, 25 years old: For several weeks I could not overcome a barking cough. I tried a wide variety of syrups. On the recommendation of a doctor, she bought this drug - almost immediately it was a relief. Since then, I always keep this medicine at home. Before, I did not know about Erespal when I took it, but after the illness, I can safely recommend it when barking!

Natalia, 32 years old: I was looking for data on Erespal at what cough to take, doctors' advice differed. I listened to my therapist and gave it to the baby when wet. Very quickly the medicine helped, but the two-year-old son had an allergic reaction - the body was covered with a rash. Apparently, this is a reaction to the syrup. Continue to be given along with antihistamines.

Nikita, 37 years old: I was ill for a long time, I was treated at home with herbs and light syrups. I switched to antibiotics, but there was no relief. When the muscles began to ache from the attacks, I decided to see a doctor, Erespal began to take his advice. It became better not immediately - but after 4 days the pain began to decrease. Cure quickly failed, but after 2 weeks I was healthy.

ATSTS at dry cough: it is possible or not to cure the disease with this medication

When there is a cough, dry or with sputum, it brings a feeling of discomfort, pain, difficulty breathing. Modern pharmacology offers a very large selection of remedies for eliminating this unpleasant phenomenon.

Before deciding, the drug ATSTS with a dry cough can be or not to take, you should carefully study the composition of the drug and its main effect.

It is a preparation of mucolytic effect, the main active ingredient of which is acetylcysteine, effectively relieving the patient of a wet cough. In addition to the mucolytic effect, the medicine also exerts an expectorant action, antioxidant, removes toxins from the body, removes inflammation.

Produced antitussive drug in the form of syrup, effervescent tablets, powder in a sachet, solution for injection, a mixture for inhalation, which helps patients choose the most convenient form of the drug and the method reception. Children are not always comfortable with taking different medications and such diverse forms of release help them take medicine with tea and juice.

To understand whether or not to take ATSTS with a dry cough, you need to know what diseases it is prescribed:

  • different forms of bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • otitis media;
  • sinusitis.

Contraindications for taking the drug are:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • sputum with bloody clots;
  • septic ulcer;
  • pulmonary hemorrhage.

Side effects occur rarely, but still occur. They appear as in the case of taking the majority of other medications in the form of pain in the head and abdomen, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Also, heartburn, tachycardia, problems with arterial pressure, allergic skin reactions may be manifested.

Therefore, the question of whether it is possible ATSTS with a dry cough or not, doctors respond that yes, you can. But only on condition that the drug will be used together with those medicines that contribute to the dilution of sputum.

Cough therapy with ACC always yields positive results, about what the reviews say, both doctors and patients. Thanks to different forms of the medicine, it actively helps to suppress and save from any manifestation of cough, both wet and dry.

To get the most effective result of therapy, the question of whether you can use ATSTS with a dry cough or not, should decide the attending physician.

ACS: at what cough to take this medication

The drug has a wide range of effects and if you prescribed the drug ATSTS, with what cough to take it in detail describes the instruction.

If you purchased the medicine in the form of a sachet of powder or granules, you should know that one such sachet is diluted in half a glass of warm water.

The product should be thoroughly stirred and consumed immediately after a meal.

Please note that the prepared solution does not lose its medicinal properties during3-хhours.

To prepare a similar medicine from the granules of ACC, you can use not only plain water, but also warm tea, juices, compotes, which then should be drunk with several sips of ordinary water and thereby clean the oral cavity of the active components medicament.

When the doctor told you, at what cough to take ATSTS, he prescribes doses of the drug, based also on the causes of the appearance of a cough. If you have bronchitis, tonsillitis and other diseases, the dose of the drug will be different to get the most effective result of therapy.

Adults are prescribed 2-3 times a day for 200 mg of the drug (granules). The same dosage is for children over 14 years.

As for the question of which cough and how to take ATSTS for children, it all depends on the type of drug:

  • ACTS 100 - admission for the youngest children is allowed. Children under 2 years are allowed 50 mg 3 r. / Day; children from 5 years - 100 mg, 4 rubles / day; children from 6 years - 600 mg, divided into 3 doses per day.
  • ATSTS Long is prescribed for children over 14 years of age. The daily dose is 600 mg per time. The drug is taken after meals.
  • ATSTS 200 the doctor can recommend for therapy of children from 6 years. Most often, a solution is prepared: 1/2 bags are dissolved in half a glass of warm water 2 r. / Day. Children from 12 years - 3 times a day.

The medicine is allowed for therapy of pregnant and lactating women. In this case, you can use ACS 100, which is taken 3 r./day for 50 mg. When a patient has an inadequate response to the drug, stop taking it and consult a doctor.

When treating dry cough in pregnant women, the doctor also prescribes other drugs aimed at treating the cause of the disease, which resulted in a cough.

Since the state of pregnancy does not allow the use of many drugs, especially antibiotics, then the whole complex of medicines can be prescribed only by a doctor, based on the characteristics of the organism of the pregnant woman and the course pregnancy. Self-administration and taking medication is contraindicated.

The analogues of ACC are:

  • Fluimutsil, this is a complete analog of ATSTS, which is prescribed for the same diseases and different types of cough, in the same dosage.
  • Acetylcysteine-Hemofarm is perfectly suitable for children's cough therapy, has release forms in small dosages (100 and 200 mg each).
  • Ambrohexal has the same therapeutic effect, dilutes sputum and does not cause side effects.
Regardless of the cough you decide to take ACS, its effect begins within 30 minutes after taking medication and lasts from 4 hours to 24 hours, depending on what was the dose of the medicine - 100 or 200 mg or 600 mg.

On the third day of treatment, the concentration of the drug in the body reaches a maximum and you have a persistent therapeutic effect.Therefore, reviews of doctors and patients about this drug are always positive.

This is also facilitated by the fact that the drug helps to cure the cough that may result from a variety of viral, infectious diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, as a result of an allergic reaction.

ACC helps to get rid of productive cough, unproductive, acute, chronic, subacute, night and morning. The doctor, when diagnosing your disease, will definitely clarify all the nuances of the cough, its features, in order to choose a dosage form - ACC 100, 200, Long or hot drink.

For each specific clinical case, the correct concentration of active substance - acetylcysteine, which will ensure high efficiency of treatment and rapid recovery patient.

The potential of the drug has not yet been fully identified and active research is being conducted in this field, aimed at developing effective properties of ATSs for eliminating cough symptoms.


Erespal for children and adults: at what cough to take

Anti-inflammatory drug "Erespal" in children and adults will significantly reduce allergic manifestations and help cope with spasms in the bronchi in conjunction with other means. "Erespal" should be used to reduce infectious and inflammatory and allergic phenomena in the respiratory tract.

Effect of the drug

Taking "Erespal you prevent spasms and edema of the bronchi, as "Erespal" antagonizes with inflammatory and allergic symptoms causing histamine, bradykinin and serotonin. The drug will relax the muscles and blood vessels, as it is an antispasmodic. "Erespal" in large doses will reduce the effects of inflammation. The safety of the antipyretic and anti-inflammatory "Erespal" has been proved.

The drug does not allow the development of the main biologically active provocators of allergy, inflammation and bronchospasm. As a result, the effect on the body of provoking factors decreases.Dyspnea decreases, coughing and painful phenomena associated with it decrease.

Erespal tablets are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and begin to function in the body after about six hours or even faster. The active substance of the drug - fenspiride hydrochloride - is excreted from the body with urine (mostly) and feces.

"Erespal" is produced in tablets for adults and in the form of syrup for babies.

When to apply

The drug is very effective:

  • If you are overcome by respiratory symptoms accompanying acute respiratory infections, whooping cough, with measles disease, etc.
  • With chronic bronchitis with obstructions.
  • For the treatment of rhinitis, otitis, pharyngitis and sinusitis.
  • With chronic bronchial asthma.
  • To reduce and eliminate allergic rhinitis.

The use of "Erespal" for infectious diseases and allergic manifestations is shown, since it acts only on the tissues of the respiratory system. An allergic cough in a child is also an indication.

What cough to take? "Erespal" has proven itself with a dry and moist cough.

Children with a dry cough drug given before meals on a teaspoon. With the started states, up to 320 ml of syrup can be taken per day.When fighting with a wet cough dose should be calculated in accordance with the weight of the patient: 4 milligrams per kilogram, 2 teaspoons before meals.

With a prolonged exhausting "barking" cough, "Erespal" is also an indispensable drug. When exacerbations of bronchitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis use of the drug is justified in combination with antibiotics and expectorants. The inflammatory process will cease to develop with the use of "Erespal and when taken along with the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, the infection will win, significantly accelerating the process of recovery.

If the bronchial obstruction appeared after a long inflammatory process, with chronic pulmonary obstruction, reception of "Erespal" for three months will prevent relapse and reduce developing dyspnea.

With bronchial asthma, "Erespal" should be used in conjunction with other drugs to suppress the development of bronchospasm and attacks of allergy.

The course of treatment "Erespalom" can last for acute diseases from a week to three months with chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Instruction for admission

"Erespal" syrup from a cough, as for getting rid of a dry or wet cough, must be taken before eating.

Children older than 14 years and adults take Erespal at 80 milligrams (equal to one tablet or 45 to 90 milliliters of syrup) in the morning and before bedtime.The dose increase is possible up to a volume of 320 milligrams, for two or three doses during the day.

Syrup is given to children according to the number of years and body weight:

  • up to a year (weighing less than 10 kilograms) one - two spoons of syrup two to three times a day,
  • children a year and older (weighing from 10 kilograms) one - two tablespoons to three times a day.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not assigned Erespal, as some of its safety indicators are not clinically proven.

What's the price? The cost of "Erespal" in tablets ranges from 210 to 280 rubles.

Perhaps you are also interested in reading about the symptoms and treatment of allergic laryngitis. Here the symptoms of allergic sinusitis are described.

Read what antibiotics to take with bronchitis in adults.

Here you can get acquainted with the composition of the plots from the cough Dr. Mom.

Reviews about the treatment of snoring with a laser:

Reviews and advice from doctors

  • "Effective in otorhinolaryngology: I prescribe with vasomotor rhinitis, otitis, sinusitis." Kanashina V., Orsk.
  • "I used for myself and patients with dry cough older than 10 years. There were no side-effects. The cough persisted. " Fedorchuk EI, Khanty-Mansiysk.
  • "I often prescribe in tablets, with a damp cough. Syrup is more effective than tablets. As for safety, I can say that adding orange flavor seriously limits the use in children with allergies. " Gromov VS, Yaroslavl.
  • "Erespal is an auxiliary drug for chronic pulmonary disease of moderate severity and ancillary for ARVI in children." Fadeev SS, Moscow.
  • "I prescribe the drug at the beginning of the OIVDP. Decreased mucosal edema, mucus overproduction, catarrhal symptoms. " Barinova Maria Mikhailovna, Ekaterinburg.
  • "Erespal perfectly acts as an auxiliary in ARVI in conjunction with interferons. Negative side effect - allergic reactions and vomiting (due to additives in the composition). " Nikitenko Marina, Krymsk.
  • "The grandson takes 2 and a half years, helps!!! No problem. And the patients too.) ". Esenina E.P. Permian.
  • "Effectively: repeatedly applied to family members and myself. Side effects were not observed. " Zhanna Popova, St.P.
  • "I actively apply for appointments. It often causes drowsiness in adults and pain in the epigastric region. " Igor Petrovich R., Tyumen.
  • "I'm appointing Erespal after a course of anti-inflammatory therapy. Then it is more effective and in most cases is well tolerated. " AND. Grischuk, Permian.

Patient Reviews

  • "Erespal in our family - cough medicine number one. Helps everyone and everything is suitable. But it's better to be healthy after all, than to take even good medicines. " Medkov R., Chelyabinsk.
  • "The child started a very strong dry cough, snot appeared. The child is five months old. The doctor advised "Erespal". She did not hesitate. Taste did not like his son trying to spit. But next time I'll give this syrup when coughing with a syringe from nurofen, so that I do not spit anything out. "
  • "They suffered for a long time with a child's cough, such a nuisance was to treat it. He was then wet, then again dry, then again passed into the wet one. When the pediatrician prescribed Erespal, I began to doubt, at home we have the entire pharmacy. But since other means did not help, we decided to test Erespal. During the three days of treatment, nothing changed. Nearly disappointed in the drug, but it took 5 days, and cough stopped expecting. The child ceased to torment cough at night, and began to sleep. A week later, the cough was completely gone. But put 10 days we drank the medicine. "
  • "Erespal" was a good tool, helped to cope with a durable protracted cough. I used to try to treat herbs differently or by rinsing them for the throat. But every time this nauseous night cough just made me angry. In the afternoon it seems to be unnoticeable, you just cough... But if you go to bed - it starts a real torture - for 3 hours you choke on a cough. I was tormented for a week. I was afraid that my daughter, when she was cold, would also suffer. But "Erespal" did an excellent job. The cough was not hard, but the sputum began to go off normally. " Marina, mother of 2-year-old Irina.

Thus, the use of the new preparation "Erespal" can be considered effective in diseases of the lungs and bronchi, which are in a neglected chronic stage.Interestingly, this drug successfully helps the body cope with and viral infections.Reception "Erespal" will accelerate recovery, stimulate the body's cleansing from accumulated during the disease toxins.

Mukaltin with a dry cough (instruction)

A medicinal preparation of vegetable origin called Mucaltin has been widely known for a very long time.It is used to stimulate the process of expectoration with a dry cough, that is, as a mucolytic.This medicine is available in the form of tablets, which can be purchased at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.

Composition of the preparation and its effect on the body

The composition of the tablets includes a mixture of polysaccharides from the herb althea medicinal, thanks to which Muciltin and has expectorant properties. This medicine reflexively stimulates the work of the ciliated epithelium, thereby contributing to the acceleration of sputum discharge. At the same time, Mucaltin enhances the peristalsis of bronchioles, and increases bronchial secretion.

Mucaltin has not only expectorant, but also enveloping, anti-inflammatory and softening effect. Vegetable mucus, which is contained in the root of the althaea, envelops the mucous membranes, creating a thin protective layer, protecting them from irritation. Since this layer persists for a long time, the inflammatory process gradually begins to decrease and regeneration of damaged tissues takes place. Plant mucus can also have a protective effect on the gastric mucosa, and, the higher the acidity of the gastric juice, the longer this effect will last.

Muciltin also contains sodium bicarbonate, which dilutes sputum and increases its secretion in the bronchi. As a result of this, sputum becomes much less viscous and begins to cough well.

The following components can be included in the preparation:

  • aspartan;
  • calcium stearate;
  • flavoring;
  • food tartaric acid;
  • rafinated sugar;
  • magnesium carbonate.

Like any other drug, Mukaltin has an instruction that contains all the necessary information about him, starting with the composition and ending with side effects. Before you start taking this drug, it is recommended not only to read it, but also to consult a doctor.

When and who appoint Mukaltin?

Mukaltin doctors are advised to take with various acute or chronic diseases of respiratory organs, which are accompanied by the formation of hard to separate viscous sputum. It can be, for example, diseases such as emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tracheobronchitis and pneumoconiosis.

Mukaltin is allowed to take a dry cough for children who are already a year old. For babies aged 1 to 3 years, half the tablets should be dissolved in warm water or milk, if desired, adding a little sugar syrup there. The child should drink the resulting solution in small sips, so that it as much as possible has washed the sore throat and mouth. Older children with a dry cough pediatrician can recommend taking Muciltin and one tablet. The child can, as simple to swallow the pill, washing it with water, and slowly dissolve it in the mouth.

As adults and children, you should take the medicine 3-4 times a day before meals. The course of treatment, depending on the severity of the patient's condition, can last from one to two weeks, and in exceptional cases it can last up to two months. During treatment, there may be side effects in the form of symptoms of dyspepsia, for example, nausea. It is extremely rare to have an allergy to one of the components of the drug.

Since Muciltin does not affect the concentration of attention and the speed of human reaction, it can be taken by drivers, as well as people working with various dangerous mechanisms. But pregnant women this medicine is prescribed only in the event that there are very good reasons for this.

Who should not take Mukaltin?

This drug is not used to treat children under the age of one year. You can not drink it and those who have a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. Also, it is not prescribed to people who are hypersensitive to any component of this drug. If, during treatment with Mucaltin, signs of an allergy have appeared, for example, itching or urticaria, This remedy should be discontinued immediately, and then consult a doctor so that he can choose the appropriate replacement.

Mukaltin is not prescribed concomitantly with antitussive drugs, for example, with codeine. The fact is that such drugs depress cough, preventing spitting from getting out, which becomes abundant and less viscous under the influence of Mukaltin.

How to take Mukaltin?

Many medicines are based on natural extracts or extracts. This drug is developed using polysaccharides of althea grass, so before taking Mukaltin, it is important to find out the properties of the active ingredient and clarify its side effects, the occurrence of allergic reactions.

At what cough to take Mukaltin?

Due to the fact that this medication is based on the dry extract of the drug althea, which produces an expectorant effect, Mucaltin is recommended for such diseases:

  • pneumoconiosis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • emphysema of the lungs;
  • bronchiectatic disease;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary inflammation;
  • pneumonia.

In addition, any pathology, accompanied by the separation of too viscous and thick sputum, which prevents normal breathing, is also amenable to therapy with the described tablets.

With a dry cough, the effect of Muciltin is somewhat reduced, but, nevertheless, the course of treatment is parallel with the intake other expectorants helps to increase the production of pulmonary secretions, make mucus more diluted. This is due to the intensification of motility and peristalsis of the bronchi due to the irritating effect of the active components of the drug.

How to take Muciltin tablets for adults?

Depending on the manufacturer, the preparation may contain from 50 to 100 mg of the althea extract, as well as various auxiliary ingredients. Therefore, a single dose of Mukaltin for an adult is 1-2 tablets.

Take medication should be strictly before meals, 3-4 times a day. It is important to note that the expectorant is better absorbed when resorbing or chewing each tablet, so doctors recommend not to drink the drug with water after use.

Some pharmaceutical companies offer Muciltin with an additional content of ascorbic acid. In this case, vitamin C significantly enhances the action of the drug, increases the body's resistance to infections, promotes the regeneration of healthy cells. Capsules with ascorbic acid suggest a lower dosage, they should be drunk 1-2 times a day.

Before you start taking cough Mukaltin in tablets, you need to pay attention to existing contraindications:

  • kidney disease;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • diabetes;
  • sensitivity to any of the constituents of the drug;
  • phenylketonuria;
  • thromboses;
  • ulcer of duodenum, stomach;
  • allergy to root extract of althea.

Moreover, one should carefully monitor your own condition during treatment, since Muciltin can cause unpleasant side effects - itching, urticaria, indigestion, nausea.

How much can you take Mukaltin?

As a rule, the course of therapy is about 5-7 days. If no improvement is observed during the indicated period, it is advisable to consult with a specialist about the possibility to continue treatment.

The natural basis of Mukultin causes the need for its long reception. An expectorant effect is manifested due to a cumulative effect, when the concentration of the active substance reaches a maximum. In medical practice, it is noted that the optimal duration of therapy should be at least 10 and not more than 15 days. Excess of 2 weeks is fraught with an overdose, the symptoms of which resemble an easy intoxication of the body.

It should be noted that Muciltin does not provoke bacterial resistance or habituation, so it can be taken with chronic diseases of the lungs and bronchi during each exacerbation.

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