Very bad sore throat hurts to swallow

It really hurts your throat to swallow painfully? Already two weeks it hurts.



You are in vain asking such questions here, firstly you can advise the people what kind of recipe, nothing more. No doctor will prescribe you a treatment in absentia (in this case you need to know all the symptoms, is there a temperature, what? there can be many reasons, it's both a sore throat and an abscess, I do not want to scare you, just take it seriously, so you need to see a specialist ENT doctor and the sooner you do it, the better, given that you still have a thoracic kid. I wish you a cure.

Your Pisatel66 is PI Tarasov?

Calendula I rinsed every 2 hours and on the 2nd day I let go, try it !!!

Idris Mingazov

It is necessary to drink Vodka With pepper!!! and all Type-Top :)

Tail 13

Hot sweet tea with lemon in the evening before going to bed... but must be swallowed immediately, so that it reaches the throat... it's not very much and useful (but it's not harmful), but I've always been cured... be healthy ah! Yes! By the way, vodka with pepper will help... but that's just what it will affect breastfeeding ...


chamomile drink and rinse and rinse with iodized salt


Before you swallow try to chew food)))

Alex the Noble

In 1 container hydrogen peroxide, and in 2 weak solution of potassium permanganate. Lubricate the throat with carved tampons and on the next day forget about the problems.


try to gargle, or it is better to drink olive oil. it softens. Exclude from the diet sunflower seeds, soda, and oranges. These are three enemies, which primarily cause dryness... In the morning, if possible, eat bread and butter, soften your throat ...


The doctor to the otolaryngologist to seem, is possible zagrugochnyj an abscess for example. or fungal angina.

Natalia Shamilova (Petrova)

Tear kerosene, filter the clean kerosene through cotton wool and smear with a cotton bud of the amygdala, usually 2 procedures is enough to get rid of sore throat.


You make a strong solution of salty warm water to rinse every half-hour, in addition, you wash the nasopharynx with the same solution, because there is also an infection. Absolutely harmless and effective means! Cheap and angry :)


it is sore throat or laryngitis or pharyngitis. not looking hard to say. to the doctor. is fraught with the zagryo abscess. complication of the heart. result-all life on antibiotics. or choke with pus. Really. hot and cold to exclude. only warm. do not aggravate the inflammation. to strengthen immunity brew ECHINATSEU grass. drink 3 weeks minimum. and the course of antibiotics shines to you really. only the course! anyway! otherwise the causative agent will have a so-called resistant form and the course of other antibiotics is provided! Get well! your health is very important to us. or current to me... such a tops.

Yuliya Frolova

I would in your place run to the therapist, or call him nadom, God forbid you will infect the child, and so I was helped here by what method -
1. Boil the milk and hot in a thermos bottle
2. You buy mineral water WITHOUT GASES.
3. Take the pile and go there in the proportion of 50/50 milk / min. water every half an hour.
Do not breed in advance, or the milk will curdle.

Pocachevskaya girl

Birch lemon and eat the disease as a hand will remove but eat with skin

diana bobb

With pain in the throat, the best remedy is rinsing with iodine solution every 30 minutes (for 1 glass of water half a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoonful floor spoons of soda and 10 drops of iodine) in the morning on an empty stomach rinse and very carefully all expectorate The effectiveness of treatment depends on the number of rinses Apply the stamens to the tonsils (external application) Soak the steward then apply the cotton wool and tie up how much the pain is tolerated then remove

The Paris Wolves Française

If the voice disappears, there may be stenosis (the vocal cords narrow and you can breathe), better to address to LORu or to accept tablets from tussis (doctor MOM for example) and to rinse or gargle a mouth + to drink HOT tea with lemon juice.


And went to the doctor? Go to Laura! Itself has just recovered a hard angina, too the throat terribly hurted or was ill; was sick 10 days and nothing helped or assisted. In general, no rinse or pills.. Only antibiotics and injections. Do not be ill))


Physical blocking
The throat is the anterior part of the neck, which contains the beginning of the esophagus and the respiratory tract. The throat connects the nasal cavity with the larynx and the mouth - with the esophagus. It plays an important role in the processes of breathing, speech and swallowing.
Emotional blocking
As you already understood, the throat is a very important organ in the life of a person. Throat diseases have three basic metaphysical meanings. If the pain in the throat is accompanied by difficulty breathing, it says that there are few aspirations in a person's life. Cm. also an article LIGHT (PROBLEMS).
If the pain in the throat stops talking, article LARYNGIT.
If we are talking about the feeling of DARKNESS, if a person feels that they took him by the throat, then someone forces him to do something or say, He feels that he is being pressured.
If a person feels a sore throat when swallowing, he should ask himself the following question: "What situation is the moment difficult to swallow at the moment? What piece does not climb into my throat? "Perhaps this is some kind of strong emotion or unwillingness to accept a person or a new idea. This difficulty causes anger and aggressiveness in the person facing him or against another person. Often, when a piece does not climb into the throat, a person feels like a victim and takes the position of "poor me, unhappy."
Mental blockage
It is in the throat is the center responsible for creativity; so if you have a sore throat, you must give yourself the right to create and do whatever you want, not. treading on his throat, not blaming himself and not being afraid to disturb others. Instead of being angry with yourself for an incorrect decision or an ill-considered act, learn to accept with love what you create. Only beats can reveal your personality.
I will give an example from my personal life. Several times my throat began to ache much before public speaking; it was difficult for me swallow this pill - the need for five consecutive evenings to speak at conferences or lectures overtime. It seemed to me that my body told me that it was too much work and I began to feel sorry for myself. In fact, it told me that I myself, without any coercion, made such a schedule. The pain disappeared as soon as I decided to hold all the conferences and lectures with love, no matter how hard it was for me.
It is interesting to note that the throat connects the heart and the head, or, at the metaphysical level, the love of self and I am. Creating your life in accordance with your true needs, you realize your individuality, your I am, you open up abundance. Therefore, if you allow yourself to build your life at your own discretion, this will help you develop your creative abilities. Do what you think is necessary, even if you know that some of the people around you may not like it.
If you feel that you were taken by the throat, know that this is just your perception of the situation. No one can take you by the throat unless you yourself allow it. Do not worry that some people can become for you pieces that do not climb into your throat, that you can not control them. Those who seek to control others do not have the energy or the time to build their own lives.
Spiritual blockage and conclusion
In order to understand the spiritual blockage that interferes with meeting the important need of your true self, ask yourself the questions listed in the UNLOCKING section. The answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the real cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.

Anna Iskovskaya

100 grams of pepper, under the blankets and sleep

My throat is very sore. It hurts to swallow and the temperature is under 38. How is it treated and how?



Hello. Severe sore throat can be caused by various causes. Most often, severe pain in the throat serves as a harbinger of diseases of the viral or bacterial nature of the upper respiratory tract. The most common cause of severe pain in the throat is pharyngitis, which is an inflammatory process on the back of the pharyngeal mucosa. Another cause, leading to severe pain in the throat, can serve as tonsillitis. Laryngitis can also cause severe sore throat. And also the pain can be caused by other diseases. With the development of a bacterial infection, the lymph nodes under the lower jaw begin to swell, and the temperature rises above thirty-eight degrees. With severe sore throat, high body temperature, you need to seek medical help. You should call a doctor if the throat hurts very much, and the temperature keeps at high levels for more than two days, provided home treatment. Especially cautiously it is necessary to concern to a strong pain in a throat which is accompanied by morbidity at a swallowing and morbidity at opening of a mouth, especially if on a skin appear rashes. With uneven pain in the throat, but on condition that it does not pass for a week, it is also necessary to call a doctor. With severe pain in the throat is recommended: drink as much warm drink. It is better if it is a decoction of medicinal herbs that remove inflammation. In addition, warm drinks moisturize and soften irritated with inflammation of the mucous throat, refrain from smoking, rinsing the throat with warm water with the addition of a small the amount of salt, lozenges and cough drops help to soften the throat, with unbearable pain you can take an anesthetic, it is advisable to allow yourself to rest for the duration of the current disease. These activities are just an aid for treatment, which you will be appointed by an expert and will observe the dynamics (development) of the disease. That in the future the disease did not go into chronic form or lead you to complications. Follow the instructions of your therapist and of course tune into a positive mood. Sincerely, Julia.

Rokki /

better consult a doctor

Dina Ramanauskaite

rinse with salt!

Alexandra Tyumeneva

Throat rinse with soda, and preferably a chlorophyllipt solution. Do not badly help hot drink Antigrippin

Nadezhda Mekhedova

antibiotic and rinsing frequent, ingalypt 3 times a day

Chernov Mikhail

Most likely Angina
While the doctor did not rinse his mouth more often.
The doctor will prescribe antibiotics.
Do not delay.

Vadim Dymov

Salt, soda, water and rinse... If purulent, then lubricate with lace-up.

Ruslan Storozhko

it hurts to swallow and 38

Ira Ira

If purulent, then take lyugol.

The throat hurts very much, it is painful to swallow. I feel very bad, but there is no temperature... what should I do?


Tamara Leonidovna

It is known that gogol-mogol is an excellent remedy that can quickly relieve the pain in the throat and that it is recommended to take for therapeutic purposes with sore throat, hoarseness, loss of voice.

The most affordable and easy way to prepare it: beat the raw egg from 1 st. l. sugar before the complete dissolution of sand and immediately drink it.

Today, the gogol-mogol has become quite widespread.
Be healthy!

Monsieur ...

Throat caressing with chlorhexidine



answers on questions

to eat a lemon

Yulek Aleksandrova

often, often rinse with different herbs, furacilin, soda with salt, drink tea with lemon, suck lollipops from the throat, you can still lubricate with lyugol. I personally am so treated.


furacilin and jox


Rinse your throat with a warm soda solution 1 teaspoon per glass of water + 3 drops of a solution of 5% iodine up to 6 times a day.

Gleb Balamutov

how many years, how often does the throat ache, what medication has already been taken, including. antibiotics?

- -

buy ginger, brew and drink in small sips constantly

Polina Nesterova

With sore throat always lysobakt begin to dissolve. He always helps me and the treatment is natural because of the natural composition

Kolya Kolyas

Such simple questions, I thought that already all people know what to do with a sore throat just buying a medicine and everything, your throat almost immediately passes, and the fact that there is no temperature does not mean that there is no illness.

The throat is very sore, it's painful to swallow and talk. Prompt than to treat, that more likely has passed or has taken place?



Do not get carried away with drugs!
If you have tea soda at work, rinse with warm solution!
And at home (only if there is no temperature) for the night - a compressor: vodka + honey !!
Drink warm milk + honey + sl. oil + tea soda !!!
Loves super good, tested for years !!!


Personally, I'm helped by Ingalipt.

Natalia Shmeleva

Go to Laura. Self-medication is harmful.

New day

Buy alcohol solution of chlorophyllipt. Half a cup of warm water a teaspoon. Tomorrow you will feel better, and in a couple of days you will be healthy.


At me at the moment too most) I drink antibiotics (tsiprolet), I plant and I rinse Iodinolum).

Yulka ********

root licorice syrup helps!

Elvina **********

In hot tea, add butter and 2 tablespoons of honey. For a couple of days the throat will pass. Checked by yourself)

Irina Lapshina

There is a pharmacy Spray Strepsils + suck Strappsils tablets. It can give ears, neck muscles, internal organs, and strepsils will dilate the vessels. You can partly achieve the result of 2 tablets immediately No-shpy or 5-pill Kapilara tablets. But this is less effective.

Ekaterina Volkova

my friend with a sore throat did not go to the doctor, drank mulled wine

Why does my throat ache? When I'm doing blowjob! My throat is very sore. Tell me what to do! To swallow painfully pipets.



Stop it now!
You know, when your boyfriend fucks another girl in the anal canal, then he has a microscopic egg worm in his penis and microscopic worms themselves. Then you suck them into your mouth, they penetrate into the stomach, into the blood and into the moscow.
And are carried throughout the body with blood.
Now you can not in any way get rid of the imagination of these worms when you are sucking.
If you want to remove this nightmare, - address. I have no worms.
Otherwise, you can not do it with anyone.

Warrior (Horse) 5 STARS.

it happens))

My lord

Well, do not swallow when blowjob, yopta)))))) what's the problem?
can you lick it?

Berezin Denis

do not make a throat blowjob, start with a simple ...

Vladislav Dmitrievich

Hexoral!!! Helps with angina ...


Do you make a throat? the throat is not adapted to a thick solid member back and forth. Do not be zealous. lidocaine-spray.. will pass - if you give to rest.))

valera lushnikov


The throat can not hurt if only the tonsils do not ache from the fact that neither the member nor the shirkali... zaschekankam and zaschekantsam like to suck and do not say what they say sucks in the throat ...

Eduard Blyakher

today you can gather in a glass, you will drink when your throat stops ache

The throat hurts very much, it is very painful to swallow, there is no coughing. What to do to make it easier?


Sergei Musugale

Rest strengthened The body is tired and that would create a repair inside and it was necessary to cover the door (throat) If you tolerate it, then bear it, and if in the silence you have the medicine nada. True, I do not know what


Anoint Lugol's solution! Should help


4 tablets of furacilin diluted in a glass of hot water, add one teaspoon of vegetable oil, stir and gargle with this solution in hot form. Well, of course in such a way to suffer a throat but not cold


Soda popolaskayte.. hot tea with honey.. do not smoke..

Anatoly ALMATY

First, 5 tablets of furatsilina for rinsing, or a solution of sodium and iodine, 5-6 times a day rinse!


Furacilin rinse. Only pour the pill with boiling water and wait about an hour - dissolving is not very good. Or rinse with iodine, but not efficiently. Inhalation with calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus, fir oil to make. But, it seems to me, is better than furatsilin.


Skip the milk, add to it a piece of butter and drink in small glitches. He will not let go much. And only time =))).

Galina Sannikova

If your throat is often troubled in the form of sore throats, try buying a sea salt in the pharmacy and rinse in the morning with a solution of the throat: 1 h. l. with a top dilute in a glass of water at room temperature. Gradually lower the water temperature, before using cold water from the tap. You can add to the rinses "procedure" of chewing propolis every day for a small piece. The familiar one for a month so hardened her throat and now she is not friends with angina.

The throat and neck ache is very bad, it's very painful to swallow, and at the same time it's all in the head... what could it be?


Summer time


Just me

Or maybe the wisdom tooth is climbing.




The diagnosis the doctor start up puts... The sooner you turn, the less the consequences... and be quick, please, or tighten-prescribe such antibiotics! or in general in hospital it is put

Tatiana K

most likely angina, rinse your throat - 1 glass of water, 1h. l. salt and 1h. l. soda, it helps a lot

Cat Murka

Do not believe it, but even cervical osteochondrosis!!! And if the throat is red, then ARD or Angina


Immediately consult a doctor, take a survey.


We get rid of the pain in the throat, once and for all.
Pain in the pharynx, larynx appear during inflammatory processes (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis). To get rid of these phenomena, it is required to stimulate the immune system, that is, rub the palm with the base - the wrist and the forearm, the outer area, up to the elbow inclusive, and the legs - the rise of the foot and the shin, from all sides, up to the knee inclusive, from three to eight times a day. Legs can rub your foot on the leg. Local effect: tear the skin over the larynx and rub the crease between the toes especially painful places. Find on the surface of the cartilage of the larynx painful points and press them with the fingernail of the index finger. Also, the nail of the index finger to press and hold for 3-5 seconds the soreness and on the front surface of the cervical spine. Especially effective is the pressure on those places, when exposed to which there is an arrow of pain (painful irradiation), the point of which just reaches your glands or inflamed mucous, that is, it reaches exactly the pain that you and worried. Try to press on this pain, to cause the arrow and to hold this arrow of pain within 3-5 seconds, change the place of touch and again press and hold. That's how to handle all parts of the neck and especially painful places. With the first symptoms of the disease with a proper massage from the pain in the throat, you can get rid of in two to three hours, in some cases, even for 10-20 minutes. The sore throat either does not develop or ends within three hours. An important indication: massage all painful areas, massage them day after day and a day several times up to complete disappearance of pain during massage, with a push, despite the fact that the pain in the throat, the larynx has already stopped you worry. Fulfilling this condition, you once and for all can get rid of colds of the throat, larynx.
The indicator of weakened antimicrobial immunity, in mild cases, is the presence of a sensation of burning and soreness on the skin of the limbs that are revealed when we begin to rub our legs or hands with the base of the palm of our hands or this burning sensation, the soreness is felt by itself, even without touching. Such level of weakened antimicrobial immunity will be accompanied by inflammatory processes in the larynx, throat, in the lungs, kidneys and. and so forth. The presence of aches, aching pain in the bones and joints of the legs and hands, this is already a signal about the strong suppression of antimicrobial immunity (rheumatism, polyarthritis, arthritis). To strengthen or restore antimicrobial immunity, it is necessary to rub the base of your palm with the back of the hand and the outer area of ​​the forearm up to the elbow inclusive, rub your legs: leg on the leg, start with the lifting of the foot, the shin, from all parties. We rub the knee joints, knead them between their palms. The rubbing is carried out every day until the burning sensation and soreness on the limbs disappear completely, and in the case of a greatly weakened immunity, to the complete disposal of aches and pains in the bones and joints as the hands And this requires another local effect of the massage on area of ​​joints. At elevated temperature, grinding should be done 8-10 times a day, spending on the entire massage of the limbs, at a time, about 5 minutes of time. What effect can you expect from such exposure at elevated temperature? First of all, it is a drop in temperature from high figures to 3, ºС and below. The effect appears in just 20-30 minutes. Pain and aches can go away, also, in some cases, even after the first exposure, but that she more you have never appeared, in light cases you will need to exercise with yourself about two or three weeks. Daily rubbing of the legs and hands on the effect of antibacterial action significantly exceeds the best, most expensive imported, of course, an antibiotic of the widest spectrum of action and in this you can very quickly be convinced. Good luck to you.

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