Back pain above the loins at the sides: causes and methods of treatment

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  • 1Causes of pain in the back on the sides of the right and left above the lower back
    • 1.1Why does my back hurt?
    • 1.2Wrong way of life
    • 1.3Work of the spine
    • 1.4Injuries
    • 1.5Diseases of internal organs
    • 1.6Diagnostics
    • 1.7Pain management and prevention
  • 2Back pain above the lower back: reasons, treatment
    • 2.1Why there is pain above the lower back
    • 2.2Vertebral pathology
    • 2.3Pain of low back
    • 2.4Treatment of pain in the area above the lower back
  • 3Why does it hurt in the back above the lower back? How to treat it?
    • 3.1Causes
    • 3.2Lifestyle
    • 3.3Sedentary lifestyle
    • 3.4Wrong posture
    • 3.5Weakness of abdominal muscles
    • 3.6Muscular imbalance
    • 3.7The emergence of pathology
    • 3.8How to get rid
    • 3.9Back treatment at home
    • 3.10Painkillers
    • 3.11Narcotic pain relievers
    • 3.12Analgesics-antipyretics
    • 3.13Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    • 3.14Muscle relaxants
    • 3.15Preventive measures
    • 3.16Questions from our readers
  • 4Back pain right above the lower back - causes of the appearance, provoking factors, treatment
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    • 4.1Causes of unpleasant sensations
    • 4.2When should I see a doctor?
    • 4.3Methods and methods of treatment
    • 4.4Prevention and prevention of such health problems
  • 5Back pain right above the lower back
    • 5.1What causes back pain?
    • 5.2Pathologies of the spine
    • 5.3Type of pain

Causes of pain in the back on the sides of the right and left above the lower back

It is rare to find a person who has never been troubled by back pain.

The spinal device itself and its purpose already suggest that the back is very sensitive to effects of various external adverse factors, as well as susceptible to diseases and injuries.

In the human spine, there are 33 vertebrae, which are connected by intervertebral discs, surrounded by ligaments, nerve endings and muscle tissue.

Disturbed posture, lifting of gravity, sharp movement often cause pain in the back above the waist. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is not considered a critical change in the body, although it can be a sign of a complex ailment.

If a person does not pay proper attention to back pain, which is located above the waist, then it is high probability to miss the moment when it is possible to cure the disease with minimal costs. Let us consider in more detail why the back hurts, and what measures should be taken in this situation.

Why does my back hurt?

Wrong way of life

The back pains above a loin often for the most simple reason - a wrong way of life. Pain syndrome occurs due to excessive compression of the spine, caused by compression of individual vertebrae.

Intervertebral discs, losing elasticity, converge, the vertebrae wear out - on their surface, osteophytes grow - bone formations. Compression of the spine is provoked by insufficient muscle work.

The reasons for this phenomenon include:

  1. Insufficient motor activity. Many people spend too much time sitting: at work, driving cars, at home. The muscular load decreases, they become weaker, the spine loses its protection in the form of a muscular framework. The pain can be localized from the left or right side above the lower back, depending on the "skew" of the back in one direction or the other.
  2. Violation of posture. Constantly being in poses, which violate the natural structure of the spine (stooping), the person gradually "accustoms" the muscles to certain changes. As a result, the muscles are unevenly engaged in supporting the spinal column. The pressure on it is also uneven. Therefore, a person not only forms an incorrect posture, but also gets back pains above the loin along both sides.
  3. Weak muscles of the press. If a person has trained abdominal muscles (press), they play the role of a kind of support for the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. In the case of, weakness, underdevelopment of these muscles (because of unwillingness to do gymnastics, gaining excess weight or period of pregnancy) a person can form a lordosis - a strong deflection forward, which will cause pain in the back above loins.
  1. Unbalanced muscle tension in the back from the right or left side. This is due to the fact that, in the overwhelming majority of people, as a rule, a single hand is leading, rarely who knows how to use them both equally. Therefore, the muscles of the back and arms are loaded unevenly, which leads to the tightening of the intervertebral discs, the erosion of the vertebrae from the side where a high load is provided. This is especially evident with the time of professional athletes, for example, tennis players.
  2. People who are constantly in need of excessive physical stress periodically experience pain in the back right above the lower back. It can last from several days to several months, then it stops without visible external causes. This phenomenon is called a chronic pain syndrome. It feels in the back above the waist on the right side, because it is the right side of the body that experiences increased loads.

Work of the spine

The next group of reasons are disorders in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

The back hurts in the area above the loins, often because there are irregularities in the structure of the muscles of the back and vertebrae of the lumbar and thoracic areas.

In the structure of the tissue from which human bones consist, nerve fibers are practically absent, therefore, the focus of the pain syndrome is almost always the muscles that form the back.

The back hurts a little above a loin at following pathologies.

  • With the existing injuries of the back muscles, soreness appears behind the back of the lower back. Inflammatory processes can be manifested by one-sided soreness of the back.
  • Osteochondrosis. In this disease there is a decreased activity of the joints. During the performance of any movements, the pain sensations increase and are given up in hands. Characteristics of pain varied: it can be acute, drawing, burning, shooting. During the night rest increases.
  • Back pain above the lower back, both to the right and to the left, is caused by displaced intervertebral discs.
  • Myositis causes the patient to have soreness of the back below the scapula, which can be either prolonged (chronic form) or short (acute). Because of her, the person suffers worse than any infectious or viral diseases. Also, people suffering from myositis, note that in the back they are aching, especially during physical labor.
  • Spondylarthrosis. Soreness and acute, and stupid in the back slightly above the lower back is provoked by affection of the vertebral joints (having destruction in the tissues of the cartilage).
  • The onset of the development of Bechterew's disease is characterized by stiffness in the region of the spine below the scapula, which disturbs the person in the morning. First, sharp soreness is felt in the area of ​​the sacrum, then moves to the waist. During a night's sleep a person can not fully rest, he has a feeling of fatigue, passing with the resumption of traffic. In the "risk group" - young men. The disease is hereditary.
  • Back pain is caused by a herniated intervertebral disc. With a similar pathology for a long period of time, destruction is observed in the outer part of the disc. Pain on the right or left in the lower back accompanies the process.

For more information on the intervertebral hernia, see the video below.


On the injuries of bones and muscles, often a painful reaction of the back is observed.

  1. The most "light" - bruises and sprains - is easier to cure than others. The focus of the pain reaction: the place of injury.
  2. Medium in severity - displacement of vertebrae forward. Painful sensations are concentrated in the joints.
  3. The most dangerous is a fracture of the vertebra (due to an unsuccessful fall). The pain is very strong.

Diseases of internal organs

Painful syndrome in the back below the scapula is a characteristic sign of pathological changes in internal organs.

  • The pain in the back on the left above the lower back can bother the patient, who has pathological changes in the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • If the temperature rises, inconvenience the pain in the back slightly above the waist left or right, it makes sense to examine the kidneys, since these symptoms indicate inflammatory processes in them.
  • Right-sided pneumonia, pleurisy. Patients note that they have a backache on the right higher in the waist. Left-sided pleurisy responds with a pain syndrome on the left side, which increases during sleep and with sharp inclinations.
  • Diseases of the abdominal cavity in acute form (appendicitis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas) often respond strong or, conversely, pulling pain in the back.
  • Tinea attacks in the back below the scapula are peculiar to violations of the pancreas. Such an attack manifests itself together with nausea, bloating.
  • With heart disease, a person feels pain in the left side of the back.
  • During pregnancy (in later terms), women notice pain in their left side from behind, which indicates a high probability of miscarriage. If back pain is felt to the right or to the left, then this is a characteristic of the naturally increased during this period of load on the back.


Identify the real cause of soreness of the back itself can not.

Based solely on information about the place, intensity and characteristics of pain, the cause can not be called even a highly qualified specialist.

Often similar complaints refer to completely different diseases, so it is difficult to distinguish them.

For the most accurate diagnosis, the doctor uses the following methods:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography.
  • Radionuclide scanning.
  • X-ray examination.
  • Ultrasound of blood vessels.
  • Electromyography (investigation of nerve fibers).

Pain management and prevention

Treatment of pain with an unidentified diagnosis reduces to a reduction in the pain syndrome and suggests:

If an accurate diagnosis is made, the doctor will choose the appropriate therapy or suggest an operative intervention.

In addition to the system of measures that will help alleviate a person's condition, in the absence of contraindications, they offer:

  • Acupuncture.
  • Electrophoresis.
  • Massage.
  • Mud baths.
  • Appliques, wraps and compresses.
  • Hirudotherapy.
  • Therapeutic gymnastics.

In the video below are exercises for pain in the lumbar region.

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Preventive actions

Do not allow the development of pain in the back can, by making simple recommendations.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Avoid excessive physical activity.
  3. To strengthen bones include in the diet foods rich in calcium.
  4. During the night rest, sleep, mostly on your back or side.
  5. Remove the soft mattress and replace it with a stiffer one.
  6. Always pay attention to your posture, keep your back straight.
  7. Choose for yourself the most suitable type of physical activity: running, walking, swimming, yoga.
  8. Do not ignore regular medical examinations or medical examinations in order to timely detect pathology.
  9. Take care of the spine.
  10. Do not put yourself a diagnosis yourself, without consulting a doctor, especially do not prescribe yourself treatment.

If there is a pain in the lower back, you should not expect that everything "will go by itself".

It is mandatory to undergo a medical examination in order to establish the reasons that provoked it.

To treatment also it is necessary to be responsible and not to forget about the complex system approach.


Causes of back pain on the sides to the right and left above the waist Link to the main publication


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Back pain above the lower back: reasons, treatment

Painful manifestations in the back are familiar to us almost from childhood, and especially in the thoracic spine. And it's not just the spine.

Pain in the back above the lower back can arise due to a number of diseases that do not choose the age.

So, what gives rise to this phenomenon?

Why there is pain above the lower back

By tradition, we will start with diseases that are directly related to the topic of our site.

Vertebral pathology

Most often the back hurts above the lower back because of:

  • Thoracic scoliosis and kyphosis
  • Muscular myositis
  • Thoracic osteochondrosis and other DDP
  • Injury of thorax
  • Infectious and neoplastic processes in the spine

The list is given by the degree of decrease in the frequency of the disease.

This means that most often the back hurts because of curvature of the spine in the frontal and lateral planes -scoliosis and kyphosis. Why do curvatures lead?

It is almost impossible for adults to find a person without scoliosis or kyphosis of one degree or another.

  • Long existing curvature generates a different tone of the muscles of the back
  • Increased muscle tone and spasms produce pain
  • And then these processes only increase:Spasm of muscles deepens the curvature and area of ​​muscle tension

Scoliosis of the thoracic region is not always primary, it can be stabilizing, that is, it may appear as a counterweight to curvatures in other parts of the spine:
so, the pelvic displacement to the left leads to a lumbar displacement to the right, which in turn is balanced by the left thoracic displacement.

Muscle myositisas inflammation also causes muscle spasms and often happens due to everyday causes:

  • Flows of cold air (drafts, air conditioners)
  • Load on the muscles of the thoracic region (carrying the load on elongated arms, playing volleyball, swimming, etc.)

But myositis tends to grow into a chronic form, and this is a much more serious phenomenon

Thoracic osteochondrosis- a rather rare phenomenon due to the low natural mobility of this department. Usually it occurs:

  • Against a background of systemic diseases (arthritis and spondylitis)
  • With existing osteochondrosis in other departments
  • With a fixed lifestyle
  • As a result of injuries and operations

Injuriesmay cause pain above the lumbar region if, for example, vertebrae T10-T12 are damaged

Tuberculosis of bone, osteomyelitis, tumors of the vertebrae and spinal cord in the lower thoracic regions also give a constant pain in the back

The nature of pain due to vertebral pathologies

In all the cases described above, pain may be different.

Chronic aching pain, a sense of discomfort are observed when:

  • chronic degenerative dystrophic processes and myositis
  • scoliosis of the first and second degree
  • minor injuries
  • the initial stages of tuberculosis or cancer

With the development of diseases, with serious injuries, painful attacks are more serious, they can be:

  • in the form of shooting, dagger blows, searing

Why does the nature of pain change?

Because the process begins to involve the nerve endings, which are squeezed and inflamed.

Vertebrate pathologies have one more property:

Pain of low back

The pain in the back above the lower back can be a reflected nature - as an echo of internal diseases, the focus of which can be found in the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Diseases that cause pain above the lower back

Diseases of the heart, in particular:

  • myocardial infarction
  • angina pectoris

Pain manifestations:

  • When the infarction of the anterior wall - the pain is intense for 15 - 90 minutes, then it may stop. There are symptoms of cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency, arrhythmias. Pain gives in the sternum, in the back under the left scapula
  • If at the same time there is chest osteochondrosis, then pain can occur on the shingling type with symptoms of intercostal neuralgia, which is strengthened by bending the back
  • With posterior wall infarctions, the pain sensations can easily be confused with gastritis or ulcers: they are given to the stomach and can also be reflected above the lower back
  • Angina pectoris - sudden pain behind the sternum (it can be caused by stresses), lasting about 15 minutes. It is also projected between the shoulder blades and under the left shoulder blade


  • Pneumonia, pleurisy
  • Influenza, bronchitis

It hurts in the back with these sores also in different ways:

  • When pneumonia, which can be painless, often develops the so-called dry pleurisy, manifested by pain in the thoracic area during breathing and dry cough. Dry pleurisy also accompanies tuberculous lung infection
  • In case of influenza, pain is caused by high fever and viral infection, which causes muscles and joints in the lower back and areas above her
  • Painful sensation in bronchitis is more often of muscle nature and occurs usually after several days of severe cough:
    • Cough causes spasm in the pectoral and costal muscles
    • In turn, muscle spasm can squeeze the nerves and cause intercostal neuralgia

Diseases of the digestive tract
All diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are acute and chronic.
Below are the symptoms of acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Gastric ulcer May provoke dagger pain in the middle of the peritoneum, giving up in the chest, heart area, above the waist. Their characteristic feature - attachment to food intake, nausea, blackened feces
  • Pancreatitis A sharp pain under the ribs, concentrating more often on the left, passing and on the back of the back, into the region of the waist, why it is called the shroud. It is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, high fever, intestinal frustration, flatulence, fractional feces
  • Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis Boles under the ribs to the left, giving way back, just above the waist, basically, a few hours after eating. There may also be nausea and a feeling of heaviness, a taste of bitterness in the mouth. Particularly severe pain when the stone is blocked by the bile duct. It is capable of abruptly disappearing (at the exit of the stone) and moving lower, as it moves along the intestinal ways

Kidney Disease
Painful sensations in pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis and kidney stones are different in intensity, depending on whether the disease is chronic or acute:

  • Chronic kidney nephritis gives mild aching pain in the lower back
  • Exacerbations and stones are very intense, with high temperature, painful urination and a decrease in the daily amount of urine

The projection of pain in unexpected places, much higher or lower than their source, is a feature of all purulent inflammatory processes that can end extremely.

Therefore, if the aching pain in the lower abdomen suddenly became dagger and is given to the lumbar region and even higher, and the temperature at the same time increased, such signs can speak of some breakthrough in the abscess and the onset of peritonitis, the sources of which may be be:

  • Appendicitis
  • Gynecological diseases (cysts, fibroids, malignant tumors)

Treatment of pain in the area above the lower back

Treatment usually begins with an external examination and the instrumental with a diagnosis:

Then the pain symptom is eliminated. Exception - those cases that require urgent surgical intervention.

Then the main phase of treatment begins, the purpose of which is to eliminate the source of the disease itself. For example:
With scoliosis it is:

  • corrective exercises
  • corsets
  • traction

For osteochondrosis:

  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • reception of chondroprotectors

In diseases of internal organs:

  • drug therapy
  • operation

Then there is a recovery phase:

  • physiotherapy
  • physiotherapy
  • diet, etc.

: Exercises for low back pain


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Why does it hurt in the back above the lower back? How to treat it?

Back pain is a phenomenon that occurs quite often, moreover, it is familiar not only to the elderly, but also to young people.

Irresponsible attitude to health can complicate the problem.

Not attaching importance to pain and avoiding a visit to the doctor, some try to transfer pain on their legs, take painkillers drugs, and, thus, can miss the onset of a serious illness or aggravate the pathological process that already feeds the painful signals.

The nature of pain is different:

  1. pain, aggravated by movement, on inspiration or during sudden movements;
  2. constant pain, which does not change its intensity.

Painful sensations can be accompanied by fever, nausea, cough and other symptoms.

By the nature of pain, you can roughly know what kind of disease a person suffers.

Often patients complain of debilitating aching pain, which does not have a clearly defined localization. It is usually called "reflected".

Such painful sensations are caused by diseases of the internal organs. Sometimes described pain can be observed during pregnancy.


The causes of the appearance of pain are very diverse.

The most banal, but common cause is the wrong way of life.


Our habits form not only character, but also diseases that we later reap.

Very often, the cause of painful sensations is excessive compression of the spinal column due to compression of the vertebrae.

Lost elasticity of the vertebral discs thus approach, articular surfaces are too closely closed, and on the edges of the vertebrae bony growths-osteophytes are formed, or they simply wear out. Pressurization of the spine occurs due to disruption of the muscles.

The reasons are the following:

Sedentary lifestyle

We are forced to sit most of the time in the office, driving a car, in public transport and at home. As a result, the muscles do not receive the necessary load and weaken, and the spine loses its natural framework.

Wrong posture

Often taking postures that change the natural curves of the spine (for example, slouching), we develop constant changes in the muscles that support the spine unevenly. The pressure on him is also distributed incorrectly.

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As a result, you get an ugly posture and pain in the upper back.

Weakness of abdominal muscles

If the abdominal muscles are developed, they serve as a kind of corset for the internal organs, which fit snugly to the spine.

If the muscles are weakened as a result of passive lifestyle, overweight or pregnancy, the spine can bend forward (such a deflection is called lordosis), which will cause pain.

Muscular imbalance

Few people have the same right or left hand. Usually people are either right or left handed. Muscles are more developed from the side of the commonly used arm.

This is especially noticeable, for example, in tennis players.

As a result of imbalance, the vertebral system is broken,

Over time, this leads to flattening of discs, wear of the vertebrae and the closing of small articular surfaces on the most developed side.

The emergence of pathology

Pathological processes can also lead to pain in the thoracic region of the spine.

They arise as a result of:

  • Pathology of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Pathologies of a neurological nature.
  • Diseases not related to the spine.

The pathology of the musculoskeletal system includes the following groups of diseases:

  1. Inflammatory non-infectious diseases (Bechterew's disease, spondyloarthritis and spondylarthrosis).
  2. Infectious diseases (tuberculosis, osteomyelitis).
  3. Degenerative disorders (hernia of intervertebral discs, osteochondrosis).
  4. Metabolic disorders (osteoporosis, Paget's disease).
  5. Oncology (osteoid-osteoma, osteosarcoma).
  6. Injuries of ligaments and muscles.

The neurological pathology can include:

  1. Post-traumatic conditions.
  2. Diseases of the spinal cord - arachnoiditis, cancer, epiduritis.

Diseases and conditions not related to the spine:

  1. Diseases of internal organs, vessels and others.
  2. Pregnancy.

It should be specially noted that with such pain, serious diseases that require emergency measures, such as myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, acute diseases of the abdominal cavity (appendicitis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer, inflammation of the pancreas and others), pneumonia and pregnancy in a state of miscarriage.

If you do not recognize the symptoms in time and do not make the correct diagnosis, the consequences may turn out to be sad.

How to get rid

Treatment of back pain always depends on the diagnosis and is aimed at eliminating the underlying disease. In all cases, the use of painkillers is appropriate.

In the treatment of back pain, three methods can be used:

  1. Non-drug therapy- is aimed at maintaining comfortable conditions for the back (physiotherapy, special means for fixation and maintenance of the spine, orthopedic mattresses, certain motor conditions and other);
  2. Medication Therapy- treatment with medications (painkillers, B vitamins and external drugs);
  3. Surgical intervention- is used as an extreme measure for the treatment of certain diseases.

Back treatment at home

As you saw, back pain can be caused by various causes and diseases - from the most harmless, to serious and incurable.

The popular expression "pulled back" in this long list does not appear, therefore, a drug called "pass itself" will be ineffective, as will pain medications.

It should be remembered that back pain is only a particular symptom of the disease, which even the most highly qualified doctor can not determine by eye.

To make an accurate diagnosis, you need to carefully monitor and only then you will be able to write out the necessary medications.

At home, you can only relieve the condition with anesthetic for a short while, provided that at the first opportunity, always consult a specialist.


These drugs are presented in the following groups:

Narcotic pain relievers

Excellent relief of pain, applied strictly according to the prescription of the doctor (tramadol, codeine, methadone, morphine and others).


They have an antipyretic and an average analgesic property (paracetamol, analgin).

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

NVS help reduce the temperature, fight non-infectious inflammation and reduce pain (voltaren, diclof, rtofen and others). This includes aspirin and drugs containing it.

Muscle relaxants

Preparations that relieve muscle spasms.

For external usealso developed a lot of drugs containing anti-inflammatory substances, non-steroidal agents and analgesics (Fastum Gel, Finalgel, Ketonal, Finalgon and many others).

There are, also, effectivehomeopathic remedies.

Preventive measures

To prevent back pain is much easier than to treat later.

Prevention is aimed at maintaining a healthy and healthy lifestyle.

Take care of your spine, keep proper posture, learn how to lift and carry weights so that you do not harm your spine, do exercise and sleep on a comfortable mattress. In addition, do not forget to regularly do preventive medical examinations.

Questions from our readers

Our guests often ask questions, it is not easy to answer without details.

Even if you contact a specialist and describe in detail all the unpleasant feelings and symptoms that you are concerned, he does not always give you an answer and, most likely, will prescribe an additional examination.

We offer you materials for the purpose of acquaintance. For the statement of the diagnosis, an individual consultation of a professional is needed.

Because back pain (in the upper part) is a common symptom, behind which the most diverse disease, it is necessary to treat your health with all seriousness and responsibility, to which you are only capable. Never try to diagnose by reading the descriptions of illnesses in a medical reference book or on the Internet. Do not prescribe medication yourself. Address to doctors. Be reasonable and healthy!

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Back pain right above the lower back - causes of the appearance, provoking factors, treatment

Any malaise causes inconvenience, forcing to look for causes of it causing. For example, pain in the back above the lower back can be provoked by different conditions. Sometimes its nature can be continuous or periodic with an increase or decrease in unpleasant symptoms.

Pain above the lower back can result from excessively active movements or a sharp breath, accompanied by a cough, high fever, nausea.

Drawing pain, just above the waist is sometimes a reflection of the disruption of some internal organs. Often pains in the back are written off on vertebral ailments.

However, the reasons provoking pain above the loins, the rezi on the right side of the back are much greater.

Causes of unpleasant sensations

The appearance of pain in the back above the waist on the right or left can be the result of diseases that are in no way related to the spine. Immediately for this reason it is important to know what conditions have affected the development of the rez, as well as its location in one or another part of the back.

From what part - from the right or the left side of the back pain was formed, the selected methods of treatment of the patient will depend.

The very first condition that causes pain in the back above the lower back or in the spine, which is obvious, will be spinal injuries.

Their treatment will be the most severe of almost all possible diseases, due to the proximity of the vertebrae to nerve endings of the spinal cord, accidental damage which can provoke paralysis and the person will remain disabled.

Treatment and rehabilitation after injuries of the spine takes not one month, perhaps a year. It all depends on how bad the damage was.

Painful spine syndromes can be conditionally divided into acute (arise suddenly without previous prerequisites) and chronic (have a periodic character, accruing periods of exacerbation). Very often people who have a high tolerance threshold do not rush to get a doctor's help and wait until the back stops being ill themselves.

Therefore, from where exactly the unpleasant sensation has localized, it is possible to single out the factors, the consequence of which it is.

Causes of malaise:

  • shift of intervertebral discs with pronounced presence of vertebral hernia in the right part;
  • myositis (inflammation of the muscular mass of the skeleton on the right);
  • the presence of problems with the genitourinary system, as a consequence, the retention of the withdrawn fluid.

In especially acute cases, when the back hurts above the waist, the pain can be shrouded in the spine. Often people write off such an ailment for drafts and believe that they inadvertently chilled their backs.

However, to activate pain in the back above the lower back to the right may be a different factor. From a hypothermia there is a spasm of muscles squeezing out the nerve endings.

This is the first reason, because of which there is pain in the back right above the waist.

Prolonged and heavy physical exertion can cause back pain just above the waist on the right. This is largely due to the presence of chronic syndrome.


An ailment can occur and cause inconvenience to a person for several weeks (sometimes months), then suddenly disappear.


Why does it hurt specifically in the right side of the back? The fact is that the right side carries a heavy load.

For different diseases, treatment methods should be individually selected.

So, osteochondrosis well removes massage, but it is contraindicated if there are hernia, fractures, infections, heat or swelling.

If there are unpleasant sensations, it can be symptoms of the following diseases:

  1. The prolapse of the intervertebral disc to the left is a consequence of increased physical exertion.
  2. Curvature of the vertebral column on the left side is the result of excess weight, incorrect posture. This factor increases the pain on the left.
  3. Radiculitis - an inflammation of the nerve process, can appear against the background of osteochondrosis.
  4. Displacement of vertebrae and formation of a hernia on the left side.
  5. Factors that hurt on the left, just above the waist or pulls are associated with low physical activity, past injuries, kidney disease, heart disease, nervous and genitourinary systems.
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When should I see a doctor?

First of all, it is worth to get into the magic hands of professionals and begin treatment. It's not a secret that successful diagnosis of the disease and timely resolution of problems will help to maintain health.

If the malaise has appeared without essential preconditions and intensively increases, without ceasing to hurt, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance. With injuries from bruises or bumps, consultation of an orthopedic trauma specialist is required.

Since the causes of pain can be related to the disruption of the work of various systems and organs, it may be necessary to visit several specialists. Such as:

  • neurologist;
  • orthopedist;
  • surgeon;
  • pulmonologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • urologist;
  • proctologist.

Never need to treat yourself, and also to put yourself wrong diagnoses.

To do this, there are highly qualified professionals who, with the help of special equipment recognize symptomatology and prescribe a set of procedures to alleviate pain, eliminate factors, provoking.

However, not many who are capable at the first signs of a malaise, turn to the doctor, and, as is known, the pain in the back on the right above the lower back is the reasons that require immediate clarification.

The main symptoms that help the doctor make the correct diagnosis:

  1. Sharp girdling pain does not stop for several days.
  2. Pain in the lower back above the lower back does not recede for a long time.
  3. Back pain left just above the waist or on the right side is localized to other parts of the body. Quite often the pain in the left or right side of the back can go to the feet.

As a rule, a doctor will not do without a simple examination of the patient. The patient will be assigned tests, according to which the picture of the disease will become clearer and clearer:

  • the general analysis of a blood, urine;
  • X-ray examination;
  • ultrasonography;
  • electrocardiogram.

All these tests will help to identify the disease at the initial stage. If the data is incomplete and insufficient, the patient can be examined with using modern diagnostic methods to determine the presence of destruction in the bone tissue (MRI and CT).

Methods and methods of treatment

If there is a malaise, the causes of which are revealed, the patient will be offered rational methods of his treatment:

  1. Medication - is associated with taking medications that ease the condition, applying various ointments (in the absence of contraindications). Sometimes they can prescribe bed rest.
  2. Surgical - the conduct of surgical intervention according to the indications, involves the removal of the cause, which provokes pain in the back on the right above the lower back through the operation.
  3. Performing gymnastic exercises is one of the best methods not only of treatment, but also prevention of back pain. A set of exercises that help reduce the pain just above the waist will be picked up by the doctor.
  4. Strengthening and hardening of the body - vitamins, herbs, water procedures.
  5. Massage, if the pain behind the loin is associated with spinal problems. However, there are contraindications to the massage - fractures, infections, tumors.

General recommendations that a doctor can prescribe, depending on the patient's morbid state:

  1. Bed rest and refusal of physical overstrain.
  2. Rest and sleep on a smooth hard bed.
  3. Use of warming ointments.
  4. Taking medications that relieve inflammation, relieve pain syndromes.
  5. Treatment by national means.
  6. The use of drugs that have a diuretic effect.

Prevention and prevention of such health problems

Any pain that is just above the waist is better to prevent than to suffer from it and spend a huge amount of money, nerves and forces to eliminate it. For this it is enough to observe simple methods of prevention:

  1. To go in for sports - swimming, riding a bicycle, running. Even banal uncomplicated gymnastics for 20 minutes in the morning will be enough to strengthen the spine and the body as a whole.
  2. Complete rest (sleep at least 7-8 hours).
  3. Correctly to eat (to exclude fatty food, smoked foods, chocolate).
  4. Sleep on a flat solid surface. It is not superfluous to purchase orthopedic products - mattress and pillows.
  5. Control weight, because most health problems come from the extra pounds you have gained.
  6. Avoid stressful situations.
  7. Try not to lift heavy objects. With an urgent need to do it right.
  8. Move more, as a sedentary lifestyle can provoke muscle tissue atrophy.
  9. Follow the posture. It is because of its incorrect formation that the back hurts above the lower back.
  10. Carry out hardening of the body.

The implementation of all these recommendations will help achieve the cherished goal - to get rid of back pain!

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Back pain right above the lower back

If the pain in the back is felt on the right above the lower back, the causes are related either to the supercooling of the back in the draft, or to the development of diseases of the spine or internal organs.

Do not immediately use anesthetic ointments for rubbing. It is necessary to call a doctor or go to a polyclinic.

The specialist will determine the diagnosis, appointing the patient tests, ultrasound and other examinations.

What causes back pain?

  • Respiratory tract infection, inflammation in the lungs and bronchi;
  • Diseases of the digestive tract;
  • Heart pathology;
  • A pregnant woman has a threat of miscarriage;
  • The functioning of the kidneys has been disrupted;
  • Nerves are upset;
  • Female diseases;
  • The organs of the mediastinum are inflamed.

When the back hurts above the lower back, the main reasons can be learned based on the nature of the pain and its location. Shrouding means one disease, whining another. In heart diseases - angina pectoris, heart failure, with a heart attack more often there are pains in the back, localized above the lower back on the left, but sometimes the back hurts above the waist. To the pathology of the digestive tract include appendicitis, cholecystitis, ulcer, hernia, inflammation of the esophagus. The pain is aching or abrupt with an ulcer character.

Pain in the back to the right of the upper lumbar region, caused by kidney pathology, can mean incomplete removal of fluid from the body. Acute pains are provoked by bile or urolithiasis. The urologist will prescribe the patient the necessary treatment.

Disturbances in the structure of the spine and the functioning of the nervous system, which cause pain in the back, felt above the lower back on the right:

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Inflammation of nerve spinal roots;
  • Scoliosis, kyphosis, myositis;
  • Bone tuberculosis;
  • Neoplasms, both benign and malignant;
  • Osteomyelitis;
  • Traumatic injuries of the ribs and spine.

With these pathologies, the nature of pain is different - there is a burning sensation or stitching.It hurts the place where there are violations. If the spine is affected, it hurts not only him, but also those muscles, the innervation of which occurs through the affected area.

Pathologies of the spine

Diseases can be temporary or chronic. Chronic pathologies lead to the fact that the pain in the back above the lower back is felt constantly.

If the disease has not yet passed into the chronic, the pain above the lower back is felt for a few days, then subsides.

During this period, one must be especially cautious: with a rise in gravity or gusty movements, with a strong inclination of the trunk, a relapse is possible.

Osteochondrosis is a violation of the normal state of intervertebral discs. Launched osteochondrosis is expressed in the appearance of intervertebral hernias, which are very painful. Osteochondrosis rarely affects the thoracic region, the spine in this department rarely moves and is not susceptible to deformation.

But if there is osteochondrosis in the lumbar or cervical spine, or there were injuries, it provokes the disease.

Often the development of osteochondrosis, which causes pain to the person on the left or right in the back, occurs due to inactive life, incorrect organization of the workplace.

In addition to osteochondrosis, the back is hurted above the lower back due to myositis.

Inflammatory disease of skeletal muscles (myositis) causes weakening of the musculature up to its atrophy.

Myositis occurs due to inflammatory diseases, trauma, hypothermia, excessive physical exertion or is toxic.

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine. This is a common problem for schoolchildren, who for a long time sit at the desk in the wrong position and wear a knapsack on one shoulder, unevenly loading their back.


Scoliosis of the chest leads to painful sensations in the back in the upper compartment.If the schoolboy is tall, this aggravates the situation.


In adolescence, the disease lends itself to treatment through physical therapy, the sanatorium course of procedures and the instruction of a high school student to keep his back properly.

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Kyphosis is also characterized by pain just above the waist. Kyphosis is the bend of the spine back.

The healthy spine has 4 bends - back in the thoracic and sacral parts of the spine, forward in the cervical and lumbar regions.

If the position of the vertebral column is prolonged, the natural curves increase or new pathological bends are formed. An incorrect position of the spine causes a painful sensation.

The causes of diseases are most often become hypothermia, infection or sedentary life. Pain in the back above the lower back pains and relatively healthy people experiencing heavy physical activity. Such cases do not require medical intervention.

Type of pain

The kind of pain is very different. There is aching, cutting, and girdling pain. On the right side of the back, the drawing pain occurs when:

  • Myositis;
  • Degenerative changes in the vertebrae;
  • Scoliosis;
  • Postponed injuries;
  • Oncological diseases.

Cutting pain of the back above the loin is characteristic in case of severe injuries, severe hypothermia. The nature of pain gradually changes, the disease gradually affects the nerve endings, their compression occurs, inflammation begins.

Pain in the back above the lower back, when the anterior wall infarction occurs, it is felt from 15 to 90 minutes, then temporarily ceases.It gives into the thoracic part of the back, to the area of ​​the scapula.

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