Genital warts in women: causes and treatment

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condyloma in womenCondyloma spiky are nothing more than bodily outgrowths or warts, which, as a rule, are formed in the zone of the external genital organs and anus.Condylomatosis is an inflammatory disease that often develops in women.

The culprit is the notorious human papilloma virus. When the appearance of genital warts, their intensive growth and spreading can not be delayed, one should turn to a specialist, because this disease may in the future become the initiator of cervical cancer.


Why do genital warts appear, and what is it? Pathogen - DNA-containing papilloma virus, or condyloma - HPV, belongs to the genus papillomaviruses. '

According to different data, from 15 to 30% of women are its asymptomatic carriers, and in one organism there can be not one, but several virus strains at once. The virus can be in the body for a long time, not manifesting itself clinically, and only as a result of the influence of predisposing factors - it is activated.

There are 2 types of genital warts that can appear in a woman:

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  1. Flat. Most often they are located on the cervix, are almost invisible to the eye and are detected only by special techniques. This is their danger. If you do not remove such warts in time, they can cause cervical cancer.
  2. Pointed. They are found in women on the mucosa of the large and small labia, around the clitoris, the entrance to the urethra and around the anus. Genital warts in women can be located on the walls of the vagina or urethra, as well as on the skin of the thighs, buttocks and inguinal areas. Condyloma of the rectum has the same shape.

Papillovirus infection in the development of genital warts is transmitted sexually (heterosexual and homosexual contacts, oral and anal intercourse). You can catch condylom and with the use of shared towels, linen and other, that is, household way. Although some researchers consider this method of transmission to be questionable.

Predisposing factorsto the formation of outgrowths on the skin and mucous membranes are such states:

  • neglect of personal hygiene rules;
  • trauma of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • nervous overvoltage accompanied by stress;
  • bad habits;
  • regular lack of sleep / malnutrition;
  • hormonal changes;
  • freezing or overheating of the body;
  • pregnancy, as a condition in which immunity is suppressed.

People with strong immunity can be carriers of the virus all their life, but never get sick. However, if the growths on the skin and mucous membranes still appeared, the woman should understand that by themselves they will not disappear anywhere, and therefore, you need to seek medical help sooner. Treatment of genital warts should first of all be directed not at removing the growths themselves, but on the cause of their appearance, that is, the human papillomavirus.


In the case of the appearance of genital warts in a woman, the very first symptoms are the appearance of small, up to several millimeters formations in typical places of the anogenital region (see Fig. a photo).

Such neoplasmsare accompanied by the following features:

  • burning, itching;
  • sensation of a foreign object in the affected area;
  • in the region of genital warts, there is a constant sense of humidity;
  • the appearance of persistent fetid odor;
  • Sometimes painful symptoms and spotting may appear if the integrity of the condyloma is compromised.

Condylomas are most often located in the labia, urethra, vagina, cervix, anus and perineum. Very rarely they appear in the throat and mouth, on the wall of the urethra.

The incubation period, that is, the time interval from the moment of infection to the appearance of the first manifestations varies from several months to several years and depends on the state of the body's immune system. As soon as the protective forces of a woman are weakened, HPV activates, "digs" the surface layer of the epithelium - the epidermis and goes out in the form of condyloma.

Pointed condyloma reaches its full size in just a few hours - from 2 to 6 mm. With excessive development of the tissues of the neoplasm sometimes there is a shortage of food and then condyloma disappears by itself. As a rule, several warts immediately appear, in some cases their number is several dozen. Less often, condylomas appear within a few days.

In addition to physical discomfort, genital warts give a woman many psychological problems, forming in her an inferiority complex. Especially when they cause rejection and disgust in the partner. Growing up, neoplasms interfere with the sexual act, they can be traumatized and bleed. All this forces a woman to abandon her sexual life and creates an unfavorable situation in the family.

Condylomata in women: photo

To understand how to look flat or peaked condylomata in women we offer to view detailed photos.

Flat wartsFlat warts

As can be seen, neoplasms have different sizes and shapes. Pointed condylomas outwardly resemble the papillae on a thinner stem, merging with each other, they become like a rooster's comb or cauliflower. Flat warts are in the form of beds, they are more difficult to detect without using a special diagnosis if they are located on the cervix.


Diagnosis of the disease in women is simple enough. After careful collection of anamnesis and complaints, the doctor examines the anogenital area, the vaginal mucosa and the cervix. If the diagnosis leaves no doubt, then colposcopy is performed for the detection of flat condyloma, dysplasia and even cervical cancer.

To clarify the diagnosis is tested for the presence of human papillomavirus. This method is called PCR. Its results give the doctor an opportunity to understand the ways of penetration of the disease into the patient's body and get quantitative characteristics, determine the kind of microorganism that caused the ailment. There are 8 main types of papilloma virus that can cause condylomata.

During pregnancy

In pregnant women infected with the papilloma virus, neoplasms often reach large sizes, expand, become loose. This is explained by a change in the hormonal background, increased blood circulation in the tissues, a change in the environment of the vagina.

Papillomavirus infection poses a risk to the fetus, as infection of the child during childbirth may occur. Therefore, before planning pregnancy, doctors recommend to do an analysis on HPV.

Treatment of genital warts in women

Despite the painlessness of the condyloma, on the whole they are very unpleasant in appearance and interfere with the full intimate life. Therefore, with the appearance of outgrowths in the perineum, it is better to undergo treatment, because to get rid of them through the hardware effect.

The list of the most effective and widely used methods of treating genital warts includes:

  1. Thermocoagulation. It suggests burning out condylomas, which are killed and destroyed due to high temperature. In the procedure, the patient feels pain, so it is always performed under local anesthesia. From the build-up, a scab is formed first, and then a healthy tissue grows under it. For this operation, you need a coagulator and special equipment. This method is quite effective.
  2. Cryodestruction. The essence of this method consists in destruction of tissue damaged by condylomata with liquid nitrogen.
  3. Laser destruction. The method consists in breaking the neoplasm by exposing it to a surgical laser.
  4. Radiosurgical method. Condylomata are destroyed by a narrow-band radio wave of the high-frequency range. This method is very effective and safe. On the affected area after this procedure, there is a clean skin without any scars, and the complete healing of the tissues practically occurs within 24 hours.
  5. Chemodestruction. Often in the chemical incineration of tissues, condylomas use agents with nitric acid as active ingredient.

Modern medicine has not yet developed a method that will completely destroy HPV. The treatment is based on alleviating the patient's condition (by removing genital warts) and increasing the time interval between relapses. The virus is stored around the place of tumors on the skin that is outwardly healthy, so relapses are usually associated with the activation of the virus and its reproduction.

Conservative treatment

The use of medications for the treatment of genital warts is possible with their small size. The treatment is performed by the patient independently at home, but the examination and consultation of the gynecologist before it is mandatory.

  1. Imiquimod(Cream Aldara 4000 rubles, Keravort 2000 rubles.) - This is a prescription drug for external use in the treatment of external genital warts in the perianal and genital area (persons over 12 years old). The course of treatment is prolonged, side effects at the site of application: erosion, edema, itching, burning, redness, scabbing, discharge of fluid. Imiquimod should be used after a day (3 r / week), removing with soap and water 10 hours after application.
  2. Podophyllotoxin, Condiline Nycomed- they are applied twice a day with a special applicator applied to the drug. Between applications, it is important to maintain a 12-hour interval. After 3-day treatment arrange a break for four days and continue treatment until complete elimination of genital warts. In view of the toxicity of the preparation, the area to be treated should be minimal (max. 10 cm2).

Conservative therapy of condylomatosis involves the use of pharmacy products, causing in the tissues necrotic changes. The choice of method of treatment in each case is determined only by a specialist.

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