Balanoposthitis - symptoms and treatment in men, photo

Balanoposthitis in men 3Balanoposthitis - two concomitant and leaking, as a rule, together diseases. Balanitis is manifested by inflammation of the glans penis in men, postitis - inflammation of the foreskin. Almost always, these two diagnoses are inseparable and complement each other.

Pathology develops when there is a violation of the natural microflora of male genital organs. The main etiological factor is the entry of pathogens (staphylococcus, streptococcus, Escherichia coli, protea, etc.) into the prepuce sack.

This disease most often develops when the glans penis is closed by the foreskin, especially with the narrow foreskin-phimosis. The main symptoms of balanoposthitis are pain and itching in the area of ​​the lesion (glans penis), inflammation and swelling of the foreskin.

This disease refers to a fairly common pathology. According to statistics, about 11% of men had this symptomatology. In this article, we will try to take a closer look at the manifestations of balapostitis, its clinical symptoms, and photos. In addition, we will discuss methods of treatment at home. We will try to choose suitable ointments and preparations for treating balaposthitis in men.


Balapostitis in men of the most common is due to lack of hygiene of the sexual organs. As a result, under the foreskin, an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria is formed - this is the non-infectious nature of the disease.

In a significant number of cases, the cause is associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infection occurs during sexual intercourse - candida, Trichomonas, genital herpes, less often gonorrhea and treponema. These infections penetrating the body with unprotected sexual contact provoke strong inflammatory processes. Without the involvement of an infectious agent, balanoposthitis develops rarely. In this case, it can be allergic, toxic, etc.

Predisposing factors that play a significant role in the development of ailment are:

  • non-observance of personal hygiene;
  • endocrine diseases such as diabetes mellitus;
  • chemical irritants (detergents, lubricants);
  • phimosis - narrowing of the foreskin;
  • pathological conditions accompanied by fluid retention in the body.

Development is favored by common diseases that weaken the natural resistance of the skin to the saprophytic flora, and local predisposing factors.

Symptoms of balanoposthitis in men

Balanoposthitis in men 2Balanoposthitis in men manifests certain symptoms, they are easy to recognize, so confuse it with another disease is difficult.

It begins with acute - the first symptoms of balanoposthitis is a burning sensation, puffiness of the foreskin and redness, itching and discomfort in the glans penis. Then it is covered with a dirty white coating, sometimes - small-pimple rashes. This is accompanied by the appearance of unpleasant discharge from the urethra.

The character of the symptoms of balanoposthitis in men in each specific case depends on the type of the damaging agent (infectious and non-infectious) and the presence of predisposing factors.

  1. Plain. It is characterized by diffuse redness, swelling and maceration of the scalp and inner flap of the foreskin, followed by the formation of superficial isolated and merging erosions of various sizes and shapes with a purulent discharge, surrounded by scraps of macerated epithelium. Subjective-mild burning and itching.
  2. Gangrenous. For this species in acute form is characterized by: elevated body temperature of the patient, accompanied by weakness in the body and limbs; dizziness, sometimes up to a presyncope. The patient has slowly healing necrotic ulcers from which pus is intensively secreted. There is a strong reddening and marked swelling of the genital organ on the head and on the foreskin.
  3. With an erosive typewhite, swollen zones of necrotic epithelium appear, and large painful erosions, with a rim of broken cells along the periphery. Possible complication of the process by narrowing the foreskin, which does not allow completely exposing the glans penis. Often there is inguinal lymphadenitis and painful local lymphangitis.

If balanoposthitis in men can not be treated gradually, extremely serious complications can develop: phimosis and gangrene of the penile tissues.

Treatment of balanoposthitis

The tactics of treating balanoposthitis in men depends on what caused the development of the disease in each specific case. First, the doctor must determine the causative agent of the disease. For this, scrapings are taken from the affected areas, which are then sent to bacterial crops.

In addition, the scheme of treatment of balanoposthitis at home is determined by the stage, neglect of the disease, involvement in the pathological process of the lymph nodes, other pelvic organs. In general, therapy is carried out to eliminate the infection (antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial drugs). Locally - a bath with disinfectant solutions.

The mild form can be cured by washing the glans penis with antiseptic solutions (furacilin, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate). These antiseptics kill all microorganisms and bacteria that cause the disease.

It is also important to remember that the appointment of antibiotics is justified only in the case of proven bacterial etiology of the disease. Preference is given to medicinal preparations in the form of ointments and creams.

Before starting to treat the cause, seek and eliminate the consequence. The most important thing is not to let the disease run its course and not to think that everything will pass by itself. If there is a desire to treat balanoposthitis with folk remedies, then it is necessary to discuss all the nuances with the doctor in advance.


A prolonged inflammatory process on the glans penis may lead to atrophy of the receptor apparatus and to a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis. This adversely affects the further sexual life of a man, since feelings during sexual intercourse, fullness and brightness of orgasmic sensations decrease, which can lead to impotence.

Preventive actions include treatment of local and general disorders that contribute to the onset of the disease. Be sure to observe personal hygiene, and monitor the hygiene of the sexual partner.

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