Cracks in the corners of the mouth: causes and treatment in adults

Cracks in the corners of the mouthCracks in the corners of the mouth (the so-called jaundices on the lips) are, as a rule, unpleasantly painful and always occur extremely untimely.It is very vexing when you prepare in advance for a celebration or a romantic date and one day you will feel a painful tension, a reddish swelling and cracking of the skin in the corners of the mouth.

At first glance this defect is very insignificant, but it is not worth considering it so unambiguously, because it indicates that there are violations in the body. Therefore, sometimes zaeda is a symptom of another disease. This means that sometimes it manifests itself as an independent violation, and in another case - as a sign of another pathology.

In this article we will consider the main causes of cracks in the corners of the lips, as well as effective ways of treating the disease at home, including using folk remedies.


Angular stomatitis, in the common people - zaedy in the corners of the mouth, do not depend on age and can appear in men and women, adults and children. True, among men they are more common than women, because the fair sex "protects" lips with lipstick.

Clinical manifestation of a crack in the corners of the mouth:

  1. Itching of the skin;
  2. Significant reddening of the skin;
  3. A small wound in the corners of the mouth;
  4. Pain while opening the mouth;
  5. Pain and discomfort;
  6. The emergence of water under the skin seized.

The patient constantly senses the itching and burning sensation, it becomes painful to talk, lips can not be dyed, and with the use of salty and acidic food, painful sensations intensify even more. In especially severe cases, some even refuse to eat because of severe pain when opening the mouth. In untimely treatment, not only crusts, but also bleeding ulcers can form.

Causes of cracks in the corners of the mouth

What does it mean? If there are cracks in the corners of the lips, then the reasons lie in the defeat of microorganisms. Certain bacteria can provoke this defect. However, before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out why they hit the skin in this place. Of the large number of species, only two can provoke such an ailment - streptococci or yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida.

  1. Candida cleansingappears in the corners of the lips, in this case the causes of cracks are fungi of the genus Candida. At the same time there is no crust on the crack, only the so-called slit-like erosion appears. If the person's mouth is closed, the crack is not visible. When the oral cavity opens, there is a tangible discomfort and pain. If treatment of cracks in the corners of the mouth is not carried out in a timely manner, the disease becomes chronic and periodically exacerbated.
  2. With strepin the corners of the mouth appear a vial that disappears relatively quickly, and in its place later develops a crack with a crust. As a rule, such a crust is periodically torn off (especially often it is ripped off by children). How to treat cracks in the corners of the mouth in this case, the doctor determines. But if you do not use a special ointment or other remedy, the disease can last for a long time.

But the reasons for the appearance of cracks on this are not limited, the skin condition of the lips can also be affected by such risk factors:

  1. Improper brushing of teeth, running caries and other mouth problems, which can be caused by infections. Also, non-observance of the principles of personal hygiene may also affect the appearance of cracks.
  2. Avitaminosis. This is probably one of the main reasons for the appearance of cracks. Most often they appear due to deficiency of vitamins from group B, and also iron, zinc. This reduces immunity, the body is weakened, jaunts appear.
  3. Disorders of the digestive tract. Almost always, the disruption of the digestive system manifests itself externally, including cracks. Also very often they appear in the presence of E. coli, which secretes toxins.
  4. Features of bite. Cracked corners of the child's lips may indicate that the baby has an incorrect bite. If one jaw protrudes above the other, irritation may appear in the corners of the lips. And this too can cause the appearance of cracks.
  5. Allergic reactions. The body's allergy to any cosmetic or toothpaste can also lead to seizures.
  6. Carbohydrates, alcohol. In the event that you are a lover of sugar, sweets, cakes, rolls or abuse alcohol, it is likely the appearance of cracks in the corners of the lips.
  7. Weather: cold, frost, wind, sun, dry air.
  8. Deficiency in the bodygland;
  9. Violationmetabolism.

From this follows the conclusion that, first of all, before the beginning of treatment, it is necessary to find out the main causes of the appearance of cracks in the corners of the lips, and afterwards to select the appropriate preparations.

A photo

As the cracks in the corners of the lips (mouth) look like in adults, you can look at the detailed photos:

What to do?

To understand how to treat cracks in the corners of the mouth, the doctor should not just diagnose the symptom, but also determine the cause of its development. Since the causative agent of this pathology can be different, the treatment will be different. Therefore, before he is appointed, they conduct a survey. It includes:

  • a swab from the mouth;
  • scraping from the wound surface;
  • consultation of the therapist, dentist, endocrinologist and hematologist;
  • a common blood and urine test.

Smears and scrapings make it possible to determine the presence of certain microorganisms at the site of erosion or in the oral cavity. Which in turn allows you to choose an effective drug.

How to treat cracks in the corners of the lips?

So, we found out why there are jams in adults, and now it's time to share simple tips on how to quickly get rid of cracks in the corners of your lips. For this, the wound should be carefully treated with special means. Below are some examples of what you can smear cracks in the corners of your mouth:

  1. Oils of avocado, tea tree, flax, sea buckthorn and dog rose. Daily light massage of the lips will help soften the rough skin.
  2. Hygiene lipsticks and balms. Apply them to the cracked skin every morning and evening.
  3. Thermal waters. Balloons with water are sold in any pharmacy. Regular use of the spray will ease irritation.
  4. Lotion from brothssage, celandine or chamomile.

Below is a list of food products, they need to be added to your daily menu when a problem such as cracks in the corners of the mouth appears, the causes of which may be different.

  1. With a deficitvitamin Bit is necessary to eat nuts, bran, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, avocado, rice (unpeeled).
  2. If the body is foundzinc deficiency, then you should pay attention to the germinated wheat grains, seafood, beer yeast, eggs, green, pumpkin seeds.
  3. If the causes of the problem arelack of iron, then iron-containing products are recommended: oat-flakes, potatoes, buckwheat, rye, nuts, parsley, peaches, pomegranates; of meat - beef, pork, liver, kidneys.

Sometimes cracks in the corners of the lips can be the result of fungal diseases or streptococcal infection. In this case, in order not to infect anyone from your environment, you need to isolate the items of personal use and apply special drugs. Do not assign them yourself, it's best to consult a specialist.

Treatment with folk remedies

In most cases, you can get rid of zayed yourself at home.

  1. A proven means of treatment isaloe juice. Cut out the fresh leaf, squeeze out the juice from it. Apply generously to the corners of the lips.
  2. Very effective means aresea ​​buckthorn oil. Often use avocado oil. These oils should be treated with cracks on the lips, between the lips in the corners of the lips. - Stomatitis angular should be treated with garlic. Also try to treat the plantain extract.
  3. Try to regularly make a mask for lips: mix in a small cup 1 hour. l. freshly squeezed carrot juice and 1 second. l. freshly ground cottage cheese. Apply copiously on the lips, hold for 10-15 minutes. Then remove the mask with a cotton ball moistened with olive oil.
  4. Lubricate the cracks with hygienic lipstick, and also apply special cosmetic and medical products that soften the skin of the lips.
  5. Of the medicines you can try the following products: "Aquaftem", "Iruksol", "Vishnevsky" and "Levomikol." Ointments are applied to the corners of the lips three times a day.

If cracks in the corners of the lips appear constantly and thus there is an itch or burning sensation, self-medication should not be dealt with. In some cases, seizures indicate serious diseases of the body.

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