Ointment in the nose for cold prevention

Ointment in the nose for cold prevention

With the advent of colds, many begin to recall frantically the name of the ointment for the prevention of colds. Since Soviet times she has been lubricated by the noses of adults and children with full confidence that the flu and ARI are now not terrible. Have you guessed that it's about Oxolin Ointment? This ointment in the nose is suitable for the prevention of colds and viral infections, but is this a good way, how are we used to think about it? To date, there are more reliable analogues.

Choose an ointment for the prevention of flu and colds

Ointment for the prevention of colds works by creating a zone of local immunity. This means that if we smear the nose, then this way the virus does not get into the body. But we can still get infected if we drink a sick person from the dishes, or we breathe in the infection through the mouth. That is why the funds of this type are recognized as ineffective throughout the world. Only in the expanses of the former CIS people continue to feed the body with excess chemistry, the benefits of which have not been confirmed.

Oksolinovaya ointment is suitable for the prevention of colds due to the strong antiviral properties of its main active substance - naphthalene, -tetron. There are other drugs containing this component:

  • Oxonaphthylin Ointment;
  • Tetraxoline ointment.

All these funds are supposed to be used in the same way: for the prevention of viral infections, ointment with a concentration of 5 g on the nasal mucosa should be applied. Through the mucous drug is absorbed into the blood by 20%, everything else creates a physical barrier for the germs in the nose. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day for a month. The medicine is excreted from the body by the kidneys. Contraindications include individual sensitivity, kidney failure and pregnancy.

Reasonable alternative

There are preventive measures against viral and bacterial infections, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by clinical studies. These are mainly ointments and preparations for oral use:

  • Viferon;
  • Tetracycline ointment;
  • Levomekol;
  • Fleming;
  • Ointment Thuya;
  • Interferon;
  • Amoxiclav;
  • Amiksin;
  • Immunale.

The last two drugs deserve special attention - they demonstrate a persistent systemic effect, which can be compared with vaccination. Efficiency increases with each new day of taking the remedy, gradually increasing the resistance of the body to infections. Good immunity in fighting viruses is the key to success!


Ointments from the cold

In the pharmacy network, there are many medicinal forms available from the common cold in the form of drops, sprays, tablets, syrups and ointments. Ointment from the common cold is not easy for lovers, it has its testimony. Advantage of the ointment in easy application, harmlessness and long-lasting effect.

Ointments for the prevention of colds and colds

The outbreak of a viral respiratory infection, the most common cause of the common cold, usually begins with kindergartens. The spread of infection goes by air during conversation, coughing and sneezing. When there are cases of illness in the group, parents should urgently take preventive measures.

Such an agent is Oksolinovaya ointment in, 5% concentration. It is recommended to apply a thin layer on the nasal mucosa before leaving the house or after washing. In the prevention all members of the family need. The therapeutic effect during the runny nose is associated with antiviral properties and a weak vasoconstrictor effect.

The same action has the ointment Viferon. The most effective use of these drugs at the onset of cold symptoms. It can be used in complex treatment with other drugs.

It is not recommended for allergic rhinitis, as it does not have anti-allergic properties.

Anti-inflammatory ointments

Ointments of this group do not have antiviral activity, but have an anti-inflammatory effect on the nasal mucosa due to its composition.

Levomekol and Vishnevsky ointment are well known in surgical practice, are used for purulent wounds, boils. Otolaryngologists recommend these ointments for the treatment of chronic rhinitis with sinusitis, when there is a purulent infection. Levomekol ointment for the treatment of the common cold contains chloramphenicol (kills bacteria), methyluracil (stimulates local immunity) has a local anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended to use with soaked ointment turundas (small tampons) and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Ointment Vishnevsky has a complex composition, recommended in turundas. Not everyone likes the strong smell of ointment.

Fleming ointment contains

  • anethole,
  • alfaline,
  • cineole,
  • carotenoids,
  • menthol,
  • glycosides.

For application during a runny nose, lubrication of the nasal passages is recommended 3 times a day.

Ointment from the common cold Pinosol contains eucalyptus and pine needles. Apply should be two days after the onset of the common cold.

Ointment Doctor IOM has a broader composition:

  • menthol,
  • thymol,
  • camphor,
  • Muscat oil,
  • Eucalyptus oil,
  • turpentine oil.

Has vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory effect.

Balm "Star" contains menthol. For use, you need to rub it with circular movements into the area of ​​the wings of the nose, the nose, the superciliary. After application, wash your hands well. Make sure that the ointment does not get into your eyes.

Contraindications for the use of ointments in the common cold are hypersensitivity and pregnancy.Do not attempt to use any anti-inflammatory ointment with a cold. This can lead to the opposite effect. Be sure to consult a doctor.


Ointment for colds

With colds, various ointments are widely used as external agents. First of all, these are warming ointments to fight the cough that occurs during colds. In addition, there are a number of antiviral and antibacterial drugs in the form of ointments that are used to combat local manifestations diseases (a strong cold, herpes, etc.), and ointments that can be used as a preventive measure to prevent infection with ARVI.

Ointment in the nose for cold prevention

The most popular and well-proven tool for preventing colds and preventing infection is oxolin ointment. Before going out onto the street or in the crowded place, people lubricate the nasal mucosa with it.

Also as a preventive agent is used Viferon or other ointments based on interferon, which increase local immunity and thus reduce the likelihood of infection influenza or ARVI.

Heating Ointments for Colds

Warming ointments for colds are used for grinding the back and chest in the lungs. Such rubbing helps to facilitate breathing, soften cough, reduce the common cold.

Turpentine ointment is ointment based on turpentine oil, obtained during distillation of the gum. Turpentine ointment is most often used for pain in the joints, but it helps with coughing for colds and bronchitis. This is an inexpensive, fairly effective tool, but it can cause burning, irritation of the skin. Turpentine ointment is not applied in the area of ​​the heart, nipples, and also with skin lesions (scratches, cuts, irritation) and a tendency to allergies.

Also effective for a cold such ointments:

  • balm Asterisk;
  • ointments based on eucalyptus;
  • ointment from cough Dr. Mom (composition includes menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and turpentine oil);
  • ointment Bom-benge (composed of menthol, peppermint oil, methyl salicylate);
  • ointment Kombigripp (contains menthol, camphor, thymol, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus and terpentine oil).

All these drugs have a local antiseptic, warming, diaphoretic, intensifying blood circulation and stimulating expectoration. At elevated body temperature, they do not apply.

Ointment for colds on the face

With catarrhal diseases, it is not uncommon to damage the lips, as well as the wings and nasal mucosa with herpetic eruptions. Against them

local antiviral agents are used.

The most common ointments of this category are:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Alpisarin;
  • Zovirax;
  • Gerpevir;
  • Gossypol.

In addition, to combat these inflammations, Cycloferon (an interferon-based drug) and Bactroban antibacterial ointment have proved themselves well enough.


Antiviral ointment for the nose. Antiviral ointment for the nose for children

In the arsenal of modern medicine there is a huge amount of funds for fighting rhinitis or other diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In the pharmacy you can always offer a choice of drops, sprays, pills. Take medications, taking into account not only the symptoms of the disease, but also the cause that caused the disease.

Often, doctors prescribe an antiviral ointment for the nose in ARVI, and not ordinary drops. Some consider it ineffective, but this is an erroneous opinion. Any drug will have its effect if taken correctly, and most importantly, given the symptoms and the cause of the disease.

Classification of antiviral drugs

All drugs that are designed to fight viruses can be divided into several groups:

  1. Natural. Such preparations contain phytoncides from onions, garlic. Everyone knows the antiviral activity of these vegetables, so often use infusions from them for treatment.
  2. Synthetic, for example oxolin ointment.
  3. Biological. These are all medicines containing interferon in their composition, for example, "Viferon".

It is worth noting that whatever antiviral drugs you choose, they are most effective in the first three days of the disease.

If you consider in general drugs for the nose from the common cold, then they can also be divided into several groups:

  1. Antiviral.
  2. Antiseptic.
  3. Combined.
  4. Homeopathic.

Any medicine always has its own indications and contraindications, so do not self-medicate, it is better to seek advice from a doctor.

Antiviral drugs

With the onset of cold weather in the autumn-winter period, almost everyone faces such a problem as a cold, a runny nose. In these cases, it is very important to have at hand a remedy that will help to resist the infection. Antiviral drugs suppress the vital activity of viruses and microbes and have clinically proven efficacy.

Oksolinovaya ointment

The antiviral ointment for nose "Oxolinovaya" will become a good assistant. Many believe that if every day before going out to put it on the mucous membrane of the nose, then no viruses attack you. Oksolinovaya ointment has a pronounced antiviral activity. Components included in it, are able to block the connection of the influenza virus with cellular membranes, which means that it simply can not penetrate the interior of the cell.

This ointment is available in varying concentrations. If you decide to use an ointment for the nose, then it is worth choosing one that has a concentration of active substance, 5%.

For the prevention of viral diseases, it is necessary to lubricate the nasal mucosa 2-3 times a day, especially before going out to the street. Contraindications this drug has almost no, so it can be used even for children.


There is also an antiviral ointment for the nose "Viferon". This drug refers to biological. "Viferon" is not only a good antiviral agent, but also an immunomodulator. This antiviral ointment for the nose is prescribed in many cases, for example:

  • Treatment of influenza or ARVI.
  • Fighting herpes.
  • Treatment of papillomas and warts.

During a viral epidemic or treatment of diseases, children 1-2 years must apply ointment for the nose three times a day, and adults and children after 2 years can use the drug 4 times a day.

Included in the composition of the ointment interferon has a low ability to absorb, so the drug acts only at the site of application. Some side effects may occur during use, such as sneezing, slight burning in nose, but all this quickly passes after the end of the application or after adaptation of the body to the drug.

Antiseptic agents

During any virus disease, inflammatory processes begin, therefore, means that have the ability to remove them are needed.

One of the proven drugs from this group is Vishnevsky's ointment. It contains ingredients that help you recover faster. Many doctors instead of her rush to prescribe antibiotics, but in some cases, the ointment will do even more good than antibacterial drugs.

Ointment "Levomekol" many doctors consider an excellent way to get rid of stuffy nose. This is because she:

  • Accelerates metabolic processes.
  • Removes inflammation.
  • Has an antimicrobial effect.

Despite the large number of pluses, this ointment has some contraindications for use, it can not be used if:

  1. There is hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
  2. The patient suffers from allergic manifestations.
  3. Pregnancy, but if the benefit is greater than the risk for the fetus, then the doctors prescribe this ointment.
  4. Breastfeeding period.

Ointment is necessary to soak cotton swabs and insert them into the nasal passages for a while.

Combined preparations

Complex preparations always have a more pronounced effect, so doctors in the treatment of most diseases prefer this.

Combined ointments have several properties:

  • Remove the inflammation.
  • Fight against bacteria.
  • Soften the mucosa.
  • Have a good regenerating effect.
  • Kill the viruses.
  • Remove the edema of blood vessels.

One of such preparations can be considered an ointment for a nose "Evamenol". It has a number of healing properties, due to which it finds wide application:

  • Nasal breathing is facilitated.
  • Disappears dryness in the nasal passages.
  • Protects against viral infections.

Only it is necessary to take into account that this antiviral ointment for the nose for children under 2 years is not suitable, it will be necessary to choose the other drug.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy has become a part of our life, in the treatment of many diseases try to use such drugs as more sparing for the body. There are homeopathic ointments for the nose, they have a number of advantages in comparison with others, since they have a complex effect at once:

  1. Stimulate your own immunity rights.
  2. Have an obvious antiviral effect.
  3. Have antihistamine effect.
  4. Remove the inflammation.
  5. Remove the swelling of the mucosa.

Since such drugs are almost entirely composed of natural ingredients, such a nasal ointment for children is quite suitable for treatment.

To such preparations it is possible to carry ointment Fleminga. During the runny nose, it is necessary to apply it on the mucous membrane or use for these purposes cotton swabs. The time of use is about 10 minutes several times a day. The procedure should be carried out for 1-2 weeks.

Ointment is well tolerated by patients, it is permitted for use even by pregnant women, but it is better to consult with a doctor before use.

Ointment for the nose for pregnant women

To be ill is always bad, but not everyone can avoid this. Some are saved by preventive vaccinations, someone takes up folk recipes, but sometimes this does not help either.

Especially important is the issue of preventing viral infections during pregnancy. The woman in this period is responsible not only for her life, but also for the well-being of the growing life inside her.

It is not always possible to avoid infection, so with a cold, such an antiviral ointment for the nose for pregnant women should be chosen, which would not harm a small lump inside the stomach.

Most doctors recommend during pregnancy with the prophylactic goal of using oxolin ointment. This antiviral ointment for the nose is applied to the mucosa and does not allow viruses to enter the cell. In addition, she has a good reputation and in the fight against herpes.

The popularity of this ointment can still be explained by its availability and relatively low price, which for many buyers is often the decisive factor in choosing a medicine.

Ointment for the nose for children

Children suffer from colds even more often than adults, so the parents are constantly standing the question of how to resist infections, and if the infection has already occurred, how to deal with the disease.

Everyone knows that the drugs that adults use to fight the virus can not always be used in therapy in children. This also needs to be remembered when an antiviral ointment for the nose is selected for children.

Before buying it is always necessary to consult a doctor in charge, do not self-medicate, especially a child. Here is a list of ointments that can be used in children:

  1. Oksolinovaya ointment can be easily used in children, it has virtually no contraindications, but before that, it is necessary to exclude allergic reactions to the components of the drug.
  2. "Viferon" is an excellent antiviral ointment for the nose for babies.

Vishnevsky ointment is not prescribed for children under 6 years of age. In older age, kidney disease is a contraindication. "Levomekol" ointment because of the presence of antibiotic also can not be used at preschool age.

Even if the ointment is approved for use in childhood, it is still necessary to consult a doctor before use. The organism is different for everyone, the diseases proceed individually, so the remedy is not always universal for everyone.

Recommendations for parents

Even colds in all children flow in different ways. One child, despite the heat, rushes around the apartment, and the other almost all day in bed, while refusing to eat.

When children get sick, parents are always quite difficult in this situation. Everyone was visited by the thought that it is better to get sick a hundred times than to see how a child suffers from an intolerable coughing or nasal congestion.

But no one is immune from diseases, therefore, more attention should be paid to the prevention of viral diseases. In these cases, antiviral ointment for the nose is at hand. You will always tell her the name of the pediatrician.

Before use, it is necessary to check how the body will take this remedy. To do this, apply the ointment on a small area of ​​the skin and look after the reaction. If there is no redness and burning sensation, then it can be used.

Never go on about advertising, do not trust the advice of friends blindly when choosing a remedy for a child. It is better to get a competent consultation of a specialist, so as not to damage the health of your baby.


Cold in the nose: what to treat? What to choose ointment for a cold in the nose

Almost everyone, unfortunately, is familiar with such an unpleasant illness as herpes. In any case, the enemy needs to know everything, even if he is a cold in the nose. Than to treat? What is its nature? We will find the answers to these questions.

Herpes virus refers to creeping skin infections. A rash of small vesicles covers the body and mucous membranes, causing itching, temperature, and sometimes pain. Often skin, eyes and genitals suffer. This virus is so dangerous that it affects the central nervous system. Therefore, one should take seriously treatment and prevention.

Fact for general development: a person is able to tolerate 8 types of herpes:

  • Simple type 1 (lips, nose);
  • Simple type 2 (genitals);
  • Chickenpox, shingles - type 3;
  • Epstein-Barr type 4 (infectious mononucleosis);
  • Cytomegalovirus - type 5.

The last three types have not yet been studied by scientists to the end and are very dangerous.

Colds in the nose: what to treat, the symptoms

The onset of the very moment when you realize that a cold is about to pop out in your nose, always has a certain prelude. This unfortunate place on the skin starts to itch, even ache a bit, chills can occur.

The appearance of the herpes virus in the nose is often a signal that this is a regress of the disease. After all, this disease, having released its tentacles once, will not disappear from your life ever. With any supercooling or, conversely, overheating, the virus will return, showing itself on the skin and mucous membranes in the first place. Oppressed or debilitated immunity is also an open door to your health. Infected usually through direct contact with a sick person: airborne droplets, when using common objects of use and so on. Now you have learned how and why there is a cold on the nose. "How to get rid of it?" - this is the main question that worries many people.

Advice of folk medicine

Many people prefer to use less medicine so as not to weaken their body. In the case when you have a cold in your nose, then you can be cured by folk healers.

The best method is the use of celandine juice. Honorable second place among the life-saving substances is sea buckthorn oil. It will be difficult to use the ointment from garlic, honey and ashes, but the effect will not take long to wait. Lazy lovers of warmth can apply a warm spoon to the rash throughout the day. Cooling of wounds is also welcomed, but do not get too carried away.

One of the most popular means is the lubrication of wounds with the remains of burnt paper. What does it look like? You burn a sheet of any paper on a saucer, discard all the ashes, but the brownish sediment on the dishes is what you need. Lubricate them wounds 2-3 times a day.

If the herpes promises to appear on the nose, then you need to take a match, lick the sulfur and lubricate the unfortunate place, like the blisters themselves afterwards.

Has put a nose at herpes. How can I help you?

When a cold occurs, nasal congestion due to a rash is not uncommon. In general, even with common cold, the most popular method among doctors is washing with sea water. In this case, you completely eliminate the nose and throat from unwanted substances. In pharmacies, sea salt is sold in large packages, there are a lot of minerals and nutrients in it that will affect your health most favorably. Since ancient times people have been treated for many diseases in sea salt waters. Rinse the nasopharynx with this water is good for your health even when you are not sick.

What ointment against herpes to buy?

If you are still not a supporter of traditional medicine or want to combine both options, then you will need to buy an ointment in the pharmacy. Why not tablets? For quite a long time, doctors have been using only ointments to treat a simple type of herpes. Ointment for colds in the nose should be selected based on its effectiveness. Top top antiviral ointments "Acyclovir" Zovirax "Panavir" Acyclovir-Acry. " This is an inexpensive and fast-acting treatment option that will allow you to quickly get rid of annoying herpes. Remember that you need to apply the ointment with a cotton swab and not with your fingers. Abstain from kissing, if you do not want to infect your loved one and spread your rash even more. For those who persistently try to squeeze bubbles, a special warning: you should not do this not only because you Rash will spread to large areas of the skin, but also because you can get a bacterial infection as a "bonus" to disease.

Colds in the nose and its complications

Picking up any disease, every person begins to worry about the possible complications that it can bring. The cold inside the nose herpes virus that caused it, are no exception.

Affected areas of the skin are capable of infecting everything around them, so doctors forbid touching them with their hands or handkerchiefs. Use only ointments or medicinal oils and decoctions. So you do not infect other skin areas. Do not forget that the eyes are also affected by the herpes virus, which in this case causes conjunctivitis and keratitis. This can provoke a partial loss of vision.

If you do not suffer from an immunodeficiency virus, then you should not be afraid of complications of the disease. HIV-infected patients undergo a special course of treatment, because they have already weakened immunity.

Prevention of herpes is the best treatment

If you have a cold in your nose, what is better to treat? Scientists have established that this virus is transmitted both directly through direct contact with a person, and with the help of household items. Do not forget about the airborne path of infection. If you know which area of ​​the skin the virus has got, then it can be pre-treated with antiseptic ointment.

Specialists are also advised to contact the immunologist to get a prescription for a drug that increases immunity. In order not to become infected with any of the types of herpes, especially cytomegalovirus, you should definitely use contraceptives, namely condoms. But do not forget that the mucous membranes that do not protect the condom are prone to infection, especially if there are microcracks in them.


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