Restoration of vision according to Norbekov

Every year, ophthalmology, as a branch of medicine, is developing more and more, nevertheless, mankind still can not do without eternal satellites - glasses and contact lenses.Diseases of the eyes are growing younger, and all the permissible boundaries are already passing. The people themselves are to blame for this situation, allowing all sorts of modern gadgets, adaptations and technologies in their life, almost without limitation.Today, even the smallest child can barely learn to speak, use a cell phone, tablet or computer, and this can not positively affect the eyesight.


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Method definition

In the world there are many methods for restoring and correcting vision, including various methods of surgery, but we will talk about the unconventional technique of M. Norbekov, which involves a whole health complex.Master offers a way to improve the eyesight, which closely intertwines the practices of the East and modernity.

The system claims that a person is able to restore himself, it is only necessary to strongly want it.If the patient ceases to consider himself as such, and free from psychological complexes and habits of the patient, weak and feeble, the body will receive very different impulses and turn the situation is reversed.

The Norbekov program, which includes a set of exercises on itself, is more a training than a curative one.The basis is the rejection of medications, medicines, glasses and other devices that only drive the disease inwards. The internal and external renewal of man is the main task of the method. Spiritual purity of thoughts and a positive attitude, according to Norbekov, are able to defeat any ailment, at any stage.

Norbekov Mirzakarim Sanakulovich

It should be noted that, like Zhdanov's methods, Norbekov's complexes were repeatedly criticized by ophthalmologists, because they do not carry any scientific basis for such loud statements. In any case, bear in mind that in fact, Norbekov's works do not have enough scientific justification, he is more focused on the tradition of oriental culture and self-hypnosis.

When appointed

However, his technique is not only meditations and psychological training.It includes specific physical exercises and actions that are also developed on the basis of previously tested and applied ones. The main and the main foundation was the method of U. Bates, based on the study of oculomotor muscles and ways to relax them through gymnastics and self-hypnosis. It was this method that laid the foundation for Norbekov's teaching.

The technique can be used for such eye abnormalities as:

  1. Myopia.
  2. Hyperopia.
  3. Astigmatism.
  4. Strabismus.

The author claims that even such serious diseases as glaucoma and cataract, macular degeneration or atrophy of the visual nerve, can be cured according to his technique, but there is no scientific confirmation of this statement, tk. not conducted research.

How is the

According to Norbekov, rehabilitation exercises are filled with a deep sense.Through manipulation, the teaching allows you to open or clean up the energy flows and channels through which healing comes. The whole body and the consciousness of a person are included in the work, the thought works and thus the exercises are filled with deep and ancient meaning.

It is enough to give lessons every day from half an hour to an hour to achieve positive changes. Before you start the exercises you need to tune in to a positive mood and smile "in your mouth."

All the gymnastics of Norbekov can be divided into several main complexes:

  • In order to strengthen the muscles that move the eye, movements of the eyeballs are made first up and down, then left-to-right and circular. Do not be too zealous, so as not to overwork your eyes and not cause a backlash. Do everything with pleasure and value.
  • As prevention and treatment for strabismus, exercises that strengthen braids of muscle tissue are used. Keep an eye on the tip of the index finger, which should then be brought closer to the nose, then retracted into the distance. Then the nose should be taken away from the nose.
  • Accommodation. This is a well-known exercise with a mark or some small object attached to a windowpane. Concentrate your eyes on the mark, then send it to the distance, and focus on the far object outside the window. It is important that the brand was not more than 25 cm from the eyes.
  • Breeding the axes of vision and strengthening the muscles located on the sides will help the following manipulation. The forefingers of both hands approach the nose, then spread them to the sides. Try to follow your finger with every eye. Repeat several times.
  • Relaxing exercises after gymnastics are a frequent blinking and easy pressing on eyeballs with palms.

These are general exercises, which, according to Norbekov, must be done daily. Especially for those who spend a long time at the computer monitor. Such a set of movements will strengthen the muscles of the eyes, prevent them from relaxing and provoke a drop in visual acuity.

Norbekov attaches great importance to concentration, positive attitude and meditation. In his opinion, without such an auto-training, the results will not be achieved to restore vision.

In addition, there is a so-called author's program "breathing through the eyes."The essence of which, is comprehended by training directly with the participation of the author or his followers. For this purpose, specially designed tables are used.

What is assessed by results

It is known that official medicine has its position on Norbekov's teaching, and refers to it with criticism, as there is no scientific confirmation of the technique. However, there are also positive results. The author's system can affect not only the physical, but also the emotional and psychological state of a person. There is no complete denial of his developments, since any positive attitude gives the same positive results. Faith in success and change in the worldview of a person is very important in any disease, and the eyes are no exception.

His students everywhere introduce the teacher's work and achieve positive effects, as with full-time work and feedback, the health system is able to help those who believe in it.One fact that there are contra-indications for classes, says that the method is successful and brings results. Do not use these methods to people who have mental disorders, epilepsy, as well as suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism. For pregnant women, Norbekov's classes are also contraindicated.After strokes and heart attacks, it is better not to practice, but wait for at least six months, the same applies to people who have undergone surgery.

It is also advisable to consult with an ophthalmologist and therapist before starting restorative treatment, using psychological work on their minds and specific manipulation of the eyes. You may have contraindications and this can negatively affect your health.



In order that Norbekov's vision restoration method really help, it is necessary to strictly adhere to author's developments and fulfill all the requirements of the instruction. Do not engage in amateur activities, and reinvent the "bike". There are clear and unambiguous exercises, requirements and recommendations that should be carefully studied before starting a long and painstaking work on self-healing.