Osteopenia - what is it and how to treat it?

Nature is conceived so that all living things on our planet gradually grow old. Caring for his body, a person can slow down the aging process of the body, make his life better.

If the hair and nails can be dyed, the skin moistened with creams, teeth inserted, then what about the bones?

The skeleton and bones form the basis, the framework of the human body. Over time, bone tissue becomes very vulnerable (depending on the strength of the body) and therefore increases the risk of bone fractures in the most unexpected places.


  • 1Osteopenia - a disease or the onset of old age?
  • 2Common types of osteopenia
  • 3Causes
  • 4Consequences of the disease
  • 5Pediatric osteopenia
  • 6How to detect the progress of osteopenia?
  • 7Conservative treatment

Osteopenia - a disease or the onset of old age?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we can observe the aging of the skin, hair and nails and try to take timely measures, and aging of the bones is impossible to observe.

The process of aging of bone tissue is called osteopenia. So, during the consultation the specialist voiced such a diagnosis as osteopenia - what is this, how to treat?

When a person crosses the threshold of 30 years, the aging process starts in his body. It is realized in this way. Up to 27-30 years in the human body is a constant update of cells and bone, including.

At first it happens actively and regularly, and then the updating process gradually slows down. New cells appear less often, bone tissue changes. It loses its strength and becomes more fragile. This is a natural process and is called osteopenia.

The degree of manifestation of osteopenia depends on the state of the organism, the state of bone tissues. The more they are stronger from the youth and the better the health, the slower the progress will be in the loss of minerals.

Common types of osteopenia

Although the process of bone loss of beneficial components affects the entire bone system, there are nevertheless departments in the human body that become most vulnerable. These are the lumbar spine and the region of the neck of the thigh.

For many elderly people, injuries and bone fractures in these areas often become fatal. Bedridden elderly people turn into immobilized hostages sentenced to death.

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Timely receipt of correct information will help prevent the development of osteopenia of the neck of the hip - treatment in this case it is better to start in advance as a preventive measure to prevent possible troubles.


Despite the naturalness of the process, there are a number of factors that contribute to its acceleration.

Almost every woman who has had to bear a child can become a victim of the consequences of ostepenia.

The period of menopause promotes a large loss of mineral substances and an increase in the fragility of bones.

In addition, the factors include:

  • use of steroids;
  • chemotherapy;
  • radioactive irradiation;
  • use of alcohol and drugs, smoking;
  • constant dieting, malnutrition and the absence of foods containing calcium, phosphates and other minerals in the diet;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • prematurity;
  • heredity.

Consequences of the disease

The intensive development of this process can lead to osteoporosis, cause fractures in the arms and legs, and on a flat surface, and even loss of the person's ability to move.

Pediatric osteopenia

Sad, but true. Osteopenia can take place not only in adults. This phenomenon occurs in children. This pathology is present in half of premature infants due to inadequate fetal (during prenatal development) calcium and phosphorus.

With the birth of a child, this factor should be taken into account for a harmonious development, as well as for the prevention of osteopenia in the future, the kid must regularly receive all necessary mineral substances.

Since children can not control this issue themselves, the responsibility for the quality of the child's health rests entirely on adults - parents and doctors.

How to detect the progress of osteopenia?

When the skin loses collagen, and the nails and hair of calcium, it becomes noticeable with the naked eye. But how is the loss of bone tissue of minerals manifested?

Most often this process is asymptomatic.

If the human body externally grows old, the skin loses elasticity, the nails - their hardness, and hair - shine, there is reason to think about the fact that bones can also lose something. The next symptom will be a specific bone fracture.

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To detect the degree of development of osteopenia can be done by medical examination. To do this, you need to determine the density of bone tissue and the level of their mineral constituents.

You can measure the speed at which sound moves to the bone. For this, one has to undergo quantitative sonometry with the use of ultrasound, which will allow to determine the degree of strength and the level of bone tissue density.

But more accurate results can be obtained by scanning the bones. The procedure for determining the strength and density of bone tissue is called dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.

Most often, osteopenia leads to fractures in the bones of elderly people. It is recommended to undergo a survey from the age of 50.

The list of categories for the examination:

  • women over 50, who had to bear children;
  • Persons over 50 who had dietary restrictions were on diets;
  • persons over 60, prone to leanness;
  • people who have had fractures of bones.

Conservative treatment

How is osteopenia treated? If everything indicates the development of this problem, then you can solve it yourself, but it will be much easier with the support of a specialist.

Since the main task of the patient and the doctor is to slow down the destruction of bone tissues, to prevent the development of osteoporosis, the treatment can mean not only the use of medicines.

The fight against osteopenia should be comprehensive, that is, combine the appointment of several specialists at the same time.

According to the results of the survey, it becomes clear what condition the bone tissue is and what minerals are missing in them. Proceeding from this, a medication will be prescribed. The list of preparations can include vitamins and trace elements in tablets and injections, hormone substitutes.

To slow the development of such a process as osteopenia of the lumbar spine, treatment should contain medical support.

Biophosphonate "Ostalon"

The specialist can prescribe the use of calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, biophosphonates, as well as hormones.

In addition, a nutritionist's consultation is required, which will constitute a personal diet. Correctly balanced diet and organized diet can provide solid support to the body.

Regularly and correctly eating, the human body receives the substances necessary for it for normal life.

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Also recommended therapeutic exercise, walking, swimming, because exercise will help strengthen muscle and bone tissue.

For treatment to have a successful outcome, you need to take it responsibly, taking all the medications and following all the recommendations.

The fight against osteopenia also requires victims in the form of rejection of bad habits. Since nicotine, alcohol and drugs provoke the withdrawal of a large amount of minerals from the body, a reassessment of vital priorities will be required.

Treatment with folk remedies

What means can be prepared and used at home? We will not go far, but take what is near at hand or, at least, you can buy in any supermarket.

Walnuts. You can enter into your diet daily use of 2-3 nuts. A membrane from the nuts to collect, and when the volume of a third of a liter glass bottle (as from beer), fill them with vodka. Put in a dark place for 3 weeks.

The obtained extract can be used as grits and compresses for the prevention of osteopenia on the bones of the spine and hip joints.

Tincture from the membranes of walnuts can be taken orally for 1 hour. l. for 20 minutes. before meals. An excellent preventive tool for strengthening immunity, bones and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract.

Walnuts with honey. The recipe is simple: in a glass jar we impose densely cleared ripened walnuts, you can add other types of nuts, also use sesame seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Then pour all the honey, close the lid and put in a corner for a couple of weeks. You can eat several spoons every day, with or without tea. The remedy is very tasty and endlessly useful.

You should always remember: our health is only our concern!