Than to treat a cold

What folk remedies can quickly cure a cold? Temperature 3,.


Andrey Naumov

It's very simple to catch a cold today, but not everyone knows how to cure it. Many run to the pharmacy and buy soluble, effervescent and other expensive drugs, and if they are of use? There are several rules for choosing and applying these tools. And also do not forget about the proven methods of treating the common cold, cough and throat.
Rule one. Only the doctor can prescribe the antibiotic you need and only in case of emergency. Antibiotics are acceptable in the treatment of influenza, angina, pneumonia and other severe colds. Beginning with the same treatment of conventional ORZ from them is stupid and extremely harmful.
Rule two. Do not rely on soluble drugs, which advertisements you often see on TV. These drugs are emergency and short-term action. They do not heal, but only take off the symptoms for a while, bring the person to the form, in order to do the right thing - having worked the shift, having made a report - he went on to get sick further. To take them several days in a row, in the hope of curing a cold in this way, is not only senseless, but also dangerous, especially for the kidneys.

The third rule. Instead of spending money on expensive and not always effective drugs, refer to proven folk remedies.
At the first signs of a cold put on the chest and back mustard, drink 2 cups of hot tea with raspberries, lime blossom and lemon or hot milk with honey and a small amount of soda.
Traditional milk and tea can be replaced with a drink, not so common, but no less useful, - mulled wine.
Pour a few glasses of red semidry wine (at least semisweet) in a small saucepan. Put on a slow fire. While the wine is warming up, add a few peas of sweet pepper, a couple of lemon slices, a little cloves, cinnamon and sugar. In mulled wine it is not forbidden to put mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, apples, and also add nutmeg, cognac and black pepper (with the latter - very carefully). In no case do not bring mulled wine to a boil. Drink should be hot. Then go to bed, take cover with a warm blanket, put a warmer on your feet. The next morning after a sound sleep and a strong sweating, the cold can retreat.
If you wet your feet when you get home, immediately rub them with vodka and put on a dry woolen socks.
An alternative to this procedure is the mustard foot bath. To do this, in the basin with hot water, lower your legs and keep them for 15-20 minutes, pouring hot water from time to time. The bath will be more effective if you add 2 tablespoons of dry mustard. After the procedure, put on warm socks and go to bed.
Try not to use at the same time different, but the same type of medicine, otherwise you risk getting an overdose of a single active substance. For example, the therapeutic dose of paracetamol is very small. If you take more than 5 grams per day, then you risk very much damage the liver. Paracetamol sometimes disappears under various names: acitaminophen (in American medicines), calpola, panadol, effergangan in amount of not less than 1 gram per tablet, it is also included in the composition of maltose, solpadein, saridone and many other complex preparations. Therefore, carefully read the instructions to the medicines that are going to be treated at the same time. Better stop on one.


Colds are common.
Write in a personal that you have just the temperature - cough, runny nose and stuff.

Sergey Troshin

If you woke up with a stuffy nose and the sensation that the throat is about to break down, take immunal. It will tone your immunity. 40 drops of the drug dissolve in 1 tablespoon of boiled water at room temperature and drink. Then during the day, take another 20 drops every 1-2 hours.
An alternative to immunal is arbidol. This drug also mobilizes the immune system and prevents the development of complications of the common cold. It should be taken before meals for 2 tablets every 6 hours.
To prevent the development of cold helps and homeopathic antigrippin. In the first two days, every 30 minutes, keep in your mouth until 5 granules of the drug dissolve completely. During the next week - every 2 hours. Antigrippin can be taken alone or in combination with the immune and arbidol.
Not later than half an hour before leaving the house, drink hot tea with lemon and 1 tablespoon of rose hip syrup.
If you are "disconnected" at work, then at the first signs of malaise starve until the evening. In this case, hunger will act like a medicine.
A good effect gives acupressure. Sit back, relax. With the tips of the index fingers, make light rotational movements clockwise. Massage the symmetrically located points at the inner edges of the eyebrows, at the outer corners of the eyes, in the upper third of the nasolabial folds. Massage of each pair of points - for one minute.
The remaining recommendations are the same as in the morning: immunal, arbidol or antigrippin.
Do not rely on widely advertised soluble cold medicines containing paracetamol. These drugs are emergency and short-term action. They can be accepted only in one case: you feel that your head hurts, you are shivering, and you still have to get to the house.
After a working day, the arsenal of funds for fighting colds is supplemented with a lot of "grandmother's" recipes.
Here are a few drinks that can stop colds. Choose any to your taste. For a better effect, they should be combined with taking the above medications.
1. The first signs of a cold will perfectly help to remove herbal tea from dried leaves of plantain, linden flowers and peppermint. This collection will relieve inflammation and reduce puffiness. Mix the herbs in equal proportions. A tablespoon of the collection pour boiling water in a teapot in a volume of 250-300 ml, let it brew for 15 minutes, strain. Add a teaspoon infusion of 1 teaspoon cognac, 2 teaspoons of honey and drink.
2. Antiviral action has the following tea. A tablespoon of chopped peppermint leaves pour a glass of boiling water, heat 5 minutes in a water bath, strain. Then stir in this infusion a teaspoon of honey. Finely chopped clove of garlic in a cup and mash with a spoon. Squeeze into it about 1/4 part of the lemon, pour in a warm mint infusion with honey and mix everything thoroughly. Drink this remedy in a warm form.
After you have drunk a healing drink, make a mustard foot bath. To do this, add 2 tablespoons of dry mustard to the hot water tank. Lower your legs and hold for 15-20 minutes, from time to time carefully adding hot water. After the procedure, vigorously rub your feet with a towel, put on dry woolen socks and go to bed.
Take cover with a warm blanket and put a heating pad at your feet. In advance, it would be good to chop several pieces of garlic in a bowl, place the onion head and put it next to the bed.
During the night you will properly sweat, and in the morning the cold is likely to recede. And you will be ready for new labor exploits.

Valentina Rozing (Jacević)

There is such a tool, it helps very well, take two proteins from the egg, whisk and bring in a glass of warm milk, carefully and sing, so you need to do it three times a day. You can do everything by half.

Nadezhda Aksenenko

as soon as the first signs of a cold appear, tea with mint and honey for the night. At a temperature, even insignificant, 3, in no case neither mustard plasters nor bathroom is recommended. Rub your feet with alcohol or vodka, put on socks, at first simple, then woolen and can go to bed. It helps me. If you have a sore throat, eat a tablespoon of honey, at night, without drinking anything.

Tamara Batalova

1. Do not panic! )))))))
In the rest everything is simple. The temperature can not be brought down by tablets to 38-3,. (the organism itself struggles)
2. 3 times a day, take the immunal.
3. In the pharmacy there is a linden, tea bags. every 2-3 hours. (excellent knocks temp-py, displays toxins with sweat)
4. A plentiful drink of tea with honey, jam, hot mors. (removes toxins from urine, feeds the necessary trace elements)
Curiously, but the temperature knocks down and increases the immunity of chicken broth!!! !
5. Every 4 hours to instill natizine (it just narrows the blood vessels) -
After 5 minutes, spray the whole. (creates local immunity, etc. heals a cold for 1-2 days)
Esli sore throat, as quickly as possible will help falimint. and so the rinse with decoction of leaves of eucalyptus, etc.
This method is constantly treated, raises to my feet for 2-3 days, without causing any inconvenience.


Colds include a number of diseases caused by hypothermia.
Symptoms: General malaise, cough, runny nose, sometimes fever. Symptoms do not appear momentarily and do not go away right away, some, for example, a runny nose or cough, can last for a long time. It is possible to reduce the sense of smell. Sometimes padding and noise in the ears, weakness.
Non-traditional and popular methods of treatment and prevention of colds:
1) Grind to a pecker-like condition 500 gr. peeled onions, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 400 gr. sugar and cook not slowly in 1L. water for 3 hours. Cool and drain. Store in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Take a mixture of warm 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day.
2) Have a daily baked onion before noticeable improvement. A roasted blouse, unlike a fresh one, can be eaten without restrictions.
3) At the first signs of a cold, lightly heat half a liter of milk and pour a fresh chicken egg into it and add 1 teaspoon of honey and butter. Thoroughly stir everything and drink at night. By morning, the malaise will pass.
4) Sprinkle mustard powder in stockings or socks and walk for several days.
5) Grate garlic on a small grater and mix it with honey in the ratio:. Before going to bed take 1 teaspoon, washing with warm water.
6) Grind to a pecker-like condition 100 gr. onions and pour 40ml. table vinegar, insist for half an hour in a tightly closed container, then strain and mix with 4 tablespoons of honey. Take this mixture 1 teaspoon every half hour.
7) Wipe through a sieve ripe bananas and put them in a pan with hot water at the rate of 2 bananas per 1 cup of boiled water with sugar. Warm up and drink this mixture.
8) Cut small cubes of black radish and put it in a saucepan with sugar. Bake in the oven for 2 hours. Strain and drain the liquid into a bottle. Drink 2 teaspoons 4-5 times a day and at night before bedtime.
9) Grind 2 egg yolks of raw eggs with sugar, add butter and take between meals.
10) Before going to bed and day it is useful to spend 15-20 minutes of steam inhalation with garlic-honey mixture. After inhalation it is very good to get warm, go to bed and take 2-3 tablespoons of honey with tea from dry raspberries.
11) take 1 part of the linden flowers and 1 part of the raspberry fruit. 2 tablespoons of the mixture pour 2 cups of boiling water. Boil for 5-10 minutes and strain. Drink hot at night for 1-2 cups.
12) Take 40gr. fruits of raspberries and leaves of mother-and-stepmother. Pour 2 glasses of water and boil for 20 minutes. Drink before going to bed for 1-2 glasses.
13) In the first days of a cold, drink a glass of warm boiled water with 5 drops of iodine dissolved in it, after which chew a clove of garlic.
14) Pour 1 teaspoon of dried powdered dandelion roots with a glass of boiling water, insist in a sealed container in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes, cool and strain. Take 1 tablespoon 4-6 times a day.
15) 1 tablespoon dry chopped mug leaf pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 15 minutes, cool to room temperature. Take 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day. With sore throat rinse with this infusion of the throat.

Elena the Wise

This temperature is better not to knock down. Let the body fight itself, harden

D. C.

Folk remedies for cold treatment
Finely chop several cloves of purified garlic and stir in a glass of milk. Then boil this mixture and allow it to cool. Take several times a day on a teaspoonful - this will significantly soften the clinical course of the disease.
With a cold, bury 3-5 drops of menthol oil in your nose while lubricating your forehead, whiskey, nose. You can mix menthol oil with camphor and do the same procedure.
Fresh pine needles (100 g) rinse and grind, then pour 1 liter of boiling water, bring to a boil and turn off the fire. To insist 1-2 hours, strain and drink 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day, dissolving in a drink 1 tablespoon of honey. Infusion is rich in vitamin C, as well as other vitamins and trace elements. It has a bactericidal effect, accelerates recovery in case of flu, cold.
From the cold, tea with ginger and honey will help. Rub 1/4 cup of ginger on the grater, add a glass of honey and cook. In the tea, add 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture.
Mix 30 g of sea buckthorn oil, 20 g of fresh marigold juice, 15 g of melted cocoa butter, 10 g of honey, 5 g of propolis. With a cold, moisten the fleece in this compound and insert it into the nose for 20 minutes.
To cure a runny nose, it is very useful to sweat in a steam Russian bath. At the same time it is recommended to rub the sacrum with grated radish (well in half with grated horseradish) mixed with a small the amount of honey and salt, and after leaving the bath, drink 2-4 cups of decoction from the flowers of lime, elderberry or chamomile with an admixture of juice sour berries.
With a protracted runny nose, the child sew a narrow bag of linen cloth, fill it with a warm, steeply cooked millet porridge and put the pouch on the nose area so that it covers the maxillary sinuses. Keep as long as heat remains.
With a cold, dig in 3-5 drops of aloe in each nostril 4-5 times a day, throwing back your head and massaging after digging in the wings of your nose.
It is very useful to use a decoction of fresh or dried berries of strawberries or raspberries, going to bed, and this is to breathe a decoction prepared from the leaves of sage, God's tree (wormwood medicinal) and wormwood bitter.
With a cold, it is recommended to instill 2 times a day a mixture of the extract of Ledum and vegetable oil. 1 g of Ligulium extract is mixed with 9 g of vegetable oil, boil and steal this mixture in the oven for several minutes. Extract of Ledum: brew 2 teaspoons of Ledum 1 cup of boiling water, put on a light yolk, keep until you boil half the water.
Boil a glass of milk. The onion head of medium size, grate on a fine grater, pour boiling milk and stir well. Let it brew for 10 minutes, then drink warmly for half an hour.
Stir in a glass of hot milk 2 tablespoons of honey and drink during the day for 2-3 hours.
Garlic, grate on a fine grater and mix with honey in the ratio:. Take 1 tablespoon 1-2 times a day with water.
A glass of black currant berries fill with a glass of vodka, add a glass of sugar syrup and insist 30 days in a dark place, occasionally shaking. Take 1 glass a day or pour 1 tablespoon tincture into a glass of hot tea.
At the very beginning of the common cold, if it does not accompany such a disease as the flu, it is recommended to drink 1/2 cup of water with five drops of iodine.
Against a chronic cold, iodine will also help. Dissolve 6-7 drops with 2 teaspoons of boiled water and bury the mixture 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. In addition, during the day, you often need to inhale vapors of iodine directly from the bottle first one, then another nostril. Sea salt is also rich in iodine and has a strong antiseptic effect. It is diluted in the proportion: 1 teaspoon per 250 ml of warm water for adults and 500 ml for children.

Maria Kurganova

I like folk remedies more as prevention, well, as an addition to treatment. Hot tea with honey and lemon, herbal collection, garlic, but the basis of treatment - all the same medicine, you can not joke with health. If Orvi, then Amiksin helps, it is safe and helps quickly, for 3 days usually get better.

Galina Myskina

And we are preventing the catarrhal diseases with breathing oil. I unfold the napkins on the house and drop oil on them. We go-weed) And in the kindergarten to the child a handkerchief with droplets of oil I put (directly in the top pocket). And you know, there is something to brag about, this year did not hurt at all! You see what prevention means!

Inga Karpova

For me, folk remedies are not medicines. Only as an adjunct to the main treatment. If she caught a cold. I begin to cough immediately. From Cough Prospan and for a week I am healthy. Before going to bed I can put a pack of potatoes. well, and the juice of black radish with honey, as in childhood.

Oksana Sadykova

And I usually when I get sick, I immediately feel like my throat starts to tear. Therefore, I begin to treat my throat. Immediately bioparoksom pshikayu. You know, thanks to this spray, the throat passes very quickly. So it turns out without serious consequences will cope with the disease.

Evgenia Shemyakin

That's agree, the best thing is prevention. There's nothing to argue about. By the way, doctors now talk a lot about this topic and advise. At us in children's policlinic of the doctor the butter or oil breathe in preventive whole recommend (about it already above mentioned). So I agree, really helps from all sorts of viruses to escape. I myself and my husband and child must drip a few drops on my clothes. There is nothing complicated, but real protection.

Yevgenia Roganova

I must say, I am against the use of traditional medicine. There are no guarantees that will help. And harm can be done to yourself such that then it is not clear how to save you doctors will (do not think, and the common cold can give complications). But at the same time I am against the use of chemistry. Especially now there are so many drugs that do not contain chemistry and at the same time help with colds are good. For example, there is a good ointment - evamenol is called. So here she is with a cold just great help (you have to rub her). For a few days recover!

Yaroslav Sorokin

I am also against folk remedies, they can help, in my opinion, only in combination with a strong and proven remedy. I found this for myself and my husband after one event at work. I had an important conference in the afternoon, and in the morning I came already pasted completely, my colleague gave me an amixin tablet, and although not completely, but to the conference I was more or less healthy, the symptoms began to disappear, and I was able to perform. Since then, we have been taking with her husband at the first sign of a cold.

How to treat colds in adults?

Usually, when a person has more colds, he believes that he urgently needs something to do with his condition, because it is the flu virus. In reality, everything is quite different. Doctors most often put a person diagnosed, called an acute respiratory viral disease or ARVI.

General information about the disease

ARVI, flu, cold - can call this process, as soon as you want, - are caused by viruses. But, there is a significant difference between them. Influenza is a very serious illness, which, in the absence of full-fledged treatment, leads to a number of deaths. ARVI is a serious harm to the human body as a whole, so do not let the course of the disease run its course.

Causes of colds

The causes that result in a person falling ill with ARVI are in viruses. Viruses, in turn, are transmitted by airborne droplets, in particular by inhalation of sputum drops, which can be in the air when coughing and sneezing an already infected person. In addition, the virus can penetrate through contaminated hands or various objects in the form of toys, fabrics, and also on door handles.

Symptoms of ARVI

In most cases, the flu develops quite suddenly. A person's fever rises, fever starts, the general condition of the body worsens significantly. The patient wants to lie down, sleep. Symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections appear somewhat differently. Cold begins with sneezing, coughing, sometimes with a fever.

The main symptoms of the flu are: sore throat, dry cough, chills, intense sweating, pain in the muscles and the whole body.

Symptoms of ARVI: cough, sneezing, severe sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nasal sinuses. The rise in body temperature is slow, not affecting the general state of the body. ORVI or cold pass without any treatment for a week. But, in some cases, you can cancel the progression of cough for another 2-3 weeks. If the mucus leaves green or yellow, it means that the human immune system is actively fighting the virus.

Your actions for colds

It is very important for a cold to start helping your immune system to fight the virus. For this, the person first of all needs to take a sick leave and have a rest. In no case is it recommended to treat the disease on your feet, this you will only make worse. In addition, the patient is recommended to drink a large amount of warm liquid.

To get rid of the common cold, you can use special nasal sprays or drops with salt water, which can be found in any pharmacy. At home, you can carry out inhalations, that is, inhale steam from any container with hot water. In order to create a steam effect, be sure to wrap your head with a towel. In hot water, you can add infusions of herbs, essential oils.

Against the common cold, vasoconstrictive agents are used in the form of tablets, sprays, drops or mixtures. With their help you can eliminate the common cold and sinusitis. Before using any drug, you must be sure whether it suits you and what side effects it has. It is advisable to use drugs solely for the doctor's prescription.

Medicines for colds

For a cold, you can use antiviral pills that are aimed at fighting the flu virus. These are such medications as amantadine, rimantadine, tamiflu, relenza, zanamavir, oseltamivir. In addition to these drugs, you can resort to the list below, which contains a number of antiviral drugs for colds. It can be:

  • Tamiflu;
  • Relenza;
  • Amiksin;
  • Viferon;
  • Amizon;
  • Cycloferon.

Such drugs as Zanamivir and Oseltamivir can be used even for children. The only thing that should not be exceeded is a dosage of 10 mg. Combine drugs with other drugs of inhalation type is also not worth it. It is not recommended to use people with kidney failure, since such drugs provoke nausea and vomiting. The course of treatment is 5 days.

Nonspecific prevention

Nonspecific prevention of colds includes:

  • Hardening;
  • Physical activities;
  • Wiping with cold water;
  • Air baths;
  • Drinking plenty of fluids to 2 liters a day;
  • Maintaining the humidity in the living room and the optimum temperature;
  • Reception of vitamins;
  • High-grade food.

Doctors advise also for the treatment and prevention of colds constantly take vitamin C. If a patient with a cold or SARS from the first day of malaise begins taking vitamin C in a dosage of 500 to 1000 mg hourly throughout the day, the disease will take 3 days. Such a large amount of vitamin C is necessary because it is very fast and, no matter what, it is completely dissolved in water and is excreted from the body along with urine. In addition to the "pharmacy" vitamin C, the patient can make up supplies of this useful substance from grapefruit, kiwi, orange, sauerkraut.

As a preventive measure, you can eat 2 cloves of garlic. Traditional healers claim that a few cloves of garlic a day will help get rid of the symptoms of colds. And for children, you can cook garlic oil and rub your legs before going to bed. To do this, mix the butter with mashed garlic.

During illness, be sure to include in your diet warm teas with lemon, fruit drinks, honey tea, broth of wild rose, raspberries, viburnum, cranberries, cranberries. In addition, you can buy in the pharmacy extract Echinacea in tablets or in tincture and take to improve immunity.

If you have a cold and are going to go out, then it is advisable to lubricate the nasal passages with oxolin ointment. Quickly destroy the virus in the body will help drugs such as Tamiflu, Arbidol, Inosin, Coldrex. At a temperature of Aspirin.

How to cure a cold a day: proven methods

With chills and mild ailments, from which in most cases a cold starts, emergency measures should be taken - if in your plans are not to get sick and sit for a couple of days with a temperature, and then another week to walk, without parting with the nasal handkerchief.

Toto cure a cold in one day, it is best to hold it at home and not go anywhere. But this day we should use the maximum benefit for our health and dedicate it to the fight against a beginning cold, as well as ARI and ARVI. In this we will be helped not only by pharmacy products, but also by tried home remedies: lime blossom, raspberry tea, hot milk with honey, onions, garlic and mustard. We'll start with it ...

Cold treatment for one day: warm up and sweat

If you are frozen, then first thing you need to keep warm. Frozen feet will perfectly warm hot tub with mustard - something that we simply call "get your feet". In a basin with hot water (not lower than +40-42 ° C), dissolve a spoonful and a half of mustard powder and keep the feet for 15 minutes, when necessary pouring hot water. After that, you need to wipe your feet thoroughly, put on woolen socks and lie under a warm blanket. You can just pour a mustard powder into your socks instead of a hot hot tub and go to bed. And if you did not have dry mustard on hand, rub your feet with vodka and put on warm socks.

Cold hands warmed under a stream of hot water: five minutes, raising the temperature from pleasantly warm to hot (+ 42-43 ° C). Then dry up our hands and put on something warm with long sleeves. To enhance the effect, you can put warm mittens on your hands and spend the next 60 minutes wrapped in a woolen blanket.

To sweat, and, therefore, get rid of toxins and try to cure a cold for the day, the body needs more fluid than usual. Therefore, we will drink - exclusively in hot form: tea with raspberry jam, tea with lemon and honey, decoction of lime blossom, thyme, chamomile or elderberry flowers with mint. Prepare the broths of medicinal plants is simple: a glass of boiling water take 2 tbsp. spoons of dried flowers or herbs, brewed with boiling water, covered with a lid and allowed to stand for 15-20 minutes. Herbal teas for a cold drink on, liter per day. And the total daily volume of fluid with symptoms of cold or ODS should be at least two liters.

"Just in case" you measured the temperature and saw that the thermometer's column went up - do not panic. If the body temperature does not exceed + 38 ° C, then doctors do not advise her to shoot down, because a rise in temperature is evidence that human immunity began to fight the disease. And we can and should help him cure a cold in one day, for example, after drinking hot tea with the root of ginger, which strengthens the body's immune system and prevents infection from developing. To make ginger tea, a piece of 2 cm long root is peeled, finely chopped, put together with tea brew into a cup, pour 200-250 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 15 minutes. In this healing drink you can add a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of natural honey.

By the way, after you have drunk, be sure to wipe the skin with a well-pressed hot towel - to remove the toxins that have emerged, and change to dry.

How quickly to cure a cold with a cold?

If the cold has made itself known about the stuffiness of the nose, you need to take the initiative on yourself and apply the methods proven by generations to combat the first symptoms of the common cold.

Among the multitude of folk remedies for treating colds with colds is a sufficient amount of very effective - especially at the initial stage of the disease.

It is recommended to lubricate the nose with the Kalanchoe juice 2-3 times a day (or bury 2 drops of juice in each nostril). Often used table salt, which is mixed with butter. This home-made ointment (a third of a teaspoon of oil mixed with the same amount of salt and slightly warmed up) lubricates the nose from the outside. And to wash the nose, which moistens the mucous and facilitates nasal breathing, a teaspoon of salt is dissolved in a glass of warm water. Rinsing is carried out as follows: one nostril is covered with a finger, and the second is sucked into the nose by a solution of salt (the same is done by the second nostril).

An ancient folk remedy for a common cold with a cold is a common onion.

It is enough to cut the bulb in half and breathe phytoncides that stand out from the cut. Phytoncids onions have a bactericidal property and are able to neutralize even the diphtheria bacillus and the causative agent of tuberculosis Koch's wand. So with a cold they can cope easily: you need several times a day for 10 minutes to keep in the nostrils of cotton swabs, moistened with onion juice.

Effective remedy for colds for colds - bury your nose with any warm oil (for example, olive, sea-buckthorn, menthol) or oil solution of retinol acetate (vitamin A). Should also help the balm "Star if they have to cover the nose and the wings of the nose before going to bed.

Of the pharmacies nasal drugs with a blocked nose, the drops "Galazolin "Naphtizin "Nazol "Nazivin" and sprays "Sanorin Otryvin Vibrocil Delufen etc.,

How for a day to cure a cough for a cold?

When a cough is the first sign that you are trapped in a cold, you need to start by rubbing your back and chest cells with ointments, which contain essential oils, and which have a disinfecting, distracting and irritating effect act.

You can rub over the chest for the night with a mixture of castor oil (2 tbsp. spoons) with turpentine (1 tbsp. spoon) or finished medicinal turpentine ointment. This tool is rubbed into the skin of the chest (except the heart area) and the soles of the feet, warmly wrapped. With the help of two or three rubbing, you can cure a cough for almost a day for a cold. But it should be borne in mind that such procedures can not be carried out at elevated temperature.

An irreplaceable cough remedy (and not only) has proven badger fat. Due to its composition, badger fat has a restorative, anti-inflammatory and even immunostimulating effect on the human body. With this fat, you need to rub your back and chest for the night. And in folk medicine is very popular such a recipe: for 100 g of badger fat, honey and cocoa powder mixed with 50 g of butter and 50 g of crushed leaves of aloe (centennial). Add 5 g of mummy and propolis, as well as 50 g of medical alcohol. Mix all ingredients until smooth.

For the treatment of cough for a cold 1 hour. A spoonful of this mixture is bred in a glass of water and rubbed for the night back, chest and calf muscles of the legs. And for internal use - as a powerful fortifying agent - 1 tbsp. Spoon the mixture dissolve in a glass of hot milk and drink in small sips (before eating).

Instead of tea to cough for colds, you must drink broths from medicinal herbs: oregano, mother-and-stepmother, elecampane, sweet clover, thyme, peppermint. A glass of boiling water is taken by a handful of herbs and brewed like tea, which after 15 minutes of insisting is ready for use - a glass three times a day. Special chest coughs are sold in pharmacies. For example, in "Breast Collection No. 1" contains the root of the althea, the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother and the ore of the oregano; and in "Breast Collection No. 2" - the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother, the leaves of the plantain and the root of licorice. These phytopreparations are produced in filter bags and are easily brewed.

A good remedy for a strong cough is the fresh juice of black radish, which has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. Radish needs to be washed, peeled and finely chopped. Then mix with granulated sugar in the proportion: and put in a jar, tightly closing the lid. After 4-5 hours radish will give healing juice, which should be taken - 1 tablespoon at least three times during the day.

One of the effective methods of cough treatment is steam inhalations. For example, with oil of eucalyptus, mint, juniper or pine. Drip a few drops of oil in a bowl of boiling water, sit down, tilt your head above the container, cover with a towel and breathe steam. These simple home procedures have an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and bronchodilator effect.

Aerosol inhalations are also useful, which are carried out with the help of pocket inhalers. Most often, essential oils (menthol, anise, eucalyptus, peach), as well as natural honey and propolis (alcohol solution) are included in the mixtures. Here is the recipe for honey inhalation with propolis: 1-2 teaspoons of honey dissolved in a glass of boiled water and drop 6-8 drops of propolis. Water can be replaced by a% solution of furacilin. Duration of the procedure is 5 minutes.

If we talk about pharmaceuticals for cough, then drugs such as Glauvent, Libexin or Tusuprex inhibit the cough reflex, but do not depress respiration. And "Tusuprex" has not only an antitussive effect, but also a weak expectorant. These drugs doctors recommend taking three times a day for one tablet.

To the group of drugs that have enveloping, expectorating and mucolytic (diluting sputum) effects are "Acetylcysteine "Bromgexin "Ambroxol" (a synonym for "Lazolvan"), etc. Remember that many medications have a side effect and often not one. It is for this reason that medications for treating a cough for colds are recommended after consultation with a doctor.

How for a day to cure a throat for a cold?

Rinsing is the first emergency method with perspiration and pain in the throat for colds. The most effective for gargles for a long time are considered decoctions of sage, chamomile, St. John's wort and three-color violets. Prepare them is not difficult: 1 tbsp. Spoon the herbs with 1 cup of boiling water, put on fire, bring to a boil and immediately remove from the plate. The broth should be insisted in a sealed container for 15-20 minutes. Gargle should be often and warm decoction, it will remove inflammation of the mucosa and help for a day to cure a cold.

Sore throat is very useful to rinse with this composition: in 200 ml of warm boiled water, dissolve a teaspoon of table salt and soda, add 8-10 drops of iodine. And even such a solution: for a glass of warm water take 2 tbsp. spoons of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice.

For a day to cure a cold is not easy, but honey and lemon always come to our rescue. At the first hints of sore throat cut a circle of lemon, put on top a teaspoon of honey - and in the mouth! And chew! And then swallow. Every hour the procedure can be repeated.

Do you trust drugstores more? On health! In the pharmacy, a large selection of all sorts of lollipops from the pain in the throat, for example, "Strepsils" and "Koldakt Lorkpils based on a chemical such as antiseptic amylmetacresol. And in candies "Strepsils plus" there is an anesthetic - lidocaine. Tablets under the tongue of "Septefril" contain the strongest antiseptic substance decamethoxin, which It is used in the treatment of purulent and fungal skin lesions, as well as for the treatment of the hands and the operated site in surgery.

And in "Tharyngepte which removes perspiration in the throat and discomfort when swallowing, the main active substance is the drug ambazone with a strong bacteriostatic effect. Doctors prescribe ambazone in the treatment of acute infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx (tonsillitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis, etc.).

Cold treatment for one day with medications

At the first symptoms of a cold, people often take advertised medicines. For example, "Arbidol which is considered an antiviral agent that increases immunity. It contains the active ingredient umifenovir, as well as inorganic pigment titanium dioxide (E 171) and yellow food coloring "sunset sunset" - E 110. The latter has a negative effect on the human body, therefore it is banned in the US and some countries of Europe. It should also be noted that the drug "Arbidol" (Russian production), the World Health Organization (WHO) does not consider as a promising antiviral drug, but The US Food and Drug Administration refused to register it in the United States as a medicinal product preparation.

One can not but rejoice at the quick action of preparations such as "Coldrex Hotem" or "Teraflu used to treat a cold in one day. Their effectiveness has been tried by many, but not everyone knows that the therapeutic effect of powders on colds is due to the presence in their composition of a maximum single dose of paracetamol - a popular antipyretic and analgesic all over the world preparation. With prolonged use and in high doses, paracetamol can cause allergic reactions, as well as toxic effects on the liver and kidneys.

In addition to paracetamol, cold powder from different brands contain phenylephrine hydrochloride, which narrows the vessels of the nasal mucosa. So do not be surprised if after 3-4 days of taking an anti-cold powder you will feel a burning sensation, dryness or tingling in the nose. This is the action of phenylephrine. And in the list of its side effects are listed: thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, skin rash, angioedema, increased blood pressure and palpitations.

Than to treat a cold?


Tanya Sarbash (Ostrivnaya)

How to treat a cold?
The most important rule - do not interfere with your body! Believe me, he knows how to cope with ARI.
Of course, an increase in body temperature, coughing, runny nose, lack of appetite is still a pleasure, but it is with the help of them that our body fights against disease.
Therefore, if you catch a cold, you should NOT:
To bring down the temperature (if it does not rise above 38-3,);
Take vasoconstrictive drops against the common cold;
Drink drugs that depress cough.
Why do you need to do this, and not otherwise?
With an increase in body temperature, our body produces interferon, a special protein that is equally good against bacteria and against viruses. Moreover, the higher the temperature - the more interferon. They brought down the temperature, as soon as she managed to get up - interferon was not developed enough. You'll get sick much longer until the immune system finds other ways to confront the infection.
Do not overdo it. If the mark on the thermometer has risen to 38, or if you feel very bad and at 3, - lower the temperature.
How to reduce body temperature?
Drink more. Everyone knows: the temperature will drop, as soon as you sweat thoroughly, and abundant drink helps to sweating. As beverages, decoctions of herbs, various compotes and fruit drinks are suitable, and the most common water is that they are neither cold nor too hot. The closer the temperature of the drink to body temperature, the better - it will act quickly.

Alexander Znobihin

teraflyu, hot drink, honey raspberry.

Nelya Kudryavtseva

Orange oil will work up your throat, take it by the cheek, just a little bit, suck the skin for at least a few hours and the sore throat retreat, do it right away until it's played out! "Very simple and effective. You take an orange and clean it like a potato. Peel the peel on the lid of the pot with boiling water or a battery. You chew this peel like a chewing gum and do not eat. Only you suck. Orange oil KILLS Staphylococcus aureus. You can chew and a simple peel, but we always have dried in a jar. He locked himself up in the throat. Take the orange from the jar. Skins and chew And now for the common cold! Litvina's recipe L milk to bring to a boil and throw there a mush of bulb rubbed on a grater. Cool to hot, when you can already drink and strain and drink hot 1 cup. To bed and so several times a day. At night 1 st and in the morning, heat the remainder and drink. LYING! Will pass even the flu WITHOUT COMPLICATIONS. In my family all forgot about ANGINA »» »

How quickly to treat a cold at home? Doctor's advice and folk recipes

How to be treated for a cold at home? This question was asked, perhaps, by every person. All because all colds are susceptible to all people from small to large. The treatment of colds with folk remedies (at home) is increasingly gaining popularity in recent years. However, this is not the safest method. Abandonment of the use of medications can lead to quite serious consequences. There are several ways to get rid of colds at home. This article will tell you about the basic methods and tell some recipes of traditional medicine.

Before you cure a cold at home ...

Certainly, the sick person wants to get rid of the cold symptoms and eliminate the ailment as soon as possible. However, do not immediately grab for known drugs and thoughtlessly take medicine. Before you start the correction, it is worth to visit a doctor. The doctor will be able to accurately determine the causes of your illness. After that, the specialist will prescribe you a complex treatment, the effect of which will not take long.

Before the beginning of treatment it is necessary to determine the cause of the appearance of the common cold. It can be reduced immunity, bacterial infection, viral pathology or inflammatory process. Also, a cold can occur due to an exacerbation of one of the chronic diseases. In all these cases, treatment is chosen individually. Consider the basic advice of physicians who will help get rid of the common cold.

Viral defeat

How quickly to treat a cold at home if it is caused by the multiplication of viruses? In this case, drugs are used to enhance the body's immune defenses. Also, many of them have antiviral activity. It is worth noting that the common cold caused by viruses is transmitted by air and by drip. This means that you could get it in a normal conversation with an infected person.

Than to treat a cold at home? The most popular drugs are the following: tablets "Ergoferon" and "Anaferon powders for the preparation of solution "Reaferon" and "Interferon rectal suppositories "Kipferon" and "Genferon". Also often physicians prescribe such compounds as "Ocillococcinum "Arbidol "Isoprinozin". All of them affect immunity and contribute to its increase. In addition, drugs fight viruses. They stop the reproduction of microorganisms and remove them from the human body. It is worth noting that all of these medicines have an individual intake scheme. That is why, before using them, you should carefully study the instructions for use.

Bacterial infection

How quickly to treat a cold at home if it is caused by the reproduction of a bacterial flora? In this case, doctors prescribe medications to which the detected microorganisms are sensitive. It is worth saying that before treating a bacterial infection it is worth giving a certain analysis. For this, a material can be taken from the pharynx, vein or bladder. Sometimes sputum or mucus secreted from the nasal passages is used for the study. Infection with this type of cold can occur through saliva or with household contact.

Than to treat a cold at home in this case? If you do not have the opportunity to conduct a bacteriological study and identify the drug, which are sensitive to the obtained microorganisms, then it is necessary to use antibiotics of a wide range actions. These include "Summamed "Amoxiclav "Biseptol "Macropen" and so on. It is worth saying that the relief of the pathological condition should come on the third day of treatment. Otherwise, we can assume that the selected drug is simply inefficient in your case. It must be replaced with a medicament with another active substance. At the same time, one must always remember that antibacterial medicines greatly influence immunity by suppressing it. This is due to the oppression of normal flora. To restore the protective functions of the body, it is necessary after the treatment to conduct a course of intake of beneficial bacteria. It can be "Linex "Acipol "Normobakt "Enterol" and so on.

Temperature increase

How quickly to treat a cold at home, if it is accompanied by a fever? Currently, pharmaceutical companies offer such compounds as "Teraflu "Ferveks "Koldact" and so on. They are all based on paracetamol. That is why it is advisable to take this medication to lower the temperature. Also, remedies for fever, chills and headache are based on ibuprofen. These include "Nurofen "Ibufen" and so on. They can look like a suspension, tablets and rectal suppositories. No less effective are preparations containing nimesulide. These include "Nyz" and "Nimulid". It is worth noting that the latest drugs also have anti-inflammatory activity.

Decrease in temperature at home should be started only after the graduation mark crosses the division of 38 degrees. If you normally carry this condition, then doctors recommend waiting until 3 degrees. It is in this temperature environment that most pathological microorganisms die. It should be noted that some babies are prone to seizures. They antipyretic are required already at a temperature of 3 degrees. That is why, before you cure a cold at home, the child, you need to visit a doctor and get appointments.

Effective fight against colds

Almost always with colds there is separation of the mucous fluid from the nasal passages. This brings a lot of discomfort. Complicating this condition is also the fact that the nasal congestion may appear. In this case, a person can not practically breathe. Internal tissues become highly inflamed and swell. What to do in this case? How quickly to treat a cold at home?

First you need to clean the nasal passages and rinse them. Blow your nose thoroughly. If the pathology has occurred in a small child, then it makes sense to use an aspirator. After removing the mucus, flush the walls of the inner cavity of the nose. This can be done with the help of drugs such as "Akvalor "Aquamaris". Also doctors sometimes advise to apply usual saline solution. Enter a few drops into each nasal passage, then repeat the cleansing procedure. There are several ways to treat a runny nose. one of the most effective and popular in recent years is "Pinosol". It should be said that it is made on the basis of herbal oils. That's why it can be used even during pregnancy.

If your cold has a viral origin, then it is advisable to use such compounds as Irs-19, Derinat, Grippferon, and so on. All of them are active against many viruses, and also contribute to increasing the body's immune defenses.

In bacterial pathology, doctors often recommend such drugs as Isofra, Polidexa, Protargol or Sialor. In this case, before each administration of the composition, it is necessary to clean the nasal mucosa from the dead microorganisms by washing.

Elimination of sore throat and perspiration

How to cure a cold at home? Very often, this condition is accompanied by painful sensations in the pharynx. At the same time, the nature of the pathology does not affect this symptom at all. Removing the pain in the throat can be medications for topical use. These can be sprays that need to be sprayed directly on the larynx or tonsils. Also, physicians often recommend the use of solutions for the treatment of pharynx and glands. A more convenient form for use are tablets, which need to be absorbed.

Among the effective drugs can be identified "Chlorophyllipt" or "Lugol". These compounds are applied to the tonsils. They are very effective for bacterial colds. Also, doctors appoint the following nebulizers: "Tantum Verde "Ingalipt "Cameton "Miramistin" and so on. These medicines not only eliminate bacteria, but also fight with fungal lesions. A more pronounced analgesic effect has a capsule for resorption. Among them are "Stop Angin "Gammidin "Strepsils" and so on. They have anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect. Separately, it should be said about the drug "Lizobakt which can be used for young children and pregnant women.

Combating cough of various kinds

What should I do for a cold at home? This condition is often accompanied by a cough. However, it can be wet or dry. Often with such a symptom, doctors prescribe the following medicines: "Doctor Mom "Ambrobene "Sinekod "Herbion "Kodelak" and many others. Before using them, you should carefully read the instructions. Use only the medication that suits your cough.

We can not say about inhalations. This method is very good and in a short time eliminates cough. For the procedure, doctors prescribe the following drugs: Berodual, Pulmicort, Lazolvan, and regular saline. Remember that you always need to keep the dosage and strictly limit the number of inhalations per day.

Get rid of toxins in your body

Whatever you choose a remedy for a cold, at home it should be used strictly according to the instructions. Each medicine can adversely affect the liver and stomach. This only aggravates the course of the disease. What to do in this case? Doctors recommend using sorbents. These drugs will help to remove toxins from the body and clean it from infected microorganisms, which can also cause fever.

Effective sorbents include Enterosgel, Polysorb, Activated Carbon, Smektu and others. When using them, one very important rule must be observed. Never use these drugs at the same time as other medicines. The break between them must be at least two hours. Otherwise, the medicine for cold may simply not work.

Abundant drink

Treating a cold with folk remedies at home always involves consuming a large amount of fluids. During the use of medication correction, abundant drinking will also contribute to a speedy recovery.

The average daily rate for a person is 2 liters of water. In babies this volume is calculated in a different way. For every kilogram of weight a child needs 100 milliliters of water. Simultaneously with a simple drinking liquid you need to use warm teas and fruit drinks. If you have a sore throat, then give up hot drinks. They can further damage the inflamed area of ​​the larynx.

Hunger is the path to recovery.

How to recover from a cold at home? Very often, during an illness a person's appetite disappears. At the same time, many people use food forcefully and are surprised that the cold does not retreat for a long time. In fact, everything is very simple here. The organism throws the basic forces on struggle against bacteria or viruses. This contributes to the fact that a person's appetite disappears. Doctors say that you should not force yourself to eat. A couple of days of hunger will not lead to anything critical. However, the body can quickly and effectively overcome the pathology.

Remember that giving up food does not mean that you need to limit drinking. The liquid must continuously enter the patient's body. So he can make up for his losses, which occur during a cold and sweating.

Folk recipes and proven methods

How to clean a cold at home? Many patients prefer to use traditional medicine and grandmother's recipes. However, these methods are not always effective. That is why it is worthwhile to see a doctor if your treatment does not give a positive result within three days.

  • As a febrifuge, you can use raspberries. You can eat a decoction from the leaves of the plant or make tea with jam from berries. Also, the temperature of wiping the vodka is very good. To do this, dilute alcohol with water in a one to one ratio. After that, the whole body is rubbed abundantly.
  • From a sore throat very hot milk with honey helps or assists. To do this, heat milk to a comfortable temperature and add 2 teaspoons of honey. The effect will increase several times if the additional component is butter.
  • You can treat a cold with onions or garlic. These products are a natural antibiotic. Squeeze out the juice from garlic and onions. Then add a few drops of olive oil and one milliliter of saline. Enter into each nostril two drops every six hours.
  • In the fight against viral infections, a decoction of echinacea is very helpful. Get a dry herb and use it as a tea. You can also drink a ginger drink. To do this, grind the root of the ginger and boil it with boiling water.
  • Such means as mustard plasters, cans, baths and other warming can be used only in the absence of temperature. After that, it is desirable to wrap yourself in a blanket and sleep. You can enhance the effect of various herbal teas. Good inflammation of the chamomile and thyme, sage and calendula.

How to cure a cold on the lip at home?

Often the infection affects mucous membranes and tissues. The cold that appeared on the lips is often called herpes. It's a virus. That is why to eliminate it, it is necessary to take antiviral and immunomodulating compounds. Currently, there are medicines for topical application. Among them we can distinguish "Zovirax "Acyclovir "Viferon".

To treat a cold on the lip at home can be folk recipes. Thus, frequent lubrication of the affected area with toothpaste promotes drying. At the same time you can rinse a cold chamomile broth or oil celandine.

A small conclusion

You now know how to treat colds at home. Doctors strongly do not recommend the use of medications without a doctor's recommendation. However, often a person prefers to cope with pathology independently, rather than contact a medical institution. Remember that such tactics can cause complications. If after the treatment you do not feel better within three days, then you should immediately seek medical help.

Remember that antibacterial drugs are not capable of eliminating viral infections. The same can be said about immunomodulators. Antiviral drugs are not capable of eliminating bacterial pathology. Often, doctors prescribe both of these drugs. This leads to a rapid recovery and recovery of immunity. Get well and do not get sick!

Colds in children under one year of treatment and symptoms | Than to treat a cold before the year

In childhood, the most frequent diseases are acute respiratory diseases (ARI). Parents sometimes hear that a child has a cold. Not quite the right saying. This, in fact, is not the cause of the disease, but the fact, with him, the baby is very susceptible to infection with ARI. Therefore, the children's doctor in the child's card will not write a diagnosis - a cold (runny nose, cough, and others.) We offer to talk and find out all the nuances on this topic.

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Symptoms of cold development in children under one year

Naturally, any parent will do everything that depends on him, to protect his child from all sorts of diseases. Any cold at the child will be an occasion for alarm at parents, so, will bring many disappointments and will demand a lot of forces for elimination of the reason. Unfortunately, a lot of viruses do not want to spare small children at all. So the cold in the spring and autumn becomes extremely urgent.

The disease can cause more than two hundred of all possible viruses, but the most common infection is rhinovirus, antibiotics for its treatment do not apply, because, the common cold is spread by viral bacteria. At one-year-olds and, of course, in healthy children, it is often not dangerous, as a rule, it passes for a period of 4 to 10 days. Because of the wide variety of viruses that can provoke a cold, children under one year do not have immunity that could resist this type of disease. There are cases when to a viral infection, bacterial, which require treatment with antibiotics and weaken the immunity of the child, will join.

Usually, the disease is accompanied by common symptoms. If the baby's condition worsens, then he begins to worry more, tearfulness increases, breathing becomes quicker. Then it begins:

1. Show cough;

2. Nasal congestion;

3. Breathing becomes more frequent;

4. The temperature can rise and tear the eyes.

Therefore, pediatricians strongly recommend that when these symptoms occur, they immediately seek advice, they will be able to determine severity of the disease and methods of treatment that will help to cope with the virus that has arisen, and, therefore, will help to avoid heavy consequences.

Symptoms of the disease, especially at this age, most often begins abruptly and unexpectedly. A child can wake up in the morning with a slight runny nose, tired, sneeze, and sometimes there is even a fever. In addition, babies can have cough or sore throat. The common cold often affects the throat and sinuses of the baby's nose, ears and bronchioles. In addition, the baby sometimes symptoms of colds are expressed in the form of vomiting and diarrhea.

At the initial stages of the disease, the toddler can have complaints of a headache and be rather irritable and runny. With the development of the common cold, mucus, located in the sinuses of the nose, usually becomes darker in color, as well as a more dense consistency. In addition to all the above, the baby can develop a cough that sometimes lasts for several days.

The main problem with colds in such young children is that the child can not yet explain what is his anxiety, and parents in turn can not use those effective therapies that are allowed in the older age.

Complications of colds in children

Adherence to a cold in a child of bacterial infection is accompanied by a secondary increase temperature, there are usually signs of poisoning the body - pallor, anxiety, sweating, general weakness. Kids to a year begin to refuse from drinking and eating, they appear indifferent to everything around them, and in some cases, on the contrary, an excited state appears. In infants during severe anxiety and total rejection of food, we can assume quite a sharp otitis: during swallowing, pain in the ear sharply increases. In this case, you need to contact an otorhinolaryngologist or pediatrician.

When a child has symptoms of rapid, shortness of breath, up to a year, it can go about bronchitis, pneumonia or bronchiolitis.

Than to treat in house conditions a cold up to a year?

Often the treatment consists of the following activities:

1. Carefully ensure that your baby rests as much as possible.

2. Also, the child should drink as much liquid as possible.

3. In addition, it is necessary to use a humidifier in the baby's room at night. Since moistened air in the room often makes breathing easier.

If the course of the cold is not complicated, then the use of antibiotics is not required. When there are bacterial complications, such as otitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis and others, the children's doctor will most often prescribe antibacterial drugs. The duration of treatment depends on the course of the disease and can be for otitis and acute bronchitis from 5 days, and for pneumonia up to two weeks. At the end of taking antibiotics, the baby needs a course of biologics in order to restore the natural flora of the intestine. This should not be forgotten.

In order to reduce body temperature and reduce pain, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen can be used to treat colds in children under the age of one year. These drugs are allowed for children.

Do not give children and adolescents Aspirin at high temperature. The use of Aspirin in children increases the risk of developing Ray's syndrome, this disease is quite rare and occurs in children under 15 years of age. The cause can be serious damage to the brain and liver.

Before giving a child over one year without a prescription drug for flu or cold, consult a doctor. To wash off babies for up to a year, spend blockage, accumulated mucus, use a nasal pear. You can apply a nasal spray, into each nostril digging in a couple of droplets.

Causes of colds in children under one year

Bacteria and viruses are the cause of the development of colds in children. Viruses cause a group of diseases, these are acute respiratory viral infections - ARVI. Much more common in children younger than 1 year and younger. Today, doctors increasingly began to use the term "virus-bacterial infection because on the mucous membranes there is a microbial flora, which is activated by a viral infection. These microbes are in the mouth, trachea, nose, and large bronchi in all people since birth. The most common

  • pneumococci,
  • staphylococci,
  • haemophilus influenzae
  • and some other bacteria.

We are carriers of various dangerous microorganisms, they under certain conditions that reduce the protection of the body, can cause colds in children. Bacterial complications of colds occur during the entry of microbes.

In the process of getting infectious microbes on the nasal mucosa begins to develop rhinitis, in the process inflammation of the pharynx - pharyngitis, if the larynx is inflamed - laryngitis is formed, with inflammation of the trachea - tracheitis. Similarly, when bronchitis participates in the inflammatory process, bronchitis is formed, when the alveolus is involved, pneumonia or, more simply, pneumonia.

Quite often in children up to a year because of the common cold there is such complication as inflammation of the middle ear or in simple language - otitis. If the nasopharynx, yawn and larynx is inflamed, then this undoubtedly speaks of the defeat of the so-called upper respiratory paths; in the process of affecting the bronchi, trachea, lungs and bronchioles, one should think about the disease of the respiratory tract, but already lower.

Among the causes of complications, the main place usually belongs to microbes. Often the normal temperature remains or there is a slight increase in it, the main symptom is a dry cough.

Than to treat a cold at the child?

Most women consider themselves specialists in three areas: medicine, cooking and raising children, so writing on the topic: "How to treat a cold in a child?" - an ungrateful occupation. And yet, I will try to discuss a topic about which kilometers of text have already been written.

Colds in children in medical language is called acute respiratoryviraldisease (abbreviated ARVI). The word "viral" is allocated by me intentionally, since it is the key word in the following narrative.

Symptoms of a cold in children are as follows: sudden, most often asymptomatic rise in body temperature, after which appear liquid, transparent discharge from the nose (in Russian - runny nose). If the discharge turns into yellow or green, then this is a symptom of the bacterial infection that has joined in the nasopharynx. Cough initially dry, but over time it becomes wet. There may be perspiration and pain in the throat, as well as sneezing.

How to treat a child with a cold?

Each mother, sitting over the bed of a sick kid, asks the question: "What to give the child for a cold?". I set forth the rules that any medical student is taught in the pediatric classes:
  1. Fighting fever is paracetamol in the age-related dose.
  2. Abundant drink - prevention of dehydration caused by fever.
  3. With a dry cough - antitussives (contraindicated for children under 2 years), with a moist cough - expectorant (bromheksin, ambroksol, ATSTS, etc.) cm. a review of all expectorants for cough).
  4. After the temperature returned to normal, you can apply physiotherapy methods: foot massage, soda inhalation, etc.

How not to treat ARVI in children

World statistics speaks the following

90% of respiratory infections (upper respiratory tract infections) in children are viral. It is viral, which antibiotics do not work. Unfortunately, most mothers consider antibiotics to be medicines for fever and start feeding them a child for any cold.

Safe medicines do not exist, the use of antibacterial agents causes allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, depresses immunity and forms antibiotic resistance of bacteria.

Pediatricians, of course, know about the harm of antibiotics in ARVI, but distinguishing cold from pneumonia, and even at home with the patient, using only the hands, eyes and phonendoscope is difficult, especially with insufficient experience.

It is easier for most pediatricians to prescribe an antibiotic to a child on the first day and, as they say, "do not sweat the harm from them in the beginning is not very noticeable, pneumonia if it was, it will pass, and if it does not, there is excuse, I have correctly prescribed treatment, and my mother calm.

I sum up: antibiotics for colds for children under 12 years old do not apply the first 5 days. If you have weak nerves, then every cough or runny nose should be accompanied by a visit to the polyclinic and additional studies: blood test, lung X-ray, examination of an ENT doctor, urinalysis and etc.

Body temperature rise

Adults and children over 6 years of age should be treated with fever if it exceeds 390C. This temperature is no longer considered physiological and can harm the body. In young children (up to 6 years), antipyretic agents should be used at a temperature of 3, 0С, because of the threat of convulsive syndrome. And also in children with convulsive readiness or previously recorded febrile seizures, the temperature is reduced from 3, -38C.

Temperature is an important component of the body's struggle with infection. At a fever the vital activity of causative agents of cold is oppressed, and also mobilization of protective forces of an organism occurs. Therefore, excessive struggle with fever only prolongs recovery. In addition, absolutely all antipyretic agents can cause allergies, ulceration in the stomach or severe kidney damage, up to their failure.

In addition to tablets, there are physical methods of cooling. Of course, in adults they are not very effective, but the child can lower the temperature by a whole degree (see Fig. how to reduce the temperature without drugs):

  • If the child is red - with red hyperthermia, when the baby is pink, do not wrap the sick kid, but, on the contrary, undress it to the panties and leave to cool in the air. Cruel, but effective.
  • If the child is pale - white hyperthermia, it should be wrapped in a light blanket and give a warm liquid.
  • Rub the baby with vodka (not suitable for young children, especially up to 1 year), it is better to rub locally - pens, legs. The evaporating alcohol will quickly cool the skin. Do not use alcohol solutions higher than vodka concentration. This may affect the skin of the child, and the child may become drunk, as part of the alcohol will necessarily suck.
  • Cold on the main vessels. In the normal language it sounds like this: take a plastic bottle, pour cold water into it and apply it to the armpits or inguinal areas. Water will cool the large blood vessels passing there.
  • Do not put a hat on the child in the room, especially the patient. These people like to do grandmothers of the old school. The head is the main source of heat loss in the body, up to 80% of the heat is removed through it, so with fever, the head needs to be cooled in every possible way.

At a fever the evaporation of a liquid from a skin considerably amplifies. Therefore, the child must be drunk abundantly, in order to avoid a life-threatening dehydration. Any liquid will suit: compotes, fruit drinks, tea, juices and just pure water.

A story about how Russian pediatrics makes healthy children sick


  • Mom is an average Russian mother who thinks she knows about the cold ALL.
  • The kid is a normal, healthy five-year-old, who regularly visits the kindergarten.
  • Pediatrician - recently finished his studies and received a distribution in the average Russian polyclinic, full of knowledge about howcorrectlyto treat a cold.

So. The baby comes back from the kindergarten sluggish, snotty, coughing and with a temperature of 3, 0С. The next morning, Mom calls the clinic and calls the doctor at the house.

The Pediatrician comes, examines the child and diagnoses: ARVI. He was taught that at this age, 90% of respiratory infections are viral, which means that they are treated as described at the beginning of this article. He prescribes paracetamol, copious drink, and also ascorbic, and leaves with a calm soul.

And the disease does not pass, the temperature is held around 390C, the child cries, refuses to eat, snot and coughs. Mom knows for sure that ascorbic is not a medicine at all, and paracetamol only knocks down the temperature. She calls the polyclinic, and swears at everyone and everything, they say, that you were sent to the doctor-ignoramus.

In order not to "tease geese the Head of the Department visits the Kid. pediatric ward or deputy. chief doctor and prescribe an antibiotic. Motivation is understandable. First, that Mom did not interfere with the work of hysterical calls. Secondly, if the pneumonia nevertheless develops, and the antibiotic is not appointed, Mama will immediately submit to the court. In general, we treat "not as necessary but "how calmer".

As a result, a cold, which could pass for 7 days, flows for 3 weeks. During the fight against the disease, children's immunity is greatly weakened. The kid is taken to a kindergarten, where someone must sneeze into him and the cold will stick again.

After a week of going to the kindergarten, the baby again has fever, runny nose and cough. Mom again calls home. The pediatrician was summoned "on the carpet" last time and explained "how to work with patients". He comes to the Kid and appoints an antibiotic from the first day. Everyone is happy: Mom - the fact that the treatment is correct from her point of view, the Pediatrician - he will again not be deprived of the prize, the management of the polyclinic - there will not be a showdown with another complaint.

And again, that illness that could pass for a week, flows a month. What kind of child's immunity can this endure? Again a kindergarten, again a cold and again a month "we are treated". That's how our heroes turned a healthy youngster into an often and long-term ill (official term by the way). I hope you understand where frequent colds come from a child?

Some of the most popular questions of parents

Can I bathe a child with a cold?

This issue dates back 200 years ago, when there was no hot water in the houses, and children were washed in the trough in the corridor or in the bath, there it was possible to get sick even more. In the 21st century, you can and should bathe a chilled baby, but it is worth remembering that a hot bath at elevated body temperature is strictly contraindicated. It is enough to limit yourself to a warm shower.

How can you understand that the child has recovered?

Positive dynamics can be considered 3 days of normal temperature. Also a good indication is the conversion of dry cough to wet (assuming that the separable does not become transparent yellow or green). But if already the convalescent child has a fever again, then we can assume the attachment of a bacterial infection.

If the child is sick, should he eat better?

With fever, all the strength of the body is spent fighting infection, and digesting heavy protein foods requires a lot of energy. Therefore, at high temperature, food should be light, if possible rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, but it is good and dense to feed the recovering child to restore his strength.

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